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Friday, June 26, AD 2015
Between Friday, June 19, AD 2015 and 
Friday, June 26, AD 2015, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 2.2 % from $1,200.30 to $1,174.20

Silver fell 2.0 % from $16.08 to $15.75

Platinum fell 0.4 % from $1,084 to $1,080

Palladium fell 4.1 % from $706 to $677

DJIA fell 0.4 % from 18,014.28 to 17,947.02

NASDAQ fell 0.7 % from 5,117.00 to 5,080.51

NYSE rose 0.0 % from 11,039.00 to 11,040.30

US Dollar Index rose 1.4 % from 94.09 to 95.40

Crude Oil rose 0.4 % from $59.37 to $59.61


T he 2015-W American Liberty, High Relief gold coin to be issued by the U.S. Mint will be a 1-ounce .9999 fine gold piece that will carry a face value of $100, becoming the United States' first gold coin to bear that denomination.

The first U.S. coin to carry the $100 denomination is the American Eagle 1-ounce platinum coin introduced in 1997.

Images of an example of the High Relief gold coin were posted June 23, with no advance notice, on the Mint's website. No program details, coin specifications, finish, mintage limits or pricing accompanied the posting.

Mint officials had previously announced the coin would contain 0.75 ounce of pure gold and bear a $75 face value. Mint officials have not yet released details about why the weight and face value change was made.

The $100 face value was advocated by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee in January. The CCAC had supported the idea of calling the coin a "union," the name established for a $100 coin that the Mint developed in the 1870s but has never issued.

The American Liberty gold coin's adopted designs, also recommended by the Commission of Fine Arts, will also appear on a High Relief .999 fine silver medal having no coin inscriptions, to be offered at a later date than the High Relief gold $100 coin.

The American Liberty, High Relief gold $100 coin's obverse was designed by U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program artist Justin Kunz and sculptured by U.S. Mint Medallic Sculptor Phebe Hemphill. It features a robed Liberty with a torch held upright in her right hand and an American flag on staff in her left.

The reverse was designed by AIP artist Paul C. Balin and sculptured by U.S. Mint Sculptor Engraver Donald Everhart II. The eagle in flight, reminiscent of the eagle reverse of the original Gobrecht silver dollars of the 1830s, was originally submitted for, but not adopted for, the reverse of the 2015-W U.S. Marshals 225th Anniversary gold $5 half eagle.

Balin's eagle design was resurrected and proposed by Gary Marks, who will complete his second four-year term on the CCAC in October. Marks had originally proposed using Balin's eagle design to replace John Mercanti's Heraldic Eagle design for the reverse of the American Eagle silver dollar. Mercanti's design has occupied the American Eagle silver bullion coin's reverse since its introduction in November 1986.

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Global liquidation of paper debt-instruments


by Alfred Adask


Hugo Salinas Price was born in A.D. 1932.  He holds degrees from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, the Instituto Tecnologico at Monteray, Mexico, as well a law degree from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. The man is well-educated.


He founded Mexico's Elektra retail chain and became one of the world's wealthiest men. He's currently retired from business and focused on restoring a silver-based monetary system for Mexico.

In a recent article ("The Coming Liquidation"), Salinas-Price warns of an approaching crisis when investors will try to sell (liquidate) their bonds and learn that no one will buy at full face value. Panic will ensue. Prices will crash. Fortunes will be lost. The world economy could collapse.

According to Salinas-Price,

"The total world debt is $223 trillion. . . . That $223 Trillion is actual debt, and does
not include the potential debt lying in derivatives of this debt, which is another humongous amount which would become debt should there be any significant
default on the existing $223 Trillion world debt."

"The $223 Trillion world debt is like a huge cloud up in the sky. It is of vital importance for the world of finance that the $223 Trillion world debt continue 'up in the sky,' and that it not be subject to liquidation."

Warning #1: It is of "vital importance that the world debt remain primarily unliquidated.

Salinas-Price didn't define "liquidation" in his article. However, he did tell us that,

1) "'Liquidation' and 'payment' are two different things," and,

2) "'Liquidation' means that holders of debt seek to exchange the debt they hold, for cash."

The "payment" of a debt is the obligation of the debtor to the creditor.

The right of "liquidation" belongs to the creditor and doesn't directly involve the debtor.

