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Friday, August 7, AD 2015
Between Friday, July 31, AD 2015 and 
Friday, August 7, AD 2015, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 0.1 % from $1,095.20 to $1,093.80
Silver rose 0.1 % from $14.79 to $14.81
Platinum fell 2.1 % from $982 to $961
Palladium fell 2.4 % from $614 to $599
Crude Oil fell 6.3 % from $46.77 to $43.82
DJIA fell 1.8 % from 17,690.46 to 17,373.38
NASDAQ fell 1.6 % from 5,128.28 to 5,043.54
NYSE fell 1.1 % from 10,882.30 to 10,763.20
US Dollar Index rose 0.4 % from 97.19 to 97.56

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Those who live by fractional reserve banking...

by Alfred Adask

This article is conjectural.  The conjecture flows from the idea that a monetary system that's based on debt (mere promises to repay) rather than on assets (actual payments denominated in physical gold or silver) leads us to some very strange economic implications.
For example, in a debt-based monetary system:
1) Debt is our measure of wealth. I.e., the more debt you have, the wealthier you become (or at least, appear).  Could you enjoy the apparent "wealth" of living in a $250,000 home, if you hadn't first been able to go into debt for a mortgage?  Could you enjoy the apparent "wealth" of driving a new car, if you couldn't first go into debt for an auto loan at the bank?  Our apparent wealth is a function of each debtor's capacity to make promises rather than engage in productive work.  As an extreme example, think "liar's loans" (people who couldn't possibly repay their loans were still entitled to move into expensive homes based on mere "promises" to repay).
2) If debt is wealth, then destroying debt (through bankruptcy) destroys wealth and, more, destroys whatever fiat currency that's based on that debt.
3) The governments and creditors of the world should have a vested interest in restricting debtors' access to bankruptcy laws.  If debtors can't file for bankruptcy, they can't destroy the debt and debt-instruments that support the debt-based monetary system.
*  In an asset-based (gold or silver) monetary system, bankruptcy laws allow courts to seize all of an insolvent debtor's remaining assets and possessions and divide them among his creditors.  Bankruptcy was ruinous for the insolvent debtor (he lost virtually everything), bad for his creditors (they received only part of what was owed to them) but not so bad for the economy
Why? Because, in the asset-based monetary system, the creditors loaned hard assets (gold and silver coin, or cash redeemable in gold or silver) to the now-insolvent debtor.  The bankruptcy might deprive both the debtor and creditor of that original gold, but the monetary assets/gold still existed within the economy.  Therefore, the economy's money supply was not significantly reduced and the economy was not particularly damaged by the individual's bankruptcy.
Today, however, in our debt-based monetary system, if a debtor files for bankruptcy, he destroys the value of whatever paper debt instruments (promises to pay) he'd issued to his creditors.  For example, if a man files for bankruptcy, the value of his mortgage is destroyed and falls to zero.  The destruction of his mortgage (and other debt-instruments he'd signed) may have a significantly adverse effect on the economy since the destruction of debt-instruments (the mortgage, etc.) used to as collateral to increase the currency supply could reduce that supply.  If enough people filed for bankruptcy at the same time, the currency supply might be reduced sufficiently to push the economy into a recession, depression or even collapse.
Thus, in order to preserve the currency supply in a debt-based monetary system, the debtors' ability to file for bankruptcy should be restricted.
We see some support for this conjecture in the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of A.D. 2005.  This act provided tighter eligibility requirements for those wishing to file for bankruptcy-which made it harder for most people to file for bankruptcy.  Under the A.D. 2005 bankruptcy law, most insolvent debtors who wish to file under Chapter 7 must meet new eligibility requirements under a "means test" and/or instead file under Chapter 13.   In either case, they'll be forced to continue to make some payments on the existing debts, even after their bankruptcy petition is granted.
Previously, if they filed under Chapter 7, debtors could wipe out virtually all of their existing debt.  Since A.D. 2005, insolvent debtors may be bankrupt, alright, but they'll still have to pay something on their debts after they've been through the bankruptcy court. Takes all the fun out of bankruptcy.  Fewer people file.
*  In order to protect the debt-based currency supply and the debt-based economy, government should reduce most public access to bankruptcy courts.
There's also more recent evidence to support this hypothesis.  For example, the Associated Press reported in "Greece readies for bailout talks as Plan B details revealed," that: 
"The Greek government was poised Monday for the imminent start of intricate bailout discussion . . . . The talks have been delayed but are due to start Tuesday with technical teams paving the way for high-level discussions possibly by the end of the week."
That week has come and gone, and they're still talking.  In fact, for at least the past seven months, Greece and its creditors have been engaged in in "intricate bailout discussions," "talks" and "high-level discussions".  All that talk has come to nothing.
Is the situation really that difficult?  If Greece can't pay, why not simply let Greece file for bankruptcy and be done with it?  Could it be that the debtors have an ulterior motive?  Are they more worried about Greece filing for bankruptcy than they are about losing the remainder of the money Greece owes? 
If Greece files for bankruptcy, the pretense that Greek debts are payable and that Greek bonds are still valuable will be lost.  The only way for creditors to avoid openly admitting that the Greek debt-instruments are worthless is by continuing to lend more currency to Greece to be used to seemingly "pay" existing Greek debts.  But, in truth, Greece won't be able to repay its current debt or any significant new debt for at least another decade.
