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Friday, November 6, AD 2015
Between Friday, October 30AD 2015 and 
Friday, November 6, AD 2015, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 4.6 % from $1,141.70 to $1,089.40

Silver fell 5.1 % from $15.54 to $14.74

Platinum fell 4.5 % from $984 to $940

Palladium fell 8.0 % from $674 to $620

Crude Oil fell 4.0 % from $46.39 to $44.52

US Dollar Index rose 2.3 % from 96.91 to 99.16

DJIA rose 1.4 % from 17,663.54 to 17,910.33

NASDAQ rose 1.8 % from 5,053.75 to 5,147.12

NYSE rose 0.5 % from 10,461.00 to 10,513.40


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if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
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Crazy Ideas
by Alfred Adask

Business Insider published an article entitled "This is how a central bank could kill off cash and bring in negative interest rates on your savings." According to that article,

"Since the financial crisis, the world's understanding of economics has been undergoing a lot of rapid change. Ideas that would have been considered crazy just a decade ago are now seen as much more likely."

The balance of the Business Insider article focused on "negative interest rates" as one of those "crazy" ideas. Negative interest rates are undoubtedly "interesting" but, for now, I'm more interested in asking why "crazy" ideas are becoming "more likely"?

Part of my inquiry deals with "crazy" and another part deals with "more likely".

"More likely" implies that the new "crazy" ideas will be more like unproven guesses than scientifically-tested principles. We're not going to discover new economic truths and principles. Instead, people in positions of power will implement and even impose new ways of seeing and understanding economics. Forget science. We're going to learn new, unproven, economic beliefs. As with other concepts that depend on public confidence, the fundamental issue is not whether a core idea is technically valid, but whether enough people actually believe in that idea and therefore supply the confidence needed to sustain even a potentially "crazy" idea.

For example, is the core idea of a "debt-based monetary system" rational or crazy? The answer is less important than the number of people who accept the idea. So long as enough people "believe" and have "confidence," the idea will seem to work and therefore be presumed to be valid.

In the context of conventional economic theory, many new "beliefs" may seem "crazy," but who knows? Maybe there's a chance that they'll work.

The "maybe" in this scenario points to the "more" (or less) "likeliness" that a new, unproven and even untested "belief" will or won't work. Increasingly, the issue may be less about whether a new belief works and more about do you believe?

Q: Why are we entering an era where economists propose new, "crazy" ideas that only have a chance of working?

A: Because established, conventional economic theories and control mechanisms are no longer working.

For example, lowering the prime interest rate to near zero has failed to stimulate the economy. Something's not working.

Solution? Lower the prime rate below zero into a negative level. Sounds crazy, but who know? Maybe it will work.

* "Crazy" ideas are gaining popularity because the basic assumptions and premises that previously supported conventional economic theory are failing and/or being shown to be false.

For example, former Federal Reserve chairman "Helicopter" Ben Bernanke spent his life studying the Great Depression. Mr. Bernanke concluded that if he were faced with another economic depression, he'd stimulate" the economy and prevent the depression by showering the country with massive quantities of currency as if dropping that cash from a "helicopter".

Well, we came close a depression in A.D. 2008-2009 and Helicopter Ben issued hundreds of billions (then trillions) of dollars in fiat currency in order to "stimulate" the US and global economies. His shower of trillions of dollars succeeded insofar as he did avoid (or at least postpone) another Great Depression. He helped to put the US economy into a state of semi-stable stagnation. Yay!

However, the injection of those trillions of fiat dollars into the economy did little to achieve positive stimulus. Most Americans aren't much better off than they were in six years ago and very few of us have legitimate reasons to suppose we'll be much better off next year or even five years from now.

* Mr. Bernanke's failed attempt to stimulate the US economy with a shower of cash raised several implications:

First, although Mr. Bernanke spent much of his adult life studying the causes of the Great Depression (A.D. 1929 - 1939), his understanding and conclusions may be mistaken. For example, he believed that the remedy for depression was to flood the economy with cash (Quantitative Easing; QE). He engineered that flood, but the effects were so marginal and disappointing that they cast doubt on his conclusions.

