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Edited by Alfred Adask
Friday, December 5th, A.D. 2014
Between Friday, November 28th, A.D. 2014 and 
Friday, December 5th A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold rose 1.3 % from $1,168.50 to $1,193.10

Silver rose 4.6 % from $15.58 to $16.29

Platinum rose 1.7 % from $1,197 to $1,218

Palladium fell 0.5 % from $805 to $801

DJIA rose 0.8 % from 17,828.24 to 17,958.79

NASDAQ fell 0.2 % from 4,791.63 to 4,780.76

NYSE fell 0.1 % from 10,955.40 to 10,970.30

US Dollar Index rose1.3 % from 88.22 to 89.35

Crude Oil fell 0.6 % from $65.99 to $65.56


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Fed Fraud?


by Alfred Adask


For most of my life, I've been led to believe that the Federal Reserve is an entity that operates separately from the Federal Government.  This "separation" allowed the Federal Reserve to operate "independently" of the Federal Government and "do what was right" for the economy without political influence.


Over the years, I came to doubt that Federal Reserve and Federal Government were truly separate and able to act independently of each other.  But it was not absolutely clear to me whether the Federal Reserve was, in fact, a dependent agency of the politicians running the Federal Government, or if the Federal Government was a dependent agency of the bankers running the Federal Reserve.


*  Recently, former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan was quoted as claiming that he and the Federal Reserve had no real independence from the Federal Government's control, and he was "just following orders" (so to speak) issued by the Federal Government when he administered Federal Reserve policy from A.D. 1987 through A.D. 2006.


I was skeptical of Greenspan's claim. 


I suspected that Greenspan (88 years of age) was simply getting old and didn't like being blamed for the economic conditions that precipitated the Great Recession in A.D. 2008.  So, he wanted to escape personal responsibility for having caused idiotic financial conditions that might yet collapse the US economy.  I suspected that Greenspan hoped to evade personal responsibility by denying that he was ever really in control during the 19 years he seemingly ruled the Federal Reserve. 


Of course, if Greenspan wasn't really in control, he wasn't really the economic "maestro" that many people believed.  Instead, he was just a press secretary, a front man, a talking head, for whoever is really in control of the Federal Reserve and perhaps even in control of the Federal Government. 


I found all of those implications hard to believe.  Surely, the Federal Reserve must have some independence.  Greenspan, Bernanke and now Yellen must have some independent control, right?


*  But recently, one of my readers ("Cody") posted a couple of comments on my blog that provide evidence that the Federal Reserve may be only an agency of the Federal Government.


First, Cody pointed out the Federal Reserve's website is at .  Note the ".gov" suffix on the Fed's URL. 


If the Federal Reserve were truly an independent entity, I'd expect its website's URL to end in ".com" or ".net" or some such-but not in ".gov".


So far as I know, the ".gov" suffix is reserved for only for agencies of the "government".  The Fed's use of the ".gov" suffix surely implies (and might even prove) that the Federal Reserve is an agency of the Federal Government.


* Second, Cody supplied a quote from a Federal Reserve publication that can be downloaded at which reads:


"As they carry out their duties, members of the [Federal Reserve] Board routinely confer with officials of other government agencies, representatives of banking industry groups, officials of the central banks of other countries, members of Congress and academicians."


The word "other" in relation to the term "government agencies" clearly implies that the Board of the Federal Reserve is also just another "government agency". 


*  I won't say that the ".gov" suffix on the Fed's website URL, or its reference to "other government agencies" is absolute proof that the Federal Reserve is only an agency of the Federal Government.  But I will say that the Fed's own words clearly indicate that the Federal Reserve Board is probably only an agency of the Federal Government-just as Greenspan claimed in his recent speech. 


If the Federal Reserve is really just an agency of the Federal Government, the implications would be large.  For example, the Federal Reserve would truthfully be no more "independent" from control by the Federal Government than are the Department of Agricultural, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau, or Homeland Security. 


If the Federal Reserve were only an agency of the Federal Government, the persistent claims of Federal Reserve "independence" would have to be lies that were probably intended to prevent the public from looking too closely at the Fed and learning how and why our monetary system really operates.


