May 2015
PRAY UPDATE for members of GSUSA

Girl Scouts Submit First Picture to P.R.A.Y. of Bible Basics Recipients

Bible Basics RP3 is a brand new series that was launched in November 2014. Over 1,000 people have downloaded the curriculum. After hearing many positive comments about the program, P.R.A.Y. has finally received its very first photo from two Girl Scouts who earned The Good Book patch. 


Olivia and Rebecca earned their God and Church award last year, and they plan on earning God and Life next year, but in the meantime they are participating in Bible Basics RP3. Both are members of the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio. Congratulations on receiving The Good Book patch! Thank you for submitting a picture!


Girl Scout Leader Answers Questions about the Bible Basics Series

P.R.A.Y. sent an email with the following questions to random people who ordered the new Bible Basics RP3 patches. Click here to read the responses from a Girl Scout leader who was kind enough to respond.

  • Did you coordinate a class? How did you hear about the new patch series?
  • How did the participants respond to the Bible lessons?
  • Did you make copies of the Bible lessons for all the girls?
  • Would you have preferred to have space to write the answers? 
  • How long did it take for each Bible story?
  • What did you think of the patch design?

Girls Lead Girl Scout Sunday Celebration 

Christian Girl Scouts led the 2015 Girl Scout Sunday Worship Celebration hosted by the Christian (Protestant) Committee in the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri.  As is the tradition in St. Louis, the Girl Scouts themselves lead the worship service. This year was extra special and featured Ambassador Girl Scout Ginger as the director of the girl choir and three speakers who were all recipients of the P.R.A.Y. Four Star Award. Click here to read more.

A big THANK YOU to the Four Star Recipients and all the Girl Scouts who shared their Christian faith and encouraged each other To Serve God.


[Click here to see the resources shared by the Christian Committee, i.e. worship bulletin, invitation/announcement, etc.]



Baldwin United Methodist Church

God and Me

Millersville, MD



Rev. Dr. W. Kenneth Lyons, Jr. is a member of the P.R.A.Y. Board of Directors. His granddaughter Gabrielle received her God and Me award at Baldwin Memorial United Methodist Church in Millersville, MD on Sunday, March 15th. Congratulations, Gabrielle!  


Scout Sunday Interfaith Program
Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
Chandler, AZ


30 Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were recognized on February 8, 2015 for earning their Religious Emblems during 2014. This event has been held by the Grand Canyon Council-BSA and Arizona Cactus-Pine Council-GSUSA since 1982.  Click here to view this year's program cover.

Interfaith Patch

Jessica, Savannah, Isabella, and Olivia T.
My Promise, My Faith

I am submitting a photo of my daughters who just completed their My Promise, My Faith program.  They are very excited and proud to have gone through this program. We appreciate New Hope Church in Brunswick for sponsoring this program.