Why is the truth that Greek bonds are already worthless being denied?
*  Two weeks ago, Reuters wrote,
"Greek debt restructuring is inevitable, says IMF chief."
"Greece's international creditors will have no choice but to accept an easing of the terms of Athens' debts, the head of the International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday."
The IMF is admitting that Greece is already technically bankrupt.  The new Greek government openly admitted to being bankrupt last January.  Greece wanted to declare bankruptcy.  But, so far, the only thing that's come from all the endless drama is that Greece hasn't filed for bankruptcy.
Given that Greece can't pay its existing debts, there are only two options:
1)  Greece declares bankruptcy and extinguishes virtually all of its debts-and renders all Greek bonds officially worthless; or,
2)  The creditors agree to "restructure" (reduce) the existing debt of € 540 billion down to, say, €270 billion.  Dramatic reduction in the debt, might enable Greece to pay, avoid filing for bankruptcy and retain pretense of value for at least some Greek bonds.
But even if the debt is reduced by 80%, it's virtually impossible that Greece will be able to repay all of the remaining debt. So, why not face the truth, let Greece file for bankruptcy, and be done with it?
*  "The IMF has teamed up with the European Union and the European Central Bank in recent years to lend Greece money repeatedly to save it from a debt crisis."
When we read that IMF, EU and ECB have teamed up in recent years to lend Greece even more money to save Greece from a "debt crisis," does that make sense?  If Greece is already so indebted that it can't pay its current debts, how can it make sense to lend even more money to Greece to "save" Greece by putting Greece even deeper into debt?
The answer may lie in the fact a "debt crisis" only exists before an official bankruptcy is filed.  In a "debt crisis," the debtor may be insolvent, unable to pay his bills and technically bankrupt-but he's not yet officially bankrupt.  So long as Greece remains in a pre-bankruptcy, "debt crisis," its bonds can be carried by banks as valuable assets. 
On the other hand, if Greece were officially bankrupt, that would mean that Greece had gone through a legal bankruptcy procedure, virtually all of its debts had been extinguished, its debt-instruments (bonds) were void and worthless.  The creditors would have to admit on their own accounting records that 1) they'd lost hundreds of billions of euros loaned to Greece; and worse, 2) that all of existing Greek bonds were worthless.  
However, if the Greeks can be kept in an indefinite state of "debt crisis," the creditors might not ever have to admit that the remaining €540 billion in Greek bonds were worthless
So long as Greece (or any other insolvent debtor, including you, me or the US government) can be prevented from declaring an official bankruptcy, the creditors can maintain the illusion that the paper debt-instruments (bonds) that memorialize the €540 billion loaned to Greece (or the $18 trillion loaned to the US government) are still valid and valuable.  So long as those bonds are presumed valuable, they canbe used by banks as collateral in fractional reserve banking to lend even more fiat currency to more consumers and thereby stimulate the economy.  
*  Once we define a "debt crisis" to be the state of affairs that exists before a debtor files an official bankruptcy, we can see that it actually makes some sense for creditors to lend more money to insolvent Greece (or to the insolvent US government).   
I believe the creditors want to prolong the Greeks' "debt crisis" as a means to avoid the Greek bankruptcy
Because an "official" bankruptcy would destroy the value of the Greek debt-instruments (bonds) and used as collateral for other loans
Because under fractional reserve banking, banks holding €540 billion in Greek bonds might be able to "create" and lend up to €12 trillion to other bank customers.  Get that?  Under fractional reserve banking, the €540 billion in Greek bonds might've been "multiplied" as into €12 trillion in additional loans.  If the Greek bonds were "officially" declared to be worthless in a bankruptcy proceeding, the banks might have to call in up to €12 trillion in loans made to EU customers.
Could the EU's €14 trillion annual GDP economy withstand the loss of €12 trillion in loans and might collapse?  I don't think so.
If so, that might explain why the creditors seem so determined to prevent Greece from simply filing for bankruptcy.  It's not about the debt.  It's about the Greek sovereign bonds.     
*  Greece currently owes about €540 billion.  The next bailout is said to total about €86 billion.  Thus, the plan du jour is for creditors to lend another €86 billion to Greece so Greece can pretend pay down some to the existing debt and thereby prevent Greece from filing an official bankruptcy that would wipe out €540 billion in Greek sovereign bonds. 
Which implies what?
It implies that the creditors aren't lending more money to Greece in order shield Greece from the "debt crisis".  The creditors are lending more money to Greece to prolong the "debt crisis" and thereby prevent Greece from filing an "official" bankruptcy that would force bankers to admit that Greek debt-instruments they've already used as collateral are worthless.
The creditors aren't lending more money to Greece to protect Greece from a "debt crisis".  The creditors are lending more money to Greece to protect themselves and/or the EU economy from the consequences of an "official" Greek bankruptcy. 
If this hypothesis is valid, it follows that from the creditors' perspective, the "debt crisis" is not the problem-it's the solution.  The problem is an official bankruptcy and total destruction of €540 billion in Greek sovereign bonds. 
The "debt crisis" is the remedy that prevents Greece from filing an official bankruptcy and repudiating the value of the €540 billion in sovereign bonds issued by Greece.
*  From this perspective, Greece needn't suffer a "debt crisis". 
