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Friday, May 30th A.D. 2014

Between Friday, May 23rd, A.D. 2014 and Friday, May 30th, A.D. 2014,
the bid prices for:


Gold fell 3.2 % from $1,292.90 to $1,251.30

Silver fell 3.4 % from $19.48 to $18.81

Platinum fell 1.5 % from $1,470 to $1,448

Palladium rose 1.1 % from $826 to $835

DJIA rose 0.7 % from 16,606.27 to 16,717.17

NASDAQ rose 1.4 % from 4,185.81 to 4,242.62

NYSE rose 0.7 % from 10,681.90 to 10,756.30

US Dollar Index rose 0.0 % from 80.36 to 80.39

Crude Oil fell 1.5 % from $104.39 to $102.87


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

A Reader Wonders


by Alfred Adask


A reader ("D.") posed the following comments and questions:


"I've been 'thinking' and since I've watched the 3-part series of 'Money as Debt,' I'm now asking the question:  Labor is what really gives "money" its value and I understand that all currencies are fiat or unbacked.  Any clue or idea on how to measure the value of different types of labor performed in terms of gold and silverwhich I understand is the true money and of course what the Illuminati only deal in." 


I don't know what form of currency the Illuminati prefer, but I do know that 99% of the American people don't understand anything more about money than how to count it.  More, I know that the concept of money is far more complex, mysterious and influential than mere counting might suggest.


For example, I disagree with your premise that "Labor is what really gives 'money' its value."


If labor is all it takes to give money value, then there's no reason why we can't use fiat currency as money and no reason to prefer gold.  We can measure the value of our "labor" in terms of corn cobs, pebbles, gold or fiat currency. 


For example, Confederate dollars once provided a "measure" of the value of Southerners' labor.  We can study history and learn how many Confederate dollars were once paid for an hour of someone's labor in the Confederacy.  However, although some of those Confederate paper dollars are still around, they no longer store the value of the labor from the 1860s.  These Confederate dollars may still measure the value of labor, but they no longer store the value of labor.  They are no longer "money" because they are no longer a means to "store" the value of the labor in the 1860s.  


Measuring the immediate value of anything from ice cream to labor is not enough to qualify as "money".  Money is not merely a measure of value-it's also a store of value. 

So long as our currency is a store of value, I can not only work today, be paid and spend my earnings, I can save my earnings so as to spend the value of today's labor at some time in the future.  To the extent that the $100 I save today can be spent, say, 50 years from now and still provide me with $100 in purchasing power, the currency I used to save the value of my labor can be deemed to be "money". 


But if the currency I'm paid in today is subject to inflation/devaluation, by the time 50 years rolls by, my $100 in savings may only purchase $5 in goods and services-or maybe nothing at all.  A currency that doesn't store value does not rise to the level of "money". 


Inflation losses are typically seen in fiat currencies like the US dollar/Federal Reserve Note (FRN). 


*  If I couldn't buy "things" with gold, it would have no value.  So the price of gold isn't simply about the productivity of labor but also about the cost of living, about the price of consuming the necessities of life.  


How much of any given product or necessity can I buy with gold?  The quantity of any good or service paid for with gold is based on agreement


The utility of gold is that, for the past 5,000 years, most of the world has agreed that gold has some value.  We might quibble over whether gold should be priced at $1,300/ounce or $5,000/ounce, but no one believes or expects that gold will ever become worthless in this life.  Based on gold's 5,000-year track record, we can presume that gold will continue to have some value, no matter what, for however many years or millennia remain.  Gold was, is, and will be "money" as long as there are people who agree that gold is "valuable".


Strangely, almost inexplicably, the world has agreed that gold is "money" for 5,000 years.  No man-made financial creation has a comparable track record.  Gold has been money for about 50 times as long as Federal Reserve Notes.  100 times longer than the current Chinese renminbi.   500 times longer than euros.  Odds are, gold will still be money long after all of those fiat currencies (and the governments that espouse them) are forgotten.   


We can't say the same about fiat currencies.   You don't need the gift of prophecy to predict that one day the perceived "value" of any fiat currency will disintegrate into nothingness. 


