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Friday, May 5th A.D. 2014

Between Friday, April 25th, A.D. 2014 and Friday, May 5th, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold fell 0.2 % from $1,303.80 to $1,300.60

Silver fell 1.4 % from $19.73 to $19.46

Platinum rose 1.1 % from $1,418 to $1,433

Palladium rose 0.1 % from $807 to $808

DJIA rose 0.9 % from 16,361.46 to 16,512.89

NASDAQ rose 1.2 % from 4,075.56 to 4,123.90

NYSE rose 1.2 % from 10,505.00 to 10,630.00

US Dollar Index fell 0.3 % from 79.77 to 79.51

Crude Oil fell 0.7 % from 100.69 to $99.99


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."-Warren Buffett

"If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold-other than gold?"-Alfred Adask

Russian Sanctions


by Alfred Adask


CNN reports in "Ukraine crisis: EU sanctions target 15 individuals" that,


"The European Union has imposed sanctions related to the crisis in Ukraine on another 15 people, bringing the total number targeted to 48."


Wow!  There are 144 million people in Russia, and the EU has increased the number of people sanctioned from 33 to 48 (woo-hoo!).


Not to be outdone,


"In its latest round of sanctions, the United States targeted seven Russian government officials and 17 companies linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin."


"Seven"-count 'em-"seven Russian government officials" and "17 companies".  (Y'know 17 is a lot!  That's almost as many as I have fingers and toes!)


"The White House said the seven Russians, including two from Putin's inner circle, are subject to a freeze on any assets they may hold in the United States and a ban on U.S. travel."


Obama's gettin' tough.  No Disneyworld for Putin's pals.


"The 17 companies the United States named are linked to officials and oligarchs [super-rich; billionaires] . . . . In all, the United States and European Union have imposed asset freezes and travel bans on 66 individuals, most of them senior Russian officials. The United States has sanctioned 18 companies in total.


At first glance, sanctions  imposed on "66 individuals" and "18 companies" seem kinda silly.  But on reflection, the implications of those sanctions are intriguing and possibly profound.


President Obama isn't placing sanctions or threatening war against the Russian nation.  He's not even imposing sanctions on the president of the Russian nation.  Instead, Obama is threatening: 1) high Russian officials who are sufficiently corrupt to have bank accounts in foreign countries; 2)  Russian oligarchs (billionaires) who arecloseto President Putin; and 3) some of Russia's major multinational corporations.  


This isn't merely an odd choice of sanctions; it's evidence of how the world now works.  Sanctions against a few dozen corrupt officials, a handful ofRussian oligarchs and a few Russian multinational corporations, implies that today's world no longer functions as a collection of competing nations, but rather as a collection of competing, multi-national corporations who are secretly warring among themselves for global wealth and global power.  


President Obama therefore makes personal attacks on oligarchs and officials with economic sanctions much the same as he sought to attack "terrorist leaders" with drones.  Obama isn't attacking the people of the Russian nation.  He's attacking some of their officials and multi-national corporations. 


*  I'm no fan of Obama.  I'd previously dismissed his sanctions on a few dozen Russians as petty and evidence of his weakness and inability to impose sanctions able to affect Putin's actions.   But, now, I'm beginning to reconsider. 

Insofar as Obama's attacks are directed at Russian oligarchs and the hidden wealth of corrupt Russian politicians, his strategy just might be brilliant.   It might even be evidence of a new geo-political reality:  primary adversaries are no longer nations but are instead multinational corporations.  Future wars may seemingly be waged by the national politicians and/or national military-but only if the governments of such nations have been captured by competing corporate gangs.


If so, Obama may recognize that attacks against the people or even nations can be largely counter-productive.  Instead, he's using a divide-and-conquer strategy that attacks oligarchs, corrupt government officials and multinational corporations rather than masses of people.  The oligarchs, corrupt officials and multinational corporations may have power, but I doubt that they command the Russian people's loyalty.  Therefore, Obama can attack these individual targets without fear of offending the Russian people.


