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Friday, February 21st, A.D. 2014

Between Friday, February 14th, A.D. 2014 and Friday, February 21st, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold rose 0.4 % from $1,319.10 to $1,324.30

Silver rose 1.5 % from $21.51 to $21.83

Platinum fell 0.0 % from $1,423 to $1,422

Palladium rose 0.4 % from $735 to $738

DJIA fell 0.2 % from 16,154.39 to 16,128.15

NASDAQ rose 0.6 % from 4,244.03 to 4,268.54

NYSE rose 0.4 % from 10,282.50 to 10,319.40

US Dollar Index rose 0.1 % from 80.15 to 80.25

Crude Oil rose 1.7 % from $100.40 to $102.17


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."-Warren Buffett

"If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold-other than gold?"-Alfred Adask

We couldn't be in a depression, could we?


by Alfred Adask


In order to understand whether we are or aren't in an economic depression, we need a definition of the phenomenon that we can compare to our current conditions. 

Wikipedia defines "depression" as follows:


"In economics, a depression is a sustained, long-term downturn in economic activity in one or more economies.  It is a more severe downturn than a recession, which is seen by some economists as inevitable part of capitalist economy.


"Considered by some economists to be a rare and extreme form of recession, a depression is characterized by its length; by abnormally large increases in unemployment; falls in the availability of credit, often due to some kind of banking or financial crisis; shrinking output as buyers dry up and suppliers cut back on production and investment; large number of bankruptcies including sovereign debt defaults; significantly reduced amounts of trade and commerce, especially international; as well as highly volatile relative currency value fluctuations, most often due to devaluations. Price deflation, financial crises and bank failures are also common elements of a depression that are not normally a part of a recession."


That's a decent definition of "depression".  It lists objective phenomena that, in sum, can tell us if we are or aren't in a depressed economy.


But that definition is incomplete because it doesn't mention the psychological forces that are intrinsic to a true economic depression. The truth is that we're not really in a depression until the public generally believes we're in a depression.   


For example, we're told that the Great Depression began with the stock market collapse of A.D. 1929.  We vaguely presume that one day the economy was strong, and then, following the stock market collapse, the national economy slipped instantly into a full-blown depression.  We tend to believe that the economy went suddenly from prosperous to depressed, much like a room goes from light to dark by flipping a light switch.


But that's not so.   The Great Depression wasn't a sudden vertical fall from an economic top to an economic bottom.  Instead, it was a slide at, say, a 45-degree angle, that included some significant ups before reaching the final "down"

Because the Great Depression was an up-and-down slide that took several years to reach "bottom," it wasn't clear to most Americans that they were in a depression until A.D. 1933.


In retrospect, we agree that the Great Depression started in A.D. 1929.  But, at the time, it took most Americans four more years to agree that there even was a "depression".  Thus, for the first four years of the "Great Depression," most Americans weren't fully aware that they might even be in a depression.


But once most Americans believed the national economy was depressed, it became extremely difficult for government to overcome that belief and cause an economic recovery.  Some people think the Great Depression would've lasted 5 to 10 years longer if WWII hadn't begun and forced a dramatic change in public sentiment.

My point is that, just as many Americans of A.D. 1929 didn't recognize they were in a depression for up to four years, it's entirely possible that today's Americans could also be an economic depression for several years without knowing it.


*  Therefore, I'm fascinated by Richard Russell (Dow Theory Letters) who recently wrote,


"I hesitate to say this because it's so extreme, but I believe the world is in a depression. We're being lied to by a frightened and desperate government and Federal Reserve.  Sooner or later the US public is going to realize that we're in a depression. The government and the Fed will fight the gathering depression with lies and propaganda. To fight the depression, the Fed will open the money spigots wide, creating new trillions of 'dollars.' Some wise investors are aware of all this, which is why gold continues to push higher . . . ."


Richard said the "D-word" four times in five sentences.  That's very politically incorrect. 


He's not alone.  There are a few other gurus who've also dared to say the "D-word".   While the number of Americans who currently believe we're in an economic depression are a small minority, their numbers are growing.


