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Friday, January 23rd, A.D. 2015
Between Friday, January 16th A.D. 2015 and 
Friday, January 23rd A.D. 2015, the bid prices for:


Gold rose 1.1 % from $1,280.30 to $1294.10

Silver rose 2.9 % from $17.78 to $18.30

Platinum rose 0.0 % from $1,263 to $1264

Palladium fell 2.4 % from $755 to $773

DJIA rose 0.9 % from 17,511.57 to 17,672.60

NASDAQ rose 2.6 % from 4,634.38 to 4,757.80

NYSE rose 1.2 % from 10,660.30 to 10,788.30

US Dollar Index rose 2.5 % from 92.64 to 94.99

Crude Oil fell 6.6 % from $48.48 to $45.29


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Deflation: Rising & Surprising


by Alfred Adask



According to Wikipedia, the Federal Reserve has three fundamental objectives, established by law, under the Federal Reserve Act of A.D. 1913:


"The US Congress established three key objectives for monetary policy in the Federal Reserve Act:  1) Maximum employment; 2) stable prices; and 3) moderate long-term interest rates." 


These three objectives are often conflicting and must usually be balanced rather than blindly pursued. 


At least one of the objectives ("stable prices") has never been pursued. Instead, the historical evidence indicates that real objective has always been rising, rather than stable, prices (inflation).  For example,


*  For my first job in A.D. 1959, I was paid 85 cents per hour. I swept floors in Blau Motors-a local garage.  Today, the federal minimum wage is $7.25-apparently, almost 9 times higher. 


*  Back about A.D. 1965, I can remember gasoline selling for 25 cents per gallon.  Today, even after the recent, fantastic fall in the price of crude oil, today's price of gasoline is about 8 times higher than it was when I was a kid.


*  In A.D. 1967, the price of a moderately-expensive new car was about $3,500.  Today, prices for moderately expensive new cars are roughly 10 times higher.


*  In A.D. 1970, the price of gold was about $30/ounce.  Today, it's about $1,300.  That's a price increase of 43 times in 44 years.


These examples illustrate that the Federal Reserve hasn't simply failed to perform its legal obligation to "maintain stable prices"-it hasn't even tried. 


Instead, judging by changes in nominal prices for wages, goods, commodities, etc., it appears that the Federal Reserve has opted to cause price instability by means of persistently higher prices (inflation)throughout most of my lifetime.  During the last 40-odd years, inflation seemed apparent and predominant; the fiat dollar lost purchasing power consistent with the rising prices I've just mentioned.


  However, over the past 8 months, the purchasing power of the fiat dollar-as measured on the US Dollar Index-has increased from about 79 last May to 94, today.  That change indicates that the purchasing power of the fiat dollar-at least on the international level-has increased by 19% in just 8 months. That's evidence of deflation.


Our apparent foray into deflation is surprising because:


1)    Inflation (the opposite of deflation) subsidizes borrowers and debtors since they can repay their debts with "cheaper dollars". The US government is the world's biggest debtor.  Therefore, it's in the government interest to cause inflation and thereby reduce the purchasing power and real value of the national debt.  We can expect the government to cause inflation simply to serve its own best interests.  Conversely, it should be surprising if government allowed or caused deflation, since deflation should effectively increase the size of the national debt and push the government that much closer to a time when it should be forced to default on its debts.


2)    Deflation is usually a symptom, cause, or harbinger of economic depression.  Government and the Fed should work to prevent deflation in order to prevent an economic depression.  It would be surprising if government allowed or caused our economy to slip into deflation and economic depression.


3)    Since the onset of the A.D. 2008 "Great Recession," our government and Federal Reserve have worked mightily through Quantitative Easing to cause inflation.  We've been told repeatedly that inflation would "stimulate" the economy and rescue us from the grips of the Great Recession.  It would be surprising if the government reversed policy, abandoned its push for inflation and allowed deflation to become predominant.


4)    Throughout most of the 69 years since WWII, the government's and Federal Reserve's monetary policy has been to cause inflation in order to "stimulate" the economy.  Again, it would be surprising if government had changed monetary policy to allow deflation which should slow the economy and push us toward economic depression.


