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Friday, August 22nd A.D. 2014

Between Friday, August 15th, A.D. 2014 and Friday, August 22nd, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold fell 1.1 % from $1,304.50 to $1,280.40

Silver fell 1.1 % from $19.55 to $19.34

Platinum fell 2.4 % from $1,452 to $1,417

Palladium fell 0.6 % from $890 to $885

DJIA rose 2.0 % from 16,662.91 to 17,001.22

NASDAQ rose 1.6 % from 4,464.93 to 4,538.55

NYSE rose 1.4 % from 10,796.00 to 10,947.30

US Dollar Index rose 1.1 % from 81.42 to 82.33

Crude Oil fell 4.0 % from $97.24 to $93.35


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
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Is the Economy's Performance Overrated?


by Alfred Adask


Yahoo Finance reports that,


"The latest numbers on GDP growth show an encouraging upturn. After a dismal drop in first quarter output, GDP grew by 4% in the second quarter, which many economists consider a convincing sign that more prosperous times are ahead.  

"But, what if the reported 4% growth in the Second Quarter turns out to be 2%?


That "what if" is not unlikely.


In fact, if the economy shrank by 2.1% in the first quarter and improved by 4% in the second quarter, the economy grew, on average by about 4%-2.1% = 1.9% average for the first two quarters.  That calculation is based on the assumption that the government's latest reports of 4% growth in the second quarter are accurate and true.


However, it's common practice for Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) preliminary estimates of quarterly performance to be repeatedly revised during the next quarter. 


For example, the preliminary reports on economic growth in the first quarter were, initially, positive.  Later, the BLS reported that the GDP actually decreased by minus 1%.  And later, they reported that the first quarter's GDP decreased at an annual rate of minus 2.9%.  And later, they said, no, wait, first quarter GDP only shrank by 2.1%.


Therefore, after shrinking by 2.1% in the first quarter, "what if" the BLS revised the second quarter GDP growth from 4% to just 3%?  The average rate of GDP increase for the first two quarters would a positive 0.9%.


"What if" the BLS revised its reports of 4% growth to, say, a positive 2.0% ?  The average growth for the first two quarters of A.D. 2014 would be minus 0.1%.

What if the BLS revised its reports of 2nd quarter GDP to a minus 1% (as they did early on in reporting the first quarter's change in GDP)?  The average growth for the first two quarters of this year would be almost minus 2%




We should expect the BLS to revise the initial reports of second quarter GDP growth downward from the original plus 4.0%;


Even if the second quarter growth is only revised downward to 3%, the resulting average GDP for the first half of the year will be less than a positive 1%.  Thus, our alleged economic "recovery" is not yet here, nor is it in sight.


The BLS won't have to revise its second quarter report downward by very much to show true negative growth in GDP for the first two quarters of this year.


Two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth is the working definition for a recession.




If we're in a "recovery," it's weak.  But we may already be in a recession.


If we're really in a recession, will the BLS provide revised numbers on the second quarter's GDP to honestly reflect that unpleasant reality?


Just Desserts


by Alfred Adask


Financial Trend Forecaster published an article entitled "How to Destroy Your Economy in One Easy Lesson".  That article discussed Argentina's current economic plight and argued that Argentina was following a tried-and-true, Nine-Step-Program, to destroy their own economy.  Most of those Nine Steps are already also being implemented in the U.S.. 


The following headings are from Financial Trend Forecaster.  The subsequent comments are my own.


1) "Promise the poor 'Bread and Circuses'."


I.e., bribe the non-productive poor to reelect incumbent politicians by providing benefits, grants and entitlements to the great unwashed that are unearned.  Convince the non-productive elements of society that they are "entitled" to receive "benefits" which they have not personally earned.


2) "Tax the 'Rich' to Pay for it." 


Not exactly.  Taxing the "rich" is not necessary wrong.  The wrong is in taxing, and thereby destroying, the productive.  The "rich" may or may not be "productive".  We can get along without the rich-we can't get along without the productive. 


