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Friday, June 5, AD 2015
Between Friday, May 29, AD 2015 and 
Friday, June 5, AD 2015, the bid prices for:

Gold fell 1.5 % from $1,190.00 to $1,172.30

Silver fell 3.4 % from $16.70 to $16.13

Platinum fell 1.3 % from $1,109 to $1,095

Palladium fell 3.2 % from $775 to $750

DJIA fell 0.9 % from 18,010.68 to 17,849.46

NASDAQ fell 0.0 % from 5,070.03 to 5,068.46

NYSE fell 0.7 % from 11,056.30 to 10,979.30

US Dollar Index fell 0.5 % from 96.88 to 96.35

Crude Oil fell 2.2 % from $60.30 to $58.94



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Third financial bubble due to pop?


by Alfred Adask

John Hussman is a top hedge fund manager, president of Hussman Investment Trust and heavy- hitter in the Wall Street world of finance. In a recent article published by ("Hussman: 'Fed Has Created 3rd Financial Bubble in 15 Years'") Hussman warned that we are living in another financial "bubble" created by the Federal Reserve. More, just as the last "bubble" popped in A.D. 2008 and triggered the Great Recession-our current "bubble" is also likely to pop, and pop soon.

According to the NewsMax article,

"The Fed has now created the third financial bubble in 15 years. . . . Focusing on two variables-inflation and unemployment-the Fed has missed the most important consideration: the risk to financial stability . . . this mistake will ultimately end just as tragically both for the economy and financial markets as the 2008 onset of the Great Recession."

"The Fed has kept its federal funds interest rate target at a record low of zero to 0.25 percent since December 2008. Fed Chair Janet Yellen said last week that the central bank will likely begin
raising rates this year.

"There seems to be a perception that central bankers are gods . . . . Coupled with this deification of central bankers is a faith that
interest rates are a panacea. Whatever the problem, interest rates can solve it. Inflation too high? Simply raise interest rates. Economy too weak? Then lower interest rates."

"This obsession with
interest rates as a cure-all rests on some dubious views about the way the world works. It would appear that monetary policy isn't the most effective tool for managing the economy."

The Fed has lowered interest rates to near-zero over the past five years to supposedly stimulate the economy. But, by lowering interest rates, they've pushed capital out of the US as lenders search for foreign markets paying higher interest rates. Result? As the domestic money supply is reduced, deflation rears its ugly snout. Thus, lowering interest rates could tend to slow rather than stimulate, the economy.

I can't say that lowering interest rates will absolutely slow the economy, but there will be a "balance" between the anticipated effects of lowering the interest rates (which should stimulate the economy) and the resulting reduction in the money supply (which should slow the economy). Is the stimulating effect of lowering interest rates is predominant over the slowing effect of causing capital to flee to higher interest rates-or vice versa? I don't know.

Maybe the net effect is to stimulate the economy. Maybe the net effect is to slow the economy. But, common sense tells me there will be less stimulation than economists expect.

For example, suppose that economists expect near-zero interest rates to provide a hypothetical 10 "units" of economic stimulation. But, if the low interest rates drive capital out of the economy in search of higher returns on investment, the money supply will be reduced and that reduction might cause a hypothetical 6 "units" of economic slowing. By combining 10 units of stimulation with 6 units of slowing, the net effect is 4 units of stimulation. The Federal reserve expected to get 10 units or stimulation, but they only got 4.

Still, in this hypothetical example, the Fed lowered interest rates and did get some economic stimulation.

But it's also hypothetically possible that the Fed might lower interest rates to near-zero in hopes of getting 10 units of "stimulation," but also cause enough capital to flee to cause 15 units of "slowing". In this example, the net effect of lowering interest rates might be 5 units of "slowing". The more they lowered interest rates, the slower the economy might go.

That should get them talking to themselves.

My point is that the stimulating effects of lowering interest rates might be offset and compromised by the correlative slowing effects of capital fleeing in search of higher interest rates.

Assuming this analysis is roughly correct, the smartest thing the Fed could do might be to raise interest rates since doing so might attract so much foreign capital into the US economy, that the money supply would be increased enough to cause a net stimulation.

Of course, it's counter-intuitive to suppose that raising interest rates would stimulate the economy-and maybe that wouldn't happen.

But it's clear that, contrary to traditional economic theory and expectations, the last seven years of near-zero interest rates have failed to significantly stimulate the economy. Something has happened to compromise the stimulative effects economists expected to flow from near-zero interest rates. I believe that compromise is traceable to the flow of capital out of the US economy in search of higher interest rates.