But are they right? 


Is it possible that ten or twenty years from now, historians will look back and declare that the "Greater Depression" actually began with stock market "crash" of 2008?  If so, you and I aren't living in a "pre-recovery" economy.  Instead, we may already be several years into the "Greater Depression"-and not yet even know it.


Depression Psychology


You might suppose that being in an economic depression without knowing it is impossible.  There should be objective signs and economic indicators (of the sort listed in the Wikipedia's definition of depression) that can tell us, right now, how to accurately assess our current economy.


But that's not completely true because an economic depression is determined at least as much by psychology as mathematics.  While we might be able to see the mathematical indicators, we might not be able to see the national psyche.

Being in a depressed economy, without knowing it, is possible because an economic depression is more of a subjective state of mind than an objective state of mathematics.  We're not really in a depression, until most of the people believe they're in a depression.  It's hard for people to accept the belief that we're in a depression-but once they do, it's extremely difficult to escape the resulting "depression psychology". 


*  Again, much of the public's understanding of economic depressions is based on the myth that the onset of the Great Depression was sudden and traumatic.  The stock market collapsed, stock-brokers jumped out windows, and OMG!, we were "instantly" in a depression!  


As a result, most people today won't believe they're in an economic depression unless they see a sudden, painful collapse.  So long as we don't see a sudden fall in the stock markets and bankers jumping from skyscraper windows (or roofs), we won't believe that the economy is depressed.  So long as our entry into another depression is characterized by a slow slide over a period of years, most people won't believe that they're in a depression until their political leaders finally tell them so. 


(Curiously, we did have a stock market "crash" in A.D. 2008 that was at least similar to the stock market crash of A.D. 1929.  I don't recall any suicidal stock brokers or bankers jumping out of tall buildings in 2008.  But, in the last few months there've been reports of somewhere between 5 and 20 people in the global banking community who've jumped off of skyscraper roofs or otherwise checked out of the economy . . . permanently.)


Politicians know that an economic depression is much more than mathematics.  They know that an economic depression is, to large degree, psychological.  Therefore, insofar as politicians can manipulate and control the people's psychological belief in their economic state of affairs, politicians can thereby influence whether we really are or aren't in a full-blown depression. 


Usual signs


 One of the usual characteristics of a depression is deflation which causes prices to fall and the value of the currency to rise.  Deflation probably causes the most profound psychological change in a depression.


Once people see that their currency is growing in value, they realize that their currency will buy more tomorrow or a year from now, than it will today.  As a result, based on greed, people who have jobs or savingswill refuse to spend or go into debt and instead choose to save for the time when they can get the best bargains.  


As savings grow, spending declines and there'll be less production, less credit and less sales.  Unemployment will rise, production will falter, profits will fall.  All economic activity will slow and the depression will grow more severe.  Businesses eager to generate cash flow will cut prices, the currency will become increasingly valuable. 

People will worry that they won't have a job or savings in the future and therefore refuse to spend a dime on anything that's not absolutely necessary.  People will be increasingly motivated to save and not spend by fear rather than greed.  Once the depression psychology takes hold in the public mindset, it'll become a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy that feeds on itself as the economy spirals deeper down into inactivity.


*  The psychological impact of falling prices (deflation) may be more important than rising mathematical rates of unemployment.  The fact that over 20% of American workers are unemployed may be depressing for them, but it doesn't have too much effect on the psychology of the other 80% who still have jobs.  Yes, the volume of sales may decline because there are 20% less able-bodied consumers-unless government provides generous welfare for the unemployed so they can continue to purchase necessities. 


However, until prices deflate and are generally expected to continue falling for several years into the future, the depression psychology may not take hold and the public can instead be persuaded to believe that they are in, or nearly in, a "recovery".  Thus, if America was currently on the verge of an economic depression, we could expect leaders like "Helicopter Ben" Bernanke or Janet Yellen to spend every dollar they could print, borrow or steal in order to encourage Americans to borrow and spend and thereby "stimulate" the economy and inflate prices.  If deflation is the disease, inflation is the cure.


