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Friday, February 20th, A.D. 2015
Between Friday, February 13th A.D. 2015 and 
Friday, February 20th A.D. 2015, the bid prices for:


Gold fell 1.9 % from $1,227.90 to $1,203.90

Silver fell 6.1 % from $17.32 to $16.27

Platinum fell 3.6 % from $1,205 to $1,161

Palladium fell 1.4 % from $788 to $777

DJIA rose 0.7 % from 18,019.35 to 18,140.44

NASDAQ rose 1.3 % from 4,893.84 to 4,955.97

NYSE rose 0.6 % from 11,042.70 to 11,108.70

US Dollar Index rose0.1 % from 94.18 to 94.31

Crude Oil fell 5.2 % from $52.67 to $49.91


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Currency wars


by Alfred Adask



In "Currency Battle Is Tethered to Obama Trade Agenda," The New York Times recently provided the bases for some interesting insight and conjecture:


"A number of countries - China most prominent among them - have long acted to hold down the value of their currencies against the dollar, helping their industries by keeping exports to American consumers cheaper and making goods from the United States more expensive."


Since the fiat dollar is still the World Reserve Currency, there's a teeter-totter relationship between US dollars and the rest of the world's major fiat currencies.  When foreign countries hold their currencies down in relation to the dollar, they hold the dollar up. That is, by inflating foreign currencies they make the dollar more valuable and thereby contribute to dollar deflation


Deflation is a cause, or at least a characteristic, of economic depression.  Thus, when foreign countries inflate their currencies to make them less valuable, they indirectly deflate the US dollar, make it more valuable, and push the US towards recession and/or depression.


More importantly, it seems likely that, being the World Reserve Currency, the fiat dollar occupies a place in opposition to all other foreign fiat currencies.  When their end of the teeter-totter goes down in value (inflation), the US end of the teeter-totter must go up.  Given that the foreign countries inevitably want inflation make their products more competitive in international trade, the World Reserve Currency is destined for destruction by deflation.


Get that?  To assume the role of World Reserve Currency is to voluntarily commit a kind of financial suicide. 


The competition between nations to inflate their currencies, make them less valuable, and then gain jobs by raising imports among other nations is the essence of the "currency wars" that animate today's international monetary system.


"Now, a growing bipartisan majority in Congressis coalescing around ademand that could derail President Obama's ambitious trade agenda before it really gets moving:include a robust attack on international currency manipulation or no deal.


"If members of Congress are to be believed, unless the president's trade negotiator includes strict, enforceable prohibitions on policies of foreign countries to intentionally hold down the value of currencies, any completed trade accord will die on Capitol Hill. But, administration officials say, demanding the inclusion of such prohibitions would kill the trade deals before they were completed.


"You cannot be pro trade and pro this kind of currency mechanism," warned Tony Fratto, a former official in the George W. Bush administration who is working against the congressional currency push. "They are completely incompatible. It will in fact kill a deal."


In other words, global free trade depends on currency manipulation.  Like love and marriage, you can't have one without the other. 


More, foreign countries will allegedly not agree to enter into the proposed global free trade agreements, unless they can suppress the price of their currencies-and, unintentionally or otherwise, push the US into deflation, recession or depression. 


Conversely, US government officers and officials can't support global free trade policies unless they knowingly help to push the US economy deeper into recession and depression.  If a Trans-Pacific Trade Treaty is to be enacted, our own governmentmust agree to further reduce Americans' standard of living in order to benefit of whatever foreign nations or multi-national corporations will profit from global free trade.


"None of the officials representing the 12 nations,including the United States, want to see such prohibitions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership . . . . Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said, 'We remain concerned thatan enforceable provision on currency could have a negative impact onour ability to protect American workers and firms and set back our international efforts.'"


Secretary Lew lies. 


The proposed Transpacific Trade Treaty will no more "protect American workers and firms" than did our government's previous efforts to support Global Free Trade by cutting tariffs and shipping US industries and jobs to China.  Our own government's Executive Branch is actively working to diminish our economy, reduce you and your children to poverty and destroy the American Dream. 


"There is little wonder why lawmakers from both parties say the United States has endured a large, chronic trade deficit, intensified by China and some other trading partners that have deliberately kept their currencies cheap relative to the dollar. The Peterson Institute estimates that currency interventions have cost the United States as many as five million jobs over the last decade.


"The Obama administration fears that prohibitions on currency intervention [manipulation] could boomerang on Washington, allowing trading partners to challenge policies of the independent Federal Reserve Board and possibly even basic fiscal policies, like stimulus spending in times of recession."


In other words, our government is telling foreign countries, "don't do as we do, do as we say."  I.e., even if the US passes laws to prevent foreigncountries from manipulating their currencies, those foreign countries shouldn't insist that the US also stop manipulating its own currency. 


After all, where would the US be if it couldn't manipulate the value of the fiat dollar, the prices of gold and silver, and even the stock market indices? 


What we're seeing here is a conflict between the US government-which has manipulated currency prices for most of seventy years-being challenged by other countries who also want to play the "manipulation game".  


We're seeing an inevitable consequence of using intrinsically-worthless, fiat currencies.  Because the values of fiat currencies can be anything governments say they are, a fundamental basis for international trade competition is not to produce better products at lower prices, but instead, merely adjust currency values to allow the sale of products at artificially-lowered prices.


More, currency manipulation may even be required to sustain the value of the one "World Reserve Currency" (the fiat dollar) in its teeter-totter relationship to the multitude of foreign currencies. The foreign currencies inevitable push to devalue and inflate would necessarily push the fiat dollar into deflation-unless, the Federal Reserve was somehow able to cause persistent inflation (say, 2% per year?) in the fiat dollar.