Who, primarily, are the productive people in our society?  The middle class.  They're the mules that pull the plow. 


There are exceptions but, generally speaking, the super-rich and the poor are parasites or predators who consume or acquire more than they produce.  The poor prosper by voting for politicians who'll give them something for nothing.  The rich prosper by bribing legislators to pass laws to allow the rich to legally predate on the public.  The rich, the poor and the government have this in common:  They are all largely non-productive cannibals who feed off the productive middle class.


When taxes and government regulations rise high enough to destroy the productive middle class, the poor parasites and rich predators will have to learn to work to support themselves.  They won't like it.  They'll scream and protest.  But if they can't or won't learn how to support themselves or at least learn to respect the middle class, they'll perish.  If they do, good riddance.


3) "When there aren't enough rich, borrow money and inflate the currency to cover the shortfall."


Again, I disagree.  It's not about the "rich".  It's about the productive (primarily the middle class).  As the government wipes out the productive middle class by:  1) sending industries and jobs overseas; 2) encouraging illegal aliens to enter this country and depress the wage scale; and 3) imposing ever-more regulations-the only way politicians can continue to be reelected is borrow money from foreign sources to support the poor parasites and the rich predators.


The National Debt's size and rate of increase ultimately measure the destruction of the productive middle class. 


What else can it be?  The middle class is declining and no longer able to provide the tax revenues gov-co needs to pacify the poor and subsidize the rich.  In the absence of a productive and taxable middle class, gov-co borrows money in order to support the poor parasites and rich predators. 


The Obama administration has reportedly doubled the National Debt.  That's good evidence that the Obama administration has presided over massive destruction of the productive middle class.


But, without a viable, prosperous and taxable middle class, government has no prospect of ever being able to repay its debts except nominally with inflated/devalued dollars.  When creditors realize that the middle class is gone and with it, their prospects of being repaid in full by the government debtor, creditors will stop lending to the government. 


To some degree, private creditors have already realized that the US gov-co can no longer be relied on to repay its debts in full. That's why the Federal Reserve has been purchasing government bonds over much of the past four years:  almost no one else would buy our treasuries except at junk bond prices.


Under the guises of QE3, the Fed (which knows better than anyone that the gov-co will never pay even half of its current debts) has been buying gov-co bonds in order to sustain the illusion that those bonds aren't junk and will surely be repaid in full.  If US bonds had been sold only at whatever price private creditors were willing to pay over the past few years, it would be common knowledge that public confidence in gov-co's ability to repay its debts was just about zero.  


Unable to support itself with taxes paid by the productive middle class or loans advanced by fools, and unable to continue to rely on the Fed to sustain the illusion of US bond value, the gov-co will abandon the poor parasites, gov-co pensioners and then the rich predators.  The economic decline will accelerate.  The economy might collapse.  In the extreme, the nation may even degenerate into violence of civil war. 


If you think my warning about economic collapse and domestic violence rising to the level of civil war is nothing but hyperbolic fear-mongering, then answer me this:  Why has our financially-stressed government ordered over two billion rounds of ammunition for use by domestic government agencies?  Why have the police been militarized?  Why is at least one government program reportedly placing 1,700 light tanks on American streets?  Isn't that evidence that government, itself, is also anticipating the possibility of a catastrophic economic collapse and subsequent political chaos?


Having betrayed and destroyed the middle class and then nearly exhausted its ability to borrow more money to placate the parasites and predators, our government is heading for a moment of insolvency.  That moment will be followed by something much like the riots in Ferguson, Missouri-except those riots may be on a widespread or even national level.   


4) "Add a bit of corruption and "skimming" as the money passes through the government's hands."


Government always predates on the productive elements of society. 


Given government's inherently predatory nature, why would anyone be surprised by government corruption?  Perhaps government corruption becomes more obvious or even intolerable as the productive middle class disappears, but government corruption is always present.  


5) "Restrict foreign exchange to the 'official' exchange rate to prevent "evil capitalists" from profiting from the Country's misery."


