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Friday, June 19, AD 2015
Between Friday, June 12, AD 2015 and 
Friday, June 19, AD 2015, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 1.6 % from $1,181.30 to $1,200.30

Silver rose 0.8 % from $15.95 to $16.08

Platinum fell 0.8 % from $1,093 to $1,084

Palladium fell 3.9 % from $735 to $706

DJIA rose 0.6 % from 17,898.84 to 18,014.28

NASDAQ rose 1.3 % from 5,051.10 to 5,117.00

NYSE rose 0.3 % from 11,009.90 to 11,039.00

US Dollar Index fell0.9 % from 94.91 to 94.09

Crude Oil fell 1.1 % from $60.06 to $59.37

United States Mint releases image mock-ups for 2016 gold dime, quarter dollar, half dollar

Quarter dollar to feature original Bared Breast obverse from 1916

By Paul Gilkes , Coin World

The gold 2016 Standing Liberty quarter dollar is to feature sculptor Hermon A. MacNeil's original Bared Breast obverse from 1916, not the modified Mailed Breast subtype introduced in 1917.

The United States Mint has released image mock-ups for the 24-karat gold 2016 Winged Liberty Head dime, Standing Liberty quarter dollar and Walking Liberty half dollar to be issued as numismatic products marking the centennial anniversaries of all three coins.

The three coins were all introduced in 1916 into general circulation in .900 fine silver. Coin World's earlier coverage of the Mint's potential plans for 2016 for the centennial anniversaries can be found here.

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee was reviewing the mock-up designs June 17 including discussion of 2016 100th Anniversary Special Products.

The 1916 dime and half dollar were originally designed by sculptor Adolph A. Weinman and the 1916 quarter dollar by sculptor Hermon A. MacNeil.

The gold 2016 quarter dollar is to feature MacNeil's original Bared Breast obverse from 1916, not the modified Mailed Breast subtype introduced in 1917.

On all three coins, the fineness is shown in the mock-up images as 24K rather than the often used inscription ".9999 fine gold."

The 2016 Winged Liberty Head dime is to be released as a tenth-ounce gold coin, the 2016 Standing Liberty quarter dollar as a quarter-ounce coin, and the 2016 Walking Liberty half dollar as a half-ounce gold coin.

On the 2016 Walking Liberty half dollar, the fineness and weight will be reflected on the reverse, beneath E PLURIBUS / UNUM as AU 24K / 1/10 OZ.

AU is the atomic symbol for gold in the Periodic Table.

For the 2016 Standing Liberty quarter dollar, the weight and fineness is reflected in the mock-up images as AU 24K / 1/4 OZ. in the framed area just below WE TRVST.

For the 2016 Walking Liberty half dollar, the weight and fineness is depicted in an arc on the reverse below the eagle and above HALF-DOLLAR as AU 24K 1/2 OZ.

The digits for the date 2016 appear to exhibit serifs, with the numerals for the dime appearing taller or stretched when compared with the quarter dollar or half dollar.

While U.S. Mint officials have not disclosed which production facility will strike each of the three 2016 gold coins and whether they will bear a Mint mark, the obverse of the 2016 Walking Liberty half dollar mock-up image shows the D Mint mark of the Denver Mint, which has not traditionally struck U.S. gold coins in recent years.

U.S. Mint officials have also not released any details on issue dates, mintage limits, final product options or surface finishes.

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Texas gold bullion depository implications


by Alfred Adask reports in "Texas Pulls $1 Billion In Gold From NY Fed, Makes It 'Non-Confiscatable'," that on Friday, June 12th, "Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law that will allow Texas to build a gold and silver bullion depository.

"The lack of faith in central bank trustworthiness is spreading. First Germany, then Holland, and Austria, and now . . . Texas has enacted a Bill to repatriate $1 billion of gold from the NY Fed's vaults to a newly established Texas state gold bullion depository . . . . the Bill includes a section to prevent forced seizure from the Federal Government."

"HB 483 was introduced by state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione who said, 

"We are not talking Fort Knox. But when I first announced this, I got so many emails and phone calls from people literally all over the world who said they want to store their gold . . . in a Texas depository. People have this image of Texas as big and powerful . . . so for a lot of people, Texas is exactly where they would want to go with their gold."

Good LORD!

Given the choice of storing your gold in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada-or Texas-where would you rather store your gold? A lot of people would say "Texas". Not just Texans, not just people in the US, but lots of people around the world would rather store their gold in Texas.

