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January 7, 2015 | Issue 9 
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~ Upcoming Events ~
Today! Senior Photo Deadline for Yearbook 
Wednesday, Jan. 7, 12pm

Tonight! Class of 2019 Parent Night 
Wednesday, Jan. 7, 6:30pm, LWHS Theater

Second Semester Schedules Distributed
Friday, Jan. 9

Fear-Free SAT Registration Deadline
Tuesday, Jan. 13

Fear-Free SAT Test
Saturday, Jan. 17, 8:30am, LWHS Library

Martin Luther King Day - No School
Monday, Jan. 19

PTSA Focus Day
Monday, Jan. 19, Olympia, WA

PTSA General Meeting with Parent Ed: What I Wish I Knew Before I Left Home
Wednesday, Jan. 21, College & Career Center,
7pm PTSA meeting, 7:30pm Parent Ed

LWSF Grant Writing Workshop - Brown Bag Lunch
Thursday, Jan. 22, 12-1pm, LWSD Resource Center

Class of 2016 Senior Party Fundraiser
Monday, Jan. 26, 4-10pm, Acropolis

Fear-Free ACT Registration Deadline
Tuesday, Jan. 27

Fear-Free SAT Review Session
Wednesday, Jan. 28, 7pm, LWHS Library

Fear-Free ACT Test
Saturday, Jan. 31, 8:30am, LWHS Library

Fear-Free ACT Review Session
Tuesday, Feb. 10, 7pm, LWHS Library 


From Your PTSA Co-Presidents

Happy New Year, LWHS Families!


Our calendars have turned over, and for the Class of 2015 this is the year they have been waiting for. The LWHS PTSA always has lots of exciting plans for the senior class in the spring. We encourage seniors to apply for our LWHS PTSA Scholarships for college-bound students. We look for students who are committed to their studies, their activities, and their communities, and we take financial and family hardships into account. This year we are expecting to give out four $1,000 scholarships - have your student be on the look out for the application later this winter. Applications will be due in April.


On to the celebrations! Our Senior Salute celebration will be held the evening before graduation, on Thursday, June 11, here at the school. It is a wonderful opportunity for families to come together and celebrate their seniors and their friends. There will be music, student speeches, artwork and plenty of food! Seniors wear their caps and gowns, so it's a great chance to get their photo here at the school, looking like graduates!


And for the final night - graduation and Senior Party! The annual Senior Party is a fabulous all-night party for the graduating seniors. Entertainment, food, and transportation are all taken care of. Parents get to go to bed that night knowing their brand new graduates are having a great time with their friends in an alcohol-free and safe environment. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that is a wonderful feeling!


Feeling nervous about letting your students leave the nest? Come to our next PTSA General Membership Meeting and Parent Education session, where recent LWHS grads will return to inform us what they wish their parents knew about the college application process and the "letting go" process! (Hopefully they will be kind!) Wednesday, January 21 at 7pm for the PTSA meeting, 7:30pm for the Parent Ed session.


Always feel free to contact Anne or Liz at


Liz Hedreen & Anne Ryan

LWHS PTSA Co-Presidents


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Fear-Free SAT/ACT Practice Testing
Do you wonder how your student will score on the SAT or ACT? Want them to know what it's like to get up early on Saturday morning and sit in a real test environment for several hours? LWHS PTSA is offering students the opportunity to take a low-cost ($20) practice SAT or ACT in a real test environment at school. These are actual SAT and ACT tests from previous years, administered and scored by Princeton Review, but not recorded. Tests will be returned to students within 1-2 weeks, in a free review session. Scholarships are available - contact Cheryl Ronbeck at for more information. Register online via the secure PTSA website or at the cashier's office with this form. See the flyer here 

Fear-Free SAT/ACT Test Dates:   


Saturday, Jan. 17, 8:30am-1pm - SAT test  

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 7pm - SAT Review session  

Registration deadline: Tuesday, Jan. 13  


Saturday, Jan. 31, 8:30am-1pm - ACT test   

Tuesday, Feb. 10, 7pm - ACT review session  

Registration deadline: Tuesday, Jan. 27  


These tests are different from the ones offered in the Fall, so students can sit for both without duplicating. All tests and review sessions will be held in the library.


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PTSA Focus Day in Olympia
LWHS Parents, Teachers and Staff Wanted!
Monday, January 19, Olympia, WA

The WA State PTA is urging members to "Stand up, Speak up, and Show up" to advance the cause of children and education funding during the Washington State Legislative Session. We urge parents, teachers, staff and students to attend the PTA's annual Focus Day in Olympia on Monday, January 19 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so there is no school that day). It is the one day per year that people from all over the state gather in Olympia to speak to legislators and advocate for the needs of children and education. 


WHAT:  PTA Focus Day. It's an educational day and you're NOT required to speak. Your presence at the event says EVERYTHING!