Pass laws like FATCA which seek to prevent US citizens who are productive or rich from moving their savings into foreign banks where they are less likely to be seized by the financially rapacious US government.


6) "Institute price controls to 'protect' the poor from the disastrous effects of government policies."


We haven't yet seen price controls in the US in relation to food, drugs or petroleum products.  But we have seen "price controls" insofar as the government, Federal Reserve and/or Wall Street financial institutions have conspired to suppress the prices of gold and silver and artificially support and increase the stock market indexes. What we call gov-co manipulation of commodity and equity markets is "price controls".   


7) "Lie, fudge government statistics, punish journalists . . . do whatever is necessary to hide the truth about the actual state of the economy."


Does anyone really believe the numbers provided by government for economic indicators like unemployment rate, housing starts, Consumer Price Index (a measure for inflation), National Debt, GDP, stock market prices, and money supply changes?  Isn't it common knowledge that government routinely lies,lies, lies about the economy?


8) "Default on government debt when it becomes obvious to even those stupid enough to lend you money in the first place, that there is no way you can pay them back."


The US has been defaulting on government debt ever since we went completely off the gold standard in A.D. 1971.  Since then, as compared to gold, the value (purchasing power) of the fiat dollar has fallen over 95%.  That averages out to over 2% per year.  If you put $1,000 in the bank or pension fund in A.D. 2000, by A.D. 2010, the value of your $1,000 principal was reduced to less than $800. 


Because this loss took place over a decade, you may not have noticed-but you were robbed.  By your own government.  Acting in collusion with the Federal Reserve and major banking institutions.


The US government is the biggest debtor in the world and therefore wants inflation so as to repay its creditors with "cheaper" dollars.  Your government has already been defaulting on its debts by an average of over 2% per year, every year for the past 43 years. 


Debt default has been standard government policy for over 40 years.  That policy can't be revoked without collapsing the debt-based monetary system.  You can expect the US government's debt default policy to accelerate in the future by means of higher inflation rates and/or outright repudiation of existing debts due to bond holders, pension fund recipients, and So-So Security beneficiaries.


9) "Hope that they quickly forget their losses so you can borrow from them again in a few years."


And there's the punch line.


The gov-co hopes that, after the next depression, the people will forget that they were robbed and impoverished primarily by government.  Once that robbery is forgotten, people will again lend their work, their lives and their wealth to government in return for promises to repay, someday, that will never be kept in full.


What fools these mortals be, hmm?


We've all heard that, "Those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it"-but who's bothered to take that principle to heart?  


Government will rob.  We'll be mad.  That robbery will be punctuated with an economic depression and perhaps another World War.


Our economy will eventually be restored to some semblance of health.  We will again trust government-and government will inevitably rob us again.


Most of us absolutely refuse to learn that government can't be trusted because most of us are crooks in our hearts.   We all want the free lunch that government always promises to provide.  We don't know and we don't want to know who's going to pay for our free lunch.  Maybe it'll be our kids.  Maybe it'll be our grand-kids.  


But let's not dwell on who will ultimately have to pay.  Let's just savor all the free lunches we can grab while we can, hmm?


In the end, economies don't collapse simply because their national government is stupid, corrupt or treasonous.


Economies collapse because their people are stupid, ignorant, covetous, corrupt and/or cowardly.


I doubt that you can ever expect any nation's government to be any better than that nation's people.  Instead, governments inevitably fall to the moral level of the dumbest common denominator.  If the people become ignorant, immoral and/or corrupt, the government won't teach them to live better lives but will instead exploit their economic ignorance and depravity.


We inevitably get the government we deserve.


That's a bitter truth for most people-but I like it.  Every three or four generations, one generation is forced to pay their debts or suffer the economic depression that comes from not paying.  We'd be better off if every generation had to pay its own debts, but one out of four is better than nothing.


There's no long-term solution to any nation's economic problems other than to rebuild, respect and protect the productive middle class.  That means high tariffs, low taxes, no illegal aliens, no Global Free Trade, reduced welfare for the poor, no subsidies for the rich, limited government and no New World Order.


