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Friday, December 4, AD 2015
Between Friday, November 27AD 2015 and 
Friday, December 4, AD 2015, the bid prices for:
Gold rose 2.9 % from $1,056.60 to $1,086.30
Silver rose 3.4 % from $14.07 to $14.55
Platinum rose 5.4 % from $832 to $877
Palladium rose 3.1 % from $547 to $564
Crude Oil fell 3.9 % from $41.77 to $40.14
US Dollar Index fell 1.8 % from 100.08 to 98.25
DJIA rose 0.3 % from 17,798.49 to 17,847.63
NASDAQ rose 0.3 % from 5,127.53 to 5,142.83
NYSE fell 0.4 % from 10,450.50 to 10,408.90

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

When Draghi talks, everyone listens?
by Alfred Adask

On Friday, December 4th CNBC posted an article entitled, "Dow briefly adds 350 points after jobs, Draghi":

"U.S. stocks traded nearly 2 percent higher Friday . . . as investors cheered a solid jobs report and remarks from ECB President Mario Draghi.

"Equities extended gains in early afternoon trade as European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said in a New York speech that "there is no particular limit to how we can deploy any of our tools." 

In other words, European Central Bank (ECB) President Draghi was promising Quantitative Easing (QE) to infinity! The ECB will keep printing more fiat currency until Hell won't have it-and even beyond.

Investors cheered!

Why? Because, in theory, persistent QE (printing of mo', mo' money) should cause inflation which should stimulate the European economy or at least support the European stock markets.

In fact, QE has yet to cause significant inflation or economic stimulation anywhere in the past 25 years. Japan has tried QE and it hasn't worked. The US has tried QE without much success. China is trying QE and, so far, it's failed to stimulate the Chinese economy. The EU has heretofore tried QE without significant success.

But, not to worry. ECB president Mario Draghi has promised that the ECB will never abandon QE, will never stop trying to cause inflation and stimulation. And, apparently, when Draghi talks, everyone listens.

But should they?

Draghi promised QE to infinity for European markets. Why anyone would believe Draghi's promise is hard to fathom. But what's really strange was the result: based on Draghi's promise to ignore objective reality in Europe, the US stock market temporarily jumped 350 points.

That reality is:

1) QE hasn't worked well anywhere for 25 years.

2) Nevertheless, the ECB promises to push ahead with more QE-perhaps to infinity.

3) The reason ECB President Draghi is committed to QE (which he should know is unlikely to work) is that he has no other viable strategy to use that's more likely to work.

4) The reason the US markets cheered Draghi's promise with a 350-point rise may be that US investors know that there's really nothing objective to sustain the US market highs and therefore rely on subjective cheers and pep rallies for market support.

5) There's not a single instance in American sports where the cheerleaders won the football game. In other words, victory depends on more than cheers, smoke and mirrors.

In the face of those realities and high probabilities, should Draghi's promise make sense to anyone?

Remember that definition of "insanity": "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"?

How long have various governments tried to make QE work without success?

25 years more or less?

Is it true that "this time it's different"?

Or is it true that, this time, it's just like it was in the last few episodes when QE failed?

More, just how strong and reliable is a US stock market index that jumps 2% in one day because a European central banker promised to keep playing the fool?

Should that 2% increase provide an objective reason to inspire investor confidence?

Or does that 2% jump warn of a coming moment with the excess stupidity and irrationality seen in the stock markets will be flushed out by means of a dramatic, downward "correction"?

What we have here is, "Failure to assimilate"*
by Alfred Adask

(* If you're old enough to remember the movie "Cool Hand Luke" (starring Paul Newman) you might recall that when Luke broke the prison rules, the warden explained the breakdown as follows: "What we have here, is . . . failure . . . to communicate".)

Yahoo News published an article on the recent murders in San Bernardino, California. I thought the headline-"Mosque members on San Bernardino shooter: 'He was living the American dream'"-was particularly revealing.

"Several Muslims who worshipped with the San Bernardino shooter say they were shocked by his killing spree because he had appeared mild mannered and 'peaceful'."

The Jihadists did not spend their days swinging scimitars above their heads and shouting "Death To America!" over bullhorns. They didn't look or sound like "terrorists".

"Members of the California mosques where gunman Syed Rizwan Farook prayed . . . told NBC News that they did not understand how he turned to violence when he appeared to have everything going for him.

