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Friday, October 30, AD 2015
Between Friday, October 23AD 2015 and 
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Gold fell 1.8 % from $1,163.30 to $1,141.70
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Palladium fell 2.3 % from $690 to $674
Crude Oil rose 3.8 % from $44.70 to $46.39
US Dollar Index fell 0.2 % from 97.08 to 96.91
DJIA rose 0.0 % from 17,646.70 to 17,663.54
NASDAQ rose 0.4 % from 5,031.86 to 5,053.75
NYSE fell 0.4 % from 10,506.50 to 10,461.00

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Pavlov and the Federal Reserve
by Alfred Adask

The Gains & Pains newsletter recently published a brief article on Quantitative Easing (QE). In broad strokes, the article explained that although QE had failed to cause a positive change in the economies of Japan, the US and the EU, China was nevertheless trying to use QE to save the Chinese economy from its current recession and/or depression.

The following text is from that article and is sometimes verbatim and sometimes paraphrased by me:

"It wasn't until late 2014 when the Japanese economy truly became completely and utterly broken. That's when the Bank of Japan decided to increase its already far-too-big QE program, not because doing so would benefit the country, but because it would bring economists' forecast in line with governor Kuroda's intended inflation numbers.

"The Central Banks were forcing reality to match Central Bankers' theories and forecasts. If reality didn't react as intended, it wasn't because the theories were misguided . . . it was because Central Bankers simply hadn't yet printed enough new fiat currency."

By "reality," the article refers to the Japanese people. When the "reality" (people) "didn't react" to government fiscal stimulus (more currency in circulation) "as intended" (as trained by the government to react), the government would simply increase the magnitude of the stimulation (amount of currency in circulation).

The Japanese government refused to admit that their economic theory (that the Japanese people would react as trained in predictable ways to government's fiscal stimulus) was flawed or failing. Instead, government leaders insisted that the people simply needed a bigger dose of stimulation to cause them to react predictably.

From this perspective, note that the subject of economics is not a "science," per se, that we study in order to learn, but is instead a mechanism of control. If the Bank of Japan (BOJ) raises interest rates, the Japanese people will save more, spend less and the economy will slow. If the BOJ lowers interest rates, people will save less, spend more, and the economy will speed up. If the BOJ increases the currency supply (QE), the Japanese will spend more, save less and the economy should accelerate. If the BOJ diminishes the currency supply, people will spend less and the economy should slow.

It's simple. If the BOJ (or any other central bank) provides the proper stimulus, the people (a/k/a the "markets" and/or the "economy") will react like a bunch of trained monkeys and do whatever "tricks" they've been taught to perform.

Except there's a problem. The BOJ supplied the "stimulus" (lower interest rates and increased currency supply) for over 20 years and the Japanese "monkeys" haven't responded as trained.

Economists insisted that the problem was the magnitude of the stimulation. All they had to do was lower the interest rates from 2% to 0.25% and double the currency supply, and the monkeys would react as trained. All economics needed to control the "monkeys" was to to increase the magnitude of stimulus.

'Cept for one thing. After 20 years of BOJ stimulation, the monkeys still aren't reacting as trained, conditioned and expected.

"In January 2015, the Swiss National Bank lost control . . . losing a sum of money worth somewhere between 10% and 15% of Swiss GDP in a single day, and showing, once and for all, that there are problems so big that even the ability to print money can't fix them.

In other words, the "monkeys" failure to respond predictably to government stimulus will not be solved by increasing the magnitude of the stimulus. That means:

1) economic stimulation is no longer a reliable means of control; and,

2) the government and/or central banks are no longer in control.

"This process is now accelerating. China's credit system is crumbling. The Mainstream Media don't mention it, but the People's Bank of China is spending as much as $29 billion PER DAY defending its financial markets."

I don't know what China's total, monthly QE is-but $29 billion per day implies something like $900 billion per month. That's in the neighborhood of ten times the $80 billion per month that US spent on QE3. We can infer that China is currently spending at least five times as much on its QE as the US spent on QE3.

