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Friday, May 16th A.D. 2014

Between Friday, May 9th, A.D. 2014 and Friday, May 16th, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold rose 0.2 % from $1,290.10 to $1,292.70

Silver rose 0.1 % from $19.16 to $19.35

Platinum rose 2.3 % from $1,426 to $1,460

Palladium rose 1.9 % from $799 to $814

DJIA fell 0.6 % from 16,583.34 to 16,492.31

NASDAQ rose 0.5 % from 4,071.87 to 4,090.59

NYSE fell 0.0 % from 10,606.70 to 10,603.20

US Dollar Index rose 0.2 % from 79.87 to 80.05

Crude Oil rose 2.1 % from $100.05 to $102.18


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."-Warren Buffett

"If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold-other than gold?"-Alfred Adask

 America Damaged by Fed Economic Policy


by Alfred Adask a subsidiary of The Wall Street Journal recently published an article entitled "American is being damaged by low rates, weak dollar."   If that argument is true, we might reasonably ask why is the Federal Reserve willing to "damage" America?

According to that article,


"Five years after the beginning of the economic recovery, after rock-bottom interest rates and trillions of dollars of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve, the economy is growing about 2%.

"No country has attained prosperity by printing money and weakening its currency, and the United States appears to be no different. Monetary stimulus might be useful in the initial stages of a recession and recovery, but zero percent interest ratesfor years on endare a different matter altogether. Under Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his successor, Janet Yellen, the dollar has fallen about 15% against the euro." 


But the euro's value is also falling, so we're measuring a falling dollar against a falling euro.  That measurement has to understate the dollar's actual loss over the past six years. 


If we compare the price of gold in 2008 (about $800/ounce) to the price of gold today ($1,300/ounce) we see that the dollar has lost about 62% of its value as compared to gold. That's an average of about 10% a year.


"According to Columbia University professor Charles Calomiris, . . . if the Fed expands its balance sheet by buying bonds from banks, but those banks simply increase their reserves at the Fed-and fail to increase loans [to consumers] and depositson their balance sheets-thenmonetary policyhas little effect through its traditional channels of expanding deposits and loans.


"Even worse, if the Fed fails to remove liquidity fast enough once the expansion takes hold [i.e., when the recession ends and the "recovery" begins],then aggressive monetary policy [Quantitative Easing] can spark inflation, which slows economic growth."


In other words, inflation is both hard to start-and hard to stop.  If Quantitative Easing finally sparks some significant inflation, the Fed will have to work quickly to prevent that inflation from growing at an unreasonably fast level.


"This [inflation] may be happening already. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said Wednesday that theProducer Price Index jumped by 0.6% in April, well above expectations of0.2%.  Core Producer Price Index (CPI), which excludes food and energy, rose 0.5%.Over the past year, the price of food has risen 2.7% - and inflation often starts with increases in food prices."


Bunk.  I buy groceries every two weeks.  I can see prices rising on a monthly basis. 

I wanted to buy a dozen limes last week.  They were 99 cents each at two different stores.  


I might believe that the prices of food rose 2.7% per month for the past year, but there's no way that I'll believe that food prices rose by only 2.7% over the past year.




"The unemployment rate is 6.3%, 1 percentage point higher than the average rate at this point in the previous four recoveries. Butthe only reason it has declined to 6.3% is because the labor force participation rate has fallen to 1978 levels.

"After recoveries are under way, labor force participation gradually increases, as people gain confidence, resume searching for work and eventually find jobs. This has yet to happen [in our current economic "recovery"].  Instead, labor force participation has dropped from 65.7% in June 2009 to 62.8%.


"The share of the unemployed who have been without work for over six months is 35%. In September 2006, this rate was 18%, and it was 16% in January 1996. Compared with past recoveries, the current level of long-term unemployment poses serious problems for the economy."


Food Stamps


"Food stamps also indicate the quality of recovery. The number of people enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - also known as food stamps - has grown by 37% since the recovery began, from 35 million to almost 46 million (which is 15% of the population). After prior recessions, food stamp usage declined.


