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Friday, April 17, A.D. 2015
Between Friday, April 10th A.D. 2015 and 
Friday, April 17th A.D. 2015, the bid prices for:


Gold fell 0.3 % from $1207.30 to $1,203.30

Silver fell 1.6 % from $16.49 to $16.23

Platinum fell 0.2 % from $1,172 to $1,170

Palladium rose 0.9 % from $775 to $782

DJIA fell 1.3 % from 18,057.65 to 17,826.30

NASDAQ fell 1.3 % from 4,995.98 to 4,931.81

NYSE fell 0.5 % from 11,112.70 to 11,058.50

US Dollar Index fell 1.9 % from 99.35 to 97.45


Crude Oil rose 8.2 % from $51.78 to $56.04


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Hillary throws her hat in the ring


by Alfred Adask



On Sunday, April 12th, Hillary Clinton officially entered the A.D. 2016 Presidential race by releasing a two-minute video entitled, Getting StartedThe New York Times article ("Hillary Clinton Starts to Detail Rationale for Run as Campaign Begins") described that video.  Here are some excerpts from that article and my comments:


"Fought Their Way Back"


According to Hillary:


 "Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top."


First, as a group, Americans have not "fought their way back from tough economic times."  We have, so far, merely survived the Great Recession-but We the People haven't "fought back" against anything except threats to cut our entitlements. 


Our current economy may not be declining as rapidly as it did in A.D. 2008-2009, but the economy remains stagnant and, for most Americans, the Great Recession persists.  Whatever "fighting" has taken place so far, that "fighting" is far from finished because our "tough economic times" aren't over.  They've just begun. 


I won't say that Hillary's comment about "fighting back" is a lie, but it's close.


Let Them Eat Slogans!


Advised that the French people had no bread to eat, Queen Marie Antoinette allegedly replied, "Let them eat cake". 


Hillary's video seems to offer similar advice to the American people:  "Let them eat slogans":


" Hillary claims that she'll run in 2016 to 'fight for American families so they can 'get ahead and stay ahead,' . . . ."


Hillary wants American families to "Get ahead and stay ahead"? 


Gee, that sounds great.


But how's that going to work?


In order to enrich and empower the New World Order and Global Free Trade, the U.S. government cut U.S. tariffs and thereby encouraged (some say, "forced") U.S. corporations to relocate their industrial facilities to third world countries having dirt-cheap labor.  When those corporations moved their industrial facilities to China, they took hundreds of thousands of U.S. industrial jobs with them.


Some of those corporations may soon return to America, but if they return they won't bring the former jobs for American workers-they'll bring back robots.


The American middle class was built on manufacturing jobs.  Without those industrial jobs, how will average Americans ever regain their former levels of prosperity? 


Unfortunately, no living politician (including Hillary) has, or can have, any real solution to the loss of America's middle class.  It's gone and it won't be back anytime soon.


The world has not only changed technologically (robots) and politically (global free trade), but is continuing to change at a breathtaking and accelerating pace.  Only those who are sufficiently intelligent and educated to be able to understand and keep up with these changes are likely to prosper.  The lower- and middle-classes are no longer competitive and are unlikely to ever participate in a real economic recovery at much more than minimum wages. 


In the face of accelerating changes, Hillary's promise to help American families to "Get ahead and stay ahead" is nothing but a slogan.  It may offer some vague hope.  It may feel good to some.  But its objective value is no more than an "empty promise".


The only way I can even imagine that any political movement might be able to rebuild American prosperity is to restore our tariffs, keep cheap labor out of our economy, restore a gold-based monetary system and essentially restrict the sale of products in the American market to Americans only. 


Even if those strategies could work, what politician or political party could implement them?  Too many Senators and Congressmen are already committed to the New World Order and will therefore not support strong tariffs, strong borders or preserving American markets for American producers.


Hilllary's slogans won't overcome or even dent our current economic realities.


*  "Mrs. Clinton's advisers insist that she has learned from her A.D. 2000 race, and her announcement on Sunday sought to shift the focus away from her personal journey. 'I'm hitting the road to earn your vote,' she says, 'because it's your time.'"


Ohh, goody!  It's MY time!




If so, that must mean Hillary is going to restore constitutional money, prevent the government from going deeper into debt, hike tariffs and stop the invasion by illegal aliens-'cuz that's what I want!


