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Friday, September 5th, A.D. 2014

Between Friday, August 29th, A.D. 2014 and Friday, September 5th, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold fell 0.9 % from $1,280.40 to $1,268.40

Silver fell 0.8 % from $19.34 to $19.19

Platinum fell 1.1 % from $1,417 to $1,401

Palladium rose0.0 % from $885 to $885

DJIA rose 0.8 % from 17,001.22 to $17,137.36

NASDAQ rose 1.0 % from 4,538.55 to 4,582.90

NYSE rose 1.1 % from 10,947.30 to 11,073.40

US Dollar Index rose 1.7 % from 82.33 to 83.76

Crude Oil rose 0.1 % from $93.35 to $93.45


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Bail-ins for Banks Too Big to Fail?


by Alfred Adask


Stanley Fisher is the former governor of the Bank of Israel, former chief economist at the World Bank, and current Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve .  According to the Daily Paul, ("The U.S. Plans To Bail-In The Banks-Federal Reserve Vice Chairman") Mr. Fisher recently declared:


". . . the United States is preparing a proposal to require systemically important banks to issue bail-inable long-term debt that will enable insolvent banks to recapitalize themselves in resolution without calling on government funding-this cushion is known as a 'gone concern' buffer.

"Mr. Fisher gave no details as to whom in the United States was preparing the bail-in proposal and what "bail-inable long term debt" is."


*  First, Mr. Fisher implies that the US government is preparing to pass a law that will require those banks, but only those banks, that are "systemically-important" to issue "bail-inable long-term debt" instruments. 


What are "systemically-important banks"?  They must be the major banks (such as Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, State Street, and Wells Fargo) that were previously described as "too big to fail".


More, these "systemically-important banks":


1)   Must be insolvent; and,

2)   Can't expect help from government funding-before they can issue the "bail-inable long term debt".


These conditions imply that government anticipates:


1)    At least one, probably several, and perhaps all of the "too big to fail banks" are going to become "insolvent" in the near future;

2)    The federal government will be too broke to save these insolvent banks with more "Quantitative Easing" (government funds); and,

3)    Since government can no longer save the "too big to fail banks," those banks are will fail-unless they can find a "savior" other than government.


Get that?  Federal Reserve vice chairman Fisher has implied that some or all of the "too big to fail" banks will soon become insolvent and government will be too broke to bail them out.


The result of another Lehman-Brothers-like bank failure could be a collapse of the US and/or global economies.


When might this happen?


You can bet that the gov-co will do everything it can to postpone the insolvency of one or more "too big to fail" banks until after this year's election in November.  But any time after that election-say, first or second quarter of A.D. 2015-we might expect to see significant bank failures and economic chaos.   


*  Second, in order to mitigate this coming economic chaos, the government is proposing a law that will "require" the "systemically-important banks" to "recapitalize" from a source other than government.  What could that source be?


I can imagine only one possible answer:  bank depositors


Vice chairman Fisher's remarks are evidence that the Federal Reserve believes a financial crisis may be approaching that is so severe that, as in Cyprus, the only way to keep the banks solvent is let them seize their depositor's funds.


By passing a law that "requires" the "systemically-important banks" to seize their depositors' funds, the government would give those banks a certain amount of plausible deniability. 

I.e., if insolvent banks were required by law to seize their depositors' funds, perhaps the depositors wouldn't blame those banks for taking their funds and would instead blame the government for passing that law.  If the depositors don't blame the banks that seize their funds, those depositors might continue to do business with the insolvent (failed) banks and those banks might continue to hold enough customers to stay in business. 


More, note that vice chairman Fisher's description of the proposed law only appears to apply to the "too big to fail" banks.  The biggest banks will be required to seize their depositors' funds.  The smaller banks might not be required to do so.


If the smaller banks aren't required to seize their depositors' funds, but do so anyway, those smaller banks won't be able to blame the seizure on government laws.  If the smaller banks have to take sole responsibility for the seizure, the smaller banks can expect to lose all trace of customer loyalty and perhaps be sued by virtually every depositor they have.


The costs of a plethora of lawsuits from depositors may be enough to destroy the smaller banks.


But if the "systemically-important banks" were "required" by law to recapitalize by seizing their depositors' funds, they'd be protected by law from depositor lawsuits. Their depositors' would have no remedy for the loss of their deposits other than to work against the reelection of the president, congressmen and senators who enacted the bill to legalize the taking of bank deposits by the "systemically-important banks".


The result of this proposed law could very well be that the "systemically-important banks" will not only survive their insolvency by robbing their depositors, but may even be able to prosper by buying up smaller banks that are destroyed by depositors' lawsuits if they seize depositor funds.


Get that?  The result of this proposed law might tend to guarantee the survival and growth of the "systemically-important banks" that are insolvent and the destruction of the smaller banks.  Banking services might thereby be consolidated into fewer and fewer, but bigger and bigger banks.


If that analysis were an accurate, then we could expect that the proposed law mentioned by Mr. Fisher to be supported and even initiated by the "systemically-important banks" as a means to not merely survive a coming economic calamity, but to emerge from that calamity with even more financial (and political) power than they had going in.        