By attacking oligarchs, corrupt government officials and multinational corporations, Obama implies that the people have little influence on their government.  Obama isn't even attacking the members of the Russian parliament.  Instead of attacking the nation, its people or even their elected political representatives, Obama is only attacking those who wield the real power over government:  corrupt officials, the oligarchs and the multi-national corporations.  


*  "The top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee pushed for targeting specific sectors of the Russian economy.  'To me, hitting four of the largest banks there would send shockwaves into the economy. Hitting Gazprom would certainly send shockwaves into the economy,' Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee said, referring to Russia's state gas monopoly."


Hitting the four largest (and therefore multinational) banks?   Hitting the multinational corporation Gazprom?  Senator Corker appears to confirm that modern warfare may be increasingly directed at multinational corporations rather than nations. 


*  If Obama's sanctions against oligarchs "close" to Putin imply that elected Russian representatives have become politically impotent, has something similar happened in America?  Do our Senators and Congressmen still wield significant political power?  Or are they all spear-carriers or sock-puppets owned and operated by American oligarchs and multinational corporations? 


Obama's sanctions against corrupt officials and oligarchs imply that the fundamental structure for some, perhaps most, modern government is fascism-a close association between government and corporations. 


Obama's sanctions on Russian oligarchs indicate that a gang of the super-rich corporations have seized de facto control over Russia.  Can we assume that a similar seizure has taken place here in the U.S.?  Has a conglomerate of oligarchs and multinational corporations seized control of our government?   

If modern "wars" are increasingly between multinational corporations rather than nations, we can wonder when elements of foreign governments will begin to expose corrupt US politicians and attack American oligarchs and multinational corporations rather than the US government.


There's a silver lining in Obama's cloudy attempts to sanction Russia's wealthiest (and therefore most corrupt) politicians and oligarchs:  We can expect Russia to respond in kind and at least identify oligarchs and perhaps expose how much money each of our corrupt presidents, senators, congressmen and federal judge have hidden away. 


Wouldn't it be grand if Americans knew how much money our various congressman have grossed while "serving" in government? 

It may take a few years, but Obama's attacks on Russian oligarchs will almost certainly reciprocated with similar attacks on the world's oligarchs-including those of the U.S.


Obama's sanctions against Russian oligarchs might even signal the onset of a shift in global awareness and attitudes.   Perhaps the world's people are on the verge of perceiving that world peace is more threatened by multinational corporations than by nations and national governments. 


While we wait to see if attitudes and awareness change, Obama's sanctions against Russian oligarchs has signaled future conflicts might be increasingly between multi-national corporations than between nations.


Ivan (one of our readers) wrote:


 "There is a House Bill #2847 stating that dollar and other currencies are to be reset worldwide on July 1, 2014. Does this mean that petro dollar disappears and dollar itself will be devalued?"


AdaskYou don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand everything in this world.   Sometimes, common sense is enough.



A currency "reset" is a moment when the relative values of most currencies are changed.  For example, you might be able to buy 100 yen today with $1.  But on the morning after the "reset," $1 might only purchase 50 yen.  By means of a "reset," the dollar might've lost 50% of its purchasing power overnight. 

In the event of a global currency "reset" the relative values of all of the world's major currencies would be significantly changed.  Everyone seems to agree that the primary effect of a "reset," would be to significantly reduce the purchasing power of the US dollar.


I haven't read HR 2847 and it's bad business to comment on any text that you haven't read.  Still, I don't believe that that bill actually announces that there'll be a currency "reset" on July 1st, A.D. 2014.  If there's going to be a currency "reset", it will happen suddenly and without warning.  If they announced the "reset" several weeks or even days or even hours in advance, everyone would instantly dump dollars and buy whatever currency or tangible forms of wealth that would be sure to hold or increase its value after the "reset".Announcing the "reset" in advance would undermine whatever effect the government hoped to achieve.  Therefore, it's virtually impossible that any legislative act would give advanced notice of the specific day when a currency reset is scheduled to take place.


Whoever is reading HR 2847 to announce a currency reset for July 1st is misreading the bill's language.  That misreading might be accidental or it might be intended to spur sales of some product or service.  But if they're misreading the significance of July 1st, they're likely also misreading the HR 2847's significance as to the "petro-dollar disappearing" etc.I won't be surprised if/when the fiat-/petro-dollar disappears.  That disappearance is probably inevitable. But it's not going to happen on July 1stand it's not going be caused by HR 2847. 