5)    It's widely believed that our stock markets, commodity markets, the prices of gold and silver and silver, and the perceived value of the fiat dollar have been intentionally manipulated by the government, Federal Reserve, Powers That Be, somebody, for at least the past 15 years.  If that conspiracy theory is true, it implies that the government et al now want deflation.  I.e., if the government et al are really in control of our market indices and economic indicators, we shouldn't be able to see evidence of inflation unless, surprisingly, the government wanted us to see it.


6)    There is a teeter-totter relationship in the relative values of fiat dollars and fiat yen, and fiat dollars and fiat euros.  When the dollar inflates, the yen and euro tend to deflate and the Japanese and European Union economies tend to stagnate.  When the dollar deflates, the yen and euro tend to inflate and the thereby stimulate the Japanese and European economies.  Insofar as the US government is allowing the dollar to deflate, it is working to stimulate the economies of Japan and Europe and sacrificing the US economy to deflation. Surprisingly, our government appears to be working for the best interests of foreign countries rather than our own. 


Therefore, the appearance of dollar deflation implies that government and the Fed have either:


1)    Lost control of the economy and can no longer cause inflation/prevent deflation;


2)    Decided to reverse nearly 70 years of pro-inflation policy and not only allow deflation but even allow another economic depression; or,


3)    Decided to temporarily allow apparent deflation in order to trick the American people and/or the world into believing deflation is predominant and thereby cause Americans and/or the world to act in ways that our government will later exploit.


Every one of those three implications seems surprising.


*  Less than a year ago, virtually no one talked about "deflation".  No one expected to see deflation anytime soon.  The concept of deflation was barely understood. 


Today, talk of "deflation" is common.  Some Americans are beginning to grasp its meaning, significance and likely consequences.  Deflation's most important consequence is that it causes the currency to grow in value and forces debtors to repay their debts with "more expensive" dollars.   The extra burden imposed by deflation drives many debtors into insolvency and bankruptcy.  Deflation is death on debtors.


The biggest debtor in the world is the US government. 


We have a debt-based monetary system. 


You don't need a PhD in economics to suspect that rising deflation (which is death on debtors) should have a debilitating effect on both the US government's ability to repay the national debt, provide for Social Security and government pensions, and insure the financial system against economic collapse.  It should also have a debilitating effect on any debt-based currency-and that includes all modern, fiat currencies.


If deflation becomes predominant in the US and global economies, it should be about as welcome as the Black Plague.


*  Currently, there's argument as to whether we're really in an era of deflation, or if we're still locked into our 69 year-long march to inflation.  The evidence is mixed.  On the one hand, until just recently, we've seen many prices continue to rise (inflation).  On the other, we now some prices falling (crude oil) and the purchasing power of the dollar rising (deflation). 


There's nothing unusual in that "mix".  At every stage in any economy we see some evidence of inflation and other evidence of deflation.


The question is Which is predominant at any given moment-inflation or deflation?


*  Jim Rickards is a regular commentator on finance and author of the bestseller Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, as well as The Death of Money.  In a recent interview, Rickards described our current economic situation as being balanced "on knife's edge" between inflation and deflation.  It could go either way.  We might slide into predominant inflation and an economic "recovery".  We might slip into predominant deflation and an economic depression.


I basically agree with Rickards.  It could go either way.  Maybe we could go back to obvious and predominant inflation.  Maybe we could go into obvious and predominant deflation.


But, clearly, the current momentum is with deflation.  In just a few months, we've gone from a nation that barely mentioned the word "deflation" to a nation where talk of deflation is almost as American as baseball, motherhood and apple pie.  Deflation that seemed unthinkable just months ago, has become probable, almost undeniable, today. 


*  Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman appears to agree. recently quoted Krugman ("Krugman: Swiss Currency Move Shows 'Just How Hard it Is to Fight Deflation") as saying that there's a lesson to be derived from the Swiss National Bank's recent decision to unpeg the Swiss franc from the euro:


"What's important is the demonstration of just how hard it is to fight the deflationary forces that are now afflicting much of the world."