*  Third, we've all have heard "doom and gloom" reports about a coming economic debacle.  Federal Reserve vice chairman Fisher's statement verifies that those reports are, in general, reasonable.


Insofar as the proposed program warns that the big banks can't count on government to bail them out, the Federal Reserve at least hints that they anticipate a systemic financial crisis so catastrophic that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation might be wiped out and unable to provide funds to insolvent banks.


*  Fourth, if the biggest banks are allowed to issue "bail-inable long term debt" what does that term mean? 


It means that the "systemically important banks" will be allowed to seize their depositors' bank account funds and issue some sort of note in return that promises to repay those deposits someday, sometime in the distant future.


The bank's depositors won't be able to charge the biggest banks with theft because it will be declared by law that, in return for their savings, they'll receive a genu-wine government-approved piece of paper (the "bail-inable long-term debt" instrument) that promises to repay those savings at some future (long-term) date.


This "bail-inable long term debt" instrument might even pay some modest level of interest.


Such a deal, hmm?


However, you can bet that before the day comes when the "bail-inable long-term debt" instruments are repaid, there'll be a massive "reset" (devaluation) in the value of the fiat dollar.  This devaluation will be legalized by government-enacted laws that declare, say, ten of your old dollars (that you had in your savings account before they were seized by your bank) to be worth only one new "dollar" paid back for your "bail-inable long-term debt" instrument.


If you had $100,000 in the bank when your funds were seized in return for a "bail-inable long-term debt" instrument, by the time (Two years? Three?) when it becomes legal for you to redeem that debt instrument, you might only receive $10,000 in purchasing power.


*  Although I ran for Place One of the Texas Supreme Court in A.D. 1992, I'm not a licensed attorney.  Therefore, my notions on the legal implications of vice chairman Fisher's comments should be taken with salt.  Even so, I have a smidgeon of common sense and an occasional capacity for logic.  Common sense tells me that vice chairman Fisher's remarks indicate that the gov-co and "too big to fail" banks are colluding to legalize the theft of billions, probably trillions, of depositors' dollars from their bank accounts.


If I'm right, those of you who keep your savings in banks do so at increasing risk. 


The banks and gov-co are about to treat you like so many Indians and trade you $23 in shiny beads for Manhattan Island. 


You're about to be robbed. 




Big time.



1)    The concerns about our economy being fragile and subject to serious crisis are valid.

2)    Those of you who store your savings in a bank that's "too big to fail" may believe it's wise to do since those banks are "special" and won't be allowed to fail-and therefore, your deposits are safe.  However, if the new "bail-inable long term debt" law goes into effect, those "special," "too big to fail" banks may be the worst place to store your savings since those are the banks that will be "required" by law to seize you savings to in order to save those banks rather than you.

3)    Those of you storing your savings in a bank that's "too big to fail"-or in any bank, for that matter-in the form of a digital or paper currency may want to start moving some or most of your funds out of those banks and into some physical form of savings that can't be "legally" confiscated by the banks.

"Mission Accomplished"--Ever?


by Alfred Adask


The New York Times ("Iraq Airstrikes May Continue for Months, Obama Says") reports that,


"President Obama said on Saturday that the airstrikes and humanitarian assistance drops he ordered last week in Iraq could go on for months, preparing Americans for an extended military presence in the skies there as Iraq's leaders try to build a new government.


"'I don't think we're going to solve this problem in weeks,' Mr. Obama told reporters. 'This is going to be a long-term project.'"


"Long-term," indeed.


Everything about the Middle East is "long-term".


A month or two before the US invaded Iraq in A.D. 2003, Saddam Hussein warned that such invasion would result in the "mother of all wars".  Everyone laughed.  Surely, lowly Iraq could not put up much of a war against the US.


A couple weeks after invading Iraq and dispensing a generous dose of "shock and awe," President G.W. Bush declared "Mission Accomplished!" 




However, as it turned out, we couldn't solve the Iraqi problem in just weeks, and the war dragged on for another 8.5 years-until the "mission" (whatever that was-eliminate the non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction?) was seemingly "accomplished" when the American military "finally" left Iraq in December of A.D. 2011. 


In retrospect, Hussein's warning about the "mother of all wars" may've been exaggerated, but it was way closer to the truth than Bush's "Mission Accomplished".   In fact, Hussein's description wasn't even all that exaggerated given that the Iraq War was America's third longest war (after Afghanistan, 13 years; and Viet Nam, almost 11 years).  If Iraq wasn't (yet) the "mother of all wars," it might at least have been the step-mom.


Today, we're again bombing in Iraq.  This time the targets are ISIS soldiers. Is this a new "Mission" or is it just another episode of the original "Mission" (whatever that was)?


President Obama has warned again that we may be in for some "long-term" bombing that may take months rather than weeks.  And, who knows, if we put some "boots on the ground," it might even take a few more years to reach the sublime objective of a real "Mission Accomplished" (if anyone knows what the "mission" is) or, at least, a "Mission Escaped".


Did anyone know what we were fighting for during the first 8.5 years of the Iraqi War?


