high-five fall 2013
Fall 2013

Wine Reception, Light Dinner & TED Talk Screening   
Tuesday, October 15 | 5:30 - 7:30
Opera Plaza, 601 Van Ness Avenue | Community Room - Mezzanine
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From Darlene's Desk
#1: VIDEO - Scott Goering, Volunteer of the Quarter
#2:Facilitation Training
#3: Mediation Confidentiality
#4: Free Conflict Coaching Session
#5: Board of Directors, President's Update
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October 15
Volunteer Recognition Reception, Opera Plaza

October 26-27 
November 12
From Darlene's Desk  
It's hard to believe we're approaching the holidays. I look forward to having time to reflect and value the importance of community and friends. It is with this spirit that all of us at Community Boards look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Tuesday, October 15th, to celebrate International Conflict Resolution Day and thank you for all of your contributions to peacemaking in San Francisco.

San Francisco is in the midst of the Heart of the City Campaign. If you work for a Northern California municipality, you're eligible to participate in this workplace campaign. If you work for the Federal government, you can give to Community Boards through the Local Independent Charities of America campaign. Thank you so much for the consideration.

We're also gearing up to launch our end-of-the-year fund campaign. It would absolutely tremendous if we had 100% participation from our base of supporters and community volunteers. We thank you for the consideration and hope you will join us in raising vital funds to support our work and community.

Thank you for being part of our treasured organization.

With much gratitude,

#1:   VIDEO - Scott Goering, Volunteer of the Quarter  
Meet Scott Goering!  He volunteers as both a mediator and a facilitator. We appreciate his energy, professionalism and dedication to Community Boards.  He's truly a remarkable asset for our work in San Francisco.  Scott has some great insights on the importance of our facilitation program.
About Scott:  He has lived in San Francisco for over 20 years.  After a decade in non-profit organizations, Scott went to law school and began practicing juvenile dependency and family law.  More recently, he received a California real estate broker's license to help people resolve their real estate problems.
Both as an attorney and community activist, Scott has seen conflicts that desperately need mediation and group facilitation practitioners.  Recognizing Community Boards' great work and reputation, he earned his mediation certificate in 2011, followed by his facilitation certificate.  Scott has been employing his skills ever since.  He has numerous other interests keeping him busy in City life, including fitness training and active participation in Toastmasters International.

#2: October 26-27 Facilitation Training    
Facilitation_Training_3 In our fun and interactive training you will learn the skills and techniques to facilitate group discussions and decision making processes.  Participants will leave with the tools to act as effective, successful facilitators.
This training is ideal for a wide variety of people, including board members and officers, human resource and staff development professionals, program managers, work team leaders, social workers and family therapists, and community organizers. 

Learn more here, and be sure to share this link with friends and colleagues: Facilitation Training.

#3:  Mediation Confidentiality 
In Sacramento a recent attempt to create an exception to the California mediation statute (AB 2025) resulted in a referral to the California Law Revision Commission. The Commission has begun reviewing the current mediation confidentiality law and has invited public comment. The concern is that they may recommend to weaken current mediator confidentiality protections.

To learn more about this important issue, we encourage you to subscribe to the Commission notice list (http://www.clrc.ca.gov/K402.html#Subscribe), and promptly communicate your views directly to the Commission (bgaal@clrc.ca.gov).  The California Dispute Resolution Council has submitted a letter to the Commission (http://www.cdrc.net/2013/10/05/mediation-confidentiality-and-the-california-law-revision-commission/).  Ron Kelley also submitted a letter with his concerns (Read Ron's letter here). 

In the near future, Community Boards will hold a teach-in with Ron Kelley. Stay posted and please join us.


#4: Free Conflict Coaching Session!         
Here's a special offer for our High-Five readers:  a FREE conflict coaching session!  We all have challenges in our relationships at work, at home, or with friends and colleagues.

This is a chance to meet with one of our trained conflict coaches.  Your coach will help you develop your own positive strategy for addressing the challenge and moving forward.

No matter what your skill in handling conflict, an outside expert can help you shift perspectives in a way that opens the door to new possibilities.

Click to learn more about Conflict Coaching.  Contact Cordell to schedule your complimentary session, (415) 920-3820 X109 or cwesselink@communityboards.org. 

#5: Board of Directors, President's Update

Greetings from the Board of Directors. We appreciate this opportunity to reach out and let you know what we are up to.  


This is an exciting time for us along with all of the Community Boards' community. Since the smashing success of the 3rd Annual San Francisco Peacemakers Award benefit, we have added six new board members (Check out the website!).  Kelley Berg resigned after four years of stellar service (though she promptly joined the Advisory Board), and we formed several committees to help meet the many needs of Community Boards.


Thanks to all CB volunteers for all you do. Coming soon will be outreach by the Volunteer Engagement Committee, chaired by Sarah Nichols, to engage our Advisory Board in a survey and dialogue to clarify its purpose and strengthen the connection with the governing board.  


I hope to get a chance to meet you on our Oct 15th celebration of International Conflict Resolution Day & Volunteer Appreciation. Please come find me and say "Hello."  


Bob Bailey, President (bob@haasjr.org)