After all, how many of those foreign gold depositories would fight-fight-confiscation by the US government? Texas might.

Once the Texas Gold Bullion Depository is operational (within a year?), so many people from around the United States and from around the world will choose Texas as the place to store their gold that multitude of gold-based businesses and markets might spring up in the vicinity of the nascent Texas Depository.

It's even conceivable that the Texas Gold Depository might eventually give the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) a run for #1 position as the physical gold market. Not right away, of course; the Texas gold depository's initial $1 billion in gold (25 tons) is no match for the 50 tons per week that are already being traded on the SGE.

On the other hand, China's reputation for honesty and stability is no match for that of Texas.

I won't say that the Texas Gold Depository is the cornerstone that will allow Texas to ultimately compete with the SGE.

But it might.

* Since World War II, nations and institutions from around the world preferred to store their gold in the Federal Reserve vaults in New York City because it was unlikely to be invaded. The world had confidence in the safety and prudent operation of the Federal Reserve.

However, the United States and Federal Reserve haven't publicly audited their gold treasury since A.D. 1953. The Fed refuses to allow an independent, public audit. That refusal has raised suspicions that the US government and Federal Reserve have been secretly selling off both US and foreign-owned gold in order to suppress the price of gold and maintain the apparent value of the fiat dollars. These suspicions have diminished public trust in the safety and responsibility of the Federal Reserve's gold storage program.

(Incidentally, the new law creating the Texas Depository mandates that-unlike the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox, which haven't been inventoried in over sixty years-the entire Texas Depository must be inventoried annually and the result must be made public.)

* Since WWII, Germany has piled roughly 1,500 tons of gold into NY Fed's vaults and another 374 tons in French vaults. Reason? During the Cold War, Germany feared that the Soviet Union would invade and steal Germany's gold.

However, after the Soviet Union died in A.D. 1991, the Cold War died with it. No longer threatened by Communist invasion, Germany began to consider repatriating some of its gold. Other nations followed suit.

In A.D. 2012, Germany asked for the return of 300 of the 1,500 tons of its gold stored in the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve explained that the repatriation of 300 tons to Germany would take seven years.

Seven years?!

The Fed claimed to hold 6,720 tons of gold in its NY vaults. 300 tons is just 4.5% of that total tonnage. How could it take seven years to repatriate just 300 tons to Germany? How could it take even seven months?

For years, there've been rumors that the US and/or Federal Reserve had secretly leased or even sold the gold they claimed to hold in their vaults to gold banks which then sold that gold into markets. The rumored objective was to increase the apparent supply of gold in order to suppress the price of gold and thereby artificially support the apparent value for the fiat dollar.

The Fed's inability to repatriate a mere 300 tons of gold to Germany supported the rumors that the Fed's gold was gone.

Today, the issue of how much gold remains in US and Fed vaults is seldom in the news. But it's a common belief that the US government and Federal Reserve have secretly sold off so much of their gold, that their vaults are nearly empty.

That's why they won't allow a public audit. A public audit would reveal that the vaults are bare. If the vaults were shown to be bare, the apparent supply of gold might be reduced by ten thousand tons or more. The price of gold would jump and the purchasing power of fiat dollars would fall.

My objective in this stroll down memory lane is to illustrate that there's legitimate reason to distrust the US government's and Federal Reserve's ability to store gold: several thousand tons may be missing.

To prove my point, answer this: Suppose you had some quantity of gold that you wanted to store; suppose it was possible for you store your gold with the Federal Reserve and/or US Treasury-would you do it? Would you trust the Federal Reserve and/or federal government to store your bullion, collectible gold coins, and rolls of silver eagles?

Think about that. Would you trust the Fed or the feds to store your gold and silver? Do you know anyone who would?

I don't.

The Fed and the feds inspire so much distrust that it's hard to imagine any private person trusting them to store their gold.

* Which brings me back to Texas.

What if Texas had a gold bullion depository and you could store your gold in that depository, might you trust Texas to store your gold?

Truthfully, you should be wary of any entity that offers to store your gold. But, at minimum, if you had so much gold that you couldn't just bury it in the back yard and you had to store it someplace, would you be more inclined to trust the New York Federal Reserve, or the Texas Gold Bullion Depository?

For me, the question's silly because the answer's obvious.

In fact, when I consider storing gold in the Texas Gold Bullion Depository, I find my mind's eye viewing an image of the Lone Ranger riding a galloping White Horse, and shooting his six-gun to the sound of the William Tell Overture. It's a silly image, but there it is.

