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Friday, October 2, AD 2015
Between Friday, September 25AD 2015 and 
Friday, October 2, AD 2015, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 0.6 % from $1,145.70 to $1,138.40
Silver rose 1.4 % from $15.06 to $15.27
Platinum fell 3.5 % from $943 to $910
Palladium rose 6.1 % from $658 to $698
Crude Oil rose 0.7 % from $45.34 to $45.66
US Dollar Index fell 0.3 % from 96.24 to 95.92
DJIA rose 1.0 % from 16,314.67 to 16,472.37
NASDAQ rose 0.4 % from 4,686.50 to 4,707.78
NYSE rose 1.2 % from 9,857.26 to 9,973.56

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Hillary's missing millions

by Alfred Adask

Forbes magazine published an article entitled "The Mystery of Hillary's Missing Millions".

(Intriguing title, no?  Sounds something like an old Hardy Boys mystery.)

According to that Article,

"Since Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in 2001, they have earned more than $230 million."

That's about $15 million/year and over $1 million per month.

Note that, although Bill and Hillary left the White House in A.D. 2001, they (that is to say, Hillarydidn't leave politics.

Hillary served as US Senator from New York from A.D. 2001 to A.D. 2009.  During that time the salary paid to a US Senator ranged up to $175,000.  During 8 years in the Senate, Hillary might've grossed about $1.4 million.

In A.D. 2009, Hillary gave up her seat as Senator to become Secretary of State until A.D. 2013.  The annual base salary of US Secretary of State is $186,000.  During her five years in the Secretary of State, Hillary might've grossed almost $1 million.

Since A.D. 2013, Hillary has been unemployed.

These numbers imply that since Hillary left the White House in A.D. 2001, she's personally earned about $2.4 million out of the $230 million that she and Bill have reportedly earned altogether. That implies that Bill earned about $238 million during the same time Hillary earned $2.4 million-about 95 times as much as Hillary.

Bill Clinton's $228 million divided by 15 years averages out to about $15 million/year or about $42,000 per day.  Bill has written books and made speeches, but who believes he averaged an honest $42,000 for each and every day of the past 15 years?

It's apparent that the Clintons had another source of income besides Bill's books and speeches and Hillary's salary.  What was it?  Insofar as the source of all their income is unknown (Bill and Hillary reportedly won't say), we're led presume that a major source of their income was based on hidden, and possibly criminal activity.

"But in federal filings the Clintons claim they are worth somewhere between $11 million and $53 million."

"Somewhere between"?  How likely is it that two lawyers as avaricious as Bill and Hillary Clinton don't really know if they're worth $11 million or $53 million or somewhere in between?

We're not simply talking about a difference of $42 million.  We're talking about a difference of 500%.  I.e., $53 million is almost five times as much as $11 million.

I understand that very few people can give a precise statement of their net worth.  But how many of us are so dumb that we can't name our new worth within a matter of 50% (maybe I'm worth $100,000; maybe I'm worth $150,000)?  You don't have to be a CPA to come up with an estimate of your net worth that's more accurate than a 500% variable.

"After layering years of disclosures on top of annual tax returns, Forbes estimates their combined net worth at $45 million. Where did all of the money go? No one seems to know, and the Clintons aren't offering any answers.

"From 2001 to 2014 the power couple spent $95 million on taxes. Hillary's 2008 presidential run cost her $13 million. Their two homes cost a combined $5 million, and the Clintons have given away $22 million to charity. All of this is according to FEC filings, property records and years of tax returns. Add it up and you get $135 million. If the Clintons made $230 million, spent $135 million and have just $45 million left over, what happened to the other $50 million?"

A missing $50 million?  Gee, that's a puzzlement, alright.

Clintons' refusal to explain opens the door for my own speculation.

