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Friday, July 24, AD 2015
Between Friday, July 17, AD 2015 and 
Friday, July 24, AD 2015, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 2.5 % from $1,133.30 to 1099.50

Silver fell 0.7 % from $14.84 to $14.74

Platinum fell 0.4 % from $991 to $987

Palladium rose 2.0 % from $612 to $624

Crude Oil fell 5.3 % from $50.78 to $48.08

DJIA fell 2.8 % from 18,086.45 to 17,568.53

NASDAQ fell 2.3 % from 5,210.14 to 5,088.63

NYSE fell 2.4 % from 10,987.20 to 10,722.00

US Dollar Index fell 0.8 % from 97.96 to 97.20


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Causing inflation.


by Alfred Adask



Inflation makes debts cheaper and easier to repay since they are repaid with devalued, inflated, cheaper dollars.


Inflation tends to stimulate the economy by making currency less valuable and thereby increasing the consumers' inclination spend quickly and before their currency loses its value. 


Inflation is typically associated with economic booms.


Inflation is great for borrowers and debtors and terrible for lenders and creditors.


As the world's biggest debtor and borrower, the US government wants and even needs inflation.


*  Conversely, deflation makes debts more costly and harder to repay since those debts are repaid with deflated, more valuable dollars.


Deflation tends to slow the economy by making currency more valuable and increasing the people's inclination to save their currency rather than spend it because it's gaining value. 


Deflation is typically associated with economic depressions.


As deflation persists, existing debts can grow so large in terms of purchasing power that the debts can't be paid and debtors are increasingly forced to declare bankruptcy.


As world's biggest debtor, the U.S. government can't stand-and might not even survive-a prolonged period of deflation.


Government fears and hates deflation.



A.D. 1971:

President Nixon stopped redeeming foreign-held US dollars with gold and thereby converted the dollar into a pure fiat currency.  The market price for gold was $45.


A.D. 1972: 

The Nixon administration reached an audacious deal with Saudi Arabia:  the US would guarantee Saudi Arabian security; the Saudis would only sell their crude oil for dollars.  Later, a similar agreement was reached with OPEC. 


Result?  Anyone who wanted to purchase crude oil on the international markets had to first have intrinsically-worthless fiat dollars.  The resulting international demand for dollars created the dollar's perceived value and status as "petro-dollar".  The dollar was implicitly backed by crude oil and therefore allowed to continue as World Reserve Currency-despite the fact that it was no longer backed by gold or silver. 


Gold was $64.


A.D. 2000: 

The US was the world's only, undisputed super-power.  The US dollar's value on the US Dollar Index (USDX) was 125.  The market price for gold was $273.


A.D. 2001: 

Saddam Hussein began to sell Iraqi crude for euros and threatened the dollar's hegemony as the world's only petro-currency.  Gold: $265.  USDX: 125


A.D. 2003:  

Under the pretext of seeking to destroy Weapons of Mass Destruction, the US invaded Iraq.  Gold: $417.  USDX: 80


A.D. 2011:      

Prior to A.D. 2011, government policy was to inflate the fiat dollar.  Price of gold and the USDX are evidence of that policy.


However, starting in A.D. 2011, CNN-Money published "IMF calls for dollar alternative" and claimed,


"The International Monetary Fund issued a report Thursday on a possible replacement for the dollar as the world's reserve currency.


"The IMF said Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, could help stabilize the global financial system . . . . as a less volatile alternative to the U.S. dollar.


"The goal is to have a reserve asset for central banks that better reflects the global economy since the dollar is vulnerable to swings in the domestic economy and changes in U.S. policy.


"The IMF also proposed creating SDR-denominated bonds, which could reduce central banks' dependence on U.S. Treasuries. The Fund also suggested that certain assets, such as oil and gold, which are traded in U.S. dollars, could be priced using SDRs."


