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Save the date:  Monday December 8th
SICA Meeting at Palm Beach Shores Town Hall
(we filled the building last month - let's do it again!  Please stop by to show your support for Singer Island, learn more about current events ...and take a few minutes to get to know your neighbors!)


Very sorry to report to you that there is no news this week.   



Did you know? Ocean Mall is owned by the City of Riviera Beach, the municipal park to the east of the Mall is managed by Riviera Beach Parks and Recreations.  The City of Riviera Beach (a small town of approx. 35000 citizens) has 15 parks  (listed here on the city website website / shown below):


One of these parks is on Singer Island (both Ocean Reef Beach Park and Phil Foster are Palm Beach County Parks).  While we know that Parks and Recreations manages our world class Municipal Beach (and the big sand pit that lays east of the mall), we have been unable to find anyone that works for the city that is in charge of Ocean Mall.  Maybe that is a place to help in finding positive change for our Ocean Mall property?  Send us your thoughts/ideas and they will be shared here next week.  SICA will stay on this issue but if a large percentage of the 2400 people that are reading this message take a few minutes to send their voice to the contacts listed below - we can hopefully move on to better things! 


   [ Editor's Civic Tip for ALL residents of Riviera Beach at election time:  You (as a registered voter) are able to vote for each and every council seat Your vote counts for the leadership of the entire city in every election ...and your voice should matter to EACH council person - now or in the future. Ocean Mall is owned by the City of Riviera Beach, every member of the City Council is responsible for decisions that affect it. Please keep this in we all work together as neighbors, residents and citizens for the future of our CommUNITY. ]  


 Mayor Thomas Masters

Office: (561) 845-4145
Fax: (561) 863-3236
 Chief of Staff -  Debie Isaacs
Email: -  561-845-4064

 Councilman Bruce Guyton
Office: (561)-845-3686 - Fax: (561) 840-0154
 Legislative Assistant -  Sylvia Blue: -  561-845-4102     

Councilwoman Judy Davis  

Phone: (561) 845-3464
Fax: 561-840-0154
Legislative Assistant: Debrah S. Hall   

Councilman Cedric Thomas

Office: (561) 845-3687 - Fax: (561) 840-0154
Legislative Assistant -  Hope Jeanty -  

 Councilwoman Dawn Pardo

Facebook: Singer Island, District 4
Twitter: Dawn Pardo@dawnpardo
Office: (561) 845-3683
Fax: (561) 863-3236

Councilman Terence Davis

Office: 561-841-0202
Legislative Aide -  Regina Williams -  561-841-0202 


            Other Contacts:

Riviera Beach: Ms Ruth Jones - City Manager, - and - Riviera Beach City Directory - Riviera Beach CRA & RBCRA on Facebook - Ocean Mall - CRA Clean & Safe Program - Parks & Recs Contact 



Singer Island Area News of The Week:    

Read All About It: Change is in the Air Singer Island! - The Islander -  Singer Island is actually a small peninsula that spans 4 small municipalities (north to south) which include Lost Tree Village, The Village of North Palm Beach, The City of Riviera Beach and the Town of Palm Beach Shores. Along with the recent improvements on Ocean Blvd., an improving economy and our world class beaches, news of our little slice of paradise is spreading quickly. Yes, the secret is out AND change IS upon us!...

Dredging by Peanut Island for mega yachts raises concerns - WPBF West Palm Beach - The project's goal is to accommodate larger mega yachts for Rybovich and naval ships for defense contractor Lockheed Martin on Riviera Beach's ... 

Commentary: Florida voters have spoken with passage of Amendment 1 - Palm Beach Post - It will now be up to Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature to decide how best to spend the money set aside by voters to improve our environment and America's Everglades. It is estimated that in the first year, beginning July 1, 2015, more than $600 million will be set aside from the existing tax on real estate transactions commonly called the documentary or "doc" stamp.

[ Editor's note: If you visi
t the above article/link you may notice that I exercised my first amendment rights and added a personal comment to this story with an idea/suggestion for permanently saving our Munyon's Cove from future development. How about asking a state or federal entity to acquire the 29 private parcels of land (using less that $1 million in public funds) to turn the area into a protected coastal sanctuary or public easement, before the fair market value of the land changes? Can Munyon's Cove (and the approx. 35 federally protected species that live in it) be saved: What are your ideas/suggestions? ]

Port of Palm Beach losing thousands every day because of docked cruise ships - WPEC -  A CBS12 investigation has discovered the Port of Palm Beach is losing tens of thousands of dollars every other day with both ...