"He was living the American dream. . . . .He had a really good job, really good pay. He had a wife. . . . He had a warm house. He had a baby."

Point: The "American Dream" was not enough to overcome Farook's Muslim faith and inclination to Jihad. No matter what America might've provided for Farook and his family, it wasn't enough-it could never be enough-to overcome the violent implications of his faith.

Farook and his wife, no matter how well they might've lived, no matter how much freedom they might've enjoyed-would never be "assimilated" into the American culture.

Implication: No devout Muslim will ever be "assimilated" into the American culture.

More, devout Muslims will not settle for isolation or "segregation". They are compelled by their faith to overcome and even destroy any native culture that's foreign to the Muslim faith.

* I don't believe for one minute that the two Jihadists in San Bernardino were an anomaly. Their refusal to "assimilate" into the American culture is stark evidence of the insanity of allowing more Muslims to enter into this country.

Not all Muslims, but many, perhaps most, have no intention of ever "assimilating" into the American culture. They enter this country as invaders who aren't simply interested in sharing the American Dream. Instead, they are determined to destroy the American culture and replace it with a Muslim theocracy or at least terrorize it into becoming a police state.

Why? Because the American culture that provided the basis for whatever prosperity we may still enjoy was based on principles found in Christianity. Those principles are not of the Muslim faith and are therefore contrary to the Muslim faith.

Would you like an example of a principle that's central to the American culture that Muslims can't tolerate?

How 'bout "freedom of speech"? Muslim demonstrators routinely carry signs saying "Death to All Who Insult the Muslim Faith".

How 'bout "freedom of religion"? Like most people who are religious, the Muslims presume theirs is the only true faith. But unlike the Protestants and modern Catholics who believe theirs is the only true faith, the Muslims take their faith a step further by arguing that non-Muslims should be enslaved or killed.

How 'bout freedom, in general? Muslim demonstrators routinely carry signs that say "To Hell With Freedom!" At bottom, the Muslim culture is conducive to a strict theocracy enforced at the edge of a sword.

* I'm not a student of the Muslim faith, but I recently heard someone (can't recall who) who seemed credible, and who claimed that the Qur'an does not include a word equivalent to the English word "compromise". I don't know if that claim is true. However, it's definitely true that Muslims (like all religious people) refuse to compromise the basic principles of their particular faith.

For example, as a Protestant, I have no intention of compromising what I see as the fundamental principles of my faith. I am, in some regards, just as intransigent as Mr. Farook and his wife. However, as much as I intend to cling to my own faith, I am very different from Muslims in that I have no inclination to force my faith on others by means of law, violence or beheadings.

A (perhaps, "the") fundamental idea behind Christianity is that each man or woman voluntarily chooses to follow the Christ and thereby become a Christian. No one is forced to be a Christian. Freedom to choose-or reject-the Christian faith is fundamental to determining who is and is not a Christian.

And, more than anything else, my disinclination to force my faith on any else is the hallmark of the difference between myself and most western peoples and Muslims. Those of us in the West embrace the idea of freedom of religion. If you want to be a Catholic, be one. If you choose to be a Protestant, be one.

Even if you want to be an atheist, Hindu, or Satanist-be one. You'll get some dirty looks. Your kids might not be invited to play with my kids. You'll probably never be elected to public office so long as you openly embrace a faith that not biblical. But, insofar as a fundamental principle of western culture is freedom of religion (that is, freedom to choose your religion), your unconventional faith will generally be tolerated.

But, at its hard core, the Muslim faith does not embrace recognize or tolerate a freedom of religion-a freedom to choose your religion. If you want to be Jew, die. If you want to be a Catholic, die. If you want to be a Protestant, atheist, Hindu, Satanist or anything other than a Muslim, you die.

* Imagine a faith-and then a culture-and then a people-who have no use, or even word, for "compromise". Imagine a faith, culture and people who are fervent in their denial of the fundamental freedom of choosing your religion.

Could such a faith, culture or people ever be assimilated into another culture foreign to their own? For such people, assimilation would be tantamount to suicide. Such people would always refuse to be assimilated.

Even people like Farooks in San Bernardino who "had it all" would rather kill and die than be assimilated. Remember, according to members of the mosques they attended, the husband "appeared to have everything going for him. . . . He was living the American dream. . . . a really good job, really good pay. . . a wife. . . . warm house . . . .[even] a baby."