WHEN:  Monday, January 19 (MLK Day) from 8am-3:30pm. There is a free bus that leaves from the Target in Redmond. RSVP required (email Meredith Goldstein, below).

WHERE:  The Capitol building in Olympia, WA

WHO:  Parents, teachers, staff and students are invited

WHY:  Our legislators need to hear directly from us that education and kids need to be a top priority. Also, it's fun and a grownup field trip.


Questions/RSVP:  Meredith Goldstein, Advocacy Chairperson,

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PTSA General Meeting with Parent Ed Talk:
"What I wish I knew before I left home" 
Wednesday, January 21, 7pm, LWHS College & Career Center 
All parents are invited to attend the PTSA's General Membership Meeting and Parent Ed presentation on Wednesday, January 21 in the College & Career Center. We will have a short PTSA business meeting at 7pm which will include a report from Principal Christina Thomas. At 7:30pm a panel of recent LWHS grads return to tell us what they wish their parents knew about the college application process and the "letting go" process! They'll also discuss what they wish they knew before they left home. Meet, listen and question the panel on their post-high school experiences. 

If you have any questions, contact LWHS PTSA Co-Presidents Liz Hedreen and Anne Ryan.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Matching Funds for Pass the Pouch
Thank you to all of our families who have taken the time to fill out matching forms for our Pass the Pouch fundraiser. We have already raised close to $4,000 of our $6,000 goal. This is a good number for this time of year, as the matching donations typically trickle in throughout the year as companies process the paperwork. Didn't get around to filling out your matching request? It's not too late! Many companies match, and it's generally very easy to fill out the forms. Many companies have online forms. If you have any questions about the process, you can contact LWHS PTSA treasurer Lia Yagelowich at
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It's Not too Late to Join LWHS PTSA
Did you forget to join LWHS PTSA? It's never too late to make that small commitment to your child's educational experience! Staff memberships are $10, individual memberships are $15, and family memberships are $25 (it's a bargain). What do you get for joining LWHS PTSA? You receive many national discounts (Staples, Hertz, Fed-Ex/Kinkos, Great Wolf Lodge, and more); you can vote in our Membership meetings; most importantly, you are joining your voice to many others in support of education at LWHS, in Washington, and nationally. Visit our PTSA website to join online, or contact co-presidents Liz Hedreen or Anne Ryan with any questions.
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Grant Writing Workshop - Brown Bag Lunch
Thursday, January 22, 12-1pm at LWSD Resource Center 
Bring your ideas for a grant to the LW PTSA Council Brown Bag Lunch on Thursday, January 22, 12-1pm at the LWSD Resource Center. Reaching for Success (RFS) classroom grants are awarded by the Lake Washington Schools Foundation to fund innovative tools and curriculum to engage and support students. Anyone can apply, including teachers, principals and even volunteers. RFS grants can provide up to $3,000 for innovative classroom and school education programs which help schools achieve their Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) goals. It's probably best to check with teachers and administration about your grant ideas before proceeding.
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Class of 2016 Senior Party Fundraiser
Monday, January 26, 4-10pm, Acropolis  

The Class of 2016 will host a fundraiser at Acropolis in Kirkland, on Monday, January 26 from 4-10pm, dine in or take out. Acropolis will donate 15% of the profits during the time frame to the Class of 2016 Senior Party. Please mention the Class of 2016 Senior Party to your server.

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LWHS News & Activities

Work Credit for Your Student

If your student has completed or is currently enrolled in an Occupational Ed. class, and has a job, they may earn an additional .5 credit with an A grade for every 180 hours worked during the school year. They can do this for up to 2 credits during their high school years; that's a potential of four As towards their GPA! If you think your student qualifies for this great opportunity, have them contact Mrs. Madsen (in the College & Career Center) or Mrs. Luckey.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Congratulations to Tyler Lim
Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

It is a great honor to announce that student, Tyler Lim, sophomore, has completed all seven of the Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications in the following areas:

  • Word
  • Word Expert
  • Excel
  • Excel Expert
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Outlook

This is quite an honor for Tyler as he the only student from LWHS and in the District to have passed all seven certifications. He has received a special certificate from Microsoft that shows he is a Microsoft Office Specialist Master.


The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS) tests are part of the curriculum in the Computer Applications Class. This certification is recognized in the business industry. As of this date we have 25 students who have completed one or more parts with a total of 56 MOS certifications.  

