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Friday, February 14th, A.D. 2014

Between Friday, February 7th, A.D. 2014 and Friday, February 14th, A.D. 2014, the bid prices for:


Gold rose 4.1 % from $1,267.10 to $1,319.10

Silver rose 7.5 % from $20.00 to $21.51

Platinum rose 3.0 % from $1,381 to $1,423

Palladium rose 3.8 % from $708 to $735

DJIA rose 2.3 % from 15,794.08 to 16,154.39

NASDAQ rose 2.9 % from 4,125.86 to 4,244.03

NYSE rose 2.2 % from 10,055.40 to 10,282.50

US Dollar Index fell 0.6 % from 80.67 to 80.15

Crude Oil rose 0.3 % from $100.14 to $100.40

This is the second week in a row when all of the previous indicators rose-except for the US$ Index. That's the first time I can remember that happening in at least five years. 


"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years."-Warren Buffett

"If the market shut down for 10 years, what investment would you
dare to hold-other than gold?"-Alfred Adask



Bitcoin and other Intangible Savings Vehicles


by Alfred Adask


Reuters reported in "Bitcoin plunges after marketplace indefinitely halts withdrawals," that,


"The price of the digital currency bitcoin slid to its lowest level in nearly two months on Monday after bitcoin digital marketplace Mt. Gox said a halt on withdrawals it announced on Friday would continue indefinitely after it detected "unusual activity."


"The bitcoin price varied dramatically from one exchange to another, with Tokyo-based Mt. Gox, the best known operator of a bitcoin digital marketplace, recording one of the biggest drops for the day.


"On the Mt. Gox platform the currency plunged to as low as $500 early on Monday, down more than 27 percent from Friday's final price of $692, according to the Mt. Gox website. It last traded at $595.74, off nearly 14 percent from Friday."


What's the "halt on withdrawals [can] continue indefinitely" mean? 


It means that the Bitcoin market is manipulated and not a true, free-market currency.

The reason for the halt on withdrawals was said to be "unusual activity".


What do you suppose "unusual activity" means?


It might mean that the Mt. Gox exchange is heavily invested in Bitcoins, and the free market (or hackers or government) is pushing the price of Bitcoins down, so the Mt. Gox exchange is endeavoring to protect its investment in Bitcoins by refusing to allow withdrawals by people who are bailing out of Bitcoins. 


If so, I'll bet that the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange's "halt on withdrawals" will continue until Mt. Gox has managed to secretly liquidate most of the Bitcoins it currently owns and thereby protect its own wealth.  Then, when the management of Mt. Gox is safe from further Bitcoin losses, it will allow its "depositors" to withdraw and sell their Bitcoins for whatever they can get.


Lesson #1:  Those who live by the digital currency, die by the digital currency.

Lesson #2:  Those who invest their savings in something tangible like gold will be comparatively safe from being robbed by "hackers and bankers and governments"


(Ohh, my!).




Retirement Savings Begin at 40? . . . 50? . . .  60?


by Alfred Adask published an article entitled, "40-plus? It's not too late to start saving".  The thrust of the article is that, while it's best to start saving for your retirement long before you turn 40-it's still possible to accumulate meaningful savings if you start shortly after 40:


"From a retirement-planning perspective, this is the decade [from age 40 to 50] where the rubber meets the road.


"Those who started socking money away sooner are best positioned to meet their long-term goals, of course, but there's still plenty of time to shore up your savings if you've been hitting the snooze button on your 401(k) plan for the last 20 years. "


But what about those who haven't saved anything and turn 50?  Or even 60?  Is there any hope for them to save enough for their retirement?  Or is it too late to start saving?  Must they instead rely only on So-So Security?


Generally speaking, those who don't start saving for their retirement until they're over 50 are unlikely to save enough to build a "nest egg" big enough to get them through their "golden years" with anything other than So-So Security.


But that depends on how they save


In other words, if you store your savings in a bank account in the form of cash that are subject to devaluation by inflation, your post-50 savings may not generate much of a retirement "nest egg".


However, if you saved your wealth in the form of stocks, you might do better.


