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Friday, November 27, AD 2015
Between Friday, November 20AD 2015 and 
Friday, November 27, AD 2015, the bid prices for:
Gold fell 1.9 % from $1,077.00 to $1,056.60
Silver fell 0.4 % from $14.13 to $14.07
Platinum fell 2.2 % from $851 to $832
Palladium fell 2.0 % from $558 to $547
Crude Oil rose 6.0 % from $39.39 to $41.77
US Dollar Index rose 0.5 % from 99.61 to 100.08
DJIA fell 0.1 % from 17,823.81 to 17,798.49
NASDAQ rose 0.4 % from 5,104.92 to 5,127.53
NYSE rose 0.0 % from 10,444.20 to 10,450.50

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

In the News
by Alfred Adask

How To Escape "Heavy Government Regulations"

The Washington Times recently published "Congress OKs Space Act, paves way for companies to own resources mined from asteroids". According to that article,

"The stuff of science fiction is about to be U.S. law after Congress approved the

Space Act on Monday, paving the way for private companies to own any natural resources they manage to mine from asteroids."

Could it be that "thar's gold in them thar asteroids"?

"With potentially trillions of dollars at stake, futurists said the bill is a bold statement of American leadership, keeping the burgeoning private spaceflight industry free of heavy government regulations . . . . 'This bill encourages the private sector to launch rockets, take risks and shoot for the stars,' said Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican and chairman of the Science Committee."

According to NASA, it currently costs about $10,000 to put each pound of payload into orbit around the earth. I'm guessing that it costs at least $5,000 per pound to retrieve each pound of payload from orbit and cause it to land safely somewhere on earth. That's about $15,000 for each pound of payload sent into orbit and subsequently returned to earth.

The cost-per-pound of sending mining ships to the asteroid belt (located between Mars and Jupiter) would probably be several times the cost of putting payloads into earth orbit and then returning those mining ships plus the weight of whatever ore they'd mined back to earth. I'm guessing the price per pound of space ships and ore recovered would have to run at least $100,000 a pound.

Given the incredible cost of space flight, it's hard to imagine how rockets will be able to reach the asteroid belt and mine to asteroids for any substance that's sufficiently valuable by weight to justify space travel to and from the asteroids. I.e., if it costs $100,000 per pound of spaceship and ore, to and from the asteroid belt, whatever ore they plan to mine from the asteroids must sell for far more than $100,000 a pound to make the trip profitable.

We're not going to haul iron ore back from the asteroids. The price per pound for iron ore will not justify the incredible costs of not merely transporting that ore back to earth, but also supplying the technology required to slow the entry of iron ore into our atmosphere without having it become a fiery meteor.

For space mining to work, the substance being mined and hauled back to the surface of the earth must have a high price to weight ratio similar to that of high-quality diamonds ($30 million/lb). I.e., if you could mine enough colorless, flawless diamonds from an asteroid to just fill a backpack, that small mass might still be worth enough to make space-mining profitable. If you could mine some mineral that was critical to making quantum computers and therefore of extreme value on a price per pound basis, space-mining might be profitable.

For example, Business Insider published a list of 19 items that were the most expensive by weight. That list included:

19. White truffles: $2,000/lb.

13. Rhino horn: $25,000/lb.

11. Heroin: $50,000/lb.

While we might be able to find some of those previously-listed organic substances on the "Planet of Prehistoric Women," I doubt that we'll be able to mine any truffles, rhino horn or heroin from the asteroids.

Besides, even if those items could be found in the asteroids, their price on earth (at most $50,000/lb) won't come close to justifying the cost of flying to and from the asteroids (at least, $100,000/lb).

9. Crack cocaine: $300,000/lb.

The price of crack ($300,000/lb.) might be enough to justify a trip to and from the asteroid belt. But I doubt that there's much crack up there. Even if there were, it would still probably be cheaper to buy it on the South Side of Chicago than to mine it in the asteroid belt.

7. Plutonium: $1.8 million/lb.

I'd bet we can make money mining plutonium from the asteroid belt. But can we haul plutonium back to earth in profitable quantities without killing the spaceship's crew with radiation?

