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Friday, October 23, AD 2015
Between Friday, October 16AD 2015 and 
Friday, October 23, AD 2015, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 1.2 % from $1,177.70 to $1,163.30
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Platinum fell 1.6 % from $1,013 to $997
Palladium fell 0.6 % from $694 to $690
Crude Oil fell 5.4 % from $47.26 to $44.70
US Dollar Index rose 2.5 % from 94.73 to 97.08
DJIA rose 2.5 % from 17,215.97 to 17,646.70
NASDAQ rose 2.9 % from 4,886.69 to 5,031.86
NYSE rose 0.8 % from 10,421.90 to 10,506.50

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Logical Consequences

by Alfred Adask

The Washington Examiner recently posted an article entitled "White House Demands Debt Ceiling Hike 'Without Drama'." Excerpts follow:

"The White House on Thursday called on congressional Republicans to raise the debt ceiling quickly so the government can borrow more money and maintain its current level of spending, and asked that the GOP deliver this 'without drama.'"

Thus, the Obama Administration wants to:

1) "raise the debt ceiling quickly";

2) "so the government can borrow more money";

3) "and maintain its current level of spending"; and

4) do so "without drama" (publicity or public awareness).

No drama, here. Nothing to see. You folks, just move along.

In fact, I think there's much drama in our national debt and the debt ceiling. In fact, if you care to contemplate the subject, you just might even see something scary.

"White House spokesman Josh Earnest spoke hours after the Treasury Department announced that the U.S. would bump up against the legal debt ceiling by Nov. 3, and said failing to lift the debt ceiling would put the U.S. at risk of 'not being able to pay our bills.'"

That's simply not true. If the government was "able to pay [its] bills," it wouldn't need to borrow any currency.

The fact that government must borrow more currency is irrefutable evidence that government can't pay all of its bills.

"There's no reason for us to engage in that kind of irresponsible brinksmanship; and it's why Republican leaders in Congress need to accept the responsibility that they have to act without drama and not delay raising the debt limit," he said.

Average Americans might disagree. That is, most of us might say, "Wait a minute, there's plenty of reason to resist raising the debt-ceiling-the government is broke and therefore shouldn't be borrowing more money and leaving a growing debt for the next generation. The government should live within its means and not spend more than it collects in taxes."

* However, most Americans assume that debt is bad. They don't understand that, thanks to our fearless leaders and economists, we live in a new-and-improved, debt-based monetary system. Within the context of that system, debt (a mere promise to pay) is deemed to be an asset and our principle form of wealth.

Ergo, the more debt government creates, the wealthier we become-see?

Therefore, in our debt-based monetary system, Obama is doing a good thing by trying to create more debt.

Unfortunately, the public doesn't understand the debt-based monetary concept. Therefore, the Republicans can threaten to refuse to raise the debt-limit and make Obama look like the bad guy since he intends to borrow and spend more currency and create more debt.

In a real world (where "assets" are something tangible like land, gold or silver) the public would be right. Going deeper into debt is bad. Treating intangible promises to pay (debt instruments) as if they were tangible assets is crazy.

However, once we accepted the premise of a debt-based monetary system, creating more debt is not only good, it's logically essential.

The whole thing is nuts. Government wants to create more "wealth" by creating more debt. Government tries to "stimulate" the economy by creating more debt. The public doesn't understand. The government can't explain because if the public understood, they'd riot.

Plus, once government accepted the premise of debt-based currency, the logic of that premise prevented government from stopping the creation of more debt. If government stops creating more new debt that can be used to roll over and seemingly "pay" the existing debt, government will have to admit that it's insolvent, that it can't pay its existing debt, that some or all of its previously-issued US bonds are now worthless and the government is technically bankrupt. In short, the "emperor" would be seen to be nude.

Once government accepted the premise of a "debt-based monetary system," it could never climb off without collapsing the economy.

The leaders of both parties know that they must authorize a higher debt limit or crash the economy. Therefore, the debt limit will rise-but probably not until after the Republicans have exploited Obama's "obligation" to create more debt.

"An increase in the debt ceiling is a sore point for Republicans, but the last few times the U.S. has been in this situation, the GOP managed to authorize more borrowing "without a lot of drama," the White House spokesman said."

