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Friday, March 7th, A.D. 2014

Between Friday, February 28th, A.D. 2014 and Friday, March 7th, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold rose 0.8 % from $1,328.60 to $1,339.50

Silver fell 1.6 % from $21.23 to $20.89

Platinum rose 2.5 % from $1,442 to $1,478

Palladium rose 5.1 % from $740 to $778

DJIA rose 0.8 % from 16,321.71 to 16,452.72

NASDAQ rose 0.6 % from 4,308.12 to 4,336.22

NYSE rose 0.8 % from 10,425.90 to 10,511.90

US Dollar Index fell 0.1 % from 79.78 to 79.69

Crude Oil fell 0.0 % from $102.76 to $102.69


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Economic Blackmail at the Ukraine


by Alfred Adask


The Ukraine has dominated the news in the first part of March.  It's been a fascinating sideshow marked by criticism, hyperbole, comedy and blackmail.




For example, The Washington Examiner reported that:


"House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said the naivete of President Obama's national security advisers about Russian President Vladimir Putin's  motivations is allowing Russia to outmaneuver the U.S. in the Ukraine and other hot spots around the globe.


"Putin is playing chess and we're playing marbles.  . . . As you move down the list in Syria and the Ukraine and other areas," he said, "they've been running circles around us."


I agree that Putin is playing chess.  But Obama is not playing "marbles" so much as playing without all of his "marbles". 


Why?  Because the US government is broke.  Between an exhausted treasury, an exhausted access to credit and an exhausted military, there's no way we could make a serious (military) attempt to prevent a Russian takeover of the Crimea.


Talk is cheap and that's all Obama will offer the Ukraine, because that's about all he's got.  Obama has to allow Russia to annex the Crimea because he doesn't have the resources to do much else.




Dave Hodges published, "Putin Has Occupied Crimea, Is Ukraine & World War III Next?"   According to Dave,


"Obama is famous for drawing imaginary red lines in the sand and then not acting. He warned Russia about their involvement in the Syrian conflict in which hundreds of thousands have died. He warned Russia against assisting Iran with its nuclear program.


"Putin has ignored Obama at every turn and holds him in absolute contempt.

"The unfolding war in Ukraine is just another case in point. Obama does not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to Putin."


It's arguable that Obama's predilection for drawing "red lines" in middle-eastern "sand"-and then not enforce those lines-has emboldened Russia to annex the Crimea.   You can only bluff so many times before the other players start to call your hand.


In any case, Obama's problem isn't necessarily a lack of intestinal fortitude.  The problem, again, is that the US is broke and no one will lend the government enough money to keep playing Global Policeman.


 Result?  Our national government can't afford to resist Russia in the Crimean sandbox.  Therefore, Obama will settle for wringing his hands and offering little more than rhetoric to stop Russian tanks.


As for the Ukraine causing WWIII, I can't see how.   Yes, events could suddenly get out of control and allow a global catastrophe.  But, if we can't afford to put boots on the ground to fight in the Crimea, how can we be expected to escalate up into WWIII? 


To understand the Ukraine's limited potential to trigger WWIII, consider some info on demographics provided by Wikipedia:


"Ukraine has been losing population since the 1990s because of its high death rate and a low birth rate. The population is shrinking by over 150,000 a year. The birth rate has recovered in recent years from a low level around 2000, and is now comparable to the European average. [But] It would need to increase by another 50% or so to stabilize the population and offset the high mortality rate.

"In 2007, the country's population was declining at the fourth fastest rate in the world.


"Life expectancy is falling. The nation suffers a high mortality from environmental pollution, poor diets, widespread smoking, extensive alcoholism and deteriorating medical care."


There is something fundamentally wrong with the Ukrainian culture.  Its people are self-destructing by their own choice (smoking, alcoholism, etc.).  The Ukraine is dying. 