To illustrate, suppose Bob borrows $10,000 from the First National Bank. It would be Bob's obligation to repay that $10,000 debt on some future date to the creditor (First National Bank).

However, that First Bank has the right to "liquidate" Bob's debt by selling Bob's promissory note to some third party (like the Second National Bank). Bob would still owe the $10,000 debt, but he'd no longer owe it to the First National Bank because the First had "liquidated" the debt instrument (Bob's promissory note) by selling it to the Second.

Bob is still the debtor, but the First National Bank is no longer the creditor. Thanks to the "liquidation" (sale) of the paper debt-instrument (Bob's promissory note), the Second National Bank will have become the creditor.

* The same thing happens with bonds traded (liquidated) on the bond markets. In essence, Bob might purchase a government bond for, say, $10,000. By doing so, Bob loans $10,000 to the government. Bob is the original lender; the government is the debtor.

The bond, itself, is a paper debt-instrument that serves as evidence of that loan and as title to the bond-holder (that's Bob) to receive the government's repayment of the $10,000 loan (plus interest) at some future date.

However, if Bob (creditor in this example) suddenly needs $10,000 in cash, he can "liquidate" the $10,000 bond by selling it to some third party. This "liquidation" has nothing to do with the value of the debt. The government still owes $10,000 to whoever holds/owns the bond. By liquidating the bond, the person entitled to collect $10,000 from the government changes from Bob to some new third party who purchased the bond from Bob on the bond market.

This sale/liquidation has no direct impact on the value of the bond. The government still owes $10,000 to whoever holds the bond. So, we're left to wonder why Salinas-Price gives his Warning #2 that,

"The problem for the world's central bankers is . . . there must be no movement to get rid of bonds in exchange for cash."

There must be no mass movement to sell/liquidate bonds for cash? Why not?

The danger in mass liquidation of bonds is not to the debtor/government. The danger is to private investors who purchase bonds. The essence of a liquidation crisis is a market where there are far more sellers than buyers. Under those circumstances, if sellers are determined to sell, they must agree to sell their investments for less-sometimes much, much less-than they paid.

Thus, a liquidation crisis can cause investors to lose much of their investment capital.

If enough of that capital is lost, it could trigger a global, economic collapse. Salinas-Price warns that such loss is both inevitable and close at hand.

* Historically, most investors didn't liquidate their paper-debt-instruments very often. They tended to buy and hold investments for the long term.

In recent years, speculators have tended to "liquidate" their investments more quickly in order to turn a fast buck.

Today's "High Frequency Trading" (HFT) computers liquidate investments in terms of micro-seconds.

Point: We are liquidating our investments at an ever-faster pace. Salinas-Price warns that if we liquidate too much, too fast, we could trigger a global economic collapse.

Danger: If two or more HFT computers overreact to each other's buying and selling algorithms, they can enter into a self-reinforcing spiral ("deadly embrace") that could trigger a mass "liquidation" and market collapse. If they're small enough, we might label such computer-driven price declines as "flash crashes". If such declines are deep enough, we might call them "flash catastrophes" of the sort seen at Revelation 18:10, 17, 19.

Given the predominance of speculators and HFT computers in today's markets, the average frequency of liquidation is growing as are the potential dangers perceived by Salinas-Price.

* We mortal (as opposed to digital) investors believe that our stocks, bonds, pension accounts, bank accounts are all "liquid". That is, we believe that our paper investments can be sold at any time we please for roughly full face value. We might lose a few dollars; we might gain a few dollars; but, basically, we're confident that we can sell our investments for roughly the prices we paid for them.

That belief seems true so long as virtually everyone doesn't try to simultaneously sell our paper debt-instruments. But, if most of us tried to suddenly "liquidate" a significant portion of the world's debt-instruments, the values of those instruments would fall like stones.


Because if most of us tried to sell simultaneously, we'd find out that there aren't enough buyers and we therefore couldn't sell for full face value. There'd be more paper debt-instrument sellers than buyers. If we couldn't liquidate our investments at full face value, we'd probably panic and repeatedly cut the price of our investments until we were willing to sell them for 10 cents on the dollar, maybe less.

If enough paper collateral were vaporized during a "flash catastrophe"/mass liquidation, the US or even world financial systems could collapse.

