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Edited by Alfred Adask
Friday, November 13, AD 2015
Between Friday, November 6AD 2015 and 
Friday, November 13, AD 2015, the bid prices for:
Gold fell 0.5 % from $1,089.40 to $1,083.90
Silver fell 3.1 % from $14.74 to $14.28
Platinum fell 8.7 % from $940 to $858
Palladium fell 13.2 % from $620 to $538
Crude Oil fell 8.5 % from $44.52 to $40.73
US Dollar Index fell 0.4 % from 99.16 to 98.80
DJIA fell 3.7 % from 17,910.33 to 17,245.24
NASDAQ fell 4.3 % from 5,147.12 to 4,927.88
NYSE fell 3.4 % from 10,513.40 to 10,155.10

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Economic Indicators
by Alfred Adask

How odd.

I've reported the weekly changes in these same nine economic indicators (above) for most of five years. Usually, at least one or two of those indicators run contrary to the remainder. I.e., if seven or eight are up, one or two are down-or vice versa.

This is the first time I can recall when all nine of those indicators were down in the same week. Is that a "harbinger of doom"-or merely a curious anomaly?

The three pure commodities (platinum, palladium and crude oil) in my list of indicators were down an average of 10% each over the past week. Ten per cent?!! In one week?!! Damn. Historically, falling commodity prices signal an economic depression.

The three equity market indicators (DJIA, NASDAQ, and the NYSE) fell by an average of 3.8% each. In just one week. That decline isn't unprecedented, but it's still unusual. Falling stock prices are another indication of economic recession or depression.

Silver, which is primarily an industrial metal (commodity) but also, to a lesser extent, a monetary metal, fell by 3.1%. It did better than the commodity and equity indicators.

Gold-primarily a monetary metal and to a lesser extent a commodity-fell by 0.5%.

As measured on the USDX, the value of the dollar (a monetary device) fell by only 0.4%.

Those indicators that were partially or completely commodities and/or equities fell by a minimum of three percent last week. The two indicators that were most purely "monetary" (physical gold and US dollars) fell by half of a percent or less. It was a good week for monetary investments.

One week's data proves nothing. Last week's changes could be mere statistical flukes. Next week's data could reverse any implication we might imagine in last week's data.

Still, it's hard to completely ignore the "coincidence" that while commodities appear to be collapsing (a hallmark for economic depression), and stocks are declining (another indicator of depression), the best performers for the week were the "monetary" indicators: USDX, gold, and to a lesser extent silver.

Some readers may recall that during the Great Depression (A.D. 1929-1939) it was common knowledge that "cash" (a monetary instrument) was deemed to be "king" because it's value (purchasing power) was constantly rising.

So, it's at least interesting that, for the past week (when commodity and equity price declines hinted at the approach of an economic depression), the investment vehicles that were "king" (performed the best compared to the others) were the quasi-monetary instrument (silver) and the monetary instruments-US dollars and gold.

Note also that throughout the Great Depression, the paper "cash" that seemed to be "king" was all backed by either gold or silver. Thus, the real "cash" that was "king" during the Great Depression was gold (until A.D. 1933) and silver throughout.

I've predicted for several years that, in the event of another Great Depression, "cash" will again be "king".

But, I've also argued that the "cash" that will ultimately be "king" during the next Depression will not be paper, fiat dollars, but will again be the monetary metals (gold and/or silver).

If there's going to be another depression, the world may first holler for paper dollars. But after the paper dollars are understood to be intrinsically worthless, the world will scream-and pay dearly-for the monetary metal gold and, to a lesser extent, for the industrial/monetary metal silver.

If the next depression is anything like the last, "cash will be king" but that "cash" won't be fiat, paper dollars but will, once again, be physical gold or silver.

Economics: mostly math or mostly morality?
by Alfred Adask

Financial Times:

"Last Friday [Nov. 6, A.D. 2015] the Bank of Japan [BoJ] revised down its inflation and growth forecasts, and pushed back its expectation of hitting the 2 per centinflation target to the end of next year. It seems likely, andindeed desirable, that the BoJ will beforcedto expand its programme of quantitative easing [QE]before too long."

QE is intended to cause more borrowing, more spending and more inflation in whichever country/economy that promotes it. In the case of Japan, continued reliance on QE is strange since they've tried to use some version of QE for twenty years without much success.