In you invested your savings in U.S. bonds, which are comparatively "low" right now and therefore destined to rise, you might do even better (assuming the government doesn't repudiate its bond debts).


But what if you started saving right now in the media of gold?  We can't predict the future with any accuracy, so there's never a guarantee.  But we can see a couple of fundamentals and probabilities: 


  1. As compared to paper dollars, the price of gold is up 3,700% since A.D. 1971.
  2. Even after the painful correction of A.D. 2012 & 2013, the price of gold has increased by an average of 13% per year over the past fourteen years.
  3. The price of gold fifteen years from now (and perhaps even five years from now) will be several times higher than it is today.

That means that instead of investing your savings in bank accounts, stock or bonds-which will be lucky to generate a 5% annual return on investment and thereby increase by 40% every seven years-you could invest in gold which can be reasonably expected to increase by a factor of 13% per year to a 135% increase over seven years.  That's over three times the increase you might expect from conventional investments.  Thus, if you start saving late, you may be able to overcome that disability by saving in gold and enjoying a much higher annual return on your investments.


If the price of gold rises by 20% per year (and it did from A.D. 2000 through most of A.D. 2011), any savings invested into gold today, might increase 250% within the next seven years-and it could conceivably go even higher and/or in a shorter period.


In truth, most of your conventional investments (bank accounts, stocks, bonds, pensions, etc.) will be lucky to generate more than 5% return on investment each year.  That means that over the next seven years, $1,000 saved today in conventional investments will probably be worth no more than $1,400 seven years from now.


That same $1,000, saved in the form or gold or silver, will probably be worth $3,500 seven years from now-and maybe much more.


These kinds of returns on precious metals can't be guaranteed, but they're not only possible, they're probable.  Over the next seven years, the total return on gold could be at least 250%.  Over the same seven years, the total return on conventional paper and digital investments are unlikely to be more than 40%.


If you want to start saving late in life, conventional savings in the form of digital or paper vehicles are unlikely to do much for your retirement. 


But, if you start saving in gold or silver, there's a good chance that a relatively small amount of savings might serve you very well in just a few years.


When it comes to savings, the issue isn't merely how much you save, but also in what investment media do you save?   It's a virtual certainty, that if you save your wealth in conventional investments, you'll be lucky to receive an annual return of your investments of more than 5%.  If you save in the form of precious metals, you can expect an annual return of 15% to 20%. 


If 5% can't possibly add up to enough to make much difference in your retirement savings, but 20% just might make a significant difference, where should you put your savings?  Conventional investments in paper debt-instruments?  Or precious metals?

The answer's obvious.


You could even start saving for your retirement as late as age 60, and-if you lived frugally and saved in gold-you might still generate a decent nest egg for your "golden years". 


No matter how old you are and when you started saving, if you don't have savings in the form of gold, you shouldn't be surprised if your "golden years" turn to "brass".



Suspending the Debt Ceiling's Limit


by Alfred Adask


Bill Holter (The Holter Report) recently wrote in "No Debt Limit?  Why?":    


"Did you scratch your head . . . just a little bit at how easy John Boehner rolled over and the debt ceiling got lifted by Congress?  "Clarity" it was said, and the "uncertainty" of a debt limit was lifted so all should be OK for another year.  No sequester, no cutting back nothing.  That's right, NO debt limit at all for a year so we (and the markets) should party like its 1999 all over again!  Right?"


 In fact, only one other nation in the world-it might be Ireland, I don't recall-has a "Debt Ceiling" like that imposed by U.S. law.  For other nations, governmental borrowing is limited only by common sense and whatever the market will bear.


Here, in America, governmental borrowing has been limited only by the Debt Ceiling law-if even that has truly limited our government's insatiable appetite for more and more borrowing.


For example, the previous debt ceiling was $17.2 trillion, and the National Debt was $17.2 trillion.  But John Williams at has calculated that the true National debt is closer to $90 trillion.  If Williams is right, this implies that the actual $90 trillion National Debt exceeds the legal "Debt Ceiling" by about $73 trillion-over 400% higher than the legal limit. 