* The term "toxic assets" was coined back around A.D. 2008 when panicky investors tried to simultaneously liquidate (sell) piles of paper-debt-instruments on the markets, found out that they couldn't do so, and began to think that their paper debt-instruments were worthless. The Federal Reserve stepped in and purchased billions of dollars' worth of "toxic assets" at or near full face value and thereby sustained public confidence in the paper debt-instrument financial system.

Our fiat-currency, debt-based financial system runs on confidence. It is a con-game run by con-artists. That confidence (in paper we trust) is primarily based on the presumption that all of our paper debt-instruments (stocks, bonds, etc.) are "liquid". We presume that we can sell our paper debt-instruments at any time for, basically, full face value.

Yes, we understand that the price of our investments might go up or down, but we presume that they will not decline substantially whenever we choose to sell them. We presume that, thanks to the Federal Reserve's market manipulation, stock and bond profits will generally rise in a never-ending bull market.

However, in the event of a widespread "liquidation" of investments, investors would learn that those presumptions are false. Learning those presumptions are false, investors would lose confidence in the markets, panic, sell everything and precipitate a financial collapse.

* In A.D. 2008, the Fed began to purchase over $3 trillion worth of "toxic assets". The Fed did so to prevent the public from learning that the fundamental presumption of liquidity is false, and therefore lose confidence in the markets. By agreeing to pay full face value for investments whose real market prices were far lower, the Fed prevented a mass liquidation and loss of confidence that could've collapsed the economy. In doing so, the Fed increased its "balance sheet" from about $850 billion to $4.4 trillion.

The "toxic asset" phenomenon resulted from speculators trying to liquidate their paper debt-instruments into a free market that wouldn't buy them at full face value. The terms "toxic assets" and "illiquid assets" are roughly synonymous.

* Salinas-Price warns that a second episode of mass liquidation is close and more dangerous than that of A.D. 2008.

In A.D. 2008, the Federal Reserve had sufficient capital to purchase over $3 trillion worth of "toxic assets" at full face value. But could the Fed do it again?

Probably not.

If we faced a second price-dropping moment of widespread illiquidity, how much could the Fed spend this time to shore up public confidence? Not much. The Fed already has a $4.4 trillion balance sheet filled with "toxic assets" that might be worth less than $2 trillion. Already choking on too many toxic assets, the Fed may not be able to buy large quantities of "toxic"/"illiquid" assets.


That loss of liquidity (ability to quickly sell one's investments at full price) would precipitate investor panic.

If we go into another "Great Recession," there'll be no one to purchase our "toxic assets" at full face value.

There'll be no "bail-outs".

Bonds and stocks will only be "liquidated" at significantly lowered prices. Investors' confidence will fail. Markets will fall. Investors will lose their paper assets.

* Salinas-Price: "World debt will continue to be a massive cloud up in the sky, as long as investors wish to own [i.e, "hold"; not "liquidate"] bonds. Since central banks drove interest rates down all over the world to absurdly low levels-even to negative interest rates-prices of previously-issued bonds rose to equally absurd levels and thus created huge profits for those who owned [held]those bonds." 

Salinas-Price implies that by lowering interest rates to Near-Zero, the Fed made bonds so artificially profitable that no one wanted to sell/liquidate.

If so, it follows that one purpose for Near-Zero Interest Rates may have been to prevent people from simultaneously liquidating their bonds. That, in turn, suggests that the Fed knows that bonds are significantly over-priced and doesn't want that knowledge to seep into the bond market in the form of drastically falling prices.

It would also follow that, if the Fed raised interest rates (or even threatened to do so), it might trigger a mass liquidation of bonds and significant price decline. This would explain why Janet Yellen and the Fed have been so reluctant to raise interest rates. If they do, they might collapse the US and even global economies.

* Note that it's not the government-debtor that loses during a widespread liquidation of bonds. It's the speculators who purchased and then tried to liquidate/sell the bonds who lose.

Government has already received the $10,000 cash paid by the original creditor. If that creditor sold the bond, whoever is left holding the bond at a moment of liquidation crisis will lose if he tries to sell at that time. If he holds the bond until maturity and the government-debtor is still in business, the bond-holder's investment may be redeemed. But if he panics and tries to sell into the illiquid market, he'll lose much of his investment.