For example, what if the Clinton's were supplementing their incomes by taking huge bribes?  What if Hillary Clinton, in her capacity as US Senator and/or Secretary of State, was able to deliver significant "favors" to special interests rich enough to pay for her services? What if Bill Clinton worked as the "bagman" who was paid $250,000 for a speech and the $250,000 was actually intended to pay Hillary for delivering a favor?  That portion of the Clintons' income that Bill received would seem lawful, even if it were based on taking bribes earned primarily by Hillary.

If the Clintons live in a world where they can take bribes, you can bet that they also live in a world where they must pay bribes.  Could it be that price of collecting $100 million in bribes from inferiors is to pay $50 million in bribes to your superiors?  "One hand washes/bribes the other and both hands wash/bribe the face"?

"That's kind of strange," says Joe Biden's accountant, Walter Deyhle.

"It seems unlikely that the Clintons could have spent all of it [the "missing" $50 million]. Over 14 years $50 million averages out to $3.6 million in extra expenses per year, or $9,800 per day.

"Where could that much money have disappeared? The Clintons have been speaking around the world for years, and they count millions in travel expenses under their businesses. It is unclear whether they have paid for additional travel expenses out of their own pockets. It seems unlikely, but they could have given it away overseas: Donations to foreign charities are not deductible and would not be listed on tax returns.

"Billionaires like Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, Lakshimi Mittal of India and Joseph Safra of Brazil have donated to the Clintons' foundation. Maybe the Clintons are returning the favor?"

If "donations to foreign charities are not deductible" and therefore not listed on tax returns, it sounds as if such "foreign charities" might be an ideal means to "legally" pay bribes that might not attract the attention of the IRS.

For example, suppose a wealthy special interest had set up a "foreign charity".  Could he pay or receive bribes through that "foreign charity" without running afoul of the IRS?  After all, "donations to foreign charities" are not only not deductible, they're also not reportable on income tax returns.  Thus, operating a foreign charity might be a way to legally pay and receive bribes without raising IRS investigators' suspicions.

*  More, if "foreign charities" aren't taxable under US tax laws, are "US charities" also exempt from taxation in some, most or all foreign countries?

If that were true, then if a foreign government or foreign corporation wanted to bribe Secretary of State Clinton to perform some act or if they wanted to bribe her to influence other to perform some act, those foreigners might deposit a "contribution" into a US charity run by the Clintons.  Conversely, the Clintons might be able to pay bribes to foreign special interests under the guise of making charitable contributions to a "foreign charity" run by those foreign interests.

Earlier in its article, Forbes alleged that the Clinton's had "given away $22 million to charity".

Since donations to foreign charities are not deductible or reportable, I'm going to guess that the $22 million was given to US charities, was reportable and therefore discovered by Forbes.

Implication:  The "missing" $50 million might've been "donated" to foreign charities. It could be "legally missing" if there is no IRS reporting requirement.

But, before we dive deeper into the "foreign charities," does make sense to you that the Clinton's donated $22 million to any charities?  $22 million is nearly 10% of the $230 million the Clinton's reported grossed in the past 15 years.  Are the Clintons devout Christians who believe in tithing?

$22 million given to charity equals to 200% of the Clintons' guesstimated current minimum net worth of $11 million and 40% of their guesstimated maximum net worth of $53 million.  Does anyone really believe that the Clinton's are that "giving"?

*  Wouldn't it be interesting to see how much of the Clintons "donations" to charities was donated to foreign charities?

Wouldn't it be interesting to see who owned or controlled such foreign charities and figure out which if any of those owners of foreign charities had performed favors for the Clintons and/or for parties the Clinton's represented?

Wouldn't it be interesting to consider this whole "foreign charity" concept to see if it was really just a tax loophole to allow the legalized payment of bribes on an international level?

*  This is pure speculation, but imagine that I were a rich, American special interest that wanted to bribe another special interest located in, say, France. Let's suppose that the French special interest had its own "charitable trust" that was "foreign" to the US.