If so, the official/legal "Debt Ceiling" has been routinely ignored for years.  Apparently, government may be legally in debt for $17.2 trillion and illegally in debt for another $73 trillion.


I'm not even sure what that means.  I assume the American people are legally liable for paying the official/legal National Debt of $17.2 trillion, but who is liable for paying $73 trillion that was borrowed in violation of the Debt Ceiling law?


The Congressional Budget Office has calculated that, including unfunded liabilities, the federal government is actually in debt for over $200 trillion.   I also have no idea if "unfunded liabilities" in excess of the $17.2 trillion Debt Ceiling limit are legal or illegal-but that question may now be moot since the this week's Debt Ceiling law declared that there'll be no express borrowing limit at all for the next year.


*  Hmph.  As Mr. Holter wondered, Why has government chosen to suspend the Debt Ceiling? 


I can imagine three possible explanations:


  1. The absence of a Debt Ceiling means that government anticipates an approaching economic debacle, is desperate for more currency, and has therefore removed any restriction on its ability to borrow enormous and unprecedented sums needed to survive that debacle.  That's possible, but it implies that government expects to see big trouble this year.
  2. You might conclude, as I have, that government wants to escape the legal borrowing limits and all of the political hoopla that are attached to borrowing limits and permanently repeal the Debt Ceiling law.  This year, they'll suspend the debt ceiling; next year they'll repeal it completely.
  3. But there's a 3rd possibility:  The absence of a specific Debt Ceiling might help to suppress the growing suspicion that the government is no longer credit-worthy.  Here's why that peculiar hypothesis might be possible:


For a least a decade, we've understood that the debt ceiling was imposed by Congress to limit on the federal government's seemingly insatiable borrowing.  Therefore, whenever a new ceiling was declared, the Executive branch was expected to quickly borrow up to whatever maximum limit had been declared by Congress.   

For example, if the debt ceiling had been $8 trillion, and Congress declared the new debt ceiling to be $10 trillion, the government might quickly borrow another $2 trillion, push up against the newest $10 trillion Debt Ceiling limit and force Congress to raise the Debt Ceiling again to, say, $13 trillion.  Then government would borrow another $3 trillion, push up against the $13 trillion Debt Ceiling and force Congress to engage in another melodramatic debate and another inevitable increase in the Debt Ceiling to, say, $17.2 trillion-which is where the official National Debt was up until the recent Debt Ceiling law suspended that Debt Ceiling for a year.


Now we have no debt ceiling.  When it comes to government borrowing, the sky's the limit . . . or is it?


Let's suppose that Congress raised the new Debt Ceiling from $17.2 trillion to $18 trillion.  Government would quickly borrow the additional $800 billion.  Congress would soon be forced to play another episode of the Debt Ceiling Follies. Who needs all that aggravation every six to twelve months? 


Therefore, rather than set a new Debt Ceiling that's just a little higher than the current Debt Ceiling, why not authorize a new Debt Ceiling of, say, $20 trillion or even $25 trillion?  Then, the government couldn't quickly borrow all the funds that are authorized, and Congress might avoid another episode of the Debt Ceiling Follies for several years. 


So, why suspend the Debt Ceiling rather than authorize a substantial increase of $2.8 trillion in the Debt Ceiling to say, $20 trillion total?   


Maybe it's because Congress fears that that government can't find any more creditors willing to lend another $2.8 trillion to the government.


In other words, what if Congress authorized a $20 (or $25) trillion Debt Ceiling, but government couldn't quickly borrow up to the limit of that new Debt Ceiling?  Could government's inability to borrow up to a new Debt Ceiling limit be viewed as proof that the world regarded the U.S. as an unworthy credit risk? 


If government couldn't quickly borrow up to the limit of a new Debt Ceiling, the world might suddenly see that the "emperor was nude".  Once the world openly refused to lend more credit to the U.S. government, the U.S. and global financial systems might collapse.


However, if there were no express debt limit and government could only borrow, say,$1 trillion, government could deny that it's been "cut off" by the lenders and claim that it "only" borrowed $1 trillion, because that's all it wanted.  It's like going to a party and not being invited to have a piece of cake.  Instead of admitting that you were snubbed, you can save face by claiming that you didn't have any cake because you didn't want any. 


