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Friday, May 29, AD 2015
Between Friday, May 15, AD 2015 and 
Friday, May 22, AD 2015, the bid prices for:


Gold fell 1.3 % from $1,205.90 to $1,190.00

Silver fell 2.2 % from $17.08 to $16.70

Platinum fell 3.2 % from $1,146 to $1,109

Palladium fell 0.5 % from $779 to $775

DJIA fell 1.3 % from 18,232.02 to 18,010.68

NASDAQ fell 0.4 % from 5,089.36 to 5,070.03

NYSE fell 0.1 % from 11,197.70 to 11,056.30

US Dollar Index rose0.7 % from 96.14 to 96.88

Crude Oil rose 0.6 % from $59.93 to $60.30





"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask



by Alfred Adask


In the A.D. 1992 movie, A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson played Marine Colonel Nathan Jessep.  When confronted in court by the Navy defense lawyer played by Tom Cruise, Col. Jessep shouted, "You want the truth?! . . . .  You can't handle the truth!"

Jessep's line became an instant classic and, today we're still wondering whether We the People can, or can't, "handle the truth".  Government thinks we can't handle the truth and therefore lies to us.  But, does government really protect us by shielding us from the truth?  Or, does the government protect itself and condemn ordinary Americans by denying our access to the truth?

I'm inclined to believe that the American people can handle the truth.  I believe that, inevitably, people must handle the truth.  Still, I have to admit that I also have my doubts.  In any case, I believe that all lies are only temporary and sooner or later, people will be forced to "handle the truth" whether they like it or not.

For example, suppose we had an economy and political system where the stock, bond and commodities market prices were based on the truth of a "free" market rather than the lies that are influenced, manipulated, and even controlled by government's central planners.  The free markets give us truth that's often painful.  The central planners beguile us with "sweet, sweet lies" (like the inflation and unemployment rates) that are temporarily pleasant and reassuring.

How many Americans could "handle" the free-market truths about the Dow Jones index or the price of gold, if those truths produced a 4,000 Dow and $10,000 gold?  We'd be better off in the long run if we faced those truths, but in the short run, the immediate result of such truths could be financial and political chaos.  

How many Americans would really want such truths?  How many could "handle" such truths?  How many would instead beg to maintain the lies (18,000  Dow; $1,200 gold) provided through the courtesy of our central planners?   


Broken Tools

Here's some excerpts from a May 22nd article from NewsMax Finance entitled "The Fed Can't Grow our Economy."  According to that article,



"The Federal Reserve lacks the tools to sufficiently grow our economy."


I.e., The Federal Reserve lacks the tools to sufficiently control our economy. 


"The minutes of the most recent Fed policy committee meeting at the end of April suggests the central bank is perplexed that worker employment and income are growing, yet inflation remains below the 2 percent target for nearly three years . . .  consumption and investment are stalling. . . .

"Unfortunately, much of the Fed's optimism for the economy and labor market in the medium term was based on a robust rise in consumer spending, which has not materialized. . . .   the Fed is planning an untested  approach to raise interest rates: paying banks to limit lending.  That is, the Fed will provide a high rate of interest to the member bank reserves held at the central bank, so the banks need not lend it to business and consumers."


First, why is the Fed "planning an untested approach"? 

A:  Because the conventional tools of classical economics no longer work.  The Fed can no longer control the economy by using classical economic tools-like adjusting interest rates or the money supply.  Therefore, the Fed is trying to devise new, previously-unknown and therefore "untested" tools to regain control.

 Implication:  at least for now, no one is in control of our economy.

Second, what sense does it make for the Fed to pay "banks to limit lending . . . . so the banks need not lend it to business and consumers"? 

 Isn't it true that, for years, the Fed has hoped for a "robust rise on consumer spending" to stimulate the economy-but didn't get it? 

But now, if the Fed is planning to pay the banks not to lend to American "businesses and consumers," won't that necessarily reduce "consumer spending"? 

Isn't that an obvious contradiction?

