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Friday, April 25th A.D. 2014

Between Friday, April 18th, A.D. 2014 and Friday, April 25th, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold rose 0.7 % from $1,294.60 to $1,303.80

Silver rose 0.4 % from $19.65 to $19.73

Platinum rose 0.7 % from $1,408 to $1,418

Palladium rose 1.6 % from $794 to $807

DJIA fell 0.3 % from 16,408.54 to 16,361.46

NASDAQ fell 0.5 % from 4,095.52 to 4,075.56

NYSE fell 0.3 % from 10,532.80 to 10,505.00

US Dollar Index fell 0.1 % from 79.87 to 79.77

Crude Oil fell 3.7 % from $104.59 to 100.69


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."-Warren Buffett

"If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold-other than gold?"-Alfred Adask

Going Postal: Gov-co Stocks up on Ammo


by Alfred Adask


Going postal just took on a whole new meaning.  Apparently, Postal Emloyees are no longer content to shoot each other and are therefore preparing to shoot the public.


We know this because the USPS has joined the list of federal agencies that are stocking up on ammunition and firearms. 


For example, the Social Security Administration put in a request for 174,000 rounds of .357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow-point bullets.  Do they fear that the retirees are about to grab their walkers and storm the SSA buildings?


The Department of Agriculture requested 320,000 rounds.   Do they fear farmers and ranchers-or an attack by cows and pigs?


The Department of Homeland Security has requested 450 million rounds.  That's enough bullets to shoot every American about 1.5 times.


The FBI has sought 100 million hollow-point rounds.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also requested 46,000 rounds.  Why does a weather service need ammunition?


To date, some two billion rounds of ammunition have been purchased or ordered by a variety of domestic federal agencies. 


If only one agency purchased ammunition, we might write it off as an aberration.  But when seemingly inexplicable purchases are made by a significant number of agencies, we can assume we are witnessing evidence of a general governmental policy.  It's not just the FBI, DHS or even the USPS that wants to stockpile ammo-it's the government, itself.


As a result of this stockpiling, many wonder what government has planned for the American people.  Confusion and conspiracy theories abound.


Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Washington-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said: 


"We're seeing a highly unusual amount of ammunition being bought by the federal agencies over a fairly short period of time. To be honest, I don't understand why the federal government is buying so much at this time.  I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but [purchasing all this ammunition] doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  The amount of ammunition they're buying up far exceeds their needs. It far exceeds what they'll use-they'll never use it all."


Well, let's hope Gottlieb is right.  Let's hope the government will never use all of those bullets within The United States of America.


But Gottlieb can't be right when he says that purchasing all this ammunition "doesn't make a whole lot of sense."  


In fact, major purchases of ammunition by a wide variety of domestic governmental agencies costs money.  The government is largely broke.  It won't spend more money if it doesn't have to.   It seems extremely unlikely that government would spend so much money on ammo without a compelling reason to do so. 


The government is generally distrusted and viewed with contempt.  It's on shaky political ground.  The political implication of domestic governmental agencies stockpiling all that ammunition is that government is preparing for a major armed conflict within the USA.  Thus, those purchases must cause a further loss of public confidence in the government.  It seems extremely unlikely that government would risk the political fallout of purchasing so much ammo without a compelling reason to do so. 


Purchasing all that ammunition may seem incomprehensible to most Americans.  However, given the financial and political costs associated with stockpiling two billion rounds of ammunition, it's apparent that those purchases must "make a whole lot of sense" to somebody in a very high position of power.  


Gottlieb may be right to say that purchasing all of that ammunition doesn't make sense under current, publicly-perceived economic and political conditions.  


But maybe government isn't looking at current conditions.  Maybe government is instead looking forward towards a moment when future conditions may become conducive to widespread social disorder and even public violence against government. 


To understand those possible future conditions, let's consider reasons why government might stockpile two billion rounds of ammo. I can imagine three

  1. To subsidize the ammunition industry;
  2. To reduce the supply of bullets so the public can't buy them;
  3. To stock up on bullets to be used to attack or defend against the American people. 

Clearly, the anti-gun-rights Obama administration is not intending to subsidize the ammunition industry.