Given that the average life-expectancy of the world's 250 former fiat currencies has been only about 40 to 50 years, we can presume that all of the world's current fiat currencies (including US dollars) will self-destruct within the next ten years-and might self-destruct within the next ten months. 


The short life-expectancies for fiat currencies implies that if you believe you're living in or near a time when your nation's fiat currency is about to be dramatically devalued in a "reset" or rendered totally worthless in a monetary collapse, gold is the one "money" that will continue to retain value in the aftermath of such reset or collapse.  While no one can tell you what the price of gold will be next month or next year, no one will even suggest that gold might cease to be a store of value in our lifetimes.  You can't say the same about any fiat currency.


If you have any wealth and you want to store it for some number of years into the future, gold is the most reliable means to do so.


*  Your questions continued:


"I understand in the US Constitution which is supposed to be the supreme law of this land and is what we are fighting for, that only gold and silver is to be real money."


Your understanding is roughly correct, but incomplete. 


Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1 (Article 1.10.1) of the Constitution of the United States declares in part that,


"No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a tender in payment of Debts." 


Note that the only kind of American "States" that existed when the Constitution was ratified by the American people in A.D. 1788 were the thirteen member-States of the perpetual Union that had been created by the Articles of Confederation in A.D. 1781.  The Articles of Confederation expressly named that perpetual Union to be, "The United States of America"-not "United States of America"; not "United States". 


Thus, when the later Constitution (A.D. 1788) included the Article 1.10.1 mandate for gold and silver coin, that mandate only applied to member States of the perpetual Union styled "The United States of America".


"The United States of America" consists only of the (now 50) States of the Union.  However, the Constitution of the United States (A.D. 1788) created two new kinds of jurisdiction unknown to The United States of America:  1) territories, and 2) the federal "district" that we now call Washington DC.  This raises the strange possibility that, technically speaking, our territories and Washington DC are in the "United States" but not in "The United States of America".   


  If you'll reread Article 1.10.1 ("No State shall . . . ."), you'll see that that Article applies to only States of the Union.  It does not apply to the territories of the "United States" or to Washington DC


The Founders failed to mandate that gold and/or silver be the only lawful money for not only the States of the Union, but also for the territories and Washington DC.  That oversight laid the foundation for most of the financial and political trouble we see in this country today. 


The Founders failed to anticipate the enormous threat to the rights and freedoms of people of the States of the Union posed by territories and Article 4 Section 3 Clause 2 (Article 4.3.2) of the Constitution which declares in part,


"The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needed Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; . . . ."


That text might not sound like much, but it means that (under Article 4.3.2) Congress has unlimited legislative jurisdiction within the territories of the United States.   Within the territories, Congress is the sovereign and all inhabitants are subjects.  Congress can enact any legislation is likes, no matter how crazy, within the territories.  Congress can even legalize the use of fiat currencies (like the US dollar) that would be unconstitutional within the States of the Union.


Under Article 4.3.2, Congress has unlimited power within the territories

Under Article 1, Congress has only limited powers within the States of the Union.  

Interestingly, if Congress could pass laws or create circumstances that supported the presumption that the American people were living in territories rather than States of the Union, Congress could have unlimited powers over the entire United States.


Where to you think you reside today?  In a venue where Congress has limited powers?  Or in a venue where Congress has unlimited powers?  The answer to those questions might indicate whether you're residing within a State of the Union or in a territory of the United States.


*  I know that it sounds improbable, but I strongly suspect that the national government created circumstances to support the presumption that we're living in territories rather than States of the Union.   How?  By removing gold coin from domestic circulation in A.D. 1933 and later removing silver from domestic circulation between A.D. 1964 and 1968.


Even though gold and silver coins are no longer in domestic circulation, Article 1.10.1 has never been repealed.  Doesn't that strike you as odd?  Once the government removed gold and silver coin, why didn't we amend the Constitution to legalize the use of fiat dollars?


To this day, Article 1.10.1 still mandates that the governments of the States of the Union can't "make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in payment of Debts".  I believe that mandate not only means that the State governments can't declare some other fiat currency to be a "legal tender"-it also means that the governments of the States of the Union can't impose taxes, collect fines or fees or even pay their employees except with gold and silver coin. 


If so, it follows that once the national government removed gold and silver coin from domestic circulation, the governments of the States of the Union became insolvent and unable to function.   Without gold or silver coin in circulation, the governments can't collect taxes or pay its bills.


