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Friday, April 22, AD 2016
Between Friday, April 15AD 2016 and 
Friday, April 22, AD 2016, the bid prices for:
Gold fell0.1% from $1,234.1 to $1,232.20
Silver rose 5.1 % from $16.23 to $17.06
Platinum rose 2.5 % from $984 to $1,009
Palladium rose6.0 % from $568 to $602
Crude Oil rose8.2 % from $40.43 to $43.75

US Dollar Index rose 0.4 % from 94.71 to 95.12

DJIA rose 0.6 % from 17,897.46 to 18,003.75
NASDAQ fell 0.6 % from 4,938.22 to 4,906.23
NYSE rose 1.5 % from 10,355.60 to 10,511.00
S&P 500 rose 0.5 % from 2,080.73 to 2,091.58 

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Will Deutsche Bank's Settlement Sink the Gold Cartel?

by Alfred Adask
For the past 15 years, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) has argued that the prices of gold and silver have been artificially suppressed by a "gold cartel". These price suppression schemes are not about making profits. Sharp traders can profit regardless of whether the prices of precious metals go up or down.
The gold cartel's alleged price suppression scheme has held gold and silver down, in order to help hold the fiat dollar up.
* Starting in A.D. 2014, Deutsche Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays, HSBC, Societe Generale and UBS were sued civilly in Federal Court for manipulating prices of gold. Deutsche Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC, and UBS were sued for manipulating prices of silver.1   If these banks aren't card-carrying members of the "gold cartel," they're at least associates or sympathizers.   Their real objective has been hold gold down while pushing the apparent value of the fiat dollar up.
Gold and silver futures traders sued the banks for rigging the so-called London Gold Fix and Silver Fix at the expense of them and their clients. Apparently, there futures traders were not members of the "gold cartel". If they were, then future traders suing major banks for the offense of precious metal (PM) market manipulation would be evidence of "thieves falling out".
The plaintiffs claimed that the banks abused their positions of trust by setting silver and gold prices to reap unjust profits. These allegedly unjust profits for the banks hurt other investors who "innocently" used the rigged benchmark prices.
* Recently, Deutsche Bank agreed to settle these lawsuits. Reportedly, Deutsche Bank will make (so far) undisclosed monetary payments to plaintiffs and also help the plaintiffs pursue their claims against the other banks.
The Deutsche Bank settlement and suits against other banks do not prove the existence of the "gold cartel" alleged by GATA-but they surely add credibility to GATA's allegations.
We can expect more litigation against what appear to be members of the gold cartel since the Deutsche Bank settlement should encourage other investors to sue for losses.
* We can suppose that great pressure (threats of additional civil or even criminal liability) may have been brought against Deutsche Bank to compel it to agree to help convict other banks for allegedly conspiring to manipulate the prices of silver and gold. We can also suppose that, assuming great pressure is being brought to bear on some banks, other banks will seek to distance themselves from potential legal liability by abandoning any other gold and silver price-manipulation schemes.  
All of which implies that the silver/gold price manipulation complained of by GATA may be about to slow or, perhaps, even end.
If so, the prices of gold and silver should be about to rise up to, and temporarily beyond, a free market level. What might that free market level be? Who can say? $3,000 to $5,000 seems almost certain. $10,000 is possible. Some say $20,000 (or more) is conceivable.
* I'm not predicting that PM market manipulation will end overnight. I'm not predicting that PM prices will skyrocket in the next days or weeks. But, I'm also not saying that sudden price rises are impossible.
Most likely, people in positions of power in government will do everything they can to slow the rising prices in precious metals. If some of the crooks in the banking industry can no longer suppress the prices of precious metals, we can expect crooks in government to pick up the slack and try to unilaterally continue suppressing the prices of gold and silver.
However, it's doubtful that governments will be able to manipulate PM prices much longer without the banks' help. Therefore, it's doubtful that governments will be able to do much more than temporarily slow the price rise in precious metals.
  1. The "gold cartel's" ability to suppress the price of gold is waning.
  2. Over the balance of A.D. 2016, the price of gold and silver should at least rise steadily, and might jump dramatically.
1 The silver case is In re: London Silver Fixing Ltd. Antitrust Litigation, 1:14-md-02573. The gold case is In re: Commodity Exchange, Inc. Gold Futures and Options Trading Litigation, 14-md-2548, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

"Take A Shot" Economics

by Alfred Adask
Casey Research recently published an article entitled "Lets' Try Giving out Free Cash".   Well, that certainly sounds like an idea that could catch on with the general public. But what's it all about?
