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Friday, March 21st, A.D. 2014

Between Friday, March 14th, A.D. 2014 and Friday, March 21st, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold fell 3.4 % from $1,382.00 to $1,334.70

Silver fell 5.5 % from $21.46 to $20.28

Platinum fell 2.0 % from $1,461 to $1,431

Palladium rose 2.9 % from $769 to $791

DJIA rose 1.5 % from 16,065.67 to 16,302.70

NASDAQ rose 0.7 % from 4,245.40 to 4,276.79

NYSE rose 1.0 % from 10,285.10 to 10,392.20

US Dollar Index rose 0.9 % from 79.41 to 80.11

Crude Oil rose 0.6 % from $99.00 to $99.57



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A "Complex Chain Reaction"


by Alfred Adask


 Under the headline, "Obama:  No U.S. military action in Ukraine," The Washington Examiner reported that, on Wednesday, President Obama told an NBC affiliate that,


"We are not going to be getting into a military excursion in Ukraine.  What we are going to do is mobilize all of our diplomatic resources to make sure that we've got a strong international coalition that sends a clear message. Ukraine should decide their own destiny. Russia right now is violating international law and the sovereignty of another country. Might doesn't make right."


With just a couple more platitudes, Obama might've won the Guinness record for most platitudes in the least number of words.  Guinness might give him a plaque.  He could put it on the mantle next to his Nobel Prize for Peace.


Apparently, the President who believes he can use drones to murder anyone who opposes him in foreign countries (including Americans) without judicial process, now also believes that "might does not make right".  He may not see a contradiction between his actions and his words, the contradiction is there.


Obama also observed that "Ukraine should decide their own destiny".  But he didn't bother to explain why Crimea shouldn't be allowed to decide its destiny.


President Obama also predicted that a "strong international coalition" would soon send a "clear, diplomatic message" to Russia, the Ukraine and the world.   Obama didn't say what that message might be, but in Texan, it'll probably be somthin' like, "bidness is bidness" and therefore the Ukraine (which is guaranteed by treaty to be protected by the US and the UK from Russia) will have to accept Russia's annexation of Crimea. 


Obama's  announcement may not be good news for Ukraine, but it is for the rest of the world.   President Obama isn't dumb enough to go to war with Russia over the Crimea.   Thank God.  The World War III that some predicted will have to wait for another day.


In fact, as I've said for most of two weeks, there's virtually nothing the US can do that's meaningful in relation to the Ukraine conflict.  There are two reasons for our inability to act in regard to Crimea:

  1. We don't have sufficient resources to enter into a ground war with Russia.
  3. We don't have a dog in the fight.  There are just four parties that have a direct, vested interest in Russia's annexation of Crimea:  1) Russia; 2) Crimea; 3) Ukraine and 4) EU (which depends on Russian natural gas to support the EU economy).

Russia and the Crimea are united against Ukraine.  Insofar as Ukraine threatens the pipelines that carry Russian natural gas t Europe, the EU could easily side with Russia and Crimea and against Ukraine in order to protect EU energy supplies.


Implication:  The Ukraine may not like losing Crimea, but there's not much they can do about it and there's no one they can appeal to for support.


*  On Thursday, The New York Times reported in "Ukraine Plans to Withdraw Troops from Russian-Occupied Crimea":


"Bowing to reality . . .  the Ukrainian government said  that it had drawn up plans to evacuate all of its military personnel and their families [from the Crimean peninsula]  . . . .  [T]he evacuation announcement . . . effectively amounted to a surrender of Crimea."


Insofar as 1) Russia won't invade Ukraine unless the Ukrainian government oppresses Russians within Ukraine; 2) the US has announced it will take no military action in Ukraine; and, 3) the Ukraine itself is evacuating its troops from Crimea; then, 4)  the "war" over Crimea (if there really was a "war" in this matter) is over.


*  However, also on Thursday, the Voice of Russia reported in "Kiev's threat to confiscate Gazprom property will lead to the chain reaction, from which Ukraine will not benefit" that the Ukrainian government were still threatening  to seize Russian property, including property of Gazprom (which includes natural gas pipelines stretching from Russia, across Ukraine, and on to the EU). 


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said such seizures could precipitate a complex chain reaction, from which Ukraine would not benefit.  According to Lavrov,


"'I think that it is in no one's interests to begin this battle. Property of Gazprom is not state property as with other business entities of ours.  And this initiative [of Ukraine] could lead to a quite complex chain reaction, from which I suppose Ukraine will not benefit'."


Now it's getting interesting. 


While the EU, UK, and US do little or nothing to sanction Russia for annexing the Crimea and the Ukraine is withdrawing its troops from Crimea, the little Ukraine is attempting to impose "economic consequences" that have some teeth-seizing control (or perhaps destroying) the natural gas pipelines between Russia and the EU.


The result could be a shooting war that no one really wants.


Possible solutions?