Indeed. Top Republican leaders understand that, given the premise of a debt-based monetary system, the only way to keep kicking the can down the road and postponing the inevitable, is to authorize the issue of more debt. Long-term, all that extra debt will eventually choke the national economy. But, short term, issuing more debt will keep the Ponzi-scheme going and allow incumbent politicians to be reelected rather than lynched.

So, from the perspective of national survival, more debt is bad-but, from the perspectives of the two major political parties and their politician's survival, more debt is great.

"Without raising the debt ceiling, the government would be forced to spend only the money it takes in, and thus would likely have to cut back a range of federal programs. Many Republicans have wanted to use the debt ceiling as a point of leverage to negotiate more spending cuts."

Yep. Just like I said. Government needs to borrow more because it's too broke to pay all of its existing bills. If government couldn't borrow more, then it would have to "cut back a range of federal programs."

Imagine government having to spend only as much as it takes in in taxes! As the character Kurtz said in Heart of Darkness: "The horror! The horror!"

The reality is that government's need to borrow to pay existing bills is evidence that the government is broke.

Government's persistent need to borrow for the past several decades is evidence that government has been persistently broke during those several decades. The debt-ceiling problem is not due to a temporary lack of funds. The government's persistent debt problem is evidence that government has been technically insolvent and even bankrupt for at least two generations.

* More, the debt ceiling issue isn't simply about spending.

It's more about borrowing. It's primarily about the creation of more debt instruments (US bonds; mere promises to pay)that can be legally used as collateral by banks.

In a world of fractional reserve banking, whether government borrows and spends another $1 trillion is, in itself, almost irrelevant to stimulating the economy.

However, thanks to fractional reserve banking, once government creates another $1 trillion in debt and memorializes that debt with another $1 trillion in US bonds, some or all of those bonds can be sold to private banks where they can be used as collateral for more loans to American or even to foreign borrowers.

Under fractional reserve banking, American banks can lend $9 for every $1 they have in collateral in their bank vaults.

So, it's not the $1 trillion in new government debt that primarily stimulates the economy. It's the resulting $9 trillion that private banks can create under fractional reserve banking to lend to US and foreign borrowers that stimulates the US and foreign economies. Fractional reserve banking thus magnifies the economic stimulus of $1 trillion into $9 trillion-and maybe, a lot more.

* In theory, if government's debt ceiling isn't raised and government is prevented from borrowing another $1 trillion, there'll be $9 trillion less created by private banks for the purpose of stimulating the US and world economies. Could those economies survive without the $9 trillion in stimulation? Probably not.

Thus, it's not just the US economy that depends on the Ponzi scheme we call the "debt-based monetary system"-even the global economy is, to large degree, dependent on the US continuing to embrace and implement the debt-based monetary system.

If we quit that system, the whole Ponzi scheme that we call the "global economy" could collapse.

The combination of:

1) a debt-/promise-based monetary system; and,

2) fractional reserve banking-

has caused an unprecedented growth in the US and global economies. But that combination is fundamentally irrational because it's all based on 1) intangible promises (government debts) rather than tangible assets; and 2) the loan of imaginary, fractional-reserve dollars that have no tangible reality or tangible support.

More, the combination is debt-based currency and fractional-reserve dollars is worse than irrational. It's also fundamentally immoral because it's based on the fraud of lending currency that has no tangible reality or intrinsic value.

When our irrational, immoral, debt-based monetary system finally fails, the US and global economies will shatter. The world will suddenly see that our entire financial system is built of nothing but intangible, irredeemable, promises that ultimately can't be kept. The collapse will vaporize those intangible promises and teach the world, once again, that the only real "assets" that should be used for collateral are tangible assets like gold or silver.

"But [Obama spokesman] Earnest argued that raising the debt ceiling

wouldn't authorize any new spending, an argument Democrats have made in favor of another increase beyond the current ceiling of $18.1 trillion. 'It simply allows the Treasury to pay for expenditures that Congress themselves already have approved and we want to make sure that those expenditures are paid in full and on time,' he said."

Congress may have "already approved" of the government's expenditures. Special interests and entitlement groups must've cheered those approvals. However, Congress did not also perform its correlative obligation to fully fund all of those expenditures. Without fully funding those expenditure, there are only three options:

1) Repeal some government expenditures and incur the wrath of special interests and entitlement groups who were counting on some more "free money" from Uncle Sam;

2) Raise taxes and incur the wrath of taxpayers and perhaps also precipitate an economic collapse; and

3) Borrow more currency to seemingly "fund" the unfunded expenditures, hopefully stimulate the economy, and leave the debt problem to future generations of taxpayers and politicians.