It's about government trying to stimulate the economy by handing out free "helicopter money" directly to all the people rather than to the "too big to fail banks".
Casey Research explained:
"Economist Milton Friedman coined the term "helicopter money" in the 1960s. He said that in the event of an economic contraction, the government could drop free cash from helicopters to stimulate the economy. People would spend the free money, causing the economy to grow. Friedman likely never took the cartoonish idea seriously. However, last week, former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said helicopter money could be worth a shot."
Gee, there's a slogan to inspire confidence: "Helicopter money-it could be "worth a shot!"
In fact, Bernanke's language cuts confidence. He sounds about as competent as a high school sophomore experimenting on a dying lab rat in biology class who says, "Let's give 'im a shot of the stuff in the green jar-maybe that'll help."
Bernanke continued:
"[H]elicopter money could prove a valuable tool since it should work even when more conventional monetary policies are ineffective and the initial level of government debt is high.
"To implement, the government would likely give out free cash by mailing checks to people, or depositing money directly into people's bank accounts."
"Under certain extreme circumstances-sharply deficient aggregate demand . . .exhausted monetary policy, and unwillingness of the legislature to use debt-financed fiscal policies-such programs ["Helicopter Money"] may be the best available alternative. It would be premature to rule them out."
Bernanke implicitly argues that:
1)      Our current economic circumstances are "extreme";
2)      Total consumer demand is down;
3)      The Federal Reserve is exhausted and unable to provide more monetary stimulation (QE, ZIRP or NIRP) for the economy;
4)      Congress can't or won't borrow enough money to stimulate the economy back to a "recovery". And, therefore, since nothing else works,
5)      They might as well "take a shot" at "Helicopter Money". What can we lose, huh?
If "Helicopter Money" doesn't work, maybe Obama will try begging consumers to please, please go out and buy something.
Casey Research:
"Therefore, economists are considering the distributions of another dose of 'helicopter money'-but this time give it directly to the people instead of the banks.
"Nouriel Roubini is one the world's most influential economists. He recently wrote an article entitled "Central Bankers May Have to Fire up the Helicopters."
"Richard Clarida, an economist at Columbia University, predicts we will see helicopter money within five years.
Five years? Nowadays, predictions of that length make me smirk.
Today's world is so unstable, volatile andunpredictable, that you've got to be a prophet to make accurate predictions for five weeks from now.
In the next five years, we'll likely see recession, depression, inflation, deflation, a new currency, an economic collapse, a recovery, and maybe a nuclear World War III. More significant event may happen in the next five years than have happened in the past 25 or even 50.
But right now, we keep hearing from the Fed that:
1) The Federal Reserve is out of tricks and is incapable of using previous monetary strategies (like QE and ZIRP) to revive the economy; and
2) The federal government is unwilling or unable use fiscal policy (meaning more taxes, benefit cuts, or more borrowing) to shore up the economy.
I believe the Fed is telling the truth. I believe the Fed is currently incapable of doing much more to "stimulate" the economy with monetary policy.
If the Fed's not fibbing, then only the federal government remains to save us with fiscal policy that focuses on raising (or lowering) taxes, borrowing more (or less) currency, and/or increasing (or cutting) entitlements.
* But this is an election year. In fact,it's one of the most extraordinary election years anyone's seen since WWI.  
If this wasn't an election year, maybe the federal government could implement a new fiscal policy that raised taxes, cut benefits or borrowed more to stimulate the economy.   That new fiscal policy would be painful and unpopular, but it might actually work to revive the economy. However, given the coming election, no politician wants to risk enraging voters by raising taxes or cutting entitlements.
Thus, it's very unlikely that government will make a significant change in fiscal policy during the balance of A.D. 2016.
* Ten years ago, faced with similar economic problems and without the inhibitions imposed by election-year politics, the federal government might not have raised taxes or cut benefits. (When, since WWII, has government ever raised taxes or cut benefits sufficiently to repair economic problems?) But government could've "kicked the can further down the road" by just borrowing more currency to inject into-and thereby stimulate-the economy.
However, for the past several years, private lending sources previously available to government have largely dried up. Creditors suspect that the U.S. government won't be able to repay its staggering National Debt and is therefore reluctant to lend more to Uncle Sammy.
Result? Since the onset of the Great Recession, the Federal Reserve has become the "lender of last resort" and the federal government's principle source of borrowed currency.
But. For the past 12 to 18 months, the Federal Reserve has been feeding us a growing diet of "there's nothing else we (the Fed) can do".
As I wrote previously, I believe them. And when the Federal Reserve says "there's nothing else that we can do," I believe they mean that they can't lend much more additional currency to the federal government.  