Two Competing Investment Strategies based on Two Opposing Premises



by Alfred Adask


A recent article in Mish Shedlock's Global Economic Analysis declared in part,


"With central bankers globally suppressing interest rates, the [creditors'] search for yield elsewhere is on. One of the places investors have turned is speculative junk bond offerings."


Here's where I differ from such investors.  Those willing to invest in junk bonds believe it's possible to reliably invest their wealth (fiat dollars) into some form of paper debt instruments (stocks, bonds, junks bonds, etc.) and recover an acceptable "yield" on their wealth.  Because the world's central banks have reduced interest rates on what would ordinarily provide a positive yield (in bonds, for example), some investors seek "junk bonds" because they pay higher rates of interest.


From such investors' perspective, they need only search though the various paper investments options until they find one that pays a positive rate of return.   If the option that pays the highest reasonable rate of returns is junk bonds, then they'll invest in junk bonds.  If the option that pays the highest rate of return is stocks, they've invest in stocks.


The fundamental premise behind their investment strategy is that the paper monetary and paper debt-based instrument "system" will survive, no matter what.  Yes, they know they could lose some or all of their wealth if they invest/bet on a particular junk bond that turns out to be worthless.  But they don't imagine or believe that the entire paper monetary system-including US dollars, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, pension plans and junk bonds-could suffer a systemic collapse where all paper financial instruments suffer sudden, substantial (or even complete) losses of value.  


I, on the other hand, base my investment strategy on an opposite but fundamental premise:  I believe that the entire paper monetary system is fundamentally flawed and therefore destined to suffer a slow (or possibly sudden) systemic collapse which will destroy 80% to 90% of all paper wealth.  I don't know when this collapse will take place, but when it happens, virtually everyone who chased "yields" in the paper markets will lose their assets.


Therefore, my investment strategy is not based on chasing "yields".  My investment strategy is based on preserving the assets I've already earned. 

Those who invest in junk bonds pursue yields.  These investors are looking for a net gain of, say, 5% per year. 


I'm not looking for a 5% annual gain.  I hope to make a gain (and far more than 5% per year), but I don't covet more wealth.  I'd like to increase my wealth, but my primary objective is to preserve whatever wealth I've already earned by investing in precious metals that can't be destroyed if the paper monetary system collapses.


Thus, we see two entirely different investment strategies based on two entirely different presumptions concerning our economic future.  Those who invest in junk bonds believe the "system" is solid and sure to survive.  They therefore seek to increase their wealth.  Those (like me) who believe the monetary system is in peril and certain to decline (slowly or suddenly), therefore seek to preserve our existing wealth.


If wealth preservation is your primary objective, gold and silver should be your primary preservation vehicles. 

Sadomonetarists vs Masomonetarists?


by Alfred Adask


There's something wrong with the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden.  They've issued Nobel Prizes to former Vice President Al Gore for making a Power Point presentation on Global Warming (or was if for inventing the internet?), . . .  to President Obama for being black, . . . and to Paul Krugman for economics. 

It's hard to say which of these Nobel Prizes is more absurd.  You might think that a Nobel Prize to Mr. Krugman for economics makes some sense since, after all, Mr. Krugman does have a PhD in economics. 


But judging from Mr. Krugman's recent comments, it's beginning to appear that Mr. Krugman may have purchased his PhD from some online university. 

For example, a recent article from Casey Daily Dispatch reports:


"If you favor sound money, you're a sadomonetarist, according to New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. The Nobel Prize winner says he doesn't use the term 'just to be colorful.' No, he uses the term 'advisedly,' and defines it as 'an attitude, common among monetary officials and commentators, that involves a visceral dislike for low interest rates and easy money, even when unemployment is high and inflation is low.'"


Well, I'm a bit of a "commentator," and my "visceral dislike" is not for low interest rates or even "easy money".  (What sort of beast would object to "easy money"?) 

My visceral dislike is for robbing creditors with lies andfiat currencies.


