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Friday, September 25, AD 2015
Between Friday, September 18AD 2015 and 
Friday, September 25, AD 2015, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 0.5 % from $1,139.90 to $1,145.70
Silver fell 0.8 % from $15.18 to $15.06
Platinum fell 3.8 % from $980 to $943
Palladium rose 8.8 % from $605 to $658
Crude Oil rose 0.9 % from $44.94 to $45.34
US Dollar Index rose 1.1 % from 95.16 to 96.24
DJIA fell 0.4 % from 16,384.79 to 16,314.67
NASDAQ fell 2.9 % from 4,827.23 to 4,686.50
NYSE fell 1.7 % from 10,031.60 to 9,857.26

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"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
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The Fed can run, but it can't hide

by Alfred Adask

Before declaring bankruptcy in 2008, Lehman Brothers was the fourth-largest investment bank in the US. It's bankruptcy nearly toppled the US and global economies and helped precipitate the "Great Recession".

When Lehman Brothers filed bankruptcy, its assets were only 3% greater than its liabilities.

Today, the Federal Reserve is the single largest central bank in the world. It's assets reportedly exceed its liabilities by only 1.3%-less than half of what Lehman Brother had when if filed for bankruptcy in A.D. 2008. The Fed has much greater significance than Lehman Brothers and is operating with a much smaller "margin for error".

The Fed's potential for causing trouble for the US and global economies is enormous. recently published an article with the peculiar title of "The global financial system is now resting on a margin of 1.3%."

The article explained that,

"In 2008, the Federal Reserve's entire balance sheet was just $924 billion. And the total of its reserves and capital amounted to $40 billion, roughly 4.3% of its total assets. Today the Fed's balance sheet has ballooned to $4.5 trillion, nearly 5x as large. Yet its total capital has collapsed to just 1.3% of total assets.

"The Fed's total capital corresponds to the Federal Reserve's 'net worth'. The value of the Fed's assets needs to exceed their liabilities."

That means that the Fed's relative "net worth" has fallen by 70% in the past seven years. More importantly, insofar as the Fed's assets now exceed the Fed's liabilities by only1.3%, that "net worth" is razor thin and there's not much margin for error.

"In the Fed's case, its liabilities are all the trillions of dollars in currency units that they've created, known as 'Federal Reserve Notes'."

I don't necessarily agree that Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are the Fed's liabilities because the Fed doesn't redeem its FRNs. With real money, the government or bank that issued the paper currency is liable to "redeem" its paper dollars with something tangible like gold or silver. However, today, there's no proviso for the Fed to "redeem" its FRNs with anything other than newer FRNs.

Insofar as FRNs are "redeemable" and therefore "liabilities," they can be redeemed by the government as payment for taxes, but are mostly redeemed by the American people and peoples of the world who will trade their tangible wealth (homes, land, labor, commodities, food, resources, products, services, etc.) for FRNs. The government might redeem some FRNs as payment for taxes. The People might redeem FRNs as payment for their labor and private property. But the Federal Reserve does not redeem FRNs, so I don't agree that FRNs are the Federal Reserve's "liabilities".

Even so, let's proceed with argument presented by the Sovereign Man because it leads to a very interesting inference.

"The Fed's assets are things like US government bonds."

"Over the last several years during its multiple quantitative easing programs, the Fed has essentially created trillions of Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. 'money') and used those funds to buy US government bonds.

"In conjuring all that new money out of thin air, they created about $3.5 trillion worth of liabilities, which were offset by the $3.5 trillion worth of bonds they purchased.

"In total, the Fed's "net worth" hardly budged.

"As a percentage of their total assets, their net worth really tanked."

As you'll read, because:

1) the Fed's "net worth" is only 1.3% of its total assets; and

2) most of the Fed's assets are US bonds; then, it follows that,

3) the Federal Reserve is extremely vulnerable to changes in the values of its bonds.

If the market value of the US bonds held as assets by the Federal Reserve were to decline by, say, just 3%-that might be enough to overwhelm the Fed's 1.3% positive "net worth" and thereby render the Federal Reserve technically insolvent.

"When Lehman Brothers went under in 2008, its total capital was 3% of its balance sheet. Today, the Fed's 1.3% is less than half of that."