QE failed to stimulate the Japanese, US and Swiss economies. It is currently failing to stimulate the EU's economy. What are the chances that QE will work to revive the Chinese economy?

Will the Chinese "monkeys" react any more predictably to Chinese QE than the Japanese, American and European "monkeys" have reacted to QE?

Probably not.

If none of the "monkeys" are reacting predictably to economic stimulation, then something has happened to strip the governments' and central banks' their former control.

* I remember back in the 1950s when the powers of Pavlovian conditioning were first widely exposed to the American public. Those powers seemed scary. If Dr. Pavlov (a communist!!) could condition dogs to salivate by simply ringing a bell, what evil control could his theories impose on ordinary Americans?

Soon, we'd all be "brainwashed" into functioning like mindless robots by the dreaded "cummunists".

Or, worse, we'd soon all be brainwashed into functioning like mindless robots by evil forces within our own government! Ohh, the horror! The horror!

But the problem with brainwashing and other forms of deceptive mental conditioning is that it must be constant and ongoing. If Dr. Pavlov stopped the conditioning, the dogs stopped salivating.

I.e., Pavlov rang the bell and gave some food to his dogs. The dogs salivated because of the food. Pavlov rang the bell again, and gave the dogs more food. The dogs salivated. After a while the dogs began to associate the arrival of food with the ringing of the bell and therefore began to salivate at the ringing of the bell, even if there was no food. Thanks to Pavlovian conditioning, the dogs could be deceived into salivating by the mere (inexpensive) ringing of a bell and without the cost of actually feeding the dogs.

The fundamental idea and threat behind Pavlovian conditioning is that it's possible to condition, brainwash and train both dogs and people to act on behalf of their masters without reward. Pavlov could ring the bell and the dogs would do their "job" (salivate) without receiving the "reward" of food. In theory, the properly-conditioned dog (or man) would "just follow orders" without being paid. Working without being paid is the fundamental idea behind slavery.

The great fear was that, by means of teaching people to associate something they wanted (food, for example) with patriotic jargon, songs, images or individuals (Big Brother!), We the People could also be "brainwashed" into obeying unethical, immoral and even evil American politicians and rulers-without receiving or even expecting any reasonable payment for our efforts. Pavlov's dogs and Big Brother's subjects could be deceived into performing "tricks" (working) without receiving any "treats" (adequate compensation).

But again, Pavlovian conditioning has a problem. It's impermanent. Yes, the dogs can be made to salivate whenever the dinner bell rings-but only for a while. Sooner or later the dogs realize that the bell is no longer associated with the delivery of dinner. When that happens the dogs not only stop salivating, they stop barking at the bell, and won't even wake up from their naps with the bell rings. The dogs may even come to regard the bell as a damned nuisance and start wondering how Dr. Pavlov might taste.

* Pavlov could condition his dogs to salivate when he rang the dinner bell, but only so long as he also kept delivering the dinners. Once Pavlov stopped delivering dinners, the dogs lost their previous conditioning.

As former subjects of the now-demised Soviet Union used to say, "They (the Soviet government) pretend to pay us; we pretend to work." The "dogs" of the Soviet Union had learned to ignore the Soviet dinner bells because they'd learned that the bell was no longer associated with food. If Pavlov's dogs weren't being fed, they refused to salivate. If the Soviet Union's "dogs" weren't being paid, they wouldn't actually work.

"Brainwashing" is a temporary phenomenon that's ultimately based on the dogs' "confidence" that whenever the bell rings, dinner is sure to follow. Confidence is a function of training dogs or people to associate one thing with another. If food appears every time the bell rings, the dogs will salivate at the sound of the bell, even if no food appears. But, once the bells trick the dogs enough times into salivating without a food reward, the dogs lose confidence in the relationship between the bell and food and therefore stop salivating. Once the dogs lose confidence in the relationship between the ringing of the bell and the arrival of dinner, the brainwashing/conditioning fails.

Q: Incidentally, what does the Federal Reserve and national government claim is the most important ingredient to maintaining our debt-based monetary system?

A: Public confidence.