In other words, once the US government opted to ride the "World Reserve Currency" tiger, it may have had no choice but to manipulate and artificially inflate the dollar in order to protect the dollar against the collective weight of foreign currency manipulation/inflation.


"Corporate America is badly split. Some industries, including automobiles, steel and textiles, are standing with Congress. Ford Motor has threatened to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership if it lacks a currency chapter. Other companies, better positioned to take advantage of growing globalization, are perfectly happy to buy components from Asia that are artificially cheapened by currency manipulation."


Here, the article admits that foreign countries make their products seem cheaper by currency manipulation.  In fact, foreign countries do us a great service by inflating and devaluing their currencies.  American consumers get to purchase foreign commodities, goods and services at prices that are so low that they might not even reach their actual costs of production. 


But while Americans exploit their ability to buy products from China at fire-sale prices, we're also losing jobs and industries as American workers and corporations are left idle.


On one hand, China is transferring its wealth (in the form of irrationally cheap products) to Americans. 


On the other hand, Americans are transferring industries and jobs to China and leaving large number of American unemployed.


Thanks to manipulable fiat currencies, the US robs China of underpriced products and China robs the US of some of its industries and jobs. 


The first question is:  Who's getting over who?  By selling its products for fire-sale prices, is China being robbed the most?  Or is the US being robbed more by giving away its industries and jobs?  What's more valuable-things or jobs?


The second question is:  Are we really well-served by a fiat monetary system that predisposes all of us to become thieve, hustlers and con-artists?  What's more valuable-things or morals?


Are we really better off with a fiat currency that's so inherently fraudulent that it encourages us to behave dishonestly and strips us of our claim to be moral men and women?


"The [Obama] administration has a crucial ally in Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, the Republican chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. The trade promotion authority billhe plans to push through his committee by March will includenew reporting, monitoring and transparency rules to spotlight currency manipulation, but it will avoid retaliatory enforcement rules that he fears could prompt a trade war.


"Such a result could jeopardize our status as the world's leading currency," said Brendan Buck, the committee's spokesman."


Translation:  The proposed bill will expose currency manipulation-but it won't stop it.  Why?  Because the fiat dollar's status as "world's leading currency" depends on currency manipulation.


Implication:  Without currency manipulation, the dollar would fall.  A, perhaps the, primary force supporting the fiat dollar's perceived value is government's ability to manipulate that value on the fiat currency "teeter-totter".


How much confidence should Americans (or the world) have in a fiat currency whose perceived value depends on "currency manipulation"-especially if the term "currency manipulation" is code for "fraud"? 


"It is difficult at times to distinguish between currency manipulation and market forces that can push currency values in directions that work against the United States. The global currency market is naturally biased toward a strong dollar, . . .."


First implication?  The "global currency market" is naturally biased towards pushing the US dollar into deflation and the US economy into depression. 


Second implication?  We should rethink our willingness to allow the dollar to be World Reserve Currency, since that status will create the US vs the World "teeter-totter" which will inevitably deflate the dollar and collapse the US economy.  I.e., so long as most of the other nations of the world devalue/inflate their own currencies in relation to the fiat dollar, the teeter-totter effect on the "global currency market" will push the fiat dollar down into deflation.  That deflation will ultimately cripple or collapse the US economy.


"Last week US lawmakers from both parties introduced legislation that would allow companies in the United States to petition for relief from foreign competitors benefiting from currency manipulation, setting off a mandatory Commerce Department investigation. That investigation could lead Washington to impose duties on imports that benefit from depressed currencies.


"Legislation would also allow the US government to counter manipulation with manipulation: If China spent $1 billion to buy United States dollars to drive up their value, the United States could buy the same amount of Chinese currency to negate the move."


Our government is practically famous for manipulating the prices of gold and silver, crude oil, rates of inflation, and stock indices like the Dow.  When the prices of commodities and equities are manipulated, it's necessarily evidence that the value/purchasing-power of the fiat dollar is also manipulated.  Two sides of the same coin.  You can't manipulate the prices of things without also manipulating the value of your currency.   


Thus, it seems ironic and perhaps hilarious that the US government-the world's #1 currency manipulator since the end of WWII when the dollar became the World Reserve Currency-is enacting laws to not only punish other countries for currency manipulation but also to legalize US currency manipulation that's been ongoing for the past seventy years.


"'With more U.S. jobs at stake every year, we must stand up to protect Americans from unfair trade practices by countries who fight dirty via currency manipulation,' Senator Richard M. Burr, Republican of North Carolina, said at the bills' unveiling."


Senator Burr is such a kidder.  It is to laugh.  Ha.  Ha. 


Does anyone in Congress (who've voted to cut tariffs, encourage global free trade, ship American industries and jobs to China, welcome an invasion by millions of job-seeking illegal aliens and sustain the dollar's status as World Reserve Currency) really give a damn about "protecting Americans from unfair trade practice"?


Whatever "unfair trade practices" Americans may suffer, most of that unfairness has been imposed by our own government.  It's not the foreign countries that we should fear.  It's the treasonous whores in the cathouse on the Potomac.


"'Would the Federal Reserve's program of quantitative easing- basically printing money to keep interest rates low- be an actionable offense under a strict currency regime?' asked Bruce Josten, a senior lobbyist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. What about largegovernment spending programs financed by international borrowing?"


Exactly.  How can our government pass laws to restrict currency manipulation by foreign countries that don't also restrict currency manipulation by the US government?


