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Friday, March 20th, A.D. 2015
Between Friday, March 13th A.D. 2015 and 
Friday, March 20th A.D. 2015, the bid prices for: 

 Gold rose 2.0 % from $1,158.60 to $1,182.40

Silver rose 7.0 % from $15.64 to $16.73

Platinum rose 1.7 % from $1,115 to $1,134

Palladium fell 1.9 % from $790 to $775

DJIA rose 2.1 % from 17,749.31 to 18,127.65

NASDAQ rose 3.2 % from 4,871.76 to 5,026.42

NYSE rose 3.0 % from 10,751.00 to 11,070.50

US Dollar Index fell 2.4 % from 100.18 to 97.80

Crude Oil rose 1.9 % from $45.00 to $45.87


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Currency war's prize: title to "World Reserve Currency"?


by Alfred Adask



Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was one of the world's premier surrealist artists.  During his peak popularity he enjoyed a peculiar privilege: Whenever he wrote a check, he embellished the check with so many distinctive flourishes and artwork, that many people refused to cash his checks. 


Why?  Because they believed his check (an intrinsically worthless piece of paper) was-as a work of art signed by the Dali-worth more than the face value of the check. 


Result?  Dali frequently didn't have to actually pay for many of the goods and services he purchased by check with a deduction from his bank account.  Dali could buy dinner or a new pair of tools and discharge his debt with nothing more than a few doodles.


Dali was essentially printing his own fiat currency (an intrinsically worthless piece of paper just like a US fiat dollar).  His celebrity allowed him to use that "currency" to discharge his debts without redeeming that currency at Dali's bank.


In that regard, Dali was able to emulate the US government's ability to issue fiat dollars (the World Reserve Currency) and never have to actually redeem the fiat dollar.  


I.e, whoever prints the world reserve currency doesn't have to actually pay his bills.  At least not for a couple of generations.



Bill Holter recently wrote that China:  1) is (like the rest of the world) heading towards an economic depression; and 2) wants the Chinese yuan to become the world's reserve currency:


"I believe China will fare poorly when the paper and derivatives markets around the world collapse.  They have a very over levered real estate market . . . . Their real economy and manufacturing will suffer as global demand drops further because of economic depression. 


"It won't be 'pretty' but China will survive and eventually thrive


"Why?  Because undoubtedly, China is working toward the yuan becoming 'a' reserve currency and, given time, "the" reserve currency." 


Holter's article didn't explain why issuing the World Reserve Currency might mitigate China's exposure to the effects of economic depression.  But I see that cause-and-effect relationship as profound and worth an exploration and explanation:


*  If China foresees that it will soon suffer an economic depression, can China therefore   seek to mitigate the effects of that depression on the Chinese people by snatching the status of "World Reserve Currency" for its yuan? 




History tells us that the fiat dollar's status as World Reserve Currency has allowed the US to enjoy an unearned and unprecedented prosperity over much of the past 45 years.  During that time, the intrinsically worthless dollar was (and still is) accepted as payment by the world creditors because the dollar was the World Reserve Currency.


It should follow that, even in the event of a global economic depression, whichever nation(s) issue(s) a "World Reserve Currency" will tend to prosper to a greater degree than the nations that do not issue a world reserve currency. 


Issuing the World Reserve Currency won't guarantee happiness in a time of economic depression.  Still, doing so, will function like a life preserver after a ship sinks:  while the rest of the survivors struggle to grab some debris to keep them afloat, the person who issues the World Reserve Currency can bob up and down in the water without much effort or concern.


*  Today, in the midst of a global economic depression, the US economy may not be very strong, but it's still stronger than most other national economies.  At least part of the reason for America's relative economic strength is the fact that the US fiat dollar is still the-or at least "a"- World Reserve Currency. 


There's little doubt that the dollar's status as World Reserve Currency has kept it alive and relatively valuable ever since the dollar became a pure fiat currency in A.D. 1971.  Likewise, most agree that if the US dollar lost its status as World Reserve Currency, the dollar's perceived value would plunge.


Thus, it appears that the US economy depends on the perceived value of the dollar, and the dollar's perceived value depends significantly on retaining the status of World Reserve Currency.  It should therefore follow that if a global or national depression is coming, whichever nation(s) that can retain or acquire the status of World Reserve Currency for its national currency should be highly motivated to do so.


*  The US government has allowed the fiat dollar to slide into deflation on the US Dollar Index (USDX) for the past eight months.  Why that evidence has been allowed remains a mystery. 