But, of course, it's not "my time". 


Or yours. 


"[B]ecause it's your time" is just another slogan like "Have it your way" and "Now, more than ever."  Such slogans might mean anything but typically mean nothing.


*  Hillary's slogans might've attracted votes when the economy was growing but, in the midst of an economic depression, her slogans are laughable.  If an overt depression doesn't strike before the A.D. 2016 election, it will arrive during the next president's term of office.


Does Hillary have a slogan in mind that will inspire political support from people who are trapped in a depression and unable to find work or food?  If not, she'd better start looking for one. 


The recessed, probably depressed, and possibly collapsed U.S. economy will almost certainly be "the issue" of the A.D. 2016 election.  But I doubt that there'll be anything any politician or political party can do about it other than to advise patience and endurance.  Gov-co can't really raise taxes, borrow, or print much more fiat currency without causing further damage to the economy.  The National Debt is too great to ever be repaid.  What can gov-co do?


Even if America sees a significant jump in our GDP over the next few years, there's no reason to suppose that such increase will be shared with the middle and lower economic classes.  For lowest 80% of Americans (the Democrats' natural habitat), our best days are behind us.  Hillary's slogans won't change or ultimately conceal that truth.


*  If Hillary wants appropriate slogans for A.D.2016, she might try these: 


1)  "Stop whining, you morons!  Take your medicine!", or,


2)  "A cooked goose in every pot!"  (That goose, of course, will be yours.)


I know, I know . . . my suggested slogans seem a little harsh. 


Still, in American politics, tough times call for tough slogans.


Why?  Because, faced with the current economic problems, QEs 1, 2 and 3 have had only marginal effect.  Today, painless solutions are virtually impossible.  Therefore, all any politician can offer is "slogans".


Could it be that all Hillary has for us is an assortment of slogans? 


If so, is she taking her campaign on the road to tell us what she's got?  Or is she driving around the country in search of something to say that has a little more depth than a slogan? 


"Those at the Top"


Hillary surprised me when she said,


"Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top."


It's true that "the deck is stacked in favor of those at the top"-but that's not news.  We've understood that bias for as long as we've known the "golden rule":  Those who have the gold, make the rules.  "Those at the top" have gold. The law (and the economic "deck") are therefore "stacked" in their favor. 


The favoritism enjoyed by "those at the top" can be traced to modern political campaign contribution laws which allow "those at the top" to openly bribe Congressmen, Senators and even Presidents to enact or enforce laws that "favor those at the top". 


Even so, Hillary's reference to "those at the top" is disingenuous since Hillary is a card-carrying member of "those at the top".  


Between herself and her husband, Bill, one or the other has been: 1) licensed attorneys; 2) Attorney General of Arkansas; 3) Governor (or First Lady) of Arkansas; 4) President (or First Lady) of the United States; 5) Senator from New York; and, 6) Secretary of State.   More, she and Bill are multi-millionaires.  If Hillary isn't one of "those at the top," who is?


Seeing that Bill and Hillary have fought all their lives to join "Those At the Top," does anyone seriously believe that Hillary will now fight for the Great Unwashed and against "Those At The Top"?


I do not.  


More, I'm suspicious of anyone who's both a member of a particular class and is willing to betray that class.  I.e., assuming Hillary is sincere in wanting to defend "American families" from predation by her own "Those At The Top" class, doesn't her fight against "Those At The Top" constitute a kind of betrayal or even "treason" against her own "class"?  Doesn't her alleged willingness to betray her own class illuminate her own lack of allegiance to any one, any class and perhaps any nation-other than herself?


Is it safe to elect someone to fight for "American families" who may have no loyalty to anyone but herself?


*  Questions about Hillary's capacity for loyalty are important in that it will take a team effort to win the White House.  Teams are built on loyalty.  If Hillary is known by her managers and key supporters to be incapable of genuine loyalty to anyone other than herself, who will truly "give 110%" to support her?  Without her own capacity for loyalty, I doubt that she can inspire enough loyalty in a team of managers and supporters to do their best for Hillary.


Even Bill Clinton has backed off from helping Hillary except as a "background advisor".  Bill has expressed faint misgivings about Hillary's chances of winning.  According to one report, if Hillary wins, Bill plans to stay in Arkansas rather than move into the White House. 


