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Friday, January 29, AD 2016
From Friday, January 22nd, A.D. 2015, to Friday, January 29th, A.D. 2016, the bid prices for:
Gold rose 7.5 % from $1,088.80 to $1,170.80
Silver rose 2.4 % from $13.91 to $14.24
Platinum rose 5.0 % from $828 to $869
Palladium rose1.0 % from $492 to $497
Crude Oil rose 13.6 % from $29.69 to $33.74

US Dollar Index rose 0.6 % from 98.93 to 99.53

rose 3.0 % from 15,988.08 to 16,466.30
NASDAQ rose 2.8 % from 4,488.42 to 4,613.95
NYSE rose 3.6 % from 9,299.60 to 9,632.70

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Are (Draconian) Capital Controls Coming?

by Alfred Adask
Casey Research recently published an article entitled, "Capital Controls Are Coming"-but are they really?
In fact, some capital controls already exist as restrictions on how much cash you can take out of the country. These capital controls exist at our physical and financial borders and concern international movement of dollars.
Other capital controls exist domestically. I.e., you can't deposit more than $10,000 into bank accounts within U.S. borders without causing your bank to send notice to the national government.
Until A.D. 1934, we had $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 bills in circulation. Now, the biggest bill we can use is $100. That's evidence that currency controls have been with us since A.D. 1934.
Article 1.10.1 of the Constitution of the United States (A.D. 1788) declares that "No State shall . . . make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts". That's a form of "money control" that amounts to "currency control/prohibition".
My point is that some form of "currency controls" have been with us for over 200 years.  
Given that some currency controls are already here, the Casey Research article might better have been entitled "Draconian Capital Controls are Coming".
While Casey Research implicitly argues that "Draconian Capital Controls are Coming," I'm writing this article to present reasons why draconian capital controls are unwise, counter-productive and, though not impossible, unlikely.

Draconian Capital Controls Inevitable?

According to the Casey Research article,
"The [currency control] carnage always comes by surprise, often on an otherwise ordinary Saturday morning. The government declares a surprise bank holiday. It shuts all the banks. It imposes capital controls to stop citizens from taking their money out of the country.
"At that point, the government is free to help itself to as much of the country's wealth as it wants. It's an all-you-can-steal buffet.
"This story has recently played out in Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, and Iceland. And those are only a few recent examples. It's happened in scores of other countries throughout history. And I think it's inevitable in the U.S."
If scores of some countries have suffered draconian currency controls, it's also true that scores of other countries have not. The fact that currency controls have been imposed in some countries does not make draconian currency controls "inevitable" for the U.S..
Here's the Casey Research article's fundamental argument:
"I believe the U.S. dollar will lose its role as the world's premier reserve currency. When that happens, capital controls are sure to follow."
Are capital controls really "sure to follow" if the dollar loses its role as "the world's premier reserve currency"? The logic of that argument may or may not be valid, but I doubt that the premise-that the dollar will lose its status as "the world's premier reserve currency"-will happen anytime soon.
The author's warning is a little like arguing, "If a meteor the size of Texas hits Manhattan, then New York's state economy will suffer a serious decline." Well, yeah, that's technically true-but what are the odds that: 1) there's a meteor the size of Texas; and 2) it will soon hit Manhattan? Not very high.
Likewise, what are the odds that the dollar will soon shed its role as "premierreserve currency"? Also, not very high.