*  So long as the psychological force of falling prices (deflation) is more conducive to economic depression than rising rates of unemployment, we might even expect our government to spend more of its resources on causing inflation than on curing unemployment.   (If we look back over the past six years, has government spent more on unemployment or inflation?)


What do you suppose the primary purpose for the past six years of "Quantitative Easing" has been, if not to fight the forces of deflation?  Without government subsidies and "stimulation," would today's Dow Jones Average still be over 16,000 and near record-high levels?  Or would the Dow-which fell over 50% from 14,163 in A.D. 2007 to 6,594 in A.D. 2009-have fallen further and ultimately matched the 90% stock market fall in the Great Depression?  


What did our more recent fall in stock prices indicate?  Deflation


What does the government-inspired rise in the stock markets indicate?  Inflation.


Unemployment is mathematically bad, but deflation is psychologically worse.  Once people believe that prices are generally falling and likely to continue doing so, they'll refuse to spend and the economy will grind towards a halt. 


Government lies


Trying to determine if we are or aren't in a depression is difficult because government understands that public psychology may be the most important element of depression.  Therefore, in order to maintain public confidence in the economy, government will lie by staunchly denying that a depression exists or is even possible.  Unlike Richard Russell, government will almost never officially say the "D-word"-even though the mathematics indicate that we are in a depression.  The public can't be told because they'll overreact and slip into the depression psychology.


In fact, if I had to distinguish between a recession and a depression, I'd say that a recession and depression were almost identical on a mathematical basis-but the depression alone was characterized by "depression psychology" of fear and an expectation of falling prices. 


Government might admit to having been in a recession, but will insist that official data proves that recession is over and gave way to a recovery.  Insofar as the people believe that the Great Depression was caused by the stock market collapse of A.D. 1929, government will provide sufficient capital to keep today's stock market afloat.  I.e., so long as the stock markets are high, the public is less likely to believe we're in a depression.  So long as most Americans don't know or believe that the economy is in a depression, the people won't "panic"; the people won't choose to save and will instead continue to borrow and spend. That borrowing and spending will "stimulate" economic activity and the depression may be avoided, or at least postponed.

By preventing the "depression psychology," government may be able to stop or prevent the depression, itself.


In order to prevent people from believing that they're in a depression, government will even falsify economic data in order to maintain public confidence in the economy.    For example, if the real unemployment rate was over 20% (as alleged by John Williams at, government might still insist that the official rate of unemployment is less than 7%.  If Williams is right, that deception is actually happening right now. 


Global Depression?


There are other leaves in the breeze which, like Richard Russell, hint that we may be in or near to a depression. 


For example, The New York Times ("World's largest economy Flirts With Deflation") reported that,


". . .  the economies of many European countries remain very weak, and the euro zone as a whole could soon experience deflation . . . . Last month, inflation in the 18 countries that use the euro was just 0.7 percent . . . . far below the European Central Bank's target for an inflation rate of just under 2 percent.


"Deflation is a pernicious and self-reinforcing [psychological] phenomenon that debilitates economies, as Japan experienced for much of the past 15 years. When prices fall broadly, consumers put off purchases and businesses see little value in investing for the future, creating a downward spiral.  Deflation also makes it more difficult for governments and other borrowers to repay their debts.


"Earlier this month, the central bank's president, Mario Draghi, dismissed the fear of deflation, but his words were hardly reassuring. 'There is certainly going to be subdued inflation, low inflation for an extended, protracted period of time, but no deflation,' he said."


Point:  Deflation is the boogie-man  responsible for depression.  Assuming the European governments are telling the truth about inflation/deflation rates, Europe is not yet in a state of deflation or depression-but it's coming close.

Are deflation and depression contagious?  If Europe slides into a depression, will the U.S.  and the rest of the world follow the world's biggest regional economy?