For years, the Fed talked about stimulating "consumer spending".  But its proposed actions (restricting bank lending) can only reduce consumer spending.    Whose side is the Fed on?  Are they trying to stimulate the economy or collapse it?

Should we believe the Fed's words or actions?

Does anyone know?

Is anyone really in charge?

Does the Fed still have any tools needed to exercise control?

Does the Fed even understand how to control the modern economy?

Is central control of the US economy no longer possible?   


Bill Gross "Senses" but Doesn't Know

Bill Gross is a multi-billionaire and Wall Street "insider" who co-founded PIMCO and ran its $270 billion Total Return Fund. Gross left Pimco to join Janus Capital Group last September.  In January, he claimed that he'd been fired.

Bill's been around the block. He knows the markets, the bonds and Wall Street about as well as anyone.   

Here's a May 25th article from entitled "Bill Gross:  Stocks, Bond Bubbles to Pop as Bull Market Ends":


"Star bond-fund manager Bill Gross . . .  warns thatfinancial market bubblesare about to popand that the bull market is nearing its end



OK, coming from Mr. Gross, that warning is kinda scary.  As a premier Wall Street "insider," he oughta know.

But he goes on to say,


I sort of have a sense of an ending ...   It probably ends like T. S.  Eliot said, with a whimper and not a bang.


He "sort of" has a "sense of an ending"?  And how that ending will "probably" play out?   How can it be that a multi-billionaire, Wall Street insider doesn't have access to data that will confirm or deny his warning that the markets are on the verge of a major correction? 

If Bill Gross doesn't know for sure what's happening in the economy, who does?  Doesn't his equivocation imply that nobody understands what's happening or is likely to happen-and therefore no one is really in control?

Speaking of the prospective interest rate changes by the Fed, Mr. Gross said,


"I think the Fed wants to get off zero, if only to get a sense as to whether they can begin the process of getting healthy again."

Apparently, the Fed will raise interest rates as an experiment to see if it can "get a sense" of whether the economy is "getting healthy again"? 

"Get a sense"?

Like Mr. Gross, the Fed also doesn't know if the economy is strong, weak or somewhere in between? 

Again, we see evidence that people who should know, don't have a clue. 

If so, nobody is really in control. 

How can anyone really control of the economy, if people like Bill Gross and Janet Yellen don't clearly know what's happening and can only rely on their "sensing"?


Goldman Sachs Doesn't Know

Established in A.D. 1869, Goldman Sachs is an American multinational investment banking firm that engages in global investment banking, securities, and other financial services.  In A.D. 2014, Goldman Sachs had reported assets worth $856 billion.

It would be reasonable to suppose that an investment firm as old, rich and powerful as Goldman would have a clear understanding of what's going on in the economy.

However, on May 26th, Forbes Magazine published, "Goldman Sachs is Entirely Right About Economic Growth" wherein a Goldman executive expressed his confusion:


"Our problem is that there's an awful lot of things that are right in economics but which also aren't very, or even at all, important.  Just asthere's things where we don't know where we're right or wrongbut we do know that they are extremely important. . . . we don't know as much about growth and the rate of itas we tend to think we do. The growth figuresthat are usually bandied about, those for productivity, GDP and so on, all depend upon some underlying assumptions. And we know that we're at least partially wrong in some of those assumptions. What we don't know is either how badly we're wrong nor how important those errors are."


Get that?  Do you find Goldman's admissions of ignorance surprising?  Even mind-boggling?

The only knowledge Goldman claims to have is that, "we know that we're at least partially wrong in some of [our] assumptions."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't big-time investment banks attract clients and capital by inspiring customer confidence?   How much confidence can Goldman inspire by repeatedly admitting that "we don't know"?  

Whatever pushed Goldman to make such startling admissions, Goldman must be astonished or even frightened by its own, undeniable ignorance concerning economics.


*  Goldman worries that,


"Structural changes in the US economy may have resulted in a statistical understatement of real (economic) growth. . . . The data, might not be picking up changes in the economy resulting from the rapid spread of advanced software and digital content."