  1. The Ukraine might think twice and simply agree to return Crimea to Russia.
  2. Russia might be able to bribe the individual leaders of Ukraine, or bribe the Ukraine government itself to abandon its resistance to the annexation of Crimea.  (If Russia offered to increase the rent it pays on the pipelines crossing Ukraine and everyone might be happy.) 
  3. Fools may yet prevail, and we could see some sort of shooting war between Russia and Ukraine.  If we do, we can expect Russia to invade the eastern Ukraine (and maybe all of the Ukraine).  Once Russia invades, Ukraine will not only lose the Crimea but also eastern Ukraine to Russia. 

I don't expect a shooting war to break out, but if one does, we can expect that Ukraine will destroy Russian pipelines that run through Ukraine on their way to the EU. In which case, the EU will be angered-probably more at the Ukraine than at Russia.


The strong probability is that the Ukraine's threats to seize Gazprom pipelines are not direct threats against Russia so much as an attempt to directly threaten the EU's energy supply in order to leverage the EU into helping Ukraine against Russia.


However, a Ukraine attack on the Gazprom pipelines might cause Russia to attack and take control over the entire Ukraine and thus begin the "complex chain reaction" that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov warned against.


I.e., if a shooting war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine, some Ukrainians will be shot and killed.  The resulting Ukrainian rage will guarantee that a Ukrainian underground will be formed which will be dedicated to attacking Gazprom pipelines throughout Ukraine territory-even if the Ukrainian government reaches a peace agreement with Russia.  


While the Ukrainians may hope that if they threaten the pipelines, the EU will be forced to join the Ukraine against Russia's annexation of the Crimea, that hope may be dashed if the EU decides to join Russia in protecting the Gazprom pipelines that run through the Ukraine. 


It could very well be that the "complex chain reaction" caused by Ukrainian attacks on the pipelines could hurt the Ukraine by strengthening the alliance between the EU and Russia and against the Ukraine.


An even stronger alliance between the EU and Russia will be contrary to US interests.  Therefore, the US government-which has a treaty obligation to protect the Ukraine-will not only fail to defend the Ukraine, but  may work actively to compel Ukraine to agree to forfeit the Crimea or even parts of eastern Ukraine to Russia, rather than allow the Ukraine to inadvertently help strengthen the bond between Russia and the EU.


*  The US can't secretly use Special Forces, or Ukrainian guerillas to foment more chaos in Ukraine.  Inevitably, such secrets will be revealed.  So, suppose the US helped fund the destruction of Gazprom pipelines this year.  That destruction would cause Russia to lose a primary source of income and thereby hurt Russia significantly. 


But, that same pipeline destruction would also deprive the EU of much of its energy supply and would certainly cause the EU to suffer much hardship.  That deprivation might even push the EU into an economic depression.  A depression in the EU might be enough to trigger a full-blown depression here in the US


Now, let's suppose that the US government's "secret" involvement in causing the Gazprom pipelines to be disabled came to be known to the governments of the EU and the American people.  The EU would be furious at the US for helping to shut off the EU's natural gas source.  US power relative to the EU would be further diminished.  The people of the US, learning that US meddling helped cause a European, and then American, economic depression would also be furious at the US government.


This "complex chain reaction" makes it a virtual certainty that the US can't hope to "secretly" meddle in Ukrainian affairs to any significant degree.  Inevitably, the "secret" will be exposed and the resulting wrath of the European and American people will be turned on the US government.


The US government can't win by siding with the Ukraine.  


Implication 1:  the little Ukraine is unable to protect itself against Russia and won't find any foreign governments to protect it. 


Implication 2:  The Russian annexation of Crimea to Russia is a done deal.  The sooner everyone-including Ukraine--recognizes that fact, the safer this unsafe world will be.


Implication 3:   We increasingly live in a global economy wherein almost anything our governments do can result in a "complex chain reaction" that may not only hurt others, but may also hurt those who set the "complex chain" in motion.


*  We are so interconnected that it's no longer clear if any big government can move to take advantage of weaker nations in a way that won't ultimately harm the big government which initiated that move.


That's not necessarily bad.  In our brave, new world order, what goes around really might come around.  It could be that, based on our interconnectedness and inter-dependencies, the people of the world may be forced to become more moral.  Increasingly, we may not be able to act in an immoral way and still escape the consequences of our own immorality.  That's a good thing.


But, in our brave, new, interconnected and inter-dependent world, we're also increasingly endangered.   What if some super-rich lunatic in the Ukraine, Uganda or Texas doesn't recognize the potential for "complex chain reactions"?  What if some greedy fool initiates an economic act that's intended to enrich himself alone but unintentionally starts one of these "complex chain reactions" that almost took place in the Ukraine and might've led to WWIII?


*  We see other examples of "complex chain reactions" that increasingly inhibit governments, businesses and individuals. 


For example, nuclear war seems unthinkable because some the radiation that's released by a nuclear weapon detonated half-way around the world will inevitably circle the globe to fall back on the nation that launched the nuclear weapon.  That's a "complex chain reaction". 


Two of the immediate effects of industries in pursuit of more profits may be the consumption of too much energy and/or production of too much CO2.  Too much energy consumption and/or too much CO2 production may cause global warming that threatens the world with massive drought and famines.


What about China, which is so busy industrializing that it's creating levels of pollution that can be measured all the way across the Pacific Ocean in California?