Does anyone know what we're fighting for now?


*  I think there's a lesson here:  The US government is crazy to become further involved in Middle East peace or Middle East wars. 


I believe the Bible is correct when it refers to End Times leaders declaring "Peace, peace" ("mission accomplished") when there is no peace. 


I doubt that any western government or power can impose "peace" in the Middle East. 


It's remotely possible that a new "Caliphate" run by Muslims might be able to forcefully impose "peace" (or at least some semblance of "order") on the Middle East.  But even that's unlikely so long as the Sunnis are determined to behead the Shia and even one Shiite remains.


I believe the Middle East will remain unstable and prone to chaos, violence and war for the balance of our lives.  The causes are not just geopolitical or religious (which can be mitigated by man's efforts).  The causes are also genetic-which cannot be affected by mankind's efforts.


Circa 600 A.D., the prophet Mohammed reportedly married about a dozen women-one of which was his first cousin.  Believing Mohammed to be perfect, Muslims have since sought to emulate Mohammed by also marrying their own first cousins (a custom forbidden to the Jewish and Christian faiths).  Recently, several scientific studies have shown that, due to centuries of inbreeding with their first cousins, Muslims are disproportionately predisposed to genetic defect.  As a result of this inbreeding, many Muslims are genetically prone to physical deformity, low IQs, mental illness and violence. 


Insofar as we arm crazy people, we shouldn't be surprised if they behead each other.  Insofar as we fight crazy people, we shouldn't expect our war to ever end.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a better chance of establishing a permanent peace to the south side of Chicago than the federal government does of establishing peace to the Middle East.


Those who meddle in the Middle East under the pretext of "peace, peace," will probably achieve only "war, war"-and the major meddlers undoubtedly know it.  In other words, the governments who shout loudest for "peace, peace" in the Middle East intend to cause "war, war".


If you want to involve yourself and your nation in endless war, keep meddling in the Middle East.


If you want some semblance of "peace, peace" for yourself and your nation, stay out of the Middle East.


To hell with 'em.  Let them kill each other to the last lunatic.


Some would dismiss that advice as callous and worse, economically naïve. After all, what would happen to the global price of crude oil if we simply allowed the Muslims to self-destruct?  Wouldn't the price increase cripple the US economy?


I doubt it.


I'd bet that any increase in the price of crude caused by allowing the Middle East to explode would be less than the price we've already paid for the last Middle East war, or the price we're going to pay for the next one.


Peace is usually cheaper than war.


Plus, if we stayed out of the Middle East, we wouldn't have to send our soldiers over there to kill or be killed.


Obama doesn't have an ISIS strategy...but Americans Do




This week the Pentagon and American people's mouths dropped to the floor as Obama stated on television Thursday that 'we don't have a strategy yet' when asked about ISIS and its murderous escapades and genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq.

Most of our mouths are still stuck on the floor in horror as we hear of what the radical Islamic group ISIS continues to do around the world. Just a few of their legacy headlines from Iraq alone include, sawing little kids in half, beheading little babies and posting their heads on poles, burying women and children alive, torture and beheading American journalists with more beheadings promised. Naturally, Obama and the liberal sell out media world refuse to connect the word Islam with ISIS.

Let us clarify and reveal the truth of 99.9% of all terrorist attacks on humanity right now so we don't cruelly attack a peaceful religion. What do all these terrorist groups, who behead people, blow up people, cut children in half, stone and whip people, bring down planes, stone rape victims if they don't have at least 4 witnesses, crucify gay people, hijack ships, derail trains, chop up people in malls and burry women and children alive have in common??? They are all Christian evangelicals. Everyone knows that....

The truth is almost impossible for politicians and media people to dare say and that is going to get a ton of us killed. REAL Islamics simply obeying the Koran and what Muhammad taught are supportive of those who target non-believers and rape, torture and behead them. That is what Mohamed taught and chapter 9 in the Koran gives us infidels 3 choices, 1) forcibly convert to Islam 2) submit to their high tax for having the privilege of staying alive or 3) be killed. Real and believing Islamics don't believe a small part of what Muhammad taught but believe him completely. That means if they aren't the killing and torturing type, they will support and finance those who do while pretending to be peaceful. Get it yet?

The King of Saudi Arabia has warned the U.S. of an imminent attack by ISIS. Europe and the U.S. cannot hide from them and they will be here soon. Many others like myself believe that thanks to our open borders and Obama's looking the other way on dealing with ISIS, that they are already here preparing a 'mother lode' attack on our mainland. Some think it will be at the southern border but truthfully folks it could be anywhere. This will be a horrifying, large and memorable attack, while Obama no doubt golfs....again.

Obama doesn't have a plan but America must have a plan to survive

1) We must vote like each vote was worth its weight in gold. No one can stay home in the 2014 and 2016 election cycle. Democrat/progressives MUST be voted out in as many local, state and federal elections as possible. They had there chance and have blown it big with Obama against us all. This is not democrat-republican, liberal-conservative anymore. This is survival...period. Show up and vote them out no matter what your political leaning is.