Could I write a check to the Clinton Foundation (a US charitable trust) and deduct it from my income taxes?  Presumably, I couldn't deduct that check if I'd paid it directly to the foreign charitable trust, but I could deduct it from my income taxes if I paid the check to the Clintons' US charitable foundation.  According to the IRS, the Clintons' Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 entity that did not have to pay taxes on the amount of that check.  Presumably, the Clintons could skim a little off for themselves and pay the remainder as a "donation" to the foreign charity and not worry about reporting the transaction to the IRS.

Assuming any of this conjecture were roughly correct, the actual transfer of funds from a US special interest to a foreign charity by means of the Clintons' foundation would be far more complex than I've suggested.  Likewise, if some foreign entity wanted to bribe the Clintons by making a donation to the Clintons' Foundation, it would also be far more complex than I've suggested.

And, of course, the Clintons might not be involved in any bribery, whatsoever.

But when Forbes wrote that:

1) $50 million of the Clinton's income appears to be missing;

2) the Clintons have, so far, refused to explain the loss; and

3) donations to foreign charities are not deductible; and, therefore,

4) donations to foreign charities aren't reportable to the IRS-

I instantly leaped to the hypothesis that there may be a way to use a system of domestic and foreign charitable foundations to "legally" transfer bribes back and forth on an international level.

Anytime I see an exemption in the Internal Revenue Code that allows some financial transactions to go unreported, I know that there's a good chance, even a high probability, that I'm seeing the potential basis for a very clever scheme for legally moving criminal profits without reporting those profits to the IRS.

*  If anyone does a serious analysis of the Clinton's "money trail," I'll bet they discover that Bill and Hillary have worked together to take (and give) bribes to and from special interests all over the world.

That's not a fundamentally new allegation.

Larry Nichols may be the Clintons' arch-enemy.  He claimed years ago that when Bill was governor of Arkansas, and the Rose Law Firm represented many of the most powerful special interests in Arkansas, Hillary's primary job as a Rose Law Firm lawyer was to collect bribes intended for Bill.

Back then, Bill was in a position to perform "favors" but not in a position to easily accept bribes. Therefore, special interests paid money to the Rose Law Firm-which, in turn, paid bribes to Hillary-who, in turn, shared the wealth with Bill. Hillary worked as the "bagman".

After the Clintons left the White House in A.D. 2001, Bill and Hillary may have reversed roles.  Bill lost his former political power to do "favors," but Hillary gained political clout as US Senator and later Secretary of State.  Now, Hillary could perform "favors" while Bill collected the bribes as the family "bagman". Instead of using the Rose Law Firm as a front to collect bribes, the Clintons could now use the Clinton Foundation (US charity).

Nothin' new under the sun.

*  American special interests could send a check to the Clinton Foundation (a US Charity) and deduct the amount of that check/bribe from their income taxes. Then the Clinton Foundation could send a charitable donation to a foreign charity which is not tax deductible for the Clinton Foundation, but it's not reportable either.  Besides, if the Clinton Foundation is tax exempt, it makes no difference that its "donations" to foreign trusts aren't tax deductible.

I can't prove it, but I'll bet that a close analysis of the Clintons, their Foundation, and their "charitable contributions" would show that the Clintons are running a substantial bribery and money laundering operation that allows the paying of bribes under the pretext of making charitable contributions.

I'll bet that Hillary's "missing" $50 million was "disappeared" by means of contributions to foreign "charities".  If so, we are left to wonder why would the Clintons (the Clintons!) actually donate $50 million (roughly half of their current net worth) to foreign charities.  It's virtually inconceivable that such donations could've been made for benign, non-criminal purposes.

Maintaining public "confidence" -- in what?