I strongly suspect that in the midst of this apparent "emergency," the national government (and especially Congress) passed emergency legislation to presume the States of the Union to be fictional "territories" where the people could lawfully use fiat currencies like the FRNs without violating the Constitution.


Yes, yes, I know this hypothesis seems fantastic.  Nevertheless, bear with me and I'll demonstrate some of the supporting logic.


*  Under Article 1.10.1 of the Constitution, Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) or other forms of fiat currency are unconstitutional within the States of the Union.  However, under Article 4.3.2, those same fiat currencies are absolutely constitutional within a territory and/or Washington DC.  So, when we ask if FRNs are "constitutional," the answer depends on the venue we're talking about.   In the territories, FRNs are constitutional.  Within the States of the Union, they're not.


That duality creates an extraordinary dilemma.  Insofar as we use FRNs (fiat dollars) to make our daily purchases, pay our bills and state taxes, one of two things must be true.  Either,


1)    If we're buying or selling within a State of the Union, our use of FRNs (fiat currency) is unconstitutional under Article 1.10.1; or,


2)    Our use of FRNs is constitutional, if we are-or if we're at least presumed to be-selling or making purchases within a territory or Washington DC under Article 4.3.2.


Q.:  Why might that bizarre dilemma be important? 


A.:  If I'm within the borders of a State of the Union (like "The State of Texas")-then, under Article 1 of the Constitution, Congress has only limited powers over me and that State of the Union.  But if I'm in (or am presumed to be in) a territory or Washington DC, Congress operates under Article 4.3.2 of the Constitution which gives Congress unlimited powers over the territories and Washington DC and those who are presumed to inhabit that "territory".


So let's suppose I'm down here on "Texas" using FRNs to purchase groceries or pay my traffic tickets and sales taxes.  Does the law still recognize "Texas" as a State of the Union (where my use of FRNs is unconstitutional under Article 1.10.1)?   Or, has my use of FRNs allowed government to presume that I'm acting constitutionally but within the jurisdiction of some sort of territory under Article 4.3.2?


 If I can prove that I'm acting within the venue of a State of the Union, the federal government has very little power over me.  However, if my use of FRNs creates the presumption that I'm acting within a territory,congressional power over me may be unlimited. 


Again, I know who improbable this notion seems but I strongly suspect that my mere use of a fiat currency may be deemed sufficient evidence for the courts to presume that I've voluntarily entered into a "territory" and therefore become subject to the unlimited jurisdiction of Congress.  If my suspicions are correct, the kind of "money" that you or I use can determine how many rights we have.


Believe me, I know how nutty the previous analysis sounds.  But if you think I'm crazy, go back to reconsider the dilemma posed by Article 1.10.1.  Under that Article, use of fiat currencies like FRNs is unconstitutional-but only within the States of the Union.  Since we haven't had gold or silver-backed currency in circulation in this country since A.D. 1968, that implies that either: 


1)                 Within the States of the Union, we act unconstitutionally every time we pay traffic tickets, fees or taxes with FRNs; or,


2)                 If paying our traffic tickets etc. with FRNs (rather than gold and silver) is constitutional, then we must be presumed to do so within the jurisdiction of a territory (under Article 4.3.2) rather than the jurisdiction of a State of the Union. 


Both possibilities seem too fantastic to be believable.  I know.


But unless someone can offer a third possibility that I can't yet see or even imagine, only one of those unbelievable possibilities must be true when I buy or sell with FRNs. 

So which possibility seems more likely?  That we violate the Constitution every time we pay for anything with fiat dollars within the venue of a State of the Union?  Or that the billions of currency transactions that Americans make each day with fiat dollars are seemingly "constitutional" because the courts presume us to be acting within the venue of a territory? 


*  I can't prove whichever of those two possibilities is true, but after fifteen years of considering the dilemma, I'm convinced that the "territorial" explanation is roughly correct.  


If I'm right, it appears that whenever I use FRNs to discharge my debts, that use can create the legal presumption that (under Article 4.3.2 of the Constitution) I am a subject and Congress has unlimited jurisdiction over me.  On the other hand, if I chose to use gold and silver, that use may create the presumption that (under Article 1.10.1 of the Constitution), I'm within a State of the Union and Congress has only limited jurisdiction over me.