2) After the 2014 elections we must push for and get behind the elected officials who will impeach and convict Obama. He must answer for his UN Constitutional and criminal behavior.

3) We must demand a quick and harsh response to all fundamentalist, radical Islamic groups, movements, schools, Mosques here and abroad that teach and preach our demise. There must be intelligence and surveillance through out all Islam in America and a zero tolerance toward any support of jihad and radical Islamic groups such as HAMAS, ISIS, Al Kaeda, Taliban, Hesbola, Muslim Brotherhood and related relatives. Support for these groups should be counted as war against America. What are the House and Senate smoking when we have a President who has and is funding many of these groups, let alone making sure they get more arms? Obama is also employing many current members of the Muslim Brotherhood, also an Islamic terrorist group. This is called treason!

Obama does have a plan

Obama has a plan all right and it is to destroy and America here and internationally, while stealing and crushing our wealth, freedom and Judeo-Christian values. In 'Obamasteins' laboratory, he is taking off all our body parts and replacing them with Islam, Internationalism, New world order and Communism.

America has a plan as well

* Impeach and Convict Obama after the 2014 election cycle.* Get back the Senate and fortify the House with Constitutionalists and real Americans who will stand against tyranny and evil.* Stop the building of all Mosques in America until Christian churches are allowed to be built throughout the Muslim world without the threat of attack and torture.* Have a zero tolerance policy with regards to teaching and preaching jihad and death to infidels and Israel in America. This would mean immediate arrest or deportation if discovered. Keep a real eye on Islamic sleeper cells emerging, hiding and building in America through intelligence and surveillance.* Institute REAL border security, apprehend and start shipping back millions of illegal aliens of all ages. Give the border patrol real authority again and secure our borders once and for all.* Congress start defunding all Government groups behaving illegally against the American people such as the NSA, IRS, EPA, BLM to name a few. After the 2014 election cycle congress must also destroy and defund Obamacare however is possible and resurrect our health care system from near death.* Have real investigations that lead to arrests for the crimes of the NSA, IRS and Benghazi murders.

"Obama...the American people aren't done with our freedom, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Obama...the American people are also not done with our guns, Holy Bibles and Jesus.

We are however, quickly getting done with YOU Obama.


Join me each day as I take on these and other national issues each day 7-10pm PAC. You can listen live at Check out my Facebook 'crime' web site and


August Unemployment

WASHINGTON (AP) - Though U.S. job growth slowed last month, the unemployment rate fell, especially for younger demographic groups. Jobless rates also fell for recent war veterans and for high school graduates and dropouts. Rates held steady or rose for nearly every other group.

 The overall unemployment rate slipped to 6.1 percent in August from 6.2 percent in July, the Labor Department said Friday. This occurred even though employers said they added just 142,000 jobs, significantly below the 212,000 monthly average over the past 12 months.

 So what caused the unemployment rate to drop wasn't robust hiring. It was that more people either stopped working, abandoned their job search or never started it. In calculating the unemployment rate, the government counts as unemployed only people who are actively seeking jobs, so those departures caused the rate to fall.

Sam Zell mentioned on CNBC he could get the rate lowered to 2% all you have to do is stop including the people that are not working....just because they are "looking for work"

New Jersey Gov. Visits Puebla Mexico for Trade

 PUEBLA, Mexico (AP) - Government officials and local residents alike were to meet with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Friday, as he put his people skills to the test in the city of Puebla. It's one of the last stops on the last day of his trip to Mexico.


Puebla state Gov. Rafael Moreno Valle greeted Christie and his eldest son, Andrew, who has accompanied his father on the three-day trip.


After a brief meeting, Christie joined the Mexican governor, his cabinet members and other local officials for a breakfast in the governor's residence complex. As the breakfast began, Christie said he had already invited Moreno Valle to come to New Jersey for a joint visit to the City of Passaic, where many immigrants from Puebla live. "I look forward to him coming to the U.S. and for me to return the favor," Christie said. 


(Christie can offer him a choice of rooms from the shuttered casinos in Atlantic City or perhaps Atlantic City can now become a Village for all the children coming across the border.)



Poll shows Le Pen beating Hollande in presidential run-off

By Hugh Carnegy in Paris

Marine Le Pen, leader of France's far-right National Front, would beat struggling incumbent François Hollande in a run-off election for the French presidency, according to a new poll.


A poll for Ifop, published on Friday, showed that Ms Le Pen would beat Mr Hollande by 54-46 per cent if they were matched today in the decisive second round of the presidential election.  BUT the next poll isn't until 2017....whats the point.


But it was the first time she had been shown ahead of a mainstream candidate in the second round - a scenario regarded to date as unrealistic.  It shows the sentiment of citizens....

The Ifop poll followed another on Friday by TNS-Sofres giving Mr Hollande an all-time low approval rating of just 13 per cent.


So maybe France has a chance.......



ECB attack on deflation

 By Roland Jackson


London (AFP) - A surprise rate cut and major policy announcement by the European Central Bank pushed the euro down sharply and boosted European and US stocks on Thursday.