The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy nearly collapsed the US and global economies. The Fed is far more important than Lehman was, but is running a much smaller "net worth". More, the Fed's net worth is extremely vulnerable to even a small decline in the value of its US bonds.

What might cause the value of US bonds to fall significantly?

The Sovereign Man explains:

"The universal law of bond markets is quite simple: bond prices and interest rates move inversely to one another. In other words, when interest rates go up, bond prices go down."

Thus, if the current prime rate of 0.25% were raised even a little bit (say, to 0.50%), the market value of all US bonds-including those held by the Federal Reserve-would fall.

"The Federal Reserve is sitting on $4.5 trillion worth of existing bonds, most of which they purchased when interest rates were basically zero.

"So what happens if the Fed raises interest rates? The market value of their entire bond portfolio will fall. Given the razor-thin capital the Fed has in reserve, they can only afford a tiny 1.3% loss on their bond portfolio before they become insolvent.

Sovereign Man did not extend this argument further, but to me, the next inference is both obvious and crucial to understanding why the Fed hasn't raised interest rates for almost seven years.

We've seen the Fed do the dance of the seven veils for 80 months. Will they raise rates? Won't they raise rates? Will they; won't they? Is the economy strong enough to sustain an interest rate increase-or is the economy too weak to sustain a rise of a lousy 0.25%?

Given that we're only talking about raising interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point, the whole dilemma about whether the Fed will or won't raise interest rates has seemed silly. On the face of it, we could suppose that a 0.25% increase in interest rates would be almost unnoticeable. If the economy is so weak that we can't even raise interest rates by a negligible 0.25%, then the economy must truly be on life support and in need of last rights performed by an economic guru.

But, if we accept the Sovereign Man's argument that:

1) the Fed's "net worth" is only 1.3% of its total assets;

2) most of the Fed's assets are US bonds; and therefore,

3) the Fed is extremely vulnerable to changes in the values of its bonds-then,

4) the Fed's persistent refusal to raise interest rates makes perfect sense.

I.e., the Fed hasn't raised the interest rate in nearly seven years because by doing so, they would reduce the market value of the $4.5 trillion in US bonds in the Fed's portfolio.

Remember? The universal law of bonds? If interest rates rise, bond prices must fall?

That means that if the Fed raises interest rates from 0.25% to 0.50%, the market value of US bonds held by the Fed will fall. If that fall in bond market prices exceeded the Fed's 1.3% "net worth," the Fed would be technically insolvent and arguably bankrupt.

* God only knows what might happen if the Fed were perceived to be bankrupt. But whatever the results of a technical insolvency might be, they couldn't be good for the US or global economies.

How much confidence could the world retain in FRNs as "world reserve currency" if the Federal Reserve were seen to be bankrupt?

If the Fed became insolvent because it raised interest rates, the value of the Fed's fiat dollars would also have to fall significantly.

If a rise in interest rates caused the Fed to become technically insolvent, that wouldn't necessarily collapse or kill the dollar. But it might not be surprising if the dollar's purchasing power suddenly fell by 10%-20%-maybe more.

Further, once the Fed was shown to be insolvent, I think it would precipitate a spiraling crisis in confidence that would slowly feed on itself until-within a year or two-both the Federal Reserve and its FRNs were relegated to the ash heap of history.

In this context we can imagine why the Fed has persistently failed and refused to raise the Near Zero Interest Rate: doing so might destroy both the Federal Reserve and the fiat dollar. Because the Fed's current 1.3% "net worth" is so small, any raise in interest rates-even by just another 0.25%-might be suicidal.

Therefore, not wishing to commit suicide, the Fed has logically and persistently refused to raise the interest rate for the last 55 Fed meetings over an 80 month period.

* For almost seven years, the Fed has justified its persistent maintenance of the Near Zero Interest Rate as being necessary to preserve and protect the US economy.

But, if the Sovereign Man's argument is valid, the Fed's justification is pure smoke. The Fed's decision to hold the interest rated at 0.25% for nearly seven years is not about preserving the fragile economy, per se. It's about preserving the fragile Federal Reserve and the FRN. If the Fed were to double the interest rate from 0.25% to 0.50%, and if the result was a loss of over 1.3% of the current perceived value of US bonds, the Fed might be destroyed.