I don't trust any government. It's un-American to trust governments. But if I had a mass of gold to store, who would I trust more than a Texas Gold Bullion Depository? Switzerland? Hong Kong? Canada? Singapore? The New York Federal Reserve?!! Ha!

So long as my imagination keeps producing images of the Lone Ranger and sounds of the William Tell Overture, I'll keep my gold within The State of Texas.

Some readers are probably saying that Adask has finally flipped out. It was bound to happen, sooner or later. Now, you mention the "Texas Gold Bullion Depository," and he sees the Lone Ranger. Those readers might be right.

Mental Illness is Contagious

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is also regarded by some as a nut. When the feds announced that they'd be conducting the two-month military exercise called "Jade Helm" in several States (including Texas), Governor Abbott ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the US military involved in Jade Helm. The Governor of Texas doesn't trust the federal government.

A bunch of people reacted by sending Governor Abbott tin foil hats. They think Abbott's reaction to Jade Helm is evidence that extremist conspiracy theories and paranoia have taken root in Abbott's mind.

I disagree. Although I don't expect much that's sinister to emerge from Jade Helm immediately, I see Abbott's willingness to monitor and figuratively "stand up against" the US military as evidence that Texas doesn't trust the feds. I think that's a good thing. I think that's a great thing.

More, the decision to build a Texas Gold Bullion Depository is even greater evidence that Texas doesn't trust the feds or the Federal Reserve to store and protect Texas gold. I think that's another great thing and giant step toward a possible restoration of liberty in the Lone Star State.

So long as Texas is inclined to stand up against the feds and the Federal Reserve, I'm rooting for Texas. You can call me "Tonto" if you like (and I know what the word means in Spanish), but I'm ready to ride with the "Lone Ranger". If Rachel Dolezal can self-identify as a black, then I can self-identify as a "faithful Injun companion," Kimosabe.

Get yourself a horse (or maybe a copy of the Constitution) and you can self-identify, too.

* Did you know that there are three electrical grids in the continental United States? There's an Eastern grid, a Western grid, and a Texas grid. Texas is the only state that, pretty much, has its own electrical grid. Texas is the only state that's energy independent. Texas is the only state that could theoretically secede and easily become its own nation.

Did you know that if Texas were an independent nation, the Texas GDP ($1.5 trillion) would rank about # 12 among the nations of the world-a little lower than Canada ($1.8 trillion) and a little higher than Australia ($1.4 trillion)?

Did you know that the new Texas Gold Bullion Depository Law will allow private people to not merely store their gold and silver into the forthcoming depository, but also to establish private accounts whereby they can buy and sell with gold and silver?

Do you understand that, under the new law, those who hold accounts in the Texas Gold Bullion Depository will be able buy and sell by means of both paper checks and digital (internet) transfers?

I.e., suppose I have a Depository account holding, say, 50 ounces of gold and you also have another Depository account. So long as we both had Depository accounts, I could buy your used car for 10 ounces of gold and pay you with a check or debit card that would cause 10 ounce of gold to be debited from my 50 ounces in my Depository account and transferred into your Depository account.

We could buy or sell with gold or silver!

How many people do you suppose there are in Texas, the United States, or even the world-who'd like to have a bank account that would allow them to buy or sell in terms of gold and silver? How big do you suppose the Texas Gold Bullion Depository could grow if it provided a basis for commerce denominated in gold, silver or other precious metals? How fast could it grow?

Do you understand that if Texas can buy and sell with gold and silver, Texas will have established a gold- and silver-based monetary system to compete with and ultimately rival the Federal Reserve's fiat dollars?


But will the establishment of a constitutional monetary system be allowed?

History suggests that the banking system is prepared to support fiat currency with acts of violence.

Do you recall that Saddam Hussein announced plans to start selling Iraqi crude for euros in A.D. 2000? Do you understand that by selling Iraqi crude for euros, Hussein threatened the fiat dollar's primacy as the world's only "petro-currency"? Do you recall that the US government invaded Iraq in early A.D. 2003 under the pretext of searching for "Weapons of Mass Destruction" that were never found and apparently never existed? Do you suspect that the real reason for that invasion was to punish and destroy Iraq and Saddam Hussein for daring to sell Iraqi crude for euros and thereby threaten the US "petro-dollars"? Do you suspect that the real reason for the A.D. 2003 invasion was to protect the fiat dollar from the decline in value that would follow if it lost its stature as world's only "petro-currency"?