Why does Japan continue to beat this dead horse? Could it be because they have no other horses to beat?

"Disappointing outcomes do not mean that the BoJ's combination of an inflation target and using QE has failed, but that it needs to be more enthusiastically pursued. The BoJ can and should contemplate going further."

QE has not only failed to stimulate the Japanese economy for most of 20 years-it's also failed to stimulate the US economy for the past six years and is currently failing to stimulate the EU and Chinese economies. Despite these "disappointing outcomes" (a/k/a "reality") Japan has nevertheless concluded that QE still might work.

The Financial Times' recommendation that Japan to "go further" with more QE seems to reflect conventional wisdom that "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." So, just because QE has so far failed to effectively stimulate the world's four largest economies, there's still no reason to suppose that QE is fundamentally incapable of stimulating the Japanese economy. QE might still somehow work. It could happen, y'know?

However, if "try, try again" is conventional wisdom, so is the conventional definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get a different result." In other words, after persistent QE failures, economists might be crazy to keep trying make QE work.

So, dear reader, which of these "conventional wisdoms" is more appropriate to the continued application of QE? "Try, try again"-or the practical definition of "insanity"?

No One's In Control

Voters know that government and central banks no longer control the economy. They know because they've watched Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) persist for eight years. They may not understand ZIRP, but they know it hasn't caused a significant improvement in the economy.

Likewise, they've watched QE, "too big to fail" banks, too big to jail corporate executives and politicians that will look you in the eye and lie, lie, lie. The majority of voters won't usually object to any of that idiocy, immorality or criminality so long as our leaders can at least appear to "get 'er done". But now they can see from the persistent, repeated and long-term failures of QE, ZIRP, Wall Street and Washington DC, that their leaders are not only failing to "get 'er done," but are probably now incapable of ever "getting 'er done".

There are still people in public office and at the head of major institutions who have great influence-but nobody's really in control.

The system, the nation runs on and stays cohesive based on public confidence. Leaders who persistently can't "get 'er done" diminish confidence in themselves and major institutions.

Declining Confidence

Declining confidence is true in the US and also true in Japan, the EU and China:

"Setting a target date and missing it is bad for credibility [confidence], but so is endlessly deferring the goal into the future.

"Haruhiko Kuroda, the BoJ's governor, observes that inflation rates have been pushed down by lower oil prices. But the weakness of real consumption, which fell 0.4 per cent in September on a year earlier, suggests there remainserious problems in generating domestically-driven demand and inflation.

By "serious problems in generating" they mean that, despite the Japanese government and BoJ throwing billions or even trillions of Yen at the Japanese people, QE has failed to stimulate Japan's economy.

By "domestically-driven demand and inflation," they mean the Japanese people must spend more, borrow more, create more demand, and thus cause inflation and economic stimulation.

But the people aren't buying. They're not borrowing. They're not demanding more goods and services from their economy and they're not demanding more truth from their politicians.

Something has happened. The Japanese people are no longer responding to economic stimulus as expected. The people's Pavlovian conditioning has failed. They won't buy when currency is plentiful and won't borrow when interest rates are near zero. Public confidence in political leaders is waning.

Unable to Control

QE and ZIRP don't work, but that's all they've got to control the economies. Therefore, Financial Times recommends:

"By continuing its QE programme, the BoJ has done a fair amount of what it can. It should continue to explore the possibilities for doing more. But it cannot just be up to [BoJ governor] Kuroda and his colleagues to get Japan's sputtering economy up to cruising speed."

Indeed, the BOJ has done "what it can" without getting Japan's economy "up to speed". That's evidence that there's not much more that Japan's central bank can do. That inability does not inspire public confidence.

Without public confidence, the system will collapse.

The Financial Times article implicitly admitted the obvious: the BoJ and its QE programs have been proven incapable or reviving Japan's depressed economy.

If QE won't work . . . if QE can't work . . . what will?

Depression as Disease or Remedy?

The Japanese, US and even global economies are threatened by possible economic depressions. Virtually everyone is concerned.

But must economic depressions be viewed as something intrinsically bad-like cancer? Or should depressions be viewed as something unpleasant but also necessary and even beneficial somewhat like a hangover?