How 'bout General Electric that sold the nuclear power plants to Fukushima, Japan, that are now threatening to poison much of the North Pacific and perhaps even the Northwestern US.  How's that for a "complex chain reaction"?


The cell phones that delight the world may also be the source of electronic radiation that's killing the honey bees we depend on to pollinate much of our food.   That's another "complex chain reaction" that ultimately threatens us all.


And what about China, which would dearly love to dispose of the US Treasuries it holds before they become worthless?  Could China suddenly dump all of its US Treasuries without collapsing the value of those Treasuries before they can sell them all?  In our brave, new interconnected world it will cost China more to sell its US bonds than it does to keep them.  How's that as evidence of another "complex chain reaction". 


*  I don't intend to engage in fear-mongering.  Still, as the world becomes increasingly interconnected and interdependent, it seems true that we all become increasingly subject to "complex chain reactions" that are hazardous to our health.  As a result, just one man who is sufficiently foolish or malicious and who has enough wealth or power could trigger a "complex chain reaction" that causes a global depression the deaths of millions.


How many powerful people do you suppose there in this world who are sufficiently foolish or malicious to trigger a global depression?  


No one knows.


How long before one of those rich/powerful psychopaths triggers a "complex chain reaction" that harms us all?


No one knows.


And what are the odds that no such "complex chain of events" will never actually take place?


No one knows.


Does that ignorance disturb you? 


It does me.


I'll bet that pervasive ignorance also disturbs people in positions of power. 


For example, consider Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve's new Chairwoman.  Despite her education, intelligence and experience, she has to know that she's acting in a global financial and economic system that's so complex and interconnected as to be unprecedented and largely incomprehensible. 


And yet, Ms. Yellen is being called on every day to make decisions that could inadvertently trigger a "complex chain reaction" that could kill millions.

Would you want that burden?


I wouldn't.


To me, it seems inevitable that one day whoever sits as the Federal Reserve's chairman will make a mistake that will set of an unexpectedly "complex chain reaction" that kills millions and plunges much of the world into darkness.   I wouldn't want that responsibility.

Admittedly, such catastrophe is hypothetical and might not take place for another 20 years-maybe more.


But, as the world becomes increasingly interconnected and increasingly interdependent, the odds of such catastrophe taking place can only increase.   However unlikely that such catastrophe takes place this year, the odds are higher that it will take place in A.D. 2015, and higher yet, that it'll take place in A.D. 2016.


In the end, that hypothetical catastrophe seems inevitable.


How do you shield yourself against these "complex chain reactions"?  It may be that you're currently dependent upon and "connected to" the increasingly global system of economics and finance.  But if you're inclined to protect yourself from a systemic failure of that global economy, you'll need to disconnect from that system and distance yourself from it as best you can.  You'll need to find or create a separate existence composed of a shelter and water supply that are off the grid, that are adequately stocked with food, tools, guns, ammunition, silver and gold.  You'll need  to make independent living possible and help you survive for a while if the system crashes in a "complex chain reaction" that affects all of its dependent persons.


Even if you're well-prepared, your survival won't be guaranteed.  Why?  Because no one can accurately predict how the next big "complex chain reaction" will play out.

Nevertheless, if you're prepared, you'll have a better chance to survive and perhaps even prosper than most. 



(AP:NEW YORK) NEW YORK (AP) - For all the worries about how the Federal Reserve's cutback in bond purchases would hurt the market, the biggest pain is being felt far away.


It's in Indonesia, India and other developing economies. Investors are pulling money out of emerging markets, in part because of anticipation of higher interest rates in the U.S.


The drop in demand means prices for bonds from emerging markets have tumbled over the last year, and the average emerging-market bond mutual fund has lost 6.8 percent.


That's the worst performance among the 32 bond fund categories that Morningstar tracks and a sharp reversal. Over the last five years, emerging markets have provided some of the best bond returns.


It's no surprise that the Federal Reserve's move is affecting bond markets around the world. But prices have dropped so much for emerging-market bonds -- and the selling has been so widespread -- that managers of bond funds say portions of the market are looking more attractive.


Just go back to Asia's financial crisis in 1997 when currencies for several countries plummeted, or to Russia's default on its debt in 1998. Worries about everything from political protests to heavy-handed regulation can also hurt the market. More recently, investors tired of the low interest rates offered by U.S. bonds flooded into emerging markets in search of higher yields.





****I didn't realize more Chinese students study here than from any other country.  The Bill Clinton era


First lady Michelle Obama is in China for an official visit to expand Sino-American relations, but she will refrain from talking about


Mrs. Obama, who flew Wednesday from Washington, D.C., is making a week-long trip to three Chinese cities and will speak with children at several schools about the importance of education and youth empowerment.


The U.S. first lady has several activities and events scheduled Friday with Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan.


"Her visit and her agenda sends a message that the relationship between the United States and China is not just between leaders, it's a relationship between peoples," said Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes.Why Michelle Obama dances with


President Barack Obama is expected to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping next week during the Nuclear Security Summit at The Hague.


White House officials told reporters on a conference call that issues on which the U.S. and China differ, such as human rights and trade, will be discussed directly between the two leaders and other representatives of the governments.