While a liquidation crisis won't cause government to lose on the falling prices of existing bonds, government will lose on the sale of new bonds. So long as the market insists on paying only, say, $5,000 for an existing $10,000 bond, the government will be hard-pressed to sell its next tranche of new $10,000 bonds for more than $5,000. Liquidation of existing bonds should increase the government's costs for new borrowing.

* If US bonds suffer a mass liquidation, stocks should follow.

Let's assume that many who invest in bonds also invest in stocks. Let's also assume that if an investor really needs $10,000 and can't get it by selling his bonds, he will sell some of his stocks.

If widespread bond liquidation leads to widespread stock liquidation, we can expect a stock market panic-complete with plunging stock prices-to follow a bond market panic.

Result? Wealth stored in most paper debt-instruments will be destroyed, the money supply will shrink, and the nation will slide deeper into an economic recession or depression.

Warning #3"Banking systems invest in bonds. Bonds make up an important part of their assets. In Europe, if the assets of the banking system fall by only 4%,then the whole European banking system is bankrupt

"A collapse in bond prices caused by rises in interest rates would be deadly for the whole European banking system, and if Europe collapses, the rest of the world would have to follow suit.

In my previous examples, I've speculated on what might happen if a bond liquidation crisis caused a $10,000 bond to be priced at $5,000 and lose
50% of its face value. Salinas-Price is warning that we don't need a 50% fall in bond prices to trigger a global collapse. A mere 4% fall in the EU bond markets should be enough.

A flash crash could cause a 4% fall.

If Salinas-Price is right, then, whenever interest rates rise, the bond markets will fall, and the rest of the paper-debt-instrument markets should follow.

But, will interest rates rise? Will the Fed or the ECB dare to raise interest rates by more than a few basis points-if at all?

"Interest rates will have to rise, sooner or later; central bankers tremble when they see the slightest sign that interest rates are ticking up. 

"Obviously, the FED and ECB cannot even think of raising interest rates; they are trapped and wait in dread for the deluge of bond liquidation when the $223 Trillion debt cloud hanging over the world turns into a cloudburst." 

Inevitably, interest rates will rise and some sort of bond liquidation crisis will ensue. But Salinas-Price implies that the Fed can't raise interest rates anytime soon. Just hinting that interest rates might rise could trigger the mass liquidation crisis that Salinas-Price warns "must" be prevented.

If the Fed does raise interest rates in, say, September-will they trigger a liquidation crisis and bond price collapse?

If the Fed does not raise interest rates, how long can the bond markets stay artificially profitable before those profits create another distortion large enough to triggers a collapse?

The Fed's problem isn't merely to calm the savage, flesh-and-blood investors, but also to pray to God that the digital investors (HFT computers) don't interact and over-react to cause a major flash crash that precipitates a liquidation crisis in the bond market.

The Fed is caught between the rock and the hard place. They're darned if they do raise interest rates, and darned if they don't.

Darn it.

Mr. Salinas-Price is warning that a bond liquidation crisis is inevitable and coming soon.

If he's right, the only investors who won't be ruined by an inevitable liquidity crisis will be those who invest their wealth in something other than paper debt-instruments-something tangible like gold or silver.

That's undoubtedly why Hugo Salinas-Price is devoting his time to trying to persuade Mexico to return to a silver-based monetary system. He's trying to protect his country from the coming global liquidation of paper debt-instruments.

BETRAYED - The Supreme Court was completely WRONG-ILLEGAL and UN CONSTITUTIONAL

by Laurie Roth on June 26, 2015

The Ruling on June 26, 2015 to impose gay marriage on all 50 states is a middle finger in everyway to God, our Constitution and laws. It is a middle finger against our children, state sovereignty, freedom of speech and Religious rights.

The Supreme Court forcing mandating gay marriage down our throats means war, retreat or sell out. Which side are you on America? They threw it in our faces, our radio shows, our jobs, our schools and our churches.

Already many are coming out applauding the SCOTUS Gay marriage ruling. Gov. Gary Johnson applauds this saying that this is a huge victory for individual freedom and equality.

Obama must be partying up a storm at the White House with two unbelievable victories from SCOTUS with Obamacare now Gay marriage. The destruction and transformation of America is almost complete - now at the hands of Obama's assault weapon - SCOTUS.

We have been forced to respond now or shut up. There is no place safe if you believe marriage should be between a man and a woman as reflected in our history, The Holy Bible and traditions. This ruling was not for gays or gay marriage but vividly against Christians, Religious and speech liberties. It is against Judeo-Christian values, families and traditions. Tragically it is against our children.