The Fed is not "here to help you". They Fed is here to help itself.

* If this conjecture is correct, one way the Fed could theoretically raise interest rates would be for the Fed to first buy additional assets (other than bonds) that would increase the "margin" between its debts and assets from 1.3% to something sufficiently higher (4.0%?) to ensure that the Fed wouldn't be plunged into (or near to) insolvency by raising the interest rates.

But how can the Fed increase its assets, without also increasing its debts? So long as increased assets result in corresponding increased debt, the 1.3% "net worth" will remain small, marginal and dangerous.

* Another theoretical solution might be based on the common belief that the Fed could simply "spin" enough currency "out of thin air" to purchase more assets or simply add that currency to its portfolio to create more positive "net worth". But the idea of the Fed "spinning currency out of thin air" is not quite so.

Contrary to popular belief, the Fed can't merely print more currency and spend it into the economy. So far as I know, all of the Fed's paper dollars are loaned into circulation. When the Fed prints more currency, that currency must just lay there, dormant and unused until some third party borrows it. Unless the Fed changes its policy, the Fed can't inject more freshly-printed dollars into the economy or into its portfolio, unless someone is willing to borrow those new Federal Reserve Notes.

Q: Who would be able and willing to borrow FRNs from the Fed

A: The US government?

Q: What would the US government use to "pay" for the some freshly-spun FRNs?

A: Freshly-printed US bonds.

Q: But, wouldn't the value of those new US bonds would fall as soon as the Fed raised interest rates?

A: You betcha.

Q: Doesn't that mean that lending more FRNs to the US government in exchange for for more US bonds can't help increase the Fed's "net worth" and is therefore a pointless strategy?

A: Seems so.

* If the Fed can't escape the 1.3% "margin for error" by purchasing more assets or lending more FRNs, another way that the Fed might theoretically be able to raise interest rates is to first sell off some of the Fed's "toxic assets" to increase the 1.3% margin to avoid the insolvency that might follow a rise in interest rates.

But, like the US bonds in the Fed's ledger, its "toxic assets" have a current perceived value that must be maintained for the 1.3% margin to be retained. Given that much of the Fed's "toxic assets" were purchased during Quantitative Easing, could the Fed sell any of its "toxic assets" without admitting that they are no longer worth their purchase price and presumed "face value"? If the market value of the Fed's toxic assets fell, that could also cause Fed liabilities to exceed Fed assets, destroy the 1.3% "net worth" and cause Fed insolvency and even bankruptcy.

* Implication: The Fed is screwed. It can't purchase more assets to increase the 1.3% margin of error. It can't sell off its toxic assets without also crossing the 1.3% margin of error. It can't lend more FRNs out, except in exchange for government bonds. And it can't raise interest rates without causing the value of its US bonds to fall-perhaps enough to overwhelm the 1.3% margin of error.

The Fed is facing a conundrum that not even Solomon could resolve. They are truly "darned if they do and darned if they don't".

Implication: For now, the Fed is unlikely to raise interest rates and will avoid doing so as long as possible. However, sooner or later, the Fed-seeing no escape from its fate-will simply say "screw it," raise interest rates and risk the resulting insolvency and/or bankruptcy.

If the premises and arguments presented by Sovereign Man--and the inferences that I draw from those arguments-are valid, the Fed is ensnared in a web of its own creation where it can't create more liabilities, can't buy more assets, can't lend more the US government, and can't increase the interest rate without destroying itself and the FRN.

If so, who believes that Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this next December?

* On the other hand, if the Fed can't raise interest rates, who is now willing to consider the possibility that the Fed might soon impose negative interest rate that would raise the price of bonds, increase the perceived value of the US bonds held by the Fed as assets and thereby increase the Fed's 1.3% "net worth"?

Remember the universal law of bonds? When interest rates go up, bond prices go down. When interest rates go down, bond prices go up.