I.e., what's the bad thing? Having a hangover Saturday morning or getting drunk Friday night? Is the hangover the "bad thing" or is it simply the unpleasant result of the true "bad thing" (getting drunk)?

Is the hangover a "good thing" if it's part of the cleansing and remedy for the bad thing (getting drunk)? If so, should we struggle to avoid the hangover? Should we take pills that prevent hangovers and therefore allow us to get drunk more often? Or should we struggle to stop getting drunk?

Similarly, should an economic depression be viewed as a terrible disease to be avoided at all costs? Or should the depression be viewed as a painful, but beneficial consequence of and remedy for the "bad thing" (prior economic imbalances)?

Economic imbalances

If so, what are economic "imbalances"? Are these imbalances "bad" merely in the amoral sense that mathematical errors are undesirable? Or are persistent economic "imbalances" "bad" in the moral sense of being evidence of intentional, institutionalized injustice?

Could it be that the reason the Japanese people don't respond as expected to QE is that, unlike their leaders, the Japanese people want to be moral? I know it sounds crazy, but could it be that the majority of Japanese people sense that QE (printing fictional currency to be spent by people or institutions who didn't earn it) is inherently immoral? Could it be that, sensing QE's immoral nature some significant percentage of the Japanese refuse to participate in that immorality and therefore refuse to be "stimulated" by QE?

Do most Japanese understand that the Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) robs creditors and destroys retirees' savings accounts by paying them only a fraction of a percent interest on the wealth they've saved for lending or retiring? Are the Japanese refusing to respond as expected to ZIRP because they've hit a gag reflex that prevents them from participating in ZIRP's inherent theft?

What about Americans? Is their failure to adequately respond to the economic stimulus of ZIRP and QE the result of some economist's mathematical miscalculation? Or, have Americans also hit the gag limit to the immorality of paying creditors near-zero interest rates and awarding trillions of QE dollars to bankers who are little more than gangsters and sub-prime borrowers who are little more than thieves?

Persistent "Economic Imbalance" = Injustice?

The term "economic imbalance" ultimately means that someone is legally entitled to be paid more than they've earned and someone else is forced to pay for more than they receive.

A persistent "economic imbalance" isn't evidence of a mathematical anomaly. It's evidence of an established policy to provide unearned, monetary benefit to "special interests". A persistent economic imbalance (especially an imbalance caused by government and/or central banks rather than by the free market) is evidence of massive, institutionalized injustice.

For example, most of the relatively few economic gains achieved in America since the Great Recession, have accrued to the richest 0.1% of the American people. That top 0.1% (one man in a thousand) reportedly now owns as much wealth as the bottom 90% (900 people out of a thousand).

That result would be justified if the top 0.1% personally earned their fortunes by dint of superior intellect, education and hard work in a free market where everyone could compete on an equal basis. However, that wealth imbalance would be unjust if the top 0.1% acquired their riches by bribing politicians with political campaign contributions to enact laws and/or support manipulated (un-free) markets that allow rich "special interests" to rob the poor and middle class.

The issue of wealth distribution isn't merely a matter of math. It's fundamentally about morality.

Is the super-wealth of the super-rich due to their higher levels of morality? Or is it due to their higher levels of immorality (political bribes, restriction of competition and market manipulation)?

To whatever extent the fabulous wealth of top 0.1% is caused by bribing government officers and officials, that wealth is not the result of hard, smart work in the free market. It's the result of massive, institutionalized injustice. If the politicians have rigged the game to favor the oligarchs, that's institutionalized injustice.

In a recent interview, Gerald Celente (Trends Journal) claimed that, globally, the richest 85 men own more wealth than the poorest 3.5 billion people. Is that wealth imbalance evidence of hard work and fair competition in a global free market? Or is it evidence of massive, institutionalized, persistent and intentional injustice?

Temporary vs Persistent

When I refer to "economic imbalances," I'm not talking about temporary fluctuations in prices, unemployment rates or profits. Volatility is a hallmark of a true free market. Whenever some product is overpriced and therefore unusually profitable, competitors will move in to grab some of the excess profits. The resulting additional competition will push prices and profits back down to reasonable levels.