No Single Replacement Currency Available

If the dollar lost its role as "premier world reserve currency," some other currency would have to take its place.
What alternative currency could currently replace the dollar?
The Chinese yuan? China's up to its egg rolls in chaos. Barring the unforeseen, the world may continue to accept the yuan as an alternative to the dollar in some transactions. However, the world won't accept the yuan as a universal replacement for the dollar anytime soon.
How 'bout the euro? So long as the EU remains economically and politically unstable, could the euro replace the dollar as "premier world reserve currency"?   No.
OK-what about Special Drawing Rights issued by the IMF?   Nothing's impossible, but that proposal strikes me as unlikely. If the fiat, debt-based dollar issued by the Federal Reserve fails, will the world accept replacement by another fiat, debt-based currency just because it's issued by the IMF? It could happen, but I give that proposal a chance in four of succeeding.
If there's no credible fiat currency available to replace the fiat dollar and the dollar fails, what's left to replace it but physical gold?
But gold is the arch-enemy of the New World Order and its central bankers. The Powers That Be may replace the fiat dollar with a gold-backed world reserve currency, but it'll only happen at the point of a gun or in the midst of extraordinary, global chaos and desperation.
I'd place the chances of The Powers returning to a gold-based monetary system to be 1 in 4, maybe 1 in 3. Those odds aren't prohibitive but, given that the New World Order hates gold and depends on fiat currency, there are powerful forces arrayed against gold. These forces will not voluntarily choose to replace the fiat dollar with physical gold except as an unavoidable necessity to ensure preservation of their own positions of power.

Multiple Alternatives

Q: If the fiat dollar's status as "premier reserve currency" is declining, but the fiat dollar can't be replaced by a single currency, what will we use as World Reserve Currency?
A: For the immediate future, we already have access to a variety of currencies in a constant state of flux. Multi-national corporations can choose to transact business in dollars today, yuan next week, and euros next month. Given the constant changes in the relative value of multiple currencies, profits from foreign trade may depend more on whichever currency that parties choose to use for payment than on the price of the product they're selling.
We're already living a world where, once again, currencies other than dollars are used in foreign trade. Where the dollar used to be "the world reserve currency" it is now only "a world reserve currency". Even so, it's still the "premier reserve currency" in that it's used more than any other currency to execute global commercial agreements.

The "Premier" Reserve Currency

In the midst of our brave, new variety of currencies, the fiat dollar should remain the "premier world reserve currency" for years to come. Not because the fiat dollar is good, intrinsically valuable, or honest. The fiat dollar will remain "premier" because it's the world's cleanest dirty-shirt.
For The Powers That Be to maintain their power, they need a global banking system that uses just one fiat currency-and they alone must be able to control the creation and distribution of that one currency. For now, there's only one currency that more-or-less fits that description: fiat dollars. That's the only currency that's accepted globally by ordinary people. It's the only currency likely to be accepted by cabbies in New York, New Delhi, and Nuevo Laredo for years into the future.
Implication: The Powers can't dump the dollar without crashing the whole N.W.O.. Casey Research implies that so long as the dollar remains the "premier reserve currency," draconian capital controls can't be imposed.
If Casey is correct, so long as the dollar is the only currency that can serve as "premier reserve currency," draconian capital controls are unlikely.
* In a two-currency world (say, the dollar and the euro), so long as at least 51% of the world's reserve currency is held in dollars, the dollar would remain the "premier reserve currency"-not the only reserve currency, but the one currency most widely used. The dollar would lose that "premier" status only if it fell to 49% of the world's reserve currency and the euro rose to 51%. How long do you suppose it will be before the dollar falls from 60% to 49%? It could happen, but it won't happen soon.
How long will be before the euro not only rises, but more than doubles from 25% of the world's reserve currency to 51%? Not very soon.
Plus, we don't live in a two-currency world.
There are at least six or ten other fiat currencies that could (and some already do) act as additional world reserve currencies. So long as we have several world reserve currencies, the dollar's use as "premier reserve currency" could fall to 30%, maybe less, and still retain its "premier" standing so long as each the remaining world reserve currencies only represented 2%, 10%, 20% or even 29% of the world's reserve currencies.
How soon do you expect the dollar to fall from 60% of the world's reserve currency to 29%? It'll take a while-and even then, the dollar will still be "a" world reserve currency.
My point is that, even if it's true (as Casey Research contends) that (draconian) currency controls are "sure to follow" the dollar's loss of status as the "premier reserve currency," the dollar won't lose its "premier" stature anytime soon. And, therefore, (draconian) currency controls don't seem to be likely in our immediate future.
Thus, the fiat dollar-though intrinsically worthless and declining in terms of usefulness-is unlikely to be intentionally replaced by the "Powers" any time soon.
Note that I'm not saying the dollar couldn't fail for "natural" reasons. Some sort of unexpected and uncontrolled debt default panic could overwhelm the dollar next month or next year. I'm saying that The Powers won't choose to voluntarily dump the dollar until there's a viable replacement-and, for now, no such replacement is apparent.

