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Friday, May 8, AD 2015
Between Friday, May 1, AD 2015 and 
Friday, May 8, AD 2015, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 1.6 % from $1,177.90 to $1,187.50

Silver rose 1.9 % from $16.10 to $16.40

Platinum rose 0.9 % from $1,129 to $1,139

Palladium rose3.5 % from $771 to $798

DJIA rose 0.9 % from 18,024.06 to 18,191.11

NASDAQ fell 0.0 % from 5,005.39 to 5,003.55

NYSE rose 0.5 % from 11,140.40 to 11,196.50

US Dollar Index fell0.4 % from 95.21 to 94.79

Crude Oil rose 2.1 % from $58.24 to $59.47


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What causes negative interest rates?


by Alfred Adask


Natural News reported in "The cash crisis begins as Chase to start charging 1% fee on bank deposits starting May 1" that:


"Beginning May 1, JPMorgan Chase [JPM] will begin charging certain (wealthy) depositors for the 'right' to keep their money in JPMorgan Chase banks.


"As noted by, the bank sent some of its larger depositorsa letter that said it would charge them a "balance sheet utilization fee" of 1 percent annually on depositsin excess of the money they require for operations. In other words, that amounts to a negative interest rateon many of those deposits."


Let's start by assuming that the Natural News report's conclusion that a 1% "balance sheet utilization fee" can be properly described as a "negative interest rate".


The concept of "negative interest rates" is increasingly in the news.  However, the concept remains mysterious to most people. 


An Interest Rate Whose Time Has Come?

Natural News:


"The Swiss National Bank, meanwhile, has a much lower deposit interest rate of minus 0.75 percent amid worries that the Swiss franc will disrupt trade. . . . [T]he cost for banks to borrow from each other in euros went negative for the first time.


"As of April 17, bonds making up 31 percent of the value of the Bloomberg Eurozone Sovereign Bond Index-€1.8 trillion ($1.93 trillion) worth-were trading with negative yields."


European banks aren't just subjecting ordinary borrowers to negative interest rates.  European banks are even subjecting banks to negative interest rates.  In combination with JPM's recent application of negative interest rates in the US, it appears that negative interest rates may be an idea whose time has come.


Nevertheless, if negative interest rates are becoming increasingly common, their cause remains mysterious.  What causes negative interest rates?


Some suppose that negative interest rates are caused by deflation.  Deflation is usually associated with economic depression.  Insofar as JPM and other banks impose negative interest rates on depositors, it might follow that those bankers believe that the US and EU economies are headed for more deflation and an overt economic depression.


I'm not convinced.  I see a far simpler explanation for negative interest rates: the need (or greed) to raise bank profits.


Conspiracy Theory

The Natural News article continues:


"What's the bottom line? Coy and others [who authored the Bloomberg article] believe that there is at least some effort to completely devalue paper currency and make all money 'virtual', which can then be controlled by the government through its control over the financial sector. . . ."


That's a conspiracy theory.  It may well be that governments of the world are preparing to eliminate paper currencies and make all "currency" digital.  But I don't believe that negative interest rates and "complete devaluation" are meaningful parts of that conspiracy.


So long as paper dollars and digital dollars are deemed equal in value, "complete devaluation" of paper dollars would mean that the purchasing power of the all dollars-even digital dollars-was reduced to zero.  That reduction could only be achieved through hyperinflation. I don't see how the system can "completely devalue" (and therefore destroys "dollars") paper dollars without doing the same to digital dollars.


You can kill the dollar by hyperinflation (which reduces the dollar's value to zero), but I don't see how you can kill the dollar by deflation that increases the dollar's value.   That's like arguing that government can get rid of all the gold by suddenly increasing the price of gold from $1,200 to $10,000 an ounce.  Increasing the price of gold will only increase the demand for gold.  Deflation (increasing the purchasing power of fiat dollars) will, likewise, only increase the demand for dollars.  How can gov-co kill the dollar by making it more valuable?


Of course not.


Hyperinflation might stimulate the economy.  But, left unchecked, it will cause complete devaluation (destruction) of the paper dollar. 


Deflation, on the other hand, might depress the economy, but will increase the value and longevity of the dollar. 


You can't destroy the dollar by making it more valuable.