But, today, we have economies subject to the central control of a bunch of economists. Central control is ideologically opposed to a free market. Central control is inherently immoral since it sets policies that will provide riches to some who haven't earned them, and forces others to pay debts that they didn't personally incur

Our genius economists have deduced that, in order to protect the "economy" (read, "special interests," the super-rich and central bank control mechanisms) we have to give trillions of fiat dollars to people and institutions that didn't earn them and to banks that are "too big to fail" and then leave the bill for that debt to future generations of the great unwashed. Where is the justice in that manipulation/QE?

These same genius-economists have given us 8 years of ZIRP which has robbed a generation of creditors and bank depositors. The economists declared that it was justifiable to rob the creditors and bank depositors with ZIRP because it would stimulate the poor and middle class into spending enough extra money to boost the economy into a recovery. Even if we assuming that justification actually works, where's the justice in any robbery?

What's the moral difference between Ben Bernanke's establishment of a 0.25% prime rate that robs nation's bank depositors of a decent return on their savings and a criminal who robs the bank? Bernanke's ZIRP robbed every bank depositor in the country. The bank robber typically robs only a few banks. Who's the bigger crook? Who's the most immoral?

Who perpetrated the greater robbery? Who robbed the most people of the most currency? The bank robber with a gun? Or Helicopter Ben with ZIRP?

The "Invisible Hand" of Mathematics or Morality?

In A.D. 1776, Adam Smith published The Wealth of Nations-the first great book on economics. Smith postulated the existence of an "invisible hand" that controlled markets. That "invisible hand" wasn't simply about balancing supply, demand, wages and profits. It was about making sure that no one profited exorbitantly and no one was exploited. However chaotic it may have seemed, Adam Smith's free market was about establishing justice.

Today, where's the justice in QE, ZIRP, "too big to fail" banks and too big to jail bankers and politicians? Injustice has become the "new normal" and is horrific in that almost no one objects. Where's the justice in fiat currency, a debt-based monetary system and artificially-suppressed prices of gold and silver?

Immorality's Remedy: Depression

If QE and ZIRP can't rescue our stagnating economy, and economist have no other options, is it time to consider whether, maybe, an economic depression is the only viable remedy for the economic imbalances (injustice) created by our government and monetary system?

If QE can't work, is the only remedy for the economic malaise seen in Japan, US, EU, China and even the globe, to stop trying to avoid the correction that only a depression can provide?

Look at little Iceland. Its government, banks and people played the fool for a number of years during which they allowed or even caused economic imbalances (injustice). They came to their senses, stopped the imbalances/injustice and "took their medicine". I.e., they suffered through 18 to 24 months of economic depression, but emerged strengthened and their prosperity was soon restored.

Then, look at little Greece. Like Iceland, its government, banks and people also played the fool for several years during which they allowed and even caused economic imbalances (injustice) to occur. They lived beyond their means. Like all leftists, they claimed to be entitled to the wealth they didn't earn. They supported an unearned standard of living and an irrational leftist government by borrowing from EU creditors.

Unlike Iceland, Greece has been writhing about for the past six years as they tried to avoid the pain of the economic depression that they'd earned by living beyond their means. However, rather than simply "take their medicine" and endure a few years of economic depression/correction, the Greeks are demanding a "hair of the dog that bit them" (more unearned currency from their EU lenders). Unlike Iceland, the Greeks don't want to live within their means.

Result? In their desperate attempt to avoid a national depression (remedy), the Greek people have, so far, suffered through six years of "austerity," lost ownership of much of their property and surrendered a significant amount of their national sovereignty. They're economic alcoholics who don't think they can make it without another drink/debt. There'll be no relief until the Greeks admit the truth (they're bankrupt) and embrace the justice of living within their means rather than living on credit.

Did Iceland regain prosperity while Greece wallowed in austerity because Iceland has a stronger economy than that of Greece? Or did Iceland regain prosperity because Iceland first regained its morality-while Greece suffers in austerity while it continues the immoral pursuit of unearned (borrowed) wealth and the proverbial "free lunch"?

Could Greece also regain its prosperity if they confessed they're bankrupt, cancelled their existing debt, suffered a few years of depression and then regained their moral values?

Could the US?

Moral Gag Reflex

Do the ordinary peoples of Japan, the US, EU and China have some dim awareness that ZIRP and QE are immoral or even criminal? Is that why the peoples of these countries have become reluctant to take the "bribes" (free lunches) that are provided by ZIRP and QE?