International Trade

Insofar as capital controls concentrate at national borders, they inhibit international trade. Imagine that capital controls prevented me from moving $1 million of my personal wealth from within the U.S. borders to deposit those funds in a Swiss bank. Won't those same capital controls also inhibit me from moving $1 million in my corporation's wealth to German bank account to pay for thirty brand-new BMWs that I hope to sell from my domestic BMW franchise?
Clearly, capital controls can be devised that prevent the movement of personal savings but still allow for international commerce. Even so, whatever restrictions are imposed at national borders to restrict the outflow of personal savings will also inevitably complicate and at least slow the outflow of commercial funds used for international trade.
I.e., if government restricts the outflow of personal savings at the U.S. border, it would also be compelled to closely investigate the "legitimacy" of any other funds leaving the U.S. for purportedly commercial reasons. At minimum, these capital controls will slow the speed of international commerce.
Can the already-depressed global economy withstand any further restrictions on commercial trade?   Probably not.
If so, can the government be reasonably expected to impose (draconian) capital controls that, at least indirectly, restrict global free trade? Wouldn't doing so be contrary to a fundamental objective of the New World Order?  

Foreign-Held Dollars

What about foreign-held dollars? I've seen credible estimates that roughly 75% of the world's physical, paper dollars are currently held in foreign countries.   If the U.S. government imposed capital controls to keep domestic dollars within the U.S., won't those controls also inhibit foreign-held dollars from entering?
We can complain all we want about Chinese billionaires buying U.S. real estate on the West Coast. But the fact remains that these Chinese are bringing foreign-held currency into the U.S. economy and thereby increasing the U.S. economy's domestic money supply. That increase contributes to inflation, resists deflation and "stimulates" the U.S. economy.
If capital controls reduce the influx of foreign funds into the U.S. economy, those controls should tend to reduce the domestic currency supply and help cause deflation.
Can the U.S. government gain enough though capital controls to justify the economic losses and possible deflation caused by the lost inflow of foreign funds?
So long as foreign investors recognize the U.S. economy as the last, best hope for preserving their capital, there'll be a resulting influx of foreign funds into the U.S. economy. That influx could be big enough to increase the domestic currency supply, contribute to inflation, and even "stimulate" the U.S. economy. Given the benefits of currency inflow, draconian capital controls that reduced that inflow could be counter-productive.