My visceral dislike is for fiat currency since our fiat monetary system has expanded the size and power of the government to the detriment of America's prosperity and liberty.  My visceral dislike for fiat current is based on the fact that the fiat currency is implicitly prohibited by Article 1.10.1 of the Constitution of the United States. 


My visceral dislike for fiat currency is based on the fact that all fiat currencies fail; our fiat dollar will eventually fail (and maybe not so long from now), collapse our economy and possibly plunge our nation into chaos or even disintegration.

It may be true that my "visceral dislike" for fiat currency makes me "sadomontetarist".  But if so, it also follows that Paul Krugman and those who believe his claptrap in support of fiat currency, low interest rates and "easy money" are "masomontarists" who have a visceral desire to live in a world where robbing creditors, destruction of the American dream, economic collapse and possible national disintegration are commonplace, painful but still desirable. 

Krugman's "masomonetarists" are guilty of "levying war" against The United States of America or at least giving "aid and comfort" to our enemies.  They are thus guilty of treason. 


I don't know what, exactly, the Nobel Prize Committee is guilty of, but somebody's gotta make 'em stop handing out Nobel Prizes to morons.  (Who knows?  Maybe their next Nobel Prize will go to G.W. Bush for being the world's best painter.)

Unemployment rate tells a more discouraging story.  The U.S. economy added 

288,000 jobsin April.


That number, which comes from a survey of households, shows fewer Americans are joining the labor force and fewer people report they're employed.  The U.S. economy added 288,000 jobsin April


"The drop in participation is not due to discouraged workers leaving the labor force," a Department of Labor spokesperson noted, "it's due to re-entrants and new entrants who we expected to see flowing into the labor force, and who didn't this month."




The Bureau of Labor Statistics announcement that unemployment has dropped from 6.7 percent in March to 6.3 percent in April was partly attributed to some 800,000 workers dropping out of the labor force last month, reducing the labor participation rate to 62.8 percent, a new low for the Obama administration.


"The broad economic outlook has not changed, despite the heavily-distorted numbers that continue to be published by the BLS," Williams writes in his subscription newsletter on "The unemployment rates have not dropped from peak levels due to a surge in hiring; instead, they generally have dropped because of discouraged workers being eliminated from headline labor-force accounting."



          Dr. Stanley Monteith - A Must Listen - The Forbidden Secret



The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday:


    It will further cut its bond purchases because the U.S. job market needs less help. And it said the economy had strengthened after all but stalling during a harsh winter.


Yellan stated the Fed's rate policies must be flexible enough to meet unexpected economic challenges.




The economy's meager 0.1% GDP growth in January, February and March represented the slowest three-month growth in the economy since the end of 2012, and a sharp deceleration from growth in the second half of 2013, when the economy grew at a 3.4% rate.


Consumer spending, the biggest driver of economic growth in the United States, actually grew 3.0 percent in the first quarter, nearly consistent with 2013's fourth quarter growth of 3.3 percent. But nonresidential investment decreased dramatically, as did exports of goods and services.




"This report is more than a low number," said Brendan Buck, the spokesman for Speaker of the House John Boehner. "It is a reflection of the real economic despair that persists in the sixth year of the Obama presidency."




Rasmussen Consumer Index


49% of Consumers Think U.S. is in a Recession


The homeownership rate in the U.S. declined to the lowest in almost 19 years as rising property prices and mortgage rates held back demand.


The share of Americans who own their homes was 64.8 percent in the first quarter, down from 65.2 percent in the previous three months, the Census Bureau said in a report today. The rate is the lowest since the second quarter of 1995, when it was 64.7 percent.


Recovering home prices and mortgage rates that have climbed from near-record lows last May have put real estate out of reach for some would-be buyers. The S&P/Case-Shiller (SPCS20) index of values in 20 cities increased 12.9 percent in February from a year earlier after rising 13.2 percent in the 12 months through January, the group said today.


"The homeownership rate is held back by slow job growth, tight mortgage credit and declining affordability," Jed Kolko, chief economist of San Francisco-based property-listing service Trulia Inc., said in an interview before the report was released. "We'll see it stay around this level for some time."