By Alfred Adask

Over-Confidence is Self-Delusional
[courtesy Google Images]
"confidence:  full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing: We have every confidence in their ability to succeed. belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance:"
"self-delusion, noun:  the action of deluding oneself; failure to recognize reality."he retreats into a world of fantasy and self-delusion"
If you've followed the news about the economy for even a brief amount of time, you've seen article after article where someone in a position of authority talks about the need to "maintain public confidence".
Strangely, they never seem to say exactly what that "confidence" should be in.  Is it confidence in our leaders?  Confidence in our public-school-educated children as the "future of our country"?  Confidence in the military? Confidence in what?
Nevertheless, it appears to be economic gospel that, no matter what, in order to protect the economy, we must absolutely maintain public confidence-in . . . something . . . .
OK.  Sounds great.  Let's all agree to maintain public confidence.  
But, we're still left to wonder What, exactly, is it that we must have confidence in in order to sustain our economy?
That question has faintly bothered me for years.  I didn't face it directly and I didn't find an answer-at least not until a few days ago, when answer became almost laughably obvious.  Once I saw that answer, I almost giggled about my own inability to see the obvious for so long.
In order for you to also see what we must have confidence in if the economy is to be sustained, first answer a question:  What kind of monetary system to we have?
That's an overly-broad question.  There might be six or ten plausible answers.  But virtually everyone who's read about economics for long knows and will agree that we have a "debt-based" monetary system.
Get it?  Now do you see?
Well, if we have a "debt-based" monetary system, all of our currency and financial affairs are based on paper and digital debt-instruments (like stocks, bonds, Federal Reserve Notes, bank accounts, pension funds, etc.).  We treat these debt-instruments as forms of wealth, assets and even money-but, in fact, they are nothing more than promises to pay.
For a debt-based monetary system (and an associated economy) to function, the people of that system must believe that the "promises to pay" (that are memorialized with their paper debt-instruments) will be kept.
For a debt-based monetary system and economy to be sustained, the public must have confidence that all of those promises to pay will be kept and all of the "debts" will be paid.
That's it.  Get it?
The mysterious "confidence" that must be maintained for our economy to prosper is confidence that the debts will all be paid.
I don't mind accepting a perfectly worthless piece of paper (debt-instrument) in return for my work or private property, so long as I am confident that that paper-debt instrument will one day be redeemed and paid in full.  So long as you, I and all of our friends and neighbors remain confident that a $100 Federal Reserve Note (debt-instrument) will certainly be paid in full by providing me with a full 100-dollars' worth of goods and services, the debt-based monetary system can continue to function.
The value of our paper debt-instruments is directly dependent on the public's confidence that the underlying debts can and will be paid.  I will accept your IOU for $1,000 if I have confidence that you can and will repay your debt.  If I don't have that confidence, I will not accept your IOU.
If people lose confidence that a $10,000 bond (paper debt-instrument; promise to pay) will provide them with the "promised" $10,000 in goods and services, the value of that bond will fall from $10,000 to, what?  $9,000?  $5,000?  $50?  (Ask Enron how low your stock can go if investors lose confidence.)
If enough people lose confidence in the idea that all of our debt-instruments will be redeemed and paid in full, the whole monetary system and economy will flush right down the pipe.
* Now, tell me this:  What is the probability that the $18 trillion National Debt will be paid in full?
Not so good, hmm?
After all, there are about 320 million people in this country and if we divide the $18 trillion National Debt by the population, each American's "fair share" of the National Debt is about $55,000. (That's $55,000 for every man, woman and child.)
