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Friday, March 28th A.D. 2014

Between Friday, March 21st, A.D. 2014 and Friday, March 28th, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold fell 0.7 % from $1,334.70 to $1,294.90

Silver fell 2.3 % from $20.28 to $19.82

Platinum fell 1.7 % from $1,431 to $1,406

Palladium fell 2.4 % from $791 to $772

DJIA rose 0.1 % from 16,302.70 to 16,323.06

NASDAQ fell 2.8 % from 4,276.79 to 4,155.76

NYSE rose 0.4 % from 10,392.20 to 10,434.90

US Dollar Index rose 0.0 % from 80.11 to 80.18

Crude Oil rose 2.1 % from $99.57 to $101.63


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"If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
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US/BRICS Currency War?


by Alfred Adask


On March 18th, The New York Times reported ("Putin Reclaims Crimea for Russia and Bitterly Denounces the West") that:


"Russian President Vladimir V. Putin reclaimed Crimea as a part of Russia on Tuesday, reversing what he described as a historic injustice inflicted by the Soviet Union 60 years ago and brushing aside international condemnation that could leave Russia isolated for years to come." 


The bit about "isolation" is a bunch of crapola. 


Russia will never be "isolated" so long as it supplies 25% of the EU's natural gas. 

More importantly, the primary value of the fiat dollar is based on its status as World Reserve Currency.  That status was based on post-1971 use of "petro-dollars" (the only currency that could be used to buy petroleum products on the international market) to settle most international trades.  As more international trade is conducted in currencies other than dollars, the dollar's status as World Reserve Currency must diminish.  As the dollar's status as World Reserve Currency diminishes, so does the perceived value of the fiat dollars.


If the US successfully "isolates" Russia-the world's eighth largest economy-will be forced, forced, to stop accepting payment for its natural gas and petroleum products in fiat dollars.  By doing so, our government will thereby force a further reduction in fiat dollar's perceived value, purchasing power and role as World Reserve Currency.  These reductions will cause some foreigners to dump their dollars and send them flying home to roost in the US, and thereby boost US inflation.


By "isolating" Russia, the US government would force Russia to not only abandon use of the fiat dollar, but also to help accelerate the establishment of another monetary system for global trade that does not rely on fiat dollars.  That alternative monetary system is already being built among the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).  If this alternative currency system becomes established, the fiat dollar's value and role as World Reserve Currency will fall even faster, leading to significant inflation and further stress on the US economy.


*  Since A.D. 1971, the US government has effectively forbidden the sale of crude oil by virtually all oil-producing nation for currencies other than dollars. 


In A.D. 2000, Saddam Hussein started selling Iraqi crude for currencies other than dollars and threatened the "petro-dollar's status as World Reserve Currency.  Therefore, in A.D. 2003, the US invaded Iraq to stop Iraq's financial heresy. 


That invasion failed in that we became trapped in Iraq for nearly nine years.  The long-term occupation of Iraq weakened the US financially and militarily.  Result?  Our government is no longer able to enforce the sanctions against oil-producing nations selling crude for anything other than dollars.



1) The number of oil-producing nations are selling crude for currencies other than dollars is significant and growing. 


2) The dollar's status as the world's only petro-currency and World Reserve Currency is degrading.


3) As measured on the US Dollar Index, the dollar's perceived value has fallen from 125 in A.D. 2000 to 80, today.


Given that, in A.D. 2003, our government was so determined to protect the "petro-dollar" that it invaded Iraq, it seems unlikely that our government would work today to further injure the petro-dollar by "isolating" Russia and thereby force Russia to sell its natural gas and other petroleum products for currencies other than fiat dollars.    

Because the fiat dollar's perceived value is based on its remaining stature as the world's petro-dollar, the US shouldn't dare to isolate and/or impose economic sanctions on any oil-producing nation. I.e., if Obama does isolate/sanction an oil-producing nation, that nation will be forced to abandon the fiat dollar and the dollar will be thereby damaged.


Therefore, although nothing's impossible, I doubt that the Obama administration is dumb enough to actually "isolate" Russia and force a further decline in the dollar's value and status as the World Reserve Currency.


Instead, I strongly suspect that, within the next month or three, President Obama will seek to "make nice" with Russian President Putin and even offer some special "deal" to entice Putin to continue using fiat dollars in the sale of Russian natural gas to the EU.


