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Friday, October 17th, A.D. 2014

Between Friday, October 10th, A.D. 2014 and Friday, October 17th, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:

Gold rose 1.2 % from $1,223.00 to $1,238.20

Silver fell 0.7 % from $17.40 to $17.27

Platinum rose 0.2 % from $1,251 to $1,253

Palladium fell 3.6 % from $779 to $751

DJIA fell 1.0 % from 16,544.10 to 16,380.41

NASDAQ fell 0.4 % from 4,276.24 to 4,258.44

NYSE fell 0.4 % from 10, 293.10 to 10,250.50

US Dollar Index fell0.7 % from 85.81 to 85.20

Crude Oil fell 3.1 % from $85.54 to $82.92


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

US Bonds: "Best House" in a "Bad Neighborhood"?


by Alfred Adask


The Associated Press recently wrote in "Stocks swoon, extending losses; Bond prices soar" that,


"U.S. stocks tumbled in midday trading Wednesday as investor fears of a global economic slowdown intensified, setting the Dow Jones industrial average on course for its fourth consecutive loss.  The Dow plunged as much as 369 points in the first 10 minutes of trading, following steep declines in Europe . . . ."


Insofar as EU stock markets are also declining, the US markets may be less likely to recover on their own.  So long as declines are seen in both US and EU markets, those declines may be viewed as systemic and based more on fundamentals than some recent news report about Ebola or a mathematical glitch in the stock indices.


"Traders dumped risky assets [stocks] and parked their money in investments seen as relatively safe, such as U.S. government bonds."


If the "bow" (stocks) of the economic "ship" is sinking, short-sighted people may rush to the "relative safety" of the stern (government bonds). 


However, if the bow (stocks) sinks, the stern (bonds) will follow. 


Likewise, if the markets continue to decline, the public may increasingly understand that the "bow" (stocks) is composed of fiat dollars and the "stem" (bonds) is also composed of fiat dollars.  If so, the public may increasingly understand that the fundamental problem is not with stocks or bonds, per se, but with our fiat currency.   If that understanding begins to penetrate the national psyche, there'll be a rush to avoid paper debt-instruments (like stocks and bonds) denominated in fiat dollars, and store people's wealth in a tangible medium like gold or silver.


Rushing from stocks, to invest in US bonds is "a function of the U.S. being the best house in a bad neighborhood," said Terry Sandven, chief equity strategist at U.S. Bank Wealth Management.


But if:  1) the US economy is a "bad neighborhood"; and 2), within that "bad neighborhood," US bonds are the "best house"-is that relativism sufficient to prove that either the "bad neighborhood" or the "best house" are desirable and safe? 


It's a like living in Chicago in A.D. 1817 when the city burned.  Some houses may have been better than others, but they all burned, just the same. 


If your economic "neighborhood" is on fire, it's not enough to brag that you live in a mansion that'll be the last to burn. If you want to survive, you've got to find a "house" that won't burn at all.


In today's economic neighborhood, that'll be gold or silver.


* I'm pleased to see the Dow fall from above 17,000 to below 16,000.   


Not because I'm a gold bug. 


Not because I wish bad luck on those who've invested in paper-debt-instruments rather than gold.


I know that in the event of an economic collapse, everyone-including me-will be imperiled.


Still, I'm pleased to see the Dow fall because it represents a return towards truth.  In the context of the Dow's fall, we might catch a glimpse of whatever the Dow is really worth in a free market rather than in the Fed's manipulated market.


I don't like our government.  It's built on lies and eager to destroy our rights while it creates an overt police state able to enforce its lies. 


I am so sick of government lies, that any return to truth-no matter how painful-seems like a blessing to me.


If the Dow continues to fall, it will be create danger, even for me.  But I'm willing to risk that danger, if the Dow's decline exposes government lies and reduces government power.


A falling Dow will diminish public confidence in a government built on lies and abuses of power.  As public confidence falls, the value of the fiat dollar will also fall.