That report went largely unnoticed, but it was big news.  The almighty IMF was saying:


1)  Since A.D. 2000, the fiat dollar's value had fallen from 125 to 72 on the USDX and was therefore deemed too "volatile" to continue as the World Reserve Currency;


2)  The fiat dollar should be replaced as World Reserve Currency with Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) issued by the IMF.  That would make the SDRs the "World Reserve Currency".


5)  Replacing the dollar with SDRs would serve the best interests of central banks and the global economy.


4)  The role of US Treasuries on the international financial systems should be replaced by bonds issued by the IMF and valued in SDRs.  That would dramatically reduce the demand for and value of US Treasuries.


5)  The price of crude oil should be denominated in SDRs rather than US dollars.  That would make the SDR the world's "petro-currency".


The IMF was clearly attacking the US dollar's hegemony as "petro-currency" and World Reserve Currency.


*  USDX fell to 72, reversed, and began an initially slow rise to today's 97-that's a four-year, 35% increase in the purchasing power of the fiat dollar as measured by the USDX.


*  Gold hit its all-time high, $1911-and began a 4-year, 42% descent to (now) $1,100


*  the US military leaves Iraq. 


Were these A.D. 2011 events merely coincidental?  Or are they evidence that government's pro-inflation policy of most of 80 years was giving way to a pro-deflation policy?


Did the IMF threat to replace the fiat dollar as World Reserve Currency throw the US government and Federal Reserve into a panic?  Did that panic cause government and the Fed to start raising the USDX and lowering the price of gold in order to maintain the fiat dollar's status as "World Reserve Currency"


Remember, since A.D. 1971 the only thing that really gave the fiat dollar any value was its status as the world's "petro-currency" and World Reserve Currency.  If the dollar lost either status, it would also inflate, lose much of its perceived value, and perhaps die in hyperinflation within two or three years.


Did the US government and Federal Reserve embark in A.D. 2011 on a policy of international dollar deflation in order to preserve the fiat dollar?  Did they risk the US domestic economy stagnating or even falling into depression, in order to preserve the fiat dollar?  Did they increase government's debt burden and risk of insolvency in order to protect the fiat dollar?


IF the feds/Fed adopted a policy in A.D. 2011 to cause dollar deflation in the international/USDX level, that policy seems to have worked well enough to stop the IMF's proposed replacement of the dollar as World Reserve Currency-at least, until now.


A.D. 2014 

USDX 80  Gold $1,300


USDX deflation accelerates.  The USDX rises over 25% from 80 (2014) to nearly 100 in early A.D. 2015.  Gold falls another 15% to today's $1,100. 


Was the 2014 acceleration in deflation accidental?  Or was it evidence of the feds/Fed determination to preserve the dollar's status as World Reserve Currency in the face of growing competition for that status from the Chinese Yuan?


A.D. 2015

Reuters recently published an article entitled, "Opportunities open up as U.S., UK prepare to go it alone on rates".  According to that article,


"Amid all the uncertainty swirling around financial markets, one clear picture is emerging: U.S. and UK interest rates will soon rise, while most of the rest of the world is easing monetary policy." 


In other words, much of the rest of the world is promoting inflation by lowering interest rates and increasing their domestic money supplies, thereby making it easier for domestic consumers to borrow and spend and more profitable for domestic industries to export goods to foreign countries. 


The U.S. and UK, however, are allegedly preparing to raise interest rates and thereby increase the forces of deflation that make it more expensive for US and UK consumers to borrow and spend, harder for US and UK industries to export, and harder for the US and UK governments to repay existing national debts or borrow more.


If both the US and UK officially raise interest rates and thereby risk causing deflation and even economic depression, then the accelerated deflation seen on the USDX over the past sixteen months is probably not accidental.  It's intentional policy.   


Why might government want to cause deflation?


On the domestic level, causing deflation is tantamount to economic suicide.