What about Colonel Muammar Gaddafi? He led Libya from A.D. 1969 through A.D. 2011. During his 42-year reign, he raised Libya up from the poorest country in Africa to the richest. Nobody minded. Nobody much cared. He was accused of responsibility for the A.D. 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 that crashed at Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 243 people. Later, the US bombed Libya but not much resulted from that attack.

However, do you recall that shortly after Gaddafi proposed a pan-African currency backed by gold, his nation was suddenly besieged by an alleged "civil war" and attacked by the US and western allies? Do you remember that that attack caused the A.D. 2011 destruction of Libya and Gaddafi's assassination?

Some believe that the real reason for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was his alleged decision to stop issuing Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) and instead use a paper currency issued by the US Treasury.

My point is that the life expectancy of those who threaten the survival of the fiat dollar can be short.

I'd bet that Texas Governor Abbott is aware of those reports and conspiracy theories. Insofar as he's helped implement the Texas Gold Bullion Depository Act and thereby threatened the legitimacy and value of FRNs, it's not surprising that Governor Abbott might be a teensy bit paranoid. If I were in his office, and Jade Helm was coming to my State, I'd also have the Texas State Guard spying on the Jade Helm military. An ounce of paranoid prevention is worth a team of top-notch surgeons.

Another Conspiracy Theory?

If you like conspiracy theories, here's another one for your consideration:

What if Governor Abbott isn't really opposing the federal government but is instead, cooperating with it?

What if the federal government really wants the Texas Gold Bullion Depository?

Of course, that idea sounds crazy.

But it's only crazy if the government is determined to protect and preserve the fiat dollar.

What if the federal government has been finally forced to admit privately that the dollar's sure to die within two or three years?

Would the government simply let the dollar die, chaos follow, and allow the nation to disintegrate before they created a new alternative currency?

Or . . . would the government try to lay the foundation for an alternative monetary now-before the dollar died-so people would have an alternative currency that they understood and was readily available?

For example, what if Texas reestablished a constitutional monetary system based on gold and silver? If the Texas system worked well and worked quickly-and if the governor wasn't shot in the head by a "lone gunman"-other States might quickly follow suit.

It's not likely, but it's possible that transitions in Texas and other states from FRNs to gold and silver might be sufficiently smooth to minimize a lot of the chaos and political unrest that could otherwise follow the fiat dollar's demise.

No matter what, if (when) the fiat dollar dies, there'll be trouble. But will it be "trouble" of the sort that follows when there's an already established gold- and silver-based monetary alternative? Or will it be "big trouble" of the sort that follows when one currency dies and there's no readily available alternative?

* Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1 of the Constitution mandates that, "No State shall . . . make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts." Regardless of whichever conspiracy theories turn out to be true or false, it appears that that constitutional money (gold & silver coin) may soon make a comeback right here within The State of Texas.

I've advocated a return to constitutional money for most of 20 years. I've lived to some significant steps in that direction.

I can't tell you how excited, pleased and proud I am.

* Jade Helm is taking place within seven southwestern States.

Three of those states are identified as "permissive" which means that they're presumed "friendly" to the federal government in the context of the Jade Helm exercises. Those three "permissive" states are California, Nevada and Colorado. (Booooo!)

One state, Arizona is colored "light blue"-meaning that their political slant is uncertain but tending to be "friendly" to the federal government. (Boo!)

One other state, New Mexico, is colored brown and is identified as having an uncertain political slant but is probably "leaning hostile" to the federal government. (Yay!)

Only two states, Utah and Texas, are colored red and identified as "Hostile" to the Jade Helm warriors and federal government. (YAAAAAAY!!!!)

The southern-most tip of the permissive state California is also colored red ("Hostile" to the feds). Yay.

But I'm ignoring southern California to focus only on the two complete states described by Jade Helm as "Hostile": Utah and Texas.

You might be interested to learn that Utah and Texas have something in common:

In A.D. 2010 Utah passed a law to become the first modern state to legalize and recognize gold and silver coin as money within that State. In doing so, Utah fired a shot across the Federal Reserve's bow and directly threatened the almighty FRN.

Now, in A.D. 2015, Texas passed a law to become the first modern state to establish a gold bullion depository able to have private accounts for people wishing to buy or sell with gold and silver coin or bullion. In doing so, Texas has fired a powerful shot across the Federal Reserve's bow and directly threatened the almighty FRN.

And now, the US government is hosting a seven-state military exercise that describes only two of the seven states as "Hostile": Utah and Texas.