*  Nevertheless, I don't expect the Federal Reserve will sit by idly as the Dow drops.  Given that the Dow has already fallen from over 17,000 to under 16,000, I'll bet that before the Dow hits the 15,000 level, Janet Yellen will announce that QE3 will not only continue but expand-or even be replaced by a new round of QE4.


The balance of October may be critical. 


Will we see a couple more 300 or 400 point drops in the Dow before November 1st?   If we do, I expect Yellen to announce the beginning of QE4.  That could happen any time in the next two weeks. 


On the other hand, if the Dow bounces back and the current fall appears to stop around 16,000, I think Yellen will continue to taper off from QE3.


The next two weeks should tell a very important story about the Dow, the markets in general and our economy.

$700 Gold?


by Alfred Adask



A reader writes:


"In another two years, will gold and silver values return to 2012 values or $700 for gold like Harry Dent predicts?  Appears bleak.  What is your counter to that? 


"Thank you.




Here's my "counter".


First, consider the following chart of gold prices from A.D. 2000 to today in A.D. 2014:


Gold Price A.D. 2000-2014



The red line charts the actual price changes for gold.  


Whatta Rush! 

The yellow trend line "A" approximates the rising price of gold from A.D. 2001 (when the price was $280) though the peak price ($1900) in October, A.D. 2011.  During this spectacular bull market, the price of gold rose 600% in ten years.  If you were invested in gold, you were happy.


Whatta Wreck!

The yellow trend line "B" approximates gold's price decline from the October, A.D. 2011 peak ($1900) to a low of $1,180 in June of A.D. 2013-a mind-boggling fall of 38% in 20 months.  It's unclear whether this period of price decline marked the end of the former bull market (trend line "A") and the onset of a new bear market--or if the decline seen at "B" was merely a severe "correction".  


If the trend line "B" marked the end for the previous bull market and beginning of a new bear market, the price of gold might yet fall to, say, $600.  


However, if the trend line "B" was merely a "correction," the previous bull market trend seen in "A" is still in force and the price of gold can be expected to soon rise much higher.  


Whatta Puzzlement! 

Yellow trend line "C" runs "sideways" during over the most recent 15 months from June, A.D. 2013 to today.  During that 15 months, the average price for gold has been up and it's been down, but it's averaged about $1,250.


We don't know how long the "sideways" trend line "C" will continue.  We don't know if or when the "sideways" "C" trend will give way to a new upward or new downward trend.  


But we can reasonably infer that the "sideways" direction of the 15-month, trend line "C" has probably terminated the downward trend seen in line "B".  


If so, it seems likely that down-trend  line "B" was only a "correction" and the fundamentals favoring the gold bull market (first seen in trend line "A") are still in force and likely to push the price of gold much higher.   


Based on the available information . . . .

Given the information seen on the chart, I'd guesstimate that there's at least a 70% probability that the previous downtrend in the price of gold (trend line "B") is ended and gold will continue to move "sideways" until a new uptrend (similar to trend line "A") begins.


However, although the chart may be interesting and even persuasive, it doesn't prove anything.  


If we want to increase the probability that our predictions for gold's future are accurate, we need to consider a few more questions and look deeper into some "fundamentals". 


Questions, questions

Most of us who'd invested in gold prior to its $1900 peak expected its price to continue rising to even more spectacular levels.


We were wrong.  As you can see from the trend line "B" in the chart, in the three years since that $1,900 peak, gold has done spectacularly poorly, falling back to as little as $1,180 and losing 38% of its peak price in less than two years (trend line "B"). 


Some of us who'd invested in gold prior to the $1,900 peak are shocked and confused.  How is it even possible for gold to have lost over one-third of its peak value?  Many of us are are discouraged.  


For all of us, the big questions are these:  Will the price of gold return to the A.D. 2000-2011 trend line "A" (600% up over 11 years)--or will gold continue in the recent 20 month downward trend ("B") of 38% down?   Is the 20-month downtrend "B" just a "correction" in a major bull market that started in A..D. 2000?  Or did the 20-month downtrend "B" mark the onset of a new, long-term bear market?