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LWHS Band Clothing Drive
LWHS Band is organizing a clothing drive in January. Bring your gently used clothing, shoes, linens, towels, hats, tablecloths, fabric, gloves, scarves, purses, and blankets to drop off in the clothing drive box in the Commons. Value Village has offered to donate funds to Big Brothers Big Sisters, Sight Connections, Northwest Center and LWHS Band for our clothing drive. The bigger the Kang textile donation, the bigger the funding donation! This is a great reason to clean out your closets and support some excellent causes while you do!  
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

When Snow Hits: Metro Winter Rider Tips

When snow comes to the Northwest, Metro bus routes change. Here's what you need to know: 

In "snow route" conditions,

  • the best place to catch the bus is along a major arterial
  • wait for the bus at the top or bottom of hills
  • wait back from the curb
  • dress warmly
  • prepare for delays

Metro Snow route Information can be found on the Metro website. 

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Counseling Center

Second Semester Schedules

Students will receive a copy of their second semester schedule Friday, January 9. If they would like to request a schedule change, they need to download the "Schedule Change Request Form", complete it, and turn it in to the Counseling Center anytime between January 12 and January 14. If the counselor can make the change, your student will be given a revised schedule. As always, schedule change requests based on teacher choice, teacher style, or lunch assignments will not be considered. Please note there will be NO student initiated schedule changes once second semester begins.

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PSAT Interpretation 

We will be returning PSAT results in January. Juniors who took the PSAT met in the theater yesterday, January 6 and Sophomores will meet in the theater Tuesday, January 20. This informational session includes a brief video presentation on how to interpret their test results and how to read their summary report.


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The End is Near - Finals are Coming

Dread. Anxiety. Fear. Many students experience one or a combination of these emotions when they think about semester finals. With careful planning, though, these emotions can be lessened. Preparation is the key. Students should know what is going to be tested and how the test will be formatted. For instance, will the semester exam cover the entire semester? Will the exam be essay questions or multiple guess? If there is anything that a student doesn't understand, meeting with the teacher early is critical. This translates into reviewing for the final early and consistently. Research has shown that cramming the night before simply doesn't work. Besides, who is there at 2am to answer questions? Review textbook notes, homework assignments, the textbook, and the teacher's lecture notes. Sometimes forming a study group is helpful. Of course, it goes without saying that students think more clearly when they eat a good breakfast and have a good night's sleep. And, finally, it's important to remember that while that semester final is important, it is the process of learning that is most important.   


Take 10 - Quick Study Tips

  1. Study on a daily basis. Whether you use your planner, your laptop, or your phone, stay organized. Don't wait until the night before the test to study. Cramming may help you temporarily memorize but it is likely you will quickly forget everything. If, while you are studying you don't understand something, you will be able to meet with your teacher to get clarification prior to the test. You can't do that at 3am.
  2. Focus, don't multitask. I know you think you can IM, text, Google, and watch TV all while simultaneously studying your chemistry notes, but you can't.
  3. Study your hardest, least liked subjects first. These classes take more brain power and persistence and you'll do your best when you are fresh on the scene of homework. It may be tempting, but don't start with your easiest subject.      
  4. If you're busy with work and extra-curriculars and you can't even find your desk much less put a book on it, study when and where you can. Go to the public library, study at school or on the bus or wear ear plugs. But study; don't procrastinate. Studies have shown that just switching study spots can increase data retention.
  5. Your goal of studying is not how much you remember, it's how much you understand. Make your goal of studying to understand the material. Ideally, you should be able to explain that chapter to someone (even a parent) who isn't in your class. If you can answer their questions with ease, that's even better!
  6. Try not to study late, late at night. Your brain is tired even if your body isn't.
  7. Don't forget to exercise. Movement increases blood flow to your brain. Go for a quick jog, walk the dog, chase the cat. Just move.
  8. Know how you learn. If you learn by listening and talking, study with a friend or form a study group. If you need it quiet, study in the library.
  9. When you study or read, pay attention. Don't quickly skim the chapter and promise to circle back and re-read it on the weekend. Do it right the first time: focus, read slowly, take notes, and summarize in your own words what the author wants you to know.
  10. Communicate with your teachers on a regular basis. Seek help when you don't understand something. Let them know you want to improve. Different subjects require different study approaches. Ask your teachers to help if the strategies you have always used are no longer working,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2015 SAT and ACT Test Dates
LWHS Code: 480545
SAT (register at
Test DateRegistration Deadline
January 24
January 13 (late registration)
March 14
February 13

ACT (register at
Test Date
Registration Deadline
February 7
January 9
April 18
March 13
See more registration and test dates for 2015. For more information, contact the Counseling Office at (425) 936-1702.
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Information for Seniors & Senior ParentsSeniorInfo

Apply for Financial Aid
File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) early in January. The FAFSA is the paperwork step necessary to access federal student aid including the Pell Grant and federal student loans. Regardless of what your family's economic situation currently is, you are always eligible for federal student or parent loans, so don't put it off. Also, many scholarships are now requiring that a FAFSA be filed. It's usually advantageous to get the FAFSA filed as early in the year as possible because it allows you more time to consider your options. But you have to have at least an estimate of your family's 2014 taxes. The earlier you get things in order for this process, the better. The student and parents need a PIN (personal identification number) to complete the FAFSA on line. If you don't already have one, now is the time to apply at: When you are ready to fill out the FAFSA be sure to use the site: Remember, it is a free form - don't go to sites where you have to pay to fill out the form.
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Class of 2015 All-Night Party
Senior Party Website Launched  
This safe, alcohol- and drug-free party will be a night full of fun activities. The all-inclusive ticket  includes transportation, food and all of the activities. LWHS seniors will have the venues to themselves while they are there. It will be the last night for all of the kids to be together, so please help make it a night to remember for your senior and keep them safe at the same time.