If Quantitative Easing didn't work, maybe it couldn't work because the underlying theory was flawed. If so, the solution to a Greater Depression must be something other than QE. Therefore, the Fed would be justified in searching for new ideas (even "crazier" than QE) to reestablish control of the economy and prevent another depression.

Second, Mr. Bernanke's theory (that the depression could be permanently avoided by flooding the economy with cash) might be generally correct but flawed in one or more details. For example, what if there were something fundamentally different about today's cash as compared to the cash that might've prevented the Great Depression?

I.e., during the Great Depression, all of the paper dollars in circulation were backed by gold or silver. We had an asset-based monetary system. Physical gold backed our gold certificates from before the Great Depression began in A.D. 1929 until gold coins were removed from domestic circulation in A.D. 1933. Silver dollars backed the remainder of our currency throughout the Great Depression and on into A.D. 1968 when government stopped redeeming paper dollars with silver.

All of the cash of the Great Depression had an intrinsic value. It was all backed by either gold or silver and therefore commanded real respect.

Today, all of our cash is pure fiat. It's not redeemable in gold or silver. It has no intrinsic value and therefore commands no significant respect.

Could it be that Dr. Bernanke's study of the Great Depression was generally correct in concluding that the solution to depression was to flood the economy with cash? Could it be that Dr. Bernanke's conclusion was nevertheless mistaken in supposing that flooding today's economy with debt-based, intrinsically-worthless fiat cash would have the same effect as flooding the US economy of the 1930s with asset-based, intrinsically-valuable cash backed by gold or silver?

* Of course, that's a really "crazy" idea.

In fact, although "crazy" ideas about the economy may soon be in vogue, the idea that debt-based, fiat dollars can't save us from a depression while asset-based dollars could is guaranteed to be officially rejected as "too crazy".


Because the powers of the Federal Reserve, big government and the New World Order are all built on the cornerstone of debt-based, fiat currency. The Powers That Be can't abandon the debt-based monetary system without also abandoning most of their financial and political powers. They won't do it. They won't voluntarily surrender their powers and dreams of one-world government-even if clinging to the debt-based monetary system means global and US economic depression.

The only way the "Powers" will surrender the debt-based monetary system is if, by keeping that system, the central banks, national governments and the New World Order lose all public trust and confidence. Faced with a complete loss of public confidence in the central banks and the existing monetary system, they might devolve back into an asset-based monetary system.

Why? Because without public confidence, those institutions have no real power or control. If they only way they can maintain public confidence is by restoring an asset-based monetary system, they'll do it. But they won't like it and they'll plan to dump it as soon as the public becomes dumb enough to tolerate another transition to a debt-based monetary system. But to maintain the public confidence required to sustain the confidence game we call banking and government control, the Powers That Be might even restore an asset-based monetary system.

* While we wait for the looming depression to either happen or be permanently prevented, the Powers will propose one new "crazy" idea after another to try to hang onto public confidence without resorting to an asset-based monetary system. (Japan's "Abenomics" is a good example of "craziness" masquerading as an economic remedy.)

But, why must we consider "crazy" ideas? Probably because they're the only kind of ideas that will ultimately support and sustain the fundamental insanity of a debt-based monetary system.

Y'see, although the Business Insider article implies that "crazy ideas" in the field of economics are a new phenomenon, they're not.

Our domestic economy has been based on the "crazy idea" that we can prosper with a debt-based, fiat currency ever since we abandoned silver-backing in A.D. 1968. We've been operating on the "crazy idea" that we can continue to prosper in the global economy with a debt-based, fiat-dollar/petro-dollar ever since Nixon stopped redeeming foreign-held dollars with gold in A.D. 1971.

The essential concept of fiat, debt-based currency is crazy. Once we traded our asset-based money for a fiat, debt-based monetary system, our economy and perhaps our nation became "crazy".

