November 2015
Information on the Protestant Christian Program Series
Former President of P.R.A.Y. Board Presents God and Me Award
Rev. Rusty Cowden, former President of the P.R.A.Y. Board, continues his P.R.A.Y. ministry with families who approach him about earning the award. He recently presented the God and Me award to Johnna W. at First Presbyterian Church in Warren, OH. According to Rev. Cowden, "The P.R.A.Y. Program is a curriculum that is time tested and first rate. I am proud of what P.R.A.Y. has done and is doing!"
Recognize your Volunteers with Adult Recognitions
Scouting programs are filled with volunteers who are faithfully integrating their spiritual and scouting lives, and who are making a difference in the lives of young people. The Adult Religious Recognitions are designed to honor these men and women and encourage them in their ministry.
Jerry Wells (pictured with his wife Glenda) received the Baptist Good Shepherd award from Ted Spangenberg, President of the Association of Baptists for Scouting. Jerry has more than 20 years of service to Scouting as an adult leader in a variety of roles, currently serving as the Council Training Chair for Cherokee Area Council, and a council board member. Jerry also serves as a Sunday school teacher at Trinity Baptist Church, and web page mentor for several mission projects.
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Isaac G.
God and Me
Elma, NY
Calvary Heights Baptist Church
"We are so excited for this program. During the program our son accepted the Lord as his Savior. It is because of Isaac we started attending church last summer.  It is because of Isaac my husband came to the Lord in January.  This program was a part of it too. Thank you!"
Tina G.
Isaac is pictured in front of his congregation saying the Lord's Prayer with confidence.
Children's Mission Club Leader
Baptist Church
North Carolina
I have had the privilege of being exposed to your curriculum through my son's Cub Scout pack.  I love your curriculum so much that I want to use it on Wednesday nights at my church.
God and Family
Webelos and Girl Scouts
Escondido, CA
Jackie Huhn from Community Lutheran Church in Escondido, CA has taught the God and Me and God and Family awards to her sons' Cub Scout Dens. This year she invited Girl Scouts as well. Some of the kids knew each other from church; as they became better acquainted, they each found their voice.  Meetings were held in her home with parents heavily involved. Regarding the God and Family program, Jackie commented, "I love that there is memory work incorporated into the program.  I feel it is infinitely valuable for young minds, and provides them with a great sense of accomplishment as well."

First-time Counselor Discovers Emblems as Evangelism
Jeff Kennedy announced a God and Church class "very trepidatiously," not sure of his ability to lead this type of program. The program that he delivered at East Woods Presbyterian Church in Vancouver, WA was fantastic: participants and mentors went through the readings, served as ushers at a Sunday service, spent an evening under a bridge in Portland serving the homeless community by giving food and clothing (and even washing feet!), and at the end, they had a review with the pastor to discuss how the program had helped them grow. What Jeff didn't know was that in providing a God and Church experience at his church, he was also doing evangelism. Jeff was most excited to give Bibles to the boys who did not have one and to realize that by the end of the class, ALL of the participants knew Jesus and at least one or two were joining their Youth Group.
And even the Court of Honor became a vehicle for evangelism:

The final pleasure came tonight, in the court of honor. Ours is a secular Troop, charted by a Rotary. When I got up to present the awards, I did what we always do . . . I spoke for a minute or two about what the award means, and what the boys did and learned to earn the award. They read a gospel or two. They learned that Jesus is entirely God and entirely man, and that he is still the head of the church. They learned that the root of his teaching is witnessing and ministering to people. And they learned what witnessing and ministering are (and that the way Jesus did them it is often difficult to distinguish one from the other). Then I presented the knots.

After the ceremony, a good friend (who is an Evangelical Christian) approached me and asked if I knew what I just did. "No, what?" I responded. He smiled. "You just got up in front of a secular crowd of people and found a socially acceptable way to talk about Jesus." Yes, I did. And since he pointed that out, I have been smiling all evening. I feel that, through the church and the Boy Scouts, He has found a way to use me. 
[Thank you to the National Association of Presbyterian Scouters for encouraging and supporting Jeff Kennedy as he launched a God and Church class and for sharing his story with P.R.A.Y. ]
Counselor Resources Available Online
Although the Counselor Manual is the best resource for someone teaching a P.R.A.Y. class (this manual is like a "teacher's guide" with opening activities, discussion helps, handouts, etc.), sometimes a first-time counselor wants a little bit more. The P.R.A.Y. website offers "teaching tutorials" on each of the P.R.A.Y. programs. These tutorials are recorded presentations that walk through the student curriculum page-by-page and provide overviews and helpful suggestions. It is recommended that the viewer have the Student Workbook when viewing the presentation. Click here to go to P.R.A.Y.'s Learning Center to access these videos.