*  The BBC reported in "Japan's Quarterly Growth Disappoints," that the economy of Japan (the 3rd largest national economy),


". . . grew less than expected last year . . . . Gross domestic product rose by 1% on an annualized basis in the three-month period to December, compared to market estimates of a 2.8% expansion. . . . This was due to weaker private consumption and capital spending, as well as lower export figures."


Japan has arguably been in a state of depression for the past 15 years. Recent reports suggests that Japan's slide into depression will continue.   That's evidence that, once a depression psychology takes hold, the people are not easily persuaded to abandon that belief.     

*  The Associated Press reported in "UK inflation below target for 1st time in 4 years"  that the inflation rate in Great Britain, 


". . .slipped in January below the official 2 percent target for the first time since 2009, making it less likely that the Bank of England will move soon to raise interest rates. . . . Official figures on Tuesday showed consumer prices were up 1.9 percent in the year to January, down from the 2 percent rate in December. The drop was due to retailers slashing prices on furniture, alcohol and tobacco."


Assuming these figures are accurate, they're no big thing, right? The difference between 2.0% and 1.9% inflation doesn't seem worth mentioning.

But, on the other hand, the United Kingdom is the world's 6th largest national economy.  Therefore, any slide towards deflation is cause for concern.


The world's largest economy (the Euro-zone) is flirting with deflation.  Japan has been in a depression for 15 years.  England is slightly tending towards deflation.  The U.S. appears to have been fighting deflation and depression with some success for several years.  We may be in a recession, but we are not yet certainly in a depression.

So, is we is, or is we ain't in an economic depression? 


Hard to say.  The evidence is mixed. 


It's clear that most of the American people have not yet succumbed to the depression psychology.  Therefore, I'd tend to argue that we are not (yet) in a full-blown economic depression. 


But it's also clear that the governments of the world are working hard, even desperately, to try to print enough currency, manipulate enough economic indicators, and tell enough lies to prevent the people from believing that we're in an economic depression.


Nevertheless, the strength of government's determination to lie, manipulate markets and economic data, and print more fiat currency implies that we are at least near to an economic depression.


*  This article is not intended to prove that we're in a depression.  But it is intended to show that we may be close to a depression or already in one, without yet realizing that truth. 




Because depressions are more psychological than mathematical.

The Obama Cult - Will you drink the Kool Aid?

BY ADMIN, ON FEBRUARY 18TH, 2014  Laurie Roth


There are over 5000 active cults in America but the biggest and most deadly of these is The Obama Cult, headed by Barack Hussein Obama.  The Obama-Church/Cult follows classic Cult strategies and steps to draw, trap and keep Cult members inside the fenced work and playground, doing what Obama bids.


Classic Cult strategies The Obama Cult uses


All Pseudo-Christian Cults redefine morals and Salvation as it suits them.  The Obama Cult does this in spades.


Obama, a Christian poser, violates and changes the core spiritual, moral and traditional message of America.  He has turned the real Christian and Salvation message of the Holy Bible into a 'social-redistribution of wealth' gospel.  There is no sin or right and wrong left, except how he defines it.  He supports abortion of all kinds and gay marriage while paving the road for Islam and its agenda to infiltrate and take over America. Christians and their rights can be damned.


Obama rejects and ignores the Holy Bible and U.S. Constitution and has from the beginning of his reign.  You cannot listen to his words and sound bites.  Just look at his actions. He covers his steps of crime and assault against the American people by forcing down our throats the 'Obama statement of faith' that we must observe or be persecuted and destroyed by his SS - the NSA, Homeland Security, IRS and other Government departments, now with endless guns and ammo.


Obama statement of Faith

  1. Worship, trust and Obey Obama, then Allah of Islam - In that order
  2. Do whatever feels good as long as it serves Obama and his agenda
  3. There is no right or wrong - no sin, only Internationalism and redistribution of wealth.
  4.  Salvation and eternal life is ONLY for those who worship and serve Obama.  Jesus Christ is not the author of salvation or the gatekeeper.  Obama is.
  5. There is no family sovereignty, no God sovereignty and no State sovereignty, ONLY Obama sovereignty.
  6. All who reject Obama's message and statement of faith will be pursued and destroyed.