I can't give you prophecy, so I can't answer those questions in a way you can rely on.  



However, I can list some facts and implications that I regard as true and "fundamental".  From these "fundamentals" you may be able to draw your own conclusion about gold's future prices:


1.  Fact: Gold has been recognized as "money" for most of 5,000 years.  No other currency comes close to that record.  Implication:  Gold will continue to be recognized and valued as money for some considerable time into the future.


2.  Fact: Over the last several centuries, governments have tried to install fiat currencies at least 275 times.  With the exception of a few, recent fiat currencies that have not yet failed, all fiat currencies have failed.  ImplicationAll fiat currencies fail. 


3.  Fact: 43 years ago (A.D. 1971), when President Nixon closed the "gold window" and stopped redeeming foreign-held dollars with gold, the US dollar lost its last vestiges of intrinsic value and became a pure fiat currency. 


4.  Fact: In the 43 years since the dollar became a pure fiat currency, its value (purchasing power) has fallen by 97%.  Implication:  Given that the fiat dollar lost 97% of its value in the past 43 years (that's an average loss of over 2% per year), if that trend continues, the fiat dollar should lose virtually all of its remaining purchasing power within the next two or three years.


5.  Fact: As the remaining value of the fiat dollar falls, the prices of other commodities like food, energy and precious metals should rise.



Assuming that items 1 through 4 (supra) are true, it seems reasonable--and perhaps inevitably true-that, after losing 97% of its value, the fiat, paper dollar is destined to also lose the last 3% of its remaining value within the next two or three years.  This loss might be drawn out and delayed, or it might substantially occur at any moment.


As the dollar loses another 1%, then 2% and finally 3% of its original value, the prices for gold and silver denominated in fiat dollars may not only rise, but rise exponentially.


There may be some "bumps" along the way which cause the prices of gold and silver to fall to temporary and irrational lows of the sort predicted by Harry Dent. But ultimate result seems certain:  fiat dollars are going to die and cause the price and even value of gold to rise


Big time.


$700 Gold? 

As for Harry Dent's prediction that the price of gold will fall to $700, I don't believe it for one minute.


Nevertheless, I hope he's right because all that means to me is another extraordinary opportunity to buy gold at an irrationally "low" price before it inevitably rises to a spectacular "high" price. 


Gold is going up.  Inevitably.  Way up. 




Because the fiat dollar is going down. Inevitably.  Way down. 


 How high and how soon gold skyrockets remains to be seen-but it's likely to happen in the near future.


The future may be "bleak" for the US economy. 


It may be "bleak" for the US dollar. 


But the future for gold is shiny and bright. 


What will the price of gold be in two more years?  


Can't say.  Don't know.  But it's more likely to gain 100% and rise to $2,500 than to lose another 40% and sink to $700.


In the unlikely event that gold doesn't hit $2,500 in A.D. 2016, it'll do so (and a lot more) soon enough.


America - Disappearing A


Laurie Roth BY ADMIN, ON OCTOBER 8TH, 2014


Join Laurie Roth on her national radio show each day from 7-10pm PAC. Listen at Or listen later to her archives at:


Let us not leave anyone out. Indeed, as bold - compassionate, open minded Americans we should have no moral or marriage lines in the sand. That just speaks to judgment and hate. The only thing we should do in the sand is play in it and feel good.

Is it judgment if not hate speech to even say there is a line anymore - anywhere?   Marriage between a man and a woman...and sex with each other only in marriage...and the big one, wait until sex when you are married...oh yeah, married to the opposite sex. Talk about spoil the party Christian and God people! Why should we care about God's limitations, guidelines, protective boundaries and opinions? We have a big party to ramp up and the music is blaring.

Where has the sexual and marriage rights party gone? 