Interesting coincidence, hmm?

In light of this coincidence, I suggest that until August 15th (when Jade Helm is supposed to end) the governors of Utah and Texas spend most of their time indoors away from windows and, whatever they do, stay the hell away from grassy knolls.

* Confidence in the fiat dollar and the Federal Reserve is waning. As it does, the dollar will tend to die and people with gold to store will tend to look for depositories they can trust. I doubt that many depositories will inspire more trust than the coming Texas Gold Bullion Depository. The establishment of that Depository is a big story and, one way or another, it's going to make a big difference.
I'm a shape shifter and rolling with it

by Laurie Roth on June 18, 2015

Our society has all but gone completely nuts. I knew we were seeing endless gender bending with Bruce Jenner turning himself into a female. Now we have another story all over the news in Spokane, the country and world. I was shocked to hear that Rachel Dolezal, a peaches and cream, white woman with green eyes had declared she was black. She built a sea of organized and planned out lies around her 'black' kingdom.

Dolezal's adopted black brothers were instead her sons in her lie world. She had black parents who allegedly had abused and beaten her for gender reasons while growing up. Her lies built up detailed stories that would have made a great novel. However, now her 'black house of cards' has fallen dramatically to the ground and she is giving national interviews everywhere apologizing for nothing. It is 'her' truth you see. It is almost as if she had planned the absurdity from the beginning to gain national attention and perhaps plan her next career move. She is black because she says so and not because she is. Reality TV show here we come...

We have transgender, now trans-racial? Kids in schools are being told more and more that there is no such thing as a boy and girl. Many are told not to even say they are what they always thought they were...a boy or a girl. Add to this now the pushed insanity with racial-bending. I want to be another color, so I am.

The far left and progressive movement are taking even the most basic and factual structures out of our existence...what color we were really born with and what sex we were born with. Now we are neither if we don't feel like it.

Our society is quickly evolving into a 'Unitarian' type tread mill void of sexual classifications, race classifications and any specifics in religion. All are one - All religions are the same in value and lead to the same God - All are whatever race or sex we wish to be.

This week I am a black, lesbian shape shifter. I wonder if my husband will mind?

Join me, LAURIE ROTH, live each morning from 7-9:AM PST Mon-Friday on my national radio show, syndicated with USA Radio Networks. You can call in and speak your mind at 1 877 999 7684. Or listen later to an archive at:

One herb -- several benefits


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


Our Creator has packed foods and herbs with numerous health benefits that make science green with envy. Our herbs and foods are already perfect in healthy content and we're instructed in scripture to trust in God's nutritional and medicinal plants (Gen1:29-30, Palms 104:14). Let's take a look at an herb that has been around since the beginning and before medical science had an inkling of understanding.



Everyone is acquainted with the enchanting fragrance of lavender. You find that lavender scent is added to soap, deodorant, detergent, pillows and sachets. However lavender is more than a pretty smelling flowering plant. It has healing power. This aromatic, evergreen plant, which is half shrub and considered part of the mint family, blossoms with white, blue and purple flowers. The flowers are often used to make lavender oil. Lavender is indigenous to the Mediterranean but is cultivated all over the world as an ornamental plant. There are 39 species of lavender and is used throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean as a culinary ingredient.


Down through the ages lavender has been in most herb gardens for its medicinal properties. The word lavender is English taken from the Old French lavandre, which is from the Latin word lavare, which means "to wash". Our ancient ancestors would use lavender tea to cleanse with. Lavender has also been referred to as Lavandula, which is thought to be derived from the Latin word livere, which means "bluish". The most popular species of lavender are; English Lavender, French Lavender and Spanish Lavender.


Lavender oil is widely used commercially and much of the lavender grown is used for the oil production. However, lavender doesn't have to be an oil to present many of it medicinal benefits. For instance this fragrant plant offers antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This is why you will see it added to topical skincare products and cosmetics. Science has declared that Dutch Lavender (called a lavandin variety) offers higher tannin content and a more potent fragrance. This variety is known for its larger flower and are easier to grow compared to English Lavender and therefore it is preferred for mass production of lavender oil. However, the lavandin lavender although brings a more potent fragrance, tends to not be as sweet as other varieties. In 1995 The Lancet journal published a study testing the effectiveness of lavender to insomnia medications. The results were that those using the lavender slept at least as well as when they took their prescribed drugs but they were less restless while sleeping. The group that did not use insomnia drugs slept more peaceful and longer when using lavender.