If so, the Federal Reserve should be just as open to audit and public scrutiny as any other agency of government-and that includes an objective accounting of how much gold is held in the US Treasury and/or Federal Reserve.


*  More, if the Federal Reserve is merely an agency of the Federal Government, and if (under Quantitative Easing 1, 2, & 3) the Federal Government was selling its bonds (that no one else would buy) to the Federal Reserve, wouldn't the Federal Government be actually selling its own bonds to itself


Wasn't the Federal Government's sale of its bonds to the Federal Reserve fundamentally identical to a man with two bank empty accounts depositing NSF checks from bank account #1 into bank account #2, and then from bank account #2 into bank account #1, in order to create the illusion that both accounts were solvent when, in fact, both were empty?


If you or I used two insolvent banks accounts to create the illusion that they were actually solvent and our checks were good, wouldn't we be guilty of fraud?


If the Federal Government has been selling its bonds (that no one else in the free market would buy) to the Federal Reserve (an agency of the Federal Government that simply spins fiat dollars out of thin air to "pay" for the bonds) for the purposes of 1) creating the illusion that the US Bonds have value; and 2) the Federal Government has a sufficient capital to continue operations-wouldn't that also be evidence of our government's intent to deceive and defraud the American people and even the people of the world?


If the Federal Government can only sustain the illusion of solvency by writing $4 trillion in QE funds that were not simply "spun out of thin air" but "spun out of thick fraud," would it be true that all four trillion of those fiat dollars are the financial equivalent of NSF checks written on a closed bank account?


If the Federal Government can only maintain the illusion of solvency by means of a massive, $4 trillion QE fraud, could that fraud be construed as evidence that the Federal Government is already so broke, so bankrupt, and so desperate that its fraud is certain to be exposed and then precipitate a national bankruptcy at some future date?


Is there any conceivable means by which the Federal Government can continue its massive deception indefinitely? 


If not, how long can the Federal Government successfully conceal this massive fraud?


If the Federal Reserve is only an agency of the Federal Government, and if the that agency is the source of fictional funds used to shore up the illusion of Federal Government solvency, should average Americans merely snicker at another crime committed by Obama?  Or should Americans be working diligently, even desperately, to save their wealth in a medium that can't be destroyed or repudiated when the Federal Government is finally forced to admit its bankrupt?


If the Federal Reserve is, as Alan Greenspan claimed, only an agency of the Federal Government, should Americans be amused, indifferent, or terrified? 


If the Federal Reserve is only an agency of the Federal Government, it's hard to imagine how the resulting financial fraud can continue much longer.  They might be able to hold this system together for another six years, but I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing collapsed within six months, or even six weeks.


If you're not already prepared for what might be coming, I think you'd better do all you can as fast as you can to get ready.

Savings Looted?


by Alfred Adask


A Russian analyst named Dmitry Kalinichenko recently penned a brilliant article entitled "Grandmaster Putin's Golden Trap".  The original article was written in Russian and subsequently translated into English.  Some of the translation's language is a little rough, but it all makes sense.


Part of his article discussed the significance of a recent announcement by China:


"China recently announced that it will cease to increase its gold and currency reserves denominated in US dollars. . . . [W]hen this statement translated from financial language, it reads: 'China stops selling their goods for dollars.'


"The world's media chose not to notice . . . .


"The issue is not that China literally refuses to sell its goods for US dollars. China, of course, will continue to accept US dollars as an intermediate means of payment for its goods.


"But, having taken dollars, China will immediately get rid of them and replace with something else in the structure of its gold and currency reserves. Otherwise the statement made by the monetary authorities of China loses its meaning: 'We are stopping the increase of our gold and currency reserves, denominated in US dollars.' That is, China will no longer buy United States Treasury bonds for dollars earned from trade with any countries, as they have previously."


In other words, China won't lend any more currency to the US government.  China hasn't stopped taking dollars.  China hasn't tried to dump all the dollars it's already accumulated in its foreign reserves.  But China has stopped adding more fiat dollars to its pile of foreign reserves.  As soon as any new fiat dollars come to China, they are spent, primarily, to buy gold.


China has thereby reduced and perhaps ended the US government's access to additional Chinese credit.