Unable to be loyal, I doubt that Hillary will inspire loyalty.  Without her team's real loyalty, her campaign is less likely to succeed.


Without her team's loyalty, Hillary will win or lose the next election all by herself.  We see her smile and laugh, but her loneliness is palpable.




Hillary:  "Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion."


First, the probability that Hillary will actually serve as the "champion" for the lower classes to fight against her own top class is about zero.  If the bottom 80% of America needs a "champion" to fight off the upper class, they'd better recruit one from their own ranks.


Second, our political "champions" tend to be activists, opportunists, narcissists and even psychopaths who are more prone to break laws than enforce them.  Obama comes to mind.  Wanting to be our "champion" reminds me of a "fanatic looking for a cause".


We need a Chief Executive who's more interested in executing and fairly enforcing the laws rather than seeking devices, rationales and executive orders to bypass those laws. 


Third, what's the difference between a political "champion" and a "dictator"?  Is one man's "champion" another man's dictator?  Hillary may want to be our "champion," but I suspect that she really wants to be our "Big Brother Sister".




Focus on Voters.  "Mrs. Clinton's aides say the video, with its focus on voters of all stripes-not on the candidate-captures the essence of what her message will be."


The video's focus on Americans rather than Hillary implies that her campaign managers understand that Hillary may be her own greatest liability since she may be perceived to be elderly and/or doesn't come across as warm, fuzzy, friendly or loyal.  Does Hillary understand that if she wants to win, she'll have to minimize her own presence in the campaign?


If so, how odd.  Most politicians are so egotistical, that they want to be seen in every video scene.  But, here we have Hillary-who may be willing to take a back seat to the public in her own election campaign. 


Hillary must really, really want to be elected.


Perhaps Hillary also wants to avoid being the center of attention.


I wonder why.


Small-Scale Events" Shunning mass rallies for small-scale events, Mrs. Clinton will hold round tables with educators and students in Monticello, Iowa, on Tuesday and small-business owners in Norwalk, Iowa, on Wednesday, settings that make it possible to connect with voters individually."


It may be that Hillary is simply fishing in the "small-scale events" for some significant issue (or catchy slogan) that other candidates and so far overlooked-and claim it for herself.  But if so, that search would also imply that Hillary hasn't yet found a significant campaign issue.  I.e., so far, she's got nothing to say; nothing to offer; nothing real to "fight for".


On the other hand, Hillary may shun "mass rallies" because she's not confident that she can fill the seats. What's more lame than renting a room that seats 1,000 for a rally that only attracts 75 supporters? 


On the third hand, I wonder if Hillary's avoidance of "mass rallies" is evidence that Hillary and her campaign managers know that Hillary can do pretty well in a one-on-one "personal" conversations and pretty poorly in one-against-many presentations to large audiences.  If so, are they "shunning the mass rallies" to protect Hillary from making a significant gaffe?   


Are they choosing to appear in small venues where the participants and the questions can be controlled?  Do these small venues help avoid unexpected and embarrassing questions that might emanate from unknown members of large, uncontrollable crowds? 


Again, Hillary's video offers evidence that Hillary's campaign recognizes that the primary obstacle to Hillary's presidential aspirations may be Hillary, herself.  Are her campaign managers trying to put Hillary in small, low-stress venues where she's least likely to lose her temper, shoot from the hip, and say something not merely stupid but politically ruinous?


Like Obama, can Hillary speak in public without a script or a teleprompter?  I suspect that Hillary can't ad-lib without making serious gaffs such as her now-famous response concerning the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi:  "What difference does it make?".


Hillary may be a loose cannon who, under presume, can make just as many stupid remarks as Vice President Joe Biden. 


I'd bet that Hillary's candidacy has a 70% probability of being derailed by her own, unscripted, impulsive remarks.


Tea and Sympathy.  As Hillary tours America, listening to Americans' stories of economic plight, she can offer sympathy-she might even claim to "feel their pain"-but little else.  She might even provide a measure of illusory hope.  But in fact, what can she really do to push, pull or inspire this country back to a real economic "recovery"?


For at least the past half-century, both major political parties have been irresponsible and self-serving.  They've pushed America towards an economic debacle that's just around the corner.  What can any politician or current political party do to erase fifty years of stupidity and treason?  


