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Friday, March 13th, A.D. 2015
Between Friday, March 6th A.D. 2015 and 
Friday, March 13th A.D. 2015, the bid prices for:


Gold fell 0.8 % from $1,168.70 to $1,158.60

Silver fell 1.8 % from $15.93 to $15.64

Platinum fell 3.6 % from $1,157 to $1,115

Palladium fell 3.2 % from $816 to $790

DJIA fell 0.6 % from 17,856.78 to 17,749.31

NASDAQ fell 1.1 % from 4,927.37 to 4,871.76

NYSE fell 0.8 % from 10,842.20 to 10,751.00

US Dollar Index rose2.5 % from 97.72 to 100.18

Crude Oil fell 9.5 % from $49.78 to $45.00


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if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

USDX deflation


by Alfred Adask



For most of my lifetime, the US government and Federal Reserve have caused a moderate but persistent rate of annual inflation-about 1.5% to 2%.  Inflation has sometimes run considerably higher, but seldom lower. 


During a period of inflation, the value (purchasing power) of the dollar falls.  During inflation, a dollar saved will purchase less at some time in the future than the same dollar spent today.


Inflation offers two apparent "advantages":


1) Inflation reduces debts. 


Because the value (purchasing power) of an inflating currency is constantly falling, inflation favors debtors and disfavors creditors. 


For example, during a period of 2% annual inflation, if you borrowed $100,000 today and repaid it ten years later, you'd repay the nominal sum of "$100,000," but that sum would only have a purchasing power of $80,000 as compared to the purchasing power of the $100,000 when the loan was initiated.  Creditors are impoverished by inflation because they'd be repaid in "cheaper dollars".  Debtors are enriched by being able repay loans with "cheaper dollars". 


Consumers with good credit ratings can be enriched by inflation.  They could borrow $100,000, repay the equivalent of $80,000 and essentially "pocket" the remaining $20,000.  They could borrow $250,000, repay the equivalent of $200,000, and "pocket" the remaining $50,000.  They could borrow $100 million, repay the equivalent of $80 million, and "pocket" the remaining $20 million for themselves. 


Those who had good credit ratings and borrowed aggressively to make solid investments could grow fabulously wealthy.  Those who had poor credit ratings or who insisted on saving rather than borrowing and spending, would tend to become impoverished during periods of inflation. 


It's arguable that the current income inequality between the top 1% of Americans and the remaining 99%, has been caused by the top 1% understanding inflation, having good credit ratings, borrowing aggressively, and repaying only part of the original purchasing power of their borrowed currency.


Evidence of persistent and intentional inflation can be seen in the purchasing power of a modern US dollar which is about a nickel as compared to that of a dollar in A.D. 1970.


Inflation favors debtors by enabling them to repay their debts with "cheaper dollars".  The US government is the world's biggest debtor.  It's natural that the US government would favor inflation so as to repay its enormous debts with cheaper dollars.  As a result, we've had institutionalized inflation for most of your and my lifetimes.        


2) Inflation "stimulates" the economy


Because an inflating currency will purchase less in the future than it will currently, people are disinclined to save and more inclined to spend during periods of inflation.  In fact, because inflation causes the currency to lose value, people are more inclined to borrow and spend-and go into debt-because they can repay their debts with "cheaper dollars" at some time in the future. 


The ability to repay debts with "cheaper dollars" in the future has been a fundamental motivation for many people to build or buy new homes now.  As more people buy new homes, the sale of concrete, lumber, roofing materials, home hardware, electrical lines and plumbing supplies increases, more people have jobs, and the economy is "stimulated".


If the economy slows, Dr. Feelgood (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) will try to "stimulate" the economy with the "quick-pick-me-up" called inflation.  Most recently, Dr. Feelgood has tried to stimulate the economy out of the Great Recession "Quantitative Easing" (QE) One, Two and Three. 


These attempts to inflate the fiat dollar and thereby stimulate the US economy have been only moderately successful.  QE has caused enough inflation and economic stimulus to avert or postpone an overt Depression, but has failed to cause enough stimulus to push us out of the lingering recession. 

Something Strange

Given that government needs inflation to: 1) devalue the fiat dollar and allow the gov-co to repay the National Debt with "cheaper dollars"; and 2) stimulate the economy-the past 7 or 8 months (since July of A.D. 2014), something really strange has been happening.  As measured on the US Dollar Index (USDX), the purchasing power of the fiat dollar (as compared to half a dozen other fiat currencies) has jumped by 25%.  