What economic changes could result from the "rapid spread of advanced software and digital content"?   I can think of two:

1)  Increased productivity in terms of actual production divided by actual man-hours of work (one man can now do the work that used to be done by ten); and,

2)  Increased unemployment as nine workers are replaced by one man and some software.

Virtually every technological advance that increases productivity is a "labor-saving device".  Increased productivity is supposed to provide the benefit of increased profits.  But, how much "labor" can we "save" without raising unemployment levels to a point where we lose consumers, the economy slows and profits start to shrink rather than rise? 


*  Goldman goes on to argue that,


"If the growth and productivity statistics have been understated, then the inflation statistics will also be over-stated.  And we really are pretty sure that this is the case too."


"Pretty sure"?  That's all they've got?  "Pretty sure"?


 "Increases in product quality are known as "hedonic improvement" and there's a number of reasons why we know that the current inflation statistics don't properly account for them . . . . but there's really no obviously exactly correct way to do this.  So, we know that we're wrong: we just don't know how importantly we're wrong."



First, if there's no "exactly correct way" to calculate inflation, nobody really knows what the current inflation rate is.  How can the Fed shoot for 2% inflation if nobody knows the real, current rate of inflation?

Second, Goldman says we "know that we're wrong"-but they don't know how wrong. 

Figuratively speaking, Goldman knows they've pushed the wrong button, but they don't know if it turned off the sound on the TV or launched an ICBM toward Moscow.

If they don't know what they're doing-if they don't understand the cause-and-effect relationship between whatever they do to whatever happens-then, they're not in control.


"If we're over-stating inflation, then all of these other numbers are going to be wrong. And we know that we do know that we're not quite measuring hedonicimprovement correctly.

"And that's before we come to the problems we've got with the newer, digital economy. We know absolutely that we're measuring the value of new output incorrectly: correctly according to the old rules, yes, but incorrectly in terms of the value being added. And that again makes all three of our numbers wrong."


Nobody's in control because nobody can be in control.  The economy is moving forward like a great, rudderless ship.  It's propelled by its momentum and we seem to be making good speed, but no one is at the helm and no one is really in control.  


"All of which leads to an interesting public policy conclusion: 

"This is a bit of a death knell for the idea that we should be planning the economy in any detail. You can only plan something if you know what to do.  You can only decide what to do, where to go, if you know where you are.  Being able to plan an economy requires being able to measure it accurately-and we know we're getting that wrong.  So, we must assume, we would get planning [the economy] wrong, too."


I'd say it's the "death knell" for the idea that it's even possible for our central planners In Washington DC to reliably control to economy to any significant degree. 


*  Our predicament isn't simply based on our technical inability to accurately measure the "new, digital economy".  Our predicament is also based on the fact that the US government is intentionally lying to us, "cooking the books" and exerting unseen influence to make some markets move artificially and irrationally higher and other markets move artificially and irrationally lower.  

The idea that the government artificially manipulates market indices and prices is no conspiracy theory.  On March 18, A.D.1988, when President Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order 12631, which created the "Working Group on Financial Markets"-more commonly called the "Plunge Protection Team".  That team's purpose was to prevent sudden, uncontrollable declines in the stock and financial markets. 

Protecting the markets from sudden crashes may've seemed like a good idea at the time, but doing so could only be achieved by manipulating the (theoretically free) markets.   If the free market wants to fall from 18,000 to 4,000, but the Plunge Protection Team stops the fall at 16,000-that's market manipulation.  The Plunge Protection Team and government have been legally manipulating markets for at least 27 years. 

But control of the economy was officially authorized all the way back in A.D. 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created and given two objectives: 1) to control inflation and 2) to cause full employment.  Those two objectives could only be achieved by means of central control of the economy and market manipulation.

It's not a conspiracy theory.  The Federal Reserve and government have been legally trying to control the economy and manipulate the markets over a century.

Insofar as that's true, we haven't had an honest, free-market economy for over a century.  How can anyone control an economy if no one has accurate information on its actual (free-) market indices, commodities prices, inflation rates, etc.?  Haven't our central planners been blinded by their own lies?