*  Whether such enticements are actually offered and accepted remains to be seen.  After all, Russia's advocacy for use of a currency other than dollars to serve as World Reserve Currency isn't new. 


Almost a year ago, Valentin Mândrășescu-editor of  The Voice of Russia's "Reality Check" warned of the BRICS' plan to dethrone the dollar.  The article ("Russia's Plan For the BRICS To Dismantle The Dollar System") was published in May of A.D. 2013 (nine months before the current Crimean conflict)  and was largely ignored:


"The status of the US dollar as the world reserve currency gives the US a number of advantages over other countries. The world's most important commodities are priced and traded in dollars, even if most of these commodities are not produced in the US. The fact that the world's financial system is based on the dollar allows the Federal Reserve to export inflation to other countries, while the Federal Government runs a huge deficit with impunity."


US deficits may have been "run with impunity" for several decades-but that'll last only until the world begins to lose confidence in the dollar's utility in foreign trade and therefore begins to redeem dollars for US products and properties.  Once the world begins to cash their US dollars within the US rather than save them for foreign trade transactions, we'll see something like the national equivalent of a "bank run".  Then, all the inflation that we exported to foreign countries could return "all at once" to the US.  Prices for all things tangible like land, farms, buildings, machines, tools and gold may soar.  The value of all paper-debt instruments (such as US bonds, stocks, pensions, savings accounts, and cash) should fall.


To prevent the influx of foreign-held dollars, the US government's current, primary job must be to maintain confidence in the fiat dollar.  For most of the past 40 years, that confidence was based on two things: 


1) The dollar was the world's only petro-currency-if you wanted crude oil, you had to have dollars ; and


2) If an oil-producing nation dared to sell its crude for any currency other than dollars, the US military would intimidate or crush them.


Today, the dollar is no longer the only petro-currency and the US military has been exhausted by the war in Iraq. 


So, how will the US government maintain confidence in the dollar? 


I don't believe it can.


*  Even so, everyone (including Russia and China) knows that as flakey as the dollar may be, if the dollar dies it won't only collapse the US economy, it will also collapse the world economy-including those of Russia and China.


Thus, for the moment, the fiat dollar is like JPMorgan-Chase: "too big to fail".


As much as Russia and China may hate the US dollar's status as World Reserve Currency, there's not much that they can do about it, other than distance themselves as much as possible from the US dollar and prepare for the inevitable dollar/global collapse.  If so, this might explain why China, and to a lesser extent, Russia, have been hoarding gold.  When the dollar inevitably dies, they want to have sufficient financial assets (rather than debt-instruments) to rebuild their own economies without dollars.1 


 "So far [as of May, A.D. 2013], only China has been active in challenging the dollar supremacy. The internationalization of the yuan is an official priority of Chinese leaders. Currency swap agreements with major trade partners like Brazil, France, or Australia are small but important steps in the Chinese strategy."


These "currency swap agreements" are agreements to settle debts with other countries by means of their own currencies and without using dollars.  By not using dollars, these countries diminish the dollar's role as World Reserve Currency.


"Changing the world financial system is not an easy task and certainly a very challenging undertaking for China. Now, it seems that Beijing has found an ally in the Kremlin. And there appears to be a consensus between the BRICS countries: the urgent necessity to dismantle the dollar system."


Point:  At least nine months before the Crimean conflict, Russia was already working with China (and the other BRICS nations) to trash the dollar.  Today, by threatening to "isolate" and/or sanction Russia for annexing the Crimea, our government increases Russia's need to cooperate with China.  Our government thereby pushes the world closer to the day when the dollar may collapse.


It would be profoundly stupid for our government to threaten a foreign oil-producing nation with isolation/sanctions if those threats would accelerate the demise of the petro-dollar.   And, yet, that's exactly what our government is threatening to do.


"A week before the recent BRICS summit in Durban, the Kremlin administration silently produced a document which describes the Russian strategy in the context of BRICS cooperation. . . . . [T]he fact that the Kremlin decided not to hide the document or leak it to a chosen few journalists, but publish it outright is a very strong signal, a very vocal angry signal directed at the US.  A signal that the Western media chose to ignore.


". . . the [document's] authors point out that 'there is a common desire of the BRICS partners to reform the outdated global financial and economic framework'.  .  . . Russia assumes that, given enough political will of the leadership of the BRICS countries to advance their cooperation,thisalliancecan become one of the key elements of a new system for global governance, primarily in the economic and financial domains.