Reducing the public's supply of ammunition presupposes that the government
expects an armed conflict with the public and wants the people disarmedStocking billions of bullets implies that the government expects an armed conflict with the public and wants to ensure that gov-co has enough ammo to deal with potentially
millions of armed dissidents.  I.e., gov-co doesn't need billions of bullets to deal with a few "lone gunmen".  Gov-co needs billions to deal with, at least, tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, potentially several million armed Americans who are furious with, and firing at, government.Billions of bullets implicitly anticipates a widespread public revolt.


 Whatever the exact explanation for stockpiling two billion rounds of ammunition may be, it seems certain that the government views the probability of a widespread and violent confrontation with the American people as growing.


OK-why might such confrontation take place? 

  1. Because Congressmen are corrupt?
  2. Because Obama is black?
  3. Because taxes are too high?
  4. Because liberty is being lost?   Or,
  5. Because the economy has collapsed, people are starving and therefore rioting against government?



As Bill Clinton once said, "It's the economy, stupid."


Americans don't much care about corruption, the President's race (or even place of birth), taxes or liberty.  They care about their money, standard of living and the economy.   If there's going to be a violent confrontation between government and the people, that confrontation will be based on some sort of sudden and significant economic decline or even collapse.


Government's purchase of two billion bullets for the apparent purpose of shooting the public, indicates that government fears a near-term decline in the US economy that's sufficiently sudden and deep to cause lots of people to shoot. 


Therefore, I don't view government's purchase of two billion bullets as a political anomaly or irrational act.  I see it as a reliable economic indicator that tells us that
government believes there's a growing probability that an economic collapse may soon occur that's sufficient to trigger widespread violence.


*  We can have a scholarly (or heated) debate on the economic significance of the unemployment rate, the inflation rate, and the price of gold.  When that debate is over, we can go home, order a pizza and watch some TV.


But it's hard to engage in a scholarly debate on the economic significance of domestic government agencies buying two billion bullets.  Two billion bullets tells us that it's not time for pizza-it's time to stockpile whatever you can afford that you think you'll need if the economy tanks:  food, water, guns, ammo, silver and gold.You needn't believe me.  But you should certainly consider the economic and political implications of multiple government agencies seeking to purchase over two billion rounds of ammo.   Those purchases cause predictions of economic collapse to rise from the level of mere conspiracy theories to the level of a government-validated, growing probability.  


Global Supply and Global Demand for Gold


by Alfred Adask


Bill Holter (The Holter Report) recently published an article which included some math concerning the world's supply of gold.  According to Holter, the best estimates of the total "stock" of existing gold (all the gold that's accumulated for at least 3,000 years) is roughly 170,000 tons


If we divide that 170,000 tons of gold "stock" by the world population (7 billion), the result is about three-quarters of an ounce of gold per person


In addition, the world mines and adds an additional 2,600 to 2,700 tons of gold each year.  That works out to about 1/85th of an ounce of "new" gold mined each year for each person on the planet. 


 Holter's math raises some implications and questions:


  1. There's less than one ounce of gold per person in the world.  That's a very small supply.
  2. Although Holter didn't say so, much of the total stock of hold is held by a few government and banks.  Thus, the total supply of gold available for sale or private purchase is even smaller than the 170,000 ton "stock".
  3. The number of people who want gold is unknown, but probably includes virtually every adult on the planet.  That's a very large potential demand.  
  4. Given the tiny supply and huge demand, does the price of $1,300 an ounce make sense?  Does common sense suggest to you that a $1,300/ounce price is the result of a free market reflecting the true forces of supply and demand-or is that price the result of a manipulated market that defies the forces of supply and demand?


On top of Holter's math, implications and questions, let's add the world's total debt
to our calculations. 


According to Max Kaiser, the total world debt is about $233.3 trillion.  That has to be a conservative estimate since it can't include the total supply of derivatives which some people value at over $1 quadrillion. 


Even so, if we divide Kaiser's conservative estimate of the total world debt by the total world population (7 Billion), we learn that the global debt averages out to (at least) $33,000 for every man, woman and child on the globe.


Let's divide that $33,000 by the average per capita amount of gold (3/4th ounce) available on the planet.  By doing so, we learn that (in theory) the entire global debt might be backed by gold if the price of gold were raised to about $44,000 per ounce
.I'm not suggesting that the entire world debt will be backed by gold anytime soon or even ever.  But I am suggesting that backing the entire world debt with gold is absolutely
possible-if we raised the price of gold to something like $40,000 to $50,000 per ounce.More, while I don't expect the price of gold to reach $50,000 an ounce in my lifetime, a price of $25,000/ounce doesn't seems irrational.