*  In A.D. 2011, Standard & Poor's downgraded the US government's credit rating from AAA to AA+.  If S&P had been honest, the gov-co's credit rating would've been downgraded much further.  Nevertheless, that downgrade meant the US government's access to credit was reduced and/or made more expensive, and fewer nations or institutions were willing to lend to the US government.


In A.D. 2014, the Federal Reserve "tapered" and then stopped QE.  That meant the Fed has stopped openly functioning as creditor for the US government. 


And now, insofar as China refuses to increase it's holding of US Treasuries, China is also refusing to provide additional credit to the US government.


Implication:  the US government is running out of creditors and has less access to borrowed funds.


*  Over the past several years the US economy has declined (last November's Black Friday sales were down 11% as compared to last year's).  That decline suggests the following: 


1)    Despite the government's "happy daze" economic statistics to the contrary, the real number of unemployed may be rising. John Williams at denies that the gov-co's "official" unemployment rate (less than 6%) is accurate.  John believes the real unemployment rate is over 20%;

2)    The resultant demand for more welfare dollars is rising;

3)    Government welfare costs are rising;

4)    Increased unemployment and a slowing economy mean that tax revenues are falling;

5)    Government finances are being squeezed between lower tax revenues and higher costs;

6)    As seen with its falling credit rating, the Fed's termination of QE3 and declining access to Chinese credit, the US government has less access to credit.


If the government has rising costs, falling tax revenue and diminished access to credit, it has only three choices:  1) cut costs ; 2) admit bankruptcy; or 3) spend savings.


*  If government cuts costs, government will become smaller and less powerful. Cutting costs is the last thing Big Government wants to do-and will do so only in desperation. 


If government is forced to cuts costs, government will become even less popular than Obama. 


I.e., if government cuts pensions, the senior citizens will scream.  If government cuts welfare, minorities will scream.  If government cuts back on "free" healthcare, much of the nation will scream.  If government cuts back on defense spending, the military might not scream but they will holler and perhaps expose the US to foreign adversity which our impoverished military may be unable to confront.


If government cuts military costs, we may become a paper-dollar tiger.


*  Declare bankruptcy?  Seriously?


Who'd believe that it was even possible for the almighty US government to be bankrupt?  Not many.  A government bankruptcy seems too fantastic to be believed.


However, some do believe the US government has been bankrupt ever since if refused to redeem domestically-held gold certificates with physical gold coins after A.D. 1933.


Others claim the gov-co has been bankrupt since A.D. 1968 (when government stopped redeeming silver certificates with physical silver coins).


Virtually everyone who explores the idea that government is already bankrupt agrees that this bankruptcy started no later than A.D. 1971 when President Nixon stopped redeeming foreign-held paper dollars with gold and reduced the paper dollar to a pure fiat currency.


Former Congressman James Trafficant (Ohio, Dem.) was quoted in the Congressional Record (March 17th, A.D. 1993, Vol. 33, page H-1303) as saying:


""Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.  Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government.  We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner's report that will lead to our demise."


Congressman Trafficant clearly believed our government was bankrupt.


Nine years later, Trafficant was convicted on corruption charges, and became the second member of Congress to be expelled since the Civil War.  Some believe Trafficant's conviction was based in part on the animosity he invoked by exposing the government's bankruptcy in A.D. 1993.


We can debate whether the US government is near to or is already in bankruptcy, but there's little doubt that the gov-co will deny, deny, deny being bankrupt as long as there are microphones to speak into.


Governmental bankruptcy may be a fact, but it will almost certainly never be a publically-admitted fact.


*  If we assume that, since A.D. 2008, government's income has fallen, expenses rose, and access to credit declined, we might wonder how government made ends meet for the past six years?  If tax revenues and access to credit have fallen, and expenses have increased, where'd government get the cash to make up the difference?


A:  The money that compensated for that deficit presumably had to come, at least in part, out of savings.


Of course we'd like to suppose that if the government was spending any savings, it would be spending its own savings. 


Q:  But, isn't the US government broke?  And if so, where could the government find any savings? 


A:  Three sources come to mind:  1) So-So Security trust funds; 2) Government employee pension funds; and, 3) the national treasury of 8,200 tons of gold.