*  We're not in Kansas, anymore, are we, Dorothy? 


I know that most people will find my previous analysis to be confusing, fantastic, and even preposterous.  I know that most people who've read this article to this point, will probably think I'm a lunatic.  But I and a handful of others have explored that hypothesis for most of 20 years.  We're strongly convinced that our seemingly impossible conclusions are roughly correct.  I present that hypothesis here to illustrate that the use of fiat dollars can have far-reaching political consequences that not one man in 1,000 has even imagined.  Whether you are presumed to be free or slave might be determined by the kind of currency you use.


There's so much more to "money" than mere counting.  Those of you who are determined to really study and learn "money" had best be prepared to face some mind-boggling possibilities and conclusions.


If my previous hypothesis seems too bizarre to be possible, please recall that Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 -1812), godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe, once observed that,


"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."


I don't believe that Baron Rothschild merely meant that if he controlled the money, he could bribe whoever he needed to bribe.  I'm convinced that Rothschild saw and understood the incredible political power that's inherent in any currency to determine a man's political standing and rights.  That's why Rothschild didn't care who made the laws.  He knew that money trumps the laws. 


So far as I know, Rothschild never explained his understanding of money to the public.   But if he was right to prefer the control of money to the legislation of laws, there's something about the nature of money that's mysterious and far more powerful than 99.9% of the people even imagine.  I can't prove it, but I believe that the hypothesis I've advanced in this article parallels some of Rothschild's understanding of money.  

We can debate whether that hypothesis is true or false.  But given Baron Rothschild's mysterious preference for controlling money and disdain for legislation, that hypothesis is at least plausible.


Again, there's much more to "money" than mere counting.  


From a REader:

Remember this Goldwater speech?

Seems like we need an Orator like this today!

Gold Market prices:

Everyone is expecting the European Central Bank to set the stage for the gold market this week, with expectations that the ECB will take some action to combat persistently low inflation and credit growth in the eurozone.

Comments by ECB President Mario Draghi  suggesting the Governing Council was "comfortable with acting next time," meaning its June meeting, to take some sort of stimulus measures. Draghi said at the time the council wanted to see more economic data before acting.

There was a softer economic readings from German retail sales, and weak consumer price index data out of Spain and Italy on Friday, may be the data that reinforces the idea the ECB will act next week, . "Most expectations appear to be for a 10-15 (basis point) cut in key ECB rates and possibly some new facility to foster credit to small and medium businesses," they said.

But the ECB meeting is not the only major factor for gold for next week, as on Friday the May U.S. nonfarm payrolls report is set for release.

Thursday's GDP numbers were terrible and you'd expect gold would have rallied.

Hopes are that the softer prices, along with a new government in India relaxing gold import rules, will spur some buying interest and support values.


CME Group confirmed Thursday that the U.S. exchange operator is in talks with the London Bullion Market Association on trying to help develop a possible alternative to the London silver fixing.

The London Silver Market Fixing Limited said earlier this month that it will stop administering the London silver fixing after Aug. 14. The LBMA quickly stepped up in looking for feedback for an alternative and launched an online market survey last week. Ahead of the long U.S. Memorial Day weekend, the LBMA said it had already received over 250 responses.

In response to media inquiries, CME Group issued the following statement:

"CME Group's Comex (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) is one of the largest options and futures exchanges. It owns and operates large derivatives and futures exchanges in Chicago, and New York City, as well as online trading platforms. It also owns the Dow Jones stock and financial indexes, and CME Clearing Services, which provides settlement and clearing of exchange trades. The exchange-traded derivative contracts include futures and options based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural commodities, rare and precious metals, weather, and real estate

"While the London market is looking at a new way to set the daily spot price of silver, we are working closely with the precious metals industry and the LBMA to reduce market disruption by helping to find a robust transaction-based way to set the daily spot price so the markets can continue to work efficiently and seamlessly."

For both gold and silver, representatives of several banks hold conference calls to match buy and sell orders and decide on a London fixing, which is a single reference price for miners, consumers, investors and others in the gold industry. The period from now until the end of the silver fixing in August is intended to provide market participants an opportunity to explore possible alternatives, according to the company that operates the fix.