The euro fell to the lowest levels for more than a year against the dollar,  after the ECB caught markets off guard by cutting its key interest rates to ward off deflation.

ECB chief Mario Draghi also unveiled plans to buy asset-backed securities (ABS) to help kick-start lending in the region, as well as a programme to purchase covered bonds.

This is a technique for buying certain types of assets out of bank balance sheets and replacing them with cash,(here, let us buy all the toxic assets before you go co -put) in the hope it will be passed on in the form of loans.

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde welcomed the new measures, saying in a statement that they would help "counter" low inflation. (meaning gov't want and need inflation)

It also lowered the deposit rate to negative 0.20 percent from negative 0.10 percent and trimmed its marginal lending rate to 0.30 percent from 0.40 percent.


Mininum wage demostrations - Fast Food restaurants are not meant to be career choices unless you went into management or ownership.

Police handcuffed dozens of protesters in cities around the country on Thursday as they blocked traffic in the latest attempt to escalate their efforts to get McDonald's, Burger King and other fast-food companies to pay their employees at least $15 an hour.

The protests, which were planned by labor organizers for about 150 cities nationwide throughout Thursday, are part of a campaign called "Fight for $15."

Since the protests began in late 2012, organizers have switched up their tactics every few months to bring attention to the protests, which have attracted spotty crowds. Organizers previously said they planned to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience on Thursday, which might lead to arrests. In the past, supporters have done things like show up at a McDonald's shareholder meeting and hold overseas protests.

The movement, which is backed financially by the Service Employees International Union and others (if this union is creating intentional disturbances....isn't that illegal???



MA. Gov. Patrick continues to look to outside. (or just needed some vacation)

BOSTON (AP) - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is hitting the road again, this time for a trade mission to Denmark, the United Kingdom and France. Patrick said the goal of the six-day trip - from Sept. 14-19 - is to expand opportunities between Massachusetts and the European countries in the innovation economy, clean tech, digital gambling, financial services, and education sectors.


Patrick will be joined by cabinet secretaries, academic officials and business leaders on the trip. The trade mission includes stops in Copenhagen, London, Paris and Lyon, France. It is Patrick's fourth major trade mission this year.In his first term, Patrick embarked on a single trade mission to China. Since winning re-election in 2010, Patrick has visited Israel, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Colombia, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Panama, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.



And the Federal Reserve Survey Says!!!!

WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. economy strengthened in all regions of the country in July and August, in areas from consumer spending to auto sales to tourism, the Federal Reserve reported in a survey released Wednesday. All 12 of the Fed's regions reported growth. Six - New York, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas and San Francisco - characterized growth as "moderate."


The other regions reported somewhat slower expansion. Four described growth as "modest," and two noted signs of improvement.


A majority cited increased loan demand, for example, and hotel occupancies. The survey, known as the Beige Book, is based on anecdotal reports from businesses and will be considered with other data when Fed policymakers next meet Sept. 16-17.



Thousands to be Laid-off in Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) - The first attendees at an assistance center that expects to process 5,000 newly laid-off workers over the next three days.


The session at the Atlantic City Convention Center came after a brutal weekend that saw two casinos, the Showboat and Revel, close. Officials from the state Department of Labor and the main casino workers' union, Local 54 of Unite-HERE, helped displaced workers file for unemployment and gave them information on signing up for health insurance and other benefits. By mid-September, Atlantic City, which started the year with 12 casinos, will be down to eight, and almost 8,000 people will be out of work. Trump Plaza is closing Sept. 16, and the Atlantic Club shut down in January.



Noranda Aluminum

 NEW MADRID, Mo. (AP) - Noranda Aluminum Inc. announced Tuesday that it is laying off up to 200 employees and suspending an expansion project at its southeast Missouri smelter because state regulators refused to lower its electricity rates.

The cutbacks by Noranda come less than two weeks after the Missouri Public Service Commission denied its request for a roughly 25 percent reduction in electricity rates that it pays to Ameren Missouri. "It is heartbreaking to me to be forced to take actions that eliminate jobs, but these actions are necessary to help us remain competitive in the near-term,"

I recently conversed with my supplier, David Krieger, regarding the negative views of pre1933 slabbed coins.  We attempted to discuss this on the radio program 8/5/2014 (listen to archive at but of course time is limited.  So I thought perhaps the comments outlined for the program could be published in the weekly journal American Survival.


David references MS63 and higher but I believe the MS61 & MS62 certified coins also bring value to a portfolio but with the objective of getting a better than bullion coin and still receive the benefits of higher grades.  It is my experience that recognizes the best value for either grade for any given time for purchase.  Melody Cedarstrom


By David Krieger:


As I understand it, is hammered by other broadcasters who exclusively handle bullion and keep up three lines of attack.  One is that dealers sell pre-33 certified coins to make extra money; they allege "you can't sell slabs during times of distress as no one will want them" and "they perform terribly."


I'm thinking of the following, but you have much more insight and experience...