Long ago the Biblical definition of marriage and sexual values were trampled and replaced with the 'Sexual and marriage theme park.' This is the new norm reflected in the Government 'theme park' curriculum - Common core. We now see spectacular rides offered and pushed for everyone: New history, new gods and new joy rides: 'sex for everyone at all ages, experiment, enjoy, change all the rules, don't listen to God or your parents and above all...act out. Everyone who dares to notice the pregnancies, abortions, STDs, broken hearts and suicides are haters, judgers and thieves of freedom. Bye Bye - parents...Bye Bye - God of the Holy Bible.

Only recently we heard the absurd addition to the theme park list of people who want and demand sexual and marriage rights: Grace Gelder married herself. 

So now we have people marrying themselves, changing their sex demanding and having group sex. There are those who demand sex with children (after all, who will show them how it is done but a waiting 60 year old pervert ready to perform...with rights also). There are gays, lesbians, transgender, groupies, kid sex people and now self - marriage people. There are people who demand sex rights with animals and things...on and on the absurd goes when the only thing you do in the sand is play in it., lesbian, transgender, bisexual, pedophile, groupies, self-sexers, animal sexers, tri - fly - in-between and back and forth sexers.... Certainly, all these groups need unions, rights and TV shows made about them. Next, they all need laws made so none of us can have an opinion, talk about or notice them.

Gay activists are pushing 'gay history' lifting up pervert icons. These include porn stars and those advocating sex with children...Wow! What role models to force down the throats of our children, stuck in a 'pubic' sorry I made a mistake...'public' school system.

Great and powerful empires were destroyed from within again and again as they made sex the norm. How can we forget the fall of Rome:   'Government was God' 'obsession with sex was always good' 'Destroy all who believe differently - Christians.' They ultimately destroyed themselves. Is America going to do the same?

It is way past time to reset the moral and marriage button before it is too late for America

The main reason this nation is powerful and great is because it was built on Judeo-Christian values, vision and the power and leading of God of the Holy Bible.   No one was ever perfect in our history but most, not a few, did serve the Lord and try and do what was moral and right for the nation. Many gave their fortunes, reputations and lives for our freedom.

Open up Laurie....Open up Laurie, you are living in the past and obviously a hater-Christian. Other people have rights too Laurie...

Open up this America

Open up your Holy Bible and understand that it is the revealed message and plan of the Lord Jesus Christ. It does clearly teach us all about sin, boundaries, forgiveness and redemption. It doesn't water everything down for the theme park people.

Opening up wide with endless rights is only destroying families, children, health, freedom and our futures. Put your clothes on, stand up for what is right and fight for what's left of morality in your family, state, schools and Government. You had better vote for the conservative like your life depended on it in 2014 because it does.

It is time to stop compromising and apologizing as a people and country. Start praying, lifting up morals and integrity again.

Join me on my national radio show each day from 7-10pm PAC. Listen at Or listen later to my archives at:


Empower Yourself - Whole Food Supplements - No Synthetics or GMOs - 100% Organic -



by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


With regards to the Ebola virus and the likelihood of an Ebola vaccine miraculously appearing in record time, regardless of the tired-and-true standards of producing a vaccine, there is doubt that this was a natural occurring event. The medical treatment for Ebola or any virus has many concerned since science lately has been revealed to have taken on a dark shroud of fraud. Let's take a look at one of modern medicines supposedly disease prevention treatments and what is mankind giving up for the "promise of protection." Let's find out.




According to the Leading Edge Research Group, vaccines have mutated into a negative genetic instrument of science.  There appears to be genetic material from varied life forms in modern vaccines and since 1971 scientists in Geneva have stated that such vaccines can change the genetic structure of humans. According to the University of Geneva science department these DNA substances in vaccines are injected directly into the blood and become part of the human genetic structure. Modern medicine thinks this is a benefit because they have learned how to transfer resistance or non-resistance from one species to another. This includes plants, animals and humans. Scientists are completely erasing the defining barriers among man and other species. What this means is bacteria, viral or other pathogen history can be transferred in a process science calls "transcession"; the root word is transcend and means they seek to go beyond the limits the Creator has set.  