Again, I'm reminded of the metaphor of a huge ship, plunging ahead without captain or rudder, driven only by its momentum.  Yes, the US economy is probably growing, but no one knows how much, how fast or for how long.  Nobody's in control.


*  "Sure, some things have to be planned. Once you've got fiat money, a fractional reserve banking system and a central bank, then obviously someone has to decide what short term interest rates are going to be."


Goldman implies that the foundation for "economic control" are fiat currency, fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve.  With real money (gold & silver), etc., we'd have a free market and uncontrolled economy.  Without real money we have increased regulations allowing more and more central planning, a loss of liberty, a growing police state, and the prospect of national, economic ruin.

In his A.D. 1776 magnum opus, The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith coined the term "invisible hand" to describe the unseen processes by means of which the economy and free markets were guided by the people rather than by the government.   Most recently, it's been clear that we haven't had free-markets or the "invisible hand" to guide us-we've had the "visible hand" of central planners and rising fascism. 

Only now, it appears that the "visible hand" of our central planners hasn't simply lost control of the economy but also lost understanding of the economy and even the ability to control.  If the "visible hand" of central planners fails, will the "invisible hand" of free markets return?

Goldman concludes:


"But given our information scarcity (data we've got loads of, it's information we're short of) our attempts to plan should be kept to an absolute minimum. Simply because we've not got what we need to do more than only what we absolutely have to."


Goldman argues that since we no longer have the tools and measurement devices needed to truly control the economy, our central planners should stop trying to control the economy.  Goldman implies that it's time for the "invisible hand" to regain control

Of course, our central planners will never voluntarily surrender their real or illusory power of control.  With data, without data-with the truth or with lies-you can bet that government will continue to claim that it is-and should be-in control.

But, what happens if America's central planners are finally forced to admit (as happened in the Soviet Union when it imploded in A.D. 1991) that they have no clue as to how to accurately measure or control the economy?

What happens if the government is forced to admit that "Nobody's In Control"?

A:  Chaos.




Sex - Sex and more every way with everyone



It appears the gift of 'sex' and sexuality has been forced over a cliff and shattered into a thousand pieces of broken and perverted expression. Experts are everywhere and those who demand to change our legal, religious, educational and political core. We must become another creature...void of Godly morals, laced with experimental sexual drives and controlled by feelings, Government and liberal agendas. "Act out, do it again and we will treat your diseases."

Shockingly, the most perverted among us run for President and dream of controlling us from the top down. We have been forced to endure the never ending story about Hillary and this and sex that. We see the perverted pedophile friend here, sell out and money laundering there....'the sleep around - sell out family in every way. Sadly, so far it looks like Hillary will be running on the Democrat ticket. Moral - Legal - and Faith bankruptcy!

Hillary is not the only one competing for the 'sex and moral lunacy award.' Other 'wanna be' Presidential candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) enlighten us as well. Craig Bannister of MRCTV found a lovely post from Bernie back in 1972 entitled "Men-And-Women." It was published in the "Vermont Freeman" and liberal newspaper. Sanders stated that women fantasized about being gang raped. Oh yes...He was quoted as saying: "A woman enjoys intercourse with her man-as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously." A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy." Wrote Sanders. "A woman on her knees. A woman tied up. A woman abused." Read the post at MRCTV.

I can hardly wait to see a nightmare like Bernie Sanders President. Just think about all the handcuff and rope sales he will see at the White House for Interns. Perhaps he will pardon all incarcerated rapists since women want it anyway. Maybe he can help organize and fund a new UNION so 3 men at once can attack women with precision and order. The men can support each other and fund raise.

We still await the ruling from the Supreme Court on 'mandated gay marriage.' Will it be pushed and forced on all 50 states and will this crush freedom of speech and religious rights? The battle is upon us all and we will see the next chapter very soon.

Sex with everyone and everything...bring it. Women and women - men and men - sex with groups - neighborhoods - sex with old men and young boys - sex with your Beagle - then do it all again after you changed your sex over the weekend. Now, you come with all your 'rights' from the other side.

Will it become a crime to be married to your husband, not sleep around and not allow others to join in? Just think of the exclusive - hate of that position. There will be no one in my bed except my Husband and I....ok, our dog Scooter as well but not for sex.