Greece's solution to the "debt crisis" is apparent:  file for bankruptcy; get out from under the debt that everyone knows won't ever be repaid; and get on with their lives.  After the bankruptcy, there'll be two or three tough years, but then things should smooth out and, if the Greek people are willing to work, Greece will become relatively prosperous.
Greece can end the "debt crisis" whenever it finds the nerve to simply file for an official bankruptcy and escape the €540 billion in debt.  
The creditors, however, can never escape their problem since Greece can never truly repay that €540 debt.   All the creditors can do is pretend that Greece will someday pay.  Inevitably, that pretense will fail, it will be admitted that the Greeks can't pay the €540 billion, and the Greek sovereign bonds will be declared void-and that's when the stuff hits the impeller.
*  In our brave new world order of fractional reserve banking, some or all the €540 billion in Greek bonds may be being used by creditors as collateral to lend more fiat currency in their countries to consumers and thereby "stimulate" the EU's economy.
If I understand correctly, EU banks can lend up to 23 times the face value of whatever collateral they hold in their vaults.
So, let's suppose that the creditors have used the entire €540 billion in remaining Greek bonds as collateral to justify lending up to 23 times that much to consumers throughout the EU.  Under that supposition, the €540 billion in Greek bonds could be collateral for over €12 trillion in loans to EU consumers, businesses and even other governments.
If so, and if the Greeks declared an official bankruptcy that wiped out €540 billion in Greek bonds, the €540 billion in collateral would be wiped and the (possible) $12 trillion in bank loans might have to be called in.  Thus, an official Greek bankruptcy might cause some or all of €12 trillion in loans to be recalled from the EU's economy. 
The EU's annual GDP is about €14 trillion. There's no way the EU's already-fragile economy could survive the recall of €12 trillion in loans.
If the fractional reserve ratio in the EU was only about 9 to 1 (as it is in the US), the €540 billion in Greek bonds might still have been used as collateral to lend 9 times €540 billion = €5 trillion in loans to EU consumers, businesses and governments.  If Greece declared bankruptcy and wiped out those €540 billion in bonds, the EU might still have to recall €5 trillion in loans or currency based on those bonds.
Again, could the EU's €14 trillion annual GDP survive the recall of €5 trillion in loans?  Or, would that recall plunge the EU into a deeper recession, "Greater Depression" or collapse? 
*Given the previous conjecture, we can imagine why the creditors might be lending more currency to Greece to maintain the "debt crisis" as a remedy-not a problem-a remedy to prevent an official Greek bankruptcy, the destruction of the existing €540 Greek sovereign bonds, and the possible recall of somewhere between €5 and €12 trillion in loans to EU consumers, businesses and governments.
In fact, it may be that only part of the €540 in Greek bonds are being used as collateral in fractional reserve bank vaults to justify additional loans to Europeans.  Maybe the total amount of debt-based currency that's based on the Greek bonds isn't €14 trillion or even €5 trillion.  Maybe there's only one trillion in debt-based euros that are based on the Greek bonds/debts.
Even if that were true, could the EU economy withstand the loss of even €1 trillion in loans? 
*  The world's fractional reserve banking system is vulnerable to the same sort of chain reactions that could start at any moment that a nation or territory as small as Puerto Rico or city the size of Chicago declared bankruptcy, wiped out its existing debt and invalidated its bonds, and thereby forced local and national banks to recall billions or even trillions of dollars in loans.
The fractional reserve banking system works wonderfully, almost magically, to multiply the currency supply and stimulate an economy while that economy is growing.  But if the economy starts to shrink, the same system works to multiply the losses to the currency supply and destroy the economy.
Fractional reserve banking is threatened by the fact that sovereign bonds of Greece (or the US) are too great to ever be repaid, won't be repaid, and the loans based on those government/sovereign debts (bonds) will have to be recalled.
It's bound to happen.  The only question (as usual) is when.
*  The EU is caught between the rock and the hard place. 
The Rock:  If the EU allows Greece to declare bankruptcy, Greek sovereign bonds might be invalidates and the EU economy might be wrecked. 
The Hard Place:  If the EU won't allow Greece to file for bankruptcy, then the EU will be forced to lend more currency to Greece that they know will never be repaid. 
The only way the EU can prevent Greece from declaring bankruptcy and perhaps collapsing the EU economy, is to keep pouring more currency down the Grecian rat hole and pushing Greece deeper into debt.
I can't see a painless exit from this dilemma.  Sooner or later, Greece, Spain, Ireland, or Portugal, perhaps even France, will declare an official bankruptcy and void billions of euros worth of sovereign bonds which, under fractional reserve banking, could cause the loss of trillions of euros in loans. The EU will slide into recession, depression of overt collapse. 
When that happens, the EU will probably declare its own "official" bankruptcy and void hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of debt-instruments held in the vaults of US banks.  Then the US fractional-banking-system may collapse and drag the US economy down with it.
Those who live by fractional reserve banking, will die by fractional reserve banking. 
Here is a small part of it. Seeing this in a few biotechs. Company had about 23 million cash in hand, and multiple projects in the pipeline, trades pretty highly in the European market, but here in the good usa, it's 23 cents and about to be delisted.
Illegal Naked Short Selling Appears to Lie at the Heart of an Extensive Stock Manipulation Scheme