Loss of World Reserve Status

The fiat dollar's current perceived value is based largely on the fact that it's still "a" "world reserve currency". Can the dollar retain its role as "a" world reserve currency if capital controls prevent domestically-held dollars from leaving the U.S. economy? Can the dollar retain its role as "a" world reserve currency if capital controls inhibit foreign-held dollars from entering the U.S. economy?
So long as the dollar is still the "premier reserve currency," that fact should prevent the imposition of the most significant kinds of capital controls on the U.S. dollar.
Why? Because to achieve the status of a "world reserve currency," a currency must be able to freely cross international borders with little or no interference. Once capital controls become draconian to prevent a currency from freely crossing international borders, that currency should degrade from the status of a "world reserve currency" to that of only a "national reserve currency". In theory, given sufficiently draconian capital controls, the world could have little more use for the fiat dollar than it has for the Algerian dinar.
It's common knowledge that much of the fiat dollar's perceived value is based on its status as "petro-currency" and "world reserve currency". If capital control caused the U.S. dollar to lose some or all of its remaining status as "world reserve currency," the value/purchasing power of the dollar also would tend to fall. If so, why confine dollars within the borders of the U.S. economy if, by doing so, you reduce its standing as a "world reserve currency" and thereby diminish much of its purchasing power and global utility?
The value of all intrinsically-worthless, fiat currencies ultimately depends on how many people use those currencies as if they were real money. Any fiat currency's internationally-perceived value will decline if its use is restricted by currency controls.
A dollar that can't cross the U.S. border to be saved in a foreign country's bank or spent in a foreign country's economy is necessarily less useful and less valuable than a dollar that can cross U.S. borders to be used by a maximum number of the world's population.
Currency controls necessarily reduce the world's usefulness. As dollar usefulness declines, so should the dollar's perceived value.
Will government impose draconian currency controls if doing so reduces the value of the currency?
They could-but they shouldn't.


The Casey Research article presented evidence supporting its argument that:
If the U.S. dollar loses its role as the world's premier reserve currency, then (draconian) "capital controls are sure to follow."
That argument might be true.
However, viewed from a different perspective, the same evidence could also support the argument that,
"If The Powers That Be cannot replace the fiat dollar as the world's 'premier reserve currency,' then the probability that the U.S. government will impose draconian currency controls is small."
In the end, draconian currency controls probably can't be imposed on the US dollar without compromising its status as "premier reserve currency," and thereby inhibiting global free trade. So long as that's true, additional draconian currency controls aren't impossible-but they are unlikely.

Trump - American Believers and Patriots answer to prayer
 All of America, Republican, Democrat, in between confused and cynical have found themselves struck up side the head as Billionaire mogul - 'say it like it is' patriot Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring and changed everything.
Don't you just love the journey so far as 'establishment' creatures of various kinds go from ignoring Trump and not taking him seriously to slightly panicking, then demonstrating intensive care level panicking? They have found themselves stuck on stupid horror as they can see their controls and career power structures collapsing before their eyes. Trump has known from the beginning that the Political power structure in place on both sides of the aisle has never been about serving America, our Constitution and freedom. They must go and Trump is the guy to make it happen.
The desperate establishment folks are most entertaining as they attempt to find anything to put legs on a Trump defeat, but can't. Instead we hear the desperate ones crying in shrill tones about his reference to 2 Corinthians v.s. 2nd Corinthians. I'm still laughing at this. Glenn Beck and many others raced in saying..."it is obvious he has never read the Bible. Why doesn't he just admit it."   Making Trump out to be a fake Christian just pushes him higher in the polls as he continues to stay on track. What does this kind of ridiculous criticism say about those throwing Christian hypocrisy bombs?
Even with their sound bite theatre, the media and political establishment represent a whorish brew of sellouts to those who bring them power and money. They have no interest in our real traditions; values and Christian underpinnings because the God of the Holy Bible is simply in the way and so are us pesky Christians. Their call sign and ongoing legacy is 'keep the power, protect their careers, steal money from the masses and flip off God because He is in the position that they demand to be in.'
It hasn't at all gone like it was supposed to go. Trump was supposed to drop out again, like his last few attempts. All the other contenders more in line with political career profiles and GOP establishment weren't and aren't getting close to Trump. Most have been talking GOP - kind of conservative sound bites, staying away from certain 'issues.'
Trump instead and from the start dove into the most forbidden issues and roared. This has stunned and given Americans much hope all over the landscape...African American, Hispanic, females, GOP, DEMOCRATS, Independents, young and old. Trump, though far from perfect and far from saying everything perfectly has a patriot's heart, entrepreneur's spirit, and fabulous ideas for the country, its healing and growth.   He is proud to be a Christian and last I checked Christians aren't perfect, just saved and know the truth. Some of us actually speak it.
Let the response to Trump go on record
No matter where this election cycle goes, Americans have been in a real rage for many years now and are more than sick of being lied to, betrayed and not represented. Americans are simply done watching their jobs evaporate and country disappear before their eyes.
Obama and his leftist minions have talked hope and change forever and brought despair and destruction. Now, on the waves of rage, real patriotism and faith comes the American Tsunami back at the White House and led by Donald Trump.
No more looking the other way with political crimes. No more greed and corruption. No more flipping of the Lord Jesus Christ and targeting Christians. No more joblessness and lack of employment options. No more betrayal of our allies and friends, especially Israel and England. No more letting millions come across our borders illegally and continuing crimes all across our country. No more pretending fundamentalist Islam isn't dangerous and just wanting to 'get along.'
You can all do what you feel led to do as the election cycle unfolds. I have felt from the beginning that Donald Trump is the very outside the box answer to prayer of millions to get our country back into shape. Vote right and let the healing, real hope and change and vision unfold in our country. Believe, pray, show up and vote.
Stay tuned. I am exploring great  options for my show.