* Here's why:

Remember the old definition of "insanity": Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Well, according to some researchers, throughout human history there've been over 250 attempts by governments to impose fiat currencies. All of those attempts have failed except for five or six that are recent (like the US dollar). Those fiat currency failures led to economic collapse and political destruction of the nations (or at least governments) that succumbed to the temptation of intrinsically-worthless currency.

Knowing that 98% of all previous fiat currencies had not only failed but contributed to national decline or destruction (and only a handful of recent fiat currencies were still operating as they waited for their inevitable collapse) the geniuses in the Federal Reserve and US government nevertheless decided to subject the American people, economy and nation to yet another fiat currency.

Presumably, our "masters of the universe" thought that "this time it's different". This time, our genius economists, bankers and politicians were so much smarter than all the previous fools who'd tried fiat currencies that this time, the result would not be national poverty, collapse or destruction.

Well, the idea that this time it's different is just another way of saying that insanity means doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result.

Result? Damned by its mad embrace of a fiat, debt-based currency, the US is now approaching the same sort of collapse that has so far plagued 98 to 99% of all previous nations that tried fiat currency.

Of course, maybe our "masters of the universe" weren't crazy. Maybe they knew all along that by imposing a fiat currency, they might destroy The United States of America. Maybe national destruction was their intended objective all along. If so, they weren't crazy-they were treasonous and should be tried for that offense, and if found guilty, hanged by the neck until dead.

* If "crazy" economic policies are becoming more common, there's still plenty of precedent. For example,

Dropping money out of helicopters. Yes, that's only a figure of speech, but it implies that the currency "dropped" is as worthless as chaff. How crazy is that?

Never paying our national debt. How crazy is that?

Imposing 2% annual inflation to allow government to rob its creditors and the American people. How crazy is that?

Having banks and other institutions that are too big to fail, too big to jail, too big to be held accountable to the "laws" of economics or the laws of society. How crazy is that?

How 'bout having a debt-ceiling limit that's continually revised upward but never downward. What kind of "limit" is that? How crazy is that?

Having a near-zero interest rate for nearly eight years. How crazy is that?

"Crazy" isn't new. There's already plenty of "crazy" to be found in our government and banking systems. Business Insider is only warning that more "craziness" is on its way.

* Crazy ideas aren't limited to the US. They proliferate in any nation that's embraced the fundamental madness of debt-based monetary system.

One of the most "craziest ideas" on the global level is the repeated use of Quantitative Easing (pumping trillions of fiat dollars into various national economies) to stimulate their economies..

Despite conventional belief that QE would provide positive stimulation to the economies of Japan, US, EU and now China, QE has largely failed to produce anything more than stagnation. Again, that failure implies that some of the fundamental premises on which central banks have relied are false.

More, those repeated QE failures (in Japan, US, EU and China) imply that the world's central banks don't have any more tricks up their sleeves that can be construed as "conventional". Therefore, they must either keep trying the same old failed strategies in order to appear to be "doing something" and therefore still in control-or, they must "innovate" and come up with some new, even "crazy" ideas in order to at least maintain illusion of control over their national economies.

Look! The Federal Reserve (or Bank of Japan, or European Central Bank or People's Bank of China) is doing something! That means they must still be in control, right?

Doing something, doing anything, even doing something crazy, seems to inspire public confidence. At least for a while. "Doing something" implies that someone is in control.

After a while, however-after the people begin to see that nothing the central banks do actually succeeds at improving the public's standard of living-the people begin to despair and lose confidence in their leaders and institutions.

If public confidence dies, so will the governments, banks and institutions that depend on, feed off, and exploit that confidence.

* The Federal Reserve's failure to advance the whole economy over the past seven years has exposed the previous system of economic controls as flawed and ineffective. If control is to be maintained or even just claimed, the Federal Reserve and federal government will need to devise some strategies that are new and perhaps so far removed from our ordinary understanding of conventional economics that these new strategies sound "crazy".

If these strategies are seen to be potentially "crazy," they'll inspire some questions.

First, will these new strategies be evidence of bold thinking and genius that will save us and our economy? Or will these strategies be shown to be truly "crazy" and therefore certain to make matters even worse?