POSTED by LARRY SMITH on JUN 16, 2015 * (9)

Investment Consequences of Naked Shorting
Only a motivated enforcement agency with subpoena power and an accompanying powerful enforcement infrastructure can prove that naked shorting is at the heart of an extensive stock manipulation scheme. However, I believe that the observational evidence is overwhelming that naked shorting practices are widely used to manipulate the stock prices of emerging biotechnology companies as well as many other small and large companies. Unfortunately, naked shorting is an investment variable that investors must understand if they are going to make investments in the emerging biotechnology space in particular and the equity markets in general.
Investors may decide that they just won't invest in companies that are most subject to naked shorting, but this would eliminate many small emerging growth stocks with exciting potential. For those like me who are attracted by potentially breakthrough technologies, you will inevitably get caught up in a manipulation that leads to a suddenly plunging stock price of a company in which you are invested. Invariably the scheme starts with and is perpetuated by a flurry of blogs, tweets and message board comments which proclaim that the technology is worthless; management is a band of liars and thieves; and people with a positive view on the Company are being paid by the Company. Then come the lawsuits against the Company and management by the usual group of class action law firms. Each year this scenario is played out hundreds of times.
This carefully scripted and long used manipulation scheme by short selling hedge funds is all meant to shake and then break investors' confidence. The result is usually a painful, steady, day by day erosion of the stock price due to naked shorting practices. Stocks can be cut in half by naked shorting on the basis of little or no change in fundamentals. If you are going to invest in this area, you must decide when this occurs whether you believe strongly in the Company and can ride out the storm or want to cut and run. However, sometimes it happens so rapidly that the latter is not an option. On the positive side, these manipulations can often lead to some excellent investment opportunities if the fundamentals remain intact, investor confidence returns and the shorts are forced to cover.