  • In our economy there seldom is a single item that meets all the needs of everyone.  For example, as great as an iPhone might be to many individuals, many prefer the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Although Apple has sold millions of iPads, Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is coming on strong.  Consumers develop strong preferences for similar - yet different - products and it is no different with precious metals.  An important question is which option is best for a specific individual?
  • There are many options for gold bullion and not all are suitable choices for different individuals.  Are we talking about one ounce American Gold Eagles or half, quarter or 1/10th ounce coins?  Are Austrian Philharmonics, Canadian Maple Leafs or Australia Kangaroos a stronger choice over an American Pre-33 coin that is United States coinage and legal tender?  Do one ounce Engelhard, Johnson Mathey or Royal Canadian one ounce bars make more sense than, say, United States $5 Half Eagles of similar total weight?   
  • Deciding should be a personal choice based on personal preference, financial goals and intended use.  NOT WHAT A DEALER HAPPENS TO FIND EASIEST TO SELL.  For example, if a buyer intends to hold a certain amount of precious metals for use in the event the economy crashes - and many buyers purchase for exactly that reason - I would argue it makes more sense to have a stack of $5 Half Eagles (.2419 Troy) tucked away or BU Swiss Francs or British Sovereigns than one ounce Gold Eagles.  Think of standing at the farmer's field with a couple of sacks of vegetables and fruit, offering him a one-ounce gold coin and asking if he "...has change for a thirteen hundred, please?"  Much easier and more reasonable to offer a bright gold coin worth only a third of that!  Besides, at that point it is highly unlikely you will be getting back any change at all.  Survival will mean conserving assets - particularly your only means of barter.
  • One of the objections often voiced against Pre-33 rare coins is that " can't sell them during times of distress."  I have no idea where that comes from or exactly what that means.  I cannot picture any competent dealer who would not make a bid on any gold coin considered authentic if he had the means to do so. 
  • What is meant by the term "times of distress?"  If it is meant a time of personal distress, I think the statement is misleading.  If one deals with a reputable dealer like Melody, there should be no difference between selling either bullion or rare coins.  If it is a case of a survivor selling inherited coins, I'd say doing business with a dealer like Melody is all the more important.  That's why I recommend all who hold precious metals include a note of "who to contact in the event I am unable to sell these coins by myself."  
  • The most convenient way for a dealer to establish authenticity is to be presented a certified coin in an NGC or PCGS "tamper-evident" holder.  Much like when a dealer bids on, say, a "Monster Box" of 500 Silver Eagles.  If the box remains sealed, it is an easy transaction.  If the box has been opened and the first tube has fingerprints all over the coins, it will take that dealer much longer.  He will count all coins, evaluate them, etc.        
  • But let's say the most dire, awful and unexpected predictions for the collapse of our economy come about.  There is a run on banks, inflation makes hyperinflation in the Weimar Republiclook like a picnic and peace and order have collapsed.  Now, such extreme conditions would certainly be considered "times of distress.!"  I've mentioned in previous programs I have some experience with everything going to pot, when I led my family and about 50,000 of my closest friends through the eruption of Mount Pinatubo.  It's a helpless feeling to have no water, electricity or sanitation!
  • I feel a good argument could be made that in such times of distress, I would choose to have in my pocket a certified coin by the most respected third-party grading service.  Why?  That coin's authenticity and gold content stands a much better chance of acceptance than a bullion coin, in my opinion.  What I would do is make my deal for whatever goods were involved, then simply strike that holder to fracture it, remove the coin present it for payment.  No fingerprints, no question it is "fresh." 
  • Bullion coins fluctuate closely with SPOT.  They have no significant rarity today and any "endorsement" of "First Strike" or other related term has not significantly increased their value at resale.  They can be produced at unlimited numbers.
  • Pre-33 United States coins, on the other hand, are no longer produced.  Many are more than 100 years old and represent a significant period in our Nation's history.  They are legal tender and beautiful.  They are not only recognizable in the United States, but for many years were used for international trade and remain in demand in Europe. 
  • Pre-33 coins roughly fluctuate with SPOT, but also as premiums reflect market demand. 
  • For an individual new to the precious metals market, who is not confident in their ability to evaluate either bullion or rare coins, an NGC or PCGS certified coin can provide a high level of confidence and trust.  The "Third-Party" grading service stands behind every coin they place in their tamper-evident holder that the coin is authentic AND of the grade indicated.
  • It should be clear that although I certainly respect American Gold Eagles and Canadian Maples, the one-ounce version is NOT what I believe the best option for everyone.  They are great choices for IRA's.  They are beautiful and make great gifts to family members.  But in many respects they include the same "problems" of utility as does holding only, say, 100-ounce Silver bars.  I like 100-ounce bars very much, but they would not be my first choice of carting around for barter.  They're like going to a garage sale or Flea Market with only $100 dollar bills. 
  • So, if you are thinking your reason for precious metals is only in case of emergency, I'd recommend you speak with Melody about Swiss Francs, $10 Libs or $5 Liberty "Half Eagles."
  • If you are looking for beautiful American gold with a history, then I recommend you speak with Melody about certified $20 gold in grades MS-63 to 65. 