Does anyone really believe that the rest of the world will agree to a third world war to defend a nation that's so disabled, that it is will probably die of its own accord within another decade or two?


I don't.


It could be argued that Russia is simply beginning to scavenge on the carcass of a dead (or nearly dead) nation. 


What we're seeing in the Ukraine may be morally wrong, but nevertheless, in some regards, as "natural" as the sight of dozens of lions, hyenas and vultures feeding on the carcass of a dead water buffalo.  How or why the buffalo died may be interesting information, but it's largely irrelevant.  The fact is that the buffalo is dead, and the rest of the predators and scavengers will now feed on its corpse.


No one, not even other water buffalo, will attack the predators and scavengers for feeding on the buffalo's corpse. 


Similarly, although there could be some scuffles among the predators and scavengers to see who gets the biggest chunk of the corpse, no one will go to WWIII to protect the dying nation of Ukraine.


Black Humor


If there are no actual battles over the Ukraine, there will be rhetoric-and, despite the Ukraine's grim prospects, some of that rhetoric may be darkly hilarious.


For example, the Associated Press reports in "US Announces Visa Restrictions on Russians," that,


"The Obama administration slapped new visa restrictions on pro-Russian opponents of the new Ukraine government and cleared the way for financial sanctions as the West began punishing Moscow for its occupation of Ukraine's Crimea region.


"The new visa restrictions targeted an unspecified and unidentified number of people and entities that the Obama administration accused of threatening Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial borders."


Thus, Obama is threatening

visa restrictions on an unspecified number of Ukrainians?! 

But, aren't the Ukrainians the ones who've been invaded?  Aren't the Russians are the ones who invaded?   And now, the US is the one that will punish some of the Ukrainian people who support the Russian takeover by restricting their visas to enter the US?! 

OMG! OMG!  Do you have any idea of how many Ukrainians seek visas to enter the US each year?  Why, . . . why, . . . it could be . . . dozens!  So, suspending their visas could be tantamount to going to DefCon 4! 

Git tuff, Barack!  Git tuff!

We'll show the Russians who's boss!  We'll just suspend a couple dozen Ukrainian visas and thereby bring Putin to his knees!

"The anticipated financial sanctions will penalize "those who are most directly involved in destabilizing Ukraine, including the military intervention in Crimea, and does not preclude further steps should the situation deteriorate," the White House said in a statement."


Q:  Y'know what "
anticipated financial sanctions" are? 


A:  Those are sanctions that we haven't yet imposed but, by golly, we sure might . . . one of these days.  (Of course, if the Ukraine ceases to exist in the meantime, well, maybe we won't impose any sanctions after all.)

Q:  Y'know who the "anticipated financial sanctions" will be imposed against? 

A:  They be imposed against those Ukrainians of Russian ancestry who were "most directly involved in destabilizing Ukraine."  But those sanctions will not be imposed against Russia, itself.

 Q:  Y'know what "further steps" means, doncha

A:  It means that in addition to cutting off some Ukrainians' visas, we might even cut off their internet access to NetFlix and, maybe, . . . maybe, . . . I mean if things go really, really bad, we may even suspend their Twitter accounts!

Yes-their Twitter accounts! 

But we'll do almost nothing against Russia, itself.

Indeed, the Obama administration is proving once again that it no longer has the muscle to get really, really tough in conflicts like that in the Ukraine.

Obama's limp reactions again suggest that the US may be too broke to bomb. 

Economic Blackmail   


Initially, the Obama administration threatened to hit Russia with economic sanctions for moving troops into Crimea.  Russian officials promised to respond.  One top Kremlin adviser suggested that Russia could abandon the U.S. dollar in international trade, stop Russian companies from repaying debts owed to U.S. banks, dump U.S. debt and encourage other nations to do the same 


The fiat dollar is no longer backed by gold or silver.  It's no longer exclusively backed by petroleum as the world's only "petro-dollar". 