That's evidence of deflation. 


Deflation is the opposite of inflation.

Under deflation, the fiat dollar becomes more valuable.  As the dollar's value (purchasing power) rises, people realize that their fiat dollars will purchase more in the future than they purchase now.  People therefore tend to save their currency rather than spend it.  As savings rise, less goods and services are sold, employment wanes, and the economy tends to slow.


As the deflating dollar becomes more valuable, those who've had excellent credit ratings and gone deeply into debt during the previous period of inflation, find themselves faced with the unanticipated problem of having to repay their debts with "more expensive" (rather than "cheaper") dollars.  


The man with the good credit rating who borrowed $100,000 and, thanks to inflation, expected to repay his debt with the equivalent of $80,000 (and essentially "pocket" the remaining $20,000) can find himself obligated to repay the equivalent of $125,000 (purchasing power) as compared to his original $100,000 loan and be forced to suffer a $25,000 loss.  In theory, that's what's happened over the past 8 months as the value of the US fiat dollar on the USDX jumped 25%.  25% deflation could cause an additional cost of $25,000 on a $100,000 loan.  That additional cost might be enough to cause the borrower to lose his home to foreclosure or even push him into bankruptcy.


If the economic climate changes from inflation to deflation, the man who'd borrowed $100 million during inflation, expected repay the equivalent of $80 million, and "pocket" the remaining $20 million-may find himself obligated to repay his $100 million loan with "more expensive dollars" whose purchasing power is equivalent of $125 million in purchasing power and thereby suffer a $25 million loss.  Again, if deflation causes such losses, it can drive the borrower into bankruptcy.


During periods of deflation, the super-rich (super-debtors) tend to jump out of skyscraper windows.


Deflation favors creditors and can ruin debtors


Who's the biggest debtor in the world? The US government.


During the past 8 months, the US national debt has remained nominally, about the same $18 trillion as was more or less true last July.  But, thanks to the 25% deflationary jump in the value (purchasing power) of the fiat dollar, the national debt's purchasing power has grown from $18 trillion to nearly $23 trillion. 

What th' Heck is Going On?

I'm confused and bewildered.  Given that government has proved its love of inflation throughout my lifetime, I can't understand why our government has allowed the last 8 months of deflation on the USDX.


Deflation is at least a hallmark, and probably a cause, for economic depressions.  Deflation increases the burden of debt since you must repay your debts with more expensive dollars.  Deflation increases the value of the national debt-which could be fatal to US government finances.


Deflation is contrary to the public interest since it can cause an economic depression.  Deflation is contrary to the government's interest since it can cause gov-co to default on its debts.


So, why has the US government allowed the past 8 months of deflation on the USDX? 


I can see only two generic answers: 


1) Government is intentionally allowing and even causing deflation; and,


2) Government is too weak to resist the forces of deflation.


If the first answer is valid, government has the power to control the economy but, for reasons I can't yet fathom, is intentionally pushing America towards an economic depression.


If the second answer if valid, the forces favoring deflation are too strong for government to resist.  Government is no longer in control of the economy and, barring some miracle, we are heading into an economic depression.


Either way, if the deflation seen on the USDX persists, the economy is headed towards an overt depression. 

Going Vertical?

The following chart of the USDX for the past 12 months suggests that in just the last few weeks, the forces of deflation have gone "vertical". 

USDX chart


As you can see, the thin, jagged blue line represents the fiat dollar's value on USDX over the past year. 


The thin, smooth, solid brown line represents the 50 day moving average for the dollar during the year.


The three, dotted lines represent a simplified view of USDX trends over the past 12 month.


The first trend line is the yellow, dotted line segment between points "A" and "B".  This trend line shows that the dollar's value was a steady "80" on the USDX from March to July of A.D. 2014.


The second trend line is the orange, dotted line segment between points "B" and "C".  This trend line indicates that the dollar's value rose steadily from July of last year to late February of this year at an angle roughly 30 degrees above the horizontal.  During this period of USDX deflation, the price of crude oil (as denominated in fiat dollars) fell by over 50% and the price of gold (as denominated in fiat dollars) dropped by about 9%.


In theory, the 30 degrees "BC" trend line is unusually steep, but might've continued for some months or even quarters into the future.


But, now consider the third, red, dotted line segment between points "C" and "D" at the top right of the graph.  That line is almost 80 degrees above the horizontal, almost vertical and almost inexplicable.  It can't be sustained beyond the short term.