6. Taaffeite: up to $9 million/lb.

Taaffeite is a mauve-colored gem that's less than one-millionth as common as diamonds. Find an asteroid full of taaffeite and haul a few pounds back to earth and your retirement could be fully funded.

3. Painite: $135 million/lb.

The rarest gem mineral. Beam me up, Scotty!)

1. Anti-Matter: $100 trillion/gram

On a price/pound basis, $100 trillion/gram works out to . . . umm . . . well . . . a lot. You wouldn't need to find very much anti-matter in the asteroid belt to get rich, but I don't expect you to find any at all.

My point is that I don't expect to find much in the asteroid belt that has enough value per pound to justify the incredible costs of space-mining.

Space mining asteroids might make sense if the cost of space flight were reduced to something comparable to the current cost of commercial air fare. But, given the current costs of space travel, I don't expect to see any profitable space-mining of the asteroid belt for several generations-if ever.

If so, what's the purpose and effect of passing a law that encourages private corporations to space-mine the asteroids?

Business Insider wrote that the "Space Act paved the way for private companies to own any natural resources they manage to mine from asteroids . . . . keeping the burgeoning private spaceflight industry free of heavy government regulations."


Anyone seeking to escape "heavy government regulations," may have travel at least as far as the asteroid belt (somewhere beyond the orbit of Mars) to do so.

Diamonds Aren't Forever
by Alfred Adask

Business Insider ("This startup is trying to take down the diamond industry with Leonardo DiCaprio") reports:

"Diamond Foundry is a startup based in California that claims to be able to 'grow' hundreds of real diamonds in just a few weeks. Size can range up to 9 carats per gem.

"Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is just one of many influential investors backing the endeavor that could change the face of the diamond industry as we know it." 

DeCaprio starred in the movie "Blood Diamonds" which explored the violence and oppression that can be endemic within the African diamond industry. Apparently, DiCaprio is participating in this venture as a means to attack the "blood diamond" industry. I.e., if inexpensive diamonds can be produced in laboratories, there'll be less need for African diamond mines and/or the violence associated with "blood" diamonds.

Diamonds have always been a risky investment because diamonds are actually quite common. However, the diamond industry (especially, DeBeers) has artificially restricted the supply of diamonds by refusing to allow most of its inventory to reach the public. By artificially restricting the supply, the diamond industry has artificially increased the diamonds' price and profits.

However, if the Diamond Foundry has discovered a new technology to "grow" diamonds in the lab, the current diamond industry will no longer be able to restrict the supply of diamonds, the price of diamonds will fall, and the current diamond industry may collapse.


  1. As an investment, diamonds are silly because the supply has been artificially restricted. Soon, diamonds may be as plentiful and cheap as cubic zirconia.
  2. Some other gems that are truly rare and not yetsusceptible to being "grown" in laboratories may soon become our favorite "rocks". For a while.
  3. However, given that virtually all gems are crystals, and given that Diamond Foundry has allegedly found a way to "grow" one variety of crystals (diamonds), it seems inevitable that every other gem-quality crystal will soon also be grown in large numbers and large sizes in laboratories. Who knows? Within the next few years, we might see bowling balls grown out of a single diamond or ruby crystal.

In any case, given the accelerating rate of technological progress, once science learns how to make large quantities of inexpensive diamonds in the lab, it won't be long before it also learns how to grow rubies, emeralds and sapphires-by the pound. Maybe by the ton.

Further implications?

The current gem industry could be significantly diminished or even destroyed within the next five to ten years.

There may always be a collectors' market for the largest, purest and most extraordinary gems. But the retail markets for the smaller (less than 9 carats) gems may tank within the next few years.
Now's probably not the time to buy your brother-in-law's jewelry store or a bag of diamonds to preserve your wealth through the Greater Depression.

Free Healthcare isn't Free
by Alfred Adask

The New York Post ("ObamaCare's imploding even without repeal"):

"It's looking like ObamaCare won't survive even if Congress can't repeal it. Thenation's largest health insurer,UnitedHealth Group, said that it's losing too much -- $425 million -- from policies sold on the health exchanges, and may have to pull out by 2017.
"If a major publicly-traded insurer bows out, others may follow and destabilize the entire individual market."

"UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley: 'We can't really subsidize a marketplace that doesn't appear at the moment to be sustaining itself.'What's beating ObamaCare?