Any attempt to link negative interest rates to some conspiracy to "completely devalue" (and destroy) the dollar strikes me as irrational.


Government Regulations

"Although dollar interest rates are higher, JPMorgan Chase's balance sheet utilization fee fits the pattern:  In today's low-interest-rate world, the only way [JPM] can shed deposits in response to new regulations is to go all the way to less than zero," said Coy.


OK-now, negative interest rates are starting to make some sense. 


When government regulations depressed interest rates on bank loans towards near-zero, the bank's profits must've also declined towards "near-zero". 


To compensate for artificially-low positive interest rates imposed on borrowers, banks might impose negative interest rates on depositors to guarantee they make some profit. 


See what I'm saying? 


Government imposed near-zero interest rates to entice consumers into borrowing at cheap rates and spending their borrowed currency into the economy.  Increased consumer borrowing/spending was expected to "stimulate" the economy. 


Gov-co (the government + the Federal Reserve) enacted laws, regulations and/or policies to effectively restrict the amount of positive interest banks could charge on loans to borrowers.  That may have seemed like a good idea, but there was an adverse consequence:  In order to entice consumers into borrowing at cheap rates and spending, government cut bank profits.


Whether those interest rate cuts were merely annoying or potentially threatening to the banks' financial survival is unclear.  In either case, it's certain that the banks weren't pleased to see their profits cut. 


It would be logical to suspect that banks reacted to government-imposed, near-zero interest rates on bank loans by implementing negative interest rates on bank depositors.


After all, banks must make enough profit to stay in business.  Somebody's got to pay the banks for the services they provide.  If the law prevents the bank's borrowers from paying a fair positive rate of interest on loans, then the bank-depositors must be made to pay a negative interest rate on deposits.  There is no third possibility.


Remember, banks make their profits off the spread between the amount of interest they pay to depositors and the amount of interest they charge to borrowers.  There has to be a sufficient spread between interest paid on deposits and interest charged on loans to for banks to stay in business. 


If government effectively restricts the amount of interest charged on loans to borrowers, the banks have two choices:


1) accept diminished profit margins that might put them out of business; or,


2) restore the spread by reducing the interest paid to depositor to negative rates.


These choices aren't evidence of some secretive financial alchemy-they're just evidence of logic.  Like any other business whose profit margins have been cut, to stay in business, banks must cut their costs. The primary cost in issuing loans is paying interest to depositors.  By imposing near-zero interest rates on loans, gov-co cut bank profits.  Banks have reacted by imposing negative interest rates on deposits in order to restore their profit margins.


When Thieve Fall Out?

The imposition of negative interest rates may be evidence of the banks' collective refusal to be impoverished by government-imposed "near-zero" interest rates on loans.  Negative interest rates could even be evidence of the banks falling out with the gov-co.  Government should be (secretly) furious with JPM because negative interest rates on deposits could be every bit as harmful to the economy as raising positive interest rates charged on loans. 


For the past several years, the Federal Reserve has talked about possibly raising interest rates but, so far, has failed to follow through. 


Why?  Because higher interest rates would slow borrowing, slow spending and slow an already fragile economy.  Banks, wanting or needing more profits, and tired of waiting for Ms. Yellen to actually raise interest rates, might achieve the same result (as raising positive interest rates on borrowers) by imposing negative interest rates on depositors.  


Either way (by raising the positive interest rates on loans or imposing negative interest rates on deposits), the economy should tend to slow, stall, and slide deeper into recession or depression.


If JPM truly imposed negative interest rates on May 1st, government might see that imposition as an assault.  If so, we could expect to see some sort of retaliation directed at JPM.


How Banks Profit

People who earn and save wealth and then deposit currency into banks are "depositors".  People who borrow currency from banks are "borrowers".  Banks are institutions that make a profit by facilitating the transfer of currency from savers/depositors to consumers/borrowers.


Historically, banks paid some positive rate of interest (say, 3%) to the "depositors" who deposited their wealth into bank accounts.  Banks then loaned some of the depositors' deposits to worthy borrowers.  Banks normally imposed a higher, positive rate of interest (say, 7%) on the loans made to borrowers. 


Traditionally, the bank's profits were found in the difference between the low interest rates (say, 3%) paid to depositors, and the higher interest rate (say, 7%) charged to borrowers.  In this example, the bank would net 4% (the difference between the 3% it paid for deposits and the 7% that it charged for loans).