Fridays economic reports

Consumer spending unexpectedly fell 0.1 percent in April, according to the Commerce Department. The drop was the first in a year, but economists expect it to be temporary. In a separate report, the University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index fell more than analysts were expecting. The index fell to 81.9 in May from 84.9 in April. Economists had expected 82.8.


California couple's buried gold coins go up for sale; trove valued at $11 million


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A treasure trove of rare gold coins that were discovered by a California couple out walking their dog last year are set to go on sale. The nearly 1,430 coins date from 1847 to 1894 and have been valued at more than $11 million. One will be auctioned at the Old San Francisco Mint on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.

Most of the rest will go on sale on and later in the evening. Here are five things to know about the coins and their origin: WHY ARE THEY SO VALUABLE? Experts say paper money was illegal in California until the 1870s, so it's extremely rare to find any coins from before that period. Additionally, most of the coins are in mint condition, having been stashed away seemingly immediately after they were minted. They were valued by Don Kagin, a numismatist who is handling the sale and marketing of the coins.


By DANICA KIRKA (AP:LONDON) - Britain is putting a price on vice. Prostitution and the import, manufacture and consumption of illegal drugs like crack cocaine and heroin will be included in the official estimates of the country's economy, the national statistics agency said Friday. Some of these activities, like prostitution, are legal in certain European Union countries, and comparable figures are needed. All member states need the same standard because they are used to assess a member state's contribution to the EU budget.

"These improvements are going on across the world and we are working with our partners in Europe and the wider world on the same agenda. " Illegal drugs and prostitution are already measured in Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, the ONS said in a report. In Britain, they would add approximately 10 billion pounds ($16.7 billion) to gross domestic product in 2009, the ONS said. That remains a very small portion of the overall GDP, which now stands at 1.5 trillion pounds. Nonetheless, calculations may prove challenging.

To measure prostitution, statisticians will have to tabulate up the value of things like brothel rental, condom sales, makeup and the clothing of sex workers. For illegal drugs, the ONS will examine production and sales of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, cannabis, ecstasy and amphetamines. Growing drugs will be classed as "production," buying them for home use, "expenditure," while selling them as "income".




WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration has named the first communities that will receive special attention to help them attract global manufacturers.


The initiative was started last September and is meant to encourage communities to develop long-term strategies to compete for these manufacturers.

It uses the resources of federal departments and agencies to support local economic development plans.


The partnership is another attempt by the administration to boost U.S. manufacturing. The White House says nearly 650,000 manufacturing jobs were created in the past five years. (WHILE MILLIONS ARE STILL UNEMPLOYED OR UNDEREMPLOYED)


The 12 communities announced Wednesday are: southwest Alabama, Southern California, northwest Georgia, the Chicago metro area, south Kansas, greater Portland, Maine, southeastern Michigan, the New York Finger Lakes region, southwestern Ohio aerospace region, the Tennessee Valley, the Washington Puget Sound region and the Milwaukee area.


The high costs Obamacare places on the young and healthy make it more attractive for them to risk going uninsured and saving thousands a year in premiums. Then, if they receive a serious diagnosis such as cancer, they can enroll for coverage and be entitled to the same premiums paid by healthy people who chose not to game the system.

"The more Americans figure out that Obamacare has made free-riding safer than ever, the more exchange enrollments will fall," writes Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies at the Cato Institute. "(Obamacare) creates so many incentives for people to free-ride that insurance markets could collapse."

Such a collapse is precisely what is needed to implement the single-payer system that the far-left has dreamed of for decades.

If that's Obamacare's ultimate goal, then, yes, one can honestly say it's "working."


How much do you know about America's Founding Mothers? 

Take the Quiz and Find Out!

Which Founding Mother was the first woman to be both the wife and mother of a U. S. President?


Richard Stockton was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. His daughter Julia married which famous Founding Father, and thus became a Founding Mother in her own right?


What Founding Mother, married to a signer of the Declaration, was the daughter of the famous revolutionary Governor of Connecticut?


Which Founding Mother stood unmoving, directly in front of her house, while the British shot cannon balls at it and then made her a Prisoner of War?


What Founding Mother wrote a poem to George Washington on his Inauguration as America's first President?