* Contrary to popular belief, the Fed can't "spin" more fiat dollars into existence by simply firing up the printing presses.   There are limits. The Federal Reserve appears to be close to those limits and therefore can't lend much more.
Principle among those limits may be the Fed's balance sheet. I doubt that the Fed can "spin" more fiat dollars into existence without causing their balance sheet to fall deeper into negative territory where their debts exceed assets and the Fed may become technically bankrupt..
I'm sure that the private owners of the Federal Reserve don't want to push their balance sheet closer to technical bankruptcy. But, regardless of what the Fed's owners may want to do, I doubt that they're even capable of safely "spinning" much more fiat currency into existence. I think they've hit an accounting limit that prevents them from printing more "Helicopter Money".
If I'm right, the government can't borrow more currency to paper over its current debt problems.   Private creditors refuse to lend much more to the federal government and the Federal Reserve may be likewise unable or unwilling to lend more to the federal government.
* The private lenders' refusal to continue to support government in the style it's become accustomed to can't be a surprise. In the past seven years of the Obama administration, the National Debt has doubled. President Obama has borrowed more money than all of the previous 43 presidential administrations combined.  
Do you need a PhD in economics or accounting to realize that maybe, just maybe, the federal government is now so deeply indebted that it's become a bad credit risk and you shouldn't lend it any more currency or trust it to manage your wealth?
If the Federal Reserve can't print enough new dollars to stimulate the economy, and the federal government can't borrow enough new currency to to stimulate the economy, the federal government has only three solutions left to escape its debt problems and stimulate the economy: 1) raise taxes; 2) cut benefits; and/or 3) initiate hyperinflation to reduce the real size (purchasing power) of the massive National Debt.
* But, again, 2016 is an election year. No incumbent politician is willing to antagonize the voters and risk losing his job just to do what's necessary-but painful-to save the US economy. In fact, no incumbent politician is even willing to break the bad news to voters: the National Debt is too big to be repaid in full and therefore promises of pensions, So-So Security, entitlements, subsides and welfare will have to be substantially repudiated.
Those Americans who think they're going to get a substantial sum of currency from the federal government over the next several years are in for a surprise. No one wants to talk about that surprise because everyone is pretty sure it will be massive, shocking and painful.
Therefore, I suspect that between now and the November election that-unless we see a real economic catastrophe in the meantime-the Federal Reserve can't, and the federal government won't make any changes in monetary or fiscal policies that are likely to significantly stimulate and revive our economy.  
I don't think we'll see "helicopter money" from the Federal Reserve in A.D. 2016. I'm sure we won't see tax increases from the federal government this election year.   I doubt that we'll see any significant increase in borrowing by the federal government. There could be some reductions in benefits, but they'll be relatively minor and unlikely to provoke widespread rioting among government's dependents-at least not until after the election.
Assuming that we don't fall into an economic collapse before the November election, you can bet that our circumstances will be so dire in A.D. 2017, that we will then see higher taxes and/or substantial cuts in entitlements and/or the beginning of hyperinflation. But I still doubt that the federal government will be able to freely borrow as much as it has in the past. I think big government's "days of wine and roses and unlimited borrowing" are just about finished.
In fact, I think that after Obama leaves office, his "signature achievement" won't be Obamacare but the fact that he's just about destroyed the U.S. government's credit rating and ability to go deeper into debt. The next President and Congress will have to find a way to maintain the economy without much more borrowing.   Americans will scream. That'll be unpleasant but possibly necessary and probably good-in the long run-for our economy.
For the moment, however, "Happy Daze" are here again.
Well, maybe not all that "happy" just now, but far happier than they're going to be starting in A.D. 2017. In fact, the day may be coming when Americans long for the "good old days" when President Obama ruled the roost. Until after next November's elections, these are the "good old days". You'd better enjoy them while you can.
But, starting in A.D. 2017, Katy bar the door!
Our "happy daze" of big borrowing, low interest, low inflation, low taxes, and substantial entitlements will vanish into the myths of time. America will soon be forced to face and accept hard economic realities rather than economic theories and fantasies like QE, ZIRP, NIRP and "Helicopter money".
* I doubt that any of us will enjoy the coming reality. I also doubt that any of us can stop it from coming.
What we can stop is being a government dependent.
Government is going to fail. It's borrowed as much money in the past 7 years as it had borrowed in the previous 228 years. If can't raise taxes very much in a recession. It can't borrow more money. It therefore can't pay it's existing debts.
That means the existing debts (including welfare, subsidies, entitlements, pensions and So-So Security) must be repudiated, at least in part.
And that means that those Americans who rely on government for their financial support are in for a big and painful surprise.