When it comes to regaining a level of national prosperity, the bottom 80% are screwed and likely to stay screwed for most of the balance of their lives.  Insofar as that's true, Hillary's slogans are fraudulent and her strategies may only conceal the fact that she's got nothing to offer but her enormous personal ambitions.




We can't count Hillary out.  She might yet become President.  But I'm betting that sometime during her campaign, she'll either:


1) Say something so colossally stupid that the voters will turn on her; or


2) Say nothing at all, bore her supporters, and lose public interest in her campaign.


If Hillary had had any sense of honor or responsibility, after the Benghazi scandal she might've simply said, "I screwed up.  I'm tendering my resignation.  I've quit politics to go home to play with my grandchild."  I could have respected that.


But her political ambitions are so enormous and her arrogance is so great that she doesn't care what she's done or will do. She is shameless in her drive to become President.  But, there's something so unnatural in her obsession that it foretells tragedy-maybe for America; certainly for Hillary.


Hillary's lonely drive across America reminds me of the movie Thelma & Louise.  Of course, in this case there's no "Thelma"-only a forlorn "Louise" searching determinedly for a suitably high cliff.  

A U.S.-Russia War Over Ukraine?

Friday - April 17, 2015 at 12:49 am


By Patrick J. Buchanan

"Could a U.S. response to Russia's action in Ukraine provoke a confrontation that leads to a U.S.-Russia War?"

This jolting question is raised by Graham Allison and Dimitri Simes in the cover article of The National Interest.

The answer the authors give, in "Countdown to War: The Coming U.S. Russia Conflict," is that the odds are shortening on a military collision between the world's largest nuclear powers.

The cockpit of the conflict, should it come, will be Ukraine.

What makes the article timely is the report that Canada will be sending 200 soldiers to western Ukraine to join 800 Americans and 75 Brits on a yearlong assignment to train the Ukrainian army.

And train that army to fight whom? Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine whom Vladimir Putin has said will not be crushed, even if it requires Russian intervention. Says Putin, "We won't let it happen."

What are the forces that have us "stumbling to war"?

On our side there is President Obama who "enjoys attempting to humiliate Putin" and "repeatedly includes Russia in his list of current scourges alongside the Islamic State and Ebola."

Then there is what TNI editor Jacob Heilbrunn calls the "truculent disposition" that has become the "main driver of Republican foreign policy." A "triumphalist camp," redolent of the "cakewalk war" crowd of Bush II, is ascendant and pushing us toward confrontation.

This American mindset has its mirror image in Moscow.

"Putin is not the hardest of the hard-liners in Russia," write the authors. "Russia's establishment falls into ... a pragmatic camp, which is currently dominant thanks principally to Putin's support, and a hard-line camp" the one Putin adviser calls "the hotheads."

The hotheads believe the way to respond to U.S. encroachments is to invoke the doctrine of Yuri Andropov, "challenge the main enemy," and brandish nuclear weapons to terrify Europe and split NATO.

Russian public opinion is said to be moving toward the hotheads.

Russian bombers have been intruding into NATO air space. Putin says he was ready to put nuclear forces on alert in the Crimea. Russia's ambassador has warned Copenhagen that if its ships join a NATO missile defense force, Denmark could be targeted with nukes.

In coming war games, Russia will move Iskander missiles into the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad on Poland's northern border.

"Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash," brays the director of the television network Rossiya Segodnya.

As of now, the "pragmatists" represented by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov retain the upper hand.

They believe Russia can still do business with the United States and Europe.

"The 'hotheads' take the opposite view," the authors write, "they argue that NATO is determined to overthrow Putin, force Russia to its knees, and perhaps even dismember the country."

In Ukraine, Putin has drawn two red lines. He will not permit Ukraine to join NATO. He will not allow the rebels to be crushed.

Russia hard-liners are confident that should it come to war in Ukraine, Russia would have what Cold War strategists called "escalation dominance." This is what JFK had in the Cuban missile crisis - conventional and nuclear superiority on sea and land, and in the air around Cuba.

With Ukraine easily accessible to Russian forces by road and rail, sea and air, and Russia's military just over the border while U.S. military might is a continent away, the hard-liners believe Russia would prevail in a war and America would face a choice - accept defeat in Ukraine or escalate to tactical atomic weapons.

The Russians are talking of resorting to such weapons first.