If there was any remaining doubt as to whether "deflation" is a live issue or not, Mr. Krugman's comments verified that deflation is real and poses a significant threat to the entire global economy.  If he's right, the whole world is teetering on the edge of a global economic depression.


Asked about other economists who believe that the Federal Reserve should raise interest rates now, Krugman replied:


"But why?  There's no sign of accelerating inflation in the actual data, and market indicators of expected inflation are plunging, suggesting that investors see deflationary risk even if the Fed doesn't."


Again, Krugman indicates that the forces of deflation are significant or even predominant.  Given that rising interest rates should inspire people to save rather than spend, rising interest rates should slow the economy and contribute to more deflation (and perhaps, economic depression) rather than inflation.  Krugman is saying that there's no reason to raise interest rates, since doing so will only make deflation worse.


Given that Krugman has a PhD in economics and a Nobel Prize, there's good reason to agree with his assessment of the move to raise interest rates.


Given my education and lack of a Nobel Prize (so far; there may still be some faint hope), there's good reason to disagree with my opinions on economics. 


Still, I disagree with Krugman's assessment to a degree.  In a world of digital currency and the internet, currency can circle the globe at the speed of light.  That means that currency will instantly flow to any nation that raises the interest rates it pays. 


So, while it's true that rising interest rates should tend to slow the economy by causing Americans to save more and spend less (and perhaps precipitate an economic depression), it's also true that rising interest rates should cause foreign-held currency to flow into the US economy in search of those higher rates of return.  As foreign-held dollars and foreign currencies flow into the US economy, they should increase our domestic money supply.  An increase in the domestic money supply should cause inflation rather than deflation.


Thus, to me (not to Mr. Krugman), raising interest rates should tend to both:


1) increase domestic savings, slow the economy and push us deeper into deflation; and


2) invite the influx of foreign currency, increase the domestic money supply, and thereby promote inflation


Mr. Krugman implies that the single, possible result from raising interest rates will be increased deflation.  He's probably right.


Even so, I have no doubt that raising interest rates will have two, contrary effects-deflation and inflation.  I'm probably wrong.  I might even be silly.  But if raising interest rates can increase the forces of both deflation and inflation, the question becomes "How much is each force increased?"  What's the balance between the two, contradictory forces?


I don't know.


However, I can see that if our interest rates were raised and thereby tended to slow the domestic economy by 4% while a simultaneous increase in the domestic money supply caused our economy to grow by 1%, then raising interest rates might cause a net economic slowdown of 3% (in broad strokes, 4% deflation - 1% inflation = 3% net deflation).  That net slowdown would contribute to economic depression.  Presumably, economic depression is bad.


In theory, the "balance" between the forces of deflation and of inflation caused by raising interest rates could be 9:1.  Maybe, raising interest rates would cause deflation to increase by 9% and inflation to rise by a mere 1% leaving a net deflation of 8% and revealing my ponderings on the inflationary impact of rising interest rates to be moot or silly. 


But, what if the Fed raised domestic interest rates high enough to cause: 1) a significant influx of foreign capital; 2) a significant increase in the domestic money supply; and therefore, 3) a significant increase in the forces of inflation?  What if the resulting "balance" between the forces of deflation and inflation was 1:3?  What if interest rates were raised enough to cause a 1% increase in deflation and a 3% increase in inflation?  The net change would be 2% inflation. Wouldn't that "stimulate" our economy?


The world seems convinced that interest rates must absolutely be suppressed in order to cause inflation and resist deflation.  So, we won't even dare to raise interest rates for fear of causing more deflation. 


I may be wrong, but I'm not convinced that the "world" is right.  We've had Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP)-or at least "near" ZIRP-since A.D. 2008.  Since then, our economy has not been "stimulated" into a "recovery".  Isn't it possible that ZIRP drives currency out of domestic economy and thus slows the economy?  Isn't it at least conceivable that the net effect of ZIRP may be deflationary?  Isn't it possible that by abandoning ZIRP and raising interest rates we might (surprisingly?) attract enough foreign currency to increase the money supply, cause inflation, and thereby "stimulate" the economy back into a real recovery? 


