July 2014
PRAY UPDATE  for members of AHG
AHG National Leadership Conference
P.R.A.Y. CEO Mark Hazlewood and P.R.A.Y. Board officer Jeanne Wurm attended the AHG National Leadership Conference last month in Washington, D.C. How pleased they were to discover how many AHG leaders were already familiar with the P.R.A.Y. program! Not only are leaders familiar with the award, many are regular users of the program. Everybody who stopped by the P.R.A.Y. booth received a full color poster of the P.R.A.Y. Awards. Thank you for promoting the P.R.A.Y. religious growth series!
Love God Promotion Patch

American Heritage Girls all promise to "Love God." Indeed, as Christians, AHG members are called to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength. One of the ways they can do that is to earn the Religious Award of their faith. But first you have to know that these awards exist. The "Love God" puzzle patch is all about learning about the Religious Awards and promoting them. Click here to find out how to get started on the puzzle patches:

Last Chance for "Fish" Patch!

The puzzle patches are offered on a rotating basis. The anchor patch is always available because it is the first patch that every girl should receive. But the other three patches are offered in a three-year cycle. The "fish" patch will be available through the middle of August, and then the current segment switches over to the "eagle" patch.  

Order your fish patches before it is too late!



P.R.A.Y. Award Usage for Jan-Jun 2014

Usage of the P.R.A.Y. Award by members of AHG continues to grow! All other sectors are showing a decline in usage, but AHG continues to grow. Click here to see a graph and statistics.

Heritage Headlines 
The Spring 2014 edition of the Heritage Headlines included a list of the recent Stars & Stripes Recipients. Two of the recipients were P.R.A.Y. Four Star Recipients. Wow! Congratulations to Angie Wurm from California and Nikki Knoblauch from Ohio! Both girls started young enough to be able to complete all four P.R.A.Y. awards: God and Me, God and Family, God and Church, and God and Life. The AHG Four Star Recipients is a pretty exclusive club. Click here to see a complete roster. 
AHG and Trail Life Twins Earn God and Family Award

Twins Logann and Ryan are 11 years old and earned the God and Family award. Logann completed the award as an Explorer and has advanced to Pioneer in AHG Troop MO-0110. Her brother is a Navigator in Trail Life USA Troop MO-0110 at Zion Lutheran Church in Harvester, MO. They are pictured together with the "family pizzas" that they made. Although their pizzas represent the same family, each pizza shows their unique personalities! When asked to comment on the God and Family program, Logann said, "It showed me God loves me even more than I thought," and Ryan said, "It helped me to understand the deeper meaning of the Bible stories." 


For more information on the God and Family program (and how families are compared to pizza!) click here:

Katherine Tweidt, originating and current Coordinator of AHG Troop CA0356, was surprised with the Lutheran Servant of Youth Adult Recognition for her ministry through AHG at Mount of Olives Lutheran Church in Mission Viejo, California. She was presented with this prestigious award at a Court of Honor in May 2014.

Kathy's surprise and joy upon receiving 
the Servant of Youth award!
Kathy was nominated to receive this award by Diane Leard, her friend and Co-Coordinator of AHG CA0356. Here's one of the things Diane said about Kathy:


Wanting to incorporate more God/Jesus into AHG, Kathy has also coordinated, established, and supported AHG CA0356's participation in P.R.A.Y.'s Religious Emblem programs; specifically, God and Me, God and Family, and God and Church (with plans for God and Life in the near future). Through Kathy's guidance, Mount of Olives Lutheran Church and AHG CA0356 received the Lutheran Recognition of Excellence Unit Award in May, 2013.


Kathy is only the second AHG member to receive the Servant of Youth award [The first recipient was Patti Garibay in 2012]. To find out more about Kathy's outstanding accomplishments, click here to read the letter of nomination submitted on her behalf. Congratulations, Kathy, on a well-deserved recognition!

Kathy is joined by AHG leaders, Pastor Jim Reynen, and 
Diane Leard (presenting the award)

Additional links:

Information on the Adult Awards available from P.R.A.Y.:



Lutheran Recognition of Excellence (LRE) Unit Award:


P.R.A.Y. Poster 

The P.R.A.Y. Program Poster can be used to announce class information and to provide a local contact person for more information. The poster can be used as part of a church or Scouting display to announce P.R.A.Y. Program classes. The poster is 13.25" x 19.25" and folded down to 6.625" x 9.625". Click here to order the poster.



P.R.A.Y. Program Booklets

The P.R.A.Y. curriculum booklets are available from the AHG store. Click here to order now:

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