Therefore, I suggest that every Americans find a way to support himself without relying on government welfare, pensions, entitlements and subsidies. Protect your savings. Cut your expenses. Get a job or a skill that might last through the coming debacle.
* Of course, I could be wrong. Things may not be as grim as I suggest. Maybe our "circumstances" aren't as "extreme" as Mr. Bernanke has implied. Maybe economic "stimulation" will suddenly take hold and the economy will shine.
But, even if all that were true, would you be hurt by following my advice to protect your savings, cut your expenses, and get a job, skill or business that could support you in tough times?
On the other hand, if I'm right and you don't follow my advice, what'll happen to you?
To paraphrase an old cliché, "a year of prevention is worth a decade of cure." We might still have a year-or at least six months-to get ready for the coming debacle.
In our "take a shot" economy, it's time for all of us to buckle up.  

Weekly Commentary: More on China
Let's return to last week's theme of China as the "marginal source of global Credit and liquidity" for a runaway global Bubble that has been pierced at the periphery. It is difficult for my thoughts not to return to the analogy of the matador's sword initially piercing bull flesh. It amounts to the beginning of the end. It could also very well mark the point of maximum bull madness and pandemonium.
From my analytical perspective, the spring of 2007 marked the piercing of the mortgage finance Bubble. The blowup of funds leveraged in subprime mortgage exposure marked a momentous inflection point in terms of speculator deleveraging, the flow of finance to the mortgage sector and an overall tightening of mortgage finance. Federal Reserve measures to hold Bubble bursting at bay pushed the crisis out several quarters into late-2008. Highly unsettled (crazy) markets saw a major bond rally - especially in agency debt and MBS - that extended the period of high-risk mortgage lending. Fed loosening in the midst of a highly unstable Bubble Dynamic also spurred a speculative frenzy in commodities, with crude oil surging to $145. It all exacerbated fragility.
The world has changed profoundly since 2007. For one, total Chinese bank assets have inflated from about $7.0 TN to over $30 TN. Annual growth in Chinese system Credit growth ("total social financing") expanded from about $900 billion in 2007 to 2015's $2.35 TN. Momentous changes have rewritten central banking doctrine. Not even contemplated in 2007, QE (ECB and BOJ) will add close to another $2.0 TN to global liquidity in 2016. Central banks will also push short-term rates (and bond yields!) further into negative territory this year, a policy course that would have been totally absurd in 2007. Prior to 2008, no one would have dared imagine today's "whatever it takes" monetary management.
It's an incredible confluence. Building on it's historic $1.0 TN Q1 output, China could surpass $3.0 TN of 2016 system Credit growth. For perspective, Chinese Credit growth will likely expand at least 50% more than U.S. Credit this year. Such unprecedented Credit growth in the face of a stock market collapse, sinking corporate profits and rapidly intensifying Credit deterioration is simply astounding. It's definitely a testament to the brute power of "whatever it takes" Chinese state-directed finance and investment. Combining Chinese communist leadership with "whatever it takes" global central bankers (with no constraints on their "money" printing operations) creates a backdrop for financial folly unrivaled in history.
Recall that Chinese authorities had previously tightened mortgage Credit in a belated attempt to rein in Credit excess and rapidly inflating housing (apartment) prices. Then to counter a weakening economy and incipient Credit problems, officials loosened policy in 2014. The upshot was a surge of liquidity (and leverage) into stock market speculation. After trading just above 2,000 in July 2014, the Shanghai Composite ballooned to almost 5,200 by June 2015 (Friday's close 2,959).
The bursting Chinese stock market Bubble spurred "whatever it takes" measures out of Beijing that must leave Draghi, Kuroda and Yellen with deep senses of envy. And with perceptions fully solidified that Chinese officials have no tolerance for financial or economic crisis, "money" and speculative leverage returned with a vengeance in key housing markets and within commodities.
The global backdrop is unique. The late-twenties period does, however, offer some germane similarities. Incredible technological advancement, financial innovation, "globalization" and policy experimentation nurtured the extraordinary "Roaring Twenties" Bubble period (commencing during the first World War). Later in the twenties, the myriad affects of loose financial conditions - certainly including over-investment, mal-investment and income equality - became more pronounced. There was intensifying downward pressure on commodities and good prices, along with corporate profits.
The late-twenties Bubble period was characterized by an unusual backdrop that promoted financial speculation over productive investment. And as much as the Fed hoped to rein in speculative excess while providing a boost to the flagging real economy, cautious measures to dampened speculation were ineffective. Meanwhile, efforts to bolster the real economy were successful in stoking securities markets Bubbles and speculative leveraging. Money was literally flooding into New York to play the best game in town (and the world).