"Move aside New World Order! The BRICS are coming to change the world."




If Mr. Mândrășescu's report is true, Putin, China and the other BRICS countries are trying to challenge the New World Order.   That's probably a good way to get some of them killed or even nuked.


More, insofar as the BRICS' anti-N.W.O. strategy focuses on attacking the dollar, then Putin must believe that dollar is part of, and perhaps even the cornerstone for, the N.W.O..


If so, I agree with him.  I can't prove it, but I've been convinced for a decade that there can't be global governance and a New World Order, without a single, global currency-probably a "petro-currency". 


I've also been convinced for the past decade that the US dollar was originally intended to be that single, global "petro-currency".  However, when the US became trapped in Iraq, that changed.


As a result of that trap, the dollar's standing as World Reserve Currency was so badly diminished that Zbigniew Brzezinski complained that N.W.O. plans were thereby set back by twenty years.  The Iraqi war debacle forced the N.W.O. to withdraw its support for the fiat dollar and seek an alternative currency able to assume the role of the next World Reserve Currency. 


But where is that alternative currency?  It won't be China's yuan since China appears to be working with Russia against the N.W.O..   It's unlikely to be "special drawing rights".


If the fiat dollar's value continues to decline or even collapse, a lot of people around the globe will lose their savings.  The inherent dangers of fiat currencies will be seen by all.  Once that painful lesson is learned, I can't imagine the world accepting another fiat currency as the next, new-and-improved World Reserve Currency.


Instead, the world will eschew fiat currencies and opt for gold-backed currency. 2


"The first point on the BRICS' agenda is the reform of the world financial system . . . [T]his 'reform' is actually a dismantling of the dollar system. . ."


If the BRICS' war against the dollar is real, we can assume that the US government is looking for ways to protect the dollar by attacking one or more of those five countries or their leaders. 


I don't expect the US government to overtly go to war against any of those countries.  But the US could secretly support rebel groups within those countries or otherwise destabilize their economies. 


We certainly won't attack the Russians.  They might nuke us.

We won't attack China.  We need them to produce gee-gaws to sell at low, low prices at Walmart.


We'd have to be nuts to attack India.  There are too many people there, and they're already so screwed up we might attack them and no one would even notice.

Brazil is too big to overtly attack, but we might fund Brazil's anti-government dissidents.


But then there's South Africa-probably the weakest, most vulnerable, and newest member of the BRICS. It's the logical candidate for some sort of national chaos that might scare the rest of the BRIC nations into "playing nice" with the dollar.   For example, Obama might be able to secretly support South African unions seeking to close down platinum mines.


If the US government could destabilize South Africa, it might intimidate the other BRICS nations and fragment their alliance.  Once that alliance was shaken, there'd be less of an organized threat against the fiat dollar.  Seeing no alternative to the fiat dollar, confidence in the dollar might rise and the dollar's perceived value might also rise.


However, any increase in dollar-confidence and dollar-value could only be temporary.  In the end, no matter how hard the US government and Federal Reserve seek to support it, the dollar is a fiat currency that's destined for the same fate as all other fiat currencies:  hyperinflation and then destruction.


Whether Russia, China and the other BRICS nations can accelerate the dollar's demise remains to be seen.   How long the US gov-co can shield the dollar from its ultimate fate remains to be seen.


But that ultimate fate-hyperinflation and then destruction-is certain.


The only question is When?




1 If China holds its dollars, it will eventually lose hundreds of billions of value.  If China tries to dump a big chunk of its dollars, it will also lose hundreds of billions of value. 

China seems trapped between the "rock" and the "hard place".


But, what if China were sufficiently realistic to recognize that, no matter what it does, it's going to lose hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of value?   What if China therefore decided that those hundreds of billions of dollars were already "lost" and wrote them off? 


It might then be conceivable that China could be willing to trash the dollar and suffer the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars in value, if they thought they'd already acquired enough gold to weather the following economic storm. 


2 I'm also convinced that gold is anathema to the N.W.O..  One-world government can't control the world without a fiat currency that only that new global government is able to print. 


So, . . . I wonder . . . if there's no credible fiat currency to replace the dollar as World Reserve Currency, is it possible that the N.W.O. has decided to resurrect the dollar as the only possible World Reserve Currency and basis for the N.W.O.?  Are they going to back the dollar to the hilt rather than let it die?