Most people have presumed that Zero is the lowest limit for interest rates. Therefore, the Fed's 0.25% interest rate is so "near" to zero that they can't go any lower. Therefore, the market price for bonds can't go any higher and the Fed's assets can't be increased enough to add another few percent to its 1.3% "net worth"/"margin for error".

But-not to worry. In our brave new world order of debt-based currency, it's mathematically possible to impose a negative interest rate that's even lower than the current, positive 0.25%. It could even be lower than zero percent. It could be a minus, say, 2%.

Several banks in the EU have toyed with negative interest rates on bank deposits. The Federal Reserve has considered negative interest rates as a potential tactic.

Given the universal law of bonds (interest rates and bond prices move inversely), a negative interest rate should increase the market value for US bonds. If the Fed could increase the market value for its $4 trillion in US bonds, it could also increase that "net worth"/ "margin of error" of 1.3% to, say, 2.0% or even 4.0%.

Thus, by using negative interest rates, the Fed could still have another trick or two up its sleeve. It could still "do something" and thereby avoid being dismissed as impotent and irrelevant.

Even so, the Fed's objective is to not merely find a way to "do something" but find a way to raise interest rates without causing the price of US bonds to fall. In other words, the Fed needs to find a way to break the "universal law of bonds". The Fed needs to raise interest rates without causing the market price of bonds to fall.

Probably, that can't be done-not even in the irrational, crazy world of a debt-based monetary system.

* World heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis once told an opponent, "You can run, but you can't hide." In other words, once you step into the ring, there's space to run for a while, but there's no place to hide. Sooner or later, the champ will catch up with you, and then it's lights out.

The Federal Reserve stepped into the ring in A.D. 2008 when "Helicopter" Ben Bernanke determined to save the US from an economic depression. The Fed's been "running" ever since with a Near Zero Interest Rate. But it can't hide from the heavyweight champ (reality). Sooner or later, reality will catch up with the Fed-and then it's lights out.

Sooner or later, we're going to have the economic depression that we should've had seven years ago.

US and Catholicism in Crisis

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Tuesday - September 22, 2015

During the 1950s, the twin pillars of worldwide anti-communism were Dwight Eisenhower's America and the Roman Catholic Church of Pope Pius XII.

During the 1980s, the last decade of the Cold War, Ronald Reagan and the Polish pope, John Paul II, were the pillars of resistance.

When Pope Francis arrives in Washington on Tuesday afternoon, the country he enters will be a very different one from Eisenhower's America or Reagan's America. And Catholics will be welcoming a new kind of pope.

In America 2015, homosexuality, abortion on demand and same-sex marriage - shameful crimes in Ike's America, mortal sins in the catechism of Pius XII - have become constitutional rights.

These represent the values that define Barack Obama's America, the values our officials defend at the United Nations, the values we preach to the world.

What Ike's America saw as decadence, Obama's America calls progress. And among its noisiest celebrants are our Catholic vice president, Joe Biden, and the Catholic leader of the Democratic Party in the House, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Since Eisenhower's time, Christianity, the faith that created the West, has been purged from American public life. The Bible, prayer, and all Christian art, books and symbols have been expunged from the public schools as they were in Cuba when Fidel Castro took power.

Our cradle faith cannot be taught in our public schools.

America is a different country today, a secular and post-Christian nation on its way to becoming anti-Christian. Some feel like strangers in their own land. And from the standpoint of traditional Catholicism, American culture is an open sewer. A vast volume of the traffic on the Internet is pornography.

Ironically, as all this unfolds in what was once "God's country," Vladimir Putin seeks to re-establish Eastern Orthodox Christianity as the basis of morality and law in Russia. And one reads in The Wall Street Journal on Monday that Xi Jinping is trying to reintroduce his Chinese Communist comrades to the teachings of Confucianism.

The world is turned upside down. Every civilization seems to recognize the necessity of faith except for the West, which has lost its faith and is shrinking and dying for lack of it.

In a New York Times article this month - "Are Western Values Losing Their Sway?" - Steven Erlanger writes:

"In its rejection of Western liberal values of sexual equality and choice, conservative Russia finds common cause with many in Africa and with the religious teachings of Islam, the Vatican, fundamentalist Protestants and Orthodox Jews."