April 22 - Bloomberg: "Chinese speculators have a new obsession: the commodities market. Trading in futures on everything from steel reinforcement bars and hot-rolled coils to cotton and polyvinyl chloride has soared this week, prompting exchanges in Shanghai, Dalian and Zhengzhou to boost fees or issue warnings to investors. While the underlying products may be anything but glamorous, the numbers are eye-popping: contracts on more than 223 million metric tons of rebar changed hands on Thursday, more than China's full-year production of the material used to strengthen concrete. 'The great ball of China money is moving away from bonds and stocks to commodities,' said Zhang Guoyu, a Shanghai-based analyst at Tebon Securities Co. 'We've seen a lot of people opening accounts for commodities futures recently.' The frenzy echoes the activity that fueled China's stock market last year before a rout erased $5 trillion, and follows earlier bubbles in property to garlic and even certain types of tea."
April 17 - Financial Times (Yuan Yang): "House prices in China's leading cities surged as much as 63% in the year to March while lower-tier cities saw prices tumble, highlighting the country's increasingly bifurcated market. In places such as Shanghai and Shenzhen, soaring house prices and subdued wage growth have sparked a frenzy of borrowing - estimated at an additional $48bn in January alone - prompting city governments... to crack down. These measures, introduced in January and including curbs on financing for downpayments and second homes, have had little impact so far in the 'tier-one' cities... 'When you create a lot of liquidity, it flows to the hottest markets,' said Ms Yao, who suspects easy credit and property speculation have stoked sharp price rises. Homebuyers have circumvented clampdowns on downpayment financing... by finding ever more novel ways to obtain the 20% of value deposit requirement."
The extreme measures China adopted to counter its stock market crash and unfolding crisis have now incited precarious speculative Bubbles in commodities and housing. This creates extraordinary uncertainties for China and the world. A deepening Credit crisis (see "China Bubble Watch") would seem to ensure the usual cautious official measures to counter speculative excesses. So the world has of late been contemplating booming China: ongoing loose financial conditions with 2016 Credit growth in the neighborhood of $3.0 TN - providing extraordinary fuel for a rather destabilizing speculative blow-off.
Keep in mind that The Mighty World of Speculative Finance has been positioned long "defensive," long "deflation," long "duration" and long sold balance sheets. This world has been short commodities, energy, yields, cyclicals, financials and bad balance sheets. Moreover, many of these (Crowded) macro themes have been combined into leveraged portfolios ("risk parity", etc.). China with $3.0 TN of Credit growth fueling unpredictable housing and commodities speculative Bubbles upsets the leveraged speculators' applecart.
We need to deepen our discussion of China as "marginal source of Credit and liquidity." A three Trillion (in U.S. dollars) Chinese Credit onslaught would bolster a vulnerable Chinese economy, in the process providing a much needed boost to EM economies and the global economy in general. Resurgent Chinese housing and commodities Bubbles would be expected to stoke the real economy and finance more generally - if unpredictably.
Chinese officials have adopted various capital control measures over recent months. These seem to ensure that a less-than-normal amount of newly created Chinese liquidity will make its way out into the global system. At the same time, Chinese Credit and Bubble Dynamics have already begun to have major indirect impacts on global market liquidity.
At this point, China - as the "marginal source of global Credit and liquidity" - is exacerbating what had already evolved into a powerful central-bank induced short squeeze dynamic. Despite the collapse of Doha talks over the weekend, crude's march higher ran unabated again this week. Industrial metal prices have been surging. Silver jumped 4.4% this week, with copper up 5.4%. The week saw nickel prices rise to a five-month high and aluminum to eight-month highs. Platinum, palladium, zinc and lead prices have all shot higher. Some iron ore prices have jumped to highs since early 2015.
The problem is that China's newfound commodities speculation is underpinned by historic Credit growth - say, more than $3.0 TN annualized. Meanwhile, global short-squeeze dynamics are bolstered by $2.0 TN of annualized QE (ECB and BOJ). Moreover, there's the massive pool of speculative finance - including a $3.0 TN hedge fund industry - with large leverage positions throughout global markets. In an extraordinary development, as scores of trades continue to unwind, a destabilizing global dynamic feeds on itself and gathers momentum. It's monetary disorder on steroids.