I'm not predicting $25,000 gold, but if the fiat dollar collapses (as seems inevitable) and
if the world returns to a gold-based monetary system (which seems likely), $25,000 gold is a reasonable possibility


Can anyone say that the fiat dollar won't collapse within, say, five years?  


Can anyone say that in the aftermath of that collapse, the world won't be forced to return to a gold-based monetary system?


Can anyone say that gold can't hit $25,000-a 1,900% increase-within the next five years?


Can anyone identify any other generic investment in stocks, bonds, land, etc. that has even a remote chance of increasing in price by 1,900% over the next five years? 


$25,000 gold in the next five years is not a sure thing. 


But it's not a remote possibility either.   


Govern your investments accordingly. 


A further round of sanctions on Moscow appears to be on the table. Ratings agency Standard & Poor's also downgraded its view on Russia's debt to one notch above so-called junk status and warned that the country "could see additional significant outflows of both domestic and foreign capital from the Russian economy."


I think a bigger contributing factor is the recent flare up in eastern Ukraine and the war of words now taking place between the U.S. and Russia," said Craig Erlam, market analyst at Alpari. "We've already seen on numerous occasions what impact this has had on the markets, with even the slightest hint of Russian intervention prompting a flight for safety among investors."


Oregon becomes first state to decide to drop online health exchange for federal site


DURHAM, Ore. (AP) - Oregon has become the first state in the nation to decide to drop its problem-plagued online health exchange and switch to the federal website. Cover Oregon's board on Friday approved an advisory committee's recommendation to ditch its troubled portal. Oregon will use HealthCare.Gov for private policies. Officials say fixing the existing system would be too costly at $78 million and would take too long. Switching to the federal system would cost just $4 million to $6 million.


Greece averaged 14 protests per day since bailout, say police


ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greece's Public Order Ministry says it has policed an average of 14 protests per day since the country's bailout four years ago, and defended its frequent use of tear gas at violent street rallies. The ministry said it had policed 20,210 public protests across the country between May 8, 2010 and March 3, 2014, including 6,266 in greater Athens, according to a response to a question in parliament this month and emailed to The Associated Press on Friday. The country's 240 billion euro ($332 billion) bailout by eurozone countries and the International Monetary came with harsh cost-cutting measures that prompted many of the rallies and 37 general strikes. The ministry says Greece buys tear gas from the U.S., Israel, Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, the Czech Republic and others.


Adjustable-rate mortgages are on the rise, but may not be best choice for all homebuyers


Adjustable-rate mortgages got a bad rap after the housing bust. Many homebuyers used the low initial interest rates on adjustable loans to keep payments low, but weren't able to afford to pay their mortgage when the loans reset to a much higher rate a few years later. In the years since, banks have tightened their lending standards to ensure borrowers who get adjustable-rate loans, or ARMs, can afford a rate reset. And as interest rates have begun to rise, ARMs have become a more attractive option for homebuyers seeking the lowest rate on a home loan. Last month, ARMs made up 8.2 percent of all home loan applications, up from 7.7 percent in February and matching the level in December, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. The last time ARMs' share of mortgage applications has been at least this high was June 2008.


Fitch ratings agency upgrades Spain's credit grade amid improvement in finances, markets


LONDON (AP) - The Fitch ratings agency has upgraded Spain's credit grade, citing an improvement in the outlook of the country's finances and economy. The agency lifted the country's sovereign rating Friday by one notch to BBB+ from BBB. In a report, Fitch said the "economic reforms of the labor market, pension system, fiscal framework and financial sector that have been enacted by the authorities since the start of the crisis have improved the longer-term outlook." Spain was among the European countries hardest hit by the financial crisis. The property market's collapse in 2008 pushed the economy into recession and the government needed help from other eurozone countries to rescue its banks. Although unemployment is still near 26 percent, Spain's economy is out of recession and the government borrowing rates have dropped.



Falsely Accused Jonathan Fleming gets out of prison after 25 years - Now what?