Implication:  The alleged "recovery" did not begin in A.D. 2009 and, in fact, has not yet begun.  Claims to the contrary are mistakes or lies.


New Fed Policy


"When the Fed took a different policy [in the past], recovery was faster. Between February 1994 and February 1995, theFed increased interest rates from 3% to 6%, strengthening the dollar."


When the Fed's policy is to raise interest rates, it also raises the value of the dollar.  As the value rises, more people want the dollar.   When the Fed lower interest rates, it also lowers the dollar's perceived value (purchasing power) and people want to get rid of the dollar by trading it for other currencies, buying gold, or other tangible forms of wealth like farmland, tools, etc.


I've told readers for several years that, by reducing interest rates, the Federal Reserve has


1) Reduced the local banks' incentive to lend to American consumers.  (Why should banks want to lend to anyone if they only stand to earn 1% or 2% on the loan?  Why risk losing the $100,000 principal in a loan if the only potential reward is $2,000 in interest-especially when the real inflation rate might 5% or more?); and,


2) Increased the banks' incentive to move their capital from this country to loan it into foreign countries that pay higher rates of interest.


Result?  By lowering interest rates close to zero, drives capital out of the country.  If you can get a loan, it will be comparatively cheap.  But, for many Americans, getting a loan may be difficult or nearly impossible.


Q:  If, as the headline ("America is being damaged by low rates & weak dollars") suggests, why do we have economic policies conducive to national "damage"? 


A:  Because those Fed policies-while harmful to the American people-are beneficial to our government


First, thanks to low interest rates, government could borrow more money to allegedly "stimulate" the economy without incurring significant interest rate costs.  

Second, thanks to a falling value of fiat dollars, the US government could repay some of its enormous national debt with cheaper dollars. 


Implication?  The US economy is being run for the benefit of the government and those institutions deemed "too big to fail" rather than for the "general welfare" (as mandated in the Preamble of the Constitution) of the American people.  The people are being intentionally exploited and impoverished, while the government is enriched and empowered.


The current economic policy is ideal for building a police state.  The people grow weaker and are increasingly impoverished while government's powers expand.

My People are Impoverished for Lack of Knowledge


by Alfred Adask


The Atlantic magazine recently published an article entitled "Most People in the World Have No Idea How to Manage their Money".  That article was republished on Yahoo! Finance.  Some excerpts from that article are as follows:


"Do you understand money? Let's see how well you do with the following questions.


"1.  Suppose you had $100 in a savings account and the interest rate was 2 percent per year. After five years, how much do you think you would have in the account if you left the money to grow? A) more than $102; B) exactly $102; C) less than $102; D) do not know; refuse to answer.


"2.  Imagine that the interest rate on your savings account is 1 percent per year and inflation is 2 percent per year. After one year, would you be able to buy A) more than, B) exactly the same as, or C) less than today with the money in this account?; D) do not know; refuse to answer.


"3.  Do you think that the following statement is true or false? "Buying a single company stock usually provides a safer return than a stock mutual fund." A) true; B) false; C) do not know; refuse to answer.


"The correct answers are 1-A; 2-C; and 3-B.


"How did you do? Did you respond correctly to all three questions? If you did, then you belong to a surprisingly small global minority.


"In Russia, 96% of those surveyed could not answer the three questions correctly. While that might be expected of a post-communist nation, the mecca of capitalism didn't exactly yield glowing results-only 30% of Americans aced the quiz.


"The best-performing respondents were the Germans (53% got a perfect score) and the Swiss (50%), but this still leaves almost half of each country's population without a basic understanding of financial matters.


"In countries with relatively strong economies, the numbers are sobering: 79% of Swedes, 75% of Italians, 73%of Japanese, and 69% of French could not respond correctly to all three questions."


I'm amazed and appalled by the results of that study.