* Insofar as "monetary policy isn't the most effective tool for managing the economy," the NewsMax article admitted that the Federal Reserve (which is responsible for "monetary policy") is no longer able to control the economy.

That's consistent with an opinion I've advocated for a month or more: Nobody's In Control of our economy. It's lumbering along like a ship without a rudder. Its momentum is propelling the economy, but there's no captain at the helm. Where the economy is going, or even where it currently is, is not only unknown to the public but also to the Federal Reserve and federal government.

Why? As I'll explain, I suspect the fundamental reason may be that digital currency is too "slippery" to be controlled by the Fed or the federal government. If they can't control the currency, they won't be able to control the economy.

* "The government should turn to fiscal policy instead."


While the Federal Reserve has come to primarily control "monetary policy" by means of interest rate adjustments, the federal government controls "fiscal policy" by increasing or decreasing the currency supply by means of raising or lowering taxes, borrowing and spending.

The problem is this: In order to spend more currency into circulation, the government must first acquire the currency to spend. Government is non-productive and can't really produce currency all by itself. In order to acquire more currency to spend, government must either: 1) raise taxes on the few, remaining productive elements of the economy; or 2) increase borrowing (and leave a growing debt to cripple the productive members of future generations).

If government raised taxes on productive Americans in order to stimulate the economy with more spending, we'll simply have less productivity and more unemployed. That'll slow rather than stimulate the economy.

Government's fiscal policy can't get the economy going by raising taxes to spend more money.

* OK-what about borrowing?

If government borrows money today and leaves the debt for future generations, the government will be slowing the future economy in order to artificially stimulate today's economy.

Government doesn't mind impoverishing future generations to reelect today's incumbent politicians. Therefore, government is happy to borrow trillions to be spent in the name of "stimulating" today's economy (and reelecting incumbents).

Unfortunately, there are limits. The US government has already borrowed so much that the current National Debt is too great to ever be repaid in full. Lenders, doubting that they'll ever be repaid in full on the current debt, are therefore reluctant to lend even more to the technically-bankrupt US government.

In the past two or three years, the only reliable source of borrowed funds for the US government has been the Federal Reserve (which has been the primary purchaser of US bonds). But the Federal Reserve's "balance sheet" (their list of debts) has grown so great that if they go much deeper into debt, even the Fed might slide into bankruptcy. With the end of QE3, even the Fed has slowed (and perhaps nearly stopped) lending to the government.

Government can no longer borrow enough to both fund big government and stimulate the economy.

My point is that government can't really spend more in fiscal policy to increase the money supply and stimulate the economy because:

1) Government can't raise taxes without slowing the already-fragile economy; and,

2) Government is so deeply indebted that it's already technically bankrupt and therefore can't borrow much more currency because lenders have lost most of their former willingness to buy US bonds. Without willing creditors, the federal government has insufficient access to borrowed funds.

Result? In a no-tax, no-borrow environment, government is going broke, programs are being cut and government spending is being reduced.

If the federal government can't raise taxes or increase borrowing, how can fiscal policy be tweaked to increase government spending to stimulate the economy?

It can't.

So, that's where the economy is now-between the rock of the Federal Reserve's inability to lower interest rates without reducing the money supply-and the hard place of the federal government's inability to raise taxes or borrow more funds to spend into circulation.

* How could government get around these problems?

They might be able to impose some sort of currency controls that would prevent currency from fleeing the US economy in search of higher interest rates. However, I doubt that government can implement effective currency controls on digital currency that is finally nothing more than 1's and 0's on somebody's hard drive.

Ohh, government can enforce currency controls against pizza deliverymen and insurance company secretaries. But, I doubt that currency controls can be enforced against major corporations and the "big money" of billionaires.

Because digital currency has no weight, no mass, no substance, it can move at the speed of light. Government moves at the speed of a paraplegic trying to traverse a swamp made of molasses. Does anyone believe that government can prevent Bill and Hillary from instantaneously moving millions from their Trust Fund in Arkansas to some secret bank account in Paris or Buenos Aires? If Bill moves that money today, will government even find out for six months or a year?

There is one form of currency controls that might work-although only on the "little money" of ordinary Americans: eliminate all cash, put all currency on debit cards that are constantly monitored and controlled by the federal government-and thereby prevent any "small" currency from going anywhere that's not government-approved and thereby "stimulate" the US economy.