Yet what Erlanger describes as "conservative Russia" does seem to share values with America, only it is the America of 1955, another country from the America of 2015.

Which raises a question: Does moral truth change?

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, "The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market."

But is this true? A decade after his beer hall putsch failed in Munich, Adolf Hitler's Nazi party won the largest number of Germans ever to vote in a democratic election.

He had succeeded in the marketplace of ideas. Did that democratic ratification make Hitler's ideas true?

Or does truth exist independent of the marketplace?

Secular America, which has purged Christianity, preaches a new gospel to the world: liberal democracy as the salvation of mankind.

Yet did not Winston Churchill, icon of the democracy worshippers, tell us that "the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter"?

The Catholic Church, too, faces a growing crisis of moral consistency and credibility.

The church of Pius XII and John Paul II taught that the truths of the Ten Commandments brought down from Sinai and the truths of the Sermon on the Mount are eternal. Those popes also taught that a valid marriage is indissoluble, that homosexuality is unnatural and immoral, that abortion is the killing of the innocent unborn, an abomination.

Yet one reads regularly of discussions inside the Vatican to alter what is infallible church teaching on these doctrines to make the church more appealing to those who have rejected them.

As the pope arrives in America, some Catholics are calling for an acceptance of contraception, the ordination of women and a new acceptance of homosexuality. Yet the Episcopalians, who have embraced all these "reforms" and more, appear to be going the way of James Fenimore Cooper's Mohicans.

In Cuba, Pope Francis declined to address the repression of the Castro brothers. Will he also avoid America's moral crisis to chatter on about income inequality and climate change and find common ground with Obama?

What has come out of the Vatican in the past two years is moral confusion. Yet as Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput reminds us, "confusion is of the devil." It is also trifling with schism.

Having emerged victorious in the 70-year ideological struggle against one of the greatest enemies that mankind has ever known, Marxism-Leninism, are the United States and the Catholic Church heading for the same desuetude and disintegration?

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Out with the 'politicians' IN with the 'real'


Tough and real talk -- Return of freedom and Judeo-Christian values -- Common sense job solutions -- Return of American spirit and real border defense

America says ENOUGH of 50-yard lines

Americans have seen the political show a million times. We know the script because we wrote it.   In the typical and past election movie cycles we have scene it in technicolor - Meet the needs of females, minorities and Muslims - with a dash of amnesty once we secure the boarders - of course we never intend to.

We are promised more jobs yet tens of thousands of career path jobs are robbed from us in the oil, coal and energy industry. Instead we are forced to pay higher utility bills and be happy about more and more taxation.

50 - yard line hopefuls are also ignoring and violating our children with Common Core

We might as well send our kids off to 'Hitler's mind grooming camp'. We are told to live with Common Core, which is literally stealing the minds and achievement potential of our children. Just as planned by the progressives and many Republican politicians such as Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee. There are shockingly more who have just followed the wave instead of led and protected.

Now, Common Core's violations and manipulations are becoming all too clear all across the country. Judeo-Christian values are being mocked, downplayed and thrown out . It is rewriting our nations history and real context while pushing all of Islam, except the truth and danger parts. Common core is fueled by millions of dollars of Islamic money, progressive-Communist minds and those who simply plan to create a blob of 'oneness' with our kids. Achievement, uniqueness, faith and exceptionalism are all in the way.

We have been told from the beginning of Obama's reign of horror to be ashamed of America. Christians get off their high horse. Look the other way and shut up about radical ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Islamic radicals imported in 'army size' amounts and transplanted into mostly Republican states.

Our own Supreme Court has now flipped their middle finger at God almighty with 'forced' gay marriage and also given the finger at the masses, businesses, churches, schools and culture. Now, there is almost nowhere to hide if you disagree with the rogue rulings that are anti Constitutional and anti Holy Bible. That is unless you will or can fight in court, will march in the streets and face jail. Persecution of Christians and real conservative patriots is growing like an out of control - toxic weed. Will it render the entire American crop ruined? No it will not, but we all most fight with all we have.