Of course, government officials (who are far more experienced and open-minded when it comes to taking bribes), might be mystified by a nation's reluctance to also take QE's "free money" bribes. But, could it be that the people are inherently more moral than their leaders? Could it be that the people understand that it's time to stop intoxicating themselves with more "free money" (injustice) and take their medicine-a relatively brief economic depression-to regain their strength, moral values and prosperity? Could it be that the people value some minimal degree of morality more highly than fiat currency?

I know. I know. My whole hypothesis sounds crazy. People who refuse to take "free money"? Ha! That's as nutty as dogs that refuse to take doggy treats. It just can't be.

Still, what if it was true that the people had begun to reject their masters' offers of "free money" (doggy treats)? How could the masters train their "dogs" to do tricks?

What kind of "tricks"?

Well, how 'bout working and expending their energy and lives for worthless pieces of paper? That's a pretty good trick. It's like getting elephants to stand up on a huge ball in return for Styrofoam peanuts.

Or, how 'bout getting people of the world to sell their land, their homes, their possessions, and even their children and creations for worthless pieces of paper? As tricks go, that ranks right up there with illusions that David Copperfield might've invented.

Could it be that the peoples of Japan, the US, EU and China are starting to reject the Styrofoam peanuts (fiat currency) as rewards for their "tricks"?

If the public has lost its appetite for the Styrofoam peanuts provided by QE, ZIRP and central banks, could it be that the only remaining way for a nation to regain economic prosperity is by first regaining its moral balance? Do we ultimately need our personal dignity more than we need free lunches and plastic peanuts? Could it be that the fundamental effect of an economic depression is not to impoverish people but rather to restore some semblance of their lost morality?

Could it be that the reason ZIRP and QE don't seem to work anywhere is because "free money" is fundamentally immoral and is therefore as odious to sensible people as an endless supply of "free" crack?

Is the current economic recession and/or depression evidence that the people are simply sick, tired and hungover from government's endless market manipulation, central control and economic injustice?

Is the only remaining remedy for that sickness a good, old-fashioned, Great Depression?

That's a crazy, scary idea-but could it be true?  

America -- Don't turn our survival battle into a Viet Nam...drip drip drip
By Laurie Roth, November 10, 2015

Fight - stand and close the deal

We must become a red white and blue 'T Rex' size Octopus with sticky and angry tentacles and plenty of U.S. made ink to hurl. It is time to squeeze and squeeze until eyes pop out, while hurling brush strokes of U.S. flags and Holy Bibles on our enemies.

Obama and his anti American team apparently have the 'forgetting' disease, although Obama has not entirely forgotten us 'high horse' riders. How inspiring of our President to remind us of our history. It is now time to saddle up all the horses and ride. Our country depends on the masses having a sober - focus, fueled by our 'high horse' American and Christian genetics.

Mainstream American media - from the mouth of a host, writer and therapist

Mainstream Media people, how does it feel to have reintroduced slavery in America? No...I'm not talking about the white conservatives who hate and want to destroy the blacks as you say. No...I'm not talking about the hypocritical Christians and conservatives who would stand against gay marriage and endless abortion. I'm talking about the loudest and most damning self imposed slavery there You have long ago handed over your free will, ethics, patriotism and power to the anti American left and Obama. Do you like the way it feels to have someone else move your legs, arms and lips up and down? Look at those pointy long wooden noses, but in our story you don't become human. America works around you and you are eventually destroyed. Too bad so sad. You are not only sell out traitors to America, but you are nothing but treasonous widgets in Obama's game board and of course...slaves.  

Thank our Lord for alternative media who still have suction in their tentacles and own themselves. More and more a Judge and court rises up and breaks lose their Obama shackles. Only recently a Federal appeals court dealt a deathly blow to Obama's attempt to clap his hands and declare amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.   Bravo to Judge Andrew Hanen and other Judges and courts that are continuing to weigh in against the other UN Constitutional - clap Obama hands - decrees, like Obamacare. We can clap our hands as well Obama.

Both, imposed amnesty and obamacare were designed to destroy, steal private information, bankrupt and control formally the best health care system on the planet. It was designed to create a desperate nation of health slaves so Obama can have his single payer - non health care- system.