In this hypothetical example, a simplified mathematical formula for bank profits would be:


Interest charged on loans (7%)


minus interest paid on deposits (3%)


= bank profits (4%)


But, in order to "stimulate" the recessive economy back into "recovery," the gov-co has imposed near-zero interest rates that diminished the amount of interest most borrowers are required to pay from, say, 7% to 3%. 


As government regulations (intended to "stimulate" borrowing, spending and economic recovery) reduced interest paid on loans from, say, 7% to3%, the banks found themselves caught in a mathematical squeeze something like this:



Interest charged on loans (3%)


minus interest paid on deposits (1%)


= bank profits (2%).


Where, formerly, banks might've earned 4% on their gross deposits, under near-zero interest rate regulations, banks might now earn only 2%.  In this hypothetical example, near-zero interest rates might cut bank profits by half. 


Banks (and depositors) can't be happy with their reduced profits.  Some banks might not even be able to survive if their profit margin were cut to just 2%.  Some depositors, faced with only a 1% earnings on their deposits, might move their capital into other domestic investments like stocks, bonds or gold or into foreign markets that paid higher rates of interest on deposits.   


Prevented by government regulations from raising positive interest rates on loans made to borrowers, the banks instead imposed negative interest rates (minus 1%) on depositors.  Now, the mathematical formula reads,


Positive Interest charged on loans (3%)


minus the negative interest rate (-1%) charged (not paid) to depositors


= bank profit (4%). 


Thanks to a negative interest rate imposed on depositors (and despite the gov-co-imposed "near-zero" interest rates on loans), banks could once again achieve a 4% profit margin.


The implication of this hypothetical example is that, while there may be several possible causes for negative interest rates, the primary cause for negative interest rates may be the banks' attempt to evade the low-profit consequences of government-imposed, near-zero interest rates. 


Negative interest rates are not the inevitable consequence of deflation or economic depression.  Yes, negative interest rates might be exacerbated by the effects of deflation and economic depression.  But the primary cause for banks imposing negative interest rates on deposits is the gov-co's central planners attempt to artificially and arbitrarily regulate the economy by manipulating interest rates.


Bottom Line?

JPM's imposition of negative interest on deposits might not signal that they expect more deflation and a deeper depression. 


Instead, JPM may be merely trying to make a buck in the artificial economic climate created by gov-co's central planners.  This artificial climate is at least irrational, perhaps insane, and potentially suicidal.  


In the final analysis, the free market-despite its propensities for panics-is more rational than central planning.  Why?  Because a true free market is ultimately fair and subsidizes no one.  It's the perception of "fairness" that may be the free market's greatest strength.  Conversely, it may be the inherent perception of unfairness (unearned subsidies for some; unearned costs for others) that ultimately defeats central planning.    


Negative interest rates imposed on depositors indicate that something strange is happening to the US dollar and financial system.  But can the primary source of that "strangeness" to be found in the banks' greed, the deflated economy, or in the irrational imposition of near-zero interest rates by central planners?


In the end, there must be a reasonable ("fair") balance between the interest paid by borrowers, interest earned by depositors and the profits earned by banks.  If that balance is destroyed, one entity (depositors, borrowers or banks) will be unfairly subsidized and the other two entities might be destroyed.  Because the relationship between the three entities is symbiotic, if any entity is destroyed, the whole system disintegrates.


That balance should be determined by the free market.  When gov-co's central planners impose near-zero interest rates on bank loans in order to subsidize consumers/borrowers and artificially stimulate (manipulate) the economy, they destroy that balance, destroy the perception of fairness, and tend to impoverish depositors and banks. 


Prevented by law from raising positive interest rates on borrowers to fair levels, banks react by reducing interest rates on depositors to negative levels.  By imposing negative interest rates on depositors, banks are fighting to "rebalance" the system and restore their profits. 


Of course, in doing so, the banks may behave just as badly as government.  I.e., by imposing near-zero interest rates on loans, government unfairly subsidizes borrowers and unfairly impoverishes bankers and depositors.  Banks react by imposing negative interest rates on depositors.  Depositors will react by moving their currency to foreign markets that pay positive interest rates on capital or into gold which is not directly affected to interest rates.