It's possible that the third trend line "CD" can be sustained for another month or two, but it seems certain that this "vertical" trend line can't be sustained for long without collapsing the economy. 


More, while the dollar's value is currently skyrocketing, when that trajectory burns out, the dollar will stop rising on the USDX.  When that happens, the dollar may hold its value (120?) and may simply move horizontally on the graph over time. 


Or it might slowly decline at, say, a -30 degree angle in relation to the graph's horizontal. 


Or it might drop like a stone at a -80 degree angle in relation to the graph horizon.


I'm betting that what goes up like a rocket will fall like a stone.  I'm betting that after the current "vertical" trend upward in the USDX expires, it will soon be followed by a downward trend is also nearly vertical. 

Cry Me a River

Today, people in the oil industry are bawling over the dramatic fall in the price of crude oil.  That fall has been at least partially caused by USDX deflation.


Today, people holding gold and silver are weeping over the fall in precious metal prices over the past 7 or 8 months.  That fall has also been at least partially cause by USDX deflation.


But if folks in the oil patch and the gold mines are depressed by deflation, what do you think that people who are deep in debt think?  I'll bet they're crying themselves to sleep every night and praying to God to protect their over-leveraged wealth from the forces of deflation.


And government?  If USDX deflation has already increased the real value (purchasing power) of the US National Debt by 25% in the past 8 months, then-unless gov-co really wants an overt depression and economic collapse-gov-co officers and officials must be alternately wracked by bouts of terror and tears by persistent evidence of deflation.


No one is well-served by deflation except those who are not indebted and/or have a reliable, steady source of income.  Such people may not only survive but prosper if deflation continues and the Greater Depression arrives-especially if their savings are stored in the media of precious metals.


On the other hand, government could soon come to its senses and fight valiantly against the USDX deflation.  If government can restore enough inflation to destroy the forces of deflation, the prices of crude oil and precious metals should also rise dramatically.


Don't forget-as seen on the graph-the value of the fiat dollar has been rising vertically for the past three weeks. That rise can't be sustained for long without destroying debtors, precipitating bankruptcies, forcing government to default on its debts, and possibly precipitating a "Greater Depression". 


If that upward spike in the USDX trend line stops (as it must) and turns into a downward plunge (as it may), the prices of commodities around the world should jump. 


Implication:  The fiat dollar is likely to lose value in the near future.  If so, now (when the fiat dollar has a relatively high degree of value/purchasing power) is a great time to stock up on food and precious metals. 

Figures Lie and Liars Figure-But Not Always

It may seem improbable, confusing and even disingenuous to say so, but it's still true that the price of gold is rising dramatically in terms of all major currencies-except the dollar.


The price of gold is rising around the globe-except in the US.


How can that be?  It's happening because the US dollar is the only major currency that's in a period of deflation; most other major currencies are in or trying to enter another era of significant inflation. 


In any case, consider this:


Last July, the USDX was 80 and the price of gold was about $1,310.


Today, the USDX is almost 100 (up 25% in 8 months) and the price of gold is $1,155 (down 12% in terms of fiat dollars).


So, is gold up or down?


Well, in terms of nominal price in fiat dollars, gold is down 12% in 8 months.


But in terms of purchasing power, gold is up


How can that be?


Well, given that the fiat dollar is up 25% on the USDX since last July, the dollars we use to calculate today's price of gold are worth 25% more (at least on the USDX) than they were last July.  That implies that while the nominal price of gold is down 12% (at least terms of dollars), the value (purchasing power) of gold is worth 1.25 times the current dollar price = $1,443.75.  


The "1.25" multiplier reflects the fact that, according to the USDX, today's fiat dollars are worth about 25% more in terms of purchasing power (as compared to six other fiat currencies) than they were last July.


Thus, I won't say it's absolutely true, but it's arguable that even though the nominal price of gold (in dollars) has fallen 12% in the past 8 month, because the purchasing power of fiat dollars has increased by 25% in the same period, the purchasing power of gold measured in fiat dollars has increased by 13% (25% up for purchasing power of dollars minus 12% down for nominal price of gold).




Me, too.


It seems possible that even though the price of gold is down 12%, the actual value/purchasing-power of gold is up 13%.


Seems crazy doesn't it?


Again, how can this be?


It can be because fiat dollars are inherently irrational.  They have no fixed value.  They are the "rubber rulers" for economic measurements. 


Note that I'm not claiming that the value of gold is up 13% even though the price of gold is down 12%.  I'm simply saying that such lunacy is possible because fiat currencies are crazy.