However, a strong dollar on the international level will tend to resist attempts by the Chinese Yuan and/or IMF SDRs to seize the roles of "petro-currency" and World Reserve Currency from the US dollar.


Faced with growing competition from other currencies and the threat of dollar destruction, it's conceivable that the government and Federal Reserve embarked on a policy to make the dollar more valuable on the international level.  That might explain why they're at least allowing and perhaps encouraging dollar deflation on the international level. 


So long as the dollar is increasing in value (deflating), the world will demand dollars.  So long as the world demands dollars, the dollar will continue to retain at least some of its status as World Reserve Currency.


Nevertheless, if government and Federal Reserve policy is to support the dollar with international deflation, they're risking the spread of deflation into the domestic economy and collapse of the US economy.  If so, for the powers that run this country, the dollar is more important than the American people or the U.S. economy.




"[T]he United States and Britain will be swimming against the global tide. No fewer than 37 central banks have eased monetary policy so far this year to boost growth, fight deflation or both."


Interesting, hmm?  37 central banks are fighting deflation while the US and UK appear to embrace deflation.  Are the US and UK super-smart or super-stupid?


Clearly, we are at some sort of inflection point in international finance.  The US and UK are either about to be brilliantly strengthened or catastrophically weakened.



Are we getting closer to another dose of Quantitative Easing (QE4)?  Could QE4 cause sufficient inflation to reduce the deflationary pressures currently on the dollar and US economy?


If not, has government conceded that since QEs 1, 2 & 3 failed to cause much inflation, QE4 will also fail?


Has government grown so impotent that it's resigned to suffering more deflation?  Or is government intentionally causing more deflation (at least on the international level) to protect the dollar's status as World Reserve Currency?


Unless our government is bent on pushing the US economy into a depression, government should still prefer inflation to deflation.  Recent evidence of accelerating dollar deflation refutes that proposition, but let's pretend it's true.


If it were, we might ask the following:


1) IF government still wants and needs more inflation to stimulate the economy and pay off the national debt with cheaper dollars; and,


2) IF the government and Fed are convinced that QE4 won't succeed at producing more inflation; and,


3) IF near-zero interest rates can't cause more inflation and economic stimulation; then,


4) Are we doomed to succumb to deflation and economic depression no matter what?  Or,


5) Is there some other way to create inflation?


The answer to the question at #4 is "Not necessarily-we might still escape deflation."


The answer to the question at #5 is "Yes-there are other ways to create inflation."


Inflation by Declaration


Because they're covert, creating inflation by printing more currency and artificially suppressing interest rates are preferred methods to cause inflation.  The public doesn't understand them.  Also, their effects aren't usually sudden and occur slowly.  Thus, these two methods (printing more dollars and lowering interest rates) are sneaky since, in theory, they allow government to avoid the blame for causing inflation.


But, if government were sufficiently desperate, it could cause significant inflation overnight by simply declaring that the purchasing power of the dollar had been reduced by, say, 50%.  The resulting inflation would be sudden, overt and undeniable. Government would have to take the blame. But sufficient inflation might be achieved to offset the forces of deflation that've been significant since A.D. 2008 and actually "stimulate" the economy. 


Devaluation by declaration might be achieved by issuing a new pink currency to replace our green currency at a ratio and value that were designed to cause significant inflation.  There might even be a way to somehow suddenly increase prices by edict without actually replacing our green currency.


You might go to sleep on Friday with $20,000 in your bank account and wake up on Monday morning to learn that government had declared that the purchasing power of Friday's $20,000 was reduced to, say, $10,000.  Creditors would scream.  Debtors would cheer.  Since most Americans are debtors, the cheers might drown out the screams.  For a while.


Inflation by Disconnection


Prior to A.D. 1971, paper dollars had value on international markets because they were connected to, and redeemable in, gold.  When Nixon stopped redeeming foreign-held dollars with gold, he disconnected paper dollars from gold, dollars lost value, prices rose, and American suffered a spike in inflation.  The disconnection of gold from paper dollars caused inflation. 