Do you think Congress will risk angering special interests (by cutting spending) or taxpayers (by raising taxes)? Or will they take the easy way out and raised the debt-ceiling limit so they can borrow more funds? The answer's obvious.

"'I think people on both sides of the aislehave acknowledged the

significant economic risk of failing to do so, that it would throw the U.S. economy and the U.S. financial system and potentially the global economy into chaos for Congress not to handle this basic fundamental responsibility,' Earnest said."

Q: And what, exactly, is the Congress' "basic fundamental responsibility"?

A: To keep the debt-based, Ponzi scheme going as long as possible before it inevitably implodes and "throws the US economy and the US financial system and potentially the global economy into chaos."

Q: What, exactly, did Mr. Ernest mean by the word "chaos"?

A: He meant massive unemployment, global poverty, starvation, pandemics, domestic violence, the deaths of millions of people around the globe, a 20% decline in life expectancy, regional wars and perhaps even WWIII.

No joke.

Will it happen? Almost certainly not to that extreme.

Could it happen? Yes.

In this threat of "chaos," you can see why, once we accepted a debt-based monetary system, we were condemned to support it "forever". To quit riding that tiger is tantamount to signing the death warrants for millions of people and perhaps resetting our standard of living back by decades.

* You can also begin to see why, when Republicans or the American people whine about the immorality of increasing the debt load on future generations, the Obama administration scoffs. I.e., if you had an opportunity to get $1 today for every $1 dollar's worth of debt you created and left for your own children-you'd be a rotten, greedy, irresponsible parent if you did so.

But what if, under fractional reserve banking, you could get $9 today for every $1's worth of debt you left to your kids? What if you could saddle your 5-year old with $20,000 in debt today in order to produce $180,000 for his college education? What if you could saddle your kid with another $20,000 in debt today so he could grow up in a family home worth $180,000 instead of an apartment? Wouldn't the "magical" creation of a new $180,000 family home and a $180,000 college education for the kid be sufficient justification to leave your child with $40,000 in debt?

Wouldn't you be confident that the next generation (your 5-year old son when he became an adult) would do the same by placing his child (your grandchild) into another $40,000 in debt in return for his own new $180,000 family home and another $180,000 for your grandson's college?

If you didn't look at this money-tree miracle too closely, wouldn't you also be convinced that each subsequent generation could get rich just by leaving a modest debt to the next generation?

Just think of it!

For every one-dollar's worth of debt your child unwittingly "promised" to pay, you could have $9 today! Who could resist the deal?

And, if any Debbie-downer tried to explain that all this debt would inevitably grow until it was so great that it couldn't possibly be paid, had to be repudiated, and the result would be "chaos" (millions dead, civilization set back decades, and possible WWIII, etc.)-wouldn't you politely invite her to take her pessimistic crap elsewhere?

Of course you would.

So has Congress, the Senate and the White House. The combination of debt-based (promise-based) currency and fractional reserve banking creates the most pleasurably irresistible, intoxicating, addicting drug the world has ever seen. That combination makes crack look like castor oil.

* Sure, debt-based currency and fractional reserve banking may be addictive and ultimately self-destructive. But who can resist all the fun, wealth and power you can enjoy before the inevitable chaos comes to balance the books?

Most people can't.

Clearly, government couldn't resist. So, we've had at least 40 years of a hot, unearned economy. It was fun while it lasted. We nearly ruled the world. But now, it's just about time for the chaos. Too bad. Too bad for our kids and grandkids. Too bad for us, too.

Once we embraced the premises of debt-based money and fractional reserve banking, the logic of those two premises put us on a path to 1) a great economic high; 2) an enormous, unpayable debt; and, finally, 3) chaos.

If we'd paid attention at the beginning-if we'd behaved responsibly-we could've seen the ultimate result of debt-based currency and fractional-reserve banking would be chaos. But who could say the chaos was sure to happen? Who could say for sure when it might happen? How could we weigh the threat of the chaos that might happen someday against the immediate promise of an economic "high" that we'd get if we accepted debt-based money and fractional banking now?

The temptations of: 1) debt-/promise-based currency; and 2) fractional reserve banking were too great for the Congress or the people to resist.

But, once we accepted those two premises, their logic pushed the whole nation towards a moment of chaos which now seems more imminent than remote.