"We don't expect the people of China to agree with all of our policy positions at any given moment, but the more they understand the United States, the more they understand the President and the first lady and their values and their priorities, we think the better it is for both of our countries," Rhodes added.


China is the fifth most popular country for American students studying abroad, and more students from China study in the United States than from any other country.


The first lady will be accompanied by her mother, Marian Robinson, and her daughters, Malia and Sasha, something that White House officials believe will resonate with the Chinese people.





AND..lets not forget.......


How China Conquered America. The Real Bill Clinton Scandal.

Posted on April 10, 2012 by JJ Camp


This article was originally published in a 1999 printed edition of Human Events and titled The Real Bill Clinton Scandal.

We had really conclusive proof, our intelligence agencies did, that in mid '95, the Chinese developed a plan at the highest levels of their government to involve themselves in our electoral process. "Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN), referring to what he knew but couldn't say during Senate hearings, on CNN's 'Inside Politics', May 19, 1998. June 1989 After the Chinese government turns on pro-democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square, the Bush Administration imposes sanctions on China, including a moratorium on high-level visits and military cooperation.

March 9, 1992 -  While campaigning for President, Bill Clinton says, "I do not believe we should extend 'Most Favored Nation' status to China unless they make significant progress in human rights, arms proliferation and fair trade."

October 1, 1992 -  Clinton tells a Milwaukee crowd, "There is no more striking example of Mr. Bush's indifference toward democracy than his policy toward China...The Chinese leadership still sells missiles and nuclear technology to Middle Eastern dictators who threaten us and our friends...I do believe that our nation has a higher purpose than to coddle dictators."

August 1993 - After learning that China transferred missile technology to Pakistan, the United States bars the export of American-made high-technology, including satellite-launching equipment, rocket systems, flight control and other computer systems.

September-October 1993 -  According to the April 13, 1998 New York Times, Michael Armstrong, CEO of Hughes Electronics, which had worked with China Aerospace to launch American satellites, wrote two "blunt" letters to President Clinton in the early fall of 1993, reminding him of "his support" and saying that the sanctions were damaging his company. Together with Loral Space and Communications, Hughes had contributed $2.5 million to the Democratic Party since 1991.

September 29, 1993 - . President Clinton announces a plan, which Commerce Secretary Ron Brown helped develop, to liberalize Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls restrictions on computers and other high technology equipment to China and other nations.

October 5, 1993 -  China conducts an underground nuclear weapons test.

November 12, 1993 - **.President Clinton grants Hughes and Martin-Marietta waivers to launch US satellites from Chinese rockets.

November 17, 1993 -  Secretary of State Warren Christopher indicates that if China will discuss its transfer of missile technology to Pakistan, the United States will allow two American satellites to be exported.

November 18, 1993 -** President Clinton decides to permit the sale to China of an $8 million supercomputer capable of performing 958 million calculations per second. He also lifts the ban on selling components for China's nuclear power plants.

November 19, 1993 - Chinese President Jiang Zemin meets informally with President Clinton at a conference for Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders. Afterward, Clinton says, "I think anybody should be reluctant to isolate a country as big as China with the potential China has for good."

January 1994 - The Clinton administration authorizes the Chinese launch of three satellites, including one Hughes satellite. The same month, the United States resumes financing for the UNFPA, which funds China's population control program that includes coercive abortion.

March 30, 1994 - The United States lifts export restrictions on telecommunications and computer technology imposed by the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls. China and the former Soviet block are the primary beneficiaries.

May 3, 1994 -  President Clinton tells CNN, "I do not seek, nor would it be proper, for the United States or any other nation to tell a great nation like China how to conduct all its internal affairs, to treat all its citizens or what laws it should have. That would be wrong."

June 2, 1994 - President Clinton announces that he will sign an executive order extending MFN to China for another year. Clinton says that he will no longer link trade with human rights in evaluating China's MFN status.

September 1994 - Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz travels to China with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown on a trade mission. From 1992 to the present, Schwartz has given $1.9 million to the Democratic Party.

October 4, 1994 - US Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen sign an agreement ending the ban on export to China of US high-technology, including satellite launch equipment and computer technology.

October 7, 1994 - China conducts an underground nuclear test.

October 18, 1994 -  US Defense Secretary William Perry and Chinese military leaders agree to begin high-level briefings on each other's military strategy. Perry tells a news conference, "We are putting into place one dimension of the overall policy of President Clinton's program of broad, constructive engagement with China."

January 26, 1995 -  Chinese Long March rocket carrying an Apstar-2 satellite manufactured by Hughes Space and Communications, a unit of General Motors, explodes above its launch pad.

March 6, 1995 - Johnny Chung, who according to the New York Times, has since admitted to funneling funds from the Chinese Army to the Democratic Party, receives a $150,000 wire transfer from the Chinese government owned Bank of China.

March 8, 1995  *****  Chung meets with Hillary Clinton's aide Evans Ryan at the White House and offers assistance. According to the Los Angeles Times, "Ryan left for about 15 to 20 minutes and returned saying she had spoken with Mrs. Clinton's Chief of Staff Maggie Williams. Then she said, "Maybe you can help us.". The aide told Chung that "the First Lady had some debts with the DNC."

