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Friday, November 7th, A.D. 2014
Between Friday, October 31st, A.D. 2014 and Friday, November 7th A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 0.5 % from $1,172.90 to $1,178.50


Silver fell 1.5 % from $16.18 to $15.93


Platinum fell 1.6 % from $1,232 to 1,212


Palladium fell 3.2 % from $791 to $766


DJIA rose 1.0 % from 17,390.52 to 17,573.93


NASDAQ fell 0.0 % from 4,630.74 to 4,532.53


NYSE fell 0.2 % from 10,845.00 to 10,864.60


US Dollar Index rose0.8 % from 86.91 to 87.57


Crude Oil fell 2.8 % from $80.66 to $78.43


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Has QE Failed?


by Alfred Adask


A year ago, only a very few people even mentioned the word "deflation".  Almost no one predicted or even imagined that a period of deflation might be approaching.


Today, the word "deflation" is much in the economic news.  Evidence is mounting that the forces of deflation are real, significant and growing.


But, in truth, although we haven't expressly talked about "deflation" for the past six years, deflation has been the principle focus of our government and the Federal Reserve since the onset of "Great Recession" in A.D. 2008.  Preventing deflation was the primary motivation for "Quantitative Easing" (QE), printing $4 trillion in fiat currency, holding interest rates down near zero, and the Fed expanding its balance sheet to hold $4 trillion in "assets" of questionable or even "toxic" value.


Insofar as evidence of deflation currently appears to be growing, that's also evidence the QE has failed and the "recovery" remains a fantasy.


A primer on inflation and deflation

*  "Inflation" generally describes an economic state of affairs when a fiat currency is losing value and prices for most goods, service are therefore rising.  I.e., if we had 50% inflation, a pound of steak that used to cost $5 would go up in price to $7.50.  After 50% inflation, your dollar will only buy about two-thirds as much steak as it would when the inflation began.


Most people think only in terms of prices and don't usually realize that inflation isn't really "rising prices," per se, but rather a fall in the purchasing power of their currency.  We tend to think that the price changes are based on something to do with the steak, when they are primary caused by changes in the purchasing power of the dollar.  We see the effect (rising prices), but generally don't appreciate the cause (falling value of the currency).


Current evidence of inflation includes rising prices for groceries and stocks.


Inflation is great for borrowers because they can pay off their debts with "cheaper dollars," but it's bad news for creditors because they're essentially robbed of part of the value of whatever principal they loaned to others.  Inflation allows debtors who borrowed enough currency to buy one pound of steak, to repay their debts with enough currency to buy only two-thirds of a pound of steak.  Inflation enriches borrowers and impoverishes creditors.


During periods of inflation, the public understands that prices are rising and therefore they tend to make purchases quickly before the prices rise higher.  Those quick buys tend to accelerate the economy, increase employment, and enrich many businesses.  Inflation accelerates the economy.


*  "Deflation" is fundamentally opposite to inflation.  "Deflation" describes an economic state of affairs wherein a currency gains value (purchasing power) and the prices of goods and services denominated in that currency fall.   During a period of 50% deflation, a pound of steak that sold for $5 at the beginning of deflation would sell for $2.50 at the end.  After 50% deflation, you can buy twice as much steak as you could before deflation. 


Most people think only in terms of prices, so they equate "deflation" with falling prices rather than the increasing value/purchasing power of their currency.  Again, the effect (falling prices) is obvious to most but the cause (rising value of the currency) remains generally unseen.


Deflation is good for creditors because when their loans are repaid, they're repaid with "more expensive" dollars.  But deflation robs borrowers by forcing them to repay more than they actually borrowed.  Deflation compels debtors who borrowed enough currency to buy one pound of steak, to repay their debts with enough currency to buy two pounds of steak.  Creditors are enriched, borrowers are impoverished.


Current evidence of deflation includes falling prices of gold, crude oil, gasoline and other commodities.


During periods of deflation, the public understands that prices are falling and therefore tend to delay making purchases, as they wait for even lower prices and better deals.  Those delays result in reduced demand.  The reduced demand slows the entire economy, puts people out of work, and closes many businesses.  Deflation contributes to economic depression.