 The Obama Cult pursues Separateness 


Obama, like all cult leaders demonize core values, real spirituality and relationships with any groups or people who stand against him.  We are to be separate unto him and be divided from our morals, our parents, our faith and our past.  Remember Obama and Holder pitching and supporting  'race wars' by looking the other way regarding the voter intimidation and threats of the Black panthers, standing with many 'criminal and dangerous blacks, while Holder ignores  attacks on whites by blacks.

The Obama Cult breaks down the personality and core essence of America and her members.


Cult leaders, traffickers and pimps are all known for their combo of attacks. They emotionally, spiritually and sexually assault their victims.   They literally shred the personality and will into submission and only when the confused and 'half in half out' person feels like desperate dirt and submits to the leader, do the compliments, rewards and comforts come.  Members are now trained in a love-hate relationship but ALWAYS submissive relationship with the bully and boss.  Rewards, punishment, twisting and controls are life now.  You belong to Obama or no one.


Obama is the classic cult leader who has been breaking down the American personality - our love for freedom, exceptionalism and for God.  Obama beats us down by lifting up evil, creating false flag events and invented reasons to steal our rights.  He chronically and arrogantly lies to our faces while beating us down with regulations, UN Constitutional laws and executive orders. 


Obama is the worst cult leader, pimp and trafficker of all.  The suffering masses look around in wonderment as to what to do now, where to go for help when the House and Senate appear like an Obama controlled cesspool of compromise.  Does America just let Obama continue to beat us down and remake us in his image?  Does America drink the Kool Aid?  Will real conservatives throw the Kool Aid down and run for office in 2014 and 2016? 


The Obama Cult is run by a passionate and controlling leader who identifies himself as above all others - Barack Hussein Obama


All cults are run by a charismatic and narcissistic leader who believes he or she has a special line to God and power over all others.  That is why they run things, make and enforce the rules, reward and punish at will.  From the beginning, Obama has bypassed congress wherever he can and run the country through regulations and executive orders.  He has used his czars as dictatorship extension hammers and acted around Congress in every way possible.  He knows he is the first 'black' President which apparently allows him to do everything he wants without a check anywhere.  He is above all others.  He is the Obama Cult leader.


America throw the Kool Aid down remake your vision of what America and freedom is.

Stand boldly against Obama - not a black man. 


We have a chance to break free of this Obama Cult and start healing.  To do this we must first be able to define evil and danger and stand against it.  Obama IS evil and will completely destroy our lives and country if we continue to be stuck on 'coward' and stuck on 'stupid.'  We can no longer swallow the race bait bull rot that we are racists if we dare stand against Obama. 


I could care less what color Obama is but I do care that he is breaking laws, violating our freedoms and Constitution, flipping off his middle finger to our Judeo Christian values and heritage. He is creating scandal after scandal and using Government agencies like the NSA, Homeland Security, EPA and IRS for evil and terror against the people.


It is time to shut this cult down and everyone rip up your membership card while you can.  It is time to fight for America, clean house with the 2014 and 2016 elections then build back America.  No more building and worshiping the progressive Obama cult - that can go straight back to hell where it came from. 


Join me each day as I take on these and other issues on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC each day at

China dumping Treasuries is not earth shattering news or even anything new...just another confirmation the lifespan of the U.S. dollar as we know it will soon to be nothing more than a memory.  It won't totally go away and it will survive but with a different value (lower).



China Sold Second-Largest Amount Ever Of US Treasurys In December: And Guess Who Comes To The Rescue


From: ZeroHedge


While we will have more to say about the disastrous December TIC data shortly, which was released early today, and which showed a dramatic plunge in foreign purchases of US securities in December - the month when the S&P soared to all time highs and when everyone was panicking about the 3% barrier in the 10 Year being breached and resulting in a selloff in Tsy paper - one thing stands out. The chart below shows holdings of Chinese Treasurys (pending revision of course, as the Treasury department is quite fond of ajdusting this data series with annual regularity): in a nutshell, Chinese Treasury holdings plunged by the most in two years, after China offloaded some $48 billion in paper, bringing its total to only $1268.9 billion, down from $1316.7 billion, and back to a level last seen in March 2013! 