It's common knowledge that the gov-co has been looting the So-So Security trust fund for decades.  The funds that each of us contributed to So-So Security weren't saved for our retirement but were instead instantly "loaned" to the Federal Government in return for government bonds (paper promises to pay).  Reportedly, the SS trust fund no longer includes money in a bank account, but now consists of several rooms full of filing cabinets stuffed with government bonds.


Point:  It's common knowledge that government has been looting the funds that were supposed to be saved in the So-So Security Trust fund.  If government will loot the SS trust fund, what savings are safe from government confiscation?


*  I can't say for sure that the government has also already begun to loot government employee pension funds or the gold treasury.  But I can say that, given that the SS trust fund has already been looted, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that government has also begun to loot government pension funds and/or the gold treasury.  If government hasn't yet looted those "savings," it's reasonable to suppose that they will.


*  I'm especially intrigued by the possibility that the gov-co has been secretly selling off our gold treasury to support the illusion of government solvency.  If that's true, once the Treasury's gold is gone, the world will eventually figure it out and the price of gold will soar. 


The fact that Germany asked to receive 300 tons of gold that it was owed by the US-government/Federal-Reserve-but that gold couldn't be returned-is good evidence that the US gold treasury may already be empty.  Those "savings" have probably been sold off by the gov-co.  So far, the world hasn't generally understood or cared about the implications of empty gold vaults-but it will.


Implication:  The emperor is nude.  The gov-co is insolvent.  The government is facing rising costs, falling revenue and diminished access to credit.  Something's got to give.


As the world realizes that the US government is bankrupt, it will also realize that the US dollar is intrinsically worthless and destined to die in inflation.  I.e., the US dollar must inevitably fall and the price of gold must rise.


*  Finally, if government has looted the savings found in So-So Security, and is likely to have started or even finished looting government employee pension funds and the US gold treasury, it's reasonable to suppose that gov-co is already making plans to loot the bank savings accounts of private individuals.


If so and if you're in cash, you'll probably be looted by inflation.  If you're in pension funds, those funds will probably be looted by confiscation.  If you're bank accounts that are easily discovered and accessed by government, you're in line to be looted by seizure of your savings.


Given government's apparent bankruptcy and unbridled appetite for spending any money it can find, you'd do well to find a medium for storing your wealth that can't be easily found, inflated or confiscated by the federal government.





More Americans are falling behind on their car loan payments.

But they're still doing a much better job of keeping up with their car loans than with their mortgages or credit card payments.


Reports from two credit tracking services, Experian and TransUnion, both show an increase in the number of car buyers who are 60 days or more behind on their car loans in the third quarter.


TransUnion says there was a 13% jump in delinquent loans. Experian reported a 9% increase.


The rise in late payments is partly due to the fact that car sales are up alot this year. Car prices are up too, so the average size of a car loan is at a record high according to Experian.


Lenders are also more willing to make loans to buyers with poor credit. About 36% of new-car loans are now made to subprime borrowers, according to TransUnion, up from 31% in 2009.


Meanwhile, about 3.2% of home loans were 60 days past due in the third quarter, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, excluding foreclosures. And the credit card delinquency rate stood at 2.25% in the second quarter, the most recent figures available.



The European Central Bank held interest rates steady at its monthly meeting Thursday, as most expected. Draghi indicated Thursday the ECB will make its move in the first quarter of 2015.


The Bank of England Thursday kept its monetary policy steady, as expected, at its regular monthly meeting. The BOE mentioned the very low inflationary environment in Europe as reason for not raising rates.


The ECB may have been too slow, said Nouriel Roubini, chairman of Roubini Global Economics LLC.


"Europe is only one shock away from deflation and another recession," he told Bloomberg Television. "The ECB should have done quantitative easing already. They're waiting until it's going to be too late."



Russian president Vladimir Putin is striking a more defiant tone as he feels the bite of Western sanctions and falling crude oil prices.


This week the Russian central bank moved to intervene in the foreign exchange market in an effort to support the flagging ruble, which has fallen to a record low versus the U.S. dollar. Reports Thursday said Putin has accused the West of creating the Ukrainian crisis and also warned speculators betting against the ruble. In a speech to Russian government officials Putin reminded everyone of the military strength of Russia.