Without a specific Debt Ceiling, government might similarly claim that if it only borrowed, say, $500 billion, it's because that's all it wanted to borrow-not because the lenders refused to lend any more.


This conjecture is certainly a long shot.  Still, it might be conceivable that, in order to:  


  1. Avoid having another congressional Debt Ceiling melodrama every 6 to 12 months if they set a low Debt Ceiling limit; and also,
  2. Avoid the risk of showing that no one will lend to the U.S. government if they set a huge Debt Ceiling; that,
  3. Congress therefore suspended the Debt Ceiling.  Result?  No low Debt Ceiling; no high Debt Ceiling; no Debt Ceiling.


So, what's the most likely reason for a Debt Ceiling suspension? 


  1. Is it to allow government to engage in unlimited borrowing in order to cope with what may be a fast-approaching economic catastrophe?  Maybe.  If so, we can expect an economic debacle in A.D. 2014.
  2. Will government use this one year of Debt Ceiling suspension as a first step to repealing the Debt Ceiling laws?  Almost certainly, Yes.  This is the most benign explanation and does not presume an approaching catastrophe in A.D. 2014.
  3. Or, could it be that government has suspended the Debt Ceiling limit in order to avoid the public embarrassment of being openly denied credit by the world's lenders and thereby creating proof that the government is no longer credit-worthy?   As these three explanations go, this one's the least likely.   


*  Still, this 3rd explanation isn't impossible since, to some degree, it's already taking place


I.e., for the past year or more, the government has been unable to sell most of its bonds on the free market.  The world's lenders have already begun to openly despise U.S. bonds.  We know that's true because the Federal Reserve has been purchasing about 70% of the federal government's bonds.  Purchase by the Fed has been an act of "charity" intended to help government borrowing when no one else would.  The purchase of U.S. bonds by the Federal Reserve has been designed to maintain the illusion that the federal government is still credit-worthy. 


But, more recently, even the Federal Reserve is trying to avoid lending to the federal government by "tapering" their monthly QE purchases of U.S. bonds.


Given these current realities, it's not so fantastic to suppose that government might be very sensitive to allowing any program that could further derogate U.S. credit.  If so, it is possible that the Debt Ceiling was suspended to avoid creating proof that the U.S. government's credit rating had fallen. 


*  As 2014 unfolds, we'll see how much the U.S. government borrows under a suspended Debt Ceiling. 


If government tries to borrow a lot and is successful in doing so, the government's credit rating will be proven to be high, and explanation #3 will be shown to be ridiculous. 


If government (now authorized to engage in unlimited borrowing) is surprisingly subdued in its attempts to borrow, and is perhaps openly rebuked in its attempts to borrow, then we'll have evidence that the federal government's credit rating has fallen, and the Debt Ceiling may have been suspended in order to conceal that fact.


We shall see. 


In the meantime, the facts remains that the federal government's access to credit is already shrinking and that loss does not bode well for government's future borrowing or power.


Gold was up to $1,320 Friday. 

That's up $75 in the previous 30 days or an average of about $3.40/trading day.

There are about 220 trading days in the rest of this year.  If gold continued to rise at an average of $3.40/day, the price of gold could be up another $750 for a year-end price of $2,075-that's an increase of 57% in the next 10.5 months.  Over 5%/month.


Most conventional paper-debt investment vehicles will be happy to generate a 5% increase per year.  We don't know what gold will actually do, but gold has a shot at an increase of 5% per month.



6 Reasons Church of Wells is a dangerous and evil cult - NOT a Christian growth experience



There are over 5000 active cults in America that are seducing and destroying lives.  Some on this list you will recognize, while others are out of the spot light for now.  These include Scientology, Christian Science, Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God, The Way International and many more...Some are non-Christian type cults but many are 'Pseudo-Christian Cults.'
It is the Pseudo-Christian Cult that I am focusing on and officially adding 'Church of Wells' to this list.


Church of Wells is a dangerous and evil cult that has nothing at all to do with real Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I will spell out the many reasons why it is NOT Christian and WHY it is an evil cult.