People just don't have money because they are unemployed, but inflation, true inflation, is keeping millions of people from purchasing healthy food items because of the cost.  Inflation is coming at a rate most Americans are unprepared.


Are you prepared to protect your purchasing power with the onset of much higher inflation.




NEW YORK - Writer Jen Singer, the mother of two teenage boys, wrestles with her grocery list every week to keep the household budget from getting away from her.

"I'd like the government to stop by my house, come food shopping with me and see where the real costs are," she said.


The adage "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is impossible thanks to apple prices, she said.


"We go through one of these every few days," she said, holding a loaf of bread. "It's a big part of my take home pay. 


It's is not her imagination. While the government says prices are up 6.4 percent since 2011, chicken is up 18.4 percent, ground beef is up 16.8 percent and bacon has skyrocketed up 22.8 percent, making it a holiday when it's on sale.


"Oh my god!" Singer said as she spied bacon for $3.


"The things that are going up in price are the things I absolutely need to buy," she said. "It's the meat, it's the milk, it's the eggs and it's getting out of hand."

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Salt Myths?

by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


Before scientists could visualize viruses and bacteria through a microscope, Benjamin Franklin had an accurate theory about rhinoviruses or the common cold. In the 1700's Benjamin Franklin noticed that the common belief that one would catch a cold by becoming chilled in wear wet clothes was inaccurate because seaman constantly wore wet clothing. He deduced that people would catch a cold from other people in close quarters such as in small rooms, coaches and sitting close for private conversations and breathing in an infected persons' breath. So, before the concept of germs was well known and documented, Benjamin Franklin through observation and deduction figured it out. He also noted that sailors tended to have more of a resistance to colds and deduced it was their exposure to salt from the sea. He wrote about how he would visit the seaside and drink salt water to overcome a cold within a day. So, Ben Franklin knew that salt was important to health but modern science warns against all salt. Let's check this out.



A majority of folks live and breathe by what doctors declare about health. What the American Heart Association and media have drilled into us is that all salt is bad and causes hypertension, edema (fluid retention), heart and kidney failure etc. Therefore, millions of people are put on low-salt or salt-free diets.



In the ancient world salt was invaluable. Salt is essential for life; all animals and humans rely on salt for health. Salt was on the same value level as money and gold. If salt preserves (cure) meat it also preserves us. The human spine houses cerebrospinal fluid which is salt water feeding the spine and brain. Salt and water are needed for electrical impulses. The electrical- charged minerals in salt nourish and cleanse the cells of the body and carry impulses along the nerves. Medicine calls these electrolytes and without them the heart muscle cannot beat properly and the muscles will not be able to contract and relax. Babies in the womb float around in amniotic fluid and also our tears are also composed of salt water. Calcium salts protect our bone marrow and 27% of the salts our bodies hold are in our bones. Real ocean salt that is sun dried will contain sodium, chloride and trace minerals. Sodium is not salt and real salt is not just sodium chloride. Salt minerals are so valuable that they are removed from salt and sold to other industries for more money. Salt without the minerals is salt that has lost its savor and is good for nothing (Matt 5:13). It is a devitalized product and will make you ill. Without the trace minerals of salt the body's pH is too acidic. The blood, brain, spine, bones, glands and other organs depend on salt and water. These two elements are counter-regulatory.    



Too many Americans eat processed salt and this interferes with blood sugar. Healthy electrolytes help carry blood sugar to the cells for nourishment after the insulin creates the pathway into the cell. The electrolytes also create the pathway to store and used electricity by the mitochondria of the cell. If there is an exodus of salt from the body via illness (diarrhea) or from using diuretics this creates a salt and water shortage in the body and severe illness follows. Hospitals will try to restore these fluids with a saline IV. By-the-way, caffeine is a strong diuretic and dehydrates the system.