Amnesty, which I have been fighting way before Obama and Bush years, has nothing to do with 'family values' 'creating jobs' and helping the poor and needy! It never did.

Trump is 100% right. Amnesty is treason, crushing our economy and national security. Jeb and you other wishy washy, Republicans listen up. Our self imposed cult of illegal aliens is importing terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, identity thieves and non-taxpayers. It is filling up our prisons and closing our schools. No matter how many times you speak in Spanish it is still happening.   Not securing our boarders and playing pretend has just about destroyed America. Without real leadership soon in the White House, House and Senate, to finally fix this and stop the legal-gibberish talk, we are so done. 3rd world country here we come and goodbye to free and real elections.

Courts and Judges who are standing for the truth and real law...Bravo. Continue to stand and get your colleagues to do the same. Media...psychotropic drugs can't help you now. You must throw your slavery - pills out and rip the Obama wires and tubes out of your heads.

Most politicians and media have been a big part of the problem. This is your chance and final chance to be a part of the solution. 'High Horse' riders are coming and I intend to be in the front of the line. I am an American. I am a Christian and I am proud of that. Join me. Vote right...pray right and stand right.

Find out more at  

The bat vaccine
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

We've talked about the fact that science has intentionally developed a way to take viruses that infect animals and enable them to bridge the human immune system defenses and infect humans. I believe one reason for this is to create a threat of pandemics and sell unsuspecting people vaccines. A recent news release from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill stated they've identified a type of SARS virus that infects bats and can now threaten the lives of humans. This new corona virus is called SHCO14-Cov was discovered in Chinese horseshoe bats. Of course the official statement is that the virus mutated in order to jump the gap to infect humans. Science has not officially stated if this new disease is spreadable within the human population. However, they are already suggesting a vaccine be made for this virus to ward of a pandemic. People need to discern between emerging disease and engineered disease and how they can protect themselves.


According to the University of North Carolina, this bat virus will enter the human body using the same receptors as in bats. Once inside, the virus will replicate in the lung cells. Science has been studying bat viruses since 2003 and has identified 5,000 different viruses. They have a large pool of viruses they can manipulate to make infectious diseases from.

"Studies have predicted the existence of nearly 5,000 corona viruses in bat populations, and some of these have the potential to emerge as human pathogens. So, this is not a situation of 'if' there will be an outbreak of one of these corona viruses but rather when - and how prepared we'll be to address it." Dr. Ralph Baric, professor of epidemiology at UNC


So, how do you get the population of the world to accept the scientific reports on new disease threats as truthful? According to Elena Lazutkaite, PhD who is studying social construction, you use metaphors. She studied the bird-flu outbreak and the media reports on it and noticed that more people were dying from other disease than from the bird-flu. She also picked up on the scientific community and media's use of natural disasters to describe the threat of the bird-flu. They were using metaphors of war and natural disasters to whip up anxiety and fear regarding the bird-flu. For example, the newspapers compared the bird-flu to storms, earthquakes and floods to imply its destructive force. She did a search check and found that in the media the bird-flu was used with words like; battle, fight, weapon(s), combat, eradicate, defense and frontline. She concluded that the use of military metaphors were used to imply a "war on bird-flu" rather than on the animals that carried it. Dr. Lazutkaite is defiantly connecting the dots on how zoonotic diseases (animal diseases which are infecting humans) are described in the media. She explains that the use of metaphors in this instance have cultural effects by which dictatorial solutions could be implemented. She adds that it is the use of the metaphors that people perceive such reports to be "taken as truths."


Science fully understands that disease can radically change the population landscape. According to Scientific Collections International, a lot of research is going on in institutions all over the world and there is a global network of scientists and organizations that share their disease research. There is a museum, which contains specimen collections of animal, plant and human disease. The scientists have access to this collection and we're told that they use it for tracing patterns in the history of disease. This disease museum has tissue repositories and a large selection of strains of disease. Scientists can study disease genomes and their sequences and compare them to other diseases. Obviously, this research has led scientists to identify weaknesses and strengths in various pathogens and how they can cause infection. Turning off a gene here or turning on a gene there offers science the capability of manipulating pathogens and the use of receptors in such a way to cross-over from infecting a specific species to infecting new species.