Second, if the new, "crazy" strategies don't work, why not? What are we missing in that both conventional economic theory and new-and-improved "crazy ideas" can't save us?\

Third, what's the real cause for our economic distress? Have our economic gurus really identified our fundamental problem or are they driven to adopt "crazy" ideas in order to conceal that fundamental problem?

Could it be that our fundamental problem is a debt-based monetary system? Couild it be that a system that presumes debt to be wealth is inherently insane? Could it be that the Powers within the central banks, US government and New World Order derive their power from the debt-based monetary system? Could it be that therefore these Powers have a vested interest in preserving the debt-based monetary system? Could it be that these Powers' very survival depends on maintaining a debt-based monetary system? If so, could it be that the "Powers" will resort to any measure-even the support and implementation of "crazy" ideas-in order to protect the debt-based monetary system?

I believe that the answers to the previous six questions are: Yes; Yes; Yes; Yes; Yes; and-you guessed it-Helck, yes.

I'm convinced that our economic problems persists because we won't face our fundamental problem.

I'm convinced that once we embraced the insanity of a debt-based monetary system, that the only way that insanity could be "normalized" was by creating and adopting more "crazy" ideas.

I'm convinced our monetary madness feeds upon itself in the sense of "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive". In other words, the idea that debt can be treated as wealth is crazy. Once we adopt that "crazy" idea, the only way it could be supported was by adopting more "crazy ideas" like ZIRP, QE and Abenomics. Thus, it's no surprise that Business Insider is predicting that our economic future will be populated by (more) "crazy ideas".

I'm convinced that the real solution to our economic problem not to devise and implement some new, "crazy" idea that will somehow allow the existing monetary system to continue-but to face and excise the "craziness" that we've already adopted: the debt-based monetary system.

That system is the mother of all modern economic madness.

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in our premises.

The presumption that debt can be wealth (and especially, money) is madness. Those who advocate that premise are crazy. Those who accept that premise will become crazy. The only way to sustain that premise is by adopting even more "crazy ideas".

We won't resolve our economic problems and return to economic sanity until we face the fundamental problem: the fiat, debt-based monetary system-and then remove it and replace it with a constitutional, asset-based money like silver or gold.

There is no Obama or race supremacy...Only God supremacy
By Laurie Roth, November 5, 2015

Race wars, mob think, white supremacy everywhere, cops targeting mostly blacks.... This is the endless propaganda strewn all over our faces like gooey spaghetti noodles. We are told to fill up the displaced rage reservoir inside ourselves, organize and attack.  

This is how endless Ferguson's happen - a lose canon mayor speaks - politicians scream at the Microphone, Al Sharpton puts his 'hater bling' on and boom, everything goes to hell. This is always followed by a teleprompter speech by Obama bashing the evil of guns in the hands of citizens and bad cops that we must get to the bottom of and control from the Government on down.

Tentacles of truth willfully taken out of context to create and control something new

There has always been racism and wars of domination and forced slavery through out time. Whites have controlled and owned blacks as slaves. Blacks have controlled and owned other blacks as many do to this day in Africa. Arabs and Muslims enslave anyone of difference and have been also known to have blacks as slaves.

The bottom line is there have always been leaders and people who try and control. This spans all kinds of nationalities and decades. However, unlike the endless Obama and Al Sharpton pitches, America is not hemorrhaging racism and White Supremacy as we are expected to believe. There are and always will be tentacles of racism peppered through out our great, empowering and 'open' nation. Most in the media and masses won't and do not put up with racism and domination of anyone else due to difference...except for the jerk from hell and odd man out.

We must remember that Dictators, tyrants and those who want total control over us like Obama and his progressive handlers, must have crisis, mobs acting out in the name of attacking white domination and evil cops. They must find anyway they can to control and come after our firearms, impose martial law, suck more air out of our freedoms and speech. Those on the other side of the line from Obama and his agenda are to be herded and culled like cattle.