Riviera Beach CRA helps oldest neighborhood grow more beautiful with launch of Community ... - - City Commissioners kicked off the beginning of construction for the Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency's "Community Garden," to be ...


FEMA Announces Proposed Flood Hazard Determinations - Insurance News Net - City Hall , 600 West Blue Heron Boulevard , Riviera Beach, FL


Shop 'Til You Drop co-chair aims to help kids reconnect with nature - Palm Beach Post - Beaches and parks are treasures that should be visited regularly, says Holly Maisto of North Palm Beach. "We all just need to slow down and enjoy ...


The house loses: Riviera Beach gambling cruise files for bankruptcy - South Florida Business Journal - Island Breeze Casino in Riviera Beach lost $1 million in May after the ship's starboard main engine failed, putting the casino cruise out of business for ...


State of our birds - Florida Weekly - "I like to go over there in the Lake Worth Lagoon area because they've created a bunch of islands that have attracted all kinds of birds, like the ...


PBSO, Boca PD To Start Manatee Patrols This Weekend - -  Just like senior citizens, Boater's it's time to slow down... Lantana, Riviera Beach, Tequesta and West Palm Beach, and the Florida Fish ...

Fane Lozman to judge: Riviera officials think I'm a troublemaker - Palm Beach Post - Fane Lozman knows just what Riviera Beach officials think about him and wasn't hesitant to share those views with a federal jury on Thursday.


Registration open for annual Holiday Boat Parade

Palm Beach Post (blog)- ... size category, plus "Best of Parade," win a total of $10,000 in cash and prizes. An awards ceremony will take place at the Hilton Singer Island.

Can charter and district school officials find common ground? - Palm Beach Post (blog) - Students work on a boat engine at the Riviera Beach Maritime Academy Oct. 13, 2014 in Riviera Beach. (Bill Ingram / Palm Beach Post). New charter ...


$8 M construction project starts today through A1A in Jupiter - Palm Beach Post (blog) - Groundbreaking was this morning to start an eight-month project to bury power lines, build bicycle lanes and improve drainage through the town's ... 

Oceanfront mansion not only South Florida asset bought by beer billionaire - Palm Beach Post (blog) - Reyes bought a home in a swanky development in an unincorporated area near North Palm Beach, according to a deed filed this month.

Other News:  


A new  business opens on Singer Island: Singer Island Outdoor Center (Phil Foster Park)-  Residents and visitors to Singer Island and the greater West Palm Beach area now have another outlet to get outside and enjoy the waterways that make the area so appealing in the first place.  The Singer Island Outdoor Center, in a partnership with Under the Bridge Watersports, Little Deeper Dive Charters, and Scuba Ventures Management has, been awarded the Park Concessionaire rights for Phil Foster Park...

Lake Worth LagoonFest Recap - Palm Beach Post - check out related stories on this event

Real ID (Driver License or Identification Card): If you were born AFTER December 1, 1964, you will need a REAL ID to board a commercial flight or enter a federal building.  Deadline date: December 1, 2014. 


Island Safety Update:


Here is a link to a registered sex offender notification alert  for 1217 Island Rd - Singer Island  

Here is a link to a registered sex offender notification alert for a transient residing under or near Blue Heron Bridge.


Here is a link to a registered sex offender notification alert for a transient residing under or near Blue Heron Bridge. 


For anyone interested in data and reports on area Crime, please visit for free reports and information! 


CommUNITY Voice: 

Neighbors, please keep sending in your comments, ideas and input (you name the topic)...the MORE the better folks!!  Please speak up and your voice will be shared here next week. 