The only entity that has not yet been clearly attacked by government, banks or depositors is our beloved class of borrowers/consumers.  But we can just about bet that the borrowers' time is coming.  Sooner or later, the borrowers/consumers are going to find it almost impossible to get a loan.  What happens then to the "consumer-based economy"?


While we wait to see, here's a question and answer for you to consider:


Q:  What's the ultimate cause for negative interest rates on bank deposits? 


A:  Government regulations that artificially suppress the interest rates banks can charge on loans.


If negative interest rates seem irrational, they are a logical reaction to the more fundamental irrationality of government-imposed near-zero interest rates.  Mental illness is contagious.  When gov-co's central planners do something crazy (like impose near-zero interest rates on loans), the banks (in their attempt to survive) will also do something crazy (like impose negative interest rates on deposits).  


Gov-co's central planners caused negative interest rates.

We must find our courage and stand up

By Dr. Laurie Roth May 8, 2015

If we are to survive the Obama battering ram in 'Obamasteins' laboratory we must boldly hold onto the hand of God and remember who we are. Obamastein has numerous laboratories designed to tear the heart and soul right out of America. Body parts are everywhere.

Leadership in all arenas must find their voices now. We must develop survival plans and not negotiate with the devil anymore. It is time with our battered selves to rise up and walk out even if we have to search to find the door.

Common Core and Education laboratory

Those who arrogantly and naively support the Federally imposed curriculum Common Core must wake up. The Obama-Education laboratory is from the pit of hell. Our children are being data mined, dumbed down to a 'sustainable' 'worker blob' achievement level - creating little 'communist robots' who will do what Government says. Excellence, patriotism and spirituality are being body slammed and demonized.

Children are being taught to be ashamed of being a sovereign American. They are to only bow down to the international God, Obama, UN needs and mandates. The real God of the Holy Bible is too judgmental, too holy, too into right and wrong to be revered and noticed, even though God built America. Common Core will fix it. God is to be whatever you make him or 'her' to be, but the Muslim Allah is preferred.

Once the Common Core laboratory pulls out a child's patriatism, turns them into a sustainable drone and has them questioning everything their parents and God says, that is when the real fun starts. Sex Ed for kiddies in Common Core involves gays visiting kindergarten classes in many places. Our children are swallowed up with porn books, porn ideas and porn photos, in-between absurd assignments being thrown upon them. One of these involved girls in a junior high class being forced to kiss another girl to empathize with being a lesbian.

Even a child referring to him or herself as a boy or girl is now rebuked many places. "How do you know yet if you are a boy or girl?" "Maybe you will feel differently as you experience more things." "How will you know unless you try it?"


Politicians and priorities laboratory

The political laboratory has just about driven us all over the edge. Is there anyone ever who will run for office state or Federal who will not get corrupted and succumb to ego and power issues? We hope and we pray. Many of us practically throw in the towel thinking it is hopeless but it is not.

We must have hope, focus and courage in the political arena. Understand human nature then study the available candidates running. Get behind him or her that fits closest to the message of supporting freedom, Judeo-Christian values, defense of our country and borders, protection of babies and life and creation of opportunity for us all.

Get behind those who will undo Obamacare, restore freedom to the Internet, reduce our tax burden and undo Obama's Unconstitutional executive orders and mandates. We must restore morality and truth in our schools, House, Senate and the White House or we are completely finished.

Let us start by all of us leaving the Common Core - Obamastein Laboratory and Obamastein Political compromise laboratory. The only place America can find her freedom, power, achievement and position again is by remembering who we are, standing up and confronting the enemies of freedom and our traditions. We must do this while holding onto the hand of almighty God.

Get out of the laboratory.

Dr. Laurie Roth earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations.

Tune in to The Roth Show, Weeknights from 7:00 to 10:00 pm PAC and find out for yourself! You can listen live on cable radio network (live on the internet) channel 6 or visit The Roth Show web site and click on "where to listen" Call the Roth Show at: 1-866-388-9093


Is it flu or plague?