But that's what happens when you turn control of the world over to political "speculators" who only worry about the next quarterly report, the next election and the next economic "high," rather than to political "investors" who think in terms of what's good for future decades and future generations.

Like I said, it's too bad.

For all of us.

GOP get over yourself! We don't want another politician.
By Laurie Roth, October 21, 2015

By now, perhaps the establishment and professional 'know it all' crowd are finally waking up from their self imposed sleep. Hark! Could it be that America doesn't want another well timed - talking point politician? 'DA' crowd in Washington, Americans see and feel the pain we have been forced into with moral, health, border, economic and freedom betrayals at the hand of Obama and his sell out friends.

The GOP, certain media in radio, print and TV, and establishment creatures act stunned and ready to die with panic at the surging polls for Trump. How could this be?

Not that the other contenders are bad or insincere, but Trump echoes the punished patriotism, hope and pride that Americans still have in our country. He also states in his bold way the obvious few to zero candidates dare to mention. He highlights the emergency of our illegal immigration surge throughout the country - the real danger and sell out to radical Islam here and abroad - the shamefulness of our broken tax system and its oppression on the people. He sometimes sounds a tinge 'full of himself' or arrogant when he mentions his success and ability to create jobs, but he is right. He has created thousands and thousands of jobs and made billions...not by being stupid.

One of the latest attacks on Trump is when he dared to refer to former President Bush and that 9/11 happened on his watch.   He wasn't blaming 9/11 on Bush but it did happen on his watch. Could it have been stopped and why did it even happen? Trump wrote in his own book a few years before 9/11 about the Islamic danger coming to America - not a matter of if but When. Many feel that he was treading on another 'sacred cow' - The Bush family dynasty. Trump risks the obvious about illegal immigration, Islam and now Bush. Why weren't we protected? Why did it happen and why have we had to endure so much kiss up to Islam from Bush to the present?

Regardless of who gets in the White House this next round, Americans are crying (I am crying) for a person who passionately loves our country and respects God, the people, our founding documents and real history. We haven't had that for way too long.

We all know that we have 'change' agents from hell in the White House who are out to turn America into a new age, internationalist - Obama - borg creature. Obama demands in his agenda laden way a nation that submits and obeys - whose assets are controlled and redistributed - whose people are shamed and threatened into silence.

Enemies of the real American core are peppered all through the establishment GOP and Democrat party. Americans get it now and growing polls are reflecting that. We are not done but very soon - sell out traitors and cowards will be. We are sick of the taste in our mouths and the throw up traveling up our throats. It is high time to spit out what has been forced down our throats and start over. America....refuses to swallow anymore Obama and establishment traitors.

God is SO not done with America and don't you let her go either. America is a light on a hill and she will walk, then run and jump high again. Do not accept anything different. Draw a line and take your stand. Be a part of America's healing not her demise.

Find out more about me and my plans at

Your nails can indicate health problems
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

Forget the palm reading to see what is going with your health and take a serious look at your nails. Just as your blood, your urine and your hair can offer clues into your health so can your finger and toe nails can indicate a health problem. Keep in mind that the nails are really skin cells and like to breathe. Wearing nail polish and fake nails can suffocate the nail (especially at the nail bed) and make the nails vulnerable to fungus infections. Let's take a look at some of the health conditions our nails can be showing us.


According to medical science, there are about thirty different health conditions that can be spotted by looking at nails. For instance, your nails could signal that you have a heart, kidney or cancer problem. Those with pulmonary or heart conditions such as emphysema could show signs of the problem when the tissue beneath the nail becomes thick forcing the nail to club around the finger making it look bulbous. The nails will curve over the bulbous finger and this is known as "clubbing".


Have you noticed your nails developing strange horizontal or vertical lines or strange dents called pitting? The nail is a good indicator what is going on inside your body. You could have nutritional deficiencies or even poison. If your nails display small surface dents not due to trauma, it could be a sign you have skin problems such as; eczema, psoriasis or cancer. The pitting of the nail can also be due to arthritis. If you see parallel lines, which can appear white or black, this can indicate a serious health condition. White parallel lines are known as Muehrcke's lines is most likely because of low protein in the blood; a malnutrition issue. When this happens the liver can be affected and be in distress. The dark lines can indicate skin cancer and usually show up on just one nail. If the nails have brown or red streaks it could indicated a number of conditions including a heart valve infection Nail lines or grooves going across the nail from left to right (not from trauma) is a sign of extreme stress called Beau's lines.