"The long-feared'death spiral': Not enough young, healthy folks are signing up for these plans, so insurers are losing money despite the hefty federal subsidies for the coverage. They're raising premiums to even things out-but that drives even more young folks away, so that only older, less-healthy customers remain, driving new losses ...."

Last month (October), the Obama administration itself predicted 2016 enrollment in ObamaCare would be less than half of what the Congressional Budget Office had predicted just seven months earlier, in March.


  1. All the President's horses and all the President's men can't con American youth into buying ObamaCare policies today that they're unlikely to need for another 30 years.
  2. If ObamaCare fails and you can't personally pay for your own health care services, you might not be able to get any such services.
  3. In order to avoid relying on others to provide medical services, we must each learn to become personally responsible for our own health care. If you want to avoid paying to see a doctor, you'd better assume responsibility for staying healthy. It's up to you to control your diet. It's up to you to exercise, etc.

A lot of money could be made if someone invented a machine that could provide relatively inexpensive medical diagnostics for the most common diseases. I'm thinking of a machine about the size of a desktop computer that had blood pressure sensors, some sort of non-invasive capacity to measure critical chemical imbalances in the individual's body, a data base to follow our diets and exercise regimens, and the necessary software to give us a daily assessment of our most common health problems.

Extra credit lesson: America's youth are unable or unwilling to support America's senior citizens. They're not going to sign up for ObamaCare just to subsidize grandma and grandpa. I don't blame them.

If you're a senior citizen (as I am) and you're counting on America's youth to support you in your old age (I'm not), you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. You may soon be forced to support yourself or at least pay for your own health care in your "golden years".

Bernie's Bye-Bye
by Alfred Adask

The leftist e-magazine .Mic published "Twitter Reacts to Bernie Sanders' Claims that Climate Change Caused Rise in Terrorism":

"In wake of a series of terrorist attacks that struck Paris on Friday night, the first question posed to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during Saturday night's Democratic debate was whether he still believes climate change is the No. 1 national security threat to the United States-and Twitter users had a lot to say about his answer. 

"'Absolutely,' he said. 'In fact, climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.' Sanders added that climate change will cause farmers in countries 'all over the world' to struggle with a scarcity of water and land to grow crops, which Sanders said studies have shown leads to international conflict. 

"Some Twitter users mocked Sanders' response, saying he should tell the French people that but wouldn't say that if he were face to face with a member of the Islamic State group."

I'd never support any collectivist for public office. It's a spiritual thing with me. I believe collectivism is inherently ungodly.

Therefore, I've never supported Bernie Sanders' run for the White House. Even so, just last month, I had high expectations for Bernie. I thought he might've captured the substantial youth/socialist vote of those concerned with income disparity, unemployment, and the general discontent of Americans trapped in a stagnant economy. A few polls showed Bernie's popularity to be rivaling or even surpassing that of Hillary.

However, as it's turned out, Bernie made some foolish statements that made him sound old and disconnected. "Global warming causes terrorism"? There may be some point to that argument, but it's not likely to be politically cool. Hillary's poll numbers are currently two to three times greater than Bernie's. Perhaps, it's time to dust off that rocking chair up in the attic.

Plus, a growing socialist political movement dominated and empowered by youth is unlikely to accept leadership from a 74-year-old senior citizen. Bernie is simply too old to represent the kids. Sean Penn is too old to represent the kids. Justin Bieber might be cool if they could just amend the Constitution to let anyone over 20 run for President.

Apparently, Bernie hit his high-water mark last month, failed to hang onto it, and has therefore lost his ability to effectively challenge Hillary Clinton's candidacy. Of course, if the Department of Justice ever issues an indictment against Hillary, she might be removed from the race and the Democrat nomination for President would be up for grabs. If Hillary were gone, Bernie might win the nomination.

But, so long as Hillary is still in the race-and assuming that no more Democrats enter the race for president before the end of this year-it appears that Hillary's nomination as Democrat candidate for President is increasingly "inevitable".

Gives me chills.

If the Republicans nominate some clown who can't even beat Hillary next year, the Republican Party should be dissolved.