March 9, 1995  ***** Chung returns to Mrs. Clinton's office with a $50,000 check made out to the DNC, which Maggie Williams accepts.

March 11, 1995 -  Chung takes his friends, including Hongye Zheng, an advisor to the Chinese government owned China Ocean Shipping Co. (COSCO) to a taping of President Clinton's radio address in the Oval Office.

May 15, 1995 -  China explodes a nuclear bomb in an underground test.

May 26, 1995 - . In a White House announcement, President Clinton says, "I have decided that the United States should renew 'Most Favored Nation' trading status toward China...I am moving, therefore, to delink human rights from the annual extension of 'Most Favored Nation' trading status for China."

July 21-26, 1995 - China conducts tests of six surface-to-surface ballistic missiles off the coast of Taiwan.

August 15-25, 1995 -  China conducts off-shore military exercises 90 miles north of Taiwan.

August 17, 1995 -  China explodes a nuclear bomb in an underground test.

August 25, 1995 -  In spite of Republican opposition, President Clinton announces that the First Lady will attend the UN Conference on Women in China.

September 1995 -  In a meeting with public officials from Long Beach, California, President Clinton pushes for the Long Beach Naval Station to be leased to the Chinese government owned COSCO.

October 6, 1995 - President Clinton loosens restrictions on the sale of high-performance computers. China is allowed to import computers of less than 7,000 million theoretical operations per second for civilian purposes; they can get greater capacity with special permission from the Commerce Department. The computers offer China's missile program increased simulation capability in assessing nuclear blast damage and kill zones.

October 9, 1995 -  After pressure from producers of communications satellites prompted a review of existing restrictions, Secretary of State Warren Christopher issues an order keeping commercial satellites on the munitions list, an inventory of strategic military and intelligence technology, and reaffirming the jurisdiction of the State Department in the matter. According to the May 17, 1998 New York Times, Christopher wrote in a classified memorandum that lifting the export limitation would "raise suspicions that we are trying to evade China sanctions". The Commerce Department appeals Christopher's decision to the President.

October 24, 1995 - Jiang Zemin and Clinton meet in New York City. Their meeting was scheduled at the New York Public Library, but was moved at the last minute after Chinese officials learned that the library was exhibiting photographs of the pro-democracy protestors in Tiananmen Square.

February 6, 1996 - Wang Jun, head of the China International Trade and Investment Corporation and holder of a multibillion dollar interest in one of Hong Kong's leading satellite companies, meets with Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown at the Commerce Department. Wang, called a "Chinese arms dealer" in a Senate Committee Report, later attends a White House Coffee with President Clinton, escorted by Charlie Trie, a DNC fundraiser who raised $640,000 for the President's Legal Defense Fund, all of which was returned after the source could not be verified. Tried fled to China rather than face questioning, but has since returned under indictment. The same day, President Clinton approves the launch of four American satellites by Chinese rockets.

February 15, 1996 -  A Chinese Long March 3B carrying a $200 million Loral satellite explodes 22 seconds after lilftoff.

March 14, 1996 *** President Clinton shifts control over regulating the export of communications satellites from the State Dept. which was primarily concerned with national security aspects of such exports, to the Commerce Dept., which is concerned with the economic benefits.

May 10, 1996 - The Loral-led review commission investigating the February rocket explosion completes and passes on to Chinese officials its report, which according to the April 13, 1998 New York Times, discusses "sensitive aspects of the rocket's guidance and control systems, which is an area of weakness in China's missile programs." The New York Times says that a Pentagon report concludes that, as a result of this technology transfer, "United States national security has been harmed".

May 23, 1996 - President Clinton calls for renewal of MFN for China, saying that renewal would not be "a referendum on all China's policies," but "a vote for America's interests."

June 8, 1996 - China conducts an underground nuclear test.

July 21, 1996 - Johnny Chung, according to the New York Times, brings Liu Chao-ying to two DNC fundraisers, including a $25,000 per couple dinner. Liu Chao-ying is a Lieutenant Colonel in the People's Liberation Army and an executive at China Aerospace, which owns the Great Wall Industry Corp. that makes Long 



America - The Train is leaving the station and we are about to be left behind




"It's alive It's alive!  The Communist monster isn't dead after all.  It calls itself 'Hydra -Progressivism' now and has already taken over our schools, political system, culture and faith, laughing out loud as the stupid people believe it is all about fairness and equality."Communism and Socialism are evil and deadly twins who are way ahead of us all.  Its name changes through out the years, hiding behind anything Americans have been conditioned to embrace.  The last several years it is:  'fairness for all'  'equality'  'Government taking care of all needs whether you work or not.'  It is now face lifted to the popular term - progressivism.  It hides through out the Democrat party and even many posers in the GOP.

Communists know Americans now have been conditioned to view communism as a 'thing of the past'  'a Chinese or North Korean thing'  'what the Russians were'  'something they heard about in history class with McCarthyism.'  How perfect...

Now called progressivism, it has been planted and hidden throughout our House-Senate, White House, many Court systems, schools and Entertainment machine.  It has tragically and successfully taken over many of our Churches.  We see the push for emptying the real Biblical message and creating instead false and seductive placebos for the people like ' (combining Christianity and Islam), turning the real message of Jesus into 'social gospel'  'self esteem' gospel'  'redistribution of wealth gospel' essentially communism.