If you can't do all of that, get ready to live in a third world economy.


The sewage water is up to our necks. Where are the lifeboats?




Can America survive Obama and the progressive/Islamic agenda?

Those who plan to submit to slowly being boiled alive and just don't have the strength, connections or courage to fight...stand over there and pray to your 'coward god.'


Those who plan to throw their weight loudly on the stage for a moment of UN thought out rage and flurry of words...stand to the Otherside and pray to your 'attention seeking drama queen god.'


Those who with false humility and piety plan to give us more speeches about how God is done with America and judging her so don't fight for who she was and is...just give up because we deserve our punishment...stand in the other corner before I kick you to the curb in shame and you can't stand. Stop quoting scripture also. I am sick of you all.


The rest of you...those of us who know our real and Christian history...those of us who have tasted freedom and understand the unique miracle of our nation...listen up. All the rest of you, stand in your corners, pray to your false gods or to yourself and get out of way of real Americans and real Christians who believe in freedom and miracles.


There simply isn't time to wallow in rage, fear, depression or distraction. We must stay centered, watch our emotions, actions and reactions and not only pray to our living Lord Jesus for help, guidance and daily wisdom (always peppered with humility) but pay attention to what he says and obey. We cannot save America with out God at the helm. It is He that will give us guidance and courage and He that will crush His enemies. Remember, America from its beginning was inspired and built by God of the Holy Bible and Christians...not Islamics, Satanists or Communists.


Remember, freedom, God and real Christians always stand in the way of radical Islam, Communism and Satan's other mechanisms of control. That is why America is constantly under all kinds of attacks and for the last 6 Obama. We are in a classic worldview and spiritual clash with our poser president. It is good vs. evil. Which side are you on?


Anybody who has pulse and listens to any news knows we have a criminal cartel that hates America in the White House- Barack Hussein Obama and his goons. We have experienced the transformation plans Obama bragged about and is unleashing on America.


Middle finger Obama assaults us with the criminal actions of the NSA, IRS, EPA, BLM, Executive Orders, Obamacare, planned illegal alien invasion, employment of members of the Muslim Brotherhood in his staff, bowing down to Islam, punishing first and second amendment rights - religious rights, attacking and suing Governors for trying to protect their citizens against the criminal invasion of illegal aliens and UN Constitutional encroachment of Obamacare...on and on. It's the gift that keeps on giving... Obama and his vivid and clear legacy is...criminal, Islamic, Communist and evil to the core.


What can and must we do then


Rage will simply blow us out, get us arrested or killed. Fear will neuter us and turn us into indentured servants and slaves. Depression will do Obama's dirty work for him and cause us to turn on ourselves through disease or suicide.


We must have power (through standing together and in prayer to God of the Holy Bible), focus on plans local and federal and follow through no matter what feeling threatens to consume us...fear, rage, depression...


To do:


Don't just talk about it or wish. Get behind real conservatives who show some guts with donations and help spread the word about their candidacy. Networking is a big part of everything successful so talk, twitter, Facebook, some more, then repeat.


Spread the word that we ALL must vote in the 2014 and 2016 election cycle no matter what Obama tries to pull and the rampant voter fraud and intimidation that will be everywhere. Remember, pull in your fear and rage and march forward in truth, hold onto God's hand and do what is right no matter how it feels or who is screaming in your face.


Prepare for the worst by putting away food for you and your animals. Don't forget medicine, guns, bullets, water and gasoline. Ask the question, how would I survive if I could go nowhere and get little or nothing for the next 6 months? Then, answer your question and plan.


Buy more guns and ammo and never submit to a national or state registration or confiscation plan. Remember, any info that is demanded trumping our 2nd amendment is meant to ultimately seize our guns. That must be a major line in the sand we won't allow this usurper Government to walk over.


Also, we must keep freedom of speech, media and religion going strong. Talk, pray, yell, speak, strike, and march in the streets where it counts and band together.