Let the weak say I am strong -- REALLY?
By Laurie Roth, August 5, 2015
You know what they say, even many so called believers - Faith and belief in God helps in trauma and trials, not so much with everyday struggles, bills, family challenges and illnesses. Things usually ride their course and we have to deal with what comes and it is often bad. We must 'man up' 'face up' lean on God but certainly don't be one of those extremists who accesses the power, miracles and love of God - who actually believes and acts upon it.
Many have redefined God as the gumball machine in the sky, seeking Him because of our wants, failures and desperation. We know our country was founded on 'Judeo-Christian values and that is just a historical reference these days. I will never forget the overnight transformation of Congress, praying to the Lord Jesus for help outside in public right after 9/11. For a moment the whole nation was suddenly going back to church and praying. That lasted for a week or two then folks started putting 'gumball' God back on the shelf...again.
Most of us have been trained that God is mainly referenced in a 'general way' in - 12 step programs, disasters, for those on death row and who have really blown it. Then there are the endless award speeches. "I thank God for my Oscar and Grammy." In Hollywood an atheist will thank God if he gets a cool award - probably, Satan himself if he was staring in a show and being worshipped.
Our country is massively tilted and is being attacked from within. God and real faith are simply in the way. Real Christianity and faith must be rewritten. "Christians must get off their high horse. Remember the great crusades." How can we ever forget the words of our poser president at a prayer breakfast no less?   Obama and his progressives are attempting to turn real faith in the Lord Jesus into a 'placebo' and drug. According to Obama and his progressives Jesus is just a longhaired statue to use.
The international schemes of progressive controls must believe that the Lord Jesus doesn't care enough to be closely involved with people anymore. Rarely a miracle will happen. There is no real power and no real love...only perhaps in big movies on the famous stories in the Holy Bible. You know, the ones that Charlton Heston stared Moses.
For years I have been attacked and challenged on national radio and with my articles regarding my faith in the Lord. I am a radical...out of touch. I'm a racist and a mentally ill deviant because I believe in life from the womb on and really believe what Jesus said.
Eventually, we will all face this question. Is God real, does He really love us and have a plan? Does God really hear our prayers and respond? Can and will God intercede, help and heal America or is he over with us?
I am very aware many have thrown in the towel and believe that God has forgotten America. We are under judgment and there is no hope. America is fated to go down the tubes. They are just waiting for the end times to unfold and America is simply too evil for God to use anymore.
I respectively say to even many of my friends who also write and publish columns...YOU ARE SO WRONG. We are to remember who we are and who God made us to be - Light on a Hill to the world. We are to believe that the living God of the Holy Bible still responds to the prayers of His people. Remember that there are millions of praying believers in America who know God is acting and will continue to act.
It is a great reminder in Exodus when Moses asked God what is his most amazing attribute. God himself said it was 'mercy.' Think of that...not power, not grace, not Holiness, not brilliance but mercy. God is absolutely holy and powerful but He is also a God of MERCY. He is not done with America, or us especially when we humble ourselves before Him and reach out to him for help.
Just a few reminders in our lifetime as to God's mercy and response to His people.
The battle of Dunkirk is famous in WW11 history, but do you really know what happened according to dozens of documented witnesses?   400 American troops were stranded on the flat sandy beach at Dunkirk with nothing to hide behind at all. They were sitting ducks on the beach when 60 NAZI planes strafed the beach over and over again with nonstop gunfire. It was the easiest target the NAZI planes would ever have...400 guys with nowhere to hide. What they didn't know was that our soldiers were screaming out Psalm 91 and believing for God's protection. Dozens of the 400 knew Psalm 91 and were yelling it out loud as the bullets rained down on them. You would hope that in that horrific situation that God would save a few stragglers on the beach who believed. What happened however was that not one of the 400 soldiers were hit by gunfire. Survivors recall bullets landing in the sand all around them but they were not hit.
It certainly wasn't likely, practical or reality based that any of the 400 soldiers would have lived but they did because they called on the protection promise of God in Psalm 91 and believed.
Psalm 91 is just one of God's promises of protection for those who believe it and call upon the Lord. I practically pray it everyday for my family and myself. I have read 100s of testimonies of soldiers and civilians who stood on Psalm 91 for protection and got their own miracle over the last several decades.
Just one more real and amazing story was about the fate of the 52 boys sent off to fight the NAZIS out of Seadrift TX. The wives, Mothers and sisters gathered to pray every day Psalm 91 protection over all of them. Well...God answers prayer. All 52 came safely home. That was most unlikely as well.
For us to survive and comeback as individuals and Americans we must understand the power of our tongue and what we say out loud and believe in our hearts. We must ask God for His healing power, intervention and Psalm 91 protection on our country and say it out loud. Don't hope and wonder...believe God at His word.
We must not allow Obama and the progressive agenda to make us less and less until we are nothing. What does the Bible say about our perceptions and words?
"Who is he that over cometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God" 1 John 5:15
"And we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight." Numbers 13:33
"Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit there of. Proverbs 18:21
...Let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich, and let the blind say I can see. Joel 3:10
But Laurie, America can't expect God to do it all. There are practical realities.
Remember in 2 Chronicles 20...Jehoshaphat and the Israelis were facing a vast army coming against them from all sides. It was like 1000 to 1 and Jehoshaphat knew it. The final words of his prayer to God were in v. 12...For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you."
The bottom line for them was that God wiped out all their enemies ahead of them as they walked forward in faith.
Join me in my prayer for America - pray and believe us back to health. Don't accept anything else but our recovery and return. Everyone else can get out of our way. Though we are weakened and have a nightmare in the Whitehouse, God still listens to the faithful prayers of his people and gives us His protection, love and power to survive.
Do you not think that our God won't fight for America as well? He will. Believe, pray and expect it. Now start praising and thanking God in advance. Don't keep focusing on the bad guys, struggles and our lack...focus on God and His power. Let's pray for God's victory in the 2016 elections and for His miracles to come.
You can find out more at