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson



The symptoms of serious disease can fool even the most experienced physician. Many life-threatening diseases can mimic the common flu with fever, chills, body aches and feeling weak. The risk we face is a delay in not knowing what we have and acting on it. Is the infection bacterial or is it viral? If it is bacterial, will it respond to antibiotic treatment and will trying such a treatment sacrifice precious time and weaken the body further? In some western areas of the US, there is a serious drought. People expect the usual drought from time to time, however if the deep aquifers are affected we could see fertile land revert to desert. If that is the case, there is a transition period where wild animals desperate for water (such as rodents) can infect domestic rodents and other animal thus infecting humans with disease. There are 200 species of rodents globally that carry plagues. The first recorded diagnosis of plague in the US was in San Francisco in 1900. By 1902 as the plague took hold, authorities didn't want to panic the public because it would affect business. This action led to a quarantine of California. Air travel to countries with active plague cases are Asia, South Africa, and South America. Research of the past has revealed that environmental conditions contribute to the spread of plagues. We should be ready to address this risk no matter how remote it may seem.



Let's take a look at a plague and notice how it progresses. If a region begins to see patches of bubonic plague, we should be on the alert for specific symptoms. Aside from flu-like symptoms, this bacterial infection likes to sink deep into the tissues of the lymphatic system. Glands will swell and nerves will be pressed upon causing tremors. High fever creates extreme sweating and cells under the skin will rupture creating bloody spots. The glands of the groin and arm area produce painful swelling as the infected blood pools there. An infectious disease such as bubonic goes back thousands of years. The Greek word for groin is boubon with the root word being bubo, which means swelling. Patients with bubonic plague can die of sepsis (blood poisoning) quickly. The disease progresses rapidly, is contagious and is now drug-resistant.



There are ancient reports where before there were antibiotics people used medicinal herbs to protect themselves from serious disease. One thing to consider is that bacterial pathogens are not resistant to the human immune system and not to medicinal herbs. The herbs provide protein, mineral, enzymes, antioxidants and vitamin nutrients the immune system uses to produce antibodies to fight infection. On-the-other-hand, if antibiotics are to be successfully used it must be given in the first 24 hours. Antibiotics suppress the immune system in an attempt to poison the bacteria. If the bacteria are resistant, the antibiotic will not destroy the disease and worse it has cancelled the timely antibody response of the immune system. The patient is left defenseless and this gives the disease the foothold. Scientific medicine has known since 1998 that bubonic plague is totally resistant to all known antibiotics.



In the 1700's, the word plague sent panic through a town or village. Most people had what was known as a poor man's antibiotic - garlic. Often garlic is used to flavor food but it also has medicinal qualities. Over the last 100-years, scientific studies have discovered (in-part) what gives garlic its power over disease. Researchers in 1944 found a compound in garlic that fights bacteria, viruses and fungus called allicin. Garlic's unique compounds enable the body to fight a broad-spectrum of disease. The allicin creates an anti-coagulation and lipid lowering action to keep blood flowing (no clotting or pooling) throughout the body. Blood is the vehicle that brings in antibodies and takes away infectious debris. In other words, blood brings healing and garlic assists with that function. Garlic is also an antioxidant, which is another action to help fight infectious microbes and it prohibits high blood pressure. Due to its complexity, science is not done discovering all the health benefits in garlic. Fresh garlic has more power because it will contain more of the enzyme called allinase. Research has shown that this enzyme is a catalyst and destroys microbes in 10 seconds. They've discovered that it is this enzyme that offers a defense mechanism against disease. This enzyme also gives garlic its pungent aroma. Therefore, a deodorized garlic product will have this benefit removed.  According to, garlic has plenty of anti-bacterial action against gram-negative AND gram-positive bacteria including the multi-drug-resistant strains such as; E coli, candida, intestinal parasites and viruses.  Also, avoid using microwave or cooked garlic as heat destroys the garlic's enzymes in less than six minutes. If adding garlic to cooked dishes, add it at the end on low heat for just a few minutes. Cousin to the garlic is the white onion (also contains allinase enzymes) and it is often paired with garlic for serious disease-fighting ability. The enzymes in these foods are activated when their dry and wet cells are merged together creating a chemical reaction (sulfenic acid and cysteine sulfoxides). This creates the allinase in 10 seconds. This happens when the food is cut into or crushed. Scientific research continues on garlic for its organic sulfur compounds used to fight chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.