The ongoing national emergency and rape to us all - illegal immigration, has long ago been turned into a race war with a name calling Disneyland fueled by the progressives. We are trained to ignore the facts entirely, that over 1/3 of our prisons are filled with illegal aliens. We are to ignore the daily rapes, murders, robberies and identity crimes at the hands of illegal aliens. Then there is the multi billion-dollar drug trade flowing up across our borders we are not to really comment on. Workers are so nice when needed but what about the hundreds of millions of our tax dollars spent on prison time, food stamps, free and reduced housing, free health care and other Government freebies gutting our economy?

While fighting for our very lives, freedom and culture we have the next Presidential election cycle of 2016

Given what we have been barely enduring and trudging through is it any wonder that outsiders and candidates from the 'real world' are soaring to the top of the polls? Their is no manner of therapy or help the GOP establishment can find these days. Donald Trump just won't go away. Critics desperately try and find new ways to minimize him, bash him create scandals to throw at him. Some of the scared GOP candidates have gone after him as well and every time they do, their polls go lower and lower. Outsiders Trump and Ben Carson just go higher. America does not want more of the same ever again.

No one running is perfect and without blemishes, but Donald Trump is the only one of them all that is really addressing the financial, legal and national security violation of illegal immigration. He has called it for what it is...a national rape in every way. I have been screaming this for 16 years on national radio and in my columns. Most others on the GOP side play dangerously close to amnesty and the 50-yard line. Us American movie writers have long known that all that most of the candidates want is to manipulate the Hispanic vote. They view people as 'useable widgets' just like the democrat's do.

America has been praying out loud, crying and begging for someone to have the guts and character to go against the crown jewels protected by the progressives - our illegal alien nightmare. So far, Trump is it and swinging hard. Too bad - so sad for those of you who want a counselor and kiss up in the White House. We must have a warrior this time folks. It is time for a patriotic Christian who loves America, won't apologize for being one and will get stuff done again without destroying all of us in the process.

Vote right. Pray right and live right. Find out more about me at

The language of virologists
by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

It can be difficult to understand a lot of what the scientists report on the vaccines they create. Generally, the public understands the basic difference between a live and a dead virus. But what happens in the lab after that? What do scientists do to pathogens to create opportunities for discovery, notoriety and advancement? Are scientists tinkering with pathogenic material for their own aggrandizement and are they risking human life? Let's take a look at what is going on in the lab and how that may affect mankind.


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations there are reports on file in their depository explaining some of what scientists are doing with pathogenic material. There is a theory called the "principle of vaccination" in which science suggests that the immune system in animals and humans undergoes an immunological response to act in such a way against the pathogens in vaccines and to prevent disease. This is not based on any clinical proof according to former Chief Virologist of the FDA, Dr. Anthony Morris. Dr. Morris over a ten-year period, while working at the FDA, went over the clinical trial evidence and reported it did not support what the scientific community was saying about vaccines and especially about the influenza vaccines. The way vaccinations are suppose to work is a theory or hypothesis, which has not been adequately proven by science to prevent or reduce pathogenic infection in clinical trials. Dr. Morris did report that what he did see in all the clinical research was that vaccines damage the immune system and or the central nervous system. It would appear that the folks in charge of vaccines have produced some highly sophisticated propaganda to fool even the most brilliant in the medical community.


Science states the basics to creating a vaccine is to take a live virus, kill it and inject it into a lab animal. This is called an "inactivated vaccine." Science also takes live viruses that are considered to not cause serious disease and infect lab animals with it. This is known as a "live vaccine." Science does not leave matters there. They take live viruses with desirable properties and clone it. This is called a "cloned live vaccine." Scientists also genetically engineer vaccines when they take a part of the genetic material from a live virus and insert it into a different virus thus producing a "recombinant vaccine." The four-strain influenza vaccine for 2015-2016 is a recombinant vaccine. However, people are not told that they are getting a genetically modified flu shot. When considering vaccines there are basic three types; a live lentogenic, live mesogenic and inactivated vaccines. The live lentogenic comes from a field virus. The mesogenic virus is moderately virulent and is used in animal husbandry. The inactivated vaccines are made from viruses grown in eggs and then treated with an inactivating agent (formalin or beta-propiolactone). Formalin is formaldehyde used to preserve biological specimens. Beta-propiolactone is a compound from the lactone family (ester) and has been known to cause cancer in lab animals. An adjuvant is then added to make the inactivated virus immunogenic (to force an antibody response from the immune system). We're told the inactivated virus cannot replicate or spread. Live virus vaccines are heat sensitive and transporting and storage are more expensive.