However, that deflation might be explained as an attempt to shore up the dollar's claim on the status of World Reserve Currency.  If the dollar's value fell much further due to inflation, so might its claim to title as World Reserve Currency.  On the other hand, if deflation was allowed to increase the dollar's value, its claim to title as World Reserve Currency might be strengthened while competing claims from China were weakened.


We can therefore speculate that one of China's solutions to its upcoming depression might be to acquire status as (a) World Reserve Currency.


Is status as "World Reserve Currency" the ultimate prize in all of the currency wars that are now being waged among the world's fiat currencies? 


*  Mr. Holter continued:


"[China] understands the dollar game fully. They have known ever since and even before 1971 the rules were "never pay" or settle as the key component."  


And that's the great advantage of issuing the World Reserve Currency- like Salvador Dali, a government that issued the World Reserve Currency might never have to repay its debts in full.  A government able to print the World Reserve Currency can just discharge its debts with paper or digital fiat currency "spun out of thin air". 


Without our dollar being the World Reserve Currency, could the US have fought the war in Viet Nam?  Could we have invaded Iraq, meddled in Libya and Syria, and provided massive support for Israel?  Probably not.


The privilege of issuing the World Reserve Currency grants incredible power to the issuer.  He can acquire property or alliegiance without conquest or actual payment.  However, like all incredible powers, issuing the World Reserve Currency also tends to corrupt the issuer.  Even so, the temptation to wield such power is beyond the capacity of most men, governments or central banks to resist.


As issuer of the World Reserve Currency, you never have to say you're sorry-at least not until your fiat currency finally fails about two generations after its onset.


*  Mr. Holter used China's predicament as grounds to predict that China will inevitably reprice the yuan in terms of gold and will be forced to raise the price of gold dramatically.


I'm looking at the same predicament and speculating that:


1) Having the privilege of issuing the (or "a") World Reserve Currency provides the issuer with enormous economic advantages and political power; and,


2) If a US, Chinese or global economic depression is coming; then,


3) The US should be working determinably to retain the dollar's status as World Reserve Currency.  (This determination might even explain why the US has allowed deflation on the USDX over the past eight months); and,


4) China might also be working determinably to acquire the status of World Reserve Currency for the yuan in order to mitigate some of the adverse effects of the coming economic depression.


If so, this may be evidence that the real prize in the modern currency wars may be privilege to issue the World Reserve Currency.

Allies revolt?


by Alfred Adask



The New York Times recently reported in "Hostility From U.S. as China Lures Allies to New Bank" that,

" When Xi Jinping, then the newly minted Chinese leader, first broached the idea of a new Asian development bank in a public speech in 2013, few in Washington paid it much heed.


"But as Beijing systematically recruited longtime American allies to help fund and oversee the new bank, it became clear that the push was more than a public relations gesture to China's Asian neighbors.  It was also a direct threat to the post-World War II financial institutions led primarily by the United States, and to President Obama's pledges to make a "pivot" to Asia in American foreign policy.


"Now with Britain, France, Germany and Italy signing up to join the new bank, despite direct pleas from Washington to steer clear, the question iswhether the Obama administration mishandled a significant challenge from China, and what it might have done differently."


No, that's not "the question". 


"The questions" are:


1) Does the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) signal that the end of the US fiat dollar is not only inevitable but near to hand?


2) By joining China's new bank, do our European allies (Britain, Germany, France and Italy) signal that they believe the fiat dollar's days are numbered?


3) By joining China's new bank, do our European allies signal that they're not merely responding to the mathematics that tell us that the fiat dollar is doomed, but are instead so sick and tired of Washington's financial bullying (FATCA), military invasions and false-flag revolutions, that their decisions to join the AIIB demonstrate a real break in US-European relations?


4) Is it merely a coincidence that Britain, Germany, France and Italy have all almost simultaneously announced their decisions to join China's new bank?  Or do those simultaneous announcements indicate a previous, underlying agreement (and even secret conspiracy) between those four nations (and Europe in general), to distance themselves from, and defy, the Obama administration?


5)  Given that major European powers have already joined China's AIIB, how many more nations will follow suit and also join the AIIB-and how soon?


"The question" is not whether the Obama administration has mishandled the single issue of the AIIB, but whether President Obama and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton have mishandled such a multitude of foreign policy issues for so many years that they've alienated former allies and much of the world.


If some of the world's nations are joining the AIIB because they're angry at US foreign policy, they're certainly angry at Obama and probably angry at former Secretary of State Clinton.  If so, these foreign countries are unlikely to support Hilary's election as our next President.  If US foreign policy abuses and failures under the Obama administration have alienated a number of US allies, will that alienation work against Hilary's election as President to any significant degree? 