In fact, so long as we rely on fiat currency, no one really knows the value of gold, crude oil, or pop rivets just now.  Oh, we know the prices.  But who knows the value?


That ignorance is cause for frustration, but also cause for hope.  Maybe gold's purchasing power is up 13% in the past 8 months.  Or maybe it's up 5% or even 1%-but isn't that better than being nominally down 12%?   


The world is teetering on the edge of economic madness.


Q:  What's the antidote for such madness? 


A:  An economic ruler that everyone agreed was fixed, stable, reliable, valuable.  Something like physical gold.


Industry standards and health


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson



It amazes me that people will trust a new drug without much investigating and hope that the side effects are not too bad. It astonishes me that the TV ads for drugs will highlight some of the side effects worse than the condition the drug is being used to treat. Don't switch TV channels because following the drug ad is an ad for a law firm asking viewers if they have been harmed by the drug to contact their law firm for a class action law suit. Let's take a look at what millions of people put their faith in every day and what their real risk is when attempting to manage the symptoms of their disease.



If we visit the FDA's web site they have a general guideline listed on the approval process of prescription drugs. On their FAQ page they state that drugs are evaluated by the FDA to ensure the drugs marketed in the US are safe and effective. The FDA states they are not involved in the animal or human testing of the drugs or any of the drug research. The FDA leaves that responsibility to the drug manufacturers. The evaluation process of submitted data on drugs the FDA does conduct and their review panel of experts are; physicians, statisticians, chemists, pharmacologists and other scientific experts. You would think that with a panel of these experts that they would prevent deadly drugs from entering the market.



The checklist the FDA uses when they review a drug's clinical (human) trial results is as follows:

  • Does the drug affect the body as stated? An example is if it is said to lower blood pressure does the drug do that?
  • They check the drug dosage and frequency of use.
  • They review the side effects listed in the submitted review and how they can be managed.
  • They look at how the body breaks down the chemicals in the drug and for accumulation effects (toxicity).
  • They check drug interactions with food, beverages and other medications to identify what should be avoided.
  • Lastly, the overall rating of drug effectiveness for market approval.



According to the FDA, there is a two-tiered process in drug approvals as stated in the Prescription Drug User Fee Act of 1992. There is a standard and a priority review process. A drug that offers minor improvement falls under the standard review process and can take approximately ten (10) months. Drugs that appear to offer major advances in treatments or new treatments fall under the priority review and can take six (6) months. There is also a "Fast Track, Accelerated Approval" option for the approval of breakthrough therapies or if a new drug has advantages over existing treatments. Advantages such as; superior effectiveness, no serious side effects, statistically better patient outcomes, reduced treatment toxicity and anticipation of a public health need (pandemic vaccines). The accelerated process takes about sixty (60) days.



How does the FDA handle the approval of the over-the-counter (OTC) drugs? There are too many OTC products (300,000) for the agency to review like prescription drugs. Therefore the agency lumps them into categories pertaining to active ingredients. For example, if the product is an analgesic or antacid it is placed into the therapeutic category containing 80 classes of drugs. Each class of drug has a "recipe book" called a monograph, which lists a drug's approved ingredients, the dose, formulation and labeling. All that the manufacturers have to do is follow the recipe and they can market the OTC product without FDA pre-approval. The FDA concludes that the OTC monographs are safe and effective. So, your allergy drugs, pain relievers, digestive and sleep aids and other new OTC products are not closely monitored and would not be examined by the FDA before entering the market.



The empirical history of herbs goes back thousands of years. According to WHO, 25% of pharmaceutical drugs in the US are made from plants. I think it is more like 2% because they convert the plant chemicals into synthetic copycats to lower the manufacturing costs. Nearly 80% of the population of Africa and Asia use medicinal herbs instead of pharmaceutical drugs. The reasons they give are lower cost and no side effects. Allopathic medicine calls herbal medicine an "alternative form of medicine" because they state there is no scientific evidence to support claims. I think Allopathic has that backwards. Herbal medicine is the original medicine and allopathic medicine is the alternative medicine. If there were no reports to support the therapeutic action of herbs, why would they use herbs to make their drugs to begin with?