Fingernails can have different shapes to them. The shapes that go outside the normal are the ones to be concerned about. For instance, if the nail develops a spoon shape in which they raise up on the sides and in the front of the nail instead of curving down, this is called Koilonychia and is often a sign the person has lupus. When the nails become discolored it could indicate a medical condition. Aside from trauma, yellow nails usually indicated a lung condition such as tuberculosis. Brownish nails are associated with a thyroid condition or pregnancy. There is also a condition where the nail can be half white and half darker which indicates renal failure. Medicine thinks the impurities in the blood from failing kidneys changes the pigment at the nail bed.


If you have red nails (not due to nail polish) it could indicate you have too many fatty acids and cholesterol from a diet consuming too much sugar, salt and dairy. Most often the liver is not functioning normally and there are some blocked arteries. If the nails turn purple (aside from trauma or lack of oxygen) it suggests a digestive system is off often due to a diet with too much sugar and not enough fruits and vegetables. In some instances, pharmaceutical drugs (such as chemotherapy drugs) can turn nails purple. Other drugs that can turn your nails purple are; blood pressure drugs, medication for headaches, amphetamines and cocaine.


Sometimes trauma to the nail can cause it to become loose and fall off. If you have loose nails not due to trauma it can be from several things. Often loose nails point to a circulation problem called Raynaud's phenomenon. This is a unique circulation issue where only certain areas of the body seem to have a blood flow disruption. Another reason for loose nails is a reaction to prescribed medicine or an overactive thyroid. If the skin that supports the nail called the "nail fold" becomes red and inflamed it is often from trauma, infection or some irritation such as ingrown nails. However, it can also be an indication of diabetes or HIV.


There are some medical procedures that can cause trauma to the nail and permanently affect the health of the nail. For instance, if you repeatedly deal with an ingrown nails and the podiatrist recommends a procedure to prevent the nail from becoming ingrown, this could traumatize the nail bed. The procedure uses acid to destroy part of the nail root attempting to prevent it from growing in a curved position causing the ingrown nail. However, this often leaves the nail vulnerable to a fungus infection. If this happens the nail will yellow and become thick at the nail tip and the infection grows toward the nail bed. Once there, the nail will rise up off the toe being attached only at the nail bed. The nail is tender and any pressure is painful. Trimming or cutting the nail will make it crumble and break off. Often a full grown nail in this condition will fall off and be replaced with a nail showing the same signs of fungal infection. This process of growing the nail out (takes 12 months). The nail falling off will repeat itself and if the condition is not corrected eventually the nail will not grow back. If I had ingrown nails I would continue to have the nail treated by cutting away the portion of the nail that is digging into the toe and skip the surgical acid treatment.


Nail fungus affects more people each year and the drugs, surgery and lasers used in an attempt to correct the issue are expensive and have some serious side effects. Always do your homework before getting the treatment. For instance, the drugs for nail fungus can damage your liver. The surgery is temporary and the lasers may work in a small percentage of the cases. What I would do is use a natural therapy that will address the fungal infection without the risks of side effects. I would use garlic juice and drip it under the nail and place it on top at the nail bed. Leave on all night. You may have to do this therapy for months but slowly signs of improvement will develop. You'll notice that the nail is not as tender or discolored and feels more secure (attached). The nail also starts to thin and flatten out. In some instances the garlic therapy may require a year to repair the nail and kill the fungus. However, the therapy is painless, has no side effects and is very inexpensive.


For those seeking a natural and gentle approach to health I can tell you what I would do. There are many things we can do to improve our health and the appearance of our nails. For instance the garlic juice I just mentioned you can find at Apothecary Herbs. A lifestyle change is due and more fruits and vegetables and avoid the dairy and sugar will help. Apothecary Herbs also offers many medicinal herb formulas to strengthen weak areas such as: Kidney Bladder Kit, Lung Congestion Kit, Smoker's Helper (to quit smoking), Body Foundation Food for super nutrition the lifestyle is missing, Dandelion root if cancer is suspected, Heart Cholesterol, BP and Circulation formulas, Milk Thistle to help repair the liver and Headache formulas so you can avoid toxic drugs. Call Apothecary Herbs to order or for a free product catalog 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. This week only orders over $50 can save 15% with coupon PUMPKIN5. Hurry Expires 10/24/15 12 pm EST and cannot be used with other discounts.


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