I will also spell out reasons why if you are in it you must leave now and how you can do that.

What is a cult and how is it different from a REAL Christian church?

Cult experts who have talked with thousands of survivors of various cults and studied their teachings conclude the same thing. 

1)      All the Pseudo-Christian Cults and Church of Wells deny the Biblically laid out Salvation message.  Church of Wells leadership told Pastor Goodwin in Wells TX, when he asked about the Church of Wells definition of salvation that they rejected John 3:16, 17 and 18.  This is the cornerstone definition of Salvation in the Holy Bible.  This is not something you change as you go and say Jesus gave you a special and anointed message for your members to follow...unless you are a cult leader and reinventing all the message of Christ.

2)      All Pseudo-Christian Cults - Church of Wells included rally around one or more 'passionate' and controlling leaders who identify themselves as above all others. Leadership has a special message line to Jesus no one else has.  Church of Wells has done this with their arrogant and twisted leadership who control the achievement of salvation as a carrot they hold back until members are submissive enough and good enough.

3)      All Pseudo-Christian Cults - Church of Wells call their members to separateness.  They demonize all previous relationships, friends and family members who might assert power over or influence them. They call down threats from God, as Rick Trudeau did to Erika when she wouldn't just turn over her son to him; He threatened her with death and he knew the hour and the day. That got him arrested.  Other elders and deacons pray down death and curses upon family members wanting to see church members.

4)      All Pseudo-Christian Cults - Church of Wells sexually abuse and mistreat women.  Cult expert Janja Lalich states:

The author describes the prevalence of the sexual exploitation of women in cults. This may take the form of daily controls of sexuality and sex lives or more overt abuses such as arranged marriages, forded sexual activity with the leader, and rape.  Sexual control is seen as the final step in objectification of the cult member by the authoritarian leader who is able to satisfy his needs through psychological manipulation leading to sexual exploitation.

Church of Wells leadership has a corner on the sexual exploitation market.  Witnesses have confirmed that sexuality is controlled by leadership, pregnancies for all women are pushed and marriages are quickly arranged.  Now the trap is sprung.  What pregnant or newly married woman, now mom is going to leave her child, even if she fears that something is very wrong?  Most will submit to their slavery and abuse.

5)      All Pseudo-Christian Cults - Church of Wells pursue those with real intelligence who come from good backgrounds and do not have a history of mental illness.  Many believe that just the weirdos join cults.  Evidence shows just the opposite.  In fact, according to cult researchers most join a cult like Church of Wells because they want to be closer to Jesus and think that the people courting their involvement have some special word from the Lord.  The seduced members are not stupid people but rather not fully and deeply grounded in the Bible, not enough to know when the distortions, lies and abuse surround them.

6)      All Pseudo-Christian Cults - Church of Wells, break down the personality, core and essence of the new member.  Then they build them up as the new 'cult personality.'  This is completely unrecognizable from their real and healthy personality.  They use, just like a pimp uses with a prostitute a combo of attacks, insults, emotional, spiritual and sexual assaults to shred the new cult member. When they are flattened and believe they are nothing but sinful dirt in desperate need of the 'savior' that is the group leader as savior, the compliments, rewards and love flows.  Several who have survived Church of Wells and left talk of aggressively being broken down, emotionally beaten, insulted, physically denied food and water for days, while being attacked with random scriptures, in-between locked prayer closets.

Cult members listen up!

Your mind, sexuality AND SPIRIT are being shredded and rebuilt as a cult-controlled robot.  You have no real peace, no real joy, no real understanding of what is really going on with you.  You don't have the intelligence and spiritual insight to know because the elders told you - you don't.  They are the ones who know and direct, not you.  You are to shut up, do what they say, when they say, have sex and marry who they say and forsake your real thoughts, family and futures.  You are their toys to use, abuse, then throw away.

Are they insulting you, using scriptures as weapons on you, sexually abusing and ordering you around, giving you drugs and using words and repetitive phrases to hypnotize and control you?  Are you a person that you even recognize anymore?  Get up and get out now!

Call this number for help  Call: 206 - 984 - 6859 Leave a message that you want out and we will help you.  Remember, you can also walk to the Methodist or Baptist church in town and get help also.  Do it!