From Sara M on Singer Island

Subject: Munyon's Cove 

You published one of my comments before in which I sought to ascertain a cohesive status report on the Lozman and Taylor properties along N. Ocean Dr. (It is my impression that many, if not all SI residents, are looking for the same.)   Whether such an update is imminently feasible, I'd like to reach out to these two parties, for the sake of the neighborhood and community at large, to ask that they please keep their properties clean and tidy as well as that the owner of the "Renegade" sign remove it.  Additionally, since I regularly see cars parked adjacent to the eastern edge of the sidewalk and in some instances parked straddling the sidewalk, I hope they will discontinue this practice whether it is by them personally or persons visiting their private properties.  These parked cars pose a danger to bikers and pedestrians.  Further without legal curb cuts, not only is driving over the sidewalk illegal but it is potentially damaging to public property. By way of this newsletter I understand there are many questions which need to be addressed regarding private property along Munyon's Cove.  I also realize that Mr. Lozman and Mr. Taylor, in particular, hope to develop their private parcels however, while discussions as to future use are underway I ask that these two individuals will please uphold the same sense of neighborliness and civil obedience as all of us must in order to maintain our community in the best way possible. 

From: Vicki on Singer Island

Subject: Link on the Planning and Zoning Alert does not work

Greetings, as an fyi the link in your email doesn't open open up the mtg. packet.  Error Message 404 states file may no longer be available; or its name has been changed; or is temporarily unavailable. Perhaps too many of us are trying at the same time. I'll try again later.


PS - Didn't have an opportunity to speak to you at the recent SICA mtg yet want you to know how very much I appreciate all your efforts in providing us the weekly news with easy links and such timely info on situations such as tonight's mtg.   Thank you!


[ Editor's note:  Thank you Vicki -the link was taken down on the city website shortly after we sent out the alert about the meeting. A new agenda was given to the Board right before the meeting started.  Sara - SICA as land holders adjacent to proposed development in Munyon's Cove, has posted a position statement on our website, The property mentioned is privately owned and you will need to send your concerns to the city (contacts below) or the owners: (attn: Munyon's Cove, 5281 N. Ocean Blvd, Riviera Beach, FL 33404).  I posted a personal message/suggestion on the Palm Beach Post article listed in the news section above as I (to be very clear, personally as a resident and not as part of SICA or as Palm Beach Isles POA, feel that all of the 29 parcels of private land/water in Munyon's Cove should be acquired by a state or federal agencyat fair market value before development occurs and then protected ...permanently) that's just one personal opinion and an idea from one resident. Please note, SICA has only heard from a few people on this issue. If you're interested in what happens, let us know. We will only publish comments with the author's permission ...and your comments, ideas and news will be shared here with over 2406 of your neighbors.  ]

Here are a few links, keep in mind that Singer Island actually spans 3 cities and 1 Unincorporated Village. Please send in your concerns and ideas to the appropriate contact(s):


North Palm Beach (includes John D MacArthur Park):
Lost Tree Village: Our private unincorporated village - no contacts listed - but we are working on it!

...and Together We Will Make a Positive Difference! 


Upcoming Island, City and Area Events:
Please send us any upcoming event notices and press releases, we can get the word out here to 2406 neighbors! 
October 11 to December 7: A Tribute to Local Military Heroes and the US Military - Exhibition and Programs Saluting The 100,000 plus Veterans  Residing in Palm Beach County  and The US Military with an estimated 115,000 US military Veterans residing in Palm Beach County, the West Palm Beach Library Foundation will recognize Veterans in an exhibition accompanied by programs and events on military service from October 11 through December 7, 2014 at the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach.   

Sat/Sun November 15-16: Internationally known Boys Choir of Tallahassee to perform in Riviera Beach

Visit is in support of soon-to-launch Riviera Beach Boys Choir. The Boys Choir of Tallahassee has sung for the last four occupants of the White House, Oprah Winfrey and the Pope and, during the weekend of November 14-16, they will sing for us in Palm Beach County. The Choir is bringing its international renown here in support of a formative choir, The Riviera Beach Boys Choir, and to show people, especially the local boys themselves, what a group of singing young men can do for a community. The Tallahassee choir will perform at:

  • Max Fisher Boys & Girls Club, 221 W. 13th Street in Riviera Beach at 6 p.m. on Saturday, November 15; and

  • Hilltop Missionary Baptist Church, 1273 W. 30th Street in Riviera Beach during the 11 a.m. church service on Sunday, November 16.

All performances are free but donations will be accepted. The Riviera Beach Boys Choir is an ambitious effort borne of a vision that came to Rev. Saulter and nurtured for nearly a year in planning by an A-list advisory board that includes three former Riviera Beach City Council members. The director of Tallahassee's choir, Dr. Earle Lee, is also an advisor.