The uncreation program


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


The public should be aware that what science is doing is undermining the balance and safeguards put in place by the Creator. We are experiencing a process called "uncreation." The original DNA of plants, animals and humans are being changed but science refers to it as evolving or improving. Genetic science has crossed the threshold of human ethics to create their own version of life. However, life as we know it is not what they are creating. I saw a report on the "leaky" vaccines being manufactured especially in the animal area. The leaky vaccines are designed to allow disease to become stronger and deadlier. Apparently science has two main categories of vaccines; "perfect" and "leaky". We're told the perfect vaccines mimic human immunity, thus continuing to propagandize the world that vaccines help protect us from disease. The leaky vaccines seem to allow the disease to evolve into stronger pathogens and the vaccinated become sick with the pathogen. We're also told that leaky vaccines put the unvaccinated at greater risk. This is coming from an industry that has admitted they don't know enough about the complexity of the human immune system yet are injecting pathogens into people. All this information got me thinking about the murdered babies and science using their tissue in vaccines, such as the childhood and shingles vaccines. What could human tissue, blood and DNA do to us when it is injected into our bloodstream bypassing the immune system? This is what I uncovered.



In the Bible God warns us that we'd face deadly diseases not mentioned in the Bible. Actually, the Black Plague, cholera and childhood diseases would be dwarfed by what is to come. The average person would never have guessed that scientific medicine has created drugs to supposedly treat or prevent disease when in effect they metabolically involve cannibalistic-type disease. Human baby tissue in vaccines on a cellular level is cannibalism. What can happen within the human body when cannibalism is involved? The human brain is an organ affected causing uncommon and deadly brain diseases. The brain cannot remove toxins like other areas of the body and the brain becomes diseased and deteriorates. A rare brain disease called kuru can occur when cannibalism is involved. It is a form of spongiform encephalopathy, a type of prion infection. This disease bends and deforms the shape of proteins in your brain and then degrades the neurological function. Various symptoms can occur such as, tremors, loss of balance, headaches, inability to read and comprehend, memory and loss of mobility and speech before death. The disease can incubate for 30, 40 or 50 years before symptoms arise. It is incurable according to modern medicine and once symptoms develop the person has a limited time left to live (6 to 12 months). Another example of this disease is when cows eat meat they are not designed to eat and develop cow spongiform encephalopathy or mad cow disease. It eats away at the brain and becomes a spongy mess. Since the disease can take years to manifest in humans, it is unlikely that doctors will make any connection to various medical treatments involving cannibalism. 