Thursday under the prescient Bloomberg (Netty Idayu Ismail) headline, "Yen Bulls Vulnerable to Kuroda Shock Amid Record Hedge Fund Bets: "Yen bulls are at risk from Haruhiko Kuroda's favorite tactic: surprise. By pushing bets on a stronger currency to the most on record, speculators have left themselves vulnerable should the Bank of Japan governor blindside them with additional stimulus at the April 27-28 policy meeting... "Short dollar-yen is now a consensus trade,' said James Purcell, cross-asset strategist at UBS Group AG's wealth-management business in Hong Kong. 'The market was caught on the wrong side when the cross fell in the first quarter. There is a danger people will get wrong-sided again.'"
Sure enough, Friday trading saw the yen sink 2.13%, "the most in 17 months." When trade unwinds/blowups proliferate, no trade is safe. Interestingly, the energy and commodities surge even began to garner the attention of global bond markets. Nothing dramatic thus far, yet bonds around the world are priced for deflation. Throughout equities and fixed income the "safety trade" is likely the most Crowded trades of all.
It's also worth mentioning that the VIX (equity volatility) closed the week at 13.20, down from last week's 13.62 to near one-year lows (not far from five-year lows). Considering the general mayhem operating below the market's surface, a 13 VIX is incredible. Then again, the VIX has been right in the thick of the disorderly unwind of hedges and bearish bets. Besides, it's at best an indication of the short-term probability of stock market dislocation. And for now markets are betting that "whatever it takes" Chinese officials and global central bankers have things under control.
And that's what makes the current environment so dangerous. From my perspective, things continue to unfold in the worst-case scenario. Beijing has lost control of what has evolved into complex Credit, market and economic systems. Global central bankers have lost control of speculative market dynamics - not to mention inflation dynamics. And it's not as if current predicaments are inconspicuous. So investors, speculators and investment managers around the world are forced to plug their noses and play the game.
Returning back to China: The "marginal source of global Credit and liquidity" is short-term supportive of global risk markets. Yet its Credit system is self-destructing - and doing so rather conspicuously. If any other country employed a similar policy mix the world would be sprinting from that currency.
Thus far, Chinese officials have been determined to carefully manage China's pegged currency regime. Yet current Credit and market dynamics are inconsistent with a stable currency. I would furthermore argue that breakneck Credit growth in the face of rapidly deteriorating underlying fundamentals is a proven recipe for a crisis of confidence. Global markets are in the midst of a destabilizing adjustment to China's resurgent booms in Credit and speculation. This ensures real havoc when global markets are confronted with a Chinese Credit and/or currency dislocation.
Doug Noland is not a financial advisor nor is he providing investment services. This blog does not provide investment advice and Doug Noland's comments are an expression of opinion only and should not be construed in any manner whatsoever as recommendations to buy or sell a stock, option, future, bond, commodity or any other financial instrument at any time. The Credit Bubble Bulletins are copyrighted. Doug's writings can be reproduced and retransmitted so long as a link to his blog is provided.

Mental Health Redefinition and slaughter of rights under Obama
Just a few years back we saw Obama and his team expand and rewrite the definitions of mental illness and throw out the confidentiality and long held assumption of safety between the client and therapist, or patient and Doctor. Health industry professionals were all pressured to ask 'gun usage' questions and report these findings to the federal authorities. These set up questions were without context and completely unethical, but Obama didn't care.
Obama has attempted for years now, to threaten and enslave the mental and physical health industry - putting it completely under him. This kind of manipulation and total violation of a patient and client's right to privacy is supposed to occur without the client demonstrating any threat of violence and without any criminal record. The ongoing goal is to simply swipe guns, rights and freedoms, especially from those who disagree with Obama.
Obama and Michelle have pushed hard for years to have backdoor gun control. They use Mental Health Evaluations as their puppet show from hell has continued to destroy more and more of our health industry.
Now, the 'Mental Health games' are not only to be distorted and expanded to capture gun rights from innocent Americans and breach Confidentiality, but now they are swooping in on free speech. Anyone who dares to challenge or stand up against Obama is in the punishment - attack - and arrest viewfinder.
Now it appears Obama is going after anti - Obama Facebook Posts and now arresting vets and others who dare to challenge or disagree with Obama. Anthony Martin explains in his article the latest mental health label set on 'total distortion mode' going after Vets.
Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) Excerpt from his article:
"Denotes that the person exhibits 'symptoms' such as the questioning of authority, the refusal to follow directions, stubbornness, the unwillingness to go along with the crowd, and the practice of disobeying or ignoring orders. Persons may also receive such a label if they are considered free thinkers, nonconformists, or individuals who are suspicious of large, centralized government...At one time the accepted protocol among mental health professionals was to reserve the diagnosis of oppositional defiance disorder for children or adolescents who exhibited uncontrollable defiance toward their parents and teachers."