The new TV commercials touting a drug replacement for Coumadin for blood clots is Pradaxa. Why would the big money-maker Coumadin need a replacement? Is it the FDA's black box warning on the drug scaring patients away? Is it because patients are finding out that Coumadin is really rat poison? Is Pradaxa really a better drug for patients at risk of developing clots? Let's find out.
Coumadin went on the market in 1954. It was first marketed in 1948 as rodenticided (rat poison). The synthesized Coumadin (a.k.a warfarin) is odorless and tasteless and easily used to poison rodents. Rats would eat it and bleed internally to death. How the human mind went from bleeding, poisoned rats to blood-clot buster drug for humans is quite the leap and anybody's guess? The drug company argues that rat poison in small doses deters blood clots but does not promote hemorrhaging. Yet the FDA's black box warning on Coumadin states; "Patients may be more susceptible to the risk of hemorrhaging if they are 65 and older, or if they have a history of gastrointestinal bleeding, hypertension or heart disease." Keep in mind, Coumadin was supposed to be replaced the all star drug Ximelagatran for blood clots, which was said to be one of the worst drugs. However, the risk of bleeding was said to be higher with Coumadin but it takes 3-5 days to reach therapeutic levels. On-the-other-hand, high doses of Ximelagatran caused massive hemorrhaging. In 2001 the Journal of the American Medical Association, stated that Ximelagatran offered concerns due to its likelihood to induce bleeding, promote cardiovascular events and drug-induced liver failure. Treating blood clots using Coumadin/Warfarin is tricky for doctors because patients need frequent blood tests for monitoring as the drug could cause brain hemorrhages, strokes and other internal bleeding. They were looking for a drug to could skip all that and be more profitable. A year's worth of Coumadin/warfarin costs $200 and Pradaxa costs $3,000.
"The side effects of warfarin (Coumadin) can be debilitating and is one of the leading causes of emergency room fatalities in the United States." Dr. Robert Califf, Duke University cardiologist.
So, here we are sixty-two years after the launch of Coumadin in 1954 and after a slew of other anti-clotting drugs that have not performed well and now we have Pradaxa. According to the hype on the Pradaxa drug, it is considered an upgrade to Coumadin because it limits strokes. Pradaxa hit the market in 2010 and reached $1 billion in sales in 2012. Unfortunately according to, the German pharmaceutical manufacturer of Pradaxa, Boehringer Ingleheim, paid out $640 million to settle serious side effects from the drug in over 4,000 law suits. Yet, the TV commercials are still running and the drug is still on the market.
The common side effects patients are informed about with regards to Pradaxa are; indigestion, nausea and heartburn. The serious side effects are; heart attack, liver failure and uncontrolled hemorrhaging and death. Patients with kidney problems cannot take Pradaxa without the drug causing serious renal damage. There is no antidote to Pradaxa and patients bleed to death because the drug removes the clotting ability. In 2011, there were reported 542 deaths due to this drug. There are significantly more deaths that go unreported. In 2014, the adverse events lead to over 4,000 law suits. The media was said to have covered the story yet the drug was still being sole and made the drug company $1.2 billion in 2014. So, in just two years on the market the drug was blamed for killing more than 500 patients. No surprise the drug company admitted no fault as it swept the damages under the $640 million-dollar-rug. That seems to be the modus operandi of drug companies that make billions on a drug known to cause serious damage to patients which the payouts in law suits won't outweigh the profits. The bean counters at such corporations must be heavy drinkers knowing the drugs kill people for profit. It is outrageously ironic that the side effects from this drug are not preventing stroke, hemorrhages and premature death that patients are using this drug to prevent.