Get ready for the full on sell out among many in media and churches who run in fear when their 501c3 is threatened or they are threatened with fines or arrests when exercising free speech on this matter. This will get ugly, very messy and I pray not bloody. The Supreme Court has assaulted illegally, unconstitutionally and immorally God and the people. Now we push back and show them what an American finger in their nose feels like. America is about to bring it SCOTUS.

Marriage was defined by God in the Holy Bible as between a man and a woman. Our country - Constitution - founding documents and legal system was built on Judeo-Christian values. Now, SCOTUS has changed that and thinks they are above God, the people and Constitution. Perhaps Obama, SCOTUS and the ACLU should find God and sue him. I invite them to try. I will make sure I'm at that court date.

At this point SCOTUS has lowered themselves to the level of a boot scrape on the pavement where Dogs do their 'business.'

Battle plans are emerging. Keep posted at and read the articles and plans coming forth at  under Constitutional attorney Michael Connelly.

Join Laurie Roth each day on her live national radio show from 7-9:00 AM PST, syndicated with USA Radio Networks. You can listen in at: Call in and speak your mind at: 1 877 999 7684.

Love and Hate in Dixie

Friday - June 26, 2015 at 12:11 am


By Patrick J. Buchanan

"I will never be able to hold her again, but I forgive you."

So said Nadine Collier, who lost her mother in the massacre at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, offering forgiveness to Dylann Roof, who confessed to the atrocity that took the lives of nine churchgoers at that Wednesday night prayer service and Bible study.

If there is a better recent example of what it means to be a Christian, I am unaware of it. Collier and the families of those slain showed a faithfulness to Christ's gospel of love and forgiveness that many are taught but few are strong enough to follow, especially at times like this.

Their Christian witness testifies to a forgotten truth: If slavery was the worst thing that happened to black folks brought from Africa to America, Christianity was the best.

Charleston, too, gave us an example of how a city should behave when faced with horror.

Contrast the conduct of those good Southern people who stood outside that church in solidarity with the aggrieved, with the Ferguson mobs that looted and burned and the New York mobs that chanted for the killing of cops when the Eric Garner grand jury declined to indict.

Yet, predictably, the cultural Marxists, following Rahm Emanuel's dictum that you never let a crisis go to waste, descended like locusts.

As Roof had filmed himself flaunting a Confederate battle flag, the cry went out to tear that flag down from the war memorial in Columbia, South Carolina, and remove its vile presence everywhere in America.

Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post appeared front and center on its op-ed page with this call to healing: "The Confederate battle flag is an American swastika, the relic of traitors and totalitarians, symbol of a brutal regime, not a republic. The Confederacy was treason in defense of a still deeper crime against humanity: slavery."

But if Jenkins' hate-filled screed is right, if the Confederacy was Nazi Germany on American soil, then not only the battle flag must go.

The Confederate War Memorial on the capitol grounds honors the scores of thousands of South Carolinians who died in the lost cause. And if that was a cause of traitors and totalitarians and about nothing but slavery, ought not that memorial be dynamited?

Even as ISIS is desecrating tombs in Palmyra, Syria, the cultural purge of the South has begun.

Rep. Steve Cohen wants the name of legendary cavalryman Nathan Bedford Forrest removed from Forrest Park in Memphis and his bust gone from the capitol; Sen. Mitch McConnell wants the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis removed from the Kentucky capitol.

Governors are rushing to remove replicas of the battle flag from license plates, with Virginia's Terry McAuliffe the most vocal. Will McAuliffe also demand that the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson be removed from Monument Avenue in Richmond?

"Take Down a Symbol of Hatred," rails The New York Times.

But the battle flag is not so much a symbol of hatred as it is an object of hatred, a target of hatred. It evokes a hatred of the visceral sort that we see manifest in Jenkins' equating of the South of Washington, Jefferson, John Calhoun, Andrew Jackson and Lee with Hitler's Third Reich.

What the flag symbolizes for the millions who revere, cherish or love it, however, is the heroism of those who fought and died under it. That flag flew over battlefields, not over slave quarters.

Hence, who are the real haters here?