Which Founding Mother saw the Battle of Lexington and some of the first casualties in the War for Independence?




How'd you do?


1.Abigail Smith Adams was the wife of John Adams, second President of the United States and mother of John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the United States. (To learn more about Abigail Adams, see Abigail Adams and Wives of the Signers.)


2.Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration (To learn more about Julia and Benjamin Rush, see Benjamin Rush.)


3.Mary Trumbull Williams was the daughter of Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull (whom George Washington named "Brother Jonathan") and married Declaration signer William Williams. (To learn more about William Williams, see Lives of the Signers.)


4.Elizabeth Annesley Lewis (To read her amazing story of sacrifice and determination, see Wives of the Signers.)


5.Annis Boudinot Stockton, the sister of Elias Boudinot (a President of Congress during the Revolution, and a Framer of the Bill of Rights in the first federal Congress) and the wife of Richard Stockton, signer of the Declaration. (To read Mrs. Stockton's "Ode to Washington," see the Somerset County Historical Quarterly.)


6.Dorothy Quincy, future wife of John Hancock, accepted an invitation to visit from John's Aunt Lydia. The acceptance of this invitation caused her to be an eyewitness at the Battle of Lexington.  (To learn more about Dorothy Quincy Hancock and John Hancock, see Wives of the Signers and Lives of the Signers.)


It just isn't enough - Suffer some more


BY ADMIN, ON MAY 29TH, 2014 Join Laurie Roth each day as I take on these issues on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at


The latest and full on assault against America is against our Veterans who have been denied and delayed care by the thousands.  Now, the U.S.  finally knows that 'Death panel' waiting lists and false reports offered up by the Veterans Administration are everywhere.  Vets have not been given care and have died. Forms have been fraudulently sent in to get more Federal money, daring to say the Vets have been seen.  It is called fraud and murder and only a sign of what is unfolding in the death machine of Obamacare for the rest of us.We heard the usual response from Obama saying he was horrified and didn't know anything about it.  He would get to the bottom of it.  Tragically, Obama knows everything about this since like all the other tainted scandals in America, like his golf game he seems to be swinging with them all.  He just puts useful fools around him, taking any heat in case the spiked balls don't fly where he hits them.

In Phoenix, there are over 1700 Vets not on the VA waiting list.  According to CNN they are either lost or forgotten.  This is hardly just a management and bureaucracy problem from the days of Bush (you know Bush causes everything).  It is a national emergency and yet another treasonous failure of our poser Commander and Chief who only pretends to be concerned...who only pretends to lead and protect...who is too busy destroying all that has made America great to do anything but pretend.

What do we see with this 'death panel' President

Obama has been systematically destroying our military by turning our much-needed military into a sexual playground of experimentation - check.

Obama has been destroying our health care, deciding who will live and die and when this will happen  - check.

Obama has been corrupting our international reputation by backing despots, dictators and Muslim radicals, while supplying guns to drug cartels and other criminals - check.

Obama is gutting our economy and stealing from the American people through bogus and usury taxation, some hidden and some known - check.

What to do:

America is in a state of emergency thanks to Obama and his corruption, betrayals, crimes and lies.  We are sick of being gang raped. It is high time Congress increases the volume and 'follow through' with real leadership. 

Congress must start the investigations and arrests regarding the crimes of the IRS.  It is unacceptable and frankly unbelievable that they still are throwing their criminal weight around.  We need honest investigations and arrests regarding the criminal behavior of the NSA.  There must be follow through and arrests regarding the Benghazi crimes.

Finally, if Congress doesn't do a 'whole lot of major somethings' regarding getting to the bottom of Obama crimes and corruption, America will be lost.  Congress will be one of the major causes along with at least half the nation being seduced.

Those in leadership and soon to be leadership in the fall...what will your legacy be?  - Avoidance, treachery and betrayal OR, Courage, guts and integrity?  We are waiting but won't wait much longer."

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How to restore and rebuild your body 

by Wendy Wilson  


If you do an Internet search for physical regeneration you will see medical journal entries on medicine's version of regenerating the human body. Scientists operate on the assumption that if something can't be observed, measured and does not fit into their methodology then it does not exist. The allopathic medicine approach to regenerating the body entails physicians "creating living, functional tissues either through drug or surgical repair or replacement." Their assessment of organ failure is due to "age, disease, congenital defects or damage." Let's compare modern medicine's and natural medicine's approach to regenerating the human body.