The main cause is lifestyle. If you have an occupation involving constrained seating, this can promote clots and thrombosis. Inactivity will increase your chances of getting clots. For instance, a sedentary job, long-distance travel (especially by air), can put you at greater risk. If you travel frequently, it is important to get up and move every hour.
We are also at a high risk of blood clots if we suffer from trauma, surgery, heart attacks, vascular disorders, cancer, obesity, heredity, old age, sepsis, birth control treatments and substance abuse. For some reason those undergoing surgery for knee and hip replacement seem to be in the high risk category for developing pulmonary embolus (blood clot in leg). Other people at high risk are; patients with various types of chronic diseases and pregnant women. If you've been diagnosis with thrombosis, the National Cancer Institute lists Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) as a risk factor when taking the drug tamoxifen for hormone replacement.
Just how much of a risk are we really at from developing a blood clot when undergoing surgery? You would need to consult the Surgeon General's Call to Action Report, which provides health information to the public. According to their September 2008 report, there is a range of incidence for DVT cost of 350,000 to 600,000 times a year with at least 100,000 deaths annually.
Are men or women more at risk of developing blood clots? There is some statistical evidence that more women are at risk due to pregnancy and birth control medications. Young women in their 20's and 30's have ended up in the morgue after being put on birth control pills. Medical science reports that the benefits outweigh this slight danger. Tell that to the ladies who died. Evidence also shows that there were fewer blood clots in women taking the second generation birth control pill (15 clots in every 100,000 women) compared to the third generation pills (25 clots in every 100,000 women). Women who smoke, are overweight, are diabetic or have a family history of clots are in the high risk category.
There is a condition known as surface clots or thrombosis, which involves veins close to the surface of the skin and do not directly run to the heart, lungs or brain. Although this condition can be alarming and painful, modern medicine does not consider it life-threatening. However, this is no reason to dismiss the condition. This can be a precursor to deeper clots unless you make some permanent lifestyle changes. In most cases surface clots are an over indulgence in fatty foods and alcohol. Make the dietary changes to significantly reduce or eliminate these foods from your lifestyle and the condition will corrects itself. You can speed up the recovery time by also using some medicinal herbs for the cardiovascular system, which I will mention shortly.
In recent years medical science has readjusted its thinking into what triggers stroke and heart attack. They used to think it was cholesterol and plaque that disturbed heart rhythm. According to Harvard cardiologist Dr. Victor Gurewich, these factors don't necessarily that put you at risk of blood clots. He says blood clots are influenced by the fibrinogen level in your blood. Fibrinogen is a protein which dissolves unwanted blood clots. If your blood platelets like to clump and stick together (which is directly influenced by diet), you'd better have enough fibrinogen protein to dissolve them. Many health experts agree that diet is the most significant influence on blood clots. As more research is being conducted on what makes blood clot, the evidence is pointing to foods more than just blaming the problem on how the liver processes cholesterol. You can also be encouraged by the fact that dietary changes start to work immediately to reduce your risk of blood clots.
Too many people decide to rely on anticoagulant drugs or aspirin to thin blood and reduce their risk of blood clots. This strategy can put you in a precarious position of bleeding too profusely if you are injured or need surgery. Doctors will advise their patients to avoid certain foods, which are natural blood thinners, before surgery. Foods such as; garlic, ginger root, black mushrooms and fish (with omega 3 fatty acids; salmon or sardines), are also very effective at thinning the blood. These foods work better than the blood thinner drugs if incorporated regularly into the diet.