Sam Zell, chairman of apartment landlord Equity Residential (EQR), said yesterday that the rate will fall to as low as 55 percent because more Americans are choosing to rent as they postpone getting married and having





WASHINGTON (AP) - House Speaker John Boehner told Republican lawmakers Tuesday he was just teasing them when he lampooned their reluctance to act on immigration legislation, insisting that he blames President Barack Obama for inaction on the issue, not the GOP. "You tease the ones you love, right? But some people misunderstood what I had to say," Boehner told reporters after a closed-door meeting with the House GOP where he offered the explanation. "I can rib people just a little too much sometimes. This wouldn't be the first time." The comments in question happened at a Rotary Club lunch in Ohio last week when Boehner said Republican House members don't want to take on immigration because it's too difficult. He imitated them whining in high-pitched protest, "'Ohh, don't make me do this ... ohh, this is too hard.'"




Hopes State Tax Money Can Keep Unneeded Military Bases Open

by Jason Ditz, April 27, 2014


The few people in Pentagon leadership positions with a real interest in getting their budget under control agree that closing unneeded military bases is the best place to start. Getting them closed has been a Herculean task, however, with politicians so desperate to keep wasting money that they'll even spend extra money lobbying for it.

The state government of Massachusetts is so desperate to keep Massachusetts military bases open, despite them being unwanted and unneeded by the Pentagon, that they're preparing to pony up a $177 million bond, backed by state taxpayer money, to make improvements at those military bases to try to bribe the Pentagon into keeping them open.

It's an unprecedented and straightforward payola, and one that could set a precedent for other states trying to buy their way into keeping military bases alive, if only to serve as a sinkhole for future taxpayer funds in a ridiculously inefficient jobs program.

Massachusetts's officials say they're simply recognizing the "new political reality," and that throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at the Pentagon is the only chance they have to keep their bases off the closure-commission's list.

The most disturbing aspect of the situation is that they may be right, and that taxpayers are set to start being taxed at a state level to keep open politically advantageous military bases that they will have to be taxed again at the federal level to pay for.

We will survive Obama and the progressive assaults BUT plan ahead


MAY 2ND, 2014 Join Laurie Roth on for her weekly crime segments on Wednesday from 7-10pm PAC at


I am the optimist of optimists and believe America will rise again and heal up in time.  Obama will be finished and tarnished along with the progressive-Democrat brand.  Sorry Democrats but you did this to yourselves by 100% voting for Obamacare the worst violation and pain ever inflicted on Americans from within.  People are hurting on all sides of the line and are furious.  No amount of Obama lies and media spin can change that now.  Not one Republican voted for it and I don't magically trust them either.  Many of them have proven to have a price and serve their own careers more than the people.  Regardless, I strongly believe we will see the conservatives fortify the House and take back the Senate.  Then, the life saving, Constitution saving surgery must begin. Conservatives must be more than urged to destroy Obamacare in whatever way they can to relieve the pain and torment put on the American people.  All executive orders of Obama and the NDAA Bill must also be undone as real investigations and follow through unfold regarding Benghazi, the NSA and IRS crimes.  We have a ton of clean up to do folks, but first we win, then destroy the evil put upon us.

Obama continues to destroy, using all Government departments like the EPA, BLM, IRS, NSA and others against the people, energy and business,  We must not only win in 2014 and 2016 but have a survival plan if things get even more messy while Obama and his thugs continue to crush America.

The plan

Set aside a years worth of everything you need

 * Pet food for your animals

* Extra medicine for your condition or whatever you deal with...think ahead

* 1-year supply of freeze dried meals and canned food that will keep. (Type in freeze-dried meals or emergency preparedness meals and much will come up)

* Store gasoline and fuel if you can

* Get seeds and items you can grow

* Set aside water and an ongoing water source.  Get water filers you can purify water with.

* Set aside guns and ammo

* How will you stay warm and see in the dark if there is no power?

* How will you cook and heat up food if there is no power?

What about money and banking?