Article from

China's yuan added to basket used to set value of IMF's in-house currency: Why it matters


(AP:BEIJING) BEIJING (AP) -- The addition of China's yuan to the select basket of currencies used as a yardstick by the International Monetary Fund is a sign, experts say, that the yuan may one day become as recognizable as the dollar or euro. Adding the yuan alongside the dollar, euro, pound and yen is a symbolic victory for Beijing. It reflects the rising importance of the world's second-largest economy and is an endorsement of gradual Chinese moves toward making the currency freely traded. Currency traders and economists see the change as encouragement to Beijing to make faster progress on promises to make the yuan "freely tradable" and open its financial system.


The IMF added the yuan to the basket of currencies used to calculate the value of Special Drawing Rights, a notional currency used as the standard for dealing with its member governments. That came after IMF staff concluded in a Nov. 13 report that the yuan was "freely usable," meaning widely used for international transactions and widely traded in foreign exchange markets. The IMF created SDRs in the 1960s as a possible international currency, but they failed to gain wider acceptance. Until 1980, the basket was 16 currencies including Iran and South Africa but that was reduced. Following the global financial crisis, Beijing called in March 2009 for creation of a new currency, possibly based on the SDR, to reduce reliance on dollars but failed to attract support.


China is the second-biggest economy after the United States and the biggest trader. The yuan is the No. 4 currency for global trade, accounting for about 2.5 percent of the total, according to SWIFT, the organization for interbank financial transfers. Beijing controls the flow of money into and out of its economy but has encouraged the use of the yuan abroad, especially for trade, which helps Chinese exporters by eliminating the cost and risk of volatile exchange rates. Since 2009, China has signed currency swap agreements with central banks in Britain, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, South Korea and other countries. Branches of Chinese state-owned banks in Britain, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France and Singapore have received authorization to take deposits or settle trade-related transactions in yuan.


The SDR has no direct link to financial markets or private business. Over time, the IMF decision might prompt central banks to hold more reserves in yuan. JP Morgan economist Haibin Zhu said yuan holdings might rise to 5 percent of global reserves, or about $350 billion, over five years. That might encourage more use of yuan for trade and investment. "Longer term, this is a huge step," said Stephen Innes, chief trader for the currency firm OANDA in Singapore. "Once investors become more comfortable with Chinese markets, especially if they continue to progress with opening policies and make the same strides they did over the past year, international markets will really embrace Chinese capital markets."


Economists say the IMF decision could encourage Chinese leaders to further relax controls on the yuan. The ruling Communist Party's latest five-year development plan says the yuan will be "freely tradable and freely usable" by 2020. The surprise August introduction of a new mechanism for setting the government-controlled exchange rate led to a 3.5 percent devaluation. But the country's top economic official, Premier Li Keqiang, said in September that there were no plans for further declines. Some traders worry Beijing might devalue once it achieved its goal of being added to the IMF basket. But others say Chinese leaders want to be seen as reliable. The yuan's addition is "an endorsement as an international currency," said Chen Kang, chief bond analyst for SWS Research Co. in Shanghai. "That will encourage China to adopt more measures toward accelerating the process of the opening of its foreign exchange markets and capital markets."


The yuan's government-set exchange rate still follows the dollar despite the new mechanism for setting its value. For now, that makes the yuan a dollar in disguise, according to Derek Scissors of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. Until the yuan is allowed to trade freely, the IMF decision will "increase the dollar's importance," said Scissors in an email. "Those governments or investors hoping for a dilution of dollar dominance for portfolio diversification or political reasons are getting exactly the opposite."

America - Be thankful for the right things or not at all

By Laurie Roth, November 26, 2015

What am I thankful for and what will I do about it

People and groups who have been slowly boiled over time and corralled like cattle for destruction are thankful for just staying alive another day. They are thankful for a found kernel of corn or survival provision the Government or Master gives them. They are vaguely thankful for memories of what used to be, freedom of speech, thriving businesses and the right to bear arms and own guns. These rights have been under assault and are falling to pieces before our eyes. Is this enough water in your glass?

Those who have already caved in and are 'drip drip drip' dying away will only be thankful for what they see as 'God's judgment', 'just rewards' and anything that can help them survive. They may not know it yet but they are already the walking dead, the consumed and discarded that will be used as accomplices to take down America and the rest of our freedoms. Hungry and scared people are quickly made and exposed. They either rise up and fight or they give in to fear and sell out. Which are you?

