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Rev. Peter Kelm, Missions Executive 
South Wisconsin District
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Passionate believers... confessing Christ for the next generation
"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. ... Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn."
              (Isaiah 59:1, 3) 
  • Jan. 26-27, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
  • Saturday, Jan. 30, Divine Redeemer in Hartalnd from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
January 2016
Thank God for Immigrants and Refugees
Don't worry, this isn't about politics. Or, maybe it is. You'll have to keep reading.

One of the many very cool things I'm privileged to do in my job is spend a lot of time with immigrants and refugees. As many of you know, we are blessed to have a number of Word and Sacrament ministries among people of many cultures and ethnicities - people who were not born in this country. Africans, Asians, Hispanics. We have more than a dozen ordained Lutheran pastors serving in SWD who were born elsewhere, along with numerous new Lutheran laypeople who have come to know Jesus through their ministries.

Thank God for immigrants and refugees.

The stories of these fellow believers, pastors and people alike, are a testimony to the grace of God. Many spent time in refugee camps. Others were in danger from hostile military regimes. Some were just looking for a better life.

One of these brothers in Christ, Edmundo Rosales, works a full-time job as a butcher in Racine. In his spare time he takes online classes with the Center for Hispanic Studies through the St. Louis Seminary. And he helps lead worship at his congregation, Santa Cruz. He's a very hardworking disciple of Jesus. And so is his wife, who hopes to be a deaconess one day.

Thank God for immigrants and refugees.
Multiethnic Symposium - Jan. 26-27 
The Multiethnic Symposium, is held every two years at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, bringing together Lutherans of various ethnicities from across the country for two days of workshops, discussions and worship. The symposium explores how the church should engage in ethnic ministry and what it means - and what it will take - to become a truly multiethnic church. Click on the links below for complete information.
Registration deadline is Jan. 15! 
2016 Multiethnic Symposium, "Communities of Hope: One Community in Christ,"
will be held Jan. 26-27. The symposium will explore how ethnic communities confess our common hope through diverse cultural expressions as we celebrate both the differences among us and the unity of the faith that we share. 

The first
Hmong Symposium, "One Household in Christ: Ib Tse Hauv/Huv Tsww Yexus,"
will precede the Multiethnic Symposium and will be held Jan. 23-25. The symposium will explore the biblical concept of becoming one family in Christ through the means of grace and how everyone is united as one family in Christ through His mission.
Passionate Believers Conference - Jan. 30 

"Caring for the Church, Caring for the Church Worker" is the theme for the 2016 conference that will again be held at Divine Redeemer, Hartland, from 8 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

Dr. Beverly Yahnke will be the keynote speaker on the theme for our conference. She is a clinical psychologist and Executive Co-Director for DOXOLOGY.

In addition to that there will additional breakout sessions on a variety of topics. Here are two sessions with a very missional focus that will be offered in the afternoon:
  1. LIVING ON MISSIONAL PURPOSE - Rev. Dr. Peter A Meier, Center for U.S. Missions: Do you have family, friends, and neighbors who are not Christian or not practicing their faith? Learn how you can live your faith out in the open, everyday, intentionally on mission to bless your neighbors and bring the Good News of Jesus into their lives.
  2. RE: VITALITY - PRACTICAL STEPS FOR REVITALIZING CONGREGATIONS - Rev. Mark Wood, LCMS: Nearly 80% of LCMS congregations have plateaued or are in decline. What can we do about this? What can you do about it if your congregation is one of the 80%? This presentation provides an overview of the approach and the resources being developed by the LCMS Office of National Mission to help congregations take the best steps to work toward lasting revitalization. These resources are (or will be) available through the re:Vitality program at little to no cost to LCMS congregations.
You may register by church group or individually by the Jan. 15 deadline. Click here for more information.
Calvary Chapel at UW-Madison 

Ministry at Calvary Chapel in Madison continues to be a blessing to students, including more than a few internationals and their families.

Pastor Dan Anderson recently sent me this update:
"We have a much larger congregation now on the whole as we have about 90 students that consider Calvary their home church here on Campus. We had 64 for our annual Christmas service a few weeks ago. The numbers are up but more importantly, the congregation is vibrant and God is using these students to share the love of Jesus in this UW campus community. We have about 20 students serving as leaders on our Leadership Team and Board of Directors."
Click here to view a recent Calvary newsletter.
LCMS Missionary of the Month 
Rev. Daniel Kathryn and Ana Conrad
Rev. Daniel and Kathryn Conrad serve the Lord as career missionaries of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in Mexico. In this role, Daniel teaches courses in Lutheran theology to assist in training individuals in the Lutheran faith. He also preaches the Gospel in congregations whenever needed. In addition, he serves as the area facilitator for the Latin America and Caribbean region, coordinating projects and mission teams to serve in this part of the world. Through the relationships that are formed, Daniel and Kathryn seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the people in Latin America.

Read more information about the Conrad's here.
Available for preaching and missions presentation 
My calendar is booked for January and February, but please contact me if you would like me to be a guest preacher or missions presenter for you in March, April or May.