Our money supply is quickly becoming 'funny money' and our non-backed currency is in the process of being changed.  It is extremely wise right now to set aside a currency you can trade and barter with if normal banking is stopped.  Remember Cyprus, where the Government grabbed their people's money right out of their bank accounts in a tax they invented to pay part of their debt.  Don't think for a second that Obama and his progressives aren't also thinking about this...they are.  What can we do?

Don't rush the banks but I wouldn't keep most your money there right now.  Spread it around. Buy some gold and silver coins and put them away in a safe at your home, not the bank.  Be careful with your purchases because not all gold and silver dealers are priced right or even honest.  Some I know of have ordered lots of Gold and never had it delivered.  Research carefully for yourself before you buy any gold or silver.  One of the few places I know of with great prices, real help along the way and quick shipping is Discount Gold and Silver   I know Melody Cedarstrom who runs this company and she doesn't just talk, nor is she greedy.  I have interviewed her many times and she really does run her company with Christian and ethical values.  You do what you want to and need to, but this company is one who will not screw you.  Find gold and silver somewhere and be most careful.

Once you set aside silver and gold coins in your safe, don't announce everywhere that you have them.  Shut up about it.  Think security.

To really plan for any emergency that may hit, economically, Obama on steroids, terrorism, or a weather disaster, you have to ask yourself these questions.  What if I couldn't drive to the store to get food, medicine or water? How would I protect the assets I now have and set them privately aside, away from banks?  Do I have what I need to protect my family and myself and do I have something in my hand to buy what I need?

Pray for our country, the upcoming elections and do what is right.  We will get our country back, but you also must plan ahead and be ready for anything.  I am doing this with my family.

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Empower Yourself - Whole Food Supplements - No Synthetics or GMOs - 100% Organic -

How old is old?

by Herbalist Wendy Wilson 



As the age of the population increases, many experts in health and finance wonder how it will be possible to care for so many aging people. Japan is said to have the highest concentration of elderly (a quarter of the population 31.86 million). The study of aging is not new. The scientific term is gerontology, which comes from the Greek meaning "study of old man". We also get the term "geriatrics" from this. The concept of gerontology incorporates several fields; biology, medicine, sociology, psychiatry etc. Is the answer to our aging population more social programs? Why are the social programs already in place not enough? How do we define old age and do we individually have any power to slow the aging process and stay healthier? Let's find out.



According to biologists defining old age is not easy. Yes, there are general references to describe the elderly as "final stage of their life span" or "retired". But there is more to it than a birth date and employment. Cultures can have several different qualifying characteristics of being old. Biologists are not even in agreement as to the biological cause of aging. It is speculated that lifespan is already dictated in the genes or blood and other experts suggest that lifespan is influenced more by lifestyle. The latter may have weight due to cultural studies indicate that lifestyle affects not only the severity of certain diseases (cancer, diabetes and heart disease) but also the existence of them. Can old age be defined by a number? The Western countries seem to have a starting range to old age beginning at 65 (typical retirement age and qualification for social programs). However, other countries may define old age as starting in the mid-forties to 70-years-of-age. History tells us that in medieval Europe the average lifespan was thirty years. By today's standards a thirty-year-old would be considered in their prime. With modern conveniences and better hygiene the life expectancy improved.



Scientists boil old age down to genetics and physiological conditions such as cognitive function and chronic ailments. Medical care is not getting less expensive so another indicator used to determine old age is how much is being spent on medical care. Technology advancements may offer medical advancements to help the elderly but it is also a double-edged sword that can reduce the status of the elderly in society when they don't keep up with a technology oriented world.  This can outstrip the elderly of employment opportunities and threaten their retirement. Financial preparation for retirement has also become increasingly more challenging in modern society. The nucleus of the family has been under attack in modern times and has changed the identity and function of the family. A mere 100 years ago a family unit contained several generations living nearby to help each other. Today a modern family is spread out leaving the older family members more isolated. The older we get the less likely we are to pull up roots and move. Modern technology has made the family unit more mobile and dispersed. The most that aging parents can hope for these days is to live within a 1 - 2 hour drive of one of their children. A niche market has sprung up to fill the gap; assisted living homes. The expectations of retirement living are changing quickly in industrialized societies. The forty-year-olds will have a very different retirement from those retiring today.  The quality of life and the role they will play in society is to be defined.



