March 2016
Information on the Protestant Christian Program Series

A Tribute to P.R.A.Y. Counselors and Mentors

from Deb Hazlewood, P.R.A.Y. 

Many churches across the country have celebrated Scout Sunday and presented P.R.A.Y. awards during worship. The average churchgoer has seen medals being pinned onto scout uniforms. I wonder what they really know about the P.R.A.Y. religious award. I've worked here at P.R.A.Y. for over 30 years. I've typed and filled orders, answered the phone, taught classes, made presentations. What would I want the average churchgoer to know? Simply this. That the P.R.A.Y. award is much more than just an award. It's time in the Word. It's time with family. It's serving others. It's inviting others to know Jesus. And although it may not sound very lofty, it's making faith FUN. This is what the P.R.A.Y. Counselors and Mentors work at long before the average churchgoer ever sees the presentation of awards in church. P.R.A.Y. receives a lot of credit for our curriculum. We want to pass that along and give credit where it is due: to our counselors and mentors. Here are a couple of articles sharing the "behind-the-scene" impact that the P.R.A.Y. awards can have:

Scout and Dad Complete God and Life Together
"It was something that I'll cherish all of my life"
Daniel C. received his God and Life award at the 10am service, and that same day during the 6pm service Dan was baptized. "It was a tremendous day of rejoicing in the Lord!"
Dan's father Mark completed the Adult Mentor Program. "For me, it was something that I'll cherish all of my life... what better way to spend time with your son than reading and studying the Bible and developing his faith.  The P.R.A.Y. materials are excellent and of course having one on one time with the Senior Pastor is exceptional.  I enjoyed the journey from start to finish and enjoy the rewards of making a great memory with my son and Pastor." Click here to read more about Mark's experience in working on the God and Life program with his son.
Scoutmaster Serves as God and Me Counselor
"One of the coolest, most enriching things to which I have ever been committed"
Fifteen youth from Cub Scout Pack 416 and Boy Scout Troop 416 chartered by Trinity United Methodist Church recently completed three P.R.A.Y. programs. Pastored by Brian Wellborn, Trinity UMC is in Red Springs, NC, a small town in one of the three poorest counties in the state. Scoutmaster Roger Sheats acted as counselor for the God and Me program, and he considers the experience serving as counselor as one of the most interesting things he has done in a decade. Click here to read more.
Understanding the P.R.A.Y. Award as Ministry
Click here for an additional explanation of how the P.R.A.Y. award can complement a church's ministry.
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