According to new scientific research, people don't have to have but a single abnormal protein such in prions and they can replicate abnormal protein strands. Other scientists say more study needs to be done on how this works and suggest that the abnormal protein strands can be created with heavy metal poisoning as well. Scientific research has deliberately conducted research to see how a perfect storm for protein prions can be made.  The diseases cannibalism exposes humans to are extensive such as; parasites, magnified illnesses and growth problems. 



Obviously modern society has not encountered any obvious signs of kuru disease. Kuru means "shaking death" and describes the tremors people with the disease encounter. Science now knows that these abnormal prion proteins can break down into small fragments they call "seeds". The seeds cause normal protein in cells to adopt the abnormal shape and abnormal cells begin to accumulate (nucleation-polymerization reaction). The normal protein is converted to abnormal protein via mutations. This protein infestation creates a toxic by-product.  According to Dr. John Collinge, head of UCL's Department of Neurodegenerative Disease, he studied kuru in Australia between 1996 and 2004 he published his findings in The Lancet 2007.  Dr. Collinge discovered a new prion disease which produced loss of motor function with cognitive decline.  This finding was published in the 2008 Annals of Neurology. This prion disease was linked to degradation of enzymes called proteases and the abnormal prion protein was 16 times lower than the other prion diseases. The people with this lower prion protein were diagnosed with dementia. So the gene mutation produced prion-like infection and matches up with Alzheimer's disease. The prion protein is lower than in other cannibal cases and the mutation occurs outside the gene encoding (amyloid precursor protein). Could it be possible that the dead baby tissue taken and used in vaccines since 1966 has created an abnormal gene protein mutation which incubates for an average of fifty (50) years and then produces dementia or Alzheimer's disease? Is the brain plaque medicine says is the cause of Alzheimer's really the toxic by-product from prion proteins? Brain plaque is made from mayloid beta protein. This prevents brain neurons from transmitting the electrical signals properly. This causes intracellular lesions and death of the surrounding brain cells. Alzheimer's and dementia expert, Christine Kennard, stats that kuru is a rare form of dementia which they think originated in the New Guinea cannibals. Some scientists are conducting research into kuru as a way to understand Alzheimer's disease better. Some have alluded that Alzheimer's is a form of mad cow disease.  The Medical Research Council of the UK is studying DNA from over 3,000 victims of mad cow disease and comparing it to victims of Alzheimer's disease. So far they have found a similar variation of the prion gene. Unfortunately, these researchers believe that this must be a normal selection in gene mutation in humans. They believe in the evolution theory and that human genes are naturally over several decades producing dementia-like diseases. Professor John Collinge stated, "It's absolutely fascinating to see the principles of Darwin at work here." This would mean that "natural selection" is killing more than 5.4 million annually. This genetic mechanism that science seems to be experimenting with could also be tampering with other neurological diseases such as Parkinson's. Neurological disease is the sixth leading cause of death. According to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America, it is expected that Alzheimer's disease could affect 20% of our population by 2050 (11 to 16 million people). The WHO worldwide 2010 statistic on Alzheimer's affects 35.6 million people. They state that by 2050 there will be 115.4 million people with Alzheimer's disease alone. The US National Institute for Neurological Disorders reports Parkinson's disease exceeds 500,000 cases per year in the US and will double by 2030. Are these numbers an estimated prediction or are they scientific projections based on help from science?



Some of what we do know is that vaccines are causing anaphylactic shock, strokes, respiratory arrest (SIDS), internal medicine disease, neurological disease such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome as well as autism. Virologist Anthony Morris, former Chief of the FDA's Vaccine Research Division, exposed the inoculation industry as one of greed and population reduction. Dr. Morris released information to the public in 1976 that the flu vaccine when inhaled by lab animals caused tumors to grow. He also exposed the Swine Flu epidemic in 1976 as a lie and warned people the swine flu vaccine would produce neurological disease, which it did.  Since the 1970's vaccines have evolved into more sophisticated biological weapons. The more exotic or absurd they sound the more deadly they become to creation. The words of illusion have attempted to persuade people that what is offensive is acceptable. An example would be we don't receive invitations to a fetal shower but a baby shower. The term fetal is deliberately used to remove the God-given human condition of life from a developing baby. Babies are not a choice - they are babies that will become children, adults and grandparents. Preventing that from happening is what the Bible says is; sacrificing children to idols. The womb should never be a grave and babies should not be cannibalized by scientific medicine. What happened to "first do no harm?" Scientific jargon took care of that.



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