Don't forget that the big stars of Communism have always known that God, Christians, patriotism and morals were in the way of establishing their dictatorships and total dependency on them. Listen to the words of one of the most famous communist dictators of all times - Joseph Stalin.

            "America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold.  Its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If you can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."

What do we see in schools all across the country but Patriotism crushed.  Kids are suspended for wearing US flags on their T-shirts and praying around flag polls.  Saying or wearing anything too patriotic is compared to racism, anti Americanism, insensitivity to illegal aliens, gays or Islamics.  Being patriotic is now compared to violent tendencies. Isn't that a wonderful lesson for our kids?  Our children are taught to be ashamed of their country - not proud.  We must kill patriotism, faith and morals.

 Common Core, the federally pushed school curriculum is progressive/communist to the core while rewriting and destroying real U.S. history (to create shame and kill patriotism). It turns basic health and sex education into porn and gay indoctrination while taking out all moral boundaries and restraint.  Common Core manipulates kids away from believing in national sovereignty to think only internationally and as submissive worker bees who will live and work for the Government.  They no longer live for God, adhere to their faith and moral code.   The school has now stolen 'right and wrong' and defines that at will.  Didn't Hillary Clinton say 'it takes a village to raise a child'?  More like... "It takes a village to raise a communist child." 

Now, all we hear from Obama is 'social justice'  'fairness'  'opportunity for all and not just the big corporations.'  It has morphed into endless redistribution of wealth schemes and laws controlling us from A to Z. 

The big Communist hammer now is Obamacare never meant to be about healthcare. As it has been absorbed and slowly understood by the nation it is vividly clear what it is really about.  It is Obama and Communist tentacles attaching to our literal life span and quality of life.  It pushes chips into our bodies if he gets his way to control essentially everything.

Obama also plans to continue punishing all those against him through his beloved and transformed IRS.  We already know he uses the EPA, NSA and IRS to illegally spy on, harass, threaten and track people.  Now with Obamacare he can continue the attacks on Christians, alternative media, vets, conservatives and seniors.

This Communist push and the full understanding as to how to crush America didn't just start with Obama or the 60s radicals.  It goes way back to the 1890s when Fabian Socialism began infiltrating America and pushing 'equality for all' 'redistribution of wealth' standing against Faith in God and Capitalism.  It started out slow, then grew its way like a cancer through our Culture, schools and political systems.  This became the Fabian Socialist Society then onto the Frankfurt School, designed to use psychological techniques to manipulate all children into believing that wrong is right and right is wrong etc. 

We saw the 'red scare in the 1920s starting to create panic which lead to McCarthyism, a fierce reaction to developing Communism in America...but it really was developing as the media focused mostly on the 'paranoia' of McCarthyism.

The push for Communism has continued with abandon with the development of the Weather Underground in the 60s and 70s that spawned political activist and criminal William Ayers who still teaches at the University of Illinois. Activist.

This brings us to President Obama who was a communist community organizer launched from the bowels of ACORN, also a communist inspired group.  Obama was funded and supported by his close friend William Ayers he pretended to barely know when running for President.  The truth is quite the opposite.  They were close, on boards together and Ayers raised a lot of money for Obama and his campaign.

As with William Ayers,  Obama studied and was very inspired by Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Piven.  Nancy Coppock of Free Republic states:

..."Obama adheres to the Saul Alinksy Rules for Radicals method of politics, which teaches the dark art of destroying political adversaries. However, that text reveals only one front in the radical left's war against America. The Cloward/Piven Strategy is another method employed by the radical Left to create and manage crisis. This strategy explains Rahm Emanuel's ominous statement, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

We all know by now that Obama was raised with Communist influence through his Mom and Frank Marshall Davis.  He then surrounded himself with anti American and pro communist/socialist personalities like Rev Wright.  He taught Saul Alinsky principles to ACORN workers which was founded by Communists. 

Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Piven were masters at creating crisis and using it to manipulate change.  Their inspiration was the opposite of freedom, capitalism and Judeo Christian values.  In fact, lets review the famous dedication on the inside cover of Saul Alinsky's book Rules for Radicals...the book that Hillary Clinton and Obama are inspired by -  Rules for Radicals dedication.

"Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical...The first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom - Lucifer."

There we have it the real and clear inspiration and god of Communism, Obama and the progressivism left  - Lucifer.

Will America recognize the real enemy within on time?  The only way back is for America to remember her real Christian roots, who the real God of the Holy Bible is and remember that He along with our worship of Him built this country to the status it still barely has.  Our faith in the Living God was our life force that defined real freedom, exceptionalism and compassion. 

If America and her Judeo Christian values are allowed to die, freedom will be over around the world.  It will be the entrance of worldwide dictatorships, mass murder on a par we have never seen and the entrance of the Anti Christ and mark of the beast.

Stand up for Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible no matter what.  Stand up for Freedom and our Constitution no matter what.  Stand up for your gun rights, freedom of speech and United States of America no matter what.  I will whether you join me or not.  Will you join me?