Curious coincidence, hmm? Pavlovian conditioning relies on the dogs' confidence in the association between the bell and food and the value of the fiat dollar depends on the people's confidence that our paper dollars can pay our debts.

* What's Pavlovian brainwashing have to do with Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve?

Let's briefly consider the history of American money and currency.

In the beginning, there was Article I Section 10 Clause 1 of the Constitution of the United States which declared, in part, that "No State shall . . . make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts".

Our money was gold and silver coin (physical gold and silver) and, while private parties could privately agree to transact their business with barter or paper bank notes, the governments of the States of the Union could not force their people to accept paper "dollars" by declaring them to be a "legal tender".

Sadly, in what may be the Constitution's single greatest flaw, the Constitution prohibited the States of the Union from compelling people to accept some form of paper currency, but it neglected to expressly impose a similar prohibition on the territories, federal districts (like Washington DC) or the federal government. Eventually, the federal government did what the State governments were prohibited from doing-mandate that Federal Reserve Notes were a "legal tender for all debts, public and private".

But, initially, only gold and silver could be used as money. From a Pavlovian perspective, people naturally associated physical gold (or silver) with the payment of debts much the same as Pavlov's dogs naturally associated food with salivating. When people sold property, goods or services and received gold in return, they "salivated" in that they marked their bills "Paid in Full".

Later, private banks and the federal government issued their own gold and silver certificates. These paper certificates were redeemable in gold or silver. Despite advertising to the contrary, these gold and silver certificates weren't really as "good as gold" because they had to take the extra step of going to a bank to redeem the certificate for gold or silver. Once they received gold or silver, they were truly "paid in full". Nevertheless, a person selling something could accept a gold or silver certificate and be confident that that certificate could be later redeemed for gold or silver at a bank.

The introduction of paper currency into the buyer and seller relationship was something like Dr. Pavlov introducing a bell into the food-causes-dogs-to-salivate phenomenon. The dogs didn't salivate unless there was food-but they began to notice that every time the bell rang, food followed.

Similarly, sellers began to notice that every time they made a sale, they weren't instantly paid with gold, but they kept hearing the rustle of paper gold certificates.

Over time, Pavlov's dogs became confident that every time the bell rang, dinner would be served. As a result, the dogs started to salivate when the bell rang even when there was no dinner.

Similarly, based on the habitual use of paper gold certificates, people became confident in the belief that a sale was completed whenever they received a mere paper gold certificate rather than actual gold. Just as the dogs would salivate whenever they heard the bell ring, sellers would salivate (mark bills "Paid In Full") whenever they received a paper certificate instead of physical gold.

After sufficient conditioning, Dr. Pavlov could ring his bell without supplying dinner and his dogs would still salivate.

After several decades of conditioning Americans to associate paper gold certificates with payments, the US government and Federal Reserve could continue to issue paper dollars without having to redeem them by providing actual payments (physical gold).

Just as Pavlov's dogs kept salivating whenever they heard the bell, the American people kept marking their bills "Paid In Full" whenever they received paper dollars. Just as Pavlov's dogs were conditioned to associate the sound of a bell with dinner, Americans have been conditioned, trained, brainwashed to mistakenly think that paper and digital dollars are a form of payment.

The dogs were deceived by Pavolov's conditioning. Americans have been deceived by the Fed's conditioning.

However, just as Pavlov's dogs eventually realized that the bell no longer signaled the arrival of dinner, Americans are beginning to sense that paper currency does not constitute a payment. Americans are beginning to understand that paper dollars are a trick. They know because their standard of living hasn't improved in nearly 40 years. They know because, in my lifetime, America has fallen from the status as world's richest creditor-nation to the world's biggest debtor.

Result? Americans are losing confidence in their "masters" in the Federal Reserve and national government.

It used to be that if the Fed "rang the bell" by lowering interest rates, the American dogs" would instantly "salivate" by borrowing more currency, spending it and stimulating the economy. It used to be that if the Fed "rang the bell" by increasing the currency supply, American "dogs" would instantly "salivate" by spending more, raising prices and stimulating the economy.