But, given the problem we already have with foreign hackers breaking into ordinary people's credit cards and bank accounts and moving millions of digital dollars from those accounts to foreign countries-how much trouble will it be for hackers to break into any new-and-improved, completely digital monetary system and moving/stealing billions?

Not much.

* In fact, I suspect that the sum total of funds stolen in a cashless, all-digital monetary system will be much greater than the total sum of funds stolen in today's partially-paper-based monetary system.

Why? Because even paper dollars have a physical reality that slows or inhibits their transfer.

The physical nature of real money like gold or silver coins, or even paper currency, makes it comparatively hard to produce or move from place to place or from buyer to seller. Digital currency, on the other hand, is extraordinarily "slippery". It can cross the globe at the speed of light. Hackers can drain millions from bank accounts with a few keystrokes.

It's because of the non-physical nature of digital currency that I doubt that government can really control digital currency under any circumstances. I predict that a "cashless" (paper-less, precious-metal-less) digital, monetary system will be far more susceptible to hacking, theft, fraud and confiscation by government than a gold- or even paper-based monetary system.

I.e., to rob a man of $1,000 in physical cash, I have to catch him when he's alone, knock him out and take his wallet. That's hard, dangerous work. The victim might pull a gun and shoot me.

To rob a man of $1,000 in digital currency, all I need to do is access his bank account info, start my computer, enter a few keystrokes, transfer his digital funds to my account, and walk to the refrigerator and grab a beer. No muss, no fuss, no stress and-if you know what you're doing-very little danger. It's comparatively easy to steal digital currency. If we go to a cashless monetary system, the chances of your digital dollars being stolen by private-sector crooks or confiscated by government employees will only be increased.

* If currency controls won't work reliably on digital currency, government could restore a gold- or silver-based monetary system wherein physical money can't be moved across oceans on the internet at the speed of light. I'd be astonished if that happened. I certainly don't expect it to happen any time soon.

But, if it's true that government can't control the economy unless it controls the currency-and if it's true that government can't really control the super-slippery digital currency-then it follows that government can't keep the digital dollars without losing control of the economy.

If currency controls won't really work on digital currency, then one apparent solution is to implement a new currency system that's based on a form of money that's physical rather than digital. What else can that mean besides a restoration of a gold- or silver-based money?

Yes, that's a fantastic and improbable argument, but it still strikes me as plausible.

* In any case, for the moment, the Federal Reserve can't control the economy with monetary policy, and the federal government can't control the economy with fiscal policy, and that implies that nobody's really in control of the US economy.

If it's true that digital currency can't be effectively controlled by the Fed's monetary policy or the government's fiscal policy, we can suspect that (just as John Hussman warned in the NewsMax article) something dramatic is about to happen to that current "financial bubble" (that's been over-inflated with digital currency). If government wants control of the people, but digital currency can't be effectively controlled, then, one way or another, digital currency has to go or be dramatically changed.

Is there any imaginable way that digital currency can be changed that will truly benefit the vast majority of the American people? I can't see how. Whatever government does (if anything) to digital currency, it won't be good for 98% of Americans.

But even if digital currency remains unchanged, it will expose those who save their wealth digitally to greater likelihood of electronic theft by private thieves or electronic confiscation by government.

Q: If that's true, how can you protect yourself and preserve your wealth?

A: Get out of digital currency now and get back into a physical money like silver or gold.
Obama stands there with his emotional pants down - There is nothing to see except crimes


Better late than never as they say. The patient is practically dead and on life support when the Doctor, running in from his golf game smells death. "Quick, bring the paddles and give me more light."

Has the whorish mainstream media finally taken notice of the endless crime spree in the White House? Thank you pathological big egos. It finally took the demands of the ego-monster to get their attention. One too many times being ignored and being denied information I reckon.

Middle finger president Obama has from the beginning done nothing but lie about all he is involved with. The only truth he has given us is regarding his intention to transform America, bankrupt the coal industry, and force his dangerously compromised Obamacare on the people. He also from the start shared his shame for America. Apparently with this last declaration - the one of being ashamed, he couldn't find a therapist to work it out so he just told the world about it and planned to punish us severly.

America has watched so many Obama - 'transformation' elephants fly through their living rooms with no action or response, that we can barely take in air anymore. Is it remotely possible that the media and politicians will recover their judgment, courage and brains now before they roll the body out?

Obama and his administration from day one have denied and fought 'freedom of information act requests from too many groups and people to list. Obama's boring and over used game has been 'stall - stall - stall...pause...then stall some more. Make all who make these legal requests for info sue the administration so Obama can stall and hide some more.