Those three questions are fairly simple.  They shouldn't require an advanced degree as prerequisite for answering correctly.  An 8th grader should have enough education to answer those questions.   And yet, 70% of Americans can't answer all three simple questions correctly. 


That's chilling.


The Bible warns that "My people perish for lack of knowledge."  I submit that God's people are also impoverished for lack of knowledge.


The majority of Americans who do not understand the nature of money will be exploited, robbed and impoverished by those who do.  Taking wealth from people who don't understand the nature of money is truly like taking candy from a baby.  Bankers and governments do it all the time.  They're successful in those takings because their people are incredibly ignorant about money and currency.  Most people can be fleeced primarily because they are too ignorant to perceive that they're being fleeced.  Wealth is hard to preserve if you don't even know what money really is.  It's easy to rob those who are ignorant.


Those who'd rather spend their time watching Dancing With the Stars than learning the nature of money and fundamental principles of economics will eventually find themselves "Dancing With the Homeless" in dark alleys.


"Income inequality" is in the news of late.  I'll bet that the primary reason for income inequality is the fact that vast majority of Americans don't know a thing about money except how to count it-while the top 1% have a good understanding of money.  

 I'll bet that the surest way for most people to become wealthy, is to first understand money.  Without that understanding, their poverty may be all but certain.  With that understanding, they'll have a much better chance to prosper.

 False Assumptions


by Alfred Adask


In A.D. 2005-Ben Bernanke was asked about housing prices rising so fast as to be out of control and perhaps due for a sudden fall.  He replied, "Well, I guess I don't buy your premise. It's a pretty unlikely possibility. We've never had a decline in home prices on a nationwide basis."


The Federal Reserve and national government held onto that assumption for several decades.  Because we'd never had a decline in home prices on a nationwide basis, it was presumed that we never would, never could.


For the past generation or two, American economic policies have been advanced and implemented based on the assumption that-on a national basis-the price of homes would continue to rise 'til Gabriel blew his horn.


This assumption laid the foundation for "sub-prime borrowers" and "liar's loans".  After all, what difference did it make if home buyers were actually qualified for credit?  So long as the prices of homes continued to rise, it didn't matter if a particular borrower took out a mortgage for, say, $200,000 and then defaulted.  By the time the bank foreclosed and regained title to the house, rising prices might push the price of the house up to $250,000-essentially generating a $50,000 profit for the bank. 

So long as the home was used as collateral to secure the original mortgage and the price of homes on a national basis was sure to rise (no matter what), it seemed almost impossible for the nation's banks to lose even if they loaned currency to liars and sub-prime borrowers.


Sure, banks would lose in some communities and on some houses.  But on a national basis, the banking industry was guaranteed to generate a profit from home loans because-ta-da!-home prices had never yet gone down on a national basis and therefore never would.


But, as you know, home prices began to fall around A.D. 2007.  That decline precipitated the Great Recession, nearly caused a Greater Depression and might yet be blamed for a national or even global Depression.


Lesson?  We must all be constantly vigilant to both know and constantly reconsider our basic assumptions.   Those assumptions are our "fundamentals".  They may be true for a while, but that doesn't mean they'll true forever.


You might be wise to make a list of your assumptions and then rate them every month to see if they've become more or less likely.


For example, you if you were buying (or selling) gold you might construct a list of presumptions something like this:


Presumption for the Next 12 months
1. The economy will recover.30%
2. The dollar's value will decline significantly. 95%
3. Gold and silver price manipulation will decline significantly.30%
4. The supply of physical silver in the commodities markets will be exhausted. 60%
5. There'll be a dollar "reset".95%
6. War will break out in Ukraine, Asia or Africa.100%
7. US will be directly involved in another foreign war.75%


There may be any number of other presumptions that you might recognize and include as part of your "equation" for deciding to buy or sell gold.  You can add more presumptions whenever you like.


You might add a third column to list whatever probability you currently attach to these presumptions in order to see if a particular presumption is growing weaker or stronger as compared to your original probability estimates.