But, perhaps more importantly, why would the US government be so obviously hypocritical in its attempt to stop foreign currency manipulation at this time?  Given our political history, aren't prohibitions on foreign currency manipulation something like passing laws to prevent foreign countries from invading Iraq?  Haven't we done that (invaded Iraq)?  Twice?  Aren't we still doing that to some degree?  How can we demand that others not to do what we've done and continue to do?


So, what's changed in geopolitics to motivate our government to play the hypocrite and complain about currency manipulation? 


Have other nations simply become as adept at currency manipulation as we've been for the past seventy years?


Has the weight of foreign currency manipulation (causing inflation in foreign currencies) become so oppressive that it's overcome the former powers of the Federal Reserve?  Has global currency manipulation grown to a point where foreign countries can manipulate (inflate) their own currencies in such a way as to cause deflation of the fiat dollar and possible economic depression in the US?  Is the Federal Reserve no longer strong enough to prevent deflation of the US dollar?


Doesn't our government understand that currency manipulation is an inherent and inevitable attribute of fiat currencies?  I.e., because fiat currencies have no intrinsic value, governments can arbitrarily set those values in ways that are self-serving and even irrational.  Is the temptation gain short-term, political gains by means of currency manipulation too great to be resisted?


Is it even possible to stop currency manipulation without first abandoning fiat currencies and returning to a money that has a fixed (unmanipulable) weight and mass-like gold?


If so, is it possible that the recent push for currency manipulation prohibitions may constitute a first step towards ending fiat currencies?


Has currency manipulation been necessary for the past seventy years as a way to prevent the deflation that would otherwise follow and destroy any currency that assumed the unique role as World Reserve Currency?


"'Treasury needs to figure out what kind of flexibility it needs to manage the economy,' said Tom Linebarger, chairman and chief executive of Cummins, the diesel engine giant. . . ."


Another comedian. 


The central planners in Washington DC have already done such a magnificent job of "managing our economy" that many of our jobs and industries have fled to 3rd world nations, our national debt is overwhelming and suicidal, the middle class is disappearing, illegal aliens are encouraged to invade and depress the wage scale, the American Dream is dead or dying, and we're teetering on the edge of a national economic catastrophe.


Yes, indeed.  Given government's history of successful central planning, what this country really needs is more power to the communists in Washington DC who advocate "central planning" for our economy.


Power to the Planners-Boom, boom!  Power to the Planners-Boom, boom . . .!




Or maybe not.


Is more central planning what we really need?  More government control, spying and manipulation?


In fact, don't we really need a government that recognizes that the biggest threat to American prosperity and the US economy is the US government, itself?  Government's persistent attempts to "manage" the US and global economies have nearly destroyed this nation.  And now they want more "flexibility"-more power-to subject this country to further "management". 


We don't need "management".  We don't need central planning.  At least not to the extent we currently endure.


We don't need Globalism and the New World Order.  We don't need to supply the World Reserve Currency.


We need freedom to manage our own lives, businesses and personal affairs.


Of course, some people are afraid of freedom.  Some people fear that average Americans, left to their own greedy and short-sighted ambitions, can't be trusted with the responsibility of managing their own affairs.


They might be right. 


But even if that were true, why not give freedom a go?  There's no way that the American people, free to manage their own affairs, could inflict more harm upon this nation than has already been achieved by the central planners in Washington DC.


Up with freedom?  Down with central planning?


Why not?

Wal-Mart Stores tops 4Q profit expectations, misses revenue forecasts



BENTONVILLE, Ark. (AP) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc. reported a 12 percent increase in profit for the fourth quarter as sale for the critical holiday shopping season perked up amid lower gas prices and an improving economy.


The world's largest retailer also announced that it was spending more than a $1 billion this year on a package of initiatives that will increase pay and enhance training for its 1.3 million U.S. workers.


That includes a pay raise for 40 percent of its U.S. workers, about 500,000 people, in the next six months.


As part of the changes, the company is increasing its starting pay to at least $9 an hour in April, and $10 an hour by early February of next year.


 But the company said those moves would hurt profits in the short run as it offered a profit outlook below analysts' expectations.Shares of Wal-Mart fell on the reduced profit outlook.


Still, Wal-Mart's results during the holiday quarter were an improvement after the Bentonville, Arkansas-based company has struggled with two years of either declining sales or no growth for a key sales figure.


Sales at stores open at least a year, considered a key indicator of a retailer's health, rose 1.5 percent at Wal-Mart stores, which make up 60 percent of the company's sales. That's a big jump from the 0.5 percent increase that it had in the previous quarter. The holiday quarter marked the first positive quarter since the third quarter of fiscal 2013."

Clearly, our sales benefited from customers having more spending power due to lower gas prices in most of our large markets," said CEO Doug McMillon, according to a transcript of a conference call.


Wal-Mart is a barometer of consumer spending, and its challenges reflect the struggles of its low-income shoppers, who are being squeezed by stagnant wages and reduced government food stamps. But lower gas prices and an improving job picture appear to be finally making low-income shoppers spend a little more.


"We have work to do to grow the business," McMillon said in a statement. "We know what customers want from a shopping experience, and we're investing strategically to exceed their expectations and better position Wal-Mart for the future."


McMillon told The Associated Press in an interview earlier this week that it hopes that by investing more in its workers it will have a better customer experience and hopefully shoppers will spend more.


Expert: Oil Price Wars Fatally Wounded the Petrodollar

"For the first time, too, we see the end of the petro-dollar as a system for recirculating oil revenues to Wall Street."

"The fall in the price of oil has suddenly created huge financial turbulence, which is endangering the global financial system."

Alastair Crooke is a former MI6 official, the director and founder of Beirut-based Conflicts Forum and formerly adviser on Middle East to EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana.