Secretary of State Kissinger subsequently negotiated a deal whereby the sale of all crude oil on international markets could be achieved only by payments in fiat dollars.  Kissinger connected fiat dollars to crude oil.  That connection gave new value to the fiat dollar.  Inflation persisted at a modest rate and the dollar retained its position as World Reserve Currency.


It follows that if today's government really wanted to cause dollar inflation, no matter what the cost, all they'd have to do is disconnect fiat dollars from the sale of crude oil. If other currencies could also purchase crude oil, the dollar's petro-currency hegemony would be eroded.  As that hegemony disappeared, the dollar should spiral deeper into inflation, devaluation and worthlessness.


To some extent, this erosion is already happening.  During the 1970s, 80s and 90s, the dollar was used to purchase nearly 100% of crude oil sold on international markets.  Today, only about 80% of international crude oil sales are made with dollars.  Over time, that percentage is certain to decline further.  If the dollar is no longer "the" primary "petro-currency," the dollar's value (purchasing power) will fall.  That's inflation.


My point is that government has the means to create significant, sudden and overt inflation if they really wanted to do so:  just cause or allow the "petro-dollar" to be increasingly disconnected from its link to crude oil and status as exclusive "petro-currency".


October 20th?


All of which leads me to a recent report by Stansberry Research entitled "First Look: U.S. Dollar Substitute to Go Public on Oct 20th?" 


According to Stansberry,




"On Oct 20th of this year, the IMF is expected to announce a reserve currency alternative to the U.S. dollar."


Remember the CNN-Money report from A.D. 2011 that the IMF had threatened to create an alternative World Reserve Currency to replace the fiat dollar?  That new currency was to be based on SDRs. 


IF the Stansberry report is accurate, it may be that on October 20th, we'll see a new, international currency that either supplants or replaces the US dollar as "petro-currency" and/or World Reserve Currency.  One result of this new currency should be at least two or three years of significant dollar inflation.


If the US government wants inflation (at least for a couple more years), a new World Reserve Currency would achieve that object without placing exclusive blame on the US government. 


*  After reading the Stansberry report, a headline asked "Is the IMF trying to beat China in the creation of a new reserve currency?" speculated:


"Earlier this year, China announced that they will have their new SWIFT system fully functional by either September or October and can then fully float the Yuan currency worldwide. . . . However, a new report from Stansberry Research is alleges that the IMF sit by idly while the East wrests control from them over the [next] global monetary system, and could be finalizing plans of their own to replace the dollar before China does."


Could it be that the dollar is admitted by all to be near death and no longer worth fighting for?


Could it be that the real battle for the title of "World Reserve Currency" is not between the (nearly dead) dollar and the Chinese Yuan-but between the Chinese Yuan and the IMFs SDRs?


Are we less than three months away from the end of dollar deflation and the resumption of dollar inflation?


Perhaps, those questions will be answered October 20th.


Whatever those answers may be, it looks, seems, and feels as if we're on the verge of "something big". 


Buckle up.

Produced by NIA...


Between January 1970 and December 1974, gold rose 456.6% from $35.08 per oz to $195.25 per oz, which was followed by a 47% decline to a low in August 1976 of $103.50 per oz. Afterwards, gold rose 721.3% to a high in January 1980 of $850 per oz.





Between April 2001 and September 2011, gold rose 630.4% from $259.45 per oz to a high of $1,895 per oz. Since gold's peak, it has declined by 43.1% to a current price of $1,078.50 per oz. Just like in the 1970s, gold has been experiencing a medium-term decline, as part of a secular bull market.


Too many people were bullish on gold at $1,895 per oz. For gold to rise to $2,000 and beyond, we needed to first see a decline that turns everybody into bears - even the so-called "gold bugs". China's recent announcement of their latest central bank gold reserves disappointed many of the "gold bugs", who were expecting China to announce an even larger increase than it did - that would trigger a massive gold rally. With their one last hope for gold $2,000 now gone and no further short-term catalysts in sight, the "gold bugs" are finally throwing their hands in the air and giving up on gold, which means true capitulation is almost here.