Do you have an "extra" $55,000 that you'd be willing to hand over to Uncle Sam?  Do you have another $55,000 for your spouse and each of your kids?  How many families of four are there who have an "extra" $220,000 to give to the government to redeem their "fair share" of the National Debt?
Not many?  In fact, very few.
When you look at the National Debt from that "fair share" perspective, how much of the national debt do you think will be paid in full?  Half?  Less?  Does that inspire or shake your "confidence" that all the debts can and will be paid?
* What about John Williams ( who believes the real National Debt is way over the "official" $18 trillion and is actually about $100 trillion?  If he's right, each American's "fair share" is about $300,000 ($1.2 million for a family of four).  How many Americans 1) have that much in assets; and 2) are willing to "donate" those assets to the federal government?
Not many.
If the National Debt is $100 trillion, who's going to pay it?  How will it be paid?  From the "fair share" perspective, do you still feel confident that the national debt can and will be paid?
* And then, there's the Congressional Budget Office and economist Laurence Kotlikoff who've both independently estimated that (including unfunded liabilities) the real National Debt is over $200 trillion ($625,000 per person; $2.5 million per family of four).  There's no way to look at those numbers and maintain confidence that the National Debt will be repaid in full, or even by 10%.
* And, all I've talked about, so far, is the government's National Debt.  I haven't even considered the American people's private debts on mortgages, car loans, school loans, credit cards, consumer loans, loans to purchase stocks and bonds, etc.  Add in all those additional debts and the real "American" debt might be double the national debt and (again) absolutely beyond any hope of being repaid in full or even by 10%.
And then there's the derivatives.  Some people think there might be up to $2 quadrillion in derivatives scattered around the world.  Plus, there's all of the debts owed by other countries and peoples around the world.  There might be up to $3 quadrillion in global debt.  That's a $400,000 "fair share" for every man, woman and child on the face of this earth.  How many Mexicans, Africans, or Chinese do you think can come up with $400,000 each?
How will all of that global debt ever be paid in a world where the annual global GDP is about $80 trillion and the global average income per person is about $11,000/year?  Where's the money going to come from to pay US government, US private and global debts?
That money doesn't exist and can't be created.  As I've said for at least five years, "What can't be paid, won't be paid."
* There's no way for any rational, semi-educated person to conclude that all or even most of the world's debt will ever be paid.  Thus, there's no way for any rational, semi-educated person in our brave, new "debt-based" global monetary system to have confidence that more than a fraction of the existing debts can be paid.
If it's true that the "confidence" required to sustain the US and global economies is confidence that the total debt will be repaid, there is no valid reason to believe that the US and global economies can last more than a few more years.  There's good reason to suppose that they may collapse suddenly and sooner.
Whenever some significant percentage of the American people and/or people of the world realize that:
1)  The "confidence" required to sustain our debt-based economies is confidence the total debt can and will be paid; and
2) There's no way in Hell that the total debt can ever be repaid in full or even substantially; then,
3) The requisite "confidence" will vaporize and the US and global economies will collapse.
You gotta be nuts to maintain confidence in the total debt ever being repaid.  It can't happen.  It won't happen.  The world's current confidence to the contrary is irrational, self-deluding and absurd.  Those who embrace this delusion will ultimately lose their assets.
For the system to function, you must have confidence that the debts will be repaid.
For the system to function, you must have confidence that the debts will be repaid.
For the system to function, you must have confidence that the debts will be repaid.
To whatever extent anyone has confidence that the government's debts will be repaid, that person is an ignoramus or a self-deluding fool.
HARVARD Kennedy School
John F. Kennedy School of Government