You might even want to set up several lists of presumptions:  one for six months, one for a year, another one for three years or five years.  It's entirely possible that current events may point to a fall in the price of gold over the next six months, but a huge rise over the next five years.  What's your temporal target for your investments?  30 days, 1 year, 5 years?


You'll want to evaluate each presumption on the basis of whether an increase in that presumption's probability would likely cause the price of gold to rise or fall.


You should objectively review your list of presumptions each month to see if the weight of presumptions favors a rising or falling price of gold.  Don't allow your personal sentiment (I hope gold rises!  I hope gold rises!) to color an object assessment of each presumption's shifting probabilities. 


This kind of list won't guarantee that your investment decisions will be without error.  But as you regularly review your presumptions (fundamentals), you'll develop a greater understanding of your presumptions, their interrelationships, and also of the gold market.


That greater understanding will inevitably help you to make increasingly astute decisions on whether to buy, sell, or stand pat.


(Incidentally, Gerald Celente's Trends Journal business was probably started with a similar list of presumptions.  As Mr. Celente identified and then followed various "trends," he became more astute at (and even famous for) making accurate predictions about the economy. 


What were Mr. Celente's "trends"?  They were a list of essential "presumptions" and how the probability of those presumptions rose or fell over time.)



Fear is Back!!!  An Interesting trend from 1 year ago.


                         Fear & Greed Now: 23 (Extreme Fear)

                         Fear & Greed Previous Close: 38 (Fear)

                         Fear & Greed 1 Week Ago: 30 (Fear)

                         Fear & Greed 1 Month Ago: 21 (Extreme Fear)

                         Fear & Greed 1 Year Ago: 87 (Extreme Greed) 


CNNMoney's Fear & Greed index  look at 7 indicators:

*Stock Price Momentum: The S&P 500 (SPX) versus its 125-day moving average

*Stock Price Strength: The number of stocks hitting 52-week highs and lows on the New York Stock Exchange

*Stock Price Breadth: The volume of shares trading in stocks on the rise versus those declining.

*Put and Call Options: The put/call ratio, which compares the trading volume of bullish call options relative to the trading volume of bearish put options

*Junk Bond Demand: The spread between yields on investment grade bonds and junk bonds

*Market Volatility: The VIX (VIX), which measures volatility

*Safe Haven Demand: The difference in returns for stocks versus Treasuries



Economic data mixed


On the economic front, the government said new claims for unemployment benefits fell in the week ending May 10. As expected, consumer prices increased  0.3% in April.





The prices that U.S. companies receive for their goods and services rose in April by the most in 19 months, a sign that inflation may be picking up from very low levels.


The producer price index rose a seasonally adjusted 0.6 percent from March to April, the Labor Department said Wednesday, after a 0.5 percent increase from February to March.


 April's increases were led by higher food prices and greater retailer and wholesaler profit margins.


Over the past 12 months, producer prices have risen 2.1 percent, the biggest 12-month gain in more than two years.


That figure is roughly in line with the Federal Reserve's 2 percent inflation target.


 The producer price index measures price changes before they reach consumers.


Excluding the volatile categories of food, energy and retailer and wholesaler margins, however, the month-to-month increase in April was smaller: Core prices rose 0.3 percent from March.


The two months of big increases have lifted wholesale inflation from historically low levels. The producer price index rose just 1.2 percent in 2013 after a 1.4 percent increase in 2012. Food costs jumped 2.7 percent in April, the highest in more than three years, driven by an 8.4 percent increase in meat prices. 





Excluding food and energy prices, the consumer price index rose 0.2% last month. (CAN'T INCLUDE FOOD AND ENERGY...ABSOLUTELY NOT)


The Federal Reserve said industrial production fell 0.6% in April, surprising economists who were expecting no change. A report on manufacturing activity in the New York area came in above expectations, while activity in the Philadelphia region slowed.


(AP:WASHINGTON) WASHINGTON (AP) - Foreign buyers of U.S. Treasury securities increased their holdings in March to a record high.