$2 gasoline is back in the U.S.

An Oncue Express station in Oklahoma City was selling the motor fuel for $1.99 a gallon today, becoming the first one to drop below $2 in the U.S. since July 30, 2010, Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy Organization Inc., said by e-mail from Chicago.



The U.S. birth rate reached an all-time low in 2013, as the number of babies born in the country declined for the sixth straight year since the peak in 2007, a new report finds.      



The International Monetary Fund recently released the latest numbers for the world economy. And when you measure national economic output in "real" terms of goods and services, China will this year produce $17.6 trillion - compared with $17.4 trillion for the U.S.A.


As recently as 2000, we produced nearly three times as much as the Chinese.


To put the numbers slightly differently, China now accounts for 16.5% of the global economy when measured in real purchasing-power terms, compared with 16.3% for the U.S.


This latest economic earthquake follows the development last year when China surpassed the U.S. for the first time in terms of global trade.



On October 22, 1981, the government of the United States of America accumulated an astounding $1 TRILLION in debt.


At that point, it had taken the country 74,984 days (more than 205 years) to accumulate its first trillion in debt.

It would take less than

 five years to accumulate its second trillion.


And as the US government just hit $18 trillion in debt on Friday afternoon, it has taken a measly 403 days to accumulate its most recent trillion.







India, the world's second-biggest user of gold, eased import regulations


Rules requiring importers to sell 20 percent of their shipments to jewelers for re-export as jewelry were withdrawn effective immediately, the Reserve Bank of India said yesterday.


Gold imports in India, which accounted for 25 percent of the total global demand, plunged last year when the government imposed curbs to narrow a record current-account deficit and stop a slump in the rupee.


Illegal inflows into India may be about 200 tons this year, the World Gold Council said on Nov. 13. Gold is bought during festivals in India and for weddings as part of the bridal trousseau. The festival season runs from late August to October and is followed by the wedding season.


The Gold Council yesterday reiterated its prediction that Indian gold demand for the year will be from 850 to 950 tons.



The Institute for Supply Management, a trade group of purchasing managers, said Monday that its manufacturing index slipped to 58.7 last month from 59 in October. Any reading above 50 signals expansion.


Yet other manufacturing data has pointed to a recent slowdown in output, and many economists said Monday that factories are probably not growing as fast as the ISM's survey suggests. The index has topped 56 since June, up from an average of just 53.9 last year.


Businesses ordered fewer big-ticket manufactured goods in October, and orders in a key category reflecting business investment plans fell for the second straight month.


China's manufacturing PMI came in weaker than expected in November, at 50.3 versus 50.8 in October, which is an eight-month low. This report also helped to pressure Asian markets.


In other overnight news, the Euro Zone's manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) came in at 50.1 in November from 50.6 in October. A reading of 50.4 was expected. A reading below 50.0 suggests contraction.



Putin says Russia will scrap South Stream pipeline, may cooperate in building Turkey gas hub


ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - Russia is scrapping the South Stream natural gas pipeline project and may cooperate with Turkey on building a gas hub for southern Europe, President Vladimir Putin said Monday. He said Russia can't implement the South Stream project because of the European Union's opposition to it. The project would have involved running a pipeline under the Black Sea to Bulgaria and further on to southern Europe. However, Moscow will boost gas supplies to Turkey and may cooperate with it in creating a hub for natural gas supplies on the border with Greece, he said. Putin met his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan amid striking differences over the crises in Syria and Ukraine, but the leaders focused instead on their countries' booming economic and trade ties. The Russian leader arrived in Turkey accompanied by a large delegation, including 10 ministers.



The Daily Treasury Statement that was released Wednesday afternoon as Americans were preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving revealed that the U.S. Treasury has been forced to issue $1,040,965,000,000 in new debt since fiscal 2015 started just eight weeks ago in order to raise the money to pay off Treasury securities that were maturing and to cover new deficit spending by the government.


During those eight weeks, Treasury took in $341,591,000,000 in revenues. That was a record for the period between Oct. 1 and Nov. 25. But that record $341,591,000,000 in revenues was not enough to finance ongoing government spending let alone pay off old debt that matured.