Sovereign Debt Relief and its Aftermath
Faculty Research Working Paper Series

Carmen M. Reinhart, Harvard Kennedy School
Christoph Trebesch, University of Munich

This paper studies sovereign debt relief in a long-term perspective. We quantify the relief achieved through default and restructuring in two distinct samples: 1920-1939, focusing on the defaults on official (government to government) debt in advanced economies after World War I; and 1978-2010, focusing on emerging market debt crises with private external creditors. Debt relief was substantial in both eras, averaging 21% of GDP in the 1930s and 16% of GDP in recent decades. We then analyze the aftermath of debt relief and conduct a difference-in-differences analysis around the synchronous war debt defaults of 1934 and the Baker and Brady initiatives of the 1980s/1990s. The economic landscape of debtor countries improves significantly after debt relief operations, but only if these involve debt write-offs. Softer forms of debt relief, such as maturity extensions and interest rate reductions, are not generally followed by higher economic growth or improved credit ratings.

Presidential Candidates - Listen up America needs complete tax surgery and overhaul
By Laurie Roth, October 1, 2015
Tax operation -- Full team needed -- STAT

America must have clear, bold and courageous changes in our tax and regulation system.   No, we need a whole paradigm shift with a President, House and Senate ready to crush the out of control, unethical and UN Constitutional IRS system. The IRS acts more and more like an out of control Octopus, squeezing the life and air right out of us all. Conservatives, anti-Obama citizens, tea party groups, gun owners, achievement and energy companies are in the IRS - suckage cross hairs.

It is beyond tragic and obscene that millions of jobs have gone overseas simply because of loan shark like taxes and regulations.

Taxes at home

Historically, most of us get the need for some sort of taxation to pay for roads, defense and basic needs that affect most people. However, long ago, greedy political sellouts morphed the IRS and its regulation relatives into a crime family type cartel. It has long been taking more and more of our income and stealing billions in profit from a multitude of U.S. businesses forcing them abroad to survive. This out of control nightmare of disappearing businesses and evaporating income has been growing strong since the 1960s.

What to do

First we need Presidential contenders who have a clear passion about this...fix it for real. This will take vision, courage, guts and a plan that is way more than a dribble of 'promised tax cut' words we always hear from GOP guys.

Trump has so far come forward with a major tax plan designed to stop punishing businesses for achievement in the U.S. by dramatically cutting their taxes, while dropping income tax. He also is offering bold cuts and incentives for U.S. businesses to return home and thrive. Details are unfolding and I like what I see. I want to hear bold and real talk regarding our out of our control tax system from other candidates also.

I have no more patience for more predictable GOP tax talk. We need real passion fueling a real belief that the IRS is wrong, out of control and must be completely stopped, purged or brought down to 'GI JOE' size and controlled. Incomes must be freed up and businesses must have incentives to make money, keep their profit, or why even try? Why even dream or start up a business if you know the 'godfather' IRS and its relatives are waiting to take and redistribute most of what you have?

As I have screamed for years in my articles and on my show...the 'Un Holy Trinity' of taxation - regulation - litigation is killing America. That has always been the idol progressives and Obama worship at the base of. Obama-progressive minds are passionate about their right to take our hard earned income and redistribute it all around to those who won't work and are happy to be enslaved. They are just as passionate about demonizing and punishing businesses and hyperventilate with ecstasy as they strangle them with regulations and capital gains taxes. It is no wonder that we see the giant of America shrinking as businesses are forced to go over seas to survive.

Let us bring back dreams, exceptionalism and wealth to America again. We have had enough of taxation, regulation, redistribution of income (what's left of our income) and assault on our core values.

Candidates...this is for real and so not about you and your career but about saving the only real light on a hill...America. We have been under massive abuse and assault under Obama and his minions and it is time it all stopped.

What must be on the plate of any new President and leadership team?

We need a leader who has detailed plans, courage and passion to do the following:

  1. Overhaul our tax system
  2. Build back freedom, fairness and common sense in our health care system
  3. Build back and restore our downsized and assaulted military
  4. Stop the illegal alien invasion and multi billion-dollar crime spree we have been forced to endure for decades.
  5. Confront and crush radical Islam in all its forms here and abroad where needed.
  6. Create career jobs and fuel business freedom. Gives us ability and reason to ignite dreams and businesses again.
  7. Build back our Judeo-Christian values and moral core.

Let us together believe in America, freedom and achievement again. Pray, stand and vote right in 2016. We have a lot to do and we WILL win. Evil WILL lose.

Find out more about me at

Blood runs cold
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

Some of you may have experienced the feeling that your blood feels cold running through your body. It is a strange sensation often causing one to feel anxious. However, in a majority of cases the sensation does not last very long and is often gone in less than a minute. When this happens is there cause for alarm? It is a good or a bad thing when this happens? Or is there some strange health condition to be worried about? The next time it happens to you, notice your situation and what may have prompted it to occur. Let's take a look at what this may mean to millions of people.


