April 2015
PRAY UPDATE for members of BSA

Faith Based Initiative in Orange County Council


Orange County Council kicked off an FBI plan...and it is working! The report from the first day of a new unit recruiting program is impressive. But before reading the results from that day, here is some of the background preparation that enabled Orange County to reap the success that it did.


The plan started in January at a board retreat in Orange County Council BSA. The board conclusion was to create and FUND a new Strategic Alliances staff position. Marty Cutrone was promoted into this position. Marty set out to create excitement for targeting Faith Based organizations as new Chartered Organizations.  Mark Hazlewood, CEO of PRAY, was brought in to do the FBI training for staff during the day and volunteers in the evening. With the ground plowed the FBI plan was well received. The staff was then given two weeks to implement the FBI resources and strategies in preparing to make calls on Faith Based Organizations. Click here to read the first day's incredible results as provided by Danny Tucker (Deputy Scout Executive/Chief Operating Officer) in his report to the Orange County Council board and Staff.

Does membership growth interest you? For further information please contact Mark Hazlewood at markp@praypub.org.


Thanks to Danny Tucker for his permission to share his letter.

Philmont Conference August 9-15, 2015

"FBI: The Faith Based Initiative Membership Plan"

P.R.A.Y. is once again sponsoring the FBI Conference at the Philmont Training Center. The workshop is offered during Week 10, August 9-15, 2015. It is designed for professionals and volunteers and is presented from an interfaith perspective. Make your plans now to attend!



The following position codes for Religious Emblems Coordinators took effect March 1:

Unit Position

REU - Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator

Non-Unit Positions

RED - District Religious Emblems Coordinator

REC - Council Religious Emblems Coordinator

Spotlight on Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator "UREC"


Pack 1879 chartered by St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Midlothian, VA recently announced its new Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator. Laura Russell not only has the benefit of having participated in a God and Me course with her son, but she is also a member of the Charter Partner (St. Marks). Pack 1879 sees the Unit REC as their "religious interface." Not only will Laura track their use of religious emblems, but the Pack hopes to make religious understanding and training a greater part of the Scouting program. 

Resources for training


Don't forget that committee members need to be trained. Here are some resources


Responsibilities of the UREC:



So you're a Unit REC, now what? View this recorded webinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/51468485307722752

Denomination Agency Conference 2015


P.R.A.Y. hosted its annual Denomination Agency Conference March 17-18, 2015 in Columbia, IL. The Conference is part of P.R.A.Y.'s mission to encourage collaborations between denominations and youth agencies in order to benefit children, youth, and families. Participants include national representatives from the denominations and the youth agencies, as well as the P.R.A.Y. Board of Directors.


The Conference opened with keynote speaker Praheme Praphet, the writer, director, and producer of Troop 491: The Adventures of the Muddy Lions (see related article below). P.R.A.Y. CEO Mark Hazlewood wanted the national church representatives to meet Praheme and preview the movie because the message that communities can be strengthened through scouting and churches is important for all to hear.


Presentations were made by P.R.A.Y. and the youth agencies followed by a round-robin session to give participants the opportunity to dialogue with each other and start building plans for collaboration. According to CEO Mark Hazlewood, "This time of networking is one of the most valuable aspects of our Conference.  Think about it...Where else can a denomination meet with multiple youth agencies at a single event?  This Conference is an important part of our mission."


Praheme Praphet Is Keynote Speaker at P.R.A.Y. Conference

Praheme Praphet spoke at the P.R.A.Y. Conference March 17, 2015 prior to the showing of his movie Troop 491: The Adventures of the Muddy Lions. Praheme told how he lost a friend to violence, and how he realized he could either be part of the problem (sit back and not do anything) or be part of the solution. His movie Troop 491 is his response.

The movie follows Tristan, a na´ve adolescent boy coping with life in the inner city. Tristan's mother enrolls him in the Boy Scouts in an effort to keep him off the streets, when he witnesses a homicide; the local thug demands his silence. Tristan learns, with the help of his new Scout friends, that doing the right thing isn't always easy. Will he follow the code of the streets or the code of the Scouts?

Praheme grew up in scouting in Richmond, VA and attributes much of his core values to his experience with scouting. CEO Mark Hazlewood was excited to have Praheme speak at the P.R.A.Y. conference. "I believe Troop 491 is a movie that crosses all lines and speaks to all scouting programs and all faith communities. The message is that we can have a positive impact on communities." 

R. Chip Turner Recognized at P.R.A.Y. Conference

Chip Turner, Chairman of BSA Religious Relationships and former Director of Communication and Training for P.R.A.Y., was recognized at the P.R.A.Y. Conference on March 17, 2015. CEO Mark Hazlewood presented Chip with an Appreciation Award for his outstanding service to P.R.A.Y. "Chip has been working tirelessly and passionately for P.R.A.Y. for more than 30 years. He has done everything - from being a Director on the P.R.A.Y. Board, to serving as President, to being part of the P.R.A.Y. staff. Besides that, Chip is a great friend." Please join P.R.A.Y. in thanking Chip for his excellent work and all that he does for children, youth, and families!  

Cub Scouts visit Amateur Radio Club for help with God and Me lesson on communication and prayer. Click here for more information.
North Cross United Methodist Church of Kansas City, MO recognizes 117 youth, 7 Four Stars, and 7 God and Service Adult recipients. Click here for more information.
Boy Scout Completes 5 Straight Years of Easter Project influenced by the God and Family program.  Click here for more information
Seth B. received his Four Star award on March 15, 2015. He is the second Anglican Scout to earn this honor. He is pictured here with his priest, The Rev. Chris Waters.


P.R.A.Y.'s Board of Directors has four members from the BSA:


President John Fenoglio, CEO Mt. Diablo Silverado

Vice-President J.T. Dabbs, CEO Greater Alabama

Director Kenn Miller, CEO Heart of America

Director Brian Steger, CEO Baltimore Area