The decisive date for Putin to determine which way Russia will go would appear to be this summer. The authors write:

"Putin will attempt to exploit the expiration of EU sanctions, which are scheduled to expire in July. If that fails, however, and the European Union joins the United States in imposing additional economic sanctions such as excluding Moscow from the SWIFT financial clearing system, Putin would be tempted to respond, not by retreating, but by ending all cooperation with the West, and mobilizing his people against a new and 'apocalyptic' threat to 'Mother Russia.'

"As a leading Russian politician told us, 'We stood all alone against Napoleon and against Hitler.'"

As of now, the Minsk II cease-fire of February seems to be holding. The Ukrainian army and pro-Russian rebels have both moved their heavy weapons back from the truce lines, though there have been clashes and casualties.

But as Ukraine's crisis is unresolved, these questions remain:

Will the U.S. train the Ukrainian army and then greenlight an offensive to retake the rebel-held provinces? Would Russia intervene and rout that army? Would the Americans sit by if their Ukrainian trainees were defeated and more Ukrainian land was lost?

Or would we start up the escalator to a war with Russia that few Europeans, but some Americans and Russians, might welcome today?

U.S. President Barack Obama and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi call on the Greek government to do more to resolve the standoff amid depleting cash reserves.


Paul Tugwell


Greece said it won't renege on election pledges to end austerity measures, even as creditors pressed for a compromise to free financing and avert a worsening crisis.


U.S. President Barack Obama and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi both called on the Greek government to do more to resolve the standoff amid depleting cash reserves. Greek officials, including Deputy Prime Minister Yannis Dragasakis, stood their ground.


"We want a viable solution within the euro," Dragasakis said in an interview published Sunday in Athens-based To Vima newspaper. Still, "we don't budge from our red lines."


"We want a viable solution within the euro."

--Deputy Prime Minister Yannis Dragasakis


Snap elections or a referendum are possible should negotiations with creditors stall, Dragasakis said.


European peers want Greece to do more to revamp its debt-burdened economy before they release another tranche of the 240-billion-euro ($259 billion) bailout program. At stake is Greece's ability to avoid a default and stay in the 19-nation euro area.


The showdown will figure heavily at a meeting of euro-area finance ministers in Latvia on April 24. In the shadow of the brinkmanship, Greek government bonds last week suffered their worst week since Alexis Tsipras was elected as prime minister in January on a platform promising to undo the tough bailout terms.


Greece's so-called red lines are a refusal to cut wages and pensions, introduce new taxes or sell state assets, Alternate Health and Social Security Minister Dimitris Stratoulis said in an interview Saturday with Athens-based Skai TV.


No Privatization


Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis was also defiant, saying the country won't agree to any privatizations, according to an interview published Sunday in Athens-based Real News newspaper.


While "so-called" partners, including unidentified International Monetary Fund officials, want to "blackmail" the Greece into adopting measures that would hurt the working class, "we won't betray the people's mandate," he said.


'Realistic Reform Plan'


Draghi said it was "urgent" that Greece do "much more work" to show it can satisfy the terms of the bailout. "We all want Greece to succeed," Draghi said Saturday in Washington. "The answer is in the hands of the Greek government."


His comments were echoed by Deputy Managing Director David Lipton, who said the IMF wants to intensify dialog with Greece on the basis of more specific proposals, according to an interview published Sunday in Italy's Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper.


The government is taking action and will continue to respect the will of the electorate, a party spokeswoman said on Sunday.


"The Greek government has presented a realistic reform plan that doesn't contain recessionary measures or burden the weaker layers of society, yet gives the economy breathing space," Syriza party spokeswoman Rania Svigou said, according to an e-mailed transcript of her comments. "The government will exhaust all possibilities for a solution that respects the mandate of the Greek people."


Draghi said Greek banks continue to meet the requirements for Emergency Liquidity Assistance, a financial lifeline the ECB decides on each week. The funding has so far helped to avoid a meltdown as the wrangling over aid has gone on.


The emergency aid "will continue to be given to the banks if they're judged to be solvent and if they have adequate collateral, which is the case now," Draghi said.


Greece needs to repay April 20 about 80 million euros in interest on bonds held by the ECB.


Swift Resolution


U.S. officials also urged a speedy resolution to Greece's talks with its creditors. Obama said April 17 that the Greek government needs to show its creditors that "you're trying to help yourself," he said.