Lately research has indicated that life expectancy may be linked to the blood. Red blood cells carry oxygen and white blood cells to defend us from disease. The white blood cells also have something extra; a nuclei. There are approximately 5 million red blood cells for every half cup of blood and they have a lifespan of 120 days. There are 3,000 to 7,000 white blood cells per half cup of blood and have a lifespan of 2 days to 2 years depending on the type of cell. Red blood cells have the same shape (round and looks like a shallow bowl). White blood cells have different shapes, which depend on their function. According to new research in New Scientists and Medical Daily, scientists think they are honing in the secret to longevity. Science has turned its attention onto the tissue in blood and more specifically white blood stem cells. They think that when these cells exhaust themselves and can't be replaced this is when we meet our maker. This is why science is so intent on stem cell research and their hopes of fooling creation to fend off death indefinitely. Science wants to do more than just control when people die, they want to abolish disease altogether. If they can establish a way to replenish the stem cells and the ends of these cells called telomeres, they think they can promote a disease-free life for most people. However, stem cells and telomere require healthy DNA and lately human DNA is under attack by toxins, GMO's and a host of other substances that mutate our cells. We must keep in mind what science achieves in the lab may not be possible in the field.



I am not one to wait around for science or the government to discover answers to better my health when I have that power right now. Everyone does. Research is pointing to the blood for longevity and health and that makes a lot of sense. Healthy bones make healthy blood. So, protecting the bones will be extremely important. I use calcium-rich plants to do that. Our bodies like to absorb calcium for strong healthy bones but it needs boron and magnesium to do that. Green vegetables, fruits and herbs have the perfect ratio and ability to fortify our bodies with natural calcium. Animal calcium does not have the minerals necessary for the calcium to be absorbed. Another important fact I've discovered is that keeping the blood clean after the bones make it is so important. The blood can become laden with impurities and fail to carry oxygen, iron and other nutrients throughout the body. I find that cleansing the blood is a must. If you would like organic herbal calcium (liquid) and herbal organ cleansing products contact Apothecary Herbs toll free 866-3229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. Check out their new Customer Point Rewards program and save on your herbal products You have to set up an account online to receive your points.





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The powers in government are at it again to control (harmonize) your nutrition and the US is bent on ushering in the Codex Alimentarius. Their new angle is the make changes to the labeling guidelines and the nutritional panel. The agenda is to reduce the RDA values on nutrients in supplements and foods. The changes won't happen right away.  These are proposed changes and are not final, yet. Secondly, the FDA is accepting comments from the public for a ninety-day period, which ends on June 2, 2014.  You should weigh in with your opinion, now.


Anyone who is opposed to this Proposed Rulemaking send their comments electronically to the FDA at!submitComment;D=FDA-2012-N-1210-0002 or in writing to the Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5360 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061, Rockville, Maryland 20852. Mention Docket No. FDA-2012-N-1210.


The National Health Federation has given us permission to use the following outline when communicating with the FDA on this very important issue:


"On Docket No. FDA-2012-N-1210, I am adamantly opposed to your proposed reduction of vitamin-and-mineral Reference Daily Intakes as shown in your Table 2, on page 11931.  At a time when toxin intake is increasing and nutrient intake is decreasing, Americans need more vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, not less. Your unsupported goal of harmonizing our food laws to Codex standards and guidelines has been specifically prohibited by Congress, and I demand that you obey the law and immediately withdraw Table 2 and all supporting paragraphs of your Proposed Rulemaking for revision in line with modern nutritional science, which shows that we need a higher daily intake of  B and other vitamins as well as more magnesium and other minerals such as selenium.  Please act immediately to correct your serious errors."


If people ignore this opportunity to be heard, the supplement industry will have two years to comply with the label changes and are estimated to cost more than $2 billion, which will be passed onto consumers like you. So, you will not only pay more for your supplements but they will contain less nutrition. Don't delay in fighting for your health and contact the FDA today.



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The information contained herein is not designed to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure disease. Seek medical advice from a lincensed medical physician (if you dare) before using any product or therapy. 

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