The key is you don't just want to lower cholesterol with dietary changes to prevent stroke or heart attack. That approach takes longer to lower your risk. You want to eat foods that directly influence the blood and its ability to clot. The good news is that there are foods that will do both; lower cholesterol and cut your risk of blood clots. Foods such as garlic and onions are scientifically proven to benefit the cardiovascular system in this way. When you add ginger root, hot peppers (cayenne), olive oil, fish, green tea and vegetables to the diet on a regular basis (and cut out the high fat food such as red meat and cheese), processed foods (fast food and frozen entrees) and excessive alcohol, you will lower cholesterol and reduce blood clots.
Sometimes we get too big for our britches and fail to listen to good ole' fashion advice. Egyptian writings published on papyrus hail onion as a blood tonic. The ole'-time American country doctor listed onion as a blood purifier. The French will feed garlic and onions to their horses to dissolve leg blood clots. Russians will age onion in vodka to improve their circulation. Medical research is backing-up the ancients. Chemist Dr. Eric Block of the State University of New York found garlic has compounds that perform anti-thrombotic action equal to or superior to aspirin. Garlic has an extra benefit of preventing platelets from clumping together and sticking to the walls of arteries and veins. Medical science is not sure how garlic and onion perform this action. They are still isolating and studying compounds (such as adenosine) from these foods. Researchers in Germany at the Saarland University have discovered that it takes three cloves of garlic a day to improve circulation, thin blood and cleanse blood of unwanted elements. The benefits of just two ounces of onions work similar to garlic but also block the harmful effects of fat. HINT: eating garlic with acid-type foods (such as tomato) magnifies its medicinal power. Just imagine what you can accomplish by adding onion, garlic and olive oil to your daily salad.
Our ancient ancestors used many herbs to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of clots. One herb in particular has the nutritional flavonoids to prevent the unnatural conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin causing unwanted clots. We can use it today instead of drugs and save our retirement. The herb is hawthorn berry. Another benefit is the herb offers elasticity to arteries and veins preventing narrowing and clot roadblocks. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, hawthorn berry also improves the force of heartbeats to improve blood pressure. Many cultures around the world simply add hawthorn berry to their diet and prevent hypertension, angina, arrhythmia, blood clots, heart failure and other chronic cardiovascular diseases. If buying hawthorn berry in supplement form it is important to get a whole-food product with no fillers. If buying it in a liquid form (tincture) make sure it is a naturally aged concentrate that is cold pressed to preserve the alkaloid strength. Most people experience the benefits of heart herbs within just a few weeks. Doses may vary depending on the severity of the condition and it is not advised to mix herbs with prescribed medications.
Get regular exercise will help to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Apothecary Herbs has several herbal formulas to help strengthen the heart and reduce the risk of clots. Look for Hawthorn berries Tincture, Circulation Formula or Heart/Cholesterol/BP formula. These organic products will strengthen the cardiovascular system, stabilized heart beat strengthen the walls of arteries and veins and help reduce the risk of clots. The Celtic Sea salt (does not promote hypertension) is also a mineral food for the cardiovascular system. If you need to further cleanse of the arteries and veins use the Body Foundation Food Mix & Garlic Juice. For pain and inflammation see their Pain Anti-Inflammatory formula. Call Apothecary Herbs for everything mentioned including Ginger root tincture, Blood Cleanse formula, Heart Attack Pack, and All-In-One tonic (ginger, garlic, onion and cayenne). If you are not sure which formula is right for you just call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless.
Over the Counter Natural Cures, Shane Ellison MS pg 60-63

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