The Treasury Department said Thursday that total foreign holdings rose 1 percent to $5.95 trillion from $5.89 trillion in February.China, the largest foreign buyer of Treasury debt, reduced its holdings by less than 0.01 percent to $1.27 trillion.


Japan, the second-largest buyer, cut its holdings 0.8 percent to $1.2 trillion. Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, major oil exporting nations and Caribbean countries involved in banking all increased their holdings. Meanwhile, Russia shed almost 21 percent of its holdings in March following international tensions over its move to annex part of Ukraine. Russia controls $100.4 billion worth of U.S. Treasury securities, or just 1.7 percent of all foreign holdings.


Foreign demand for U.S. Treasury securities is expected to remain strong this year, aided by more borrowing certainty with a congressional agreement to suspend the debt limit until March 2015.



Electric customers to stop paying $750M a year to fund nuclear waste site that doesn't exist


NEW YORK (AP) - Something could be missing from your next electric bill: a fee that electric customers have been paying for 31 years to fund a federal nuclear waste site that doesn't exist. The Energy Department will stop charging the fee by court order on Friday. The amount is only a small percentage of most customers' bills, but it adds up to $750 million a year. The fund now holds $37 billion. The money was collected to build a long-term disposal site for the highly radioactive nuclear waste generated by the nation's nuclear power plants that is, by law, the federal government's responsibility. The site was supposed to have opened in 1998, but there is no such site nor even any tangible plans for one. Don't expect a refund, however. The latest Energy Department strategy, laid out in a report last year, is to have a site designed by 2042 and built by 2048 using the money in the fund.



Confidence among US homebuilders declines amid weak demand, but sales outlook improves


U.S. homebuilders are feeling less confident this month in their near-term sales prospects, reflecting doubts stirred by a sluggish start to the annual spring home-selling season.


 Even so, builders are more optimistic that sales will perk up later this year. That would bode well for home construction, which slowed early this year as severe winter weather dampened sales in many markets.


The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo builder sentiment index released Thursday fell to 45. That's down one point from a revised reading of 46 in April and the lowest level in 12 months.


Readings below 50 indicate that more builders view sales conditions as poor rather than good. The overall index has been below 50 since February.



Russian president says Ukraine must pay cash for gas, starting in June

MOSCOW (AP) - Russia has ratcheted up pressure on Ukraine, with President Vladimir Putin saying in a letter released Thursday that it only will deliver gas to its struggling neighbor next month if it pays in advance. Putin first warned of the move in April in a letter to European leaders whose nations are customers of Russian state-controlled Gazprom natural gas giant. He said that Moscow would switch to pre-paid deliveries if Ukraine, which serves as a major conduit for Russian gas supplies to Europe, failed to start settling its mounting gas debt. In the second letter released by the Kremlin Thursday, Putin said that a meeting involving Russian, Ukrainian and the European Union officials has failed to settle the issue. He said that Ukraine's gas debt to Russia has kept rising and reached $3.5 billion, even though Ukraine has received $3.2 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund.



17-Year-Old High School Student Wins W.Va. GOP Primary On Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Rights Campaign


CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - A week before her high school graduation, Saira Blair was barely old enough to vote when she unseated a West Virginia lawmaker almost four times her age.


After Tuesday's GOP primary, the 17-year-old is one election away from becoming the youngest state lawmaker in West Virginia history. Larry Swan, sworn in as a 20-year-old delegate in 1972, set the current record.


Seventeen-year-olds who will turn 18 by the November election can vote in West Virginia's primary.


Blair is a churchgoer who says she is pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun rights and pro-business. She can rattle off a laundry list of businesses taxes she wants abolished or lowered.


"People saw that you don't need to wait until you are 40, 50 or 60 to realize our conservative principles are beneficial to everyone," the Martinsburg teen said of her primary win.

Blair also has family experience on her side. Her electrician father, Craig Blair, is a state senator who once held the House seat she is seeking.