This is an excerpt from an interview that originally appeared in Today's Zaman (Turkish English-language daily)

Crooke, who was in Turkey for the İstanbul Forum, has answered our questions in this regard including the question as to where Turkey stands in the world.

Would you tell us about your ideas in regards to the "financialization of the global order"?

For some time, the international order was structured around the United Nations and the corpus of international law, but more and more the West has tended to bypass the UN as an institution designed to maintain the international order, and instead relies on economic sanctions to pressure some countries.

We have a dollar-based financial system, and through instrumentalizing America's position as controller of all dollar transactions, the US has been able to bypass the old tools of diplomacy and the UN -- in order to further its aims.

But increasingly, this monopoly over the reserve currency has become the unilateral tool of the United States -- displacing multilateral action at the UN.

The US claims jurisdiction over any dollar-denominated transaction that takes place anywhere in the world. And most business and trading transactions in the world are denominated in dollars. 

This essentially constitutes the financialization of the global order: The International Order depends more on control by the US Treasury and Federal Reserve than on the UN as before.

When did this start?

It started principally with Iran and it has been developed subsequently. In a book, "Treasury's War," the tool of exclusion from the dollar-denominated global financial system is described as a "neutron bomb." When a country is to be isolated, a "scarlet letter" is issued by the US Treasury that asserts that such-and-such bank is somehow suspected of being linked to a terrorist movement -- or of being involved in money laundering. The author of "Treasury's War" [Juan Zarate], who was the chief architect of modern financial warfare and a former senior Treasury and White House official, says this scarlet letter constitutes a more potent bomb than any military weapon.

This system of reliance on dollar hegemony no longer requires American dependency on the UN and hands control to the US Treasury overseen by Steve Cohen -- a reflection of the fact that the military tools have become less available to the US administration, for domestic political reasons.

But with Ukraine, we have entered a new era: We have a substantial, geostrategic conflict taking place, but it's effectively a geo-financial war between the US and Russia. We have the collapse in the oil prices; we have the currency wars; we have the contrived "shorting" -- selling short -- of the ruble. We have a geo-financial war, and what we are seeing as a consequence of this geo-financial war is that first of all, it has brought about a close alliance between Russia and China.

China understands that Russia constitutes the first domino; if Russia is to fall, China will be next. These two states are together moving to create a parallel financial system, disentangled from the Western financial system. It includes replicating SWIFT [Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication] and creating entities such as the Asian Development Bank. One of the principal tools in the hands of Washington to control the global system was always the International Monetary Fund [IMF].

Nations have to go to the IMF to ask for financial help, when in difficulties, but recently it was China -- and not the IMF -- which bailed out Venezuela, Argentina and Russia as their currencies crashed. China became concerned when the ruble crashed on Dec. 16-17, and intervened to halt a run on the currency. The IMF and the World Bank were no longer at the center of the global financial order. They had been displaced by China.

What would you say about the prospects of success of this new order?

It is too early to say that it will be successful, but it is a very important shift that is taking place. It has already started to have an effect. Take Russia: European and American leaders thought that Russia would weaken because of sanctions and the fall of the ruble, but China intervened and stopped the collapse in the ruble. In short, China is operating as a backstop to a financial system that is in the process of shifting dramatically away from Western control. And it affects the Middle East.

Why does it affect the Middle East?

Because the consequences of these oil and currency wars are influencing other countries -- many energy producers in the Middle East and elsewhere and emerging markets have seen their currencies crash as the dollar gets stronger. There is a huge move of capital out of emerging markets and out of Middle Eastern states whose currencies consequently have been adversely affected. For the first time, too, we see the end of the petro-dollar as a system for recirculating oil revenues to Wall Street.

For the first time, it has turned negative: It is sucking liquidity out from Wall Street, not putting it in. The fall in the price of oil has suddenly created huge financial turbulence, which is endangering the global financial system.

Why has the oil price dropped?

There was a decision by Saudi Arabia to reduce the price of oil for two reasons: to hurt Iran and to put pressure on Russia to change its stance and drop its support for President [Bashar al-]Assad. The Saudi determination to get rid of Assad remains extremely strong in Riyadh. They only reduced output by 100,000 barrels a day in the first month, and then it started an avalanche: The market had been artificially inflated by the oil companies lending crude oil to financial investors who want a hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations.

Investors were borrowing physical oil, which made them feel safe, and knew that the oil companies would eventually repurchase the physical oil from them in due time. With the fall of the price of oil, all of this purely investment demand vanished, and the price dropped further. One sees something similar in the gold market, where only 10 percent of gold transactions involve the transfer of ownership of actual gold. The other 90 percent are simply paper bets on the price of gold, but which never result in the purchase or sale of actual gold.


This answers my question when I was reading about Jack Lew...our treasury secretary telling Greece they better take  the deal.......



Construction starts on new homes fell 2% in January, data released Wednesday by the U.S. Commerce Department shows.

Housing starts (groundbreakings) dropped to a seasonally adjusted, annual rate of 1.065 million, below December's downwardly revised estimate of 1.087 million.

January's numbers kept up a strong trend in multi-family housing, with builders continuing to bet that the demand for these units will remain strong. Starts on buildings with five or more units rose in January, to 381,000, above December's revised estimate of 340,000. At the same time, single-family housing starts decreased slightly, falling from December's revised 727,000 to a (seasonally adjusted, annual) rate of 678,000.

Builder confidence in the market for newly-constructed, single-family homes dropped by two points in February to a level of 55, according to the latest National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index, released Tuesday. A reading of 50 or higher means that more builders rate conditions are good than poor, and the measure has now hit that mark for eight straight months.