Because of the scientific studies done on processed salt and health we have been taught that salt is bad for your health. Indeed, processed salt is but natural, unprocessed salt is essential for good health. Dr. Batmanghelidj (knows as Dr. Batman) has studied the human dependency on salt and water and has documented how many illnesses are reversed with these two elements being reestablished in the body. Conditions such as headaches, asthma, allergies, stress, depression, diabetes, incontinence, arrhythmia, digestive disorders (improves digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid), gout, muscle spasms, osteoporosis, varicose veins, erectile dysfunction, blood pressure, high cholesterol and more.



Since the medical industry wants to keep us away from salt because of high blood pressure, ask yourself if they base their research on authentic, unprocessed salt? The studies done on this subject used devitalized processed salt and doctors are divided on the research. The blood is composed of water (94%) and since salt helps the body hold onto the proper amount of water to avoid thick blood too difficult for the heart to circulate (elevated blood pressure) then salt is important for proper blood pressure. The brain is composed of 85% water and if you dehydrate yourself with caffeine or alcohol your head will hurt. Water and salt are counter-regulatory and need each other for balance. According to Dr. Batman salt will maintain water inside the cells while the salt remains on the exterior of the cells to hold the cell wall strong and water hydrates the cell (osmotic retention). Not enough water in the diet will push the salt content up and the body has to release a hormone (vasopressin) to release the extra salt from the body and help balance the water/salt ratio. However, this process causes blood vessels to constrict creating an increase in blood pressure to force more water into the cells. This is why medicine blames salt for high blood pressure when it is a lack of water that is to blame. A lifestyle change of drinking more fresh water, regular exercise, avoiding processed salt and using sun-dried Celtic Sea salt and avoiding caffeine (coffee, tea, soda and alcohol) will reverse the hypertension.



Using a natural sun-dried salt (such as Celtic Sea salt) it will lower the amount of salt you will need. Remember, processed salt has no nutrition and no minerals and will numb taste buds. Therefore, folks will use too much to flavor food when they are doing the opposite. Sea salt is the best type of natural salt and will have the proper balance of mico-minerals whereas a mined salt will have a different concentration of minerals and could also contain shale and could clog kidneys. A pinch of salt or 1/8 of a tsp is sufficient for every 16 oz of water. Use tsp for a half gallon or a full teaspoon for a gallon of water. You should be voiding urine at least three times daily and eliminating the same amount of fluids you are drinking. After two weeks you may feel thirstier and this is because dehydration can dull the thirst mechanism. It is a balance you are trying to establish between adequate amounts of salt and water in the system. The salt can be added to food instead of into water at the table. Avoid cooking with salt which will reduce the mineral content. Try to avoid adding too much salt; a rule of thumb is that a pinch is sufficient.



Seems that ole' Ben Franklin was on the right track with salt. The balance of salt and water will strengthen cell walls to not only prevent varicose veins but also help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in the body. There are many studies now calling the salt restrictions by medicine into question and I've listed a few under resources. So, everything in moderation and make sure you are utilizing the right sun-dried ocean salt (Celtic Sea salt). If you would like the finest sun-dried salt harvested from sand and clay salt flats for proper drying of the salt (as in ancient times) then call the folks at Apothecary Herbs for Celtic Sea Salt. For added benefit you will also find herbal formulas for strong bones (Calcium formula), heart (Heart/Cholesterol/BP formula), Kidney & Bladder formulaDiabetic Formula and glands (Mullein formula). They have many natural organic formulas to help strengthen the body without side effects. Call Apothecary Herbs to order or for a free product catalog 866-229-3663, International, where your healthcare options just became endless. 




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Herbalist Wendy Wilson on Herb Talk Live


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3/1/14 David Foreman, retired pharmacist has natural solutions to manage the munchies.

3/22/14 John Monroe natural vision solutions


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2/18/14 Dr. Rebecca Carely with more on deadly vaccines.

2/27/14 David Foreman, retired pharmacist has natural solutions to manage the munchies.

3/20/14 John Monroe natural vision solutions


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