The last two pillars of support for the fiat dollar's perceived value have been: 1) our overwhelming military power and willingness to subject any oil-producing nation to a dose of "shock and awe" if they dared sell their crude for anything other than "petro-dollars"; and 2) the dollar's status as world reserve currency.


However, given the costs associated with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, US military power is badly diminished and the US gov-co can no longer afford to invade foreign nations.   We can still bomb 'em, but we can't put boots on the ground.  


That means the perceived value of the dollar can no longer be supported by US military power.


That leaves the dollar's value resting almost entirely on its remaining role as World Reserve Currency.  That role is already diminishing and sure to fall within the next decade.   However, that role is fragile and, with the right push, might collapse suddenly, unexpectedly and soon.


Knowing the US lacks the military resources to invade another country, the Russians had only to expressly threaten the fiat dollar's remaining status as World Reserve Currency at retaliation for US economic sanctions.  Result of that Russian threat?  The US blinked while it rethought its strategy of economic reprisals against Russia.


The US tried to recruit Europe to help impose economic sanctions on Russia, but Russia is Europe's largest supplier of energy.  About 25% of Europe's natural gas comes from Russia.  If the gas supply is shut off due to a shooting war or economic retaliations, the European energy supply will be disrupted and their already fragile European economy may slide closer to depression.


That means Europe will not participate in meaningful economic sanctions against Russia.

And that means, that the US alone will be called on to make, or not make, economic sanctions against Russia.


And that means that Russia can focus all of its defensive reactions on only the US.

Russia knows that the perceived value of the US fiat dollar depends on being able to retain its status as "world reserve currency".  Russia knows that the US dollar is already losing that status and therefore losing value.  Russia knows that the US government should be terrified by the possibility of the dollar losing the World Reserve Currency status since that loss will push the US into an economic depression.


Therefore, Russia knows that it can "bully" the US government by merely threatening to further reduce the dollar's status as World Reserve Currency and encourage other nations to do the same.


More, Russia's express threats will encourage other nations to make similar threats in future crises.  If that happens, the US gov-co will be unable to respond with anything other than rhetoric and increased inflation of the fiat dollar. 


All of this only serves to confirm that the fiat dollar's days are numbered.  As World Reserve Currency, the US dollar and US government were able to exert enormous control over the world.  As the US dollar loses its status as World Reserve Currency, the world will be able exert enormous influence over the US government.


By linking ourselves to the world with the dollar as World Reserve Currency, we've also linked the world to ourselves.  The same avenue of monetary power that allowed the US gov-co to exploit the world for at least 30 years, now allows the world to exploit us.

What goes around, comes around, hmm?


As a practical matter, the fiat dollar's status as World Reserve Currency is still a great asset, but it's also beginning to become a liability.  We're beginning to face the threat of a "death by a thousand cuts" as one nation after another threatens to destroy part of whatever remains of the dollar's status as World Reserve Currency. 


The US gov-co can now be bullied by the world. 


We can't give up the World Reserve Currency status.  But if we don't separate the dollar from that status, we'll remain vulnerable to economic blackmail by other nations like Russia and China.  A voluntary abandonment of the World Reserve Currency status won't happen soon because, for now, that status does more good than harm. 


But I'll predict that the day is coming when the economic blackmail costs incurred by retaining the World Reserve Currency status will begin to equal whatever economic advantages might flow from that status.  At that point, the US will kiss the World Reserve Currency status goodbye, and a new global reserve currency will emerge.  


In the meantime, there's no way out of this predicament.  Insofar as the US tries to retain the World Reserve Currency status, we'll be subject to bullying by foreign powers.  If we abandon the World Reserve Currency status, the dollar will hyper-inflate, become worthless, and the US economy will collapse. 


We are darned if we do and darned if we don't.


But while we dither about, begging for someone to please, please, please respect the dollar's perceived value and status as World Reserve Currency, it's certain that the Ukrainian confrontation and the Russians express threat have pushed the fiat dollar closer to its demise. 