But now, after 40 years of receiving no "dinner" (an increase in our standard of living) after the Fed repeatedly "rang its bells," the American "dogs" are starting to ignore the Fed's bells, whistles, smoke and mirrors.

Result? The Fed has lost control of the American people and thus, of the US economy. They ring their bells (QE) like the Hunchback of Notre Dame but nobody seems to care.

Q: How can the Fed and government regain control?

A: They're going to have to again start serving "dinner" whenever they ring the bell. If the public sees their standard of living beginning to rise, they'll again start "salivating" whenever the Fed rings a bell. The Fed will regain control and might even be able to save the economy.

But there's a problem.

The Fed and government have: 1) shipped many of our industries, factories and productive jobs to third-world nations; 2) allowed illegal aliens to enter this country and take some of the remaining jobs at lower wages; and 3) have already gone so deeply into debt that they can't go much deeper.

Result? The Fed and feds can't afford to buy any more "dinners" to go along with their "bells". They can no longer afford to "re-condition" or "re-brainwash" the American "dogs" into "salivating" whenever the Fed "rings" one of their economic "bells".

Result? The Fed and feds are no longer in real control of the US economy.

What will happen when all of the "dogs" realize that the economic bells are just a scam, remains to be seen-but chaos beckons.

The American "dogs" are tired of the Fed's bells.

The Fed needs a new gimmick.

Maybe they could change from the "bells" made from an intrinsically-worthless petro-dollars to the "horns" that sound when the Fed subscribes to the intrinsically-worthless Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) from the IMF.

Whatdya think? Will America's "dogs" reject the Fed's petro-dollar "bells" but fall for the Fed's new SDR-based "horns"?

Or will the "dogs" reject the "bells," "horns" or whatever else the Fed sounds? Will the Fed begin to fear turning its back on the underfed "dogs"? Will those hungry "dogs" begin to think that the Fed and governmental "masters" just might be "What's for dinner"?

Boomerang Media -- You just keep hitting yourself -- Your ugly head is starting to bob
By Laurie Roth, October 29, 2015

The sell out CNBC Debate hosts from hell, desperately tried again and again to mock the GOP candidates and get them to turn on each other like dogs. This was no debate but a planned 'firing squad' thinking they could force all the polls and support of the GOP contenders to crash and burn - especially Trump. Too bad so sad...again.

With question and word bullets flying everywhere, the top GOP candidates not only survived and shined but the Debate hosts and CNBC now have the venom of a riled up nation dripping down their arrogant - up held chin. They are too narcissistic to even realize that their attack boomerang just hit them upside the head and not the GOP or Trump.

Americans have had it with media and politicians pretending to be fair, impartial and even American. Long ago we were 'over' with the political experience speeches. Make sure, however, you are impressed with the amnesty support, Spanish talk and experience Jeb hides behind as the Governor of Florida. Big money - Big name and rotten sell out ideas aren't exactly pushing him along.

How is that political experience and fund raising working for you these days? Not that experience is bad, but where is the real leadership, integrity, courage and guts to fix real American problems? The vast majority of real Americans know we need real border security and real national security. We need a real line drawn in the sand with radical Islam. Americans want and demand real created jobs and careers. We demand our business and personal freedoms be restored and our health care system really fixed.

So many on the GOP side and the Democrat side have zero interest in really fixing America because you have to be a 'Braveheart' to do it. You have to stare down evil in the face and make some decisions that don't make the back door crooks all through out Washington and the political world rich. Americans are finally tired of being the ones that go down the tubes. We want most the politicians and sell out media whores to try the sewage treatment plants for awhile and see how they like it.

This time around, I could care less about political experience in the White House. I want passion, integrity, talent, love for America and Judeo-Christian values back in the White House. Bring it in 2016/

Those in the media sell out world had better understand that all the attacks only draw the masses to get behind the mavericks and patriotic Americans running all the more.

The mainstream American media is looking more and more like an 'Elephant Man - Bobble head.