For more information visit our newly launched website for parents. Please also visit our Facebook page. Tickets may be purchased online. Scholarships are available. We want all seniors that are interested in going to the party to have the opportunity to attend regardless of their financial situation.


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Parents of Seniors - Senior Salute 

Let's create a fantastic Senior Salute for our soon-to-be graduates!


What is Senior Salute?  

Senior Salute takes place at LW the day before graduation. In contrast to the graduation ceremony at Key Arena, Senior Salute is a more intimate opportunity to celebrate our seniors with music, artwork and student reflections. Followed by an informal reception, many families appreciate this slower-paced, more personal opportunity to visit and to photograph their cap-and-gowned graduates.


There are many ways to help. Let's share the work and have a great time doing it! Please contact Patty Hansen if you would like to help out.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Senior Information on LW Website
Want to know where to order a cap and gown? Did you know that senior portraits are due today, Wednesday, January 7? Find useful information and various deadlines for seniors on the LWHS website.
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Lake Washington Schools Foundation

Support the Lake Washington Schools Foundation

Give the Gift of Time - Make a difference for Lake Washington School District students with the gift of time! Visit to find out more about volunteer opportunities with Foundation committees and the LINKS Mentoring & Tutoring program.


Thank you! We are on our way to reaching our Fall/Workplace Giving goals of $50,000 thanks to our generous community! There is still time to give. Click donate and remember to turn in your company matching form for an even greater impact! Give the gift of a great education!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

RFS Classroom Grant Applications

Reaching for Success (RFS) classroom grants awarded by the Foundation fund innovative tools and curriculum to engage and support students. Please join us February 5 at the District Resource Center for our Grant Writing Workshop. Information on this workshop and the grant application process can be found at Anyone can apply, including teachers, principals and even volunteers. RFS grants can provide up to $3,000 for innovative classroom and school education programs which help schools achieve their Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) goals.


The Foundation will be accepting Reaching for Success applications for 2015-16 until February 27, 2015. Please contact Executive Director Kristina Williams with any questions.

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Community News

amphitheatre-sm.jpg Host an Italian Student
Your Child Will be Invited to Italy!

Ergon Student Exchange is looking for families to host a 16- to 17-year-old Italian student for a semester or school year. The Ergon program ensures a true cross-cultural opportunity that will provide a transformative experience for both the host family and the student. The Italian families offer your son or daughter a direct exposure to Italian culture through an all-expenses paid summer vacation in Italy, and Ergon sponsors the flight!


We specialize in a rigorous selection process ensuring that students are academically strong, responsible, and proficient in English; we devote great care to matching students with host families. Students are fully insured and arrive with pocket money for all expenses, including recreation activities and vacations.


Fall semester Benedetta started her new life at Lake Washington HS. Our Italian students have attended Mercer Island, Skyline, Bothell, Roosevelt, Garfield, Ballard and Nathan Hale high schools with excellent experiences for students and families alike. Past and present host families are our best references and they are happy to share their experience with you. To learn more, please email our Seattle coordinator Denise Trogdon and visit our website.


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Free Tutoring and Test Prep
Need help with math, chemistry, physics, English or other subjects? Need help preparing for the SAT or Subject Tests? Now, you can get help for FREE! Salman Khan, who left his lucrative position as a hedge fund analyst, started the Khan Academy to help students succeed. He started the Khan Academy with backing from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google and other benefactors with the goal of "providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere." He has now partnered with the College Board to continue his work. Now, you no longer have to pay to receive tutoring or test prep. You can learn in the comfort of your own home with your computer. Just sign onto the following website and start getting the help you need:
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SAT Prep at LW
The SAT Prep Course provides classroom-based practice testing and instructions in preparation for the SAT test. View the flyer for more information on dates, fees and additional locations, or visit
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These Community Announcements are provided as a service to the community: Lake Washington School District (LWSD) does not sponsor, endorse or recommend any of the organizations, services, or activities described in these materials.

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The Lake Washington School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, gender, marital status, creed, religion, honorably discharged veteran, military status, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, or the use of a trained guide dog or service animal by a person with a disability, in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.bottomofpage

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