Could that explain last year's fall in the price of gold?


Obamcare is just the beginning of a total take over of America


By Dr. Laurie Roth March 28, 2014


America must not and will not become the seduced German people in 1933. We will not stand by and watch Obama turn our country into Frankenstein's laboratory, shredding our constitution, bill of rights and freedom as Hitler did with his country.

Tyrants and Dictators are predictably similar in how they take over. They ride in as the savior of change and hope. They offer health care, jobs for all, a refreshed national identity and protection from danger and harm....that is danger and harm they usually create to blame on know those groups who didn't vote for them. The rope circles around the seduced neck of the people only after the dictator bribes his way in or gets voted in.

One thing is for sure looking at recent history. Once a socialist/communist dictator gets into power, like terminal cancer he and his administration smother and take control of every aspect of the economy, educational system, health care system and military. They shred and control media, entertainment and religion.

In 1919, Lennon wrote after his take over of Russia that the way to control a country is to first take over the industry, the land, and the banks. Lennon tricked and inspired millions and so did Hitler. These dictators didn't come in, appearing like monsters. They were the messiahs of change and hope. Their exhaustive plans involved developing a huge and seduced 'fan' base at first while aggressively and quickly finding and destroying anyone against them.

Kitty Werthmann was living in Austria when Hitler took over Germany next door. She recalls how deeply depressed Austria was in 1938. Nearly one-third of their workforce was unemployed. They had 25% inflation and 25% interest rates on bank loans.

People were begging for food and bankruptcies were happening daily. Austria was in a mess so they were thrilled when Hitler promised big things and was elected in. There was no talk of persecuting or attacking the Jews. The Austrians were promised jobs, healthcare, protection and recovery.

Kitty said that after the election was over there was instantly law and order. German officials were appointed everywhere and there was dancing in the streets. Though Austria was largely a Catholic country, suddenly in schools everywhere, all Catholic symbols and crosses were taken down and pictures of Hitler were put up everywhere. 

Hitler targeted and controlled education and stopped religious instruction for kids in schools. The new church for the children of Austria and Germany was still every Sunday but it now was forced attendance at the National Youth Day. The first two hours was political indoctrination every Sunday, then the rest of the day they played all kinds of sports. Naturally the equipment was free. Children went home thrilled each Sunday and were getting brainwashed. Parents had no choice but to send their children each Sunday or else be fined or taken to jail.

Hitler immediately introduced socialist health care. People were going to the hospital for everything now, lines were huge and doctors were paid a salary by the Government. The Austrians soon paid 80% of their income in taxes. Government gave loans for the newly married, and took care of everything from day care needs are to paying all College tuition.

As the noose tightened around education, religion, healthcare and enforcement, the 'mercy killings' started in. Kitty, then student teacher in a small village in the Alps, described 15 mentally retarded adults who were known in the community and did good manual work. One day they were rounded up and taken to an institution where the State Health Department would teach them a trade and various skills. Their families where forced to sign papers saying that they wouldn't visit them for 6 months. They were told that any visits could cause homesickness and disrupt the program.

The letters started arriving back to the parents after several months saying these people had died natural deaths. Of course, they all knew 15 completely healthy adults could not 6 months later have all died natural deaths. They knew they were killed. Euthanasia started to become more common as Hitler's real world view of perfection started to come out.

Hitler's final control step of the Germans and Austrians was Gun laws and control. He started with gun registration. Once that was done, he said that guns were causing too much crime and that it was best for all to turn in their guns. They knew that authorities already knew who owned what so they complied.

When you look at Hitler, Saul Alinsky, Stalin, Lennon, Chavez, Castro and others you see huge similarities with the strategy and world view of Obama. It is the same, promise of health care, jobs and opportunities. There is always a contrived crises or two the big Government has to magically solve, while blaming the enemies they want to create.

Obama is on the same control and dictatorship path as Hitler. First we saw the massive seduction over 15 months, now the controls and intimidation grow with his administration.

This Health care bill might as well have been Hitler's Enabling Act of March 23rd 1933. It also shreds our constitution and forces socialized health care on the people, rationing care for the unwanted and expensive seniors as they age and forcing us all to pay for the Government slaughter of babies, abortion. This bill, run by the IRS might as well be the Nazi party, as it encourages euthanasia, abortion and rationed care as Hitler did early on in Austria and Germany.

