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Upcoming Mission events
German Novelli, Jr.'s
  • DEC. 14 at 3 p.m.
    Grace, Milwaukee
Passionate Believers Conference
  • JAN. 31, 8 a.m. to
    3 p.m.
    at Divine Redeemer, Hartland
"I have other sheep that are not of this
sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice..."
(John 10:16)
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December 2014
Frantic, frenetic and frazzled...in a good way?

I could only smile and chuckle a little bit. In the 5 minutes before church started, the pastor at the congregation where I was guest preaching that particular Sunday was frantic, frenetic and frazzled--in a good way! It was all beautifully typical pastor-stuff. A member was sharing with him that the date for her surgery had now been set. Could he visit her beforehand? Yep. "Let me go write down that date so I don't forget." The confirmation class was doing a recitation as part of the service...they all lined up, 20 of them. Twenty awkward, nervous, goofy Lutheran teenagers. All set...except one kid missing. "Pastor, who's gonna do Evan's part?" Pastor's bulletin was missing, the pre-service music was winding down, the confirmation kids were getting antsy. And then a couple of people walked into the narthex who hadn't been there for a while. A smile and short prayer of thanks to God for his grace.


This particular pastor is an amazing guy. Comfortable with people, driven to reach the lost, humble almost to a fault. His people respect him and like him at the same time. That's a marvelous thing to see.


For 13 years I was the frantic, frenetic and frazzled pastor. Now, most Sundays I relax, smile, and chit-chat before services, watching pastors be pastors. Can I tell you something? I love watching pastors be pastors.


On that Sunday, the service was an uplifting, encouraging, beautiful hour and twenty minutes of worship. The Word was central. The confession of sins was heartfelt. The Absolution was good news! Jesus was there. And looking out from my chair in the chancel at a mix of young and old, grandparents and grandkids, farmers, businessmen, and some dedicated lay leaders that I had spent time with the day before, I couldn't help but smile. The Church is a beautiful thing.

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German Novelli, Jr. ordination and installation at Grace, Milwaukee

On Sunday, December 14 at 3 p.m, Grace Lutheran Church, 3030 W. Oklahoma Ave. in Milwaukee, will begin a new chapter in their long history. Vicar German Novelli, Jr., who arrived in Milwaukee from Venezuela the summer of 2011, will be ordained and installed as pastor of Grace congregation. Together they will have a new beginning, new opportunities and a first achievement together after three years of hard work. Please join them as they celebrate this great blessing!
Homeless Ministry

Many of you know that Pastor Chris Ikanih and Bethany Lutheran Church have been active in reaching out to the homeless population in Milwaukee. Mr. Jack Wegner, a member of Trinity-Freistadt, has been involved in advocacy for homeless veterans in Milwaukee for many years. These two men invite you to join them for a conversation about working together to serve our homeless population on Saturday, December 13th, at 10 a.m. at the District Office. Join us to talk about ways that we can work together to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors who are homeless! Please RSVP to Peg Raabe at Raabe@swd.lcms.org, or 414-464-8101 if you plan to attend.
A great way to give thanks!

Calvary, Princeton observes Thanksgiving the entire month of November by gathering food items for local food pantries up in front of the altar, and keeping them there all month long. That way the members are constantly reminded during their worship of the many blessings God has given to them in Word and Sacrament besides their physical necessities, and prompted to respond in love for others. In addition to this, they also gave their entire Thanksgiving Eve service offering to the SOS Center's ministry in Milwaukee.
Savior of the nations come!
Hispanic ministry end-of-year gifts 


By the wonder of His grace our God has brought those nations to our own South Wisconsin District: Africans, Asians, Hispanics. Immigrants, refugees, and students. This is our community to embrace. Look at the gifts that our Lord has brought to us: brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world.


This year the South Wisconsin District is lifting up our Hispanic ministry. What an incredible opportunity to reach the hundreds of thousands of Spanish-speaking friends in our District.
  • We have been blessed by the ministry of Alphonso Prada, a Lutheran pastor from Venezuela who has been serving at St. Martini Lutheran Church and School on the south side of Milwaukee. He has tirelessly worked to reach the families that God has brought to that neighborhood.
  • Vicar German Novelli, Jr., another young Venezuelan, who will be ordained on December 14, 2014 as pastor of Grace Lutheran, also on the south side of Milwaukee. Thanks be to God this congregation saw the need for a bilingual man to serve the community.
  • We also praise God for Pastor Tim Sims and Oklahoma Avenue Lutheran Church as they have recently added a Spanish-language service.
  • And Santa Cruz, our long-standing ministry in Racine, has raised up Edmundo Rosales, who is now studying at the Center for Hispanic Studies at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.

These and future Hispanic ministries could use your support. Please prayerfully consider a gift to support God's mission work to Hispanic families in South Wisconsin. You are invited to make an end-of-year gift to Hispanic outreach ministry online, by mail to our address given below, or by phone to Barb Slak, 414-464-8100, ext. 13.

Rev. Ted and Rebecca Krey and family.
LCMS