Find out more about me at

Global cancer laws
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

Many may not be aware or believe that there is a plan for global healthcare and is being used to strip people of freedom. A clue is when countries have similar laws and in some instances are almost word-for-word. Countries, which are thousands of miles from the US, are under the European Union's guidelines with regards to therapeutic products and treatment. Yet Europe's laws seem to be influencing Congressional laws in the US. One may suspect this is a very subtle way of incorporating the EU's Harmonization Laws for global dominance. One area of health that seems to be harmonized is with regards to cancer. Let's take a look and see where this is going and how it will impact our future.


In allopathic (modern medicine) you will notice a lack of a guarantee that a treatment will be successful. There are no refunds given by medicine. You would think that with all the clinical trials and tests boasting the success of treatments that patients could expect some form of restitution should the treatment fail. However, that has never been the case in the occupation of modern medicine.


For decades pioneers in a natural therapeutic approach to cancer could not get their research published in the press or in journals. If research was published, editors chose the ones with poor methods of testing, which neglected dose-range to establish useful doses. However, when mankind is empowered with information from diverse sources and is made readily available, it can help with healthcare decisions. The cost of proving a therapy works is enormous. If you want a treatment or therapy to be recognized as effective you have to play by medicine's rules. According to Forbes Magazine, the cost of a clinical trial can range from $1.3 billion and up. So, regardless if a natural therapy works or not, if you don't have money to prove it by scientific methods then it won't be taken seriously and sharing that knowledge will be severely discouraged. Any unproven forms of therapy, especially for cancer, are labeled as "pseudoscientific" and science regards them as "quackery."

"Alternative cancer treatments have typically not undergone properly conducted, well-designed clinical trials, or the results have not been published due to publication bias (a refusal to publish results of a treatment outside that journal's focus area, guidelines or approach)."


Some of the new terms patients are encountering in healthcare are complementary or integrative medicine. Often, these two areas are grouped in with alternative forms of the healing arts. Who do you think initiated combining these practice terms as if they were the same thing? Apparently, it was the White House Commission in 2002. A supposedly well known researcher in complementary and alternative medicine is Dr. Barrie Cassileth at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. According to her, there is a crucial difference between complementary medicine and alternative treatments. Complementary medicine is still scientific (allopathic) medicine which may also use natural forms of therapy. In this area of medicine it is said that the physicians use drugs as a last resort. If using a complementary physician for treating cancer the doctor will be a general practitioner (MD) rather than an oncologist (cancer doctor). We're told that 60% of mainstream medicine patients are referred to complementary medicine doctors. Approximately 22% to 46% of cancer patients in the UK and Australia seek out complementary physicians. In complementary medicine the treatment for cancer can include what naturopaths and herbalist use: diet changes, antioxidants, vitamins and herbs.


As mentioned earlier, there are countries with similar laws with regards to healthcare treatment especially in the area of cancer. In 1939, the UK drafted The Cancer Act. This act blocks patients from receiving unauthorized cancer treatments AND information on unauthorized treatments. Physicians in the UK are threatened with losing their professional standing on their medical register (equal to US doctor losing his license to practice) if they step outside the boundaries using any treatments not approved by the National Institute for Heath and Care Excellence (NICE). In 1971, President Nixon and the US Congress enacted The National Cancer Act. One of the reasons it was created was to strengthen the position of the National Cancer Program and create a National Cancer Advisory Board. Of course tax payers pay for this at the tune of over $243 million annually. It is a huge program that dictates legal cancer treatments in the US. Cancer research is presented to the President and Congress approves the funds paid for by taxpayers. Taxpayers pay again when these treatments are approved via Medicare or Medicaid. US health authorities promote that we are winning the war on cancer. Their main reason is the statistics they publish that we've gone from 1 in 5 patients survive their cancer diagnosis by five years to 1 in 3. The average cancer patient survives just two years after medical treatments. I don't call that winning. A main difference in the UK Cancer Act and the US Cancer Act is that if you live in the UK you have no access to information involving natural therapeutic alternatives to dealing with cancer. The Minister of Health in the UK prohibits any unauthorized person from communicating alternative therapies which reverse cancer. There is a total ban on natural cancer cures in the UK unless prescribed by licensed doctors. Authorities state the ban is to prevent patients from being mislead on bogus cancer therapies. However, that is an excuse because rational people don't accept all information without considering it to be relevant. There is a blackout on information which does not come from the scientific community, does not meet the critical and expensive guidelines of clinical trials and is not administered by authorized doctors and nurses. This is the big problem for people overseas who do not want drugs, chemo or surgery to deal with cancer if that is what their doctor prescribes. Do you suppose that the US could amend the National Cancer Act to prevent information that could protect your life from an unnecessary and premature death from disease like cancer? I would hope that Americans would abolish such an act.