I am no phony who is persecuting Church of Wells.  I love the Lord Jesus and serve Him.  I am saved because I believe in what John 3:16 says and who the real Jesus is.  I have repented and am saved because of what Jesus did on the cross.  Get out and start healing up.  Your families are not idols but those who really love you.

1st Timothy 4: 1-2"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; ha





Obama signs debt ceiling, military cost of living benefits measures into law



(AP:RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif.) RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. (AP) - President Barack Obama on Saturday signed separate measures into law to lift the federal debt limit and restore benefits that had been cut for younger military retirees.


Obama signed the bills during a weekend golf vacation in Southern California. The debt limit measure allows the government to borrow money to pay its bills, such as Social Security benefits and federal salaries.


Failure to pass the measure, which the Senate passed 67-31 earlier this week and sent to Obama for his signature, most likely would have sent the stock market into a nosedive.


The Treasury Department is now free to borrow regularly through March 15, 2015, meaning lawmakers won't have to revisit the issue until a new Congress is sworn in after the November elections.








WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama says that in the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full time should have to live in poverty. Obama is speaking at a White House event where he'll sign an executive order increasing the minimum hourly wage for federal contractors from $7.25 to $10.10. He first announced the measure during his State of the Union address.

Because the measure applies only to new contracts, the White House says it will affect just a few hundred thousand workers. That's a small percentage of the more than 2 million federal contractors





GOP Senator Rand Paul sues Obama administration over NSA surveillance


WASHINGTON (AP) - Republican Sen. Rand Paul and a tea-party backed group are suing the Obama administration over the National Security Agency's phone record collection policies. Paul says the suit is filed for themselves and on behalf of all Americans who are or have been customers of phone service in the United States since 2006. The Kentucky senator and Freedomworks are represented by former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who unsuccessfully ran for Virginia governor last year.


The lawsuit argues that the bulk collection program that's been in existence since 2006 violates the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches. Paul, a prospective Republican presidential candidate, has been outspoken against the Obama administration's surveillance programs and has called for the end of the dragnet collection of millions of Americans' phone records

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Health Risks

by Herbalist Wendy Wilson


A while back we talked about the statistical risk to your health if entering a hospital environment for treatment. The Institute of Medicine published a report in 1999 which estimated nearly a 100,000 people die from hospital and physician error every year. They estimated that death by medicine was the third leading cause of death in America. Apparently the risk of dying while being treated at the hospital is so significant that in 2002 John James PhD founded the Patient Safety Americaadvocacy group. Statistically Dr. James discovered there are 210,000 hospital deaths annually, which are preventable. And due to inferior record keeping the statistical numbers are probably higher (400,000). According to Dr. Lucian Leape, the 1999 study is relatively outdated since "medicine is more complex now." How many patients need to die due to negligence or budget cuts before the numbers matter enough to do something about it?



Recently the Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem exposed 18 patients to a rare degenerative and fatal neurological disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD). This disease is due to a rare protein which can survive on the surface of surgical equipment after standard hospital sterilization. About 1% of the CJD cases are attributed to contaminated surgical equipment. Patients are especially at risk if they enter the hospital for the following procedures: transplants, human growth hormone treatments and any surgery that involves the brain, spinal cord or eye tissue. People can also acquire this disease eating contaminated beef, exposure to contaminated blood or blood transfusions. The unsuspected patients at the NC hospital were exposed via improperly sterilized surgical equipment recently used on a patient with the CJD prion disease. Apparently there are specific procedures to sterilize reusable equipment especially when a disease is contagious and fatal. CJD is often associated with mad cow disease but can have other strains as in this case. There are only a small number of laboratories in the US which can test for CJD and this disease affects 300 Americans annually. Symptoms of CJD usually involve behavior abnormalities, dementia and other rapid cognitive imbalance. These symptoms can take years to materialize but once they do, death occurs within one year. The last recorded case of hospital surgical infection of CJD was in 1976. The risk in this scenario may be low but just one person contracting the disease due to negligence is one too many. According to the Department of Health and Human Services the number of CJD cases has nearly doubled since 2008. As some of you may know, Listerine was first developed as an operating room disinfectant used by Dr. Joseph Lister in the late 1800's. As toxic as Listerine is, it is not strong enough to kill infectious prions causing neurological diseases.