Getting the masses to help create false flag events and growing mob scenes is the fuel desperately needed to take down our rights and freedoms. Obama and his goons continue to feed the race war machine while attacking another huge force in America and trying to turn the Obama zombies on them - Christians and conservatives. We are on our 'high horse' when we dare defend our land, homes and families hundreds of years ago and today. We are judgmental and hate the law of the land when we stand against imposed gay marriage and abortions where we are forced to pay for or provide.

The real supremacy in all this rattling of cages is not the Whites or Blacks. It is Obama and his progressive agenda that must have us at each other's throats to do what all dictators must do...Come for the schools - Done with Common Core; Come for the Health care - Done with Obamacare; Come for Freedom of Speech - Increasingly done with mainstream media; Come for the guns - Ongoing and International attempts always in play. These are all fed and fueled by creating out of control and evil groups to attack.

Mirror Mirror on the wall...who is the most supreme of all?

In Obama's mirror there is only Obama and his evil agenda of controls and transformations. Obama doesn't even need a mirror to see himself since the lenses of his eyes only reflect him yet again. He is the supreme one and we are to believe and obey.

Only one small problem

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Supreme one...not Whites, blacks, Muslims or Obama. The Holy Bible, the real law and core of America and her history, defines freedom, truth and love for all. We traditionally understand and recognize when our freedoms are unraveling and under attack. We wake up...maybe a little late but we finally rise up and lay down all the ACES in our deck. We win.

Why do you think Trump and Carson are soaring...America has now thrown political propaganda and sound bite talk off the stage. We know better and intend to get our country back on top. Obama can go fight with himself and have a race war on an island somewhere very far away. Take Hillary along for the ride. Can you imagine Hillary and Obama stuck on an Island together? Makes me bad.

Find out more at my home base:

The organoids
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

What the heck is an organoid? They are mini organs that are grown in labs to represent a part of an organ such as the brain, intestine, prostate, kidney, thyroid, retina and liver. Researchers are designing and growing organs for medical research we're told for a better understanding of disease such as autism and schizophrenia. Last August it was reported that Stanford University had several balls of what appeared to be white flesh floating in dishes representing mini brains. There is rumor that the scientists are working on building a small fetal brain however, there are no journal articles confirming that. The goal of the organoid scientist is to manufacture organs from human tissue into transplantable organs. The organoid tissues are also being used for testing drugs rather than using animals. However, lab animals will not be abandoned entirely by science as they are readily available and do not require lab cultivation. Also, the University of San Diego, California is using the organoid technique with chimpanzee cells to grow chimp brains. Since 2013, science has used organoids to build lab created kidneys, pancreas and intestines. So, let's take a peek at what medical science is doing and how this may impact future healthcare.

"Organoids are poised to make a major impact on the understanding of disease and also human development".
Arnold Kriegstein, MD, Biomedical Research University of California, San Francisco


It is no surprise that science thinks it can improve on the human being. According to the research, the human body has many different kinds of cells. For instance the skin cell is different than a brain cell but they all have similar DNA strands. However in 2012, researchers discovered a way to take any cell from the human body and convert the cell into what they want for organ crafting by switching on or off certain genes. That way when the cell begins to develop it is essentially a stem cell. Scientists will then influence the cell with chemical signals to guide its development into the organ they want. This research has advanced from cells growing flat in a dish to three-dimensional shapes, which means the cells organize themselves via chemical communication. So, stem cells that start out flat in a dish soon form a round blob slowly resembling a human brain.

"Any technique that gives us 'something like a brain' that we can modify, work on, and watch as it develops, has to be exciting. But just how exciting will depend on the results it produces."
Martin Coath, PhD Neuroscience & Chemist of the Cognition Institute at Plymouth University, UK