Can the Times really believe that all those coffee cups and baseball caps and T-shirts and sweaters and flag decals on car and truck bumpers are declarations that the owners hate black people? Does the Times believe Southern folks fly the battle flag in their yards because they want slavery back?

The Times' editorialists cannot be such fools.

Vilification of that battle flag and the Confederacy is part of the cultural revolution in America that flowered half a century ago. Among its goals was the demoralization of the American people by demonizing their past and poisoning their belief in their own history.

The world is turned upside down. The new dogma of the cultural Marxists: Columbus was a genocidal racist. Three of our Founding Fathers - Washington, Jefferson, Madison - were slaveowners. Andrew Jackson was an ethnic cleanser of Indians. The great Confederate generals -- Lee, Jackson, Forrest - fought to preserve an evil institution. You have nothing to be proud of and much to be ashamed of if your ancestors fought for the South. And, oh yes, your battle flag is the moral equivalent of a Nazi swastika.

And how is the Republican Party standing up to this cultural lynch mob? Retreating and running as fast as possible.

If we are to preserve our republic, future generations are going to need what that battle flag truly stands for: pride in our history and defiance in the face of the arrogance of power.


Artificial Blood


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


I've noticed that in the last 100 years there has been an explosion of artificial products. According to Strong's Concordance, "arti" refers to something that is current or just happened. The suffix "ficial" refers to the "surfaceof something" or on the surface. Some of the highlights of the artificial era are; artificial conception (test tube babies), artificial turf (grass), artificial intelligence, artificial humans (robots), animal clones, artificial transplantable body parts, artificial skin, artificial insects (drones), artificial vitamins and medicines, GM food, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavor and color, and most recently artificial blood. There is nothing more sacred than human life and when we try to circumvent the laws of nature we create problems. Let's take a closer look at artificial blood and what are the pros and cons.



We are told by science and God that there is life in the blood. Blood brings healing to the tissues of the body and supports the metabolism. Blood is the vehicle that transports life sustaining fluids, nutrients, contains tissue as well as water to support the cells and carry away debris and harmful toxins. The blood is very important. For thousands of years animals that are killed for food have the blood removed and is not for consumption. We're instructed to pour out the blood of animals onto the ground as if it were water and cover it with dirt (Duet 12:2-3-24).  We are also warned against the inappropriate use of blood. In Leviticus 17 God says we will be cut off if we consume blood because He considers it the life of the flesh and is only for atonement of sins upon the altar. Therefore, keeping our blood system healthy and clean is an excellent way to promote good health.  



Science has been tinkering with making artificial blood since the 1600's. It is often referred to as an oxygen therapeutic or hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier (HBOC's) and perflourocarbon (PFC's). Nearly 33% of Americans will require a blood transfusion to save their lives. Will they have a choice between real or artificial blood? We're told that artificial blood is necessary due to insufficient blood donors to keep up with the demand for the 4.5 million Americans that need blood. What is the difference between the natural blood manufactured by our body and the artificial blood made in laboratories? According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, artificial blood does not fulfill the same functions as natural blood. Here is their statement which appeared in the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine July 2008;


"While true blood serves many different functions, artificial blood is designed for the sole purpose of transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body."


Apparently there are different ways to manufacture artificial blood; they can use petro chemicals to make synthetic blood, they can use isolated chemicals, or they can use recombinant biochemical technology to splice pieces of DNA (from any species including bacteria) to create blood. Artificial laboratory-made blood for human blood transfusions is taken from stem cells in umbilical cord blood or from adult donor blood and it is manipulated in the laboratory to force it to mature into functioning red blood cells. We are told it is then able to deliver oxygen and carry away carbon dioxide.  


"Artificial blood can be produced in different ways using synthetic production, chemical isolation, or recombinant biochemical technology. Synthetic hemoglobin-based products are produced from hemoglobin harvested from an E. coli bacteria strain." Dr. Suman Sarkar, Department of Anesthesiology, IMS Banaras Hindu University, Uttar Pradesh India