Thoughts on making extra money by selling certified coins:


  • There is truth that certified coins often are sold with excessive premiums.  But I don't think the practice is limited to Pre-33 coins.  I think it is a practice of some dealers and it is a blemish on our industry. 
  • There have been numerous cases of dealers selling coins and receiving funds never to ship coins a customer paid for.  Just recently one of the highest volume dealers who caused everyone to scratch their head and ask "how does he sell so cheap?" went out of business for the third time, leaving many high and dry.  Minnesota has had so many dealers in court they recently passed laws regulating who can be a coin dealer. 
  • These are very good reasons to stick with a proven dealer like Melody.  It is a big mistake, in my opinion, to shop for the "lowest price" - what's that old saying " bad do you want it?"
  • I sent Melody a cartoon last week of a big, tough guy getting a tattoo on the back of his shoulder.  He was holding a drawing of an elegant winged horse flying over the turf while the tattoo artist was finishing a stick diagram of what looked like a child's drawing of a cow.  The cartoon was titled "There will always be someone who says that they can do it cheaper..."
  • Often, those who attract you with promises of the lowest price do it much like "loss leaders" in food stores. 
  • I don't think it makes a difference if it is Pre-33 or bullion.  A wise buyer will know when a price is reasonable and when it is not.  The problem can be with the uninformed who "trust" too much.  All the more reason to stick with the dealer you know you can call. 

Thoughts on they perform terribly:

  • We track several values of the market, including SPOT price; Melt value based on that SPOT; current ask on the wholesale market; and two important tracking values
    • o   Ask minus Melt which equals premium
    • o   Ask divided by Melt expressed as a percentage.
    • We go back 10 years in our data and have a spreadsheet where we can easily see where these values compare on a daily basis.
    • Today, the premium over melt for a $20 Saint in MS-63 is about half of what it was in January, 2010 when SPOT was $1,130. 
    • The percentage of Ask over Melt today is 40% below the value when gold was $422 on Jan 5, 2004.
    • In other words, based on history, this would be a favorable time to look at 63 Saints.  The premiums are significant below historic highs and the premium is significantly less with gold at $1,268 than when it was $422.
    • $10 Indians are similar.  An AU $10 Indian is selling on the wholesale market at approximately 60% below the ask over melt premium of Jan 3, 2003 when gold was only $348.50.  That indicates not only MIGHT the SPOT value increase, but also premiums.  With bullion you only can benefit from an increase in SPOT.
    • I like $5 Libs in 63 and have mentioned them several times.  The ask over melt percentage of a $5 Lib in 63 today is about 453% less than on Jan 6, 2005.  I think this indicates an opportunity for appreciation.
Empower Yourself - Whole Food Supplements - No Synthetics or GMOs - 100% Organic -



According to scientific research from Denmark, Australia and the UK, the Intelligence of the human race is regressing. The reports say that although technology may be getting smarter however, man isn't. Where is science getting this information? Some of the info is coming from the military. Regardless of the nation, the military will have recruits take an intelligence test. According to Denmark's military with 30,000 annual recruits, only a few thousand pass an IQ exam that has been used since the 1950's. The US Army uses an IQ test but they call it a General Classification Test and it has been in use since 1954. The Department of Defense reports 6 out of 10 recruits become enlisted and have an average IQ of 105. So, has the human race reached its intelligence peak? Let's find out.



The research in the UK is pointing to an overall drop in IQ of 1.5 points since 1998. The scientists at the University of Amsterdam say the folks in the west have lowered their IQ by 14 points. There are similar findings in Denmark and Australia published in the New Scientist. So, when did the downhill slide of man's IQ start? Data shows that IQ's were on the rise of about 3 points between the 1930's up until the 1980's. The scientists in New Zealand think this increase was because of the invention of refrigeration and freezing improving our nutritional benefits as well as an improved educational system. Could the ups and downs of IQ scores be a natural occurrence and not an indicator that mankind is destined to return to caveman status? Apparently the scientific community thinks that our IQ is not going through a cycle or leveling off but is in decline. Could it be all the heavy metals in vaccinations which are affecting brain development and intelligence? Has anyone checked for correlations between vaccines and IQ's?



Most people would be dumbfounded to discover that the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health have documents stating that mercury exposure negatively affects our intelligence especially in children. Their report states, "Neither children nor adults should have any mercury in their bodies because it provides no physiological benefit." They go on to say that mercury in small amounts is poisonous to the human brain and is "immunotoxic" (poison to the immune system). We have mercury in metallic forms, organic forms and medical forms. The medical form is injected directly into the bloodstream via vaccinations. For the record, the thiomersal (49.6% mercury) used in vaccines since 1930 is considered an "organic" mercury compound and it destructive towards amino acids, which are the building blocks of our bodies. If we are not being loaded up with mercury thru vaccines we are getting more of it at the dentist office. Dental amalgam fillings are 50% mercury. However, we're told that the mercury we get from health care is not dangerous. Then why is it considered a dangerous contaminant when we're cremated and the mercury is said to pollute the air. Pregnant women are cautioned about eating too much seafood that could expose them to mercury but they are encouraged to get the flu vaccine. Babies are vaccinated the day of birth and this according to the medical reports is detrimental on the baby's brain. The mercury in the vaccines attacks the central nervous system and the formation of neuronal cells in the developing brain. This is permanent brain damage via the syringe. Modern medicine knows this, has known about this and continues to promote vaccine weapons as safe, necessary and required. If a teacher drops and breaks a thermometer and mercury spills out, the classroom is cleared of children until the mercury hazard is neutralized. Therefore it is completely ludicrous to shove a needle full of mercury into a child's arm or pound it into teeth. It is obvious that the mercy medical treatments also cause madness. Is it a coincidence that with more vaccines being used that women were also encouraged to stop breast feeding and use baby formula, which became popular and widely used globally in the 1970's? Do we see a strategy that there is a deliberate sabotage of human intelligence at the beginning stages of development and beyond?



