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Island News of the Week -kept short this week as we had a ton of feedback about Ocean Mall and it's important (read on below):


Governor Scott visits our city to promote growth of small businesses  (a video from Palm Beach Pulse about the event)


 2014 Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday starts this weekend (May 31st-June8th) -click the link for the details (news from Rep. Bill Hager)


Teaching kids to give back while taking care of Florida's beaches - WPEC -(audio clip) -Saturday on Singer Island, the Good Leaders Youth Program and the Solid Waste Authority joined forces to clean up the beach, just in time for ... 


No major issues reported on Memorial Day weekend - WPTV -
RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Law enforcement on Sunday said so far there have not been any major issues on the water during the Memorial Day weekend ... 


Ocean Mall - breaking news, SICA board members met with CRA officials this week about the cleanliness and high lease rates at our mall.  Your input below was shared ...and the latest news is that the investor that had planned to take over the Mall is back in the picture.  Please stay tuned for more information on this issue next week...


CommUNITY Voice/Feedback from the May 23rd eNews:  


Ocean Mall Area 

(unedited input sent in over the past week)  

Kate H on Ocean Mall:

We really need to have a coffee shop there - yes, Starbucks works for me.
I would patronize shops carrying clothing, home goods, and sporting goods when in town.Thanks for asking for input!

PS - Of course, AFTER I sent the previous email, my husband had some ideas: dry cleaners, arcade for kids, and bike/scooter rental

Barbara F on Ocean Mall:
As year round Palm Beach Shores owners ( not retired) who left here in 1985 after living here for 17 years (a corporate relocation brought us back) we can provide information on what was here then that made the Ocean Mall as it was then a viable location.
A community drug store
A family red sauce, meatball style restaurant
There was a very high end gift shop La Palm that was owned by 2 local men. Marjorie Merryweather Post and many other Palm Beaches came to our Island to buy art objects and jewelry from around the world.
There was a high end boutique frequented by Lost Tree women (and me).
The Pump House Surf shop.
Joey's a bar with entertainment (admittedly some locals said the music was too loud). That was open air and on the 2nd level.
I believe that the addition of a Starbucks
An ice cream/candy shop that would be fun to go to and not be depressing in appearance (like Pops was).
An adult, sophisticated martini/tapas bar
A good clean upscale nail salon
An upscale hair salon
And maybe even dental, doctor offices
A walkway flow to Grator Gator and the Casa Farnetti area.
Store fronts that are class and not trash. No more tattoo parlors, psychics and t-shirt shops.
The location and population is here if they are given what they want, the shops will be supported.
Hope this is helpful,

Barry G on Ocean Mall :
I would like to make some recommendations to fill the mall - Starbucks, Supercuts, Baskin Robbins, Woof Gang Bakery - if we can get these franchises into the area - it will stabilize the mall.  We need stores that will have support of a company until they are up and running.  Just some thoughts of things I have heard people asking for that we have to send them off of the island to obtain.

Kathleen C on Ocean Mall:
I guess the first question is  WHY ARE THEY LEAVING.....I live on the island and am so disappointed to see these empty stores.....we were promised a totally different mall and what we have are EMPTY STORES...which brings problems and it the owners, renters, area, customers (or lack of them)....time to put some of the political heads together....and get something done....the politicians should be ashamed of themselves....trying to develop Riviera Beach and letting the Ocean Mall go to HE(double hockey sticks).....


Paul W on Ocean Mall:
Hello again, a CVS at the mall would be a great idea and would save us older citizens the hassle of driving off Island. I hope someone comes up with a family orientated business that would be successful. Outside of Wings, everything else is geared to the adult trade. The area around the dumpsters by the road behind the restaurants needs serious attention.


Vincent A on Ocean Mall:
We liked the stores that were there.  We need a drugstore, Walgreens would be nice.  We need a little boutique fashion store with beachwear and jewelry.  How about a Chinese restaurant and maybe a barbershop/hairstylist?
How about an Italian restaurant and a kiddy arcade that sells ice cream?


Michelle B on Ocean Mall:
Good afternoon, I think its very disturbing that vendors are being pushed out because they are raising the rent at the ocean mall right when everyone has left for the season..Our homeowners deserve to have a nice shopping and dining area. If this keeps up, there will be consistent turnover. Doesn't the owner of this mall understand that turnover hurts everyone? Very sad that these businesses have had to close and more will follow.
Singer Island deserves more.


Arline N on Ocean Mall:
OK  Let's make a Deal!  For four months each year (Dec. Jan. Feb. and March) let's keep the rents cheap at the Ocean Mall. Low rent is better then No rent. If we are not careful and crafty with this waterfront we will lose it.  It will become low class.  Let's ask our god "Marriott" to help.  Don't let the Riviera Beach blight come over the bridge.  If we can afford and support Rehabs, AA centers, etc. along Park Ave. let's have Wells Fargo, Bank American and PNC banks help the small business person make a living

Paul S on Ocean Mall:
Appears to me there is not enough parking to accommodate business in the mall.  When people drive to the mall, they don't want to drive around waiting for a parking space

Beverly V on Ocean Mall:
Starbucks would be great.
Einsteins for Bagels would be great. We need a really good breakfast place.
An Italian restuarent would be awesome.  A food and wine specialty store like Carmine's would be great.  Longboats and Drunk goats are the same. Food only ok in both places.  And drinks in plastic is ugly. Area needs to be more upscale. AND no smoking outside same as inside.

Fern6850 on Ocean Mall:
what is going on "now" at the ocean mall? many, many rumors swirling around and it doesn't sound good !!! 


Daniel J on Inlet Dredging:
Can the sand be deposited on the beach at Cote d'Azur condo?


Janet F on Safety:
Why do most beachfront communities have Pedestrian Right of Way Crosswalks on A1A and Singer Island only have crosswalks at a few intersections along the south end? Most all communities value their beachfront and "invite" visitors to the beach areas. Prior to the completion of the A1A project, I spoke to Judy Davis, then council pres., and she thought  they would be installed, however, no such luck.  I then emailed our council members with the same question and have received no responses. It has become increasingly more difficult to cross A!A (via foot or bicycle) with all of the vehicle traffic.  Pedestrian Right of Way crosswalks would allow for safer crossing for all of the walkers/joggers and also slow down some cars.    

Please check into feasibility of having them placed especially at the deeded beach accesses.  Thank you so much for your assistance. 



Thank you for sending in your input - it "has" been shared and SICA WILL stay on these issues!!  ...Here are a few links, PLEASE send in "your" concerns:  email Ms Ruth Jones - Our City Manager  -or - Riviera Beach City Directory - Riviera Beach CRA...Let's each do whatever we can to help get OUR Ocean Mall back on track ...and Together We Will Make a Positive Difference!  


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FPL has a new live Manatee Cam (who'd have thunk-thanks for the tip Cindy D!) - the viewing center in Riviera Beach is opening back up as well!


Live Singer Island Beach Cameras (we have a link on the SICA home page) - a great view of beach and inlet conditions on our wonderful island.

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