If we examine the time frame of how diseases evolved down through the centuries we find an explosion of new diseases in the last 115 years. According to Eco Health Alliance, 75% of the emerging diseases that are infecting humans have come from animals. They report that some of the most infamous disease of the 21st century (HIV/AIDS, SARS, H1N1 Avian influenza) are all animal related. We're expected to believe that global warming and modern travel have been the catalysts to the emergence of these zoonotic diseases. The US has created the Emerging Pandemic Threats program (EPT) with the Agency for International Development. The EPT projects a society paralyzed by pandemic fear. They state their duty is to predict, respond, identify and prevent pandemics. Have you not noticed that certain regions of the world are "hot spots" for pandemics? These hot spots also are the testing ground for new medicines. Some hot spots have been; Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Columbia, Indonesia, Africa, Malaysia and Mexico. People in these regions have their blood and urine tested for evidence of disease. Predictive maps have been created for potential outbreaks. This information influences the policy of governments.


In 2012, the British were all in a panic over someone from Glasgow who went to a wedding in Afghanistan and returned with a tic-borne virus and died shortly after in a UK hospital. They traced the virus to a tic often found on Africa and Asia domestic animals. The UK does get a lot of travelers from the Far and Middle East and can have strange infections. It is incredible that virologists at hospitals will be utterly surprised that an animal virus now infects humans and they seem stunned by it. There are scientists that are sent out to hunt for viruses to study. I reported a few years back how scientists were on a five-year hunt for new bat viruses in caves all over the world. And now we have a bat virus that can infect humans. I, for one, am not surprised by this and was expecting it. So, now we have a UK virologist warning that we should expect a pandemic of such enormous magnitude that by 2017 we'll have devastating consequences of Biblical proportions.

"We must expect an animal-originated pandemic to hit the world within the next five years, with potentially cataclysmic effects on the human race." Dr. John Oxford, Virologist Queen Mary Hospital, University of London, UK (2012)

Dr. Oxford has been known to call this pandemic the "super flu or doomsday virus" and predicts it will be a virus from a chicken or a pig. He too says the spreading of the virus will be due to climate and modern travel. Are you more at ease to know that the best virologists in science are working on the genetic secrets of such a virus right now? We're told that such a pandemic will attach the young and healthy population. Science says it is because such victims have healthy immune systems, which will create what they call a "cytokine storm." The virus will use the immune system reaction to propel the virus. In other words the immune system kills the victim instead of the virus itself. How would scientists know this already unless they created it?


If scientists can splice the genes of a strawberry with a spider and hatch a spider with an abdomen that looks like a strawberry, then it would not be a stretch of the imagination that they can splice some dangerous pathogens to make new diseases to infect people. How about the 2013 work of scientists at Utah State University who spliced DNA from the golden orb-weaver spider into the genome of a goat named Freckles. Now when poor Freckles lactates, she has spider silk in her milk. Science writer, PhD in genetics and editor of the Journal of Nature, Adam Rutherford, states that science is reinventing creation.

"Life is an astonishingly conservative system: DNA is the same in all species, the letters of the code are all the same, the encryption in the code is the same, and even the orientation of the molecules is the same." Adam Rutherford, PhD editor of Journal of Nature

Dr. Rutherford, warns that synthetic biology (a.k.a. genetic engineering) which can take a virus or bacteria and make it into a weapon is ethically not the same science that can modify yeast to combat malaria. People need to discern what medical science can use for good can also be used for evil.


What we are witnessing is the creation of modern pestilence. I too think we should be prepared for anything but not by using vaccines. I personally ask the question, is it natural to inject into the body a product that is made from a disease combined with heavy metals and chemical preservatives? Vaccines are a scientific artificial infection. When you get vaccinated you are injected with a disease. Several virologists have admitted that vaccines do not encourage the immune system to make antibodies. At best, the whole concept that vaccines protect you is a hypothetical myth. At worst, it is medicine's most guarded secret that is hiding the truth for many reasons. So, do your homework before you use any product, therapy or medical treatment. Perhaps you'd like to seek the Lord's medicine - herbs. The scriptures are full of instances where herbs are for healing. If you would like to learn how you can strengthen your immune system and use herbs during a pandemic or to cleanse the body of toxins then call Apothecary Herbs for a free catalog or to order their organic herb formulas. Call now 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. Ask about their herb coupons.



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