The Riviera Beach choir's target is ages 8 to 18 but there is no limit on the number of participants; thus far, about 20 young men are already committed. They must first be members of, or join, the Boys & Girls Club. There will be tutorials in public speaking, filmmaking (through a New York City-based filmmaker) and mandatory study of chess. Their first performance is planned for January.  The focus, though, remains on song.  For more information or to support contact: Marian Dozier. 


Tuesday Nov. 18:  Lake Park - Musicians Showcase "In the Round" @ The Brewhouse Gallery


Saturday Nov. 22: Shop 'Til YOU Drop 2014  - Don't Miss the Holiday Shopping Event of the Season to Benefit the Natural Science Education Programs at John D. MacArthur Beach State Park (see more info. below by the link to the park events calendar) 

Sat-Sun Nov. 22&23: The GREAT Lake Park Seafood Festival - Lake Park - see Montgomery Gentry perform and more this year!


Thursday Dec. 4: Come to the 'Mingle & Jingle' to support Councilwoman Dawn Pardo's 10th annual Christmas Toy Drive! - at Johnny Longboats in Ocean Mall.


Saturday Dec. 6: Inner City Youth Golfers', Inc.-  

"2014 Annual Community Giants Recognition

Dinner, Auction & Dance"

"Honoring"  Community Service Award: Canon Howarth "Hap" L. Lewis, Jr.; Ann Rettie (SICA president), The Rooney Family; Robert "Bob" Hull; Eric Call - Leadership Award: Judy L. Davis; Anthony T. Stafford - Management Award: Ruth C. Jones

Inaugural Public Relations Award: Beethoven Francois (also a SICA director) Inaugural Communication Award: Steve Politziner - Inaugural Community Health Service Award: - Timothy Page - 5:30 PM, Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bear Lakes Country Club,1901 Village Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL (561) 478-0001 - for more information or contact ICYG Founder Malachi Knowles,


City of Riviera Beach Event Calendar 

View Recent City Council Meetings Here: 

Name▼ DateItemsDurationVideo
Regular MeetingNov 05, 20144802h30mPlay


View Recent CRA Meetings Here:   

Name ▼ Date ItemsDurationVideo
CRANov 12, 20142810m34sPlay 

  (To view more archived city meetings - click here 


Upcoming Riviera Beach City Meetings:  

City News & Events:


Palm Beach Shores Event Calendar 


Shop 'Til You Drop; The Shopping Event of the Season

 North Palm Beach - The Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park will host its 3rd Annual Shop 'Til You Drop event on Saturday, November 22, 2014 from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Last year, the event was a huge success with approximately 200 attendees and over $65,000 raised. All monies raised will benefit the Natural Science Education Fund which provides free, hands on science field experiences for Palm Beach County students.


This year the event will be held at The Country Club at Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens. Guests are invited to shop top fashion, accessory and home décor, while sipping on a complimentary mimosa, tasting French wines and enjoying a wonderful buffet lunch.



Cool Link(s) of The Week:


Yacht Dock at Sailfish Marina in Singer Island

- by Captain Kimo - Sunset at Sailfish Marina on Singer Island over looking Peanut Island.


Video: Hammerhead Shark Follows Kayakers In Palm Beach - newstalkflorida - Two fisherman were followed by a hammerhead shark for nearly ... affiliate in Palm Beach, the 13-foot shark circled the two men as they were coming to shore. The shark even bumped their kayaks many times but eventually ...


National Hurricane Center unveils interactive storm surge map - Palm Beach Post - The National Hurricane Center released its interactive storm surge map, which allows users to see how high the water could get in their own backyards during a hurricane.


It's Still Storm Season (which ends on Nov 30th!!): Here are some great links for hurricane preparedness: Palm Beach Post | WPTV5 | WBPF25 | WFLX29 



We Love Singer Island:  Check out the current beach/ocean conditions on the Live Beach Cam...and Have a Wonderful  Weekend!

Of Interest / Stay Tuned:

More news as we get it on: 

Ocean Mall | CRA District & Marina Development | Lake Worth inlet widening project | Digital License Plate Readers | Proposed development projects: in Munyon's Cove, Amrit, PGA waterfront | Pending sober house legislation |  ...and more as we get it. 


Let's all work together to stay informed and aware of events taking place on and around Singer Island!


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