Clearly, those Jidadists were devout Muslims. They gave up everything, including a new-born baby and even their lives, to serve their faith. On a personal level, their sacrifice was comparable to that of the Christ.

I'm not here to mock the Muslims.

I think they're crazy. I think they're diseased. But you have to respect their commitment. I admire their faith, up to a point. I wish more Christians were similarly devout in terms of recognizing and holding tight to the principles of their faith and culture.

However, I am here to call a spade a spade.

Devout Muslims are like wild animals. The West is just as foolish to admit devote Muslims into the western world as it would be to allow crocodiles in public swimming pools. It ain't gonna work. You can't mix the public with the crocodiles and you can't mix the Muslims with Christendom (the western world).

You can't "assimilate" crocodiles into public swimming pools and you can't assimilate devout Muslims into Christendom. Ohh, such "assimilations" might seem to work for a while (it seemed to work with Mr. & Mrs. Farook). But whenever the crocodiles and/or the Muslims reach a certain population density, there will be "holy wars" marked by "ethnic cleansing" and the worst kinds of violence man can manage to produce.

Muslims don't belong in the Christian world. Christians don't belong in the Muslim world. Make a line. Muslims stay on one side; we stay on the other. Muslims and Christians are not compatible-they can't be compatible-because Muslims insist on no compromise, no assimilation and no freedom-especially the freedom to not only practice, but to choose, your own religion. The essence of Christianity is voluntary choice. The essence of Islam is involuntary compulsion. The Muslims are right. No compromise is possible a faith that believes in compulsion and another faith based on voluntary choice. Segregation is essential.

Obama's "signature achievement"
by Alfred Adask

The Washington Times reported on President Obama's reaction to the San Bernardino terrorist attack in "White House says stricter gun laws can prevent terrorist attacks".

Oh, please. That contemptible s.o.b. is exploiting the deaths of 14 people to advance his gun-control agenda.

"Despite mounting evidence that Islamist terrorists were responsible for the mass slayings in California, the White House said Thursday that stricter gun control could have prevented the attack and vowed to keep "scrubbing" the nation's laws for ways that President Obama can take executive action to restrict gun ownership."

Gun control is President Obama's solution to every problem.

Got global warming? Cure it with more gun control.

Falling leaves clogging your gutters? Cure it with more gun control.

Unseasonably warm, cold or moderate weather choking the economy? Gun control will solve your problems

In fact, Barack Hussein Obama is a shameless, tin-horn, lying Kenyan who can't even produce a birth certificate to prove he's even eligible to work in the White House as a butler.

In fact, there's no way that "stricter gun control" would've prevented the 14 deaths and 21 injuries caused by the shooters in San Bernardino. To claim otherwise is a blatant, bold-faced and shameless lie.

* How 'bout we have stricter candidate control for the Presidency? How 'bout we criminalize running for the Presidency if you're not born in one of the States of the Union? How 'bout we make the political parties civilly liable for, say, $20 million, if they nominate an unconstitutional candidate for the White House-and $40 million if they manage to elect another one?

The American people would get more protection and greater safety out of "stricter candidate control" than they ever will out of "stricter gun control".

Stricter gun control laws won't work any better than stricter drug control laws. Drugs are here in abundance and the government can't or won't do anything to stop it. There's no reason to suppose that stricter gun control laws will work any better to defeat criminal activity.

In fact, no one seriously believes that stricter gun control laws would have stopped the Jihadists from acquiring guns to kill 14 and wound 21. True, stricter gun control might've caused the Jihadists to spend two months acquiring their guns rather than two weeks-but they were Muslims and motivated by their faith to launch an attack. They were profoundly patient, persistent and unperturbed by gun control. They could not have been stopped by more gun control laws. If they had to smuggle guns in from Saudi Arabia, they would've got their guns.

But, increasing restrictions on access to guns helped leave the 14 who were shot and killed defenseless. Increased gun control regulations made owning and carrying a firearm inconvenient and difficult for law-abiding people. Therefore, gun control laws left the 21 who were wounded, defenseless. Those people died or were wounded largely because they obeyed existing gun control laws. Their resulting inability to defend themselves got them killed.

What if the Jihadists had known that 2, 3 or 10 of the people who they planned to kill were packing heat? What if they'd known that if they showed up with two AK-47s, they'd have to face off against ten people packing 9mm pistols or .45 caliber semi-automatics?

More gun control would not have saved the San Bernardino victims. It's gun control that got them killed.