Those who are still alive and are thankful operate from a different playbook

Since we are thankful for our Christian heritage and the power of the Holy Bible that built this nation we are not thankful for insults, assaults and damage Obama and his attachments throw us. Obama offers us beautiful smelling apple pie but any real America sees that it is a poison apple. We know his plan is to make a nation of sleeping beauties he will either raise up as Obama working zombies or do away with.

We are thankful that God has used this nation to be a real light for freedom, achievement and power. It has stood against evil that threatens to consume like fire from the beginning. Now we have evil from within from the White House on down. We will survive this too. Though never perfect in our responses to other's needs, we have shown up and taken care of business again and again. I am thankful for that and am most proud. There is nothing for us to apologize for except for voting in Obama. We will get it right next time. I believe we have learned and are learning the hard way.

Most know by now if you are not among the walking dead, that Obama has attempted to transform and change us into a dictatorial and compromised version of ourselves that increasingly targets and control the masses. In 'Obama country' you either obey, pay up and do what Obama and his agenda demands, or you are targeted for punishment and destruction. Battle lines are being drawn in big ways all over America as we face the next election coming at us very soon now in 2016. Will the people and God win. I say a big fat yes as we trust our Lord, pray, stand and be thankful for freedom and what is right...not what is expected and fed to us.

Living Americans who love God, our country and freedom are thankful enough for our real and God breathed core that we will stand up and fight if necessary. No one will be allowed to violate our 2nd amendment rights and seize our guns, freedom of speech, right to build our own businesses and have the quality and life with military, health care and privacy we deserve.

Living Americans know that capitalism, Judeo-Christian values and our inventive and achievement genetics built this nation and have given life and hope to the world over and over. Be thankful for that and never forget.

We have a critical election coming up. Top GOP hopefuls have many great qualities. Pay attention to the core basics and vote wisely. Pray that our Lord will deliver us the right candidate and we beat what the DEMS throw at us.

America must have pride, passion, and thankfulness for who we are again. I want a President who is proud of our country and is thankful for our core and what we were before our freedoms and incomes were plucked away by Obama. I like much about Trump, Cruz and Carson. Some parts I don't like and no one is perfect.

We will see which candidates stay on point. So far I love Trump's love for America and promise to deal with real border security and not give in to the endless push for amnesty on all sides. I love that Trump promises real and total tax reform, freedom of speech and restoration of religious rights while promising a much needed fight against radical Islam intent on destroy the world.

I am not thankful for what Obama and his supporters have made and brought to America. I am thankful that with Christ all things are possible and that millions of Americas will stand and fight for what is right and American, no matter what the cost. Are you alive or the walking dead? Be thankful you can fight for the best freest country on earth and vote right.

Find out more about me and my upcoming plans at

How to avoid overeating
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

The effects of overeating on our health are vast. Approximately 70% of Americans overeat on a regular basis. So, many things could be contributing to our habit of overeating. You may or may not need a psychiatrist to shift through them all. We're told that there could be as many as 44 diseases caused by overeating. However, it can be a fairly simple adjustment to our lifestyle that can help tamper down the urge to overeat and reduce the disease risk. When we make some changes we can usually conquer some other health problems that tagged along when we overeat. Let's take a look at the stimuli, risks and solutions to a problem many a doctor cannot resolve.


When we overeat we can make our bodies vulnerable to other health conditions. Some people do not connect the dots that this one habit which can cause an avalanche of conditions such as: blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary problems, gallbladder disease and cancer. With these secondary conditions there are additional system malfunction such as; kidney disease, vision problems, nerve damage, skin and digestive disorders.


For many, overeating is a compulsive disorder. It is the opposite of anorexia but can be linked to bulimia. You may consider yourself to be an overeater if you are consuming thousands of calories at one sitting consistently. Psychologists say that eating disorders are compulsive and often are used to cover-up emotional distress. In a majority of the cases where the overeating is due to emotional problems, these issues must be addressed in order to resolve the overeating habit. Psychologist state that overeating can be linked with personality disorders such as bi-polar. However, this is not to suggest that all overeaters are bi-polar.