Apparently, some have never learned from history what happens when God and morals are completely removed from sexuality and its expression. Rome started its down turn in AD 190 and was known for acting out with sexual expression, torture of Christians and violence in between their artistic expressions.

God put parameters and limits around sex not to torture and punish us, but to protect us and bless us all. Sex was created by God as an intimate and Holy expression of love to another person of the opposite sex. He invented the Holy sacrament of Marriage where sex is meant to live and prosper.

Instead, many in America have turned sex and its expression into a walking and diseased 'side show.' I pray we will not become another 'Rome' but we are swiftly on our way.

Join me, Laurie Roth,  each day as I take on the issues on my national radio show from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST Mon-Friday. You can listen live at or Join me.





What could be sneaking into our lungs and making us sick? Most people are focused on air pollution, dust, pollen, second-hand smoke and asbestos. These are all good to be concerned about. However, what else could be lurking about on a daily basis that can cause not only allergic reactions but serious health conditions such as COPD, chronic lung infections or worse? If smoking can expose us to 27 health risks, then what other things could be in our air that are considered dangerous? Air is the vehicle that not only can affect our breathing but the air contaminants can infiltrate food, drinking water and our skin. Let's find out what we can do to reduce our exposure and risk as much as possible.



The odds are against us if we think we can avoid toxic air. According to the EPA we have 187 pollutants that are released into the air every day. For example, these would include benzene (found in gasoline), perchloroethylene (dry cleaning chemical), methylene chloride (solvent & paint stripper) and numerous toxic metals too long to list. The heavy metal deposits can pollute soil and seep into water sources and damage crops, animal and human health.



The sources for toxic air come from mobile sources (cars, trucks, buses, planes) and from stationary sources such as factories, refineries and power plants. One may recall the recent coal-ash spill polluting water in Charlotte, North Carolina pointing to Duke Energy Corporation. Another source is inside buildings such as cleaning solvents and building materials. Another source is the fall-out from war. Lastly there are natural sources such as from volcanoes or forest fires.



We're told that with enough exposure to toxic air the risk of cancer increases, our immune system could be damaged, neurological and reproductive problems could develop as well as many respiratory conditions.



The EPA is very aware of the health risk from toxins as they can accumulate inside the body. Toxins can overwhelm the human immune system we are born with. The organ that will take much of the burden is the liver. As the toxins enter the lungs they are quickly transported into the bloodstream. The blood is filtered by the liver and must produce enzymes to neutralize any lethal toxins. The residues (debris) eventually work their way out of the body via the bowel or urinary tract.



Aside from the work environment, home is where we spend our time. There are common products used in the home that could be causing many health problems. Take for example air fresheners found in most stores. According to a 2013 survey done by of 24,000 American households, they reported that 73.9% of Americans use air fresheners or room deodorizers. This was just at home and most Americans also use similar products in their cars and office.  According to, many of these air freshener chemicals are not only toxic but accumulate in our body. Medical doctors often will not connect the dots that these toxins are responsible for disease, which accumulate in the tissue of the body over a matter of years.





Some of the health conditions that have been linked to air fresheners are: fatigue, migraine headache, frequent colds, weak immune system, mystery genetic disorders, aches and pains, high blood pressure, dizziness, mood changes and blood flow changes that could trigger strokes or heart attacks. The accumulative effect is magnified by other household cleaners such as Clorox wipes or hand sanitizers.



People assume that if products are in the stores that they are regulated, tested and safe. Companies producing air fresheners are not required to test their products for safety and do not need permission from any regulatory body or authority to manufacture and distribute these chemical products. The State of California through Proposition 65 mandates that products which pose a cancer or reproductive health risk must list the risky chemical ingredient on the label. The Natural Resources Defense Council did a study on air fresheners. They also reported there is no safety testing on such products. Their report included high levels of phthalates (dangerous especially to children and are testosterone hormone disruptors known to cause reproductive abnormalities, birth defects and reduce sperm count). Phthalates are often found in sprays labeled "all natural" or "unscented." The industry is not required to disclose this ingredient on their labels. However, the Environmental Working Group reported that phthalates produce liver cancer but no regulatory agency will officially acknowledge this.