Whether the Russian threat actually pushes the dollar into oblivion is almost irrelevant.  The fact that Russia merely made that threat-and the US backed off-is evidence of how fragile the dollar is and how compliant the US can be.  The rest of the world will see that evidence, and use the same leverage of threatening to trash the fiat dollar to humble the US government.


At some point in the future, We the People are going to get screwed by this "currency war".  Those holding US dollars will inevitably lose some or all of their assets.

I can't say that, "The end is near" for the fiat dollar.  But I can say that, thanks to US involvement in the Ukraine, "The dollar's end is nearer."  


Got gold?

Seven Deadly Assaults that Americans WILL and MUST stop - Part 1





There is no mystery with Obama


Remember the over all goals of Obama and the progressives. They are vividly clear and moving fast.  Thank God that slumbering and distracted Americans are also finally starting to move, get thoroughly ticked off and getting out of their seats.  It is about time.  I was beginning to think America was the walking dead. Now listen up. Obama plans big government to control all aspects of our lives, faith, health and economy.  There is no need to go to any other restaurant than the Obama Bistro.  Obama will give you the menu and you will order what is listed by him unless of course you want to fast for a very long time.


What is on the menu at Obama Bistro


Obama intends for us to submit to redistribution of all wealth and endure heavy taxation and business controls in everything.  So far the oozing and smelly tentacles of Obama are are wrapping around our necks.  Eyes look weird when they pop out don't they? 


1)       Healthcare with Obamacare


2)       Crushing of Judeo Christian values


3)       Attacking gun and 2nd amendment rights


4)       Controlling speech and media freedom


5)       Stealing American wealth through high and hidden taxation, regulation and     executive orders,


6)       Indoctrinating, manipulating and controlling America's children through Common Core


7)      Crushing Family, state and Federal Sovereignty.




Obama has managed to destroy the best health care system in the world while finding numerous ways to steal money and proprietary information from the people while rationing out health care.  He is manipulating and threatening 'Health care chips' to be inserted into our bodies while linking into bank accounts to steal even more. 


He will finally be able to kill off those independent minded, little too patriotic and religious seniors.  Obama will first take their assets and money before the long lines and lack of quality health care kills them off.  You don't want to have waste you know.


GOP listen up.  Obamacare MUST be destroyed.  Not played with, not modified, not discussed with progressives or Obama.  It must be destroyed and extracted like the terminal cancer it is.  Get it?


Crushing Judeo Christian values


Most of us have just about had it with Obama kissing up to Islam, Gay Marriage, abortion, compromise after compromise and insult to God after insult.  God is getting real tired of looking at Obama's middle finger. Whether you like it or not, our country was inspired by God and built on Christian values.  Our real skeletal core is Christian, not new age, not Islamic, not new world order. 


We have achieved the most of any nation on earth and lead because we were a nation of Prayer and have believed in freedom. As we have rebelled and fallen into pride and self-worship, our power has been diffused.  While we have been distracted with entertaining ourselves our enemies have attacked and surrounded us from within.


What you must understand in your gut is that Christianity must be crushed in America for Obama, Communism/socialism to succeed.  Obama and Big Government is God, not Jesus and Jehovah of the Holy Bible.  God and Christians are simply in the way and we have been treated like that from the beginning of Obama's reign from hell.  At this stage, Christians are attacked by Obama assaulting our speech and rights on a regular basis. Christianity is being redefined as new age muck of nothingness...a placebo for the people if they want it.


The Biblical moral fabric of America is now the Amoral/Islamic and New world order.  Islam and Internationalism will be the new hybrid Religion peppered with Christian cherries and frosting.  This is already on its way with sell out Christian posers who support the merging of Christianity with Islam i.e.