A deal between Greece and its creditors won't be ready by the euro-zone finance ministers' meeting, Eurogroup President and Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem said on Saturday. The French and German finance ministers agreed.


German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble declined to comment in Washington on Friday when asked whether European partners were preparing a safety net to prevent a euro exit in case of a Greek default.


"The Syriza-led government will carry out the reforms the Greek people need, not ones requested by our creditors," Alternate Health Minister Stratoulis told Skai TV. The country won't be pressured "by euro-exit threats."

Thousands in Germany protest against TTIP Europe-US trade deal


Posted Sat at 5:02pm

Sat 18 Apr 2015, 5:02pm

PHOTO: Protestors rally in Munich against the TTIP holding posters with slogans like "Stop TTIP partnership for transnational companies" (Reuters: Michael Dalder)


MAP: Germany


Thousands of people have marched in Berlin, Munich and other German cities in protest against a planned free trade deal between Europe and the United States that they fear will erode food, labour and environmental standards.


Opposition to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is particularly high in Germany, in part due to rising anti-American sentiment linked to revelations of US spying and fears of digital domination by firms like Google.


A recent YouGov poll showed that 43 per cent of Germans believe TTIP would be bad for the country, compared to 26 per cent who see it as positive.


The level of resistance has taken German chancellor Angela Merkel's government and German industry by surprise, and they are now scrambling to reverse the tide and save a deal which proponents say could add $128 billion in annual economic output on both sides of the Atlantic.


In Berlin, a crowd estimated by police at 1,500 formed a human chain winding from the Potsdamer Platz square, past the US embassy and through the Brandenburg Gate to offices of the European Commission.


In Munich, police put the crowd at 3,000, while organisers Attac estimated it at 15,000.


Hundreds also marched in Leipzig, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and other European cities on what Attac hailed as a "global day of action" against free trade, though the protests appeared to be largest in Germany.


"I think this deal will open the door to genetically-modified foods here," said Jennifer Ruffatto, 28, who works with handicapped people and was pushing her baby in a stroller.


"Companies will gain from this at the expense of people."


Helmut Edelhauesser, a 52-year-old from Brandenburg, said he would prefer a free trade deal with Russia.


"The US push for world domination is unacceptable," he said.


Marchers held up posters reading, "People have a right to food not profits" and "Beware the TTIP trap - companies win, people lose!"


After the excesses of the Gestapo secret police under the Nazis and the Stasi in communist East Germany, Germans are also particularly sensitive to official surveillance.


Revelations in 2013 that the US had bugged Ms Merkel's mobile phone provoked outrage across the country.


Ms Merkel has spoken out repeatedly in favour of TTIP, but her coalition partners, the centre-left Social Democrats, are deeply divided.


Their leader Sigmar Gabriel, the economy minister and a TTIP convert, has promised a formal party vote on any deal.


Subsidising health


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson



When we take a closer look at what is subsidized these days we can confirm that human health is on the list. We often think of subsidies as financial assistance but it also means to secure the cooperation through bribery. The word "subsidy" has a history. Since 1815 the word often meant to pay for or to hire mercenaries or to buy an alliance or neutrality, which is all another way of saying to bribe. It wasn't until 1828 that the term subsidized was used to describe government grant money, which people interpreted as to remove a tax burden. Therefore, a financial subsidy is often an exchange or purchase for something. Students who get their education at a lesser cost have to qualify by cooperating with government demands. Farmers who want government subsidies have to agree to certain conditions such as what they can grow and what price the can ask for their crop. Other examples of subsidies are welfare checks and housing loans. So, when we look at the big picture, do subsidies from government actually help like we were told it will and how is it affecting our health?



Are subsidies really a big trade for a small slice of assistance? In general a subsidy extends to tax allowances (returns), duty taxes, rebates, employment regulations, investment regulations, economic regulations, transportation and now government health care. In effect every person is at some point confronted into accepting a subsidy. But to whom are the biggest subsidies extended?



In 2008 to 2014 Citizens for Tax Justice analyzed who gets these cash bribes (subsidies) and at who's expense. Their report suggested that over half of the bribes (subsidies) go to the richest companies in America. At the top of the heap is the utility industry (gas, oil, electric) and then banks. Next are the telecommunication companies. Since government does not make anything and takes from those who do, this is robbery on a large scale and in broad daylight. People can call it what they like but that is the reality. When you put the fox in charge of the hen house eventually there is nothing left. The big picture is that the bribing powers are bankrupting the people because there are no unlimited resources. One expert put it this way, "Subsidies are retail prices for politicians." Banks deserve no subsidies but they take them regardless.