During gold's 1974-1976 decline of 47%, it had two false bottoms at $128.75 per oz and $124.60 per oz, before true capitulation occurred with gold eventually bottoming at $103.50 per oz. During gold's current decline of 43.1%, it has already experienced two false bottoms: one in June 2013 at $1,192 per oz and another in November 2014 at $1,142 per oz. The fact that these two bottoms didn't hold, has totally frustrated the most loyal "gold bugs" - who will likely end up selling at the exact bottom. If history repeats itself, we could see gold ultimately settle at $1,004.35 per oz (down 47% from its peak), followed by a move to $8,248.73 per oz.





The Dow Jones Industrial Average priced in gold, remains down 63.3% from its August 25, 1999 peak. Back on August 21, 2011, the DJIA priced in gold was down as much as 87.1% from its August, 25, 1999 peak - but has since bounced by 184.4%.


The stock market remains in a secular bear market. Its recent bounce is exactly like what occurred in the 1970s. Between February 9, 1966, and December 31, 1974, the DJIA priced in gold declined by 89.2% from 28.43 to a low of 3.06 - but afterwards bounced by 206.5% to a medium-term peak of 9.38. After the bounce was over, the DJIA priced in gold declined by 89% to a secular bear market low of 1.03.


If gold bottoms at $1,004.35 per oz and the DJIA remains at yesterday's nominal close of 17,732, the DJIA would be priced at 17.66 oz of gold, for a total bounce of 205.5% from its 2011 low of 5.78 oz. This would be almost exactly in line with the DJIA/Gold ratio's 1974-1976 bounce of 206.5%. The DJIA/Gold ratio would also be extremely close to its September 3, 1929 peak of 18.44 oz - which was just prior to the Great Depression!




Since year 1900, the median DJIA/Gold ratio has been 5.49. Therefore, we are 100% sure that the DJIA's 2011 low priced in gold of 5.78 oz - was NOT the end of the stock market's secular bear market. The stock market's recent bounce and gold's recent decline - has all been completely healthy and natural. It's simply a medium-term phase that's about to end. At this moment, the Federal Reserve has tremendous credibility, but they are about to lose it!

God gives and takes life NOT Obama and Obamacare


Abortion has long been the 'euthanasia result' of Obama and his followers in their quest to lesson populations around te world and not be inconvenienced by babies. They find the spirit, laws and definitions of Almighty God unacceptable and have again and again replaced God of the Holy Bible with Obama of the unholy bible.

Obamacare as intended has proven itself to be an unholy, unaffordable and a horrific nightmare for America. It crushes faith, real healthcare and freedom. As predicted it is force-feeding Obama values on all it can, slamming through court ruling after court ruling, tragically, even with the Supreme Court. It has completely redefined everything it has touched and has arrogantly been trying to turn all employers and people of faith into collaborating serial killers and abortion providers.

Just last week a Federal appellate court ruled against Catholic Nuns. They are forced to provide Abortion Pills. As usual, Obama and his sold out courts redefine words and meanings for their evil purposes. The court says they accommodate religious nonprofits by saying they can seek an exemption from being forced to provide contraception to their workers. But, Obama and Obamacare still get what they want since a 3rd party must then provide for the abortion pills and contraception in total opposition to religious beliefs.

Little Sisters of the Poor and several Christian colleges in Oklahoma are fighting this evil ruling. They don't intend to be forced to provide abortion pills and murder children no matter how it has been manipulated or redefined. The net effect is the same. Kill and control life - control the masses and flip of almighty God...again. will supply the pills.