I would dare say as a Ph.D. in Counseling that the above definition of ODD describes well over half the country right now including Presidential contender Donald Trump. It is now disorder and dangerous mental illness worthy of arrest if we happen to tell the truth and notice the man behind the iron curtain doing all manner of evil while pretending to be the wizard. Well, most of America is starting to get it. We are noticing even with the massive media lies and establishment plays the voter fraud and threats from the GOP for a contested convention. Speaking of mental disorder issues, what was with Colorado deciding they won't even let their citizen's vote in the primaries? Then all the really 'mental' speeches by huge radio and TV personalities, condoning the stealing of delegates and robbing the voters.  
Everyone is coming out of the closet this primary season while frail Obama appears the most mentally ill of us all. Apparently, his 'Narcissistic skin' just can't take any more criticism for stampeding our Constitution, laws, Judeo-Christian values, destroying and infiltrating our health care system and freedoms.
Shut up and take it. Be good little slaves. Don't argue, challenge or say ouch when you step on the broken glass Obama and his minions continue to throw in front of you.
I hear the sound of the perfect storm coming, aimed at all sellouts and establishment that continue to flip off the American people, our Constitution and God. I believe, with our prayers, support and help, this butt kicking and cleansing storm will be led by Donald Trump. Now is not the time to run away, be afraid or quiet. Make noise and get messy with it.


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The obverse (heads) features a portrait of Mark Twain holding a pipe with smoke forming a silhouette of Huck Finn and Jim on a raft in the background with the inscriptions "IN GOD WE TRUST," "LIBERTY" and"2016." The reverse (tails) features an assortment of characters leaping to life from Mark Twain's works: The knight and horse from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, the frog from "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" and Jim and Huck from Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

The inscriptions are "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "$1"

Most people have heard that science is capable of making pathogens in the lab for specific purposes. Most of them are synthetic versions of the organic bacteria. We're also aware of bio-weapons used by the military and how some of these pathogens have been mishandled and some are missing or shipped to various parts of the country when they shouldn't have. So, what is science up to with designer bacteria and what do they intend to use them for? Let's find out.
There are hundreds of strains of bacteria. Pharmaceutical companies have been making antibiotic drugs from various strains of bacteria and fungus for years. Science has no idea how many strains there are and they only know about the ones they've cataloged. According to the National Institute of Health, science has cataloged what they think is 99% of the bacteria that lives in the human body. They have listed 10,000 microbes with a majority of them being harmless and a few that could turn deadly. Science calls this the Human Micro-biome Project. It is a five-year work project involving hundreds of scientists in a dozen universities publishing their finds in journal articles. Why would science want to collect and study the different bacteria of the human body? Well, they are looking for the mechanisms the bacteria has and how it influences the function of the body. For instance, they know certain bacteria help the digestive tract work properly or improperly depending on the species of bacteria and the size of the colony. One key I found why science is interested in the human bacteria is to catalog the bacteria's ecological niches and understand the different strain's and their function or interaction especially when it comes to the immune system.
The scientists at the University of California are collecting new bacteria samples and putting them in what they call the bacterial tree of life. They are also mapping the DNA of the bacteria. The research team at Washington University in St. Louis is looking at the microbes in humans that cause illness. They seem to be studying only the most dangerous bacteria such as the most virulent strains of E. coli. They report that they want to understand the mechanism in them that causes them to become deadly. The new technology has made the sequencing of DNA cheaper and faster to accomplish this and soon the scientific world will have the genetic analysis of the human bacteria that can do the most harm. According to Christopher Wanjek, author of Bad Medicine, what they will do with this information is what is important.
The University of Texas at Austin has been selecting bacteria to make into adjuvants for vaccines. For this project they are selecting from a menu of 61 new strains. The scientists engineer the bacteria and make synthetic versions of them. Why? They tell us the bacteria will be added to vaccines with influenza viruses, pertussis, cholera and HPV (papiloma virus) in order to enhance them. In January 2013, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published a paper on how scientists were inserting engineered strains of E. coli as a new class of "biological adjuvants." The paper boasted that science was about to transform vaccines and highly influence the human immune system. What we actually have are scientists playing in the lab with pathogens and experimenting on people. Check out this admission by one biology professor:
"For seventy years the only adjuvants being used were aluminum salts. They worked, but we didn't fully understand why and there were limitations. The new biological adjuvants approved by the FDA are going to allow us to design vaccines in a much more intentional way." Stephen Trent, Professor of Biology College of Natural Sciences.