The use of subsidies has driven the US away from a free market to a nation of government corporations. Integrity is bought and sold under the weight of money and when this happens the freedom of man evaporates and slavery and tyranny prevail. It is a bad place for humanity to be in when profit trumps human survival. You've probably heard that famous quote by French author Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, "revenge is a dish best served cold" (1782).  The quote reflects how pre-meditated and cold-blooded revenge is. So, would subsidies be described as being served on platter of liquid nitrogen? That's pretty cold. However, what else would you expect for the extinction of the free way-of-life.



When governments subsidize healthcare everyone pays. We pay in a shorter work week, fewer jobs, higher care costs, fewer doctors, rationing of care and medicines and regulated exit care. Simply put, this kind of healthcare puts a control freak on your back.



Because the free market is vanishing Americans are skimping on many things such as vacations, entertainment and sadly food. On average Americans are buying less fruits and vegetables than a decade ago. According to the sales on fruits and vegetables has declined and a mere 26.3% of Americans are eating these foods on a daily basis. It appears that the CDC thinks the government should do something about this and make fruits and vegetables more accessible to more people. The CDC calls for the intervention of the national government, states and community organizations across multi levels to find the means to improve consumption of these foods. When Americans are asked they say they can't afford these perishable foods and instead buy foods with longer shelf life when on a tight budget. So, will government subsidize farmers to grow vegetable and fruit crops for cheap? Someone has to pay for this in the end and it is through taxes. The CDC states, "A diet high in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk for many leading causes of death." According to their report the states consuming the most fruits and vegetables are Washington DC and Tennessee. The states consuming the least fruits and vegetables are Kentucky and West Virginia. According to the Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance there are assessment scales that measure household hunger in America. It appears that hunger rankings have grown more severe since 2008 in which 1 in 7 American homes (14.3% or 17.5 million households) are considered "food insecure." The ranking gets worse with "very low food security". It is interesting that in 2006 the government changed the definitions and names for hunger. The word hunger was eliminated and replaced with other terms like food insecurity. Even hunger is subsidized with the food stamp program.  When parents stop eating so their children have food and there is a disruption in normal food patterns it is an indicator that illness and disease will follow. Subsidized health care is expected to take care of this but with fewer doctors overwhelmed with the numbers there could be a collapse of the medical system. In 2013 the US government reported a poverty rate of 14.5% (45.3 million). I image this has changed with the open borders. And according to the Census Bureau the government subsidized programs for the poor alter the real numbers of those in poverty. 



Another indicator that subsidies have harmed the US is in the manufacturing industry. The Wall Street Journal did a story last year on how bad things are in the manufacturing sector. US companies that manufacture on US soil have not been able to replace equipment and what they are using is getting "creaky." The average age of manufacturing equipment is at least decade and then some. Economists at Morgan Stanley state they have not seen this kind of set back since 1938 and any growth at all is modest at 3% when it should be a minimum of 8%.  Ask how economic indicators can be on the rise and domestic capital to invest in new equipment has dried up.



Americans and people all over the world have to change their mindset that their freedom, their power and all benefits come from God and not man. God owes us nothing but we owe him everything. A few years ago I watched a man in Oklahoma on national TV news state after his home was destroyed by a tornado that he didn't need any help from the government and boldly proclaimed that his help came from God. Amen! So, we can collectively pray that God send us righteous men of valor with understanding and knowledge to uphold those things that made America a godly nation and a nation of prosperity, peace and safety. Wouldn't you like to have that back? I know I would and I pray for that daily. I personally will pass on the government bribes and empower myself with organic foods and herbs to be healthy. Sure there are times when people get sick and herbs can power-up the immune system and detoxify the system of impurities reducing the risk of disease. If you would like to learn how you can remove over 2,000 pharmaceutical toxins, heavy metals, radioactive particles and more then call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. Jump start your healthy summer & Save 15% on your order of $50 or more. Hurry! Expires 4/12/15. Use code: CLD15. Cannot be used with other discounts or promotions. 





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