In my last article I reminded us all of the real definitions of life - when it happens and how it happens. It doesn't take rocket science to figure it out. God in the Holy bible defines life, our worth and our uniqueness from conception; - The US Constitution talks about the protections and Constitutional rights of even the unborn in the 5th and 14th amendments and science defines life as starting from conception.

We must stand with Little Sisters of the Poor and other Christian organizations that have the guts to stand up for the uniqueness and importance of every life. If we do not, the 'nazi' spirit of euthenasia and murder will not only murder millions more babies but target other unwanted groups still living. They will use your hands and money to do it.

Stand against all kinds of murder in every way possible...not just the ones that would benefit Obama and other tyrants.

Will abortion pills be passed around in offering plates at churches next? Will we force our Pastors and Priests to put the pills in the plate themselves then pray a big prayer to God?

Stand with me no matter what. "Abortion is evil, wrong and criminal." God, the U.S. Constitution and Science stands for life in the unborn - So can we.

Dictators and tyrants like Obama have long targeted masses of people, starting with the innocent unborn to destroy and control. It is big business as we have recently seen with Planned Parenthood making millions illegally using our tax dollars to sell body parts of the babies they murder.

Stand up for all life now or it will be a matter of time before your name is also on the list to eliminate.

You can find out more about me, read my articles and keep updated about my plans at


Shingle secrets and the vaccine


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


Most people are beginning to understand that there is no safe vaccine. Scientific medicine is pushing the shingles vaccine on people fifty (50) years or older. Patients agree to risk of the side effects of the shingles vaccines in exchange for promises of protection from getting shingles. Does this vaccine provide patient protection from shingles? Is there another way to prevent or deal with a shingles outbreak that can be resolved in a few days?  Let's find out.



What exactly is shingles? It is a varicella-zoster virus, which causes chickenpox. That pesky childhood disease can lie dormant after the person recovers from the initial outbreak. The virus will settle on the nerve tissue (the cerebral ganglia or cranial nerves and posterior nerve roots). As we age, the virus can give us shingles when we are stressed and the immune system is low. As the reactivated virus spreads, it continues to multiply in the ganglia nerves and it destroys the host neuron while it travels down the sensory nerves to the skin. This would explain why shingles is worse than chickenpox. You will break out in blisters and be in severe pain.



Medicine would have the public believe that if you have had chickenpox the risk is high you will develop painful shingles at least once in your lifetime. We're told that there is a 2 in 10 person risk of getting them. In the US, nearly 500,000 contract shingles annually. That is almost 1,500 people a day. People over 50-years-of-age tend to get shingles most likely because their immune system is weaker. Most doctor offices and pharmacies have huge signs stating, "Come get your shingles shot!"



The Vaccine Safety Datalink study published in the March 2014 in the Journal of Internal Medicine, stated that the shingles vaccine is safe. Is it really? According to Dr. Julian Whitaker of the Whitaker Wellness Institute, the study in the journal is questionable. The study was conducted by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente Insurance. He states the research published says there was only a small increased risk of local reaction (redness and pain) a week within getting the vaccine. The researchers also stated there was no risk of contracting meningitis, cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascuilar disease, encephalopathy (inflammation of the brain), Bell's palsy or Ramsay-Hunt syndrome. Mind you, this study was conducted on the vaccine's safety after it has been in use since 2006. According to Dr. Whitaker, there is no evidence that the shingles vaccine prevents future or repeat outbreaks yet it is being marketed as such. Patients need to keep in mind that the shingles vaccine costs $220 per shot. Shingles is not a life-threatening disease but it is painful. The National Vaccine Information Center states on their website that the shingles vaccine is a live virus made by Merck and is recommended to adults over fifty. They report the side effects from the vaccine are; pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, a zoster-like rash, headache, joint and muscle pain, fever, abnormally swollen glands and anaphylaxis shock. They also report a 51% effectiveness. The mass inoculation program for chickenpox is believed to have brought on an increase in shingles in adults. Merck has simply repackaged the chickenpox vaccine making it 14 times stronger can call it the shingles vaccine. The public is not informed of this by their physicians.



