September 2015
PRAY UPDATE for members of BSA
Bible Patches Are Growing!
The Bible Basics RP3 series is growing in different ways. The series is growing in the number of patches available and also in the number of people using them.
The newest patch is "Boulders" which came out this past summer bringing the total number of Bible patches to 4. This patch will help youth and adults learn how God demonstrates his great power and love for us. One of the stories is about "Stop Complaining!" - a great lesson for all ages.
Bible Basics RP3 is also growing in the number of people using this free curriculum. The Bible patches even made it to Philmont. Pictured below are the participants in the "Scouting in the United Methodist Church" Conference who earned The Good Book Patch and are now spreading the word back home.
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New Grade Guidelines for God and Family Program
P.R.A.Y. has expanded the grade guidelines for the God and Family program from grades 4 & 5 to include 6th grade. Here are the updated grade guidelines:
God and Me, grades 1-3
God and Family, grades 4-6
God and Church, grades 6-8
God and Life, grades 9-12
These grade guidelines allow for an overlap between the God and Family and God and Church programs. Sixth grade is a transitional time for school children, and this overlap will allow congregations to choose the appropriate program to meet the needs and maturity level of these middle school young people. This change does not impact our grade guidelines: children are to enter at their appropriate grade level and not go backwards to earn younger awards.
The P.R.A.Y. brochure has been updated to reflect this change (click here for the updated flyer), and the God and Family workbooks will be updated at the next printing.
Click here for the complete eligibility guidelines for P.R.A.Y.
P.R.A.Y. 2nd Quarter Usage Reports Available Online
Congratulations to Southwest Florida Council who has attained a record high for their council! They've gone from 46 to 96 recipients (and the year isn't over yet!).

Jacob S.
God and Me
Rockford, MI
Jacob proudly wears his God and Me award. To him it is more than just a religious emblem. The day after he finished his final review with his youth pastor, Jacob accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.
According to his mother, "His pin became an important piece to him as a representation of that acceptance and he sees it as an important symbol on his uniform." Blessings to you, Jacob!