Christians and Conservatives listen up.  The ONLY way to save this country and stop our hemorrhaging is to turn back to the God of the Holy Bible, repent of our sin, then protect our Christian rights, speech and moral code.  There is no time for any Christian anywhere to back down now.  Stand, open your mouth, pray and shout.  Politeness and softness is over rated and frankly killing us off.


Attacking Gun rights and the 2nd amendment


As with all dictators in history they come for the guns.  They must get them out of the citizen's hands so they can control like the narcissist and puppeteer they are.  They can't have violent reactions and interruption.  Hitler did this in Saul Alinsky fashion by creating a false flag event saying the Russians attacked and destroyed the German Government building.  Now he had the national emergency he needed to campaign and manipulate a legal bill into place 'Hitler's enabling act in 1933.'  This gave him the 'temporary' right to confiscate all the guns of the German people and he did.  That is where his control and terror started, quite legally with the guns of the German people. 


The beautiful thing in Hitler's mind was that the Russians never blew up anything.  Hitler hired his own Nazi party members to destroy the Government building. It was the classic false flag event so he could then manipulate his Government to give him dictatorship powers because of the fake national emergency.


As in the days of 1933, we have a President now; Obama hates the 2nd amendment and wants our guns on several levels.  No one can prove for sure but there does seem to have been several false flag events where nothing seems to add up from the Sandy Hook shooting on.  Gun control schemes are peppered all through this regime. 


We see in Connecticut thousands of people are fighting back against forced gun confiscation.  The gun registration came and went with hundreds of thousands standing up against this who simply did not register.  Now the plot looks a little more Hitlerian because, all these law-abiding citizens are criminals in some way.  Will the cops go door-to-door, start arresting and confiscating weapons?  This could get really ugly and fast.


Apparently New Jersey doesn't want to be outdone so they are pushing a bill to ban .22 caliber guns.  They are full of magic in this state and have turned the small caliber .22 into an assault weapon.  Once again, will New Jersey citizens rebel and stand?  If so, will the cops go door-to-door, arrest and confiscate? 


This draconian and UN Constitutional push against guns is starting to grow, creating the contrived right for the local cops, turned 'Obama and gun control SS' to seize ALL guns and flatten all 2nd amendment rights.  This is peppered through various state actions so far but will soon go national.  The ONLY option for the American people in every state is to stand up, register nothing, buy more guns and ammo and organize.  Join the NRA and Gun Owners of America.  Keeping our guns and gun rights is one of the last protections of freedom we have.  Even if it gets bloody and violent, we can't give up our guns and 2nd amendment rights - unless of course we want to live in NAZI Germany again.


In part 2 I will go over the assaults on speech/media, the indoctrination of our children with Common core, stealing through taxation, regulation and executive orders and attack on family, state and federal sovereignty.  We will win but we have to fight like never before and get conservatives in the HOUSE and SENATE in 2014.


Join me each day from 7-10pm PAC on my national radio show at



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by Herbalist Wendy Wilson 


There are numerous things that can compromise the health of humans and some are more subtle than others. Most would agree that poverty is probably one of the worst enemies to well being. History shows the major enemies of health are plagues, war and genocide. By far, man is his worst enemy when it comes to health. All we have to do is look at the laws that legalize premature death; it is estimated that in the US 1.2 million unborn children die annually. It is sometimes shocking what man regards as civilized and normal. A healthy perspective is really keeping a sound mind. Without a sound mind your health is in peril. We tend to focus on the physical with regard to health issues but the mind can have a positive or devastating effect on the physical body. Let's check out the mental and physical problems which can compromise our well being.