There are many different versions of artificial blood in clinical trials but none is being used in clinics or hospitals in the US yet. It is estimated that we could see artificial blood products on the market as soon as 2022. Scientists at the University of Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford feel that the artificial blood they are working with will be ready for consumer use within five years. According to their lead researcher, Dr. Nick Watkins, National Health Service Blood & Transplant Director, the synthetic blood is comparable to real blood. He states, "...artificial blood is real...." The National Health Service announced that human trials of artificial blood will commence in 2017. They plan to transfuse a few teaspoons of artificial blood into several volunteers to watch for any adverse reactions. They want to see how long the artificial blood will survive in human recipients. No doubt this will be carried out with the assistance of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service and the Wellcome Trust. Researchers feel that the benefits of artificial blood will far outweigh the risks. The benefits they list are that the blood is free of infections such as HIV or hepatitis. However, this is only after they sterilize the blood. This blood will be only as clean as the microscopes that can detect bacteria or viruses. Polio vaccines in the 1950's were supposedly sterile however, examination of the vaccine in the 1970's revealed it to be loaded with infectious puss and disease the microscopes could not detect in the 1950's. Another benefit stated is that artificial blood has a longer shelf life requiring no refrigeration, compared to real blood that must be used within 42 days and requires special storage. Other advantages are that regardless of your blood type the artificial blood is universal and can be given to anybody. We will see if hospitals drop the procedure of type and cross match on patient blood if they are to receive the universal artificial blood. They say there will be no immunological reactions. If that statement were true there would be no need for the five-year human trials and giving teaspoon size doses to check for adverse reactions.



Oxyglobin is a synthetic blood product used in veterinary medicine and is approved for use in the US and in Europe. What are the chances this is the same product they intend to test in human trials? The oxyglobin product is reported to transport oxygen efficiently and they think it will also work in humans. The artificial blood products will be especially used on people with blood transfusion requirements such as aplastic anemia and sickle-cell anemia patients.



Patients embarking on participating in the artificial blood clinical trials need to be fully informed of the risks. Medicine knows that it can't just pump pure hemoglobin into the body. Real blood is composed of red blood cells (RBC's), white blood cells (WBC's) and platelets. When blood has these elements it is able to carry oxygen to organs and cells, remove toxins and debris. If the artificial blood does not perform like real blood the blood vessels of the body begin to tighten, high blood pressure occurs; capillaries collapse and strokes, heart attack and death are the result. Less severe adverse affects are swelling and fever. It is the side effects like these that have prevented the sale of artificial blood because it is difficult to copy. There was a 2008 report in the journal of the American Medical Association in which it summarized 16 human clinical trials using 5 different types of artificial blood. The test group was 3,500 patients and there was a threefold increase in heart attacks compared to the control group using natural donor blood. Later analysis of the research made scientist change their conclusions of the negative results stating they were misleading. They reasoned that artificial blood varied in its benefits and risks and some experienced serious side effects. A similar reasoning is used regarding vaccines and prescription drugs.  



In 2012 the average cost for a real blood transfusion was $18,000 dollars or about $180 to $600 per pint (hospital cost) depending on location. Europe is embracing the use of artificial blood and Biopure estimates the cost of their artificial blood to be about $1,000 per pint. It is not clear if that cost is hospital or patient cost. If it is patient cost the hospital will pay about $100 per pint for the artificial blood.  We're told that one pint of artificial blood is equal to two or three pints of natural blood. Dr. Pierre LaFolie reports for Brown BioMed that the cost of the artificial blood will come down as the manufacturing process becomes more refined. Patients with artificial blood will also have to be monitored more closely at first requiring more tests and driving up the medical costs. Medical science has estimated that artificial blood products will net the industry a minimum of $7.6 billion in the US alone. Compare that to the $75 million profit using natural blood. Now you see why the push for artificial blood. Patients will be taking on greater health risks and paying higher fees for artificial blood compared to the cost of natural blood.



Keeping your blood healthy should not be difficult. In situations of anemia  or for postpartum blood loss where patients want to avoid blood transfusions there is an old remedy of juicing a bunch of raw beets with the green tops and drinking the beet juice. The natural minerals in the beets help build the blood back up within 24 hours. The natural minerals in the beets help the blood to hold onto more oxygen. Diabetics have better blood results when on beet juice. I've learned over the last twenty years that keeping the blood clean and healthy is not hard. The lifestyle should be healthy and I do periodic organ cleansing from the bowel up to the blood system. Blood is always the last cleanse you do. Unlike costly blood transfusions, the blood cleanse is very inexpensive and you can avoid unnecessary risks while you keep your own blood. Call Apothecary Herbs to learn how you can use herbal organ cleanses to improve your health by calling 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless.





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