Other chemicals found in air fresheners are di-chloro-benzene and this chemical agent is reported to be in the blood of 96% of Americans. It has been linked to lung damage, asthma, is a carcinogen and an EPA registered pesticide (is the main ingredient in DDT, DDE, DDD). I have to wonder if the COPD epidemic has been prompted by this chemical found in air fresheners, toilet deodorizers and mothballs. If heavy metals, mold and dust can cause fibrosis of the lungs what will these chemicals do?



The newest generation of air fresheners is made by Proctor & Gamble called Febreze®. They even make air fresheners directly marketed to pet owners. Reading the ingredients of; water, fragrance and the "odor eliminator" derived from corn, the public will not know what this chemical will do other than mask odors. The Chemical Abstracts Service Registry (CAS) says there is no information available on the health risk or toxicity of the odor eliminator from corn known as beta-cyclodextrin acarbonhydrate (8-sugar ringed molecule). Which explains if you spill the stuff ants will flock to it like sugar. The chemists most likely isolated the molecule they needed from GMO corn and made a synthetic version. There are toxic warnings on the label for consumers to contact poison control if swallowed and do not induce vomiting and avoid contact with eyes or skin. It also advises to keep out of reach of children and pets. But, it is ok to breathe it in. Air freshener chemicals disable the smell receptors in the nose and people just don't smell the foul odors anymore. The lack of odors is really an attack on part of your body - your nose and pulmonary system. The air fresheners essentially block one of our senses and are known to cause damage to the mucous membranes. Any damage either temporary or permanent should be avoided. Without long-term studies, it is difficult to tell what ripple effect these chemicals will have. The fastest way to poison a person is through the pulmonary because it is absorbed right into the blood. The lungs do not filter out these chemicals. Ask any bird owner how sick their bird is in a home with air fresheners plugged in all day dispensing these chemicals. It is like the canary in the coalmine.




Exposure to the chemicals in the air fresheners are known to disrupt the human endocrine system. The reproductive system and pancreas can be adversely affected by the destruction of hormones, which is a similar action of BPA only more powerful. This toxin isn't ingested but is continuously breathed in with access directly to the bloodstream every day. This can present terrible health problems that won't go away. Tests done on the chemicals that make up DDT accumulated in the fat cells in humans and animals causing severe health effects. It is believed that these chemicals stored in the fat make it harder for people to lose weight. The body will resist breaking down the fat cells to avoid releasing the toxins back into the body. In other words, the body resists the weight loss as a defense measure. The lack of weight loss in this instance is an immune system trying to protect you from danger. The fragrances in air fresheners are known to trigger asthma attacks by 72% and the asthma cases from 1980 to 2003 were reported to have doubled. According to a 1991 study called Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes, it is also suspected that these products, which are made from synthetic petroleum, adversely affect the central nervous system and can make some conditions worse such as; Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.



We are exposed to more phthalate chemicals in cosmetics, cologne or perfume, pharmaceutical drugs, vinyl products (toys), paints and car parts. The air fresheners can pump out 100 ppm of these toxic chemicals but some can go higher to 360 ppm, 1,100 ppm and even 7,300 ppm.



If we take a look at the two areas of the body that can be adversely affected by the chemicals in air fresheners we can see that our immune system and liver can take a big hit. The immune system can be affected via the; lymph system, bone marrow, white blood cells, spleen, immune system response (autoimmune disease) or by a suppressed immune system response.  The liver can be affected by; inability to break down and store essential nutrients (protein and enzymes) for regulating things like blood clots, cleansing the blood, protecting veins from damage, preventing tumor accumulation and fatty deposits causing liver cells to die. The lesson here is not to stress the liver or immune system - our two biggest defenses you have against disease.



The folks at brown thumb mama have a recipe for making your own organic air freshener using baking soda, essential oils and distilled water. So, unplug the air fresheners and eliminate this accumulative health risk.