Most Americans will use lavender for aromatherapy to soothe away a headache and relax the mind for better sleep. However, it is also known to sooth insect bites and stings as well as burns. During WWII hospitals would use lavender oil with other essential oils to purify the air and disinfect surfaces. It was also used in vapors for its antibacterial property to treat flu, UTI's, throat infections and whooping cough. Lavender is also know to help repel insects. In 2010, a study appeared in the Journal of International Clinical Psychopharmacology to see if lavender does indeed soothe away anxiety. This was a double-blind study reporting that it was the high quantity of linalool and linalyl acetate in the lavender oil that was efficient at alleviating anxiety and sleep disorders. In 2013 Germany reported that lavender oil helps calm the nervous system and they suggested using it for various neurological disorders (Evidenced-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine: eCAM). Research has also suggested that honey that has been pollinated in the lavender plant is a superior aid to other honey for healing wounds.


Science regards lavender as safe for culinary and medicinal uses but cautions pregnant and nursing mothers as not enough is yet known about all the properties of lavender. Lavender oil is not for young children as it can irritate tender skin and cause a flux in hormones in young boys.


According to the 1996 Review of Natural Products, lavender can be an effective tonic and help with muscle spasms, fluid retention, digestion problems and flatulence. You will see lavender added to European products such as pillows, sleep aids, sedatives, products for depression, anxiety, stress, skin problems, diabetes, female problems (menstruation) and cancer. Extras of lavender are also used in Europe in mothballs, potpourri, and various herb formulas. Europeans will serve lavender tea before bed or put a few drops of lavender oil on a sugar cube for internal use. The German E-Commission endorses the use of lavender as a sedative for restlessness and sleep problems. In 1910 a French chemist used lavender to soothe a burn and noticed it removed the pain and the burn healed faster. Lavender like other herbs such as peppermint have an analgesic property. Lavender also has a history of helping with rheumatism when used topically. For those taking prescription or over-the-counter products for hair loss, a 2009 Scottish study found that lavender oil used on the scalp for many months helped to resolve alopecia or male patterned baldness. If you use lavender for this purpose I would add thyme herb to help prevent shedding and encourage new hair growth. Midwives would add lavender to bath water for postpartum discomfort and healing. Animal studies suggest that lavender can be helpful at lowering blood sugar.


In animal studies it appears that lavender has a sedation effect by slowing down the central nervous system and can hinder muscle motor movement. It is therefore not recommended to use lavender if driving or operating machinery. There is history of use where lavender was used for convulsions or seizures. It should also be noted that lavender will magnify the effect of sleep aids for insomnia or any drug containing chloral hydrate.


A German study found that lavender reduces disturbances of the upper GI tract and stomach by removing any nervous irritation. So, if public speaking gives you stomach butterflies or a stomachache, try some lavender tea.


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Being prepared is never a waste of time. Get your own organic garden growing and stock as much healthy foodstuffs as you can. You'll also need backup medicine but the over-the-counter and prescription medicines have a limited shelf life of two years or less. However, your organic medicines have a ten year shelf life without side effects. Call the folks at Apothecary Herbs for their Natural Medicine Starter Stock-up Package or make sure you get one of their many herb kits for boosting immune system and protecting you from viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless.

If you suffer from allergies (sneezing, itchy watery eyes, stuffy or runny nose, and sinus pressure or sinus infections) try the Echinacea Deluxe formula and Herbal Eyewash both around $20.00 from Apothecary Herbs. Call now toll free 866-229-3663

You already know that you can save on the half and full case discounts in the Vitamin Vault area at Apothecary Herbs has added a new item called the Natural Medicine Starter Stock-up Package. This package is designed for those preparing for their medical future and contains immune boosting, pain & inflammation, organ cleanses, vitamin, mineral, amino acid and protein products plus a Pandemic Kit and it comes with a savings. Visit or call toll free to order your Starter Stock-up Package 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277.

MALE & FEMALE ORGAN CLEANSES KITS - Don't give disease a foothold. You will have the power to cleanse the bowel, urinary, liver, gall bladder and blood system with this cleanse package. For added cleansing, ask about how you can upgrade your order to include the prostate cleanse for men or the Kidney/Bladder cleanse for females. Go to or call their 24-hour live customer service line 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277.

See Apothecary Herbs One Year Supply of Herbal Medicine at or call 866-229-3663, 704-885-0277. Call for a customized year supply or to set up installment payment for this package.
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