*  Note that our European allies aren't alone in openly defying Washington's demands.  Israel is also growing increasingly and openly antagonistic to Barack Obama. 


And look at Russia.  Certainly not one of America's allies.  But, up until about 15 months ago, Russian-American relations seemed reasonably positive and amiable. 


Then, while Russia was hosting the Winter Olympics, the US fomented the overthrow of the pro-Russian government in Ukraine and precipitated the subsequent civil war that's flared for most of a year.  Later, the US government imposed economic sanctions on Russia which damaged the Russian economy and pushed Russia further away from the US dollar and closer to China.  Is that Ukraine policy merely failed or was it downright stupid?


More, by imposing economic sanctions on Russia, we jeopardized the flow of natural gas from Russia to the European Union.  That had to make the EU mad.  Another failed policy?  More evidence of stupidity?


Don't forget that China, itself, has demonstrated its antagonism to the Obama administration and the fiat dollar by simply creating this new bank.


Russia is attempting to create an alternative to the US-dominated SWIFT system for settling debts between the world's banks.


In the widespread fallout from China's creation of AIIB, we see reactions from other nations that indicate that the Obama administration has at least lost some previous political support from China, Russia, and Europe.  Worse, Obama may have so antagonized those nations or regions that they've chosen to distance themselves from, and even defy, the US government.


*  Whether the world flocks to the AIIB isn't particularly important.  But whether the world has chosen to distance itself from the Obama administration, is.


It may be that Obama foreign policy and even personal arrogance have antagonized so many foreign countries and lost the support of so many foreign governments, that he'll be forced to pull in his horns and start to "play nice" with the rest of the world.  Perhaps our government will be forced to stop invading, overthrowing, starting wars and "droning"for the remainder of Obama's presidency.


*  Closing remarks from The New York Times article:


"No matter how the new Chinese bank shaped up, it was highly unlikely that the United States would be a member. . . . [T]here is a strain in Washington that if the U.S. is not in the lead, then the U.S. should not be part of it . . . ."


That's the kind of attitude, arrogance and narcissism that can make people mad and some some friends. 


It's beginning to look as if the "indispensable nation" (or at least the "indispensable administration") is becoming "dispensable". 


The world not only doesn't need the US to lead but, in some regards, it may not need the US at all.  The emperor is being seen for what he is: not only butt-nekkid, but also irrational and abusive.


P.S.  The New York Times article reports that Australia is expected to sign up for the AIIB in the next week, and South Korea is likely to follow.   Reuters reports that even Japan may join the AIIB.


Is there an ally in the house?! 


Is any nation's government still willing to gladly follow the US lead?


Surely, there must be some government, somewhere, that's still willing to follow the Obama administration's lead-right?


In the AIIB debacle, are we seeing evidence of a growing tide of anti-US sentiment among the world's governments-or is it merely evidence that the dollar is on the way out-or both? 


That is the question.  

Obama bypasses God and Netanyahu


Anyone or anything connected with the God of the Holy Bible will be attacked and bypassed by Obama and his progressive robots. As we all know by now Obama had no congratulations or words of any kind for Benjamin Netanyahu though BiBi won huge. Funny how all the other 'big boy' leaders called to congratulate him but not Obama. John Kerry saying something pathetic from afar and too late doesn't cut the cheese folks. Obama is most certainly against Netanyahu because he represents the Jews and Israel and won't be intimidated into giving away more land or kissing up to the Islamic agenda....which is simply - destroy Israel.


 Let's cut to the bottom line


Obama has invested, committed to and is passionate about completing his transformational plans for America. The House and Senate are moving too slow and are behind in every area. They must rise up, get messy and clear with all the ways they can fight Obama and his evil transformation plans. That means, regular and thought out media statements...defunding all that Obama touches, such as Obamacare, the FCC Internet take over, amnesty for starters. "Use the power you have."


Obama believes down to his bone marrow in a one world Government and that America must submit to the UN instead of our US Constitution, sovereignty and Judeo/Christian values. His heart and mind set are all wrapped up in Communism, fascism, creating an Islamic caliphate, and Internationalism. Our laws, Constitution and pesky belief in the God of the Holy Bible...those rotten Christians are simply in the way. We must be targeted, contained, threatened and destroyed. "Well Obama...I stand on Psalm 91 and believe it. Come and get me."


The 'poser' type Christians are great. Obama loves them because they are useful idiots and pawns to manipulate around the game board to achieve his goals. Netanyahu and other patriots who understand the price of freedom and its preservation will always be hated by Obama.