During periods of deflation, the public dimly understands and businessmen understand clearly, that if they borrow currency now, they'll have to repay the loans later with "more expensive" dollars that could cause them to suffer a real loss from borrowing.  Therefore, people tend to borrow less during a depression and invest less in modernizing or expanding their businesses or buying goods or services on credit.


 The bottom line is that during periods of deflation, people tend to spend less and borrow less and the economy slides toward depression.


Government (normally) Hates Deflation

Government (normally) hates deflation because it signals:

1)    Economic depression;

2)    Reduced tax revenues and reduced government spending;

3)    Increased borrowing costs which reduce government borrowing and spending;

4)    Reduction in the size, power and influence of national government;

5)    Reduced capacity to pay, or even service, existing financial obligations like the National Debt, So-So Security and government pensions;

6)    Likely default on existing government debt;

7)    Likely collapse of the US dollar.


The US financial system came within days or even hours of a complete meltdown during the onset of the Great Recession in A.D. 2008.  Such meltdown would've triggered a US and/or global economic depression complete with a massive dose of falling prices and deflation.


Economists argue that the Great Depression of A.D. 1929 was caused by bankers removing currency out of the economy, reducing the available money supply and thereby causing deflation


Ben Bernanke studied the Great Depression.  He picked up the nickname "Helicopter Ben" by declaring that, in the event of another Depression, he'd increase the currency supply to cause inflation, if necessary, by dispersing masses of currency to the public by throwing it from "helicopters".  He believed that dramatically increasing the money supply (inflation) could offset and defeat the deflationary forces driving an economic depression-and thereby prevent an economic collapse. 


True to his declaration, after the onset of the Great Recession of A.D. 2008, Mr. Bernanke ordered the printing of an additional $4 trillion in fiat dollars to be dispersed into the US economy to inflate the currency supply and prevent deflation


Of course, Mr. Bernanke didn't actually throw dollars from helicopters.  Instead, he chose to "disperse" that $4 trillion by giving it to banks and financial institutions that were "too big to fail" under the pretext that these banks would then disperse the funds to the public in the form of easy credit and low-interest loans.


In retrospect, Bernanke might've done a better job of causing-inflation/preventing-deflation if he'd used the helicopters.




Because the banks that received the $4 trillion kept most of that currency in their vaults.  Most of the currency that was supposed to reach the public-and thereby cause inflation to offset deflation-never did.


This is interesting because, in retrospect, the Great Depression has been blamed on bankers who removed currency from the money supply and our current financial difficulties might be blamed on bankers who prevented (for whatever reason) the release 4 trillion in freshly-printed fiat dollars into our money supply.  In both instances, the currency supply was reduced or prevented from growing.  In the Great Depression, we wound up with deflation. 


What are we winding up with today?


QE Achievements

If our recent $4 trillion in QE didn't achieve as much as it might've, it still achieved something.


Yahoo! Finance recently published an article entitled "Quantitative easing is finally over.  Here's what it accomplished". 


According to that article:


"With sales of homes, cars and other things plunging in late 2008, the Fed hoped cheap money would help lure skittish consumers back into the market.  But quantitative easing went on far longer than just about anybody anticipated back in 2008, with the Fed ultimately amassing a massive $4 trillion portfolio of bonds."


Why has QE lasted so long? 


Because it didn't "instantly" increase the currency supply available to the public. 


Why didn't it instantly increase the currency supply? 


Because the banks that received the $4 trillion kept most of that currency in their vaults and/or invested it in foreign countries.  The full, inflationary force of QE never really reached the US economy.  Therefore, the forces of deflation released by the Great Recession were never fully tamed or terminated by QE.


"Here's how a few major economic indicators changed after QE began:


*  "S&P 500 stock index: up 129% since Nov. 25, 2008, the day the Fed announced its first quantitative easing effort."

129% up since the S&P 500 hit its 751-point "bottom" in AD. 2008 is impressive.  But as compared to the S&P 500 "top" (1,565 points) in A.D. 2007, today's 2,011 high is up only 28%.  That's good, but it's only about 4% per year, isn't adjusted for inflation, is actually a loss, and therefore doesn't impress.


*  "Real GDP (adjusted for inflation): up 9.8%."