Join me each day as I take on these issues from 7-10pm PAC on my national radio show at

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Things that are grossly underestimated

by Herbalist Wendy Wilson 


More and more people are recognizing the importance of self empowerment. A helping hand from a friend is desired and trusted over assistance offered by the government. People are realizing that they are more powerful than they thought and are letting go of the nanny state. As they reduce the government intrusion in their lives they are discovering new abilities, new connections and an alternative lifestyle, which has real health benefits and free of the shallow promises offered by drug companies. So, folks are empowering themselves and are utilizing powerful tools which have been grossly underestimated. What is even more surprising is that health insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare® are telling their members that "health experts say the power of health and wellness includes herbs and spices." Obviously, interest in medicinal herbs is on the rise and it isn't just health insurance companies and the common folk that are interested. Pharmaceutical companies are looking to herbs for their newest drugs. Let's take a look what folks are doing and empower ourselves.



The people of the UK are fond of using natural therapies because the wait is so long to be seen by licensed doctors. They've learned how to side step disease in most cases. One of the leading experts on herbs in the UK is Jekka McVicar and she says, "We are what we eat. We don't doubt that fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts contain a range of vitamins, minerals and cancer-fighting properties; yet the nutrient content and medicinal properties of herbs are often overlooked."



As the years go by the truth about the allopathic treatment for cancer is showing like a dirty little petticoat. Many respected doctors are now saying that the treatments modern medicine promotes for the treatment of cancer, although profitable, have a 100% mortality rate. It is no surprise that doctors who are diagnosed with cancer are turning to the nutrition in foods instead of chemo. Dr. Winston Craig, Professor of Nutrition at Andrews University USA says that you want lots of foods with flavonoids paired with natural vitamin C to magnify the power of the flavonoids to negate the oxidative free radical stress causing cancer. He recommends foods rich in flavonoids and vitamin C such as; milk thistle, thyme, rosemary, onions, garlic, dandelion root, sage, chamomile and green tea. He goes on to say that to prevent tumors you want herbs containing phytochemicals known as terpenoids, which are very powerful antioxidants that attack tumors. He adds to the previous herbs; fennel, peppermint, coriander, basil, cardamom and lemongrass.



If you are faced with long-term power outages you can turn to herbs to help preserve foods. Long before GE made refrigerators people relied on herbs to keep food from spoiling too quickly. Root cellars were also used to keep foods cool. Hunters would use thyme herb to help tenderize game. The thyme added vibrant flavor to the meat but it also contains antibacterial properties to preserve the meat and to help with digestion. Some good herbs to have on hand are; sage, rosemary, bay leaves and thyme.



In the good ole' days people didn't have money to pay city physicians or the ability to travel to the big city. So, they became experts at self treating things like colds and infections. Mothers and grandmothers would apply tea bags to treat pink eye, chaparral oil for itchy skin, glove, garlic and mullein oil to deal with earaches and mustard packs on the chest to break up congestion. It is highly doubtful that generation after generation would continue to use these natural therapies if they were not effective.



Our ancestors knew that the herbs also helped to preserve health and would use immune boosting herbs such as; garlic, onions, thyme, ginkgo and Echinacea root to name a few. They often did not know why these herbs helped to heal or prevent disease but many herbs have built-in anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties in them. Many immune stimulating herbs will help the human immune system produce lots of lymphocytes (made from white blood cells), which have a lifespan of one day to fight off infections.



Our ancestors usually didn't have to worry about cholesterol problems because they ate herbs to help keep cholesterol in the proper balance. The foods which they ate had red, pink, purple or blue pigments, which contain anthocyanins to promote the balance. Add rose hips and you can magnify the action. For healthy hearts they ate lots of garlic, onions and hawthorn berries.



Health agencies are recommending that folks with diabetes consume cinnamon for its polyphenols which work similar to insulin in controlling blood sugar levels. Some studies suggest using ¼ to ½ teaspoon of cinnamon twice daily to lower glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides by 30%.  I would add some white juniper berries (juniper monosperma) for more power.



The folks at suggest some herbs to help improve memory and cognitive functions. Many herbs can be combined to magnify power such as ginseng and periwinkle. Research from England at the University of Northumbria in Tyne, suggest that this combination is also excellent for those suffering with ADHA and ADD. Another herb is gotu kola known for its adaptogen action to boost the brain overall. It is helpful in improving the information processing receptors and synaptic activity. This herb may be the answer to the dumbing down of Americans. Rosemary and Ginkgo biloba together are an excellent pair but I add in cayenne for faster delivery of the nutrients. The University of Northumbria in the UK reported that rosemary improves our ability to carry out mental tasks and people score higher on tests. They think it is a chemical in rosemary called 8-cineole that provides this benefit. Their research appeared in the journal of Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology. The ginkgo biloba is known to help regenerate brain cells and it is especially helpful for those who have been subjected to taking blood thinning drugs but don't use these drugs with ginkgo biloba.