Rep. Burgess stated the obvious about this nightmare bill when asked about the use of the 'Commerce clause' excusing forced mandates by the Government. In a interview Rep. Burgess, a doctor, stated, "No, I personally do not, and I think that is exactly right. Never before in the history of this country have we had the ability to coerce American citizens to purchase something and then invoke the Commerce clause after we coerce that purchase." He went on....."It just flies in the face of what a free society should be, so I'm perfectly comfortable with the attorneys general bringing suit against this bill," 

Yes, law suits are flying by Attorney Generals and other groups. We must stand no matter how awkward, inconvenient or expensive it is. Our freedom and country is at stake.

Obama isn't stopping with forced Health care and the controls attached to that. He is going to manipulate votes by pushing amnesty for illegal aliens, controlling American businesses through cap and trade, then he will find a manipulative, back door way to come for our guns....most likely with a UN Treaty he is already working toward.

Obama continues to mock anyone who disagrees with him and is now, according to the Wall Street Journal, stepping up Confrontation. Obama must be voted out. I don't see any tin helmet on my head and yes.....Obama comes from the same essence and evil as Hitler.

Join me each day as I explore these and other issues on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at:

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Annual Checkup

by Herbalist Wendy Wilson 


 Most folks think an annual checkup refers to a doctor's office visit and that is one type of yearly checkup. The annual checkup I'm referring to is checking to make sure you have the essentials on hand for unforeseen events. Most people are tired of hearing about getting prepared for the worst. I agree the ears of most people are exhausted about hearing how they should prepare. For over a decade the public has been saturated with promotions for emergency food, shelter, protection, currency and the list is endless. I can understand why some are now turning a deaf ear to the preparedness message. The economy isn't helping and with each month that passes the standard of living continues to decrease. However, I tend to look at getting prepared in stages. It would be impossible for most to accumulate all the necessities in one fell swoop. A majority who are preparing are stock piling supplies over time. I am aware of folks who have been responding to the hiccup indicators and preparing for over fifteen years. Let's take a look to see what we may have overlooked while getting prepared.



I have a stock up strategy that can help with a tight budget. Don't spend your dollar bills or coins and save them. Once a month check how much you've saved. You can periodically use these funds to help get prepared. The experts recommend having three (3) emergency kits on hand; one for work, home and car. If you pick up emergency medical kits they will have the standard supplies of bandages, tourniquet, ice packs, antibacterial ointment etc. These kits are helpful but are typically geared for being a stop gap measure while you dial 911. The herbal kits I have are an extension of those types of kits for when there is no answer from 911.



While we are packing bug out bags and storing stuff we tend to forget about stocking for our pets. Most pet foods are not for long-term storage and most are not healthy for pets to begin with. What I plan to do for my pet is share my food and add a protein powder called Power Greens for Pets. You can easily store the powder or transport it in a zip lock bag and include in the bug-out bag or store with the other essentials. This product has a five-year shelf life if stored away from heat, light and moisture. It beats lugging cans of pet food or large bags of kibble around. Keep a spar pet leash in the bug out bag or car should you need to evacuate. The thing I try to keep in mind is the sudden evacuation scenario where you have only enough time to take the bare essentials that can fit into a back pack. Have this pack ready and one for each family member. The rest of your supplies should already be at your bug out location within a one hour drive. If your bug out location is further than that, it will take you more than three days on foot if you had to walk there. The masses who do not prepare will be looking to FEMA camps for help. If the disaster is large enough it could take three months to process people and we know how people hate to wait. The Homeland Security website has tips on getting prepared and they have this tip; "Local officials and relief workers cannot reach everyone. Your help may arrive in hours or days. Electricity, gas, water, sewage and telephones may be off for days, weeks or longer. Your supplies should help you manage during these outages" (Abridged statement). 