In six years since the economic bottom in A.D. 2008, the inflation-adjusted GDP rose 9.8%-an average of 1.7% per year.  That's based on government economic measures and indices (which aren't to be trusted).  More, that's still only about half of the GDP increase than might normally have been expected without the Great Recession.


1.7% is positive.  It's better than a negative GDP.  But, after printing $4 trillion fiat dollars, it's nothing to brag about.


"Unemployment rate: down 1 percentage point." 


According to official reports, unemployment under the Great Recession rose to almost 7% and has now fallen back below 6%.  That's true-if you believe "official" governmental economic measure and indices. 


But if you believe people like John Williams at, real unemployment rates have grown from roughly 5% in A.D. 2008 to roughly 23%, today.  If so, $4 trillion worth of QE had no positive effect on unemployment rates.


"Those figures clearly reflect an economy that has improved since the dark days of the Great Recession-but they hardly settle the question of whether QE has been effective. It's impossible to untangle how much of the improvement would have happened as part of the normal economic cycle and healing after a recession, and how much was directly due to Fed intervention. And some elements of the economy-especially wagegrowth-remain far weakerthan they should."


"The real testof QE will probably come down to inflation. . . .  Fed critics have been squawking about the risk of runaway inflation since QE began, since buying vast sums of bonds does potentially put more money into circulation.  But inflation hawks have been dead wrong the whole time, with inflation now so low-around 1.7%-that economists are more worried about deflation than inflation."


Exactly.  QE advocates and critics talked endlessly about "inflation".  But the real purpose of QE was to stop deflation.  The "real test" of QE is not whether QE caused runaway inflation, but whether it fails to cause enough inflation to prevent the onset of deflation


If the Fed printed $4 trillion and we nevertheless slide into deflation, QE will be shown to be an abject failure. 


Deflation Reducing Corporate Profits

*  MoneyNews reported (The Ticking Time Bomb of the Strong US Dollar) that:


"You're going to hear hundreds of US multinational companies blame their profit shortfalls on the strong dollar" [deflation].


The article listed half a dozen major, multinational corporations that suffered revenue declines in the 3rd Quarter sales that are being attributed to deflation.  These multinationals included: Lockheed Martin, down 2%; IBM down 3%; and, Coca-Cola which estimates that the strong [deflated] dollar will reduce its profits by 6% over the next year.


"A serious underlying revenue slowdown is running through corporate America. The common theme for all these revenue-challenged companies is a heavy dose of foreign sales. Those foreign sales are being negatively affected by a strong [deflated] US dollar. . . .  Experts say a 1% move in the dollar can have a 2% impact on the earnings of the S&P 500 companies."


As measured on the USDX, the value of the fiat dollar has risen from 79 last May to over 88, this week.  That's an 11% rise in the dollar's purchasing power in the past six months.


If it's true that a 1% move in the dollar can have a 2% impact on the earnings of S&P 500 companies, then the past 11% increase in the dollar's purchasing power (deflation) could cause a 22% loss of earnings for the S&P 500 companies. 


If so, deflation may soon cause a very significant decline in the S&P 500.


*  Why does deflation cause US export industries have to cut prices, revenues, profits and taxes? 


Because our export industries' prices are denominated in fiat dollars. 


If Japan continues to print trillions of fiat yen, it will reduce the value of the yen in relation to the dollar.  Therefore, the relative value of the dollar will-like a teeter-totter-go up (deflate) on international markets.  If Japan lowers the prices of Japanese products in relation to US dollars by inflating their yen, those US businesses who sell similar products have no choice but to lower their prices in terms of deflated US dollars in order to remain competitive.  That means US corporate revenue, profits, taxes-and jobs-can be reduced by Japan inflating the yen. 


The EU's central bank is also planning to print more fiat euros in order to stimulate the EU economy with more inflation.  If the euro is thereby inflated, the teeter-totter relationship between the euro and the fiat dollar will also cause the dollar to deflate and become more valuable.




1)    Deflation is bad for the US economy-it typically signals an economic depression.

2)    Deflation is bad for debtors-they have to repay their debts with more expensive dollars.  The US government is the biggest debtor in the world.

3)    Thus, to allow or even cause deflation is contrary to the best interests of the economy, of debtors in general, and the US government, in particular.