That opinion is not radical hyperbole.

In fact, the English magazine The Economist implicitly agrees with that opinion and has evidence to support that agreement.

Here are excerpts from an article published by The Economist several months ago that was more recently described by The Washington Examiner ("The Economist Speaks on U.S. gun control"):

"Gun saleshave doubled under President Obama while the gun murder rate has been cut in halfsince 1993, making America "a much safer place," according to a new Economist analysis. . . . Over 16 million new guns entered the U.S. marketplace in 2013, up from about 7 million [per year] when Obama was elected in 2008.

"America has become a much safer place over the past two decades, but public sentiment has yet to catch on to the fact. In 1993, near the peak of America's crime wave, seven out of every 100,000 people aged 12 and up were gunned down. That number has since halved," it said.

The obvious lesson in the Economist's report is that more guns in the hands of more people actually make people safer.

The 14 who died and the 21 who were wounded in San Bernardino weren't the victims of gun control that was too weak-they were the victims of gun control that was too strong. If half a dozen of those 38 victims had had their own guns with them, the death and injury toll would've been smaller. It's possible that, if the Jihadists had known they were bringing their weapons into a venue where their intended targets were also armed, those Jihadists might not have dared to attack.

The 14 victims who died in San Bernardino didn't die simply because the Jihadists had guns. The victims died because they didn't have guns.

If Barack Hussein Obama really wanted to protect the American people from gun violence he'd help pass laws that mandated people to own fire arms and also allowed and encouraged people to carry those firearms in public.

It may be counterintuitive for many to suppose that more guns result in fewer gun deaths, but that's only because we've been conditioned by government propaganda to believe gun control is a rational agenda that serves the public interest.

Despite the propaganda, the evidence is clear. Over the last 22 years-and especially during the Obama administration-the number of guns sold annually in this country has doubled and the number of killing attributed to guns had fallen by half.

Gun control advocates are, at best, ignorant-at worst, treasonous. Whether they know it or not, the gun control nuts are working to make this nation and its people less safe.

Punch Line:

Yahoo! Finance reports in "Gunmaker Smith & Wesson up almost 100% in 2015," that:

"One stock that continued to rise through much of Thursday and throughout gun-related violence headlines this year? Gunmaker Smith & Wesson-which clocked in over $500 million in sales last year-up 93% since January.

Was ObamaCare the "signature achievement" of President Obama's administration?


President Obama's "signature achievement" has been to almost single-handedly double the sale of firearms-and thereby reduce the number of gun fatalities.

Congratulations, President Obama! Maybe that Nobel Peace Prize wasn't as stupid as it seemed. By inadvertently causing an increase in gun sales, you've played a big role in diminishing gun deaths and increasing public safety. That must be your signature achievement.

Makes me laugh.

God, guns and gold. Is this still a great country, or what?

Maybe so.

Muslim killer jumping beans ready to fly apart

By Laurie Roth, December 3, 2015

They look pretty harmless, those jumping beans just sitting on the table, but put them in the hot water of Christians, Jews, Americans and Freedom; they jump up and down and start shooting off. Put Muslims in their own hot water of the Koran and Muslim teachings calling 'believing' Muslims to Jihad against Infidels (meaning everyone but them) we have an out of control nightmare on our hands.

The latest horror attack against Americans, leaving 14 dead and 17 seriously injured is now known to have been at the hands of radical Muslims intent on a Jihad it seems. One of the suspects Syed Farook's Father said Syed was a very Religious Muslim. We now know that a neighbor didn't say anything because they didn't want to be called 'racist' when so many Middle Eastern men would go in and out of the house. I'm wondering... how is that political correctness and 'caution' working for you now? No, I'm not calling the neighbor a racist. I will grant them their wish. Instead, they deserve to be called a coward, co-conspirator and partly responsible for the murders, for not doing or saying what they could when they saw things that looked suspicious at the suspect's house.

When the shooting had just happened and was unfolding, it didn't take long for Obama to chime in with his usual 'manipulation dribble' and talk about how 'often' shootings occur in America and run down the gun control lane of lies and deceit. Obama's comments about this unfolding Muslim Jihad event are almost as moronic and absurd as his comments to those in Paris, (only a week after they experienced the most horrific terrorist event in their history) which "America is the only country on earth where all these shootings occur." Many world leaders and most Americans are walking around pondering Obama's comments with our mouths dropped to the floor. We are shaking our heads and necks sideways and up and down looking like Bobble heads.