One important fact to remember is that fear robs you of health and more importantly your faith. had a list of "universal fears" of what people fear most and they are; terrorist attacks, spiders (or other phobias such as fear of heights), death, failure, war, crime or violence, being alone, nuclear war and fear of the future. Other more common fears include; public speaking, fear of the dentist, fear of water, fear of pain, fear of cancer and fear of snakes. Experiencing normal fear now and then is to be expected in life but chronic fear debilitates health. Fear will preoccupy your mind and rob you of not only opportunities but will also disrupt functions of the physical body and corrupt health. Fear will rob you of sleep, delay cell regeneration, lower immune system function, produce hypertension, deplete you of healthy enzymes, destroy healthy bacteria and promote unhealthy bacteria, disrupt digestion, reduce energy, block vitamin absorption, affect mental clarity and more.



A majority of the prescribed medications to address the health problems which fear creates will not address fear to free you from it but will disguise the fear so that it can continue to destroy your health. Diseases such as phobias, anxiety, personality disorders and depression are all rooted in fear and the medications prescribed for them do not address fear but compound it.  The only fear that is beneficial we are told is the fear of the Lord. Proverbs 9:10 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; and the knowledge of the holy is understanding." This fear refers to respect and with it comes wisdom and knowledge. Proverbs 9:11 "For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased." Proverbs 29:25 "The fear of man brings a snare; but who so ever puts his trust in the Lord (respectful fear/faith) shall be safe." The Bible has a lot to say about fear and if you have unnecessary fear, we are told your faith is weak. So, strengthen your faith by drawing near to the Lord in His word and dispose of your fear.



There are other things we do which disrupt the natural functions of the body and corrupt our well being. Agricultural changes have altered the food and have reduced the nutrition in food.  The University of Texas did a study on where the most noticeable decline of our nutrients are and they discovered that our produce is deficient in calcium, phosphorous, protein, riboflavin, iron and vitamin C. This study on nutrients was done in 1950 and 1999 on 43 different vegetables and fruits and these findings were made available to the USDA and published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.   Nutrients will also give foods flavor and this would explain why the conventionally grown produce today has very little flavor.   The Organic Consumers Association analyzed the nutritional value in produce in 1975 to 1997 and reported we have 27% less calcium, 37% less iron, 21% less vitamin A and 30% less vitamin C. We depend on healthy food for our body to create enzymes to digest food and absorb nutrients and to convert these nutrients into energy. The simplest functions like blinking your eyes, swallowing or taking a breath are supported by enzymes. Without proper enzymes you could have an energy reduction of about 80%. If we add in some stress such as living in extreme temperatures of hot or cold, being pregnant or loss of income then the body is going to require more enzymes than normal. Researchers think they can connect a lack of adequate enzymes to premature aging and disease.



The gut is probably the most important organ of the body because your life energy source is processed there. Without proper digestive functions you won't absorb nutrients and convert protein into amino acids. The over use of prescription drugs have assisted in altering the biosphere of the digestive system and in doing so have disrupted the bacterial balance essential to health. When the digestive system is not functioning normally the effects are felt throughout the body such as in the immune system, the liver, the kidneys and blood. People are desperately grabbing at the latest probiotics to try to restore this balance. Some folks do alright with this approach and some make the situation worse.



Obviously there is a nutritional lack in a majority of the food which is sold in stores. We can compensate by growing our own organic produce or making sure we purchase organic whole foods. It is extra work and expense but it is a necessity. Without the vitamins and minerals foods once contained we will have a hard time regenerating tissue, bones and making healthy blood cells.



People all over the world are in the same boat. They are looking for way to counter the attack to their well being. Two hundred years ago no one knew what a vitamin was, nor did they need one if food was available. Organ cleansing is a different matter and natural therapies are thousands of years old. Our ancient ancestors used foods, herbs and natural therapies such as organ cleansing to prevent and to deal with disease. The ancients didn't have to defend themselves from powerful industries such as; Monsanto, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Astra Zeneca, Roche, GlasxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer and others. Unfortunately we do. We must defend ourselves from the "industrial attack" and from the principalities of darkness which attack our faith. Most of you are aware that the term "pharmaceutical" comes from the Greek word "pharmakeia", which is an ancient word meaning witchcraft. The witchcraft of the ancient world included alchemy and unfortunately so does modern pharmakeia with aluminum and mercury in vaccines. So, guard yourselves and be strong trusting in God's metaphysical meat. Metaphysical means supernatural and supernatural means "of or involving God." After all, God says, "Herbs are meat" Gen 1:29 and in Psalms 104:14, "herb for the service of man "