I don't advocate living in fear, just being informed and making sound decisions which don't tempt disaster. The Bible tells us we should be concerned but not fearful for fear is torment and is not from God. God's people are bold and there is no fear in love (I John 4:16-21). The Director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP), Director Dr. Irwin Redlener, says this, "Americans are grossly unengaged and unprepared for the next disaster, which could be a massive earthquake, dirty bomb or pandemic that puts swine flu to shame." Most Americans are not willing to accept the real possibility that they would need to leave populated areas for long-term periods. According to Director Redlener, the hiccups I referred to earlier, which should alert Americans, are events such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and earthquakes.  Redlener has noticed at his public speaking engagements that when he talks with people he finds this, "There is a high level of resistance in the general public to following preparedness guidelines because they are not willing to look to themselves and are depending on outside help." So, according to the head of the NCDP, Americans are hitting the snooze alarm when it comes to preparedness. I also think folks feel overwhelmed by the task of preparing and are burned out thinking about it. To the average family preparing requires substantial funds and can take years to become adequately prepared. I'm not sure it is possible for anyone to be fully prepared. Why? Everyone's perception of an emergency is different and a majority of the time the perception is way off.



In the nation of Israel the population there has had to come to grips with the reality of "not if, but when" there is a mega disaster. The average family in Israel has a safe room in their house to help the family survive serious disasters. Americans need to start thinking of a different kind of investment strategy which does not include stocks but a pragmatic plan for survival during a disaster or mega disaster. Here is the shocking reality; the 5,000 hospitals across the US are underfunded by the US government for disaster preparedness. To get them prepared it would take $5 billion and another $1 billion to maintain it. Americans and the government are not willing to make that investment. We can't forget that the unemployment rate is high and who can prepare when they can't pay rent or buy groceries? What is the Director of the NCPD's biggest fear? He says, "A pandemic bigger than the Spanish flu, earthquakes, terrorism and nuclear meltdowns." Director Redlener also confesses he has been slack with his own family preparedness and has to review his plan. I have to wonder about some folks when they stock food for a big ice storm approaching. They go to the store and buy frozen food entrée meals and snacks. When the power goes out how would they be able to use that food? They didn't stop to think and buy canned foods instead.



Spring is a good time to clean out the attic or basement. One of my customers de-junked his attack and found stuff in good condition he sold off eBay making $1200.00. He used those funds towards his preparedness plan. Spring is also my favorite time to do organ cleansing and clean the filtering organs of the body. If you are looking for organic, non-GMO herbal cleanses and immune boosting products you can stock for long-term use then call Apothecary Herbs. They also have the Power Greens for Pets supplement and various herb kits such as the Heart Attack Pack and Pandemic Kit. Starter Stock-up packages with and without a budgets are also available as well as a year's supply package. Call now toll free to order or for a free catalog 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless. Use coupon code 14FLW to save 15% on orders over $45. Hurry! Expires 4/5/14.



The powers in government are at it again to control (harmonize) your nutrition and the US is bent on ushering in the Codex Alimentarius. Their new angle is the make changes to the labeling guidelines and the nutritional panel. The agenda is to reduce the RDA values on nutrients in supplements and foods. The changes won't happen right away.  These are proposed changes and are not final, yet. Secondly, the FDA is accepting comments from the public for a ninety-day period, which ends on June 2, 2014.  You should weigh in with your opinion, now.


Anyone who is opposed to this Proposed Rulemaking send their comments electronically to the FDA at or in writing to the Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5360 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061, Rockville, Maryland 20852. Mention Docket No. FDA-2012-N-1210.

The National Health Federation has given us permission to use the following outline when communicating with the FDA on this very important issue:


"On Docket No. FDA-2012-N-1210, I am adamantly opposed to your proposed reduction of vitamin-and-mineral Reference Daily Intakes as shown in your Table 2, on page 11931.  At a time when toxin intake is increasing and nutrient intake is decreasing, Americans need more vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, not less. Your unsupported goal of harmonizing our food laws to Codex standards and guidelines has been specifically prohibited by Congress, and I demand that you obey the law and immediately withdraw Table 2 and all supporting paragraphs of your Proposed Rulemaking for revision in line with modern nutritional science, which shows that we need a higher daily intake of  B and other vitamins as well as more magnesium and other minerals such as selenium.  Please act immediately to correct your serious errors."


If people ignore this opportunity to be heard, the supplement industry will have two years to comply with the label changes and are estimated to cost more than $2 billion, which will be passed onto consumers like you. So, you will not only pay more for your supplements but they will contain less nutrition. Don't delay in fighting for your health and contact the FDA today.