There was and will be no acknowledgement from Obama that this was a Muslim Jihad in San Bernardino. We all know he has peppered dangerous Muslim refugees all over America and still does. The Obama speech pathology runs before us - ' It is the American way to help' 'Compassion for mostly older people, mothers and young kids coming over' and 'Christian and American values to help, largely Christian refugees.

The only problem with the chronic Obama presentations is they are 1000% based on lies. Several sources prove that most of the Syrian and other Muslim refugees aren't women and children but young men. Obama has known and knows currently that there are ISIS plants peppered through out the sea of refugees that are shot gunned in communities across America. Getting things ready this Christmas season for more San Bernardino events. Get ready.

Shockingly, part of our Christmas season this year may well be many more of these Muslim - murder jumping bean events as we have just seen in California. As the freedom and Christian water, celebrating the birth of Christ, becomes hotter, blood will flow and killers will be turned on. More people will die until America and her elected leaders wake up from their cowardly and treasonous sellouts to Islam.

We sell out because of our 'political correctness' cult hurled on Americans that demands we talk nice to any bad guy, serial killer and especially a Muslim planning our demise.

We sell out because we have not become energy independent with our vast amounts of oil, coal and shale. We could have become disconnected from the Middle Eastern oil spigot decades ago. We must vote in a president who has the vision for energy jobs and independence. It is high time to stop our oil dependency and sellouts.

We sell out because we allow Muslim mosques and camps to be built in America and pretend they don't call their followers to violent Jihad, offer funding and training. We must have the courage to confront and watch Mosques closely, arrest those writing or speaking any violent Jihad speech anywhere. Close down Muslim training camps, deport thousands who are on record writing and spewing violent intentions and speech. Above all, we must stop, yesterday, all Muslim imports from any country.

The real genocide and mass murder campaign worldwide is against Christians and at the hands of Muslims who are simply honoring their faith. Of course, Obama has nothing to say about that.

Merry Christmas season folks. It is starting out to be a very bloody one. Be armed; watch your back at any events. Have your cell phone ready and emergency plans rehearsed. Your life might depend on it this season. We have been targeted and they are here ready to roll. Don't be 'correct' be alive.

Find out more about me at

Define blindness
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

The average person considers blindness to mean the inability to see light or objects or living in total darkness. However there are varying degrees of blindness. Someone that is partially blind is considered to have blurry vision and objects are not in focus. If someone is considered legally blind it means their vision is so highly compromised that they may not be permitted to drive or operate machinery. Medicine defines legally blind as the visual field is a mere 20 feet compared to someone with healthy vision who can see at 200 ft away. There is another form of blindness often mentioned by the Creator. Let's take a look at how we can have healthy vision.


It is more common to experience the onset of symptoms of vision loss before vision is completely lost. Therefore, partial blindness most often precedes total blindness. If the eyes are not strengthened and detoxified, the vision deteriorates over time. Symptoms can be; cloudy vision, inability to see shapes, can see only shadows, poor night vision and tunnel vision.


The eyes are not immune to disease and we have plenty of eye disease to go around. This list does not include all the medical conditions that promote vision loss, however it includes the most common conditions.

  • Cataracts - a major concern to anyone over forty-years-of-age and it is the world's leading cause of vision loss by 47.9%. Most people may not be told that they have the beginning of cataracts (a.k.a. baby cataracts). Eye doctors don't think it is a big deal and it is expected in older patients. If a patient asks the right questions their eye doctor will admit they see a bit of oxidization on the lens but are told it will be years before anything needs to be done about it. This is a mistake because it is my opinion that it is much easier to reverse baby cataracts than it is to wait for them to grow much larger. Modern medicine has no remedy for getting rid of cataracts other than surgery with varying success rates.
  • Glaucoma is another concern as we age in which pressure can affect the optic nerve responsible for carrying the visual signals to the brain. Glaucoma represents 12.3% for visual impairment.
  • Macular degeneration is another condition that robs the eye's ability to see details. Presently macular degeneration causes 8.7% of the vision impairment.
  • Optic neuritis is an inflammation of the optic nerve and if not corrected can cause permanent loss of vision.
  • Retinitis pigmentosa is inflammation that damages the retina.
  • Lazy eye can make it difficult to see details and if not corrected can lead to blindness.
  • Tumors which interfere with the retina or optic nerve can cause vision loss.