Johnson and Gibbs concluded that the risk of contracting CJD from a blood transfusion is so low that the blood is not tested for such prion diseases. Indeed, cleaning up hospital surgical equipment to avoid the spread of prion disease is a bioburden. Hospitals have strict guidelines from the CDC and WHO on the sterilization of equipment, which are broken down into three categories: critical, semi-critical and noncritical. Obviously the equipment used on a patient infected with a neurological prion disease such as CJD would be in the critical category. So, all the equipment such as; surgical instruments, implants, endoscopes, respiratory therapy equipment and any devise that touches mucous membranes or broken skin must be sterilized according to the "critical" guidelines. Noncritical items would be any objects such as walls, floors, blood pressure cuffs and other furniture or instruments that were not in contact with infectious tissue. As you can guess, prion sterilization methods are laboriously long and costly. Medicine admits that even with the strictest of sterilization methods using four chemicals, heat and other methods this may not be 100% effective to kill the pathogen. So, the question is, are hospitals abandoning the "critical" level of sterilization due to excessive cost? That is something the 18 surgery patients from Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center in NC should ask. It looks like the neurological time bomb these 18 patients maybe sitting on is due to negligence, cost-cutting efforts or both.   If we start to see this trend in hospitals across America in order to stay open, will this make death by medicine the second leading cause of death? I'm asking this because the infections patients can acquire while in the hospital are staggering such as: viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens (bloodstream infections (BSI), pneumonia (ventilator-associated (VAP), urinary tract (UTI), staph, enterococcus (antibiotic-resistant bacteria (VRE), MRSA, and surgical site infection (SSI). It is estimated the 10% of hospital patients in the US will be infected with a hospital acquired infection, which accounts for approximately 2 million infected patients. The CDC states that one-third of these infections are preventable and further estimates that hospital acquired infections account for 20,000 to 99,000 deaths annually. The costs associated with these infections are between $4.5 to $11 billion. The most common hospital acquired infections are in order of prevalence: urinary tract (36%), surgical site (20%) and bloodstream and pneumonia are tied (11%).  In Europe these gram-negative infections account for 25,000 deaths annually. The countries with the lowest incidence of hospital acquired infections are; Switzerland, Belgium and Italy.



The good news is that hospital admissions are declining but the bad news is not because folks are healthier. The Advisory Board and Reuters released details on why hospital admissions have dropped and the underlying factors are due to changes in insurance and government healthcare policy. Stock shares in hospitals and insurance companies have also dropped 2%-3%.



Staying out of the hospital is the goal. If you find yourself at a hospital you'll want to vacate as soon as you can. For hospital infections I use herbs such as garlic (very broad spectrum), ginseng and Echinacea root. I will vary the herbs for pneumonia, sepsis or urinary tract infections. You will find very useful herb kits, organ cleanses and immune boosting formulas at Apothecary Herbs made with certified organic herbs. In the event your local hospital closes you will have some emergency back-up tools. Call Apothecary Herbs to order or for a free product catalog 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 , where your healthcare options just became endless. Don't forget February is the Big month for colds and flu. You'll save 20% on the larger size (2 oz & 4 oz) herbal formulas under the cold & flu sectionFor everything else  subscribers will save 15% on orders of $45. Coupon VAL14 Hurry! Expires after this weekend on 2/17/14.





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2/18/14 Dr. Rebecca Carely with more on deadly vaccines.