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What's Ailing America
The stench of hypocrisy and corruption is overwhelming
by Rebecca Carley, MD

It is so rare that I have any good news to report.  However, what is going on in CT and NJ as the traitors in those states plan to confiscate weapons which will be needed for families to protect themselves during the coming (intentional) financial crash is very good news.  The people are FINALLY standing up and saying NO MORE!  Citizens in CT & NJ stand up and say they will not comply with gun confiscation: .  Thus, the tyrannical agencies working for the psychopaths are sending the ATF to raid gun stores for customer lists:  Your bank accounts will also be confiscated:


Citizens are now more likely to be killed by cops who are always found to be "justified" in committing murder;


Psycho cops who murdered homeless man want their jobs back:


Who are the cops going after?  , 


Police officer videotaped pepper spraying sitting student protestors at UC Davis awarded $38,000 in worker's compensation for depression and anxiety due to death threats he received.

Pike was placed on paid administrative leave after the incident and was fired eight months later in July 2012 - although an internal investigation actually found he had acted appropriately:


Best video (7 mins) on gun control: 


As attorney John Whitehead has warned us in his book "A Government of Wolves", swat teams are already raiding 80,000 homes/year:  Just imagine what it will be like when the civil unrest escalates; when people are starving and have lost all hope.  When the grocery store shelves are empty, and people hooked on medications of all sorts can no longer obtain them.  NOW is the time to get a consult to reverse your diseases and get off these meds, before it is too late.  You will need your health if you are to survive what is coming. You can learn how I do consults by going to  


Forget signing up for Obamacare so that you are forced into toxic big pharma "treatments" and dangerous diagnostic tests.  Get rid of your "pre existing condition" once and for all with natural therapies (which, of course, are not covered by insurance).  Check this out:  Is the individual mandate gone? 


As for hypocrisy, here in North Carolina the mayor of Charlotte, Patrick Cannon, was just charged by the Feds with taking bribes, and is potentially facing 50 years in prison.  He resigned yesterday.  What is amazing is that he just took office on November 5, 2013, at which time he raised his hand and took an oath to "serve the people".  However, the FBI has been investigating him since August 2010 !  They allowed this corrupt man to run for office and get elected as mayor, even though they had already caught him accepting bribes in multiple stings.  What is that about? 

The most outrageous hypocrisy going on right now is the criticism of Putin for annexing Crimea, while Israel continues to mass murder Palestinians and annex THEIR land; not to mention the hypocrisy of the occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan by the US, and the murder of thousands of their citizens in these fake wars.  (2 million Americans have "served" in Iraq & Afghanistan, thousands of whom have given their lives and limbs to serve the psychopaths who profit as trillions of dollars are spent in what is called "national defense").

And then there is the obsession with the mainstream media with the "missing" Malaysian plane. I find this article the most cogent explanation of what is really going on with that situation:  Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the "Missing" Boeing 777? 

More amazing admissions of plans for the people to receive the "mark of the beast":  Darpa promotes e-tatoos for surveillance and vitamins with chips:


Of course, one of the most dangerous threats to the planet is the ongoing radiation emanating from Fukishima (which the mainstream media is not commenting on);  The good news is that there are homeopathic remedies that can detox radiation, which myself and my pets take everyday.


When will the military wake up as to how they are being harmed as they "serve" their country? "US sailors suing Tepco after being exposed to massive doses of radiation in Operation Tomodachi-"tomodachi" is a Japanese word meaning "friend," so this was an operation helping our friends (who nuked themselves)-the total number of U.S. sailors who responded was approximately 24,000. But there were a total of 70,000 U.S. servicemen and women who ultimately were first responders, and that includes servicemen and women who were based in Japan.  They are coming done with various illnesses, including thyroid cancers, testicular cancers, brain cancers, unusual uterine problems, excessive uterine bleeding, all kinds of gynecological problems, problems that you do not see in a population of 20-year-olds, 22-year-olds, 23-year-olds, even 35-year-olds" : 

Yet, a nuclear safety manager claims he drank and swam in water with spent radioactive fuel safely (at 50:00) -  


Need another reason to homeschool?




The traitor in chief has been very busy:


An excellent list of executive orders (especially regarding FEMA) can be found at:



I will leave it there for this week...much more to follow.  Please spread the TRUTH with those starting to face reality  If you appreciate my work for humanity, your support would be appreciated. To keep my websites going  .If you need help in reversing your disease with natural therapies. please go to to learn how Dr. Carley does consults. If you continue to go to the white coats for "management" of your disease caused by the medical mafia in the first place, you will pay with your life.


 You can access many archives of internet shows Dr. Carley has done over the last few years at . as well as prior newsletters which are posted at


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