Other events that can cause blindness are; injury, birth defects, eye surgery, diabetes (4.8% of blindness) and stroke.


Toxic chemicals can also cause vision loss. Medical science will address vision impairment with eyeglasses, surgery or medication. None of these options strengthen but weaken the eyes. A weakness will often lead to additional vision loss. However, patients are under the impression that early diagnosis and medical treatment can prevent blindness when in most instances it slows the progression but rarely prevents it. If your eyesight is becoming progressively dimmer the culprit could be your prescribed medication. According to a variety of drugs put our vision at risk. Drug side effects are really a drug-induced disease. Toxic drug chemicals can compromise the cells of the eye and attack different functions of the eye. There are 62 drugs that can promote glaucoma alone. For instance, if you suffer from dry eye or blocked tear ducts it could be from drug toxicity. Eye drops to remove redness contain preservatives that can lead to glaucoma. Corticosteroids (cortisone, prednisone) and anticancer drugs are known to cause glaucoma. The Corticosteroids also lead to cataracts. Patients with macular edema are usually treated with a steroid (triamcinolone), which always creates steroid-induced cataracts. The cataracts do not go away if the drug use is stopped. Medications for schizophrenia (phenothiazine antipsychotics) and cancer medications (busulfan) can also cause cataracts. Botox injections in the vicinity of the eye can cause the eyelid to droop, reduce function and damage the cornea. Millions of people are prescribed alpha-blockers (Flomax) which attacks the iris. Current reports state aspirin therapy can also risk the eyes to conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts.


Prescription drugs poison the blood. The liver has to neutralize these toxins as best it can. So, if you want to experience visual disturbances the drugs that attack the retina will deliver that. The drug toxins reach the retina through the blood supply to the eye. The major drugs that will do this are prescribed for conditions such as; malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, flesh eating parasites (amoebae) and lupus. The damage can be reversed upon stopping the medications but only in the early stage. Patients on these drugs who want to remain on them should be advised to have their eyes examined every six months. Women on breast cancer drugs (Nolvadex) can also experience retinal damage. Antibiotics can also harm the eyes when on prolonged use. The drugs damage the optic nerve causing visual field defects. Most Iridologists can actually see if someone has taken antibiotics as it leaves rusty-color spots on the iris. Men should pay attention and research their ED drugs because they cause blurred vision and increase light sensitivity. The FDA was asked in 2006 to include a black box warning on such drugs listing the risk to optic nerve damage (nonarteritic ischemic optic neuropathy). With continued use the ED drugs produce a sudden visual loss that could lead to blindness. Another drug that caused optic nerve damage is the anti-tuberculosis drug ethambutol. For a more complete list of drugs you may be taking that could risk your eyesight see this link


The Bible uses the metaphor of "being blind" to describe someone who does not seek truth and is lacking understanding. Deception is everywhere in our world and it seems like an endless task of searching out the truth. We're told that the truth will set us free. Scripturally it means that you won't be sinless but you will be blameless.


In most cases we can help improve our vision with nutrition. Ancient writings list the herb eyebright for cleansing the eyes. If you tend to suffer from bloodshot eyes, try rinsing the eyes in a solution of eyebright herb. Herbalists and the Chinese believe that upon oral consumption of eyebright it stimulates the liver to release its stored vitamin A to assist the eyes. This has not been scientifically confirmed however the herb does brighten the eyes and helps to remove microbes. Eyebright also contains vitamin A & B, zinc, riboflavin, niacin as well as other important nutrients. You will often see it paired with goldenseal for added antibacterial action. Herbalist will often add bayberry or red raspberry as an astringent to reduce inflammation and improve circulation to the eye and remove toxins.


Before embarking on a course of prescription drugs and risking the health of your eyes, why not research your natural options. If you are looking for a quality, organic Herbal Eyewash contact Apothecary Herbs. Their formula contains the eyebright, goldenseal, bayberry and more. If the eyes need better circulation consider their Heart Formulas. If the eyes require more nutrition see the Body Foundation Food Mix. And men, before using the erectile dysfunction drugs see Male Hormone formula at Apothecary Herbs. You have natural options and it won't put you at risk of drug-induced disease. Call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. Free catalog and herb coupons on website.

"Using your top quality supplements has been a game changer for me."
Bill Knott, Cobleskill, NY



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