BY ADMIN, ON APRIL 24TH, 2014 Laurie Roth


Falsely accused Jonathan Fleming gets out of prison after 25 years - Now what Just a few weeks ago Jonathan Fleming was finally let out of prison after 25 years of hell for doing a crime he never committed. This week I interviewed on my national radio show the hero investigators Kim Anklin and Bob Rahn of Management Resources LTD of NY. They were the determined and brave ones who took this case on when the family approached them. They told me, though somewhat cynical at the start and not sure of Jonathan's guilt or not they committed to find the truth. The more they dug, the more they exposed shoddy police and prosecution against Jonathan. As the case unfolded, there was allegedly a remote and pregnant witness far away and higher up in a building next door, who was manipulated, even threatened into saying she saw Jonathan Fleming at the seen. Under massive pressure, even the threat of her baby being taken away, she said she saw Jonathan among the three guys that night who had showed up to collect money from the guy who ended up dead.

The pathetic investigation followed the trail to setting up Jonathan because his car had been loaned to a friend who was one of the 3 at the seen when the shooting occurred. Jonathan was instead in Disneyland with his family, had receipts, an airline ticket and witnesses. Facts didn't matter however. Call it pathetic laziness. Call it simply ego and corruption but the prosecutors; sure that Jonathan was their guy 'built' a case with the threatened and incorrect witness. Tragically, there was a real and accurate witness who saw all 3 men and confirmed that Jonathan was not there. You guessed it. The prosecution disregarded the honest and real witness because she didn't fit the lying mold they were already building against Jonathan. Corruption ruled and Jonathan paid for this for 25 years.

Bravo to Kim Anklin and Bob Rahn who did real and in depth investigation and got the statement from the honest witness. They also got a confession from the real shooter. They pushed these facts through the D.A.'s special 'conviction integrity' unit. Kim and Bob with the support of this special division concluded after months of delays, political drama and nail biting that the case was horribly flawed and Jonathan was an innocent man.

A little over 2 weeks ago Jonathan Fleming was finally declared innocent and released from prison. He was given 10 million dollars since he was robbed of building any career and working. He was also given a place to stay to help him transition into freedom again. Finally he was given a much-deserved apology for being falsely accused of murder and sent to prison. WRONG - WRONG - WRONG. I lied. That is what should have happened if there was any justice left in America. Instead, when I asked how he was treated, Kim and Bob said there was no apology given by anyone who set up him and sent him away. There was zero money in damages paid by anyone, state, court, prosecution - associated with his false imprisonment. He wasn't even given $20 for a cab to even help a little after robbing his entire adult life. Finally, there was not temporary housing offered, yet millions in America get $30-60,000 a year on welfare for doing nothing and illegals get housing at our expense all the time. Apparently, if you violate a man with faulty police work like Jonathan, essentially rape and destroy his whole life, he doesn't even get an apology???

Thankfully, his story and release has made the news everywhere and Kim and Bob said throngs of all kinds of people were throwing support and love at him. Let us hope after he settles a bit that this support will bring him much opportunity, help and strategy for the rest of his life. Right now he is staying with relatives not having any place else to go. My big hope, and I think they will go this direction as things roll...IS THAT JONATHAN FLEMING SUES THE PROSECUTORS, STATE AND THOSE WHO IN THE MOST EVIL FASHION SET HIM UP AND PUT HIM AWAY FOR 25 YEARS. NOT EVEN AN APPOLOGY?

Join me on for my weekly crime segments on Wednesday from 7-10pm PAC at



US now spending 26% of available tax revenue just to pay interest

By the 19th century, the Ottoman Empire had become a has-been power whose glory days as the world's superpower were well behind them.

They had been supplanted the French, the British, and the Russian empires in all matters of economic, military, and diplomatic strength. Much of this was due to the Ottoman Empire's massive debt burden.

In 1868, the Ottoman government spent 17% of its entire tax revenue just to pay interest on the debt.

And they were well past the point of no return where they had to borrow money just to pay interest on the money they had already borrowed.

The increased debt meant the interest payments also increased. And three years later in 1871, the government was spending 32% of its tax revenue just to pay interest.

By 1877, the Ottoman government was spending 52% of its tax revenue just to pay interest. And at that point they were finished. They defaulted that year.

This is a common story throughout history.

The French government saw a meteoric rise in their debt throughout the late 1700s. By 1788, on the eve of the French Revolution, they spent 62% of their tax revenue to pay interest on the debt.

Charles I of Spain had so much debt that by 1559, interest payments exceeded ordinary revenue of the Habsburg monarchy. Spain defaulted four times on its debt before the end of the century.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that an unsustainable debt burden soundly tolls the death knell of a nation's economy, and its government.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes take a rocket scientist to figure out what the real numbers are; governments have a vested interest in not being transparent about their debts and interest payments.