 The two-year House gig pays a $20,000 annual salary, plus per diem.


Blair's conservative platform meshes with her Eastern Panhandle community, a GOP stronghold filled with Washington, D.C., commuters.


Blair has attended GOP meetings with her dad since the sixth grade and volunteers with various groups. She skipped senior prom to participate in a Youth in Government seminar.

Obama is remaking our military into his sexual image




Obama has played with our military and national security as if it was his personal toy to break apart and leave in the yard so the dog could pee on it.  2 years ago now we saw Obama reverse 'Don't ask don't tell' the famous legislation that former President Bill Clinton put in place when he was in leadership.  This was working just fine in our military in keeping the military focus and mission in check.   All the military folks I have talked with over the years told me it worked just fine.   It kept social engineering and controversial sex talk and agendas out of the viewfinder. If you were gay and in the military you weren't to bring it up, push it, or make it an issue.  You could deal with it on your private time elsewhere.  That certainly sounds fair to me given the grave seriousness of a mission and need to focus on priorities at hand not sexual play or controversy.

Now, thanks to Obama we have our military forced into his social and sexual experiment.  Straight soldiers now have to deal with outed gays who have rights to push their sexual agenda and get whatever they want, or law suits will fly and pressure will crush the straight soldier.  Freedom of speech is rapidly disappearing from straight military folks which means the vast majority are screwed into cloned silence while the gays can have a scream fest of speech freedom.

How can we forget Sgt. Phillip Monk relieved of his position because he didn't agree with his commander on gay marriage?  Dare to say you are for marriage between a man and a woman and 'boom' you are gone.

Obama has made sure our troop levels have been cut and are being shrunk to pre world war two levels, while cutting military benefits and pensions.  He has cut Vets benefits when nearly a million of them are on Food stamps`.  Remember for a time Obama demanded that our military pay for their own war injuries.  I couldn't stop screaming about this on my show, along with countless others.  When he finally backpedaled from the huge pressure, here is what Obama had to say  - UNBELIEVABLE.

"Look, it's an all volunteer force," Obama complained. "Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn't compute.." "I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country, "Obama continued "I wasn't asking for blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I'd have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try and help reduce the nation's deficit..I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans."

Let us see where we are:

Obama is massively cutting our military, turning it into a sexual and perverted social experiment of his. He is seizing speech and religious rights from straight and Christian soldiers while setting up this new and sexualized military.

It just gets better

Now we hear Sec. Of Defense Chuck Hagel is open to transgenders in the military.  Oh isn't that special?  Let me try and follow this if I can.  'Barbara who is becoming Bob and is in between sexes due to more required surgeries, demands she has female housing now.  It matters not what all the straight female solders think.  Just ignore the private parts of Barbara as they dangle in the shower until the last part of Bob is finally cut off.  You straight soldiers have no right to discuss it, notice it or have an opinion about it, that is if you want to have a career in the military.'

Why stop there?

In Obama's new and improved and downsized military we have a sexual playground of law suit-rights shrieking gays, and soon perhaps transgenders.  Why have any real mission focus left in the military at all?  There is too much playing to do.

Are there other sexual types that feel left out with all these rights swirling around?  Yes indeed.  Those who love animals and want to have a sexual relationship must be included.  Just think of it.  Soldiers who are bored on the battlefield abroad can look at a wild bore and field of goats in an entirely new way.  'Say, I am free this evening. Perhaps you are too.'

Our U.S. military is the most brave, moral and competent force in the world.  It is sickening and beyond treasonous that we have a Commander and Chief - Obama, who trifles with them, sexualizes them while raping their freedom of speech and religious rights.  How dare he downsize them terrorize them, even try and demand they pay for their own war injuries, then destroy them. 

Pray that the truth comes out regarding the endless crimes and betrayals of Benghazi with Rep. Trey Gowdy and his investigation.  Pray for our troops in harms way and that the 2014 and 2016 elections will force the destructive and progressive/Obama tsunami back the other way.