People over 50, those with weak immune systems, HIV patients, chemotherapy or radiation treatment patients, transplant recipients (because they take immune suppressant drugs), and those experiencing extreme stress should avoid the shingles vaccine and all vaccines. Those that take the chickenpox vaccine are also at risk because you are intentionally injecting the virus into the blood stream. The CDC states that pregnant women or women who may become pregnant within three months should not get the shingles vaccine. Leukemia or lymphoma patients or anyone with a bone marrow disorder should also avoid this dangerous vaccine. Alerts are also included for anyone who is currently sick or feverish should not be vaccinated. People with allergic reactions to horse or bovine serum, gelatin or the antibiotic neomycin should also avoid this vaccine. We'll get to why in a minute.



Other than thevaricella-zoster live virus, gelatin and antibiotic ingredients (neomycin), what is in this vaccine? Let's check the package insert.



"ZOSTAVAX is a lyophilized preparation of the Oka/Merck strain of live, attenuated varicella-zoster virus (VZV). ZOSTAVAX, when reconstituted as directed, is a sterile suspension for subcutaneous administration. Each 0.65-mL dose contains a minimum of 19,400 PFU (plaque-forming units) of Oka/Merck strain of VZV when reconstituted and stored at room temperature for up to 30 minutes. Each dose contains 31.16 mg of
sucrose, 15.58 mg of
hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, 3.99 mg of
sodium chloride, 0.62 mg of
monosodium L-glutamate (MSG), 0.57 mg of
sodium phosphate dibasic, 0.10 mg of
potassium phosphate monobasic, 0.10 mg of
potassium chloride;
residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein; and
trace quantities of neomycin and bovine calf serum. The product contains no preservatives."



You may be asking what exactly is the ingredient MCR-5 cell with DNA and protein. Before we get to this ingredient, let's not leave out the others. MSG is known as a neurotoxin and when injected directly into the blood system causes nervous system diseases and brain damage. The gelatin is derived collagen from pig skin and bones. The hydrolyzed porcine gelatin can increase the risk of infection from the synthetic growth hormones most people now have in their bodies. The MCR-cells with DNA and protein are derived from aborted human fetuses. According to the National Vaccine Information Center most of the vaccines for children have aborted human fetal proteins, altered DNA and genetically modified human blood in them. This could explain why there is a dramatic increase in asthma, allergies, autism, digestive disorders, diabetes, obesity toxic shock and sudden death. Vaccines are most likely a major source for internal medicine diseases worldwide. This would guarantee the pharmaceutical industry and medical establishment an endless stream of patients.  As we age our immune system can weaken. The shingles vaccine has an antibiotic in it, which suppresses the immune system. Health authorities say if your immune system is weak you shouldn't take the shingles vaccine. Little do patients realize the vaccine is designed to weaken the immune system.

The MRC-5 cell line was developed in September 1966 from lung tissue taken from a 14 week fetus aborted for psychiatric reason from a 27 year old physically healthy woman.



The shingles vaccine is marketed to help prevent shingles outbreaks and also resolve the nerve pain associated with shingles. The research and historical use of the shingles vaccine has doctors setting the record straight on the bogus benefits of this treatment.  Let's see what one doctor noticed:


"Merck touts a 39% decline with the use of the vaccine. Further analysis of the data might lead you to a different conclusion. Approximately 0.4% of unvaccinated person's verses 0.14% of vaccinated people developed postherpetic neuralgia (nerve pain). The 39% decline is less than accurate. If we looked at the more accurate absolute risk, we come up with a decline of 0.26% of postherpetic neuralgia in those that were vaccinated." David Brownstein, MD


The shingles vaccine costs $220. It would be more effective to use the money towards natural sources to boost the immune system for prevention. According to Dr. Weston Price, we should improve overall immune function, which is what truly prevents the shingles in the first place.