In the Land of the Free, for example, the government routinely doesn't count interest payments that they make to the Social Security Trust Fund.

They've managed to convince people that those debts don't matter 'because we owe it to ourselves.'

To read to article

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The many health benefits of ginseng

by Herbalist Wendy Wilson 


I've written about ginseng before but lately the media seems to be more interested in the health benefits of this amazing herb. Ginseng is an herb that has a bounty of nutrition to help the body in many different ways. This is a popular herb all over the world and it tends to be overharvested, which increases the cost of the herb. Ginseng is often referred to as "panax", which is Greek for "all-healing" or "panacea". An added benefit to ginseng is that you can use it with other herbs for a broader range of benefits. So, let's explore ginseng and how we can pair it with other herbs for our health.



We have research that suggests the ginseng is a plant that has the ability to read what the body needs and adapts to that function. The Asian texts call ginseng an herb with adaptogens to help strengthen and resist stress and disease. Recent research has identified ginseng as containing saponins or ginsenosides, which have different compounds for different effects. Russian scientists identify ginseng as the plant to use if you want saponins to improve mental and physical performance. Russian athletes often use the herb during training and competition. Herbalist like the herb to assist the immune system and provide the body more stamina to fight disease. It is an indispensible herb to use when coming off a long convalescence or for those constantly fighting diminished mental function such as ADD, ADHD, dementia and autism.



Clinical studies have reported that American Ginseng improves the body's ability to manage blood sugar levels. The scientific research noted that these benefits can be achieved after using ginseng for about three months. If you pair ginseng with the white juniper berry (juniper monosperma) or fenugreek herb you have a greater ability at managing blood sugar. However, the body takes time adjusting and utilizing a natural source to lower blood sugar.



Some research suggests that obese individuals can tap into the ginseng plant to help with weight loss. The herb does boost metabolism to help burn unwanted fats while it helps to manage appetite. Herbalists will use ginseng with fennel seed to avoid overeating or feeling hungry.



American ginseng has anti-inflammatory saponins and it supports immune function while reducing swelling and inflammation. Research to this effect was published in the Journal of Translational Medicine. For greater relief from pain and inflammation, herbalist will use ginseng with other anti-inflammatory and pain herbs such as willow bark and meadow sweet herb.



Many women have seen the benefits of using ginseng to help with their reproductive cycle and reduce the negative symptoms of cramps and pain. For severe cases herbalist will add the ginseng to the other female herbs such as; wild yam, chase tree berries, hops, damiana leaf, licorice root and dong quai. It is not recommended to mix the female herbs with some prescription medications.



Ginseng is not a respecter of persons and men can also benefit from this powerful herb. Add the ginseng to the male herbs and ED symptoms are lessened or vanish altogether. Herbalists will use ginseng with the male herbs of; sarsaparilla, saw palmetto and cardamom. It is not recommended to mix the male herbs with some prescribed medications.



Researchers at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center discovered that ginseng helps cancer patients survive the disease and offers a better chance at life from the allopathic cancer treatments. Herbalist will often use ginseng to boost immune system and use it with dandelion and astragalus root for synergistic power to fight cancer. 



Ginseng has also been helpful to stimulate brain function as well as offer more stamina. This herb can help the body deliver more oxygen where it is needed and reduce oxidative stress. Supportive studies to this effect were published in the Journal of Dairy Science and the Cochrane Library.



Research from Russia by pharmacologist Israel Brekham reported that ginseng helps the body deal with emotional as well as physical stress. This herb can help reduce the need for antidepressants and anxiety medications. According to Brekham's research, ginseng helps our adrenal glands when under stress and reduces fatigue while increasing the body's stamina. This is why Olympic athletes have been using this herb. Herbalist will use ginseng with Valerian root and Mullein to reduce stress on the nervous system while soothing the adrenal glands.



An Italian study confirmed why herbalist will use ginseng with other immune herbs for pulmonary diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis. According to the research, ginseng shortens the duration of the illness by assisting the body to isolate and irradiate the pathogens. How does it do that? The herb supports the liver and other organs in the function of removing pathogens while it assists the immune system function in producing interferon (a disease fighting compound). And according to the journal of Allergy and Asthma research published stated that ginseng reduces the symptoms of asthma and COPD. This herb will be indispensible for future pulmonary plagues such as SARS.