*  You might think that all of my ponderings resemble the Medieval debates over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I'd agree with you.


Still, it bothers me that rising interest rates can release both deflationary and inflationary forces and no one seems to be considering, weighing and balancing those forces.  Instead, the world seems determined to agree with Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, that rising interest rates can have only one effect: deflation.


Well, Krugman's probably right and I'm probably silly.  Still, I can't understand why no one seems willing to consider the potentially inflationary effects that might result from raising interest rates, attracting foreign capital, increasing the domestic money supply, and thereby stimulating inflation.


I'll admit that those inflationary forces are unlikely or will be, at most, insignificant.  But as I've written, it seems obvious to me that increasing the interest rates should tend to increase the influx of foreign capital, which should increase the domestic money supply, which should increase the domestic forces of inflation, which should "stimulate" our economy. 


But no one else seems willing to consider and explore that possibility.  Why not?


*  I'm, therefore, left to ponder another question:  Are the forces of deflation rising by accident or intent?


However unlikely, it strikes me that a thorough study of the deflationary and inflationary effects of raising interest rates might reveal that the net effect was inflationary.  If so, rising interest rates might actually result in inflation, economic stimulation, and a reduced chance of slipping into an overt depression.  That would be a good thing, right?


Insofar as deflationary forces appear to be rising without much "official" resistance, and insofar as no one seems to be considering the possible inflationary impact of raising interest rates, I'm left to wonder if the Powers That Be want deflation to become predominant and therefore want an economic depression.


*  Again, my previous speculation may be silly. Maybe I just need to get out more and stop thinking so much.  But according to,


"A US deflationary trend already may have begun. The government reported Friday that consumer prices fell 0.4 percent in December, the biggest drop in six years. That put the gain [inflation] for all of 2014 at just 0.8 percent, the smallest 12-month advance since October 2009.


"The Wall Street Journal's survey of 66 economists produced an average forecast for only 0.5 percent consumer price inflation in the 12 months through June, with 25 percent of the economists expecting deflation during that period."


To me, it seems undeniable that:  1) deflation is present in our economy; 2) the forces of deflation are growing; 3) if the forces of deflation are, so far secondary, they could be predominant within the next month or two; and 4) no one in the Federal Reserve or national government is making a significant attempt to thwart the growing forces of deflation.


I'm not surprised by the first three items in the previous list.  But the fourth item-no one in government or the Fed is making a significant effort to stop deflation-is more than surprising.  It's incomprehensible.


Either government recognizes that it's incapable of fighting deflation, or government has chosen to allow or even cause deflation.  If either of those possibilities is true, rising deflation carries the surprising implication that we're in or approaching a global depression.


Y'all best buckle up. 

Obamacare fine and tax punishment begins April 2015 - Don't pay it




While the House and Senate are busy compromising - funding amnesty and Obamacare with the Cromnibus Bill and putting Speaker Boehner back in for a 3rd term, America is facing intense Obama punishment by April 2015.

We all know by now, thanks to Gruber's revelations and the actual details of Obamacare itself as it unfolded that it is saturated with lies, taxes, regulations and fines. We were all told in the beginning if this tyrannical nightmare that if we didn't sign up for Obamacare approved insurance by a certain time (that kept changing) we would get fined. Though Obama wanted a large fine left in with threat of jail time even, there was a legal and Constitutional fight that pushed back the Obamacare punishment fine to $95 and that was to be taken out in our tax return.

Many of us, not able to afford compromised health care made the decision to pay the $95 fine instead. Millions of us given the horrible economy and struggles couldn't afford a monthly health insurance bill with a $5,000 deductible we couldn't pay anyway.