The recombinant GM vaccines use protein antigens from bacteria or some pathogenic organism that have been "purified" by science. A pure protein-based bacterial organisms in vaccines produce an abnormal response from the immune system. The design is based on a conceptual theory of how the human immune system functions. Science does not know how the immune system functions in its entirety and therefore is guessing. Science thinks that the immune system will react to the recombinant vaccine by targeting protein antigens called epitopes. Remember, the recombinant vaccine is a manmade mutation or genetic modification transforming one species of a pathogen into another. It is sometimes called "protein biochemistry" making one species host an organism from another species not naturally found and thus fragmenting the genes. What science creates is a freak pathogenic protein and adds adjuvants to hyper stimulate the immune system. Scientists are trying to use these freak proteins to target specific immune system responses; or override the natural ability of the immune system to react and thereby disable its normal function. This could be why there are numerous cases of autoimmune disease. Science tells us this strategy removes all risk of infection from live or inactive vaccines. However, science also states the recombinant vaccines protect against secreted toxins released by the pathogen rather than protect against infection from the virus or bacteria. According to Bio Ventures for Global Health, the following vaccines are recombinant vaccines on the market in use: Cholera, Diphtheria, Hepatitis B and Tetanus. According to the recombinant vaccines in development are: HIV, rabies and measles.


The new generation vaccines are the ones science is tinkering with by adding genetically modified proteins and adjuvants. Not all virologists agree that over stimulating the immune system and using GM pathogens is a good idea. There is concern that these vaccines will encourage more autoimmune, neurological or internal medicine diseases as well as death.

"The association between infection and autoimmune disease has, however, stimulated a debate as to whether such diseases might also be triggered by vaccines." Review: Vaccination and Autoimmune Disease: What is the Evidence?

"A study called the J.B. and S.M. McKanlay study showed that disease such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, smallpox and other childhood illnesses were declining by as much as 90% prior to the introduction of vaccines." Dr. Thomas Cowan, Weston A. Price Foundation


The delivery of a vaccine is possible in drinking water but we're told is not as strong as vaccination via eye drops, aerosols or intramuscular injections.


Dr. Thomas Cowan explained that vaccines will change the way our immune system works. He states with repeated vaccinations our immune system loses its ability to properly work and statistically we have poorer health the longer we live. Dr. Cowan explains that our immune system has two actions; one is called the cell-mediated action and the other is the humoral action. The cell mediated action detects viruses or other pathogens, manufactures the white blood cells to irradiate the infection and the debris from these actions produce sick symptoms such as fever chills, cough or mucous. The humoral action of the immune system is responsible coding the antibiodies it makes and associating similar pathogens with previously coded antibodies and preventing a repeat illness. Vaccines suppress, deplete and exhaust the cell mediated action disabling its ability to fight off infections. For this reason, people become ill with epidemic conditions such as; allergies, eczema, asthma, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, Crohn's disease, MS, thyroid disease and others. Either science is ignorant of how the human immune system functions and is destroying it or they know exactly what they are doing causing an endless supply of sick patients. If only 5% to 20% of adverse drug reactions and hospital errors are reported, then it is not outside common sense to believe that the harm caused by vaccines is underreported, purposely hidden and viciously defended.


Enabling your immune system is what we all need to work on. It is our one true defense against deadly pathogens - even the genetically modified ones. Stop destroying what God gave you and avoid the vaccines. There are powerful herbs that support and enhance the immune system function. There are herbs that will empower your entire immune system including the part that was suppressed with vaccines. You will be amazed at how fast your body fights back and destroys illnesses. Those long, drawn out encounters with viruses and bacterial infections will be a thing of the past and all without antibiotics, expensive doctor's office visits and missing time off from work or school. So, empower yourself and learn how to strengthen your immune system and reverse a vaccine if given one under duress - call Apothecary Herbs, the experts in immune boosting and organ cleansing. Call 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. Free catalog.



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