The number of building permits issued fell slightly in January, to a (seasonally adjusted, annual) rate of 1.053 million, 0.7% down from December's 1.06 million. That level was still 8.1% above the pace one year earlier. Single-family permits stood at 654,000 in January, 3.1% below December, while buildings with five units or more hit a permit rate of 372,000 in January, up from 360,000 the month before.



As West Coast port dispute slows trade, US labor secretary urges sides to quickly reach a deal



(AP:LOS ANGELES) LOS ANGELES (AP) - The nation's top labor official is bringing a clear message to dockworkers and their employers amid a contract dispute that has crippled international trade through West Coast seaports:


Reach a deal - and fast.U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez held what his office characterized as "positive and productive meetings" Tuesday with both the dockworkers union and the maritime association representing companies that own, load and unload massive ships laden with U.S. exports and imports from Asia.


It was his first full day in San Francisco, which is home to both the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and Pacific Maritime Association, representing shipping lines that carry cargo and port terminal operators that handle it once ships dock. Perez renewed his efforts Wednesday, with political and economic pressure rising to get a contract and free cargo bottlenecks at 29 ports that handle about $1 trillion of trade annually.


As contract talks have stalled, so too has the flow of trade. Dozens of ships are anchored off Southern California, in San Francisco Bay and in Washington's Puget Sound. They are waiting for dock space that is taking weeks to free up due to employers locking out workers or work slowdowns alleged by the companies.


The two sides already have reached tentative agreements on key issues including health benefits and what jobs the union can retain in the future.


And their wage proposals are not far apart. Under the prior contract, which expired in July, average wages exceed $50 an hour, according to the maritime association."


Spokesmen for the union and maritime association declined to comment, citing a media blackout.


The issue that brought talks to a stalemate is whether to change the system for arbitrating allegations of work slowdowns, discrimination and other conflicts.


The union is pushing changes that would let either side dismiss an arbitrator when the contract expires, typically after six years. Both sides would then have to agree on a replacement. Motivating the demand is a desire to replace the arbitrator who handles grievances in Los Angeles and Long Beach.


The maritime association wants to keep the current system, under which arbitrators effectively have lifetime appointments. The association has argued that reappointment pressure might cause arbitrators to sacrifice their independence because of worries they might offend one side and jeopardize their future.



According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute, in 1991, just 11% of workers expected to retire after age 65. That jumped to 33% last year. Another 10%,  don't plan to retire at all.


Meanwhile, the percentage of workers who expect to be able to retire before age 65 has dropped dramatically, from 50% in 1991 to just 27% last year.

Still, there are many who refuse to remain idle as they age. It's a choice.


The number of energy jobs cut globally have climbed well above 100,000 as once-bustling oil hubs in Scotland, Australia and Brazil, among other countries, empty out, according to Swift Worldwide Resources, a staffing firm with offices across the world.


 Tens of thousands of workers who migrated to oil and gas boomtowns worldwide in the years of $100-a-barrel crude, While much of the focus on layoffs has centered on the U.S., where the shale fields that created the glut have seen the steepest cutbacks, workers in oil-related businesses across the globe are suffering, he said.

Job Insecurity


"The issue is one of uncertainty, of whether there's a job out there," Read said in a phone interview. "For seven years, there was a shortage of staff. Now for the first time, there's a surplus. Currently almost no one is hiring."


The outlook isn't brightening. Citigroup Inc. said oil could drop to "the $20 range" by April as oversupplies build. U.S. crude rose 2.6 percent to $50.10 at 10:18 a.m. in New York.

Libyan oil output plunges amid renewed violence there.

Transocean's CEO steps down as the company slashes its dividend by 80%, to 60 cents a share from $3 previously. The company was associated with the fire and explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig in 2010.

Cleveland Federal Reserve president Loretta Mester says a June rate hike is a "viable option."Income inequality is historically high, but it has actually not risen since the financial crisis began.

Robert Shiller - the guy who predicted the housing bust and won the Nobel prize - looks at stocks vs. their long-term earnings. By that measure, they're expensive now.

Looks like good news for the neighbors of so-called "zombie properties" that have been abandoned by homeowners in foreclosure.

 New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman plans to introduce legislation this session that would force banks and other mortgage lenders to maintain the vacant properties while they are in foreclosure. The banks would face fines for noncompliance.


The bill would also require lenders to tell homeowners that they can stay in their homes until ordered out by a judge. Often homeowners abandon the house as soon as they get a notice of foreclosure, leaving behind unkempt lawns, fallen tree limbs, broken windows and other signs of disrepair.

State lawmakers failed to enact a similar law last year.


Called the Abandoned Property Neighborhood Relief Act, the proposed bill would also create a registry of these vacant properties to help municipalities enforce local laws regarding property maintenance. Any fines imposed under the law would go into a fund to help municipalities hire more code-enforcement officers.

Statewide, the problem of zombie properties has increased nearly 50 percent in 2014 compared to 2013, Schneiderman said. There were about 16,700 zombie foreclosures across the state last year.

Nationally, New York comes in behind Florida and New Jersey with the third-highest number of zombie properties, according to RealtyTrac.

"The greater New York metro area had by far the highest number of zombie foreclosures of any metropolitan statistical area nationwide, with 19,177 - 17 percent of all properties in foreclosure and up 73 percent from a year ago," according to RealtyTrac's first-quarter Zombie Foreclosure Report.