However, sometimes we overeat because we are stressed, bored or we're trying to quit smoking. Sometime people overeat due to a medication or from smoking marijuana. Other medical conditions that can prompt us to overeat are: a hypothalamus disorder, tapeworms, appetite stimulants, encephalitis, brain injury and brain tumor.


Sometimes medications can offer the side effect of overeating. Medicines such as; antibiotics, antidepressants, cortisone, medical marijuana, pain drugs and steroids can make us eat too much. Also avoid the diet foods and artificial sweeteners as they promote cravings for sweet carbohydrates.


Those struggling to contain their overeating are tempted wherever they go. Fast food, convenience stores and supersized stores with grocery centers are often within a mile in each direction. In most cases, overeaters seek out the comfort-type foods that are full of empty calories.


Poor food decisions can often lead to overeating and weight gain even if you have no emotional baggage to blame it on. The unhealthy foods upset the whole system and cause distress. Most often after eating the wrong foods we feel, sleeping, sluggish, foggy headed, bloated and gassy. Other symptoms indicating your body is in distress are; joint and bone pain. Overeaters often have stress in their hips, knees and back mostly due to the extra weight on the skeletal system.


Unhealthy food choices can leave us malnourished and cause secondary diseases. What science is discovering that in many instances there is a loss of magnesium through the urine often found in type 1 diabetics and pushes up the leptin protein and 167 amino acids. We're told that controlling the lifestyle is easier when we have adequate magnesium because it supports the link between our brain and the hormone protein leptin. It is not a coincidence that the lack of magnesium is also involved in conditions of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, reproductive disorders, and immune system malfunction. If you have high leptin levels and low magnesium you may have these problems including inflammation. Science thinks that the connection between magnesium and the hormone protein leptin is responsible for Syndrome X (excessive fat around the abdomen).


Often overlooked as a casualty to overeating is how it affects our self esteem. The mental image we have of our self changes as we gain weight and we don't like how we look with a heavier physic. According to Brown University, overeaters can have depression and lack self confidence. Anxiety can manifest also and relationship problems can develop. Correcting the overeating issue tends to resolve these problems.


When we eat whole foods we find we are easily and quickly satisfied and can stop eating. Foods dense with nutrition such as natural minerals (including magnesium), vitamins and fiber will be satisfying and help us to feel full on less volume. Therefore your organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains help everyone to avoid overeating. TV weight loss expert, Susan Powter, showed everyone how to stop overeating and shed massive unwanted pounds in a 1980's appearance on Hour Magazine. She came out with all this food on tray after tray. There was a tray of vegetables, a tray of fruit, a tray of baked potatoes and she told the audience you can eat all this and still lose a lot of weight and get healthy. She was displaying whole foods. Not one single prepackaged item or snack product included. She was in direct conflict with many of the weight loss professionals writing books. She said that she gained a lot of weight having children and could not get it off. Until one day she was standing in line at the grocery store waiting to purchase her junk food when it dawned on her; she didn't have to starve eating rabbit food when she could eat all she wanted of it. The problem was not the volume of food; it was the type of food she was consuming. Susan switched to whole foods and lost all the extra weight. I always thought counting calories was a burden and when with whole foods, you don't have to. Of course regular exercise is necessary for a healthy body as well.


There are also herbs that can help us to resist overeating while we work on our lifestyle. Fennel seed was used by the Puritans to reduce hunger during fasting. Fennel also reduces bloating and gas. Gentian root, when taken thirty minutes before a meal, helps prepare the digestive tract with enzymes preventing overeating and to help food move faster from the stomach to the small intestine. This herb is great for those with reflux issues. If overeating is due to anxiety, Valerian root helps take stress off the nervous system and reduces anxiety. Ginger root is excellent for nausea and Peppermint for stomachache. I also like the 84 rich minerals found in unprocessed Celtic Sea salt to prevent metabolic imbalance, which can contribute to eating the wrong foods and having weight problems. This whole salt does not promote hypertension, helps to balance fluids throughout the body and can diminish sweet cravings. Think of it as whole food electrolytes for the body. If you would like to learn more about these herbs and others for a natural way to restore balance call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, If you're serious about herbs, you need Apothecary Herbs. Call to order or request your FREE catalog today! Ask about their herb coupons & SAVE!

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