After we get back the Senate in 2014 and fortify the House, which I strongly believe we will, we must demand the House and the Senate stay on a real and assertive course. Things they can do that Obama can't Vito: They must start defunding Obamacare, the NSA, IRS, EPA and attack all bogus appointments and executive orders.


They must for once get ahead of the message and give Americans weekly, media updates on what they specifically are doing to right the endless Obama wrongs and UN Constitutional/criminal behavior and rulings. It will then be up to us, using alternative and social media to keep the message and clean up going, along with the pressure on our Senator's and Representatives to stay on point. It is not about emotion or money, but action and guts.


Stand, pray, believe and fight wherever you can. Either make a real difference wherever you are or stand in your corner and shut up.


Join me each day on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC. Listen in at: Find out more at:


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More people globally are developing incontinence, leaky bladder or overactive bladder.  According to the Urology Foundation, 33 million Americans are affected by incontinence issues. The statistics state that 30% of men and 40% of women live with incontinence. Why is the condition of bladder control out of control? Is it an expected condition of old age? Why is the condition now affecting younger women? College-age females are seeking medical treatment for this condition formally known only to the aged population. Leaky bladder was often associated with pregnancy or post menopausal women. In Australia 13% of the female population reports they suffer from urinary incontinence. We're told that incontinence is not a disease. If it were not considered a disease doctors would not have a diagnostic code for the malfunction and would not be dispensing medications for it. Is there a way to reverse this problem without toxic drugs? Let's take a look.



The symptoms are basically urinary incontinence. There is leaking urine when exercising, laughing, sneezing, coughing or lifting something and patients have to rush to the bathroom. The notion that incontinence occurs only due to pregnancy or old age is now dispelled. Women who have never been pregnant and are in the late teens to early twenties are complaining of leaky bladder. Dr. Mary Townsend, an epidemiologist at Brigham Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston reports that incontinence is a problem for women of all ages but has never really been looked at seriously by medicine.



According to some research in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2012, women who are sexually active and are not using birth control medications are at the highest risk of developing incontinence. Nearly 22% of US women report having urinary problems. The rate drops to 10% according to the study for women who are either not sexually active or for those who take birth control.  It would appear that sexual activity increases the risk of urinary tract infections which they think weakens the area to produce incontinence. Why birth control medications reduce the risk is not clear according to modern medicine and more research needs to be done.



According to the research, women who suffer from leaky bladder most likely will also suffer from some psychological conditions such as depression, mood swings and lower self esteem. Bladder control issues will interfere with life and will negatively affect relationships, work, activities, traveling, exercise and sleeping.



The research conducted found that certain foods or beverages made incontinence worse such as caffeine (coffee, tea, sodas) and alcohol. These will make the bladder fill rapidly risking leakage.



In the case of incontinence or leaky bladder, the bladder which stores urine and the tube that carries the urine (urethra) are involved. There are muscles called sphincter muscles which help the urethra stay closed to prevent urine from leaking until you are ready to urinate. There are also the pelvic floor muscles which support the bladder and urethra. Nerves in the bladder wall to indicate to the brain when the bladder is full and needs to be emptied. Hormones also help orchestrate this function and help keep the bladder lining and urethra healthy. The failure can occur in any of these areas causing malfunction.



There are several things that can cause incontinence such as stress, an illness (infection) or medications. The temporary incontinence occurs during an illness or when taking a medication for a short time. The problem resolves after the infection is cleared or medication is stopped. If stress is the problem, this is putting pressure on the bladder system and unless the muscles of the pelvis, bladder and sphincter muscles are strong the patient will have leakage. The sudden urgency part of incontinence is normally damage to the nerves, which often occur from trauma (pelvic or back surgery), herniated disc, radiation, diabetes, stroke, Parkinson's, MS or infection. Mobility problems often lead to incontinence issues. If the bladder is overactive this is sometimes helped by cutting back on fluids after dinner and helping to soothe the nerve endings of the bladder.