So, why are we seeing evidence of deflation? 


Three possible answers come to mind:


1)    Our government is stupid;

2)    The government has lost control of the economy and can't stop deflation; or,

3)    The government wants to pull the plug, push the economy into a depression and possible collapse, admit that the National Debt can't be paid and implement some sort of national currency "reset".


*  Whatever is going on right now, it can't continue.  Something's got to break.  Either deflation will be made to end, or the economy will be allowed to collapse. 


Nothing screams deflation like a falling price for gold.  Nothing screams inflation like a rising price for gold.


If government wants inflation-as they have for most of the past 80 years-they have allow or even cause the price of gold to rise.


On the other hand, if the government wants deflation, they must want a national and perhaps global depression and a default on the national debt.  That national debt is denominated in paper debt instruments.  If there's a national/global depression, I believe those paper debt instruments will lose 80 to 90% of their purported value, and people will come running to buy gold at almost any price.


If government inflates, the price of gold must rise.


If government deflates, the value of unpayable paper debt instruments must collapse, and the price of gold must rise.


It may be a bumpy ride before we get there, but the price of gold must rise.


*  Today, reports of deflation are mixed in with reports of inflation.  We see the prices of some major commodities (like gold, silver, crude oil, gasoline) falling.  That's evidence of deflation.


But, we also see evidence of inflation in the rising Dow and S&P 500 and every time we go to the grocery store and see food prices up.


A year ago, we seemed to be clearly in a period of predominant inflation.  Today, we see growing evidence that we might be in or approaching a period of deflation-exactly what QE was intended to prevent.


*  If I see stocks and grocery prices start to fall, I'll be convinced that:


1)    We are in an economic depression; and,

2)    QE failed to achieve its primary purpose: save us from deflation.


*  If stock and grocery prices fall, I will strongly suspect that:


1)    Much of the national debt will soon be repudiated; and

2)    The fiat dollar will fail and be replaced-or at least subjected to a "reset" that causes it to suddenly lose value and suffer huge inflation.


*  If stock and grocery prices fall, I will wonder if our resulting period of deflation happened because:


1)    The government is stupid and incompetent;

2)    The forces of deflation were simply too powerful for any government to resist; or,

3)    The government has decided to "pull the plug" and cause, or allow, deflation to become predominant and thereby intentionally collapse the economy.


Our October economy has been extraordinarily volatile (stocks plunged and then rocketed back up; gold is falling; the fiat dollar is deflating).  Things are spiraling out of control.  QE has failed.  This volatility must either end abruptly and the economy must quickly stabilize, or something major is going to break-and soon.

Democrats won't quit - Zombie party rises up


Don't you love the arrogance...the denial...the pathetic threats and whine fest following the most history making election in U.S. history? Pelosi and Reid are marching in lockstep declaring they won't quit. Obama acts like it is 'no big' and threatens amnesty by Christmas with more executive orders. Of course they won't quit...there must be at least one or two losers left in the audience and certainly some interested mice running around looking for bread crumbs. The rest of America has thrown them and Obama off the stage and shut the concert hall doors. There is nothing more to see.

America won the race

The winning driver, though coming from behind without a big sponsor - won big. This was because the pit crew - the American voters, were on mark and voted right, while the driver (those running for conservative seats) kept on point and kept driving up to the front. The nation watched while the bright shiny cars crashed into the walls again and again. Now there is not enough medication for the leftist media and Democrat-Zombie survivors. Well...they can deal with it. We have had to deal with them for the last 6 years from hell.

It is time to celebrate, then be aware and plan for the next Zombie moves from Obama and the left. Obama is mad now, more than ever and he will punish the nation severally through his executive orders, starting with the amnesty middle finger. The House and Senate must strategize how they will meet him and each executive order with 'bomb defusing equipment.' They must multi process and they have no choice if they are to survive.

Congress and the Senate..."How are you going to push back the UN Constitutional executive order fest that will come?" It is time to defend against everything Obama has cursed and touched. It is also time to crush, defund and if possible repeal Obamacare. Elected officials must rebuild, fund and get back our wonderful and compromised military. It has been practically tortured at the hands of Obama. This must include re-instating the thrown out thousands of officers and enlisted heroes who were shamefully given pink slips while serving their country. This must be reversed!

