June 2015
PRAY UPDATE  for members of AHG
P.R.A.Y. Will Attend AHG 2015 Anniversary Convention
Mark and Deb Hazlewood will have a P.R.A.Y. Exhibit at the 2015 Anniversary Convention in Anderson, Indiana. The exhibit will feature the P.R.A.Y. Awards series, adult recognitions, and the new Bible Basics RP3 Patch series. Star Geisz (member of the P.R.A.Y. Board of Directors) will also be helping in the booth. Stop by and chat with us!
New P.R.A.Y. Brochure
A P.R.A.Y. brochure specifically for AHG has been posted on the P.R.A.Y. website. One important change is that the God and Family program is now listed for grades 4-6 to better serve Explorers.  Did you know that the P.R.A.Y. booklets are available from the AHG Attic? Order your booklets today!
Girls Earn New "BIBLE BASICS RP3" Patches
Bible Basics RP3 is a new patch series from P.R.A.Y. to help families get into the Bible and "Read to Picture, Ponder, and Put It Into Action." American Heritage Girls are earning these patches and wearing them on the back of their vests/sashes. Here are two emails sharing about their experience with the Bible Basics RP3 series:
AHG Troop Shepherd Leads "Birds of the Air" Patch for Girls and Parents

"Our Troop Shepherd (AHG Troop TX0330) taught the class, a little at a time, for our American Heritage Girls meetings.  She seemed to enjoy the lessons and enjoyed teaching.  The girls (and the adults) were fascinated at the topic....I know I had not thought that much about birds in the Word before! It was quite enjoyable.  I am looking forward to our Shepherd using more P.R.A.Y. products in the future!"

Troop Coordinator Leads "The Good Book" Patch for Patriots

"I'm an American Heritage Girls Troop Coordinator (TN0356), and I also lead the Patriots (oldest girls, high school age) in our troop.  Several months back, I noticed that you were offering this new program and I was eager to try it....I can say with delight that we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It wasn't too intense for someone who is a babe in their faith but it wasn't too light that it lacked substance.  We easily were able to take it deeper as we discussed it.  Although I sampled it on our high-school girls, I've decided to let our Troop Shepherd lead the devotions each day of our little summer day camp with this RP3 devotion for our entire troop.  Another point to mention that I appreciated is the fact that you offered varied questions based on age/maturity.  We will definitely look forward to earning at least one new RP3 patch a year!  I also liked that after the Good Book patch that we have the flexibility to choose which patch we'd like to earn next. Thank you for designing this new devotion to aid in encouraging spiritual growth in our youth.  The "Good Book" was a joy and we look forward to earning the other RP3 patches in the future."


[The series currently has three patches: The Good Book, Out of the Water, and Birds of the Air. A fourth patch "Boulders!" will be released soon. Click here to download the free curriculum.]

Paula Babik

God and Service Adult Recognition

Florence, KY

First Church of Christ

Paula Babik (far right in picture) was recognized for outstanding service as a leader in the American Heritage Girls. 

Troop Shepherd Sara Lyn Platt submitted the nomination and told how Paula organizes two campouts a year, leads worship services at camp (with guitar, singing, and stories), plans a variety of service projects, and excels at motivating girls to lead and take ownership of their events and activities. Sara Lyn pointed out that although Paula is not motivated by earthly awards like the Adult Recognition, their AHG Troop was excited to honor Paula in this way. We're glad that they did...Paula has the distinction of being the third AHG recipient of the God and Service Award. Click here for more information on the religious recognitions for adults.

P.R.A.Y. is celebrating its 35th anniversary! 


We are thankful to God for the ministry and opportunity given to us for reaching children, youth, and families for Christ. 


We invite you to celebrate our 35th Anniversary by investing in the P.R.A.Y. ministry to reach children, youth, and families for Christ. Please consider a gift of $35 (or a multiple of $35!) in honor of this milestone.