Yes, these scientists know what course they are embarking on and they do it anyway. In the 1977 International Review of Cytology (volume 51) it stated that the foreign DNA in treatments transforms the cells and can cause cell malignancy. This is why Dr. Rebecca Carley often says that vaccines are the cause for all degenerative diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Here's why, when foreign DNA enters the human body or animals it transcribes into the cells to create a different organism. This process can release "bacterial DNA", which promotes cancer-causing malignant DNA. This is not just the human sector but is also in veterinarian medicine. In 1975 science discovered that the virus causing cancer in animals had a special enzyme called "reverse transcriptase"; these are viruses known as RNA viruses which have been created to form DNA strands to integrate with the host DNA and infect it. Modern medicine knows they are killing billions of people and animals with vaccination treatments and the world is focused on less than 10,000 Ebola deaths.




The research of Dr. Robert Simpson of Rutgers University reported on the DNA and vaccines. He wrote that the RNA viruses which do not cause the cancer will form DNA without needing the reverse transcriptase. When this happens modern medicine calls this a "provirus." These provirus cells can sit dormant (latent) for long periods of time without producing any symptoms of disease. Dr. Simpson gave some examples of common RNA viruses that don't directly cause cancer but can form the proviruses and they are; influenza, measles, mumps and polio. A German scientist, Zintchenko, in 1967 reported that the multiple sclerosis disease was provoked by the following vaccinations; smallpox, typhoid, tetanus, polio, tuberculosis, diphtheria and rabies. This research was published in the 10/22/1967 British Medical Journal. So, when humans are inoculated with (not against) influenza, measles, mumps an polio what is really happening is that modern medicine is seeding our bodies with RNA forming proviruses, which after a long period of time re-awaken delivering another generation of chronically ill patients.




Are there any diseases in which vaccinations cause detrimental yet not lethal diseases? There are diseases that vaccines cause which reduce function, quality of life and can shorten longevity. Science has known for some time that the vaccines can cause what medicine calls mesenchymal and collegen disease. This is also called rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythmatosis and multiple sclerosis. When these diseases occur it is due to human tissue being impregnated with foreign genetic material from vaccines. In the case of lupus the foreign genetic material starts to change the cells of the body and the immune system sees them as foreign and attacks them. There is nothing wrong with the immune system, whoever lupus patients are told by doctors that it is the immune system that is malfunctioning. The immune system is working correctly and attacking what God did not put there. Medicine will pump lupus patients full of immune suppressing drugs and they usually die of pneumonia or flu because they have no immunity. It is a slow death and in my book that is lethal.




In 1964 the Journal of the American Medical Association reported on a study involving the polyoma virus. It seems this virus produces a DNA virus and cause tumors. What they found was the genetic DNA material within the polyoma virus was transformed from a malignant hamster embryo cell culture. I suppose medicine can justify all the misery and death they cause with these insane and unnatural treatments because it was the animal source they used that was faulty. Or it was the equipment that made the vaccines that was faulty. Just pick an excuse.




Cancer is exploded because of cancer-inducing vaccines. In 1961 the journal of Science reported that the smallpox vaccine and polio virus act as carcinogens because they are catalysts for producing cancer. They proved it with animal studies and with amounts too small to produce cancerous tumors on their own. Vaccines can give you cancer before cigarettes will. Medical physicians read these studies but the public doesn't. This is the reason why many medical doctors will not be vaccinated or allow their family to be vaccine, such as the TV personality Dr. Oz. This is why doctors are furious that they must be vaccinated with the flu shot in order to work at a hospital. Now just remember that more antibiotics and vaccines are used in the animal husbandry sector and consumers eat hormone injected, antibiotic laden and vaccine polluted foods.




In April 1972 the journal of Science published findings that the US polio cases were 100% caused by the polio vaccine. By 1977 it was suspected that the polio virus made on monkey tissue culture was causing the uptick in leukemia cases.  Making vaccines on animal tissue cultures has been a problem medical science has known about for several decades.




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