The GOP was put in the ring to crush Obama and the Democrat/progressive agenda against America. The new House and Senate dare not relax and think this is 'political' 'about their career' and about 'negotiation.' This is about crushing the plans of the enemy - Obama and the Progressives. This is about undoing massive damage at the hands of Obama. It is also about leading with real ideas - Real tax reform, Real health care ideas that protect freedom and personal sovereignty; Real energy and oil solutions here; Real help for American workers; Proper response to Illegal aliens, diseases and invasion going on....These are just starting gate ideas that Americans want dealt with. Get excited and get ready to communicate with your elected officials, respectfully, clearly and regularly.

Bring it God...America needs and wants you again. We are coming back. Put your sunglasses on world because America will soon be very bright again.

Join me each day on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at Or listen later on my archives at


The government said Friday that employers added a solid 214,000 jobs in October, extending the steadiest pace of job growth in nearly 20 years. 


In addition, a combined 31,000 more jobs were added in August and September than the government had previously estimated. Employers have now added at least 200,000 jobs for nine straight months - the longest such stretch since 1995.


The burst of hiring lowered the unemployment rate to 5.8 percent from 5.9 percent. It is the lowest rate since July 2008."


"At the same time, Americans' average hourly pay rose only slightly last month, a negative note in an otherwise solid report.


Europe is on the brink of its third recession in the past seven years. Growth in China and Japan has weakened.


The job gains were broad-based, though many lower-paying industries posted especially large increases.


Exports fell in September, the government said this week, widening the trade deficit. That led many economists to shave their predictions of economic growth in the July-September quarter to an annual rate of 3 percent or less, down from the government's initial estimate of 3.5 percent.



Consumers will get early peek at 2015 health law premiums and plans this weekend


WASHINGTON (AP) - Starting this weekend, consumers can get an early peek at 2015 premiums and plans under President Barack Obama's health care law, the administration said Friday.'s second open enrollment season starts Nov. 15, a week from Saturday.  But spokeswoman Lori Lodes said that consumers will be able to "window shop" for plans before then."Window shopping is ready to go," said Lodes. "There is no log-in or application required."


After answering a few questions, consumers can look at plans in their area and get an estimate of how much their premiums will be, including any financial assistance they would be eligible for. Consumers will later have to set up an account - or go back to their existing account - to actually enroll for 2015. Current customers who do nothing will be automatically renewed as of Jan. 1, but they may well miss out on potential savings.


.One important piece that's still not clear is the overall trend on premiums. Early analyses of states that have published rates show modest increases, with opportunities for consumers to shop around for lower-premium plans. The catch with the low-cost options is that people who have a serious illness or injury will face higher out-of-pocket costs.


The health care law offers taxpayer subsidized coverage to people who don't have access on the job. is the online portal for 37 states where the federal government is taking the lead running the insurance markets.


 The rest are operating their own insurance exchanges.

About 7 million people are signed up this year through the insurance markets. Even more have gained coverage under the law's Medicaid expansion for low-income people, which so far has been implemented by 27 states and Washington, District of Columbia.



The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a new challenge to President Barack Obama's health care law. The justices on Friday say they will decide whether the law authorizes subsidies that help millions of low- and middle-income people afford their health insurance premiums.


A federal appeals court upheld Internal Revenue Service regulations that allow health-insurance tax credits under the Affordable Care Act for consumers in all 50 states. Opponents argue that most of the subsidies are illegal. The long-running political and legal campaign to overturn or limit the 2010 health overhaul will be making its second appearance at the Supreme Court. The justices upheld the heart of the law in a 5-4 decision in 2012 in which Chief Justice John Roberts provided the decisive vote.



Earlier, the ECB decided to keep its interest rates on hold at a record low of 0.05%.

His comments helped push the euro lower against the dollar, and underpinned European stocks.


The ECB has already announced plans to buy private debt and issue long-term loans, measures that together could amount to stimulus of about 1 trillion euros ($1.25 tillion).


Many economists believe that won't be enough, given the risk that very low inflation and weak investment will condemn the eurozone to prolonged stagnation and painfully high unemployment.