Often the medication people are prescribed can offer the side effect of incontinence such as diuretics which make the bladder fill rapidly and cause it to leak. Or muscle relaxants or nerve pills, which interfere with the nervous system and the signal from the bladder to the brain. Excessive alcohol can also disrupt this nerve pathway.



Modern medicine has no cure for incontinence and will attempt to manage the disease. At first doctors will suggest what is known as "bladder training", in which the patient attempts to train the bladder by using the bathroom at fixed times even if they don't feel the need to go. Special exercises called Kegal exercises are recommended to help strengthen the pelvic floor to help control urination. Drugs are also used to block the nerve endings in the bladder which give the urgency sensation. The side effects of the drugs should be considered such as; dry mouth, constipation and vision problems.



The FDA has approved Botox to be used for incontinence. This is a toxin called Clostridium botulinum and is now used when patients do not respond to other medical treatments. The Botox is injected into the bladder muscle and semi-paralyses of the muscle sets in keeping the bladder from contracting too often. Botox is made from the botulinum organism spores found often in soil and untreated water sources. It is also found in the intestinal tracts of animals, in fish gills and shellfish. The toxin becomes a problem when the spores change to active cells which grow and multiply and then die releasing a deadly neurotoxin known as botulism. Science has been involved in producing botulism neurotoxins into eight subtypes. The DNA sequence behind these subtypes is withheld from the public and we're told there is no antidote(s) available. We're also told that botulinum toxin is one of the most poisonous pathogens known to man and a single gram can kill one million people. Anyone who receives a high concentration of Botox can be poisoned with botulism and develop a life-threatening situation. What happens if someone treated with Botox gets too much? They most likely will experience respiratory arrest and die. Botox is an expensive treatment and has no antidote. Why would the FDA approve such a treatment?  Botox is not just used to temporarily remove wrinkles. It is approved for migraine headaches, post stroke recovery, to treat crossed eye, incontinence and several other illnesses. There are also eight off-label uses. Modern medicine explains that it takes the "toxin" 24 to 72 hours to paralyze muscles and in rare cases it could take up to five days.



Medicine says that Botox is not for pregnant or nursing women or those who are allergic to Botox. Science says that humans can generally tolerate the toxin called Botox and that side effects are uncommon and negative reactions are supposedly mild. Some of the side effects people have after being injected with Botox are: pain and swelling at the injection site, fluid retention (edema), transient numbness, headache, a feeling of being sick, nausea, weakness, paralysis of muscles, flu-like symptoms, gallbladder dysfunction, bleeding, vision problems (decreased eyesight, bleeding behind the eye, cornea problems), dry mouth, fatigue, rashes, hives, inability to empty bladder (catheter use may be required) and difficulty breathing. There are over 180 adverse reactions to Botox and 16 people died after Botox treatments between 1997 and 2006. When injected with Botox it won't stay local and can spread to other areas of the body and this creates an even greater risk. Botox has the "black box" warning label. Botox was never approved for use on the face above the eyebrows, for crow's feet around the eyes, laugh lines or for brow lines between the eyebrows. It is at the physician's discretion how to use the toxin. Botox treatments are given every six months. If taking Botox for incontinence, overactive bladder or leaky bladder the treatment cost starts at $1,000.00.



Always investigate treatments carefully. Attorneys are making bank on Botox treatments that went wrong. The devil is in the details and read the fine print on some of the subtype Botox products such as subtype A.  In some cases subtype A Botox can have "albumin" a derivative of human blood and the warning will read:


"Effective donor screening and manufacturing processes ensures that there is only 'an extremely remote' chance that Botox users would be at the receiving end of a blood-borne viral disease. There have been rare spontaneous reports of death after treatment with botulinum toxin. There is a reference to rare reports of adverse events involving the cardiovascular system, some with fatal outcomes. Botox users with certain neuromuscular disorders could also have trouble swallowing (dysphagia) and face a possibility of 'respiratory compromise'. In some cases dysphagia has lasted several months and patients required the placement of a gastric feeding tube."