According to medical science they report that herbal remedies are popular with patients diagnosed with; cancer, diabetes, asthma and late stage renal disease. I believe I know the reason for this. People start out with a condition their doctors say can be "managed." Some patients may interpret that to mean an eventual "cure." However, over time it becomes evident that they are not getting better and their condition continues to deteriorate. In the chronic and final stages of the disease allopathic medicine has nothing to offer because they've managed the disease for as long as they can. The patient is left high and dry and out of desperation they turn to natural therapies. If they had started out with the natural therapies they significantly improve their chances of helping their body overcome the disease. Patients put themselves behind the eight ball using the toxic treatments allopathic medicine dispenses. The last thing the body needs is toxins and invasive procedures. It needs the building blocks of healing nutrition; enzymes, minerals, vitamins and herbs have this in high concentrations.



The statistical numbers are significant of the deaths at the hand of scientific medicine. These are US statistics from the FDA on their MedWatch forms 3500 and 3500A. These are incidences caused by taking the prescription medications producing serious outcomes such as life-threatening conditions requiring hospitalization, disability and death.


AERS1 Patient Outcomes by Year

























































Total 2000-2010








Total 2001-2005




Total 2006-2010




% Chg






According to a report published in the 2006 issue of Pharmacotherapy, the mortality risk rate jumps 20% if someone experiences an adverse reaction to a drug while hospitalized. With regard to new drugs approved annually to be on the market, the 2010 Connecticut Law Review stated that injuries and deaths caused by these drugs seem to be growing. Lawyers oversee billion dollar law suits and some of the most well known are; arthritis drugs causing heart attacks and strokes, Phen-fen (diet drug) caused heart damage and Propulsid for gastric problems caused heart problems. If the drug companies have to pay out in settlements, that is when they remove the drug from the market. 



The pain medications are a big health risk. According to the 2009 Federal Register there are "Organ-Specific Warnings" on the acetaminophen products. It is documented that these drugs cause liver injury. There were 56,000 people who ended up in the ER between 1993 to 1999 (almost 10,000 per year) and there were 458 deaths. The Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs are no better. According to the September issue of the 1997 Annals of Internal Medicine, these drugs caused 7,600 deaths and 76,000 hospitalizations in the US. Now you know why doctors won't touch the stuff. Doctors won't use antidepressants either because of the risks.



In 2014 the researchers at University of Adelaide in South Australia found that 60% of the herb products had ingredients that did not match what was listed on the label. The risk of that happening is high with imported herb products or companies that use imported herbs to make their products. It is important that the company manufacturing the herbal products has an herbalist inspecting and formulating the herbs for the products. An Herbalist is a person who is dedicated to the herb field (professionally and economically). They are also skilled in the therapeutic use of medicinal herbs and can harvest herbs at the proper time of year. The problem with many supplements on the market is that anyone can bankroll a product line and set up distribution for mass production of a supplement. Large companies also offer to private label from their recipe book or can custom blend a formula.



When was the last time you heard of a drug or supplement that had 30-60 years of testing and perfecting? When I talk with people they are pleasantly surprised that the formulas made at Apothecary Herbs are made by an herbalist and the products have over 30-years of testing behind them. When Dr. John Christopher (Master Herbalist) began thinking about what he would do past retirement from his herb clinic, he decided to open the School of Natural Healing in Springville, Utah. He knew he had to pass on the knowledge. His son, David, carries on the tradition and runs the school today. I was a student of this school and Dr. Christopher's formulas work. So, we make them at Apothecary Herbs. They are strong formulations with power and you won't find them in stores. The process used to make such a formula requires an aging process without heat and this takes precious time, which most supplement companies won't invest in. Consumers need to realize that there are different grades of supplements just like there are different grades of wine. If you by cheap, you'll get what you pay for and this is also true with supplements. 



Based on the evidence that has been published with regard to the pharmaceutical companies hiding data on their drug studies, professional scientists making up the drug data in peer review studies and the FDA failing to keep biological pathogens secure in labs; well, you begin to see a serious pattern of fraud and incompetence. This is an industry that plays the scientific evidence card and unfortunately the people are getting a shell game. Allopathic medicine excels in the area of trauma but fails at preventing or curing internal disease. It is up to the individual to become knowledgeable about how they can proactively use natural therapies to strengthen their bodies to heal. There are herbs that can strengthen the heart, pancreas, digestive system, immune system, liver and the gall bladder. You'll find herbs to help with pain and inflammation, shingles, cancer, pandemics (Ebola) and more. If you are looking for products and information that will help you accomplish your health goals then call the experts, call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, because if you're serious about herbs you need Apothecary Herbs. If you want Oregon Tilth certified organic herbs sold direct from the manufacturer with a money-back guarantee then call now for your free product catalog and empower yourself 866-229-3663 Saving coupons available (click HMO green button) or sign up at check out for redemption points and save every time you shop.





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