Plan Now to Present Bible Patches on Scout Sunday
Scout Sunday is a perfect time to recognize Scouts for their religious growth. Many congregations present the religious emblems to Scouts who have earned this prestigious award. This year, why not encourage Christian congregations to offer a Bible patch workshop in time to present the patches on Scout Sunday? Each patch has only 3 Bible stories. Plan a one-day workshop or offer a three-session series to complete the lessons. Click here to print the free curriculum.

Sponsors Needed
Future patches are in the works! P.R.A.Y. is looking for sponsors. A sponsorship costs $1000 and covers the development of curriculum, patch design, and initial inventory. Sponsors may be individuals or groups, and their name will be printed on the curriculum handout. Click here for more information.

Stories to Inspire:
Men's Bible Study Group Completes "The Good Book" Patch 
I had taken the Good Book program through our Scouting in the Methodist Church seminar at the Philmont Training Center last June. My men's Bible study group at church is very interested and supporting of Scouting. I led the "Good Book" program for 7 men as part of a three week review of BSA's "Duty to God." All enjoyed the program, rededicating themselves to continue helping to serve our Scouting programs. One of these men is willing to coordinate our religious emblems program in the future. Thank you for expressing your interest in our use of this new program.
- Timothy K.

Summer Wednesday Night Program
Independent Church of Christ
Deer Park, WA
I used the Bible patches as incentive for my Wednesday Night program.  Over the summer we have all the elementary students together in a group.  I thought this would be something very different that we could use instead of buying another curriculum.
We used the first three patches The Good Book, Out of the Water and Birds of the Air. I split the group in two when we did the discussions because of the vast age differences that we had. The group also completed one of the suggested activities which tied in well as a craft activity most weeks.
I purchased inexpensive vests from Oriental Trading Company for the kids so that they had a place to put their patches on. The first time they received a patch, they also got a vest.  We had a mini awards ceremony each time we finished a unit.  Our minister handed out the very first set of vests!
I look forward to more patches being available in the future.   It was a fun way for the kids to learn about the Bible. In my mind a great program!
[I have known about PRAY since my boys were in scouts.   We used the religious emblem packets so that our boys could earn the scout awards. But a woman in our church used your scouting material for her kids and told me about the Bible patches.   She thought they might make a great program and so I looked at them and showed them to my husband who thought they were great as well.   Then we just printed off the material.]
Martha L.

Mother/Daughter Earn Bible Patches Together

Jennifer W.
P.R.A.Y. Awards and Bible Patches
Fultondale, AL
New Castle UMC

Jennifer has earned three of the P.R.A.Y. awards and is working on her fourth one, God and Life. This summer Jennifer used the new Bible patches as an opportunity to do Bible study with her mom. According to her mother Annette, "We have really enjoyed working on the different patches. It allows us time together and it helps us both learn more about the Bible.  Keep up the good work because they are very helpful!"
Jennifer is pictured with her mom holding her blanket with the P.R.A.Y. patches.    1-800-933-7729 

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