Auto sales were up in October but with numbers also created some contradictions.


Sales were up about 6% from a year earlier, and running at a brisk annual pace of 16.46 million.


    The estimated average transaction price (what people actually paid) for new cars and trucks was $32,957 in October 2014, up $778 (2.4%) from October 2013 and up $870 (2.7%) from September 2014, according to TrueCar.


The average transaction prices were up, showing people were buying more-expensive models made illusively cheap by low monthly payments. That included lots of big, fancy, high-price trucks -- hard to afford on the once-standard three- and four-year new car loans.


** The average new-car loan in October was 67 months, second longest on record, according to


Long loans make everything seem affordable by reducing monthly payments.


Those who pore over sales data say you can tell those worked, because the average transaction prices were up, showing people were buying more-expensive models made illusively cheap by low monthly payments. That included lots of big, fancy, high-price trucks -- hard to afford on the once-standard three- and four-year new car loans.


Some of the elements that factored into October sales could wind up undoing the industry.


Those six-year borrowers will be out of the market a long time. With loans that long, the new vehicles depreciate faster than the loan's paid off. You want to trade in that four-year-old SUV on a new one and discover you still owe more on the loan than the vehicle's worth.


To do the deal, you have to finance the negative equity on your trade in on top of the purchase price for the new one. And, no doubt, you won't be able to afford that unless you get an even longer-term loan to reduce the payments.


"We saw that in the mid-2000s when fuel prices spiked, leading to a glut of large vehicles on dealer lots and reduced (trade-in) values that hampered industry growth," says Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book.


He's hoping -- as is the auto industry -- that history doesn't repeat itself.


A recent study shows a paradigm shift expected to be witnessed in the way workplaces operate over the next 15 years, making nearly 50 per cent of occupations existing today redundant by 2025, a report has said.


That is 10 years.  Artificial intelligence will transform businesses and the work that people do. Process work, customer work and vast swathes of middle management will simply disappear, it said.


The report titled 'Fast Forward 2030: The Future of Work and the Workplace' has been prepared by realty consulting firm CBRE and China-based Genesis, a property developer, after interviewing 220 experts, business leaders and young people from Asia, Europe and North America.


"Nearly 50 per cent of occupations today will no longer exist in 2025. *****New jobs will require creative intelligence, social and emotional intelligence and ability to leverage artificial intelligence. Those jobs will be immensely more fulfilling than today's jobs," the report said. Workspaces with row of desks will become completely redundant, not because they are not fit for purpose, but simply because that purpose no longer exists, it said.


"The next 15 years will see a revolution in how we work, and a corresponding revolution will necessarily take place on how we plan and think about workplaces.


"The dramatic changes in how people work that we have seen in the past two decades will continue to evolve over the next 15 years, opening up new opportunities for companies to create value and enhance employee performance through innovative workplace strategies and designs," CBRE South Asia Chairman and Managing Director Anshuman Magazine said.

Empower Yourself - Whole Food Supplements - No Synthetics or GMOs - 100% Organic -


by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


There is a new TV show on this fall called How to Commit Murder. It seems there are multiple ways to end someone's life and the field of technology is about to weigh in. Sadly, we live in times where someone across the globe can commit murder without hiring a hit man. The "tentacles of technology" are now able to wirelessly reach into the human body and cause mayhem. This will have a trickledown effect. This will affect the insurance world (life and health), this will affect the legal system, this will affect the technology industry and this will affect the future of mankind. I had wondered how long it would take technology to increase the mortality risk to man and now it has arrived. Let's find out how to protect ourselves.



If Agatha Christie were alive I wonder how she would implement technology in her murder mysteries. Currently if someone wants to commit murder and doesn't own a gun, or have access to poison, can't afford a hit man or doesn't want to get their hands dirty; then they may have another way - a computer and the internet. Industrial sabotage is one thing, but computer hackers that can hack into medical devices and cause death is another thing altogether. Political figures, heads of state and leaders of countries are warned that if you should need medical intervention to preserve your health via pacemaker, an insulin pump, medicine delivered by microchip etc., these devices can be hacked and manipulated. There are flaws in these devices and breeching the technology is easier than anyone dare think. The famous hacker, Barnaby Jack, was about to reveal how medical devices (insulin pumps and pacemakers) can be hacked to cause murder when he suddenly died at the age of 35. Hackers for hire can take control of car computers and stage accidents. Hackers can plant incriminating evidence on computers to frame innocent people for their crime. If the Air Force can't stop hackers in China from using their computers to route spam and attack American companies then where does that leave the medically vulnerable?