Those who have thrown themselves on the Obamacare system, (once the computer system began to work at all) to get the supposed Government paid health care have found that they are also stuck in a cesspool of lies. Even H& R Block has said Obamacare taxes and forms are so complicated no one can figure them out. At the very least, this is putting those who signed up not only in massive waiting lines for care, having a $5,000 deductible, meaning no one is paying any health care except them anyway and getting lost in 'tax complication land.' To add the cherry on the cake, a needy person with Obamacare now will have to pay hundreds of dollars to have a professional tax service to complete their forms...or else they will be fined and charged.

The rest of us who couldn't or wouldn't comply and didn't sign up for forced health insurance, are now facing in April 15th, a $95 fine or forced to pay 1% of our annual household income. So, if you only pull in $30,000 total income, you must pay $300 in a fine since it is more than the $95 fine or you will be no doubt threatened with more fines and penalties as only the IRS can do. Obamacare and Obama have the nation over a national, UN Constitutional and illegal rape barrel. Grab your ankles and take it he says.

This is what is facing us all in just a few months. House and Senate what are you going to do with this? This is UN Constitutional and criminal at best. We know you like to talk about committees and budgets in-between parties and compromised votes. We also know you will be distracted by the 2016 Presidential elections coming up and no doubt will start weighing things accordingly.

America needs real leadership, vision and courage now to undo the obamacare list of fines, penalties and threats that will hit law abiding Americans hard in April. We might as well have our cities bombed and start breathing radiation. That is effectively the level of pain that will kick in hard from April 2015 onward. People with and without the imposed Obamacare will taste the $5,000 deductibles, endless lines, complicated taxes and forms, thus tax prepare bills they didn't count on. The rest of us will have 1% of our income stolen and that is this year. What will Obama demand from the dissenters next year?.2%...5% of our income...jail time or seizing our assets? If our House and Senate do nothing and 'plays pretend' in the sand box, this will lead to massive uprisings and cause our nation to bleed out. Wake up now House and Senate.

State leadership and conservative Governors listen up. "Stand on your 10th amendment rights and forbid Obamacare fines and taxes to be imposed on the people in your state. It is criminal and UN Constitutional, so why would this be allowed in any state against the people?

American citizens, you listen up as well. It is high time to draw our lines in the sand now all across the country. I challenge all Americans to stand together and refuse to pay the $95 dollar fine or 1% fine of our annual income if we couldn't or wouldn't have Obama approved and compromised health insurance. If you and I walk down this Obama cattle shut it will be our end and the beginning of tax orgies and increases year after year with fines. Those compliant Americans who will just grimace and obey...are you going to be so submissive when the fine goes to 2% 5% or 10% of your income? Will you go to jail for 6 months?

I have drawn my line and call all real Americans to stand with me. Our national 'godfather- Obama' does not have the right to storm into our business and home demanding protection and health care money or else. If we all stand together and demand with calls, faxes and emails that our House and Senate push back hard with the Obamacare taxes and fines, Obama and his evil Obamacare will be forced back and break apart. 

Stand with me. Make a mess and get loud. Join with others and protest. Do not pay a dime in Obama extortion money this April because you didn't buy the compromised health products Obama demanded. 

I am a sincere Christian and American as many of you are. I want my response to be appropriate and here it is godfather - Obama and his IRS. "Kiss my American Grits." Bring it -because you will get nothing from me and I believe millions of real Americans will join me. Our neighborhood and businesses don't need your forced protection. We protect our own and always have." Stand Americans.


The jab-free future


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


People in many countries are bulking at having their children vaccinated or having a vaccine themselves. Reports from Australia and the United Kingdom are similar to the United States as parents are standing up and refusing to comply with government or employer enforced vaccines. They are looking for ways around the laws to protect the health of their family. So, the questions is, can pharmaceutical vaccines (which are the most highly guarded treatment known to weaken the immune system) can they survive a free market? If the answer is no, what then? When I read this news headline of a "jab-free" or jab-less future I almost said hallelujah! I caught myself and said, wait - they are not talking about getting rid of vaccinations, they are talking about stepping up the quantity of vaccinations and changing the delivery system without people knowing they are being vaccinated. We live in a backward world where women have the legal right to kill their unborn baby but if you want to protect your child or your family from a diseased-filled vaccine, it is considered a crime.  Let's see what modern medicine, pharmaceutical and government entities are doing to sidestep the will of the people and force-deliver vaccines.