It appears that there is a whole lot of power in herbs that we can tap into without needing a prescription. The Greek word for power is dunamis and it is where the English term dynamite comes from. As far as healing opportunities go, herbs have more power than most people think. Where people tend to go wrong using medicinal herbs is they mix them with over-the-counter and prescription drugs causing an absorption problem and  a metabolism conflict. Or they are too impatient and don't give the herbs time to work. If you would like some dynamite immune boosting or organ cleansing herbs call Apothecary Herbs at 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277, where your healthcare options just became endless. Be sure to investigate their Brain Concentrate product with ginkgo, rosemary and cayenne. Herbs for the hearteyesblood sugar , skin and more are all there for your self help needs. Above all make sure any supplement is made from organic, whole food ingredients. Be empowered, call today.  Don't forget, Spring is the perfect time to start your organ cleanses. Last day for FREE ground ship for lower US states on orders of $50 or more with coupon FSHIP. International orders of $50 or more receive 15% off with coupon INT15. Hurry! Offer expires 3/18/14




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What's Ailing America
Evil and corruption are standard operating procedure in the US
by Rebecca Carley, MD
This is my 88th newsletter.  I know an awakening is happening, but it is hard for me to understand what it will take to get a critical mass of people off the couch to stand up and say NO MORE.  Until that happens, I will continue to add fuel to that fire.  As I have stated many times, the only solution I see is ; a non-voting political party dedicated to the dismantling of the federal government.  It's not anarchy because we'd still have the state governments, which are bad enough.  Nothing matches the danger to our lives and property that the US federal government presents.  We need the men of this country, who are supposed to be the PROTECTORS of their families, to stand up.  Unfortunately many of them are now wearing diapers: .


I strongly suggest you get a copy of "Standard Operating Procedure" from Netflix.  This documentary, which contains interviews of the soldiers who not only tortured detainees at Abu Ghraib prison but actually filmed their horrific actions is a look into what US citizens can expect as the psychopaths continue to crush humanity.  An excellent example of this is the case of the New Mexico motorist who was submitted to multiple rectal exams, enemas and a colonoscopy because the cops who stopped him believed he was hiding drugs in his rectum.  After being tortured by multiple parties, no drugs were found.  And now taxpayers will foot the bill for the $1.6 million settlement in the case.  As expected, none of those involved were held responsible: "What is most interesting about the stories on the settlement is that there is no mention of officers being criminally charge for the abuse or even fired. They committed unspeakable abuse of this man and now have cost the city and county $1.6 million.  New Mexico Police Chief Brandon Gigante says his officers did everything "by the book" and that there was no need for the slightest discipline. "  These monsters are predators patrolling the streets; YOU are their potential prey.


And as we all pay extortion fees to anti-virus companies to protect our computers, we now learn from Edward Snowden that it is the NSA that is the biggest hacker:
   "New disclosures from Edward Snowden show the NSA is massively expanding its computer hacking worldwide. Software that automatically hacks into computers - known as malware "implants" - had previously been kept to just a few hundred targets. But the news website The Intercept reports that the NSA is spreading the software to millions of computers under an automated system codenamed "Turbine." The Intercept has also revealed the NSA has masqueraded as a fake Facebook server to infect a target's computer and exfiltrate files from a hard drive."  Will you continue to pay taxes to support this criminality?  That is AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENEMY, is it not?

 The most common escape hatch from responsibility that the psychopaths use is "immunity".  We now see this playing out in Haiti, which was intentionally exposed to cholera by the UN workers who went there on a "humanitarian" mission:  UN infects 700k Haitians with Cholera...Claims immunity from Wrongdoing .  The only more obvious genocide is all the Christian churches that are sending missionaries to third world countries to "spread the good news about Jesus".  Not so funny how they always bring their vaccine syringes along for the ride, despite references to "pharmakeia" in their Bible.  What's even more disgusting is that these missionaries almost always submit to the travel vaccine needles themselves to make the trip.  A woman from Canada contacted me a couple of years ago who went on a vaccine mission and received all her travel vaccines.  She was deathly ill by the time she reached her destination, and went to many white coats on her return to get a diagnosis.  As expected, none of the white coats even considered a vaccine reaction as the source of her malady.  By the time she found me, she had received many diagnoses and been prescribed 300 different medications, which of course only made her more ill.

An excellent documentary sent to me by one of my readers is:  Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014: . This alone should get people off the couch, as you buy your heirloom seeds as a protection for your family from the starvation that is coming.  What will you do when those seeds won't grow?  Of course, all food is being weaponized an excellent article on the state of seafood can be found at : 

It is interesting how the Chinese are actually reporting the truth about deadly vaccines: .  In the meantime, our corrupt FDA is covertly trying to get rid of an essential B vitamin, folate: And while the sheeple are coerced into signing up for Obamacare which covers only Big Pharma treatments to "manage" disease (after they create the disease), leave it to the US Supreme Court to extend immunity for death and disease caused by these poisons to all drugs:   

Cord blood is now an INDUSTRY:

What can happen once your child is in the "system":

It is now illegal for university students to support the Palestinians:


The US continues to support Israel as they murder Iranian scientists:

 Lastly, as we are distracted by never ending chatter about the disappeared Malaysian plane, apparently it was HIJACKED by AWACS IN ATTEMPT TO BLAME IRAN:

I will leave it there for this week much more to follow.  Please spread the word .

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