In 1999, Europol, the EU's law enforcement and criminal intelligence agency was established and has many resources; 800 on staff, 145 Hague Liaison Officers, connections with hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the EU's 28 member states and are well equipped to fight international organized crime. Yet Europl has issued a security warning that death by hackers is inevitable. If the risk of getting caught by robbing financial institutions is too great, hackers can feather their nest with hit contracts and they don't have to pack a suitcase or board a plane. Espionage is at a new level and doesn't just involve world governments and fortune 500 companies. Hackers can steal money directly from bank accounts without your identity information, debit or credit cards. Stealing your identity or money is one thing; stealing your last breath is another. Hackers have become so sophisticated that they can create nearly undetectable code to sneak into computers at nuclear facilities and turn off the cooling towers. One PhD in quantum physics created a level 4 micro chip that can run prime number strings instantly and can crack the encrypted security of banking, retail or internet transactions. Hackers can hack drones, shut down ATM's, traffic lights, state pension databases and now your own body.



Death by cyber crime will soon be listed on death certificates. Law enforcement cyber crime units are ill equipped to deal with what is soon to be dubbed the "cyber sword." Obi wan Kenobi of Star Wars had a light saber and hackers have the cyber sword. Online murder will become an epidemic especially for those who wish to cyborg their bodies with technology regardless of health reasons. Women, who buy into the Bill Gates technology of using the birth control chip to deliver up to 16 years of birth control medicine under wireless control, could find themselves pregnant or in the morgue should a hacker control the dose.  Europol released in a statement:


"Governments are ill-prepared to combat with the looming threat of "online murder" as cyber criminals exploit internet technology to target victims. We expect to see a rise in injury and possible deaths caused by computer attacks on critical safety equipment." 



We hear the ads for the service Life Lock which is suppose to protect your identity and your finances. Hackers can get around most of the security measures by locking you out of you business phone with all your important contacts or locking you out of your car or home and demanding a ransom to unlock your life. The more our lives are connected to technology the greater the risk of a vector attack by criminals. We essentially become a technology target. Tracking down the criminals is difficult if not impossible for agencies with equipment and trained personnel. Children as young as toddlers have become victims of hackers. Texas law enforcement reported a case where a hacker took control of a nanny cam and was able to abuse the infant through the monitor. Hospitals have been ordered by US health authorities to improve security to high risk medical devices due to malware attacks. All this makes you wonder what NSA computer analyst and whistleblower Edward Snowden really knows.



Who would have thought that the worldwide web would become a tangled web, a trap and a cyber threat of enormous proportions? Could Joan Rivers have been the victim of such an attack involving a so-called minor, doctor's office procedure? Will this new level of cyber threats give government the excuse they need to regulate tax and shut down the Internet? Mankind had better step back and think is it wise to make everything connect to computer networks? Mankind better step back and think is it wise to create drones with artificial intelligence that can learn and are connected to the internet? Will we trade safety for efficiency and speed? Dick Cheney knows the vulnerability of this cyber situation. His wireless implanted defibrillator was disabled because experts worried his device could be hacked and initiate a heart attack.



According to experts, at some point the risk of using technology will outweigh the benefits unless we take steps now to protect ourselves. The question is can we take enough steps because updating security measures has become a daily necessity. I think technology like drugs and alcohol is an addiction and hard for most people to step away from. Healthy limits will be necessary until that time when a complete disconnect is in order. I repeat myself by saying, "Don't get scared get prepared." Whether is it a pandemic or a cyber attack, be as prepared as you can and let God do the rest. I pray Psalms 91 and ask God to do what I cannot. If you prefer not to have to rely on drugs and medical devices to survive then check out the power of herbal Organ Cleanses and Immune Boosters. Cleanse and nourish the body and empower the immune system to help it regenerate and heal. Call the experts in Immune Boosting and Organ Cleansing, call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. 





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