The Asian population use ginseng for many ailments but also to reduce aging. The herb is known to have antioxidants to reduce stress, to destroy free radicals and to destroy the compound called maltol, which contributes to premature aging.



The Journal of Digestion also reported that ginseng helps to get rid of bad breath or halitosis. The report stated that in just ten weeks the ginseng greatly reduced or eliminated bad breath completely.



In a 2012 study published in the journal of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Research stated that ginseng reduces allergy symptoms due to in part by reducing inflammation. Herbalist will use ginseng with astragalus, willow bark and marshmallow root for more power.



There are plants that fit into the "Panax" family but are cousins to the ginseng with similar chemical properties. There is a debate over if Siberian ginseng qualifies as a ginseng or if it is an imposter. I for one think it qualifies as authentic ginseng because it has similar chemical compounds like the Asian and American variety. So, how can you tell if you have real ginseng in your herbal supplements? True ginseng has a signature taste and will have a bitter, woodsy-sweet taste with a little after-taste. Make sure your product labels include the variety of ginseng and not just listing "ginseng." Also, real organic ginseng is expensive and the cost should be reflective in the product price. Cheap ginseng products are most likely fake or have little quality ginseng in the product. In addition, don't let scientific gibberish fool you. A product that claims to have "standardized potency" and guarantees a minimum percentage of ginsenocides (plant chemicals in ginseng also known as saponins) could alter the purity of product. This kind of product will include stabilizing additives, fillers and inferior ginseng root portions. The products that state "standardized potency" sounds good to the consumer but the consumer misses out on purchasing the higher quality, whole-food product. For example, if the whole root is used (body, prongs and fiber) and nothing is stripped away; this offers consumers a whole-food supplement with the proper effect of the ginseng.



The saponin difference in Asian and North American ginseng is slight and if we look at the big picture they do almost the same thing. North American Ginseng offers 29 ginsenocides which are a little more potent and stimulating than the 20 ginsenocides in Asian ginseng. According to the 1999 research on ginseng by the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the American ginseng assists the body core to cope with stress better. So, the species, age of the root, where it is grown and how it was harvested affects the medicinal benefits. Watch out for ginseng products claiming 6% ginsenocides; and the label should state "artificially fortified." North American ginseng is grown and harvested in Ontario and Quebec Canada and on the US east coast as far south as Georgia.



The new ginseng on the market is called the Maca or Peruvian ginseng. Is this a real ginseng or is it a fake? There is a lot of mysterious marketing behind this herb. You'll read stuff about the ancient Incas and that it is beneficial for many illnesses. According to the research by the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Maca ginseng contains none of the chemical markers that the Asian or American ginseng have and it is not considered to be real ginseng.



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The powers in government are at it again to control (harmonize) your nutrition and the US is bent on ushering in the Codex Alimentarius. Their new angle is the make changes to the labeling guidelines and the nutritional panel. The agenda is to reduce the RDA values on nutrients in supplements and foods. The changes won't happen right away.  These are proposed changes and are not final, yet. Secondly, the FDA is accepting comments from the public for a ninety-day period, which ends on June 2, 2014.  You should weigh in with your opinion, now.


Anyone who is opposed to this Proposed Rulemaking send their comments electronically to the FDA at!submitComment;D=FDA-2012-N-1210-0002 or in writing to the Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5360 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061, Rockville, Maryland 20852. Mention Docket No. FDA-2012-N-1210.


The National Health Federation has given us permission to use the following outline when communicating with the FDA on this very important issue:

"On Docket No. FDA-2012-N-1210, I am adamantly opposed to your proposed reduction of vitamin-and-mineral Reference Daily Intakes as shown in your Table 2, on page 11931.  At a time when toxin intake is increasing and nutrient intake is decreasing, Americans need more vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, not less. Your unsupported goal of harmonizing our food laws to Codex standards and guidelines has been specifically prohibited by Congress, and I demand that you obey the law and immediately withdraw Table 2 and all supporting paragraphs of your Proposed Rulemaking for revision in line with modern nutritional science, which shows that we need a higher daily intake of  B and other vitamins as well as more magnesium and other minerals such as selenium.  Please act immediately to correct your serious errors."


If people ignore this opportunity to be heard, the supplement industry will have two years to comply with the label changes and are estimated to cost more than $2 billion, which will be passed onto consumers like you. So, you will not only pay more for your supplements but they will contain less nutrition. Don't delay in fighting for your health and contact the FDA today.



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