Medicine's path regarding cell regeneration involves biomaterials, stem cells, tissue engineering, gene therapies and other forms of invasive integration of organs. Research in this area focuses on reengineering the human and outfitting him with nanotechnology, synthetic organs or implants and lots of pharmacology. The nanotechnology sector is especially disturbing where structures can self-assemble and resemble organs. However, looking like an organ and functioning like one are different things. Medical research in this area is happening now in the US, UK and EU. So, regenerating what we are born with is not the focus of modern medicine because if it were medicine would seek the cause of diseases to save our original organs. Addressing the cause of disease would deliver cures, which are far less profitable for physicians, hospitals and companies which manufacture drugs and replacement parts. Another reason medicine does not seek the cause of many diseases is because they know it is more often than not that medical treatments are the culprit such as; vaccines, drugs, fluoride etc. So, here we are in modern times where modern medicine causes many of the diseases, and then attempt to sell us replacement parts.  



The new lifespan lengthener medicine is promoting is enhancing the tips of your DNA strands called telomeres. Modern medicine states that they've observed that those who live 100 years or more have very long telomeres and seem to avoid many of the diseases that plague modern society. Well, according the people born a hundred years ago were born at a time  with few if any mandatory vaccinations, which could be the reason for their longevity. So, their bodies were not injected with diseases corrupting their immune systems. However, medicine wants to give everyone (who has money) an opportunity to sip at the cup of longevity and extend their telomeres and offer them life extension. Neurosurgeon Norman Shealy has been researching and developing telomere therapy. At the Shealy Pain Clinic in Fair Grove Missouri the life extension therapy entails deep electromagnetic impulses penetrating into your DNA at a specific frequency (54 to 78 GHz gigahertz). We're told that our telomeres are said to naturally shorten each year by 1% and this electromagnetic therapy is said to increase their length by 4% over a year's course of treatment. Dr. Shealy boasts he is able to double the lifespan of healthy people. Other reports say that transcutaneous acupuncture on specific pressure points can also extend the length of telomeres by 4.4% in one year. I've also seen reports that essential oils can also extend telomere length. So, take your pick; electricity, needles or blended oils and you may outlive Methuselah. 



What we need to realize is that our human body is already designed to regenerate and there is a lot we can do to help it regenerate. Scientific medicine recently reversed its position that the human brain is able to regenerate cells. With this reversal medicine learned what natural healers have known for centuries, which is that the brain can regenerate all its cells within one year. That is not all our body is capable of doing. Our body is able to replenish six quarts of blood in just 4 months. Our bones are regenerated every 3 months and osteoporosis is really the natural dying off of the old bone cells being replaced with new ones (modern medicine wants you to think otherwise). The problem arises when our body is not replacing the bone cells fast enough. Our body refreshes our DNA cells within two months and regenerates the liver cells in six weeks. Our skin and stomach lining are renewed in just five days. The problem is all this rebuilding and regenerating cannot be accomplished when we don't get enough sleep, get the proper nutrition or when we become too toxic. The regeneration process is hindered and the body falls behind making us vulnerable to disease. If you want your body to naturally regenerate as God intended, you have to make sure you have clean water, good air quality, organic foods and avoid toxin buildup with frequent organ cleansing. Your elimination channels also need to be working on a daily basis (not bi-weekly). Your muscles and bones need exercises and toning to retain their health and you need efficient circulation. Also you need to keep stress levels to a minimum and foster a healthy emotional and spiritual life.



Obviously the total body regeneration isn't going to happen overnight. I like to break down the rebuilding plan in stages and accomplish them one at a time. This prevents confusion, feeling overwhelmed and giving up on the regenerating plan the natural way.


STAGE #1 - Swap out the lifestyle for a healthier one. One of the most important elements in accomplishing this is to read all product labels and if it has more than 6 to 8 ingredients don't buy it. Avoid products with ingredients you can't pronounce. Cook more from scratch and avoid the pre-prepared boxed and frozen entre products. Keep the meals simple and avoid the creams and sauces. Olive oil is best at resisting heat and has lots of omega 3 fatty acids. Portion wise use 4 oz or less of meat (chicken, turkey, fish or red meat) and more fruits and vegetables (raw contains more enzymes which are the building blocks for body regeneration). Complex carbohydrates are preferred and avoid white flour or any grain exposed to very high temperatures and processing.   