The Treasury also drew down its cash balance by $45.057 billion during the period, starting with $126,568,000,000 in cash and ending with $81,511,000,000.

Empower Yourself - Whole Food Supplements - No Synthetics or GMOs - 100% Organic -

Tina Giants (viruses)

by Herbalist Wendy Wilson

There is a family of viruses that have large nucleocytoplasmic DNA structures which are very diverse in their genome structure. These viruses have vast areas of non-coding sequences and have over 1,000 unique genes with fewer than 14 common homologous genes among them. Science does not know how these viruses replicate and their sequencing far exceeds the core genes. These viruses may be tiny but they are giants in the destruction they can inflict. Scientists are busy using the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to recreate gene sequences in viruses. They say it is to understand how the viruses work and how science can disrupt them. However in order to discover the intricate web of viruses there needs to be an abundance of viral RNA to sequence them. To solve this problem, scientists took RNA from the lyssavirus and used what are called de novo algorithms for genome sequences. It turns out that the manufacturers of viruses need only a minimum template or conservative amount of RNA to create and analyze samples. So, the scientists have successfully created a full genome sequencing of the Lyssa virus which can be universally applied to other sequences on RNA viruses from nearly any source. However virologists have voiced their concern over the Lyssa virus (Australian bay lyssavirus ABLV) and how deadly it is - more deadly than Ebola. Are new genetic tools being used to fight or create disease?



The virologists found that the virus is another virus originating in bats. Bats can harbor over 80 viruses and many are now transmissible to humans. What makes the Lyssa virus so concerning to virologists is that it is similar to rabies. The Lyssa virus was discovered in 1996 originating from an Australian fruit bat and there seems to be 12 varieties of the Lyssa virus.  The virus can be transmitted by bat bites or scratches. It can also be transmitted by fluids such as saliva, blood and urine from infected animals or humans. If the virus is transmitted to surfaces it can survive for a short time (a few hours) if it is in a dry environment with sunlight. The onset of Lyssa viral symptoms varies from person to person but in general will manifest within a few weeks but there have been cases where it will lay dormant for years. Rabies is similar but normally the incubation period for furious rabies is 1-2 weeks causing cardiac or respiratory failure.



If a human is exposed to the Lyssa virus they will experience the following symptoms; headache, fever, numbness, muscle weakness, paralysis, delirium, convulsions, collapse and coma. There is a high mortality rate to this virus which is usually due to paralysis of the respiratory system. Currently the medical area treats this virus with a rabies vaccine. They use a series of three injections to either the shoulder or thigh muscle each injection given in seven-day intervals. According to doctors, a victim with a weak immune system who contracts Lyssa virus and gets treated with the rabies vaccine will require 5 doses (the 5th dose on the 28th day). Be aware that untrained medical staff can improperly administer the rabies injections, especially if you have foreign medical staff working in hospitals or doctor's offices. If you decide to get a rabies vaccination it is prudent to check with your local poison control physician for the proper treatment. The common mistakes made in administering the rabies vaccine is that the antibodies and vaccine injections are given together in the same proximity and they cancel each other out. Or they are injected into the wrong area of the body such as the buttocks. The rabies vaccine offers no protection once symptoms manifest. According to doctors, anyone that works around animals that could be exposed to rabies may need booster shots.



People who work in areas with bats or bat caves, people who do research on bat viruses and who handle bats, power-line workers who routinely see bats and can be bitten by them, veterinarians and their staff, and park rangers or wildlife officers. Depending on the severity of the bite, if nerve damage is involved and the size and virility of the virus, the risk of getting the disease is 1% to 80%. Countries where people and visitors are at higher risk of coming in contact with infected animals are Australia, Asia, Africa, North and South America and some parts of Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Finland and Scotland). There are 50,000 reported deaths annually from Lyssa virus with the highest mortality in children under 15-years-of-age. Global treatment costs reach $1 billion a year and most physicians will misdiagnosis patients with the rabies virus. It is usually during the autopsy when skin, nerve spinal fluid or tissue or blood is analyzed that they realize the victim had Lyssa virus. I have to wonder if the rare respiratory virus (called Enterovirus D68) that seems to be affecting children in the Midwest US states has any genome sequencing similarities in the Lyssa virus? Did it take scientists 67 failures before they created a new virus on the 68th attempt? There are so many viruses being discovered (or created) within too short a time span to have naturally evolved. Do you think it is a coincidence that viral warfare emerged with the advancements in technology? I don't think so. If scientists are making new versions of viruses from their template for whatever reason, there is no way they can be 100% contained.  