American House and Senate, Governors in all 50 states, those running for state and federal elections and you who intend to run for President had better get in your prayer closets and take stock in who you are. What do you really stand for and areyou for sale or not? We are taking on the stark face of evil and tyranny whether you want to believe it or not. Wake up America.


With God's help and our prayers we will win.


Join me each day live on my national radio show. You can listen in live soon from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST through USA Radio Networks or Or, check your local talk station. Soon, my show will be airing in your market.


The death star of healthcare


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson



According to some health professionals, the Affordable Care Act marked the end of free-market healthcare and began a downward spiral of healthcare in the United States. The ACA legislation went into effect in 2013 and picked up power in 2014 as more systems in the plan were implemented. However, according to the US National Library of Medicine, a peer review published in November 2011stated the efficiency of healthcare in the US started to decline a decade earlier in 2001. Let's take a look and see if we can't get a clearer picture of events, how this affects millions of people and what we can do about it.



The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the FDA report there has been a "supply issue" with regards to prescription medications. When there is a disruption in the supply of medications it will influence patient care. As a manufacturer of natural medicines I can attest that there are multiple things that can disrupt production of products such as unavailable raw materials, manufacturing problems (equipment failure or utility disruption), business decisions, delivery disruptions and regulatory issues.  In 2010, the Drug Information Services at the University of Utah Health Care tracked 211 drug shortages, which was reported as the highest number recorded to date in a one-year period. Premier Healthcare Alliance reported in 2011 that 240 medications were limited or not available and over 400 generic medications were back-ordered delaying the filling of prescriptions by seven days. Let's take a look at the progression of drug shortages over a six year period.


  • In 2006 there were 70 medications unavailable
  • In 2007 there were 129 medications unavailable
  • In 2008 there were 149 medications unavailable
  • In 2009 there were 166 medications unavailable
  • In 2010 there were 211 medications unavailable
  • In 2011 there were 240 medications unavailable


Anyone can see that there is a rapid escalation in medication shortages. According to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, drug shortages seem to be categorized as a manufacturing problem (23%), supply and demand issues (13%) and a majority are classified as unknown (55%).


The medications that are in short supply or unavailable are medications for cancer, heart disease, pain and IV (intravenous) medications. It is strange that prior to 2001 these medications were readily available and now they are not and it is affecting patient care nationwide. What is more alarming is the shortages are now extending to medical supplies as nurses around the country are saying that they don't have proper training or equipment to do their jobs properly and safely. According to the medical peer review, the manufacturers of FDA regulated medications or equipment are to notify the FDA six months in advance if there will be shortages or if they plan to stop manufacturing the item(s). This is supposed to be a warning system set up to help regulate disruptions in the supply chain but is it not strictly enforced. Apparently, the terms of the FDA regulations do not have a statutory definition for "medically necessary" and the manufacturers are not required to legally notify the FDA and they are not penalized if they do not. However, manufacturers are required to notify the FDA of quality control problems. So, the advance warning system is really an after-the-fact damage control system. Therefore, the likelihood that patients could be forced to use a drug made outside the US is high. They call this nontraditional distributors or the "gray-market." The costs will be much higher as these markets deal in smaller quantities of the drugs and there are no guarantees on the quality of product.



In 2010, the Institute of Safe Medication Practices reported on a survey involving 1,800 healthcare practitioners including pharmacists, on the impact the drug shortages.


  • Most reported (84%) that they did not receive advance warning of a drug shortage.
  • There was a difficulty rating of 80% in finding comparable medications.
  • The comparable medications included a 78% increase in costs.
  • Some medications (70%) were not replaceable.
  • Medical professionals stated the lack of medications increased adverse patient risk by 64%.
  • The survey reported there were 1,000 adverse patient events (near-misses) due to the drug shortages.
  • Drug shortages can also extend the length of stay in the hospital increasing costs.
  • They estimate the drug shortages cost a minimum of $216 million annually.



When there is a short supply on drugs or healthcare in general, the patient assumes all the risk. The non-traditional drug suppliers are known to sell counterfeit drugs. It is really a crap shoot if the drug will work or offer new side effects. What the research is showing, when the drugs disappear there are devastating injuries; medication mistakes, inadequate doses and death. When doctors are forced to prescribe a different medication there is a risk that they are not familiar with the drug and proper dose. This throws standardized medicine a curve ball. With this research emerging there is the likelihood that some medications will begin to be rationed or available only to a certain age group. Let's get real. Patients who are dependent daily on drugs run the risk of receiving a death sentences should the drug supply dry up.