We can't forget about the neurotoxin fluoride. It is known that too much fluoride will pit teeth, discolor them and cause tooth decay. The US Department of Health and Human Services has revised their recommendations for fluoridated water from 2 mg/L to 0.7 mg/L. Professor Arnon Afek pathologist and Israel's Health Ministry Director General has banned all water fluoridation due to recent scientific research revealing that fluoride is in the same class of chemicals known as neurotoxin and is highly neurotoxic.


"Mandatory fluoridation is medical treatment." Arnon Afek, Pathologist



These reports from the scientists would have us believe that eventually we'll have a bunch of simple-minded, Forrest Gump's running around. Of course the researchers are saying it isn't a total loss and this downward spiral can be reversed. They suggest better education to turn this IQ nightmare into a temporary setback. According to this suggestion, the government-run public schools are partly to blame.



The genetic scientists had to jump into this debate and state the decline in IQ is based on genes. They suggest that smart people are having fewer children and it leaves us with more Forrest Gumps. I'm not buying that. Well, according to Dr. Rebecca Carley, vaccines do change our DNA and genetic code. There comes a saturation point with this kind of medical intervention and perhaps we are witnessing it. The heavy metals in vaccines affect the immune system, memory and learning cortex. It could be very likely that medicine through vaccines and other medical treatments has lowered the bar for the masses to reach their intellectual potential. Other scientists, such as Gerald Crabtree professor of pathology at Stanford University, think that when man started the urban lifestyle this is when the gene pool was altered.



Researchers at the University of Brussels in Belgium report that man's reaction time has slowed since the Victorian times. I had no idea that folks 177 years ago underwent tests to score reaction time. Well, how did they test for that? Apparently if you had a fast comeback or a quick wit you had a fast reaction time. Really! Funny people are smarter?  I wasn't able to find any scientific studies to corroborate that but I did see where a Harvard University study found that if you have a sense of humor it tends to correlate with sanity and common sense. Common sense; another way of saying you have problem solving capabilities, which do not require initials after your name. The study also found that a sense of humor and narcissism equal a negative correlation; if you can't laugh at yourself, you're not very funny. Seriously, personality traits do correlate with intelligence. There was a report in Psychology which said that when it comes to IQ personality does matter. You've heard the term Dr. Phil overuses that you have to paddle your own canoe, well there is an acronym CANOE which stands for: conscientious, agreeable, neurotic, open and extraverted. According to psychologists, the person with the 170 IQ can do a calculation a mile long in their head but can't build a sandwich. The average intelligent person has an IQ of 100 and the brainiacs in the 1% to 2% category, which are supposed to be geniuses, have an IQ of 145 or higher. So, what is the significant difference between "intelligent" and "genius"? You are intelligent if you can apply book knowledge to common everyday life, be creative, are a good communicator and know how to tell a joke.



One of the most important factors to being intelligent is to have a good memory. Memory work used to be a big part of school; memorizing the multiplication tables, the fifty states etc. It is hard for children to have an even playing field when their brains are sabotaged in the womb and right after birth with mercury-riddled vaccines. It's hard for children to maintain proper enzymes and amino acids when they are dependent on Nestle for their mother's milk.  It's hard for children to memorize information when their mercury-filled teeth hinder their progress. However, children still persevere and smart parents know when modern medicine is to be utilized and that's for trauma and not disease prevention. Therefore, I refuse to accept the declaration from science that the IQ of man is in an irreversible decline. I personally fight back with herbs. There are herbs to improve and restore memory, boost immune system function and rebuild dentin on teeth. Call Apothecary Herbs and ask about the Brain Concentrate formula, their variety of Immune Boosting formulas and Calcium formula. Call now toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. New product catalog coming this fall.





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The information contained herein is not designed to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a lincensed medical physician (if you dare) before using any product or therapy. 

All content is copyright © Independent News Journalist Disclaimers of FARE USE

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, "Fair Use" Allowance is made for purposes such as: Criticism, Comment, News Reporting, Teaching, Scholarship, and Research. "Fair Use" is a use permitted by Copyright Statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, Educational or Personal use tips the balance in Favor of "Fair Use". Conclusions drawn from these articles or audio files do not necessarily represent the Opinions/Beliefs of those subjects People/Musicians/Participants/Entities therein. "Fair Use" says it all....Produced by FREELANCE AUTHOR.

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