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What's Ailing America

Rebecca Carley, MD


Thank you to all my clients and readers who continue to send me important information and links for me to share.  The massive corruption and fraud which is systemic at all levels of government is so self evident at this point that I know we are reaching critical mass of the awakening necessary to take down the psychopaths destroying everything that matters.  A very important interview by Jeanice Barcelo on satanic ritual abuse (which my son has been going through for over a decade) can be found at .  This is going on all around us, and the perpetrators are never prosecuted.  The good news presented in this interview of Kerth Barker is that he was healed from what was done to him as I hope my son will be one day.  Very important information, as he describes how his BABYSITTER was his tormenter something to think about, for sure. This is a GLOBAL issue, being completely ignored by the mainstream media (although 800,000 children go missing each year in the US alone).  This is ugly stuff, but ignoring what is going on is a big mistake.  These people are doctors, lawyers, judges, police officers, pastors and priests, etc.  They are EVERYWHERE.  To learn about the pedophile psychopaths in government, go to .  I have interviewed author Nick Bryant in the past.  Former U.S. Senate aide facing child porn charges found dead:  (He must have pissed off the wrong people, as rarely are these perverts exposed).


Changing to another topic, another very good interview exposing what signing the "refusing to vaccinate" form really means, as well as how the constitution is null and void (and of course all the traitors in the district of criminals know this).  Our country is a corporation run by statutes.  I strongly suggest you listen to this and share it with others:   


Important sites mentioned in this interview:


2.  Free book written by an ex-judge exposing the fraud of our corporate government:

3.  We have been under a national state of emergency since 1933:

Another important documentary named "take back your power" regarding in home surveillance issues and smart meters: 


A site to buy analog meter to replace smart meters:

How corrupt are judges?  Read about the "Kids-for-cash" scandal, the shocking story of how thousands of children in Pennsylvania were jailed by two corrupt judges who received kickbacks from the builders and owners of private prisons - .  I am sure this is happening all over, just like judges get kickbacks for stealing children from families and putting them into foster care.


More and more whistleblowers are coming forward to expose what is going on ex-military Kristen Meghan exposes what the military is up to regarding geoengineering (chemtrails): 


A medical insider named Dr. Barbara Starfield released her "Starfield report" in 2000 regarding the massive numbers of death caused by doctors, hospitals, medical "treatment" and the corrupt FDA approving toxic drugs: .  She was associated with the John Hopkins school of public health.  "The total of medically-caused deaths in the US every year is 225,000. That's 2.25 MILLION deaths per decade.


"The Starfield paper can be downloaded freely (as a .pdf) from here (via via The paper is fully cited as Starfield B. Is US health really the best in the world?. JAMA. 2000; 284(4):483-4. Dr. Barbara Starfield's wiki page is here ."


"This makes the medical system the third leading cause of death in the US, behind heart disease and cancer.  She is asked "Are you aware of any systematic efforts, since your 2000 JAMA study was published, to remedy the main categories of medically caused deaths in the US?"  Answer:  "No systematic efforts; however, there have been a lot of studies. Most of them indicate higher rates [of death] than I calculated."


We can expect the killing to massively escalate, as the WHO  (World Homicide Organization) has come out with an "atlas mapping the unmet needs for palliative care".   Of course, palliative "care" is done in hospices, where people are murdered by medicine, usually morphine to make them stop breathing.  They want to increase the kill rate to 20 million people!  Amazingly, they state that "we must also alleviate the suffering of those with progressive illness who do not respond to curative treatment."  What medical treatment cures anything?  ABSOLUTELY NONE in fact, natural therapies that work are suppressed or called "quackery".  They have come up with a "global action plan" to put their killing plan into action.  It is truly amazing how these psychopaths operate.

If anyone you know is being "treated" by a psychiatrist, there is an excellent site tracking crimes by psychiatrists in all states:  .  You can also find out which of them is taking money from Big Pharma (including the psychiatrist Patrick Carone who chaired my corrupt medical board hearing)

And by the way, "Something" is Making Cattle Hooves Fall Off "-   .  One of my dogs (who is a rescue) has nails that are disintegrating, and I realized he must have been exposed to this Zilmax antibiotic, so I am now starting him on a homeopathic antibiotic detox.


A few more important links ypu may want to check out:  New World Order Quotes From The Global Elite

Conclusive Evidence the 9/11 Planes were NOT REAL (info on holograms at 19 mins)

Another cancer cure suppressed and promoter persecuted; Rick Simpson and medicinal hemp oil:

Mind control of the military:

I will leave it there for this week much more to follow.  Please spread the word .

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