Just a few battling our phony president for Freedom of Information Act info and being thrown in the Obama Stall blender are 'Judicial Watch.' They accuse the Obama Administration of withholding information regarding Hillary Clinton Emails. They have been denied and stalled on every request for much info. Lawsuits are flying...just as Obama likes it.

Sheryl Attkisson has testified before Congress stating how the Obama administration has routinely blocked requests for info.

Constitutional attorney Michael Connelly has also been forced to sue on behalf of veterans because he has been thrown into the Obama stall blender when asking for information he has the Constitutional right to know.

Now, we have the 'wake up and smell the coffee media' late in the mix finally calling Obama on his endless schemes and stalls regarding any information request. Apparently the New York Times has had a 'come to Jesus' moment. David McCraw, the assistant general counsel of the New York Times spoke to the House Oversight Committee, representing mainstream media.

McCraw sited the endless violations of Freedom of Information Act requests that have been continuously stalled or denied. He stated that Obama stalls and stalls and forces a lawsuit, knowing that only the rich can endure such an expensive game. He also pointed out that this criminal process steals tax revenues from Americans and they get to pay for all the hidden Obama crimes.

Just the way Obama likes it. Fights against him are too expensive to fight.

"Just one small problem Obama...Americans has been waking up the last few years, Republican and Democrat, young and old, Black & White along with other flavors. We see you, your narcissism, your crimes and your communistic and radical Muslim core. We don't like it, or your transformation agenda from hell. We will not put up with it, the hiding of your criminal toys in the closet, nor your plans to destroy and control America."

House and Senate members and media everywhere, it is time for all of us to do more than wake up. Confronting and exposing Obama and his endless crimes is just the beginning but a good start. The exposure has to be loud, continuous and fierce.

Now, our leadership and media must demand as they are starting to do, that we see many arrests for these crimes. Obama must be seen for what he really is all over the media, while our political leadership crushes his agenda, criminal staff and eventually him.

Obama thinks he is the great white shark who can eat us all alive. Nothing can stop him. Do I see a furrow in his brow as he glances around him? A see a whole lot of ticked off American dolphins surrounding him. Last I checked...dolphins trump sharks.

Join LAURIE ROTH Monday June 8th for the new time on my national radio show, syndicated by USA RADIO NETWORKS. You can listen in through at 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM PST Mon-Friday. Call in and speak your mind at: 1 877 999 7684.

Health challenges of the 21st century


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


According to the UK, Europeans have a new epidemic on their hands that affects 38% of the populace. The US isn't the only country that has an increase in cases involving anxiety, depression, insomnia and dementia. It appears that health authorities are combining the conditions into one category called "brain or mental disorder." The British newspapers report that only a third of patients are obtaining any kind of therapy or medication for these conditions. This problem alone is putting a strain on medical and employment systems and a majority of patients are unfit to work. Billions of Euros are spent on this health epidemic in treatments, disability and welfare. As the social health care system becomes entrenched in the US, it is quite possible the US will have similar problems.

According to health authorities, the pharmaceutical companies are turning their attention to other maladies for drug research. As a result, there is insufficient research, development and funds to continue work in the therapies for behavioral and neuroscience. The pharmaceutical companies are putting the burden on governments or charities to provide funding for their research and development in new treatments in mental health. According to reports, until that happens there will be a tremendous "treatment gap" in the area of mental health. Some clinics in Germany face closing their doors. According to the director Hans Wittchen of the Institute of Clinical Psychology at Germany's Dresden University, there is a long wait for treatment averaging several years and entails no modern therapies. Wittchen lead a three-year study encompassing 27 European countries involving 514 million people. The study covered 100 different mental and neurological disorders (for example - anxiety, depression, addiction, schizophrenia, epilepsy, Parkinson's and MS) and he found that these conditions were the major cause of death, disability and economic distress worldwide. Wittchen expects these statistics to expand by 2020. His findings were published in the European College of Neuropsychopharmocology.

According to the European Commission, public surveys indicate that another problem on the rise is musculoskeletal disease. There are 150 conditions under this category and it is a progressive, painful disease disorder. This category involves joints, spine, arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain etc. In Europe, musculoskeletal disorders are the most frequently reported health problem on surveys involving 50% of the population. More specifically, young and middle-aged Europeans report back pain and older adults report knee pain. More women seem to be affected than men. The disability rates are climbing in Europe for the two categories of mental illness and musculoskeletal disease.