My question is what is their intent? According to a report by the University of Texas, adjuvants were discovered by accident when contaminated batches of vaccines were reported to work more effectively. Obviously science knew they had contaminated vaccine products and used them anyway to record what happened and compared them to the "pure" batch of vaccines. A business in any other field using contaminated product would be shut down by authorities but according to Professor Trent it is referred to as, "...the dirty little secret of immunology to use dirty vials for a better response." Science says it learned to make the vaccines dirty with adjuvants for what they claim is a highly effective treatment. So, adjuvants are just a scientific term for bacteria added to vaccines. If they load the vaccines up with bacteria they say the immune system reacts better. The problem is the immune system does not react (make antibodies) to an artificial infection placed directly into the bloodstream and immunologists and virologists already know this. What they know is that vaccines create weakness and disease in the body. Bio-engineering bacteria for a direct assault into the human blood system will trigger a myriad of health problems. Science has more dirty secrets than we care to count. Think about this; if science uses a dead (killed) or inactivated strain of disease in the vaccine and adds bacteria adjuvant to supposedly enhance the immune system response, then how can an immune system make an antibody to thwart an already inactive, dead strain of disease? Science says it is teaching the human immune system to work better. I believe this to be false and more importantly so do the scientists that work in the vaccine industry and they do not get vaccinated.
When scientists go to biology class and learn about how the immune system engages infectious disease to produce antibodies, they learn that there is a specific system which engages the immune system. Pathogens normally enter the human body by mouth, by breathing them in, by absorption through the skin or by a break in the skin. The entry points have check points and as the pathogen makes its way deep into cells and into the bloodstream, the immune system is sent chemical messages about the invader. By the time the pathogen reaches the bloodstream the immune system knows which immune system cells to release. The immune system may release lymphocytes and antigens in order to adapt and make changes in the attack for invading pathogen. The immune system may need to release effector cells suited to kill microbes and work hand-in-hand with the adaptive response. The immune system will determine from where immune system cells will be released; from lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen or appendix. All this cannot be coordinated and communicated to the immune system if the disease is directly injected (deposited) into the blood. In the case of vaccines, the immune system thinks the disease in the blood is supposed to be there as it received no warning, therefore was not engaged and will make no antibody. The bacterial microbes are allowed to penetrate deep into tissues and cause inflammation. The scientists have engineered the bacteria into an endotoxin molecule, which means they are designed to penetrate deep into cells creating inflammation. It also allows the bacteria to grow. My concern is that science not fully understanding how their vaccine works will produce more internal medicine diseases. Professor Trent's work is about using bacteria like E. coli and engineering it into an endotoxin to deliver not just one or two bacterial antigens but multiple diseases within vaccines. This could be his version of a universal vaccine. Here is another admission that their scientific guess (hypothesis) is played out on all of humanity.
"I think we're at the dawn of a new age of vaccine design. For a long time vaccinology was really a trial-and-error field. It was a black box. We knew certain things worked. We knew certain vaccines had certain side effects. But we didn't entirely know why. Now that's changing." Stephen Trent, Professor of Biology College of Natural Sciences.
The image science projects is that they have all the answers and have no problem circumventing how the human body works and attempting to redesign it. It really is a total contempt for God because we were created in the image of God. There is nothing wrong with the immune system God created. As Professor Trent pointed out, vaccines have consequences but call them side effects. It is sinful enough to create bio-weapons to harm the body but to compel people to submit to such destruction under duress and the disguise that it is healthy for them is narcissistic and evil. I anticipate that there will soon be a generation of people who have no natural working immune system thanks to vaccinology.
Instead of pumping designer bacteria into the arms of unsuspecting patients, it should be given a more practical use. Researchers at the University of Newcastle in the UK have designed a bacterium that manufactures glue that can fix cracks in concrete. The bacterium penetrates the crack and produces calcium carbonate glue that then hardens as strong as the rest of the concrete. It literally knits the stone back together. They use a bacteria commonly found in soil (Bacillus subtilis) and the product name is "BacillaFilla." It is an environmentally friendly fix to any structure and is cost effective. It doesn't take long for the product to work as it reacts to the pH in the material and therefore won't work outside of the applied area. They have already tested it in earthquake zones securing structures to prevent further damage or collapse until the proper repairs can be assessed.
Science may be attempting to kill immunity one shot at a time but I'm attempting to save it with immune boosting herbs. God has promised us that His herbs are here for the service of man and for the healing of the nations. God cannot lie. So, it all comes down to who you believe; science or Creation. There are herbs to cleanse away pharmaceutical residues, heavy metals and radioactive particles as well as to strengthen the immune system. For more information on how you can rebuild your immune system and regenerate organs call Apothecary Herbs. For organic, whole-food herbal formulas call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277
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