Hackers steal up to $1 billion from banks

Cybersecurity firm says international hacking ring steals up to $1 billion from banks

 By Mae Anderson, AP Technology Writer


NEW YORK (AP) -- A report from a cybersecurity firm says an international hacking ring has stolen up to $1 billion from banks around the globe in what would be one of the biggest banking breaches known.

The hackers have been active since at least the end of 2013 and infiltrated more than 100 banks in 30 countries, according to Russian security company Kaspersky Lab.

After gaining access to banks' computers through phishing schemes and other methods, they lurk for months to learn the banks' systems. Then the hackers have programmed ATMs to dispense money at specific times or set up fake accounts and transferred money into them.

Most of the targets have been in Russia and Eastern Europe. But Kaspersky says banks in the U.S., Asia and elsewhere in Europe were also targeted.



Three weeks ago a LaRouche organizer spoke to Jack Matlock, the former Reagan era Ambassador to the Soviet Union about our Schiller Institute petition, and at that time, he was not so concerned about the danger of nuclear war between the USA and Russia.  But yesterday, on the heels of the US plan to arm and train the Ukrainian Nazis,  Ambassador Matlock warned a Washington, DC, audience of exactly that danger in the current US policy toward Russia!  Let's awaken our fellow citizens to the reality that it is the financial breakdown and economic collapse that is driving the war policy, and that if Americans act with courage and dignity, as we have seen recently in Greece, then yes, indeed, Obama can be dumped, the war can be stopped, and we can rebuild the world.  Join us- humanity depends on it. Contribute generously, sign the petition, hold a house meeting, kick your Congressman's behind, and, as LaRouche will tell you - operate with a future orientation!    Thank you, Susan 703-297-8379



From a Fragile Peace Agreement to a New Renaissance?

With the ceasefire agreement reached yesterday between Putin, Hollande, Poroshenko, and Merkel, the real question remains: Will Europe and the world plunge into general war, or will a genuine alternative be achieved?


What drove this extremely fragile agreement was the recognition by some in Europe that the world was on the cusp of a world war.  The issue is war or no war. Clearly, the French are breaking out of the war momentum, and some in Germany are shaky, but aligning with the French.  One way or the other, the outcome of war or no war will shape a whole new process globally.


What is far too often ignored is the fact that the entire drive for war is because London and Wall Street are in a panic over the bankruptcy of their entire system.  There is nothing that can be done to save that Empire system, but we are at the point where that system is either replaced altogether, or we plunge into general war or general chaos.  That is the nature of the moment.  The bankruptcy of the London/Wall Street system is the key to everything.


The Saudis are an extension of that British Empire System, and the chaos and dark age genocide we are seeing in the Middle East is just an extension of what the British and Wall Street have in store for the entire planet, unless they are stopped.  As we can see in the stonewalling against debt forgiveness for the Greek people, who have been subjected to horrible suffering, these people would rather destroy the planet than lose their system and lose their power.


The Minsk agreement is in jeopardy of being sabotaged and turned into a trigger for general war, so long as Nuland and her Nazi legions remain on the scene and in power in Kiev.  Obama is a just a patsy for the British, but under these circumstances, the patsy factor is significant. Obama, under the influence of people like Nazi Nuland, can be the trigger for a total war. There is strong evidence that Nuland is a Nazi, and she must be thrown out as part of any sane war-prevention effort.  This is no time to evade the obvious truth.


So far, within the United States, the voices of opposition to war have been largely suppressed or confined to the edges. This pattern was breached significantly yesterday with a speech to 200 dignitaries at the National Press Club by former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union Jack Matlock attacking the policy of the West, and specifically Obama, toward Russia over Ukraine. Matlock, and the moderator of the event, Ambassador Chas Freeman, also broached the overriding reality--the danger of nuclear war.


 The fight in Europe over the future of the British Empire, ostensibly centered on Greece and the demands for a continuation of the Troika austerity genocide, is going to blow back big into the United States, because of Wall Street's ties to the entire London bankrupt system.  The Republican Party is going to be hit very hard because of their undying loyalty to Wall Street. Anyone believing that the British System will survive on the basis of either kicking Greece out of the euro, or forcing Greece to bend to the Troika, is insane.  It is the entire system that is bankrupt beyond repair.  Either there is a total orderly shutdown of Wall Street and London, or we have war or chaos. Wall Street is in jeopardy and that extends to the GOP.


The Empire System is collapsing, and the danger is a plunge into chaos, as we saw in Europe during the Dark Age.


A complete change is needed, on the model of how Europe changed with the actions of Joan of Arc and the emergence of the Cusa Council of Florence.  Cusa created the basis for Kepler and Leibniz.  If you take up Vernadsky's concept of the noosphere and the absolute distinction between mankind and animals, and work your way back to Kepler, you have the foundations for the kinds of changes in thinking that are required to survive this onrushing crisis for mankind. 


No More Talk - Parking lot time for radical Islam in all its 'names'




We must do more than stand strong against radical Islam - ISIS and its murderous relatives. We must use our Intelligence and combine real efforts with Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Libya to strike ISIS businesses, training camps, arms facilities, leaders and everything related to them and their   Their burning cages, knives, guns and Mosques need to be turned into parking lots.

As it is now, we don't even have a President who will stand and as the New York Post cover says in loud neon, Obama just doesn't see Islamic terror. Instead we see a President in the face of people being burned alive and Christians getting their heads chopped off, at an Islamic conference - once again insisting on separating Terror from Islam. That is only after he made sure he got several days of golfing in Palm Springs.

Jordan, Libya and Egypt have been bombing ISIS to pieces and flying fighter jets everywhere attacking Islamic terrorists where they find them, but America is AWOL.