The idea to put vaccines into an aerosol and spray has been in research since 2003. A paper by PubMed explored this idea to "mass immunize populations at rapid speed." Scientists test aerosol vaccinations on developing countries and disaster areas. The validation science uses for this new delivery of vaccines is that this is how the body normally comes in contact with disease anyway; through the pulmonary system (breathe it in). People have become familiar with the flu nasal spray but that is on a patient-by-patient basis and not a massive aerosol spraying. The PubMed paper admits that thousands of people in Russia have been receiving aerosol-vaccinations over a period of several years with live strains of diseases. Testing has also taken place in South America using live measles virus and supposedly reporting successful results. Aerosol vaccinations have also been carried out with live influenza 'A' strains. According to the test research, the aerosol vaccinations treat hundreds of thousands of people without their knowledge. People are being treated with disease and the research is deemed successful and has been concluded to be a viable way to vaccinate massive amounts of people without their permission. The statistics on how many people were stricken with these diseases or the mortality rates are very difficult to find.



There are many health experts sounding the alarm that we are over-vaccinating children. Dr. Rebecca Carley and Dr. Joseph Mercola both highlight the dangerously high number of vaccines children are getting from the day of their birth to age 18 (it is over 60). If parents follow the CDC's recommendations on vaccines then a child receives 49 doses of 14 different diseases by the age of six to go to public school. When the child is ready to graduate high school and go off to college the CDC says 69 doses of 16 diseases should have been given. If parents buy into the vaccines they spend about $12,000 to treat their child with disease and this does not include the costs of medical care the child needs from the vaccine side effects. Recently Dr. Paul Offit proclaimed that children can be expected to tolerate and survive 19,000 vaccines given at one time or 100,000 vaccines age by 18. His statement was published in Wired Magazine and his work was published in the Journal of Pediatrics. Currently the average number of vaccines given at one time is five. J.B. Handley, co-founder of Generation Rescue, challenged Dr. Offit to take just 200 vaccines at one time (100 Gardasil shots in one arm and 100 H1N1 shots from multi-dose vials loaded with Hg in the other arm). If he survived without any side effects within three months, Handley would donate $100,000 to Alison Singer's autism organization. He would give the doctor a pass on the other 99,800 shots. Of course Dr. Offit would not subject himself to such a lethal treatment because he states in his book Autism's False Prophets, "Although vaccinations have probably saved more lives than any other medical intervention, they have come with a price - occasionally causing severe, even fatal side effects." If we take Dr. Anthony Morris's advise and notice the ambiguous wording here of "probably" we know Dr. Offit is aware that there is no valid scientific data that proves vaccines prevent disease.



If Congress and the Supreme Court had not given the pharmaceutical industries protection from law suits for creating defective and lethal products, which no other product in the US market enjoys, we would have safer treatments. A mistrust of vaccines has grown since the 1970's and is more evident today. Thank God for the Internet and other news outlets getting the truth out about vaccines around the world when mainstream media has a blackout on these reports. Countries globally are questioning the credibility of vaccines and they can sue. Any compensation to injured, US victims regarding vaccines is not paid by the pharmaceutical companies but by the US tax payer. So, as the world wakes up that they have been lied to and were given vaccines that harmed them, the only course left to continue to vaccinate the masses is via aerosol spraying. And no, they don't care if you've already had a traditional vaccine or that you'll get a massive dose with the aerosol version. Their goal is not to save lives but to take lives.