We have so many toxic variables in our daily lives that we have to do more to product our health. Most people would not suspect a slow death by air freshener but it isn't just the air fresheners - it is also the pharmaceutical drugs, OTC products, sundry items, cologne etc. The accumulative effect of these toxins is enormous. If hair sample testing can detect tobacco from a smoker just imagine what they could detect if they tested for the chemicals in everyday products such as air fresheners. Knowing what you Know now would you use an herb that helps the liver regenerate cells? Would you use herbs to empower your immune system response? Would you use herbs to cleanse toxins out of the bloodstream? Would you use herbs known to make cancer cells commit suicide? I know I would and I do. This is how I reduce my risk factor - I cleanse and I use immune system and liver support herbs and you can too. Call Apothecary Herbs for herbal organ cleansing, immune boosting and more toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. Free catalog upon request. Ask about Dandelion Root for cancer. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse. SAVE with our online coupons by clicking the green button top left corner of home page.






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Pure energy is organic and instantly absorbed - transporting nutrition to every cell in your body. It is a super food for the body to repair, build and fortify itself. Where do you get it? It's called Body Foundation Food Mix and is at Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 This pure energy food source is so efficient; you won't feel hungry between meals and can safely lose weight.



Apothecary Herbs has released a new product called Liver Detox Tea. You can layer this tea with Milk Thistle Tincture for a gentle yet effective liver cleanse. This is a nice option if you can't do the Liver/Gall Bladder Flush using olive oil. You will find this new product under Herbal Teas at Also new is the Liver & Gall Bladder Tincture with dandelion root for more anticancer protection. This formula is available in 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz sizes. You will find this item under Organ Body Cleanses at You can layer this tincture with the Liver Detox Tea and be well!



Being prepared is never a waste of time. Get your own organic garden growing and stock as much healthy foodstuffs as you can. You'll also need backup medicine but the over-the-counter and prescription medicines have a limited shelf life of two years or less. However, your organic medicines have a ten year shelf life without side effects. Call the folks at Apothecary Herbs for their Natural Medicine Starter Stock-up Package or make sure you get one of their many herb kits for boosting immune system and protecting you from viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless.



If you suffer from allergies (sneezing, itchy watery eyes, stuffy or runny nose, and sinus pressure or sinus infections) try the Echinacea Deluxe formula and Herbal Eyewash both around $20.00 from Apothecary Herbs. Call now toll free 866-229-3663



You already know that you can save on the half and full case discounts in the Vitamin Vault area at Apothecary Herbs has added a new item called the Natural Medicine Starter Stock-up Package. This package is designed for those preparing for their medical future and contains immune boosting, pain & inflammation, organ cleanses, vitamin, mineral, amino acid and protein products plus a Pandemic Kit and it comes with a savings. Visit or call toll free to order your Starter Stock-up Package 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277.  


MALE & FEMALE ORGAN CLEANSES KITS - Don't give disease a foothold. You will have the power to cleanse the bowel, urinary, liver, gall bladder and blood system with this cleanse package. For added cleansing, ask about how you can upgrade your order to include the prostate cleanse for men or the Kidney/Bladder cleanse for females.  Go to or call their 24-hour live customer service line 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277.



See Apothecary Herbs One Year Supply of Herbal Medicine at or call 866-229-3663, 704-885-0277. Call for a customized year supply or to set up installment payment for this package.


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The information contained herein is not intended to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a licensed medical physician (if you dare) before using any product or therapy.

The information contained herein is not designed to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a lincensed medical physician (if you dare) before using any product or therapy. 
All content is copyright © Independent News Journalist Disclaimers of FARE USE

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, "Fair Use" Allowance is made for purposes such as: Criticism, Comment, News Reporting, Teaching, Scholarship, and Research. "Fair Use" is a use permitted by Copyright Statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, Educational or Personal use tips the balance in Favor of "Fair Use". Conclusions drawn from these articles or audio files do not necessarily represent the Opinions/Beliefs of those subjects People/Musicians/Participants/Entities therein. "Fair Use" says it all....Produced by FREELANCE AUTHOR.