If we had a real President who wasn't siding with Islam, funding terror and not corrupt, we would have had an immediate and bold confrontation statement with a swift action plan in response when ISIS ramped up burning dozens of victims alive in cages, then beheading 21 Coptic Christians. As Obama has played, dozens more are continuously kidnapped, children are sitting in a cage ready to be torched and more torture and beheadings are planned. Naturally, it will all be video taped and spread around the world.

ISIS and its Islamic relatives are emboldened and gaining power and strength as the ruthlessly torture and murder more and more 'infidels.'

It is morbidly impeachable that Obama does nothing but barely speak (always too late) with empty words. It is obvious he doesn't have the will, desire or plans to lead or act in time that makes a 'hill of beans' difference. What if the beheadings had been reversed and Christians had done this to 21 Muslims? Rev. Franklin Gramn asked this question as well. The world would have been on fire if this had been a reverse scenario. 9/11's would be in every major city in America over and over.

I demand and call on Congress, our Generals and anyone in leadership, who cares to keep their head on, do something now! Coordinate our awesome intelligence with Israel and Egypt and start wiping ISIS and Boko Haram out for starters. Then make a clear message around the world with the Islamic Caliphate building in full force supported and funded by most Muslim groups that your turn is coming.

Obama has made it most clear whose side he is on and it isn't America, God or freedom. Leaders - House and Senate...demand Obama be made accountable and demand a bold and real response to the growing danger of radical Islam before children are thrown in cages in America and burned alive. I wonder if Obama would stop his golf game for that???

America must lead and stand against this growing evil not watch from afar.

Join me at my new time for my national radio shows 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PST Mon-Friday. Very soon you will be able to listen live through my web site again at or on a talk station near you. Stay tuned.


The adult vaccination schedule


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


People are familiar with the childhood vaccination schedule, in which the CDC and the AMA promote and enforce. However, many are unaware of an agenda by the National Vaccine Program to create and enforce an adult vaccination schedule. Does this means that vaccines be mandatory for adults? It would seem so by the year 2020. In their proposed report the National Vaccine Program mentions all the usual propaganda why adults need to be under vaccine treatments (saving lives, preventing disease). However, the masses are learning that there is no truthful scientific evidence to support the vaccine claims. Foreign countries such as Italy are banning vaccines due to the neurological damage side effects. The US Department of Health and Human Services has joined in with a National Vaccine Plan coving 2010 to 2020. Their plan highlights some of the obstacles they need to eliminate and also track adults during their lifespan. The burr under the saddle propelling this vaccine horse down the road is the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, which has numerous "stakeholder groups" needing to focus attention on adult vaccination. These groups are not satisfied with the progress since 2010 and are ramping up strategic plans that they hope will implement their "full vision" within five years. I report this to you today so you can be informed and plan accordingly.



These agencies claiming to secure our healthy best interest have boldly announced their intent to apply leverage for compliance via the Affordable Care Act. The National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) will make sure that every adult covered by government controlled health insurance is in compliance with their vaccines. Adults not up to date on any vaccines (especially the new ones) will have some time to become compliant. After that they can be fined, become unemployed, risk custody of children or some other arm-twisting incentive for compliance. This will be promoted as an effort to bring State and Federal agencies together to protect public health by vaccinating every living adult. We are discovering what is really in the ACA, which has created an opportunity for the adult vaccination program offering more customers to vaccine manufacturers and more sick people for medicine in general. The latter is why the adult vaccines may even be offered at no cost.



Some people shake their heads and say they won't be able to vaccinate every adult. Hold on, these agencies like to get you to volunteer and to feel good about your contribution. So, get ready for more campaigns that will target your guilt and apply peer pressure. There will be a push for community demand for adult immunizations and much of it will be based on bogus reports published by the health agencies and their stockholders. They will make it easy to be vaccinated with no shortage of product; even if it means using aerosol vaccine technology. This is the vaccine program's mission; to distribute disease but call it healthcare.



The CDC will lump COPD, pneumonia and influenza into the same statistics making the flu season look worse than it is. Savvy Americans know that more people die from correctly using their prescribed medications annually (100,000+) than all the people that die from firearm assaults, accidents and war. Yet the CDC publishes the deaths by flu is a public health priority. Now, any death is a terrible loss but they pad the numbers from 4,000 to 50,000 deaths. 



I doubt the health agencies will check your blood titers first before issuing a vaccine such as; pneumococcal, influenza, shingles, hepatitis A&B, herpes and papilloma HPV etc. The Advisory Committee on Immunizations has recommended adults receive 13 different vaccines from age 18 and up. There will also be boosters for the childhood diseases; measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox. The childhood vaccines in their report are under a category for adults called "catch-up vaccinations." Any person working in the healthcare areas will automatically receive these vaccinations as a requirement for employment. Anyone that is in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, prison or committed to mental hospitals will also be given these injections. Any adult wanting to go back to school and lives on campus will also be required to be vaccinated. They tested the waters with adult college students insisting they get the tetanus booster shot before they could start their classes and people complied. The goal is to have adult vaccinations at 90% which is typically what childhood vaccinations are reported to be. These agencies are making vaccines the core part of what they call "well-care." According to Pharma Research, there are 300 new vaccines in development which can very easily end up on the adult vaccine list. Currently the pharmaceutical companies are working on 170 vaccines for infectious dieases, 102 for cancers and 8 for neurological disorders. And since allopathic medicine claims vaccines prevent disease it is not a stretch to one day find you need to have a vaccine to prevent diabetes, heart disease (blood pressure & cholesterol) and depression. It is no shocker that these vaccines in development are made from genetically modified materials. The point is these agencies want to take what they call an "underutilized" medical product and administer vaccines from the cradle to the grave. They plan to use the new monitoring systems called the electronic health data national immunization registry. They will need a very strong public health surveillance to pull this off. According to statistics, Caucasian children and adults receive more vaccines than any other ethnic group.