Medical science is not sure how our metabolism absorbs the medicinal properties of garlic and specifically the allinase. Perhaps the reason is that there are several biological actions that happen when the human body is given garlic. There seems to be more than one allicin compound in garlic and it is not clear how all these compounds influence our metabolism to target disease. Through animal studies scientists think the medicinal properties of garlic enter through the intestine and travel to the blood. Testing human consumption of garlic they found that the properties of garlic are present in blood, urine and stool very rapidly. They can even predict how much of the garlic compounds are in the body fluids by testing the exhaled air (or garlic breath) from people. Science dose suspect that garlic sulfides somehow strengthen or increase blood plasma while decreasing cholesterol. The body uses the garlic to empower the liver to help with this function. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, garlic offers an anti-inflammatory function by reducing the enzymes that encourage inflammation and help white blood cells (immune system macrophages).



According to controlled clinical trials, the garlic extracts that were aged are better than forced extraction extracts that can lose their garlic compounds through heat and evaporation. If making your own garlic tinctures, age them just 30 days for the best potency. Store in a cool and dry place away from heat and light and they will have a long shelf life of about ten years. If making (pressing) garlic juice with no alcohol or other catalyst, the juice will be good for six months. Once it starts to turn from a rich golden color to a brown you know it is time to make a fresh batch. If aging the garlic in a vinegar catalyst it will last 2-5 years.



If you are using garlic it can thin blood and should not be used with blood thinner medications. Some people can also be prone to allergic reactions using medicinal amounts of garlic and have reactions such as; asthma, digestive upset and diarrhea. Garlic seems to be safe for most people including nursing mothers.  Garlic will add flavor to breast milk and infants tend to nurse longer. Nursing mothers have used garlic for thrush. Check for drug interactions when using garlic supplements. Using immune suppressing drugs such as antibiotics with immune support supplements offers a contradicting effect and should not be used together.



The Black Death or bubonic plague is considered a hemorrhagic plague. The bacteria (pasteurella pestis) causes hemorrhages and thus the bloody spots on the skin. The bubonic plague encourages a deadly form of pneumonia, which is contagious. For hemorrhagic diseases I like to use Gentian root. For pneumonia I like to combine Echinacea, garlic and par d' arco inner bark.



If you are faced with a plague situation time is of the essence. Now you can rush to the nearest medical care facility but what do they have to offer but isolation and drug-resistant antibiotics. Before the bacteria became drug resistant there was a 72% success rate of recovery. Through gene DNA, science reports that 15% of Caucasian Americans have a natural protein that makes them more immune to the bubonic bacteria and 0.2% will survive an infection.  If we encounter bubonic plague there is no time to waste as the disease develops rapidly and death can occur within 3-4 days. Quarantine of bubonic is a challenge as people are carriers before their symptoms develop.  



In the event there is an outbreak of a plague or bubonic plague in the US I recommend having the following herb formulas and many are included in the Pandemic Kit:


  • Gentian Root to inhibit bleeding (hemorrhagic bacteria such as bubonic and Ebola)
  • Pain Anti-Inflammatory - to reduce swelling and take edge off pain without suppressing immune system
  • Blood Cleanse - to help clear the pathogen from the blood
  • Mullein - to soothe lymph glands
  • Immune Booster - with Echinacea and Garlic to assist immune system to make more killer T-cells and macrophages fast
  • American Ginseng - to help remove the debris from the pathogens quickly
  • Pneumonia Kit - for secondary conditions from plague
  • All-In-One - old plague tonic with more fresh garlic.


Several texts in the 1700 and 1800's mention that villages that had medicinal herbs or plague tonics had lower mortality rates. Call Apothecary Herbs while supplies last to order your stock of formulas to help defend yourself from plagues. Call now 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. SAVE with our Mother's Day coupon: MOM15 will save you 15% on your purchase ($10 minimum). Hurry! Expires 5/11/15.





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MALE & FEMALE ORGAN CLEANSES KITS - Don't give disease a foothold. You will have the power to cleanse the bowel, urinary, liver, gall bladder and blood system with this cleanse package. For added cleansing, ask about how you can upgrade your order to include the prostate cleanse for men or the Kidney/Bladder cleanse for females.  Go to or call their 24-hour live customer service line 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277.



See Apothecary Herbs One Year Supply of Herbal Medicine at or call 866-229-3663, 704-885-0277. Call for a customized year supply or to set up installment payment for this package.

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