STAGE #2 - Complete the organ cleansing (bowel, urinary/bladder/kidney, liver, gall bladder and blood system). People who cleanse regain better organ function and can lose weight and regular exercise becomes easier.


STAGE #3 - Use powerful herbs for immune boosting and avoid OTC and prescription drugs. Use herbs to strengthen various areas such as cardiovascular, pancreas, prostate, memory, endocrine system (hormones & blood sugar) etc. and this helps you to avoid life-long drugs. Apothecary Herbs can educate you and provide you the herbal tools for this and organ cleansing. Once you have activated the "cleanse and nourish approach" to body regeneration be sure to avoid recongesting the system with unhealthy foods or beverages.



One of my herbal professors shared a personal story of how he was diagnoses with congenital heart failure at the age of 18. He had a heart valve that was not functioning properly and doctors told him he could only be saved with open heart surgery. His parents had passed away within a year of each other from heart disease and he was left to decide what he should do. He was checked into the heart wing at the hospital and was there a few days waiting for his surgery. While there he made friends with another young man also having the same surgery and they became friends. His friend was scheduled first for the surgery but died on the table. My professor freaked and checked out of the hospital. On his way home he stopped to pick up some Asian food. He ate it and felt better. He noticed his heart functioned better. The next day he ate the hot spicy Asian food again and noticed his heart felt better. He started researching foods for heart health and it was the circulatory herbs such as hot pepper (cayenne) that was helping his heart circulate blood. Long and short of this story is he changed his lifestyle, added powerful cardiovascular herbs and did organ cleansing to strengthen his body and to heal the heart valve itself. My professor while in the hospital at 18 could hardly walk down the hall for lack of circulation and strength. After he regenerated his body with organic foods and herbs he became a black belt in three different martial arts. His doctors chalked it up to a divine intervention.



I'm often asked how long will it take for me to reverse my health situation? A good question I ask is, "How long did it take you to become sick." There is no set time because people heal at different rates. However as a general rule most see improvement within 4 months. We can't expect the body to reverse minor and serious conditions in just a few days or weeks. However, when the healing does happen it is strong and lasting. The people who like instant gratification with drugs and surgery find out there are significant draw backs to that option such as; drug dependency, side effects, less than full independent function and even treatment failure.



We have to remember that modern medicine is based in scientific methodology. Any therapy that does not fit their methodology is rejected and discredited. Doctors are scientists and are not interested in what they can't explain, control or profit from. My eye doctor is not at all interested in how I got rid of my dry eye and improved my near sightedness from -4.0 to -2.0 in one year. I also didn't need my reading glasses (bifocals). My vet was not interested in how I reversed the damage of a copperhead snake bite on my black lab avoiding infection, skin graphs and possible amputation. General practitioners and surgeons are not interested in how anyone can reverse the potential damage of a brown recluse spider bite and avoid disfigurement and surgery in one day after the bite. Our Creator did not expect us to be at the mercy of expensive and toxic medical care and offers us the option of His powerful and effective herbs; "Herbs are here for the service of man." Ps 104:14. Sure, modern medicine can be helpful in trauma cases but there is the limitation. Drugs and surgery cannot cure disease; reverse the natural aging process or congenital conditions. There is sacrifice in connection with invasive medical treatments. The question is; are you willing to pay that price?



What do God's good herbs really do? They empower the user. God's herbs give you the authority over health problems enabling you to assist the body to regenerate and heal itself. You are working with the system God already installed and that is why the healing is long-lasting. Learn everything you can about herbs and how to use them. The folks at Apothecary Herbs make herbal products and offer information on herbal use. See their book The Power Herbs (now an e-book for $14.99) containing nearly 400 pages of empowering natural therapies. Herbs will offer any user solutions to everyday problems. Call Apothecary Herbs to order your immune boosting, organ cleansing and other herbal formulas and empower yourself. Call now toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. 



BioMed Central - Regeneration Medicine Research



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