The good people of Australia have been a thorn in the side of the medical establishment with regards to rejecting the vaccination program. According to, it appears that the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator will issue a license to PaxVax to release a GMO vaccine with live bacteria for the purpose of vaccinating the areas of Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia and Victoria. The Regulator's Office declares this to be a limited and controlled release under Section 50A of the Gene Technology Act 2000. PaxVac seeks to deploy an aerosol vaccine over everyone in the designated areas with the live cholera bacteria. Victims will absorb in this bacteria. According to the WHO, "...cholera can kill quickly following the onset of symptoms." They go onto say the people usually contract cholera via contaminated food and water. Aerosol spraying of live cholera bacteria will contaminate food and water making people very sick within an incubation period of about five days. The WHO reports that with cholera outbreaks the number of cases explodes in a matter of days encompassing about 75% of the populace. This will overwhelm medical facilities and people will die of dehydration within hours. I am unaware of any news reports that Australia has a problem with a cholera pandemic. Cholera is usually due to a sanitation issue. You and I know this is not a prevention attempt and is instead intended to seed the area with disease among the population. However, the people are supposed to believe that this is a clinical trial by PaxVax in its development of their cholera vaccine. This trial is expected to be carried out in 2015 and cover areas selected by local government. The public will be told that there are control measures in place to restrict the spread and persistence of the disease (referred to as a GM cholera vaccine) but they offer no guarantee to fully protect the wildlife and the ecosystem. 



I've reported on the aerial distribution of the rabies packets in the US. Canada and Mexico that is suppose to protect wildlife from the disease. Companies such as Sanofi and Merial Limited manufacture vaccines for aerial distribution of poisonous live-virus products. In 2006, the state of California was sprayed with West Nile Virus as an aerosol vaccination aimed at mosquitoes. These techniques are called DNA Vaccine Enhancements and Recombinant Vaccines. Scientists working on such products know that the studies indicate the disease will lie dormant in people who are exposed. They also found that those who were exposed to chicken pox that when they came in contact with the West Nile Virus sprays (aerial vaccines) they experienced a release of the chicken pox virus and got Shingles. This spraying continued into 2009 and people complained of lightheadedness, nausea, muscle aches and low back pain. These are signs of pesticide exposure. The blood analysis of sick people showed that the West Nile Virus was genetically altered with the protein band for SV-40 (Simian Green Monkey virus and is cancerous) as well as the Epstein-Barr virus all bioengineered with other viruses. Doctors concluded that those who became ill suffered from a DNA vaccination infection via nasal inhalation.



Okay, so I think we've long established that vaccines are a mechanism to spread disease. Dr. David Edwards, Harvard University leads a team using new technology to take infectious disease and formulate them into powders for aerosol dispersal. They have worked on cell-based, whole bacteria of tuberculosis and diphtheria. They are developing these chemical cocktails in South Africa in conjunction with Advanced BioScience Laboratories Inc of Maryland. They call these "dry vaccine powders" and they have a better cost efficiency due to the special freeze drying process they use making this a purer, active vaccine for their delivery system. With these dry vaccines they can economically deliver vaccines to large masses directly to the bronco-pulmonary mucosa within a few breaths in less than a minute. This would deliver the same dose to infants, children and adults (estimated dose of about 100 mg or 0.1 ml, which is an adult vaccine dose). They have made these nano-particles the right size (50-300 nanometers) to target the immune system's macrophages (white blood cells) and the antigen adaptive cells called dendrites in the respiratory tract. They believe that this will deliver the vaccine to improve immunity efficiency over the traditional vaccine injection. If you check the lab personnel working to make "dry powder vaccines" they are wearing bio-hazard gear from head to foot. Why? Obviously, it would be too dangerous for them to breath in the micro-particles of live viruses.



According to Naturopath Dave Mihalovic, the US Pentagon revealed in its documents that they plan to spray people with chemical warfare. In the June 2007 FunVax Review listed as DOD ID: 149AZ2, it uses the viral vector spraying with six methods including; high altitude release, water release, insect transmission and other methods of diffusion. They want us to believe that this will inhibit disease and protect us from DNA gene disruption. It will do the exact opposite. The Pentagon also has research with FunVax to develop and administer a vaccine to neutralize what they call the VMAT2 gene. They say they've identified the VMAT2 gene as part of the brain's frontal lobe associated with religious fundamentalism. They want to include this VMAT2 vaccine in the influenza vaccine to distribute it all over the world. They say this will curtail world religions that cause problems. It would be the equivalent of a conscientious religious lobotomy. This is also under the Department of Defense ID: 149AZ2.



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