According to researcher Madeline Lancaster of the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England, all these white, fleshy balls (400 of them) floating in dishes in the lab are different parts of a brain. They call them "mini-brains." The scientists will connect the different brain parts to each other and they communicate. However, according to researcher Lancaster the communication is not how a normal brain communicates. She compared it to an analogy of an airplane put together improperly and is unable to fly. Scientists are going to build a full human brain in the lab and it is just a matter of time. Presently, the part of the brain they have the most success growing is the largest part called the cerebral cortex. In this area of the brain we find the higher functions of thought. Typically there are four parts or lobes to the cerebral cortex; the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe and temporal lobe. In these lobes are housed; language, information processing, motor skills and vision and speech. In other words the cerebral cortex allows humans to solve problems, have emotions, complete thoughts, have coordination and varied movement (involuntary and voluntary), information processing (from sight, sound, smells, and touch) and speech articulation. Currently scientists have not overcome the obstacle of taking the brain balls in the dish to the next level because they lack a blood supply to the tissue. These cerebral organoid brains do grow into what science calls a "primitive state." However, when scientists overcome the ethical problem of manufacturing a full human brain they still need to find a way to implant memories and human consciousness. I feel the latter part only God can do. However, without God's blessing any functioning, manmade brain will produce a disastrous outcome.

"No one would have thought 10 years ago we'd be able to do what we do now. Another 10 or 20 years down the road, I have no idea how far along we will be."   Arnold Kriegstein, MD, Biomedical Research University of California, San Francisco


The organoids are also being used to test new drugs and how human tissue will react to medications. In the Netherlands, US and UK they are testing new cancer drugs on organoid tissue. Organoids are speeding up drug research by bridging a gap between screening compounds to clinical trials. In other words according to the journal of Advanced Drug Delivery Review, the organoids can help drug manufactures make drugs to target organs. They attempt to precisely measure how toxic the drug will be to the liver, digestive tract etc. before it even hits a conventional human trial. Who knows, organoids my make human trials irrelevant. However, some scientists think that drug testing invitro with organoids to create bio-mimicking do not offer the same environment as the human condition to accurately predict the effects of new drugs. They say refinement is needed to secure consistency. Science has also taken certain primitive organoid tissue and transplanted it into mice where it develops, matures and with no rejection response. In scientific research the cost of testing new drugs is expensive. When using lab animals they may require 50,000 mice to test 1,000 drug compounds. If they use organiods they can test 1,000 drug compounds and use just one mouse.


An area of technology that is progressing quickly is with the development of robots. Revealing information is coming from Japan where they are making swift headway in the manufacture of life-like robots. The robots have artificial skin that feels real to the touch and is 98.6 degrees. The robots have advanced facial expressions and can blink their eyes and have tracking eye movement with whomever they are talking to. It is quite possible that science will one day outfit robots with organoids making them as human as possible. With the advances in technology, it could be nearly impossible one day to visually tell a real human from a robot. Just because it walks and talks like a human doesn't make it a human.

"There are even suggestions that in the future multiple organoids could be combined to create a complex system - a 'human-in-a-dish' if you will."
Norwegian Peer Review Journal Elsevier


A way to guard against needing spare parts is to avoid tissue damage and the medications and foods that weaken the body and corrupt organs. Modern medicine would have to believe that replacement organs are a blessing and not big deal. Yes, they could extend life but it has a cost. With regards to human beings, replacement parts are not the same as the original parts. It is kind of like some of the new modules on cars that are programmed to the car's VIN. No doubt science will attempt to wipe clean the DNA/gene slate and reprogram whatever organoid part they want to install in humans. I'm sure modern medicine will promote it as a benefit of avoiding organ rejection and the drugs organ transplant patients remain on for life. I wonder if the organiod parts will come with a warrantee. For instance, a natural heart can beat over 3.3 million times if you live to be eighty. Will the organoid heart offer such longevity or will patients have to take out a rider policy?


I read these scientific reports and think that the world has lost its mind. How far do we want to take modern convenience and have our cake and eat it too? Mankind seems bent on replacing the natural with artificial. I believe it is a way of refusing to acknowledge that God exists and is in control. Rebellion is never a good idea with regards to the sovereignty of God. I prefer to keep a healthy lifestyle simple, clean and as pure as possible. This is the insurance plan to protecting the body God gave us. Our Creator also provided us with herbs to help cleanse away impurities and strengthen our bodies. If you would like to learn how you can do organ cleansing and help organs regenerate or how to boost your immune system and preserve your original equipment, then call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, if you're serious about herbs you need Apothecary Herbs.



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