These health agencies and their stockholders have a list of your objections called barriers to overcome for their "healthy people 2020 coverage goal." They know you question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. So, what they will do is track adults through their medical records under the ACA and co-ordinate with agencies to see who has complied and who has not. Every healthcare provider that you see from your general practitioner to your podiatrist will be alerted that you are not current with your vaccines and pressure you and perhaps deny you treatment until you comply. This is referred to by health authorities as immunization priorities and advancement in the changing landscape of the ACA. This falls under the "standard of care" everyone will experience. They are developing an adult immunization information system and healthcare providers will be mandated to tell unvaccinated adults to report to a vaccinating provider if they are not one.



These agencies already know who will be the first to have complications and die from these vaccines because they list them in their report. Patients with heart disease, stroke and diabetes or other chronic health conditions and our frail, elderly will be monitored to track sickness and mortality rates due to the vaccines. Pregnant women are not excluded and will also be monitored. Adults will become the largest epidemiologic study in the history of modern medicine. However, the law has allowed pharmaceutical companies to make and distribute what have largely become known as "no-fault" vaccines. I can't help but notice how the serious side effects from vaccines are described as "unsubstantiated links." The information will not be made public but we anticipate spin on the data to convince adults that all these new vaccines have value and importance in healthcare to make all disease extinct. As long as there are vaccines filled with disease, this will not be the case.



Forget the HIPPA laws when it comes to your personal medical information because the ACA provided all agencies which can assist with facilitating government healthcare a data hub to transmit medical information across state lines and to other governments if necessary to help provide vaccine history and forecast treatment. New algorithms will be created for this vaccine network to track progress and ensure that goals are reached. They know that 95% of Americans live within five miles of a pharmacy and this will be a major venue for pushing adults into become vaccinated by their pharmacist. The second choice is to pressure employers to pursue policy for a healthy workplace environment and host in-network adult vaccination clinics. Employees will feel pressured to be vaccinated to avoid tension, suspension or being discharged. They will launch culturally-appropriate advertising to different groups using technology; chat, blogs, tweets, text or whatever. They also know that adults influence the vaccination rates of children and the earlier they can convert adults to buy into multiple and frequent vaccinations for themselves the more likely they will have their children vaccinated.



The National Vaccine Advisory Committee revised their Standards for Adult Immunization Practice to have physicians and medical staff assesses each patient's vaccination needs at every patient encounter. Each time you are seen by a healthcare professional they are suppose to ask you and go over your vaccination record. How strongly health providers will urge patients to get vaccinated is yet to be seen. However, to reach 90% compliance will require some persuasive incentives. Your doctor will not be the only influential figure in the community to push adult vaccines. All registered churches (501C3's) will comply with a community out-reach with faith-based organizations to convince folks to roll up their sleeves. The report said this would be especially critical in racial and ethnic areas where vaccine rates are lower. What was astonishing is the report described these churches as reaching "subpopulations."  



The scientific research has reported that vaccines are not as effective with more mature immune systems (adults and elderly). To get around this objection to not vaccinate the agencies have been marketing the next generation in vaccines; the more potent versions (contain more adjuvants, which over-stimulate an immune response). They are also developing vaccines for a more targeted subtype of the adult populations; such as pregnant women and those with immune-compromised systems. The technology has also presented the ability to produce gene sequencing for specialized vaccines. All this technology and science and they still don't have any standards in place to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of vaccines (it was mentioned in their report and supposedly is on their "to do list.")



The plan to implement and track the effectiveness and measure the compliance rate will also include the Healthy People 2020 annual national survey. This will be another correlation of data for them to assess on how their plan is doing. The survey will pinpoint for them important opportunities to tighten the loopholes and see who is slipping through the cracks. This will give them an "adult immunization dash board" on their progress. You'll see this survey on the Internet and at healthcare providers including your pharmacist. Healthcare providers will be under contract via the ACA to provide you the survey.



It is very unlikely that each medical practice will stock all the vaccines because of short shelf life and expense. So, the authorities have to figure a way to get around that financial hurtle.



What do you do when the authorities, who are suppose to do no harm, want to pump you full of infectious and dangerous substances? When I see the insanity happening in the world I am astonished at the corruption. Isa 59:4 says we need to seek the Lord and call for justice and plead for truth. If you can't be truthful about something you can't address the problem. In Hosea 13:9 the Lord tells the nation they have destroyed themselves but in Him is help. As a nation we need to hit the knees and seek the Lord's face and ask for deliverance with tender hearts and all supplication. We need to ask God for righteous men of valor who have understanding and knowledge to set this nation right (Prov 28:1-2). For a wicked ruler is as a roaring lion and a ranging bear over the people (Prov 28:15). The prayer of the faithful saves the sick and the prayer of the righteous avails much (James 5:15-16). Our creator also promises that His herbs are powerful "meat" and are here for the service of man (Gen 1:29-30 & Psalms 104:14). If a vaccine was forced on me I'd use herbs to reverse vaccines and other poisons and you can too. For God says disobedience to tyranny is obedience to God. Just say no to dangerous and deadly medical treatments and ask God for His help. Proverbs 91 is a prayer of protection from plagues and I see vaccines as a modern plague. Apothecary Herbs has a versatile Pandemic Kit with items to reverse vaccines. They have cardio herbs, immune boosting formulas and organ cleanses to remove toxins and preserve health. Call now for your free product catalog 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless.





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