Killing the enemy with viruses or bioweapons could be more cost productive than hiring physicists to create military weapons. Does germ warfare offer an option to population reduction especially if it can be genetically structured to infect specific targets? The chemical warfare of Agent Orange was a bit messy, however a flu shot is much easier to administer and the victims permission. After all, science considers a virus to be a non-living organisms. What harm could come from something that is already dead? A lot and that is why they tinker with them and can smuggle them into the genome to create a silent killer diseases such as cancer, neurological diseases and much worse. It really is despicable that science and medicine create and sell destruction as a health benefit. It compares to Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss. I would treat any vaccine as a bio-weapon. The same companies that make your seasonal flu shots make bio-warfare agents for governments. The US government has spent $44 billion on biological agents since 2001. University laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and military base laboratories are all handling deadly pathogens. Many of these pathogens are harvested from bats. Does the university your child or grandchild attend have a level 2 or level 4 bio-weapon lab on campus? Billions are poured into these institutions to create weapons from disease while people donate time and money for the "walk for the cure". Your money goes to create death and disease - not to cure it.  Governments use fear to usher in their agendas.



I think in the next few months and years you will see an avalanche of newly discovered diseases. These will be unlike anything your physician or ER staff have seen or encountered. If the hospitals and staff are ill equipped for Ebola, a relatively known pathogen, just think of the chaos the newly created viruses will produce. I truly hope that I am wrong but I don't think I am.



Viruses need a host to survive and they will need a weak immune system in order to ravage the host. Weak immune systems have an Achilles' heel and that would be the blood. Healthy blood starts in the bone marrow where the tissue which comprises the blood is made. Bones regenerate and there are some powerful herbs to help that happen. These herbs will contain your trace minerals of boron and magnesium and the calcium, phosphorus and silica in the right ratio the body likes. Herbs to use are horsetail, oatstraw, comfrey root and lobelia herb. The blood will transport nutrition and oxygen to the cells and iron is important for that to be carried out. Foods that will help accomplish that are: lentils, beans, nuts and green leafy vegetables as well as meats have natural iron. Always go with the certified organic foods and herbs. If you don't have a natural supplement with iron, look for one containing alfalfa, wheat grass, barley grass, chlorella or spirulina. Milk thistle herb is also important to help regenerate your liver. Iron rich blood and more oxygen help the liver to make new liver cells to replace the damaged old liver cells. The liver plays an important role in eliminating pathogens such as viruses. So, don't give viruses the upper hand and have a weak immune system that can't manufacture antibodies or have blood that is too dirty with sugar and waste materials that it can't carry the essential nutrients to help the cells defend against the viruses.



Power up your defenses with herbs that will strengthen your bones (Calcium formula with boron, calcium, magnesium and silica) and the organic vitamin (Body Foundation Food Mix with spirulina, chlorella and the grasses) these will strengthen the body and offer stamina. Milk Thistle tincture is also a must along with your immune boosting herbs (Astragalus root and Echinacea). Lastly keep the blood clean and do periodic organ cleansing (minimum twice annually) and see Blood Cleanse tincture. You will find a lot of help in protecting yourself at Apothecary Herbs. Have their Pandemic Kit on hand (10-yearshelf life). Check out their many immune boosting formulas (some broad-spectrum like All-In-One or My 3 Amigos Pack) and others are more targeted such as Pneumonia Kit or Echinacea Deluxe for URI's. If you are not sure, call and ask toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277,, where your healthcare options just became endless. Don't forget to register on their web site for reward points and save on each purchase. They now offer gift certificates and you can give the gift of health this year and beyond. Holiday hours are orders in by noon EST on 12/24/14 will ship that day if items are in stock.





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