Some doctors will not get the diagnosis of shingles right the first time because early symptoms mimic other conditions such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the flu, appendicitis or pleurisy. Early symptoms include; fever and an overall weak feeling. Within 2 to 4 days a burning sensation, shooting pain, tingling or itching on one side of the body or on the face will appear. The pain normally lasts about four weeks and the rash or blisters appear usually within 14 days and contain a clear or puss-filled fluid. The blisters will scab over in about ten days after appearing. Be careful not to rupture the blisters or they will become more infected. Such infection will enlarge the lymph nodes and can also become infected. With the disease sometimes appearing on the face there is a risk of complications involving hearing or vision. If the shingles virus reaches the cornea and it becomes infected, there is a chance of temporary or permanent blindness. Dizziness and loss of taste are also common symptoms. In rare occurrences, if the infection encompasses the central nervous system, muscle atrophy and motor paralysis can occur. Another symptom that can occur is considered a residual symptom called post herpetic neuralgia, which is persistent pain from the shingles lingering for months or years after the outbreak is resolved. This usually happens with the elderly patients. More symptoms are listed here



The shingles vaccine was developed using tax-payer money via the national Shingles Prevention Study conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID). Oddly enough, some doctors recommend their patients use capsaicin (a pungent crystalline compound derived from capsicum; source of the hotness in hot peppers - cayenne) for pain. Real cayenne numbs the nerve endings and offers comfort from the pain. I like to add ginger root to that as well for inflammation and pain to the small capillaries. Liquid cayenne can also help scabs to heal leaving no scars.



During the illness, avoid starches and sugars. The sugar feeds the virus and is not good for the central nervous system. The starches also create mucous to prevent toxin removal. However, you can have natural juices with no added sugars or you can use a little honey or Stevia (a natural sweetener) for hot beverages. I would also detox the system.


The following natural therapies are essential to cleanse the virus and toxins out of the body to allow the body to regenerate and heal.


  1. BOWEL CLEANSE with natural vitamin B supplement for nerves (see Body Foundation Food Mix)
  3. BLOOD CLEANSE (always the last body cleanse).



IMMUNE BOOSTING - use Echinacea root to help your body make more macrophages and killer T-cells to shorten your duration of illness. Astragalus root can also be used.



The medical journals have listed studies on barberry mainly because of its bacteria-fighting alkaloid called berberine. What have the scientists and doctors have concluded about barberry is it contains major compounds that kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, diarrhea, salmonella and shingles virus.


RELAXATION OF CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM - The  body heals faster when the nervous system is calm. See Relaxation formula and Valerian Root formula made by Apothecary Herbs. Take internally and apply topically on sores. Other herbs to use topically are liquid cayenne (Circulation Formula) and Garlic Juice. You can soak cotton cloth in the herbal formula and apply to sores.


FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT - the nervine herbs will help a lot and you can add willow bark with natural salicin to reduce inflammation and pain. See Pain Formula (contains salicin) at Apothecary Herbs.



Natural B vitamin is essential to help repair nerves. Use only organic vitamins as the synthetic are petrochemical drugs. See the Body Foundation Food Mix with protein, vitamins, minerals and 22 essential amino acids at Apothecary Herbs.



Use all the above and substitute the Parkinson's Kit for the Relaxation Formula. The nervine herbs in this product help with the pain of shingles. Use internally and externally on sores. Body Work (massage) is also helpful up and down the spine. Drink more than you eat. The body will be able to rid the body of the virus if you drink at least a gallon or more of fluids per day. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which dehydrates the system and converts to sugar. Mullein herb is an excellent herb to sooth lymph glands.



For a safe answer to the shingles virus you can purchase a Shingles-B-Gone kit from Apothecary Herbs.  You will have the necessary herbal tools to prevent or recover from the shingles virus. Call Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless.






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