While you have the opportunity you can tap into the super nutrition of herbs to help balance the nutrition you may be missing in foods. The folks at Apothecary Herbs specialize in immune boosting and organ cleansing. Lift the burden off the filtering organs (blood, liver, kidneys etc.) and counter the industrial attack. You can remove over 2,000 pharmaceutical residues with one Bowel Cleanse.You can help your liver regenerate with Milk Thistle tincture. You can restore function to the delicate filters of the kidneys with the herbs in theKidney/Bladder Cleanse. You can strengthen your heart muscle and balance blood pressure with theHeart/Cholesterol/BP formula. You can replenish the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein your diet is missing with Body Foundation Food Mix. You can help your blood carry more nutrition and oxygen throughout the body with Blood Cleanse formula. You have this power and more. God made sure you have a way of escape from the industrial attack. And God gets the glory all the time, every day. Call the folks at Apothecary Herbs toll free to order or for a free product catalog 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 online, where your healthcare options just became endless.  




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What's Ailing America
We are all slaves
by Rebecca Carley, MD

So the latest distraction for the sheep, the Oscars, reportedly drew 43 million viewers according to the Nielson company; numbers only surpassed by the super bowl.  What is it with this "red carpet" fascination anyways?  Apparently it gives the sheep an opportunity to escape their reality of living in hell, worshipping the people who pretend for a living be honored for their "work".  I did not watch the Oscars, but heard that the "best picture" was 12 years a slave.  Of course, the irony is that we are ALL slaves here on the plantation known as the United States of America; a corporation so corrupt and hypocritical that it boggles the mind.  We now hear our traitor in chief, Obama, criticizing Putin for his actions in the Ukraine, after the US has murdered millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan.  All the while, the "extrajudicial killings" via drone strikes continue in countries which do not engage in usury.  Obama is "threatening" to remove all troops from Afghanistan if the military is not granted immunity for any crimes against humanity committed by those "serving" our country.  We live in the twilight zone; I understand why the sheep need an occasional escape. However, when enough people wake up and realize they are being genocided by the psychopaths who control this country and the world, we can turn things around in a heartbeat.  I live for that day.  


An important recent interview of myself by Jeanice Barcello regarding ritual abuse in the medical system can be accessed at: .  I encourage you listen to that show and share it with any loved ones considering "treatment" by the medical devils.  The crimes against humanity being committed by these monsters, especially in hospitals, is getting worse every day.  The reports I receive from people all over this country proving self evident murder by mediSIN are so dark that it makes me ill.  Save yourself, people stay away from these monsters.  I am almost done with my first book on the medical devils, which will name names of the monsters I encountered in my training and employment as an attending physician in the emergency room of Kings County hospital in Brooklyn.  This should wake up a huge number of the sheep.   


Another very important show by Jeanice Barcello about circumcision can be accessed at: .  Please share this with loved ones as well so that the mutilation of baby boys can be avoided.


Another important link I suggest you access is in regards to the fact that trolls on the internet are paid government contractors: .  I can't imagine how much these traitors are being paid to monitor any sites on the internet which expose government corruption, especially in regards to vaccine induced disease, as well as the 80,000 chemicals we are exposed to of which only a small fraction have been tested for "safety" by corrupt scientists which twist and spin their data.  This is how it works, people.  WAKE UP!  STAND UP AND SAY NO MORE!


I suggest everyone watch the movie "Assault on Wall Street" for inspiration; it is available on Netflix


I will leave it there for this week much more to follow.  Please spread the word.


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