With the drug shortages becoming a new reality in the US, medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patient grow more frustrated and this is compromising professional and patient relationships. What people are discovering is that the FDA has limited power over drug shortages whether it is over-the-counter medicine, generic drugs, vaccines, biological agents, veterinary drugs, medical equipment, radiological products or nutraceuticals (synthetic supplements). When the shortages become severe, forget rationing the drugs and things will shift to a new definition of "medical necessary". In other words, a life will be statistically calculated to see if there is significant value to save that individual's life. At the November 2010 Health Summit in Bethesda, Maryland, one of the strategies health agencies discussed was patient criteria implemented to "prioritize patients to receive drugs." The doctors, nurses and pharmacists involved in the patient care would use a checklist to determine if their patient meets the guidelines to receive any drug in short supply.



There are some physicians that are seeking other medical modalities as an occupation because of all the changes in the ACA. Dr. Lee Hieb, an orthopedic surgeon, is running for political office as the governor of Iowa. According to Dr. Hieb the healthcare industry of America is heading for a total collapse.  She has reported the steady decline in the quality of healthcare; lack of supplies, medications and total hospital care is "catastrophic" in her opinion. Dr. Hieb is also the author of Surviving the Medical Meltdown in referencing the affects of the Affordable Care Act in the US. She reports patients not being able to get their thyroid medications or a tetanus shot especially in rural areas. Dr. Hieb documents the extended wait times to be seen by either primary care doctors or specialists. She reveals that there is not enough specialty doctors to cover ER calls and the hospitals in rural or poor areas are closing as they can't afford to comply with the new regulations. One of the first signs of a healthcare system collapse is hospital closings. She has witnessed the lack of staff and supplies available to treat those in one of the largest segments of healthcare in American; Medicaid. According to her book, it will not take long to hit the "critical number" of doctors leaving the profession. Aging populations require more physicians and doctors don't work for free. More than half of the surgeons in the US are over fifty-years-of-age and are not being replaced fast enough. Within a year or two these surgeons will reduce their work load or retire under the stress. We have a healthcare system that according to experts is unsustainable. Dr. Hieb advises people in her book that in order to survive they should acquire a healthy lifestyle and removes toxins. She also recommends people stockpile healthcare items for their families. This is what I've been saying for over fifteen years. It appears the harsh reality is hitting those in medicine that everyone will need to take care of themselves and they won't be able to rely on doctors or the government to help them. Dr. Hieb is correct when she states;


"Government being government will never ignore the chance to use a crisis to further its agenda of power and growth. But let's look around us. How has government done in the fields of education, banking, the post office or the DMV? The single-source medical care is lousy. The longer such a system exists, the worse it becomes. By the time the Berlin Wall fell and peeking into the world of Soviet medicine, 57% of their hospitals had no hot water and 36% had no water at all. There were dead cats lying in the hallways and needles were reused without sterilization." Dr. Lee Hieb, orthopedic surgeon



The physicians that do remain in medicine will wish they hadn't. According to Dr. Jane Orient, editor of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, says that the new healthcare in America monitors its doctors through electronic medical records.  According to Dr. Orient the ACA keeps tabs on doctors through the digital database to monitor doctor activity. For instance, they will be able to see if doctors are convincing their patients to get vaccinated. Dr. Orient says the system is set up to coerce doctors through intimidation and threats to comply. She says, "It's demeaning and it's insulting, but it's very, very powerful." She admits that doctors are waking up to the latest science that suggests vaccines are not as safe and effective as authorities claim but the system now pressures the physicians into holding the "official line"with regards to vaccines or it could mean the end of their medical career.



I know the big picture looks very different than what is projected by the media and by health authorities, however knowledge is power. More so than any other time in history is it important to be proactive with your health and avoid allopathic medicine as much as possible. There are always options and when implemented properly can be more cost effective and efficient that modern medicine. Dr. Hieb is correct that we need to prepare ourselves. I tend to look at allopathic medicine in catastrophic terms. I don't like the philosophy of simply improving quality of life or disease management until the inevitable happens. I strive for the cure. The human body is designed to heal itself if we provide the nutrition it needs and omit the toxins it doesn't need. I call this the "cleanse and nourish" approach and it has worked for thousands of years. Where people mess this up is they wait too long to implement natural therapies or they mix them with allopathic treatments which undermine them. The reality is being responsible for one's health is more work but the rewards are permanent and satisfying. We are more powerful than we think when we use proper nutrition, exercise and use natural instead of toxic treatments. For information and tools on cleansing away toxins, empowering your immune system and getting off prescription drugs call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and save with our coupons posted on the HMO page Free catalog.  Now through 3/23/15 is our Spring Special and receive Free ground ship in the US on orders of $45 or more. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse away toxins and you'll save with free shipping. Use coupon FREESP3.






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