The gag order regarding cancer information has people in the UK concerned that their government may move to abolish the Human Rights Act of 1998. The British feel their freedom of expression, freedom of speech and other fundamental rights are under attack. What is going on in the UK can easily happen in the US. A strong advocate for making changes to the Human Rights Act in the UK is a career politician and a direct descendent to King William IV who is David Cameron. Within the next year he plans to motivate Parliament to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights. The angle being used is to cut ties with the European Court of Human Rights that is influencing so many of their laws now. What is in the British Bill of Rights? It is yet to be revealed and the Brits are nervous that they could lose even more rights. They are worried that the new laws will impede their right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom to hold opinions and to receive and communicate ideas and information without government interference. The British are worried that the rights being shoved down their throats (protect healthcare and national security) will be used to cancel out their other rights. Similar events are happening in the US.

"You may not realize just how connected the work of the United Nations family in Vienna is with your everyday activities..."
--The United Nations in Vienna in Your Daily Life (publication download)


The United Nations has been positioning itself to control countries with various laws in many areas such as: health, community and environment (Agenda 21) and business. This control is presented like most laws to control the people as if it were in your best interest. If the people of their own land cannot control the nature of man, what makes anyone think an entity like the UN can? However, everything that is wrong with man's nature (disease, addictions, greed, violence, crimes) is presented as a global threat by the UN. The Vienna-based UN is attempting to place controls on this and more. On the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime you can download their publication titled, The United Nations in Vienna in Your Daily Life. This document should cause great concern. The UN has headquarters in Vienna, New York, Geneva and Nairobi. The UN boasts that there are 7,000 satellites in Earth's orbit and 93% are registered with the UN. They tell you that they are in control of your telecommunications and that you can't check the news, internet or your phone without them knowing about it. They claim to know when you go on vacation, leave to go shopping or when you are at work. The UN has partnered with The International Atomic Energy Agency to develop global facilities to irradiate food and medical supplies such as syringes for vaccines. They claim it kills bacteria, viruses and insects but is harmless to humans. The UN also has the Environment Program to preserve the environment. They offer an example that if you want to go hiking and camp in the mountains that you would negatively impact the environment and contribute to climate change. The slant is that humans disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem. They hint that you should stay in the city. The UN also has the Industrial Development Organization and Commission on International Trade Law to control the foods offered in supermarkets. The UN also is in alliance with various agencies, which monitor water usage. Their satellites provide them with essential data regarding natural resources and how to monitor and manage them. The UN is also in charge of creating jobs with the UN Industrial Development Organization. From organic farming to the manufacturing industry their influence is there. So, the UN was not kidding when they say they are in your daily life.


Global laws for health is the stepping stone to global laws for all natural resources, building codes, general infrastructure, legal system, economy, education, travel etc. I truly think that the global economy issue starts with healthcare. Healthcare encompasses at least a third of a nation's economy. "Your daily life" as the UN states means your health because health is not a part of life it is life. The globalization of healthcare is the lynchpin on which upholds the global house of cards. The only way to monitor a large system is to incorporate electronic tracking. This is where your RFID chips will play a major role in who gets healthcare and access to other services and who does not. Your whole life will be on that chip and controlled by someone other than yourself. The question is, how long will it take for such a system to be fulfilled? An indicator would be to consider how fast technology is evolving and what freedoms you've lost in the last 14 years.

Going forward into the night without a light or compass is foolhardy.


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