According to science, the human body freezes between 23 and 28 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in this instance we are not taking about hypothermia or our blood literally freezing. Science states, if you experience the sensation of your blood feels cold it could be a protective mechanism. When we are frightened or in a life or death situation the body releases two hormones into the blood: epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol. When these hormones meet a chemical reaction takes place sending a message throughout the body to react quickly. This message has the metabolism shift gears and digestion stops sending more energy and blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, heart, brain and lungs. When this occurs we are much stronger than normal and are often described as the "fight or flight" reaction. This all makes sense but what about the cold sensation in our veins? According to science they explain it as "vasoconstriction of arterioles". This action will boost your blood pressure very quickly and causes the cold sensation.


Obviously if we get scared science says we could experience "the cold blood sensation. I had to ask if this is the sensation adrenaline junkies seek. You can be scared riding a roller coaster, skydiving or watching a scary movie. So, a situation we have some control over probably won't initiate the cold blooded feeling. So, what level of scared makes our blood run cold? The requirement would be what your brain perceives as terrifying. Some medical books describe this fearful level as "dread bordering on hysteria or a sense of impending destruction."


Have you ever had a dream where someone close to you becomes fatally injured and lost, you may get that cold blood feeling. You wake up and realize it was just an awful dream and the chilliness begins to leave your bloodstream. We can get those cold sensations like that when we are anxious and feel we are losing control of a situation. A flood of emotions is a flood of chemicals and different emotions bring about a different chemical reaction in the body. Science has tested tears to find different chemicals in them because they were a product of different emotions such as: joy, relief, pain or sadness. For instance tears of joy contain oxytocin (hormone) where as tears of sadness do not. Emotional tears contain more proteins, whereas if you were cutting an onion these are irritant tears which have thirty times more manganese. Science has also learned that emotional tears contain more lubricants, hormones and salt. If you have ever experienced a feeling of helplessness, this produces a different set of chemicals and the blood may feel cold but is not a fight or flight situation. Instead, you may experience a sensation of head pressure but it is not a headache. Then pressure in the head can produce an overwhelming feeling and you can't think straight. Some people may hyperventilate and could be described as having a severe anxiety attack.


Situations of anxiety can cause the sensation that your blood runs cold. When in anxiety, the body interprets the situation as stress. When anxious your body cold break out in a cold sweat and is the adrenaline hormones in the blood, which heat up the body (also produce the fight or flight action) and the air cools off the skin making the person feel cold. A common emotion before anxiety kicks in is fear. Fear can bring on cold chills and often it is referred to a cold chill up the spine. Medical science is not completely what causes this sensation but a release of some adrenaline is suspected. People with anxiety, panic or obsessive disorders tend to be more sensitive to environmental conditions such as temperature. A majority of people do not notice these changes and medical science states it is a side effect of the condition. In other words, people with anxiety may interpret a change in colder temperature as an indication that something is wrong. Someone with anxiety who experience a 2 degree colder temperature change will experience a whole body shiver whereas a majority of people won't notice the change.


We're told that healthy levels of anxiety are below a sore of 40. You can take a brief anxiety test to see what your level of anxiety is at


It is easy in the current climate to worry beyond belief and create anxiety. We can be concerned but we shouldn't worry according to scripture. Worry is to let fear rule over our emotions and God is not the author of fear. There have been studies where people who pray have better health and heal faster. Science cannot explain why that is. We are promised a sound mind when we draw near unto God in prayer. I recommend doing that. I also recommend one of God's herbs to help with anxiety and panic attacks and this is Valerian root. It will calm the nervous system down and take tension out. It also contains natural calcium to help with serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain. If the body needs a bit more calcium for better sleep as well as strong bones, muscle and connective tissue then I recommend the Calcium plant formula by Apothecary Herbs. You'll find Valerian root tincture there also. Call for a free product catalog or to place an order 866-229-3663 International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. Now is a good time to stock up on your immune boosting (prevention) herbal formulas. For those with seasonal sinusitis see the Echinacea Deluxe formula. Herb coupons available online or call to inquire.



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