The European Commission compiled some statistics on the health of the people and found that one out of every three EU citizens that were 16-years-of-age or older suffered from a serious health problem. This category was mentioned as a chronic morbidity segment and men had fewer chronic health problems compared to women. However with health surveys people tend to have a different perspective about their health. The average American thinks they are relatively healthy while taking 3 to 5 prescription medications. According to research, higher educated people perceived their health to be better.

Since health has been a hot topic globally due to the costs, therefore countries are saying that good health is an asset. Therefore, the healthier the populace, the wealthier the nation. So, what affects the health status of a nation? Countries are monitoring more closely the health status of the population so they can address this question not just in general but by region and by town. To do that, more EU policies require new terms and definitions for standardized care and assessment. Governments are in particular interested in three variables:

  1. Self-perceived health (a personal assessment of your general health)
  2. Chronic morbidity (assessment of your long-standing illness or health problem)
  3. Disability or Limitations (ability to carry out normal functions/activities/work influenced by health problems longer than six months)

This assessment is called Global Activity Limitation Indicator (GALI) and is used to calculate a citizens worth in "healthy life years". All countries are giving this health assessment of their populations very high status because it affects health policies. It is a prediction of how much money a citizen will cost and make during their lifetime. I think this policy would be more accurately named Human Commodity Life Assessment. People should realize that governments are not so much concerned about their health but it is about money. However, governments prefer to use the term "social protection". Social protection is about what is good for society in general and the planet. The government will confirm a person to be healthy if they satisfy the standards of their multidimensional points system; such as having a completely balanced physical, mental and social well-being. So, if you have back pain, or anxiety or don't like crowds then your Global Activity Limitation Indicator score will be lower. Your health scores will be calculated by a computer using Core Health Indicators to arrive at your "Healthy Life Years" score. If it is determined that you would need long-term care at some point, this could affect many things and not just your insurance premiums. This will affect healthcare services, occupation and labor, living conditions, government assistance programs (welfare) and education and training. This is the age of "data science" and the more information compiled on people, more control the government has over them.

Data science is an industry in itself. Data science is the harvesting and collecting of information. Several institutions offer degrees in this field. The job description of a data scientist is a high-ranking professional with training and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of big data. That's the print version. Data scientists exhibit intense curiosity and are data hackers and analysts - two elements that make them extremely powerful. Bankers use them to reduce fraud. Having a background in the social sciences is a plus. Most of these data hackers have strong social skill sets and have degrees in computer science, math, systems biology, ecology or economics. Whichever field they come from, they have a gift at taking unstructured data and turn it into structured data to analyze. The Harvard Business Review called the job of data scientists the "sexiest job of the 21st century." Think of the data science industry as exploring you - finding your behavioral patterns and social connections in order to predict your future. Data scientists have been groomed in an age of little to no privacy and therefore have no problem profiling you. Many websites offering free accounts to help you connect with others will take all your data and sell it or use it to build algorithms programs and sell them. Some of the most data driven companies are Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Ebay, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Big data is in its infancy but is gathering momentum and it may turn out to be the tsunami no data scientist can surf.

"The shortage of data scientists is becoming a serious constraint in some sectors. Demand is ahead of supply." Founders of LinkedIn

Governments and banking institutions want to manage all global risks; natural disasters, health, life-cycle, social, economic, political and environmental. It reminds me of homogenized dairy products - making them standardized. Whatever is not in harmony with the standard is removed. It is often referred to as the One World Order. There is such a thing as too much order or too many rules. A good example is the movie the Sound of Music, which depicted the real life of the Navel Captain Von Trapp and who managed his home and family like drill sergeant. It seems to me that this is what is happening to our healthcare system, our banks and our world. The question is will we let it?

According to the CDC, in 2013 over 2.5 million people died in the US from diseases and in 2014 233,420 died from accidents. Accidents tend to be unforeseeable but there is a lot we can do to prevent illness. More people die from disease than from accidents, homicides or war. A majority of people seek treatment for their disease through modern medicine. What they get is a disease management program. I've said it before that we can avoid most disease with a healthy lifestyle and making sure there is a free-flow of toxins out of the body. Our generation must do more to secure the removal of toxins than ever before. When we cleanse and nourish the body we can reduce or eliminate the risk of disease. If would like to lower your risk of disease through organ cleansing and immune boosting then call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 where your healthcare options just became endless. SAVE 20% with our Father's Day coupon: DAD15 now through 6/15/15 (minimum order $50).



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