The Botox trials used for incontinence, leaky bladder and overactive bladder produced the following results:


  • Patients had fewer episodes of incontinence by 1.6 to 1.9 within 12 weeks compared to the placebo group.
  • Patients with the Botox treatment reduced urgency by 1 to 1.7 times per day and expelled more urine per toilet trip. 

Patients had to repeat the treatment when the effects wore off within six months. The side effects also associated by the Botox treatment were:


  • Painful urination treated with pain medications
  • Urinary retention (incomplete emptying of the bladder and catheter use)
  • Urinary tract infections treated with antibiotics

It does not sound reasonable to me to use a dangerous toxin which had limited success can make incontinence much worse.



Incontinence, leaky bladder or overactive bladder is not due to old age. It is a chronic malfunction that is reversible. Medical doctors tell patients that their options are limited. That is because the medical treatments attempt to lessen symptoms and are temporary to make modern medicine more money. I would personally explore more natural, safe and less expensive options. There are herbs that can help you empty the bladder more efficiently, strengthen the bladder wall and sphincter muscles, and soothe away irritation while protecting you from infections all for under $70. I call it Kidney/Bladder Cleanse Kit. For too much stress I would also use Valerian Root, Relaxation formula or Emotional Stress Formula. To help with hormones I would use Female Cycle Balancer or Female Maturity Formula and for men the Male Hormone formula. Adding more nutrition is a given; Body Foundation Food Mix. That is what I would do if I had incontinence, leaky bladder or overactive bladder. To order these powerful herbal formulas call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 If you're serious about herbs you NEED Apothecary Herbs. Place your order before the price increase to take effect 8/30/14.





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Pure energy is organic and instantly absorbed - transporting nutrition to every cell in your body. It is a super food for the body to repair, build and fortify itself. Where do you get it? It's called Body Foundation Food Mix and is at Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 This pure energy food source is so efficient; you won't feel hungry between meals and can safely lose weight.



Apothecary Herbs has released a new product called Liver Detox Tea. You can layer this tea with Milk Thistle Tincture for a gentle yet effective liver cleanse. This is a nice option if you can't do the Liver/Gall Bladder Flush using olive oil. You will find this new product under Herbal Teas at Also new is the Liver & Gall Bladder Tincture with dandelion root for more anticancer protection. This formula is available in 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz sizes. You will find this item under Organ Body Cleanses at You can layer this tincture with the Liver Detox Tea and be well!



Being prepared is never a waste of time. Get your own organic garden growing and stock as much healthy foodstuffs as you can. You'll also need backup medicine but the over-the-counter and prescription medicines have a limited shelf life of two years or less. However, your organic medicines have a ten year shelf life without side effects. Call the folks at Apothecary Herbs for their Natural Medicine Starter Stock-up Package or make sure you get one of their many herb kits for boosting immune system and protecting you from viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Call Apothecary Herbs 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless.



If you suffer from allergies (sneezing, itchy watery eyes, stuffy or runny nose, sinus pressure or sinus infections) try the Echinacea Deluxe formula and Herbal Eyewash both around $20.00 from Apothecary Herbs. Call now toll free 866-229-3663



You already know that you can save on the half and full case discounts in the Vitamin Vault area at Apothecary Herbs has added a new item called the Natural Medicine Starter Stock-up Package. This package is designed for those preparing for their medical future and contains immune boosting, pain & inflammation, organ cleanses, vitamin, mineral, amino acid and protein products plus a Pandemic Kit and it comes with a savings. Visit or call toll free to order your Starter Stock-up Package 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277.  


MALE & FEMALE ORGAN CLEANSES KITS - Don't give disease a foothold. You will have the power to cleanse the bowel, urinary, liver, gall bladder and blood system with this cleanse package. For added cleansing, ask about how you can upgrade your order to include the prostate cleanse for men or the Kidney/Bladder cleanse for females.  Go to or call their 24-hour live customer service line 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277.



See Apothecary Herbs One Year Supply of Herbal Medicine at or call 866-229-3663, 704-885-0277. Call for a customized year supply or to set up installment payment for this package.

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