We must support putting back 'Don't ask don't tell' in our military, reinstate freedom of speech and religious rights for our military and stop using them as a social experiment for Obama's agenda.

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MERS - A zoonotic virus from camels?

by Wendy Wilson


There are daily reports on the MERS virus coming out of the Middle East and spreading to other countries including the US. The WHO is concerned as scientists scramble to decipher what this disease is and what are its origins. As of May 9, 2014 there are 536 reported cases of the disease and 145 deaths. Health authorities been tracking the development of many deadly pathogens in the last decade and many of them are rare, exotic and deadly. Virologists are on the hunt to track down MERS (Middle Ease Respiratory Syndrome) and the first place they look is the animal kingdom to try to establish a link. Experts think they have found a possible link to MERS but what can we do to protect ourselves from these deadly pathogens; the plagues not written of in the Bible Deut 29:59-61?



An Egyptian physician, Ali Mohamed Zaki, encountered a mysterious infectious case in June 2012. A sixty-year-old business man from the Saudi port of Jeddah arrived with fever and coughing and within eleven days died of pneumonia and renal failure. Dr. Zaki wouldn't give up until he knew what pathogen killed this man and the case quickly became known as the 'index patient." Dr. Zaki took samples from the patient and carefully packaged them to be sent off to the Saudi Ministry of Health. The samples were checked for identifiable pathogens such as; swine flu, hantavirus (from rodents), SARS coronavirus, Ebola, Nipah (from bats) and the Hendra virus (from horses). None of these viruses was the culprit that killed the index patient. Next Dr. Zaki sent more samples to the Erasmus MC Institute in Rotterdam and asked their virus detectives to figure this out.



Within a few months virologists and epidemiologists from EcoHealth Alliance were trekking to the Middle East to try to track down this MERS phenomenon. The team was looking for a zoonotic connection from animals to humans and they started with bats. They had some experience with bat-borne disease and establishing that bats carry many diseases including SARS. Backtracking where the "index patient" worked and lived was their first priority but they didn't find anything unusual so they started looking in places where bats would hide. No bats were found there so they searched out the nearest bat cave and took samples. The bat theory was not panning out. Meanwhile back at the lab, sputum samples from the "index patient" were being analyzed to find a connection to the coronavirus called SARS. Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) under the microscope has knobby rings and looks like a crown and "corona" means crown in Latin. There are many coronaviruses such as the common cold and some have turned up lately to be scary killer viruses causing great concern to human survival. What they found in the sputum from the "index patient" was something that looked like SARS but was a new kind of coronavirus reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. It was time to step up the investigation and test as many animals as they could in the region; sheep, horses, goats and cows.



The disease detectives went back to the "index patient's" house because nothing showed up at work or at his warehouse. The man from the Saudi port of Jeddah had many wives who were tested along with palm trees, the well and all livestock. The team was swabbing and syringing everything in sight and still no smoking gun. Until, they observed near the house a paddock and inside were four camels. However, these were not working camels; these were the "index patient's" pets. The WHO originally named this mystery pathogen the "novel coronavirus." Symptoms of the disease are; fever, coughing, hemorrhaging, kidney failure and respiratory arrest. Mortality is high and death can occur in less than 14 days. By May 2013, the virus had traveled from the Middle East to England, Germany, France, Greece and much of Europe, Canada and the US. The team hoped to link the disease back to a sick camel that had been sold to the "index patient." Tracking the ownership of one camel showed it had infected seven other previous owners with the same disease and four died. The disease detectives learned that camels are bought and sold in the Middle East by the tens of thousands imported from eastern Africa. Scientists don't know yet where MERS originated or how camels got it. Camels are used as a transport source, entertainment, for affection and as a source of food in the Middle East. Camels in the Middle East are the equivalent to dairy cows, race horses, working horses and pets in the US. They started testing camels everywhere and the MERS virus showed up in camels located also in the Canary Islands. However, not all kinds of camels have MERS. Camels from the Middle East, Africa, Spain and Canary Islands show the MERS pathogen markers. The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia released an announcement that 75% of the kingdom's camels contained the biological footprint for MERS. Scientists were wondering how did the camels get the disease and they kept going back to bats as the original carrier but can't support the theory. One thing they did determine is that they found twenty-year-old camel blood samples and found traces of the MERS virus so it appears the pathogen has been evolving for some time; scientists call this genetic re-assortment. Scientists in Australia are now testing both bats and camels that were used by British for pack animals in the 19th century and then let loose on their own.



Saudi medical doctors noticed an uptick in the cases of MERS with no understanding of why. Suddenly doctors started not showing up for work afraid of catching the virus. In April 2014, the Saudi Minister of Health, Abdullah al-Rabeeah, made a televised appearance suggesting people stay calm while ushering in stricter precautions. He was fired the next day. The diagnostic physician who first noticed MERS as a coronavirus and sent notice to the International Infectious Disease newsletter ProMed, he was also fired in 2012 by the Saudi Ministry of Health. Health authorities still do not know how this virus can go from animals to humans because not all the victims had contact with camels, which suggests the virus can be passed from human to human. They continue to monitor if the contact might come from consumption of camel milk or camel meat and health authorities warned against eating raw camel products. Updated reports on outbreaks of MERS and travel advisory can be found on the CDC website



Health experts are advising people to avoid the high risk areas of travel this summer and avoid hospitals reporting to be treating patients with MERS. Avoid markets, fairs, zoos, circus or any place where exotic animals and camels may have contact with humans. Avoid exploring caves where bats live. The young and old will be at a higher risk as well as autoimmune patients, and those suffering from diabetes, chronic lung diseases, renal failure and heart disease. Air travel to and from the Middle East is also risky as the pathogen may be passed to passengers from one sick individual. It is common for one person with a cornavirus to infect 250 more people. Air travel in the Middle East often connects to Africa. However, other routes involve North Korea, Kuwait, Algeria, London, New York to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Somalia, Venezuela, and Iran. Delta has a flight plan map you can check to see the hubs affected in the possible spread of MERS If you want to check a specific airline by name to see where it flies check



Last year it was SARS and the year before that it was swine flu and the year before that it was bird flu. Looks like science is fixated in identifying a bat flu. Are these naturally occurring or is scientific medicine helping to create these deadly pathogens? Either way; deadly is still deadly. One thing the disease detectives noticed is that the camels coming from Africa infected with MERS and the ones in the Canary Islands had a human population resistant to the pathogen. That tells me that a strong human immune system is able to defend from these unknown viruses. Educate yourself on what natural therapies will empower your immunity and overall health and learn to use them. There are herbs that can fast-track deadly pathogens out of the body.  If you would like to know where to begin call Apothecary Herbs to find out how to strengthen your immune system and how cleanse and nourish the body to heal itself. Call Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless.





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The powers in government are at it again to control (harmonize) your nutrition and the US is bent on ushering in the Codex Alimentarius. Their new angle is the make changes to the labeling guidelines and the nutritional panel. The agenda is to reduce the RDA values on nutrients in supplements and foods. The changes won't happen right away.  These are proposed changes and are not final, yet. Secondly, the FDA is accepting comments from the public for a ninety-day period, which ends on June 2, 2014.  You should weigh in with your opinion, now.


Anyone who is opposed to this Proposed Rulemaking send their comments electronically to the FDA at!submitComment;D=FDA-2012-N-1210-0002 or in writing to the Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5360 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061, Rockville, Maryland 20852. Mention Docket No. FDA-2012-N-1210.


The National Health Federation has given us permission to use the following outline when communicating with the FDA on this very important issue:


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If people ignore this opportunity to be heard, the supplement industry will have two years to comply with the label changes and are estimated to cost more than $2 billion, which will be passed onto consumers like you. So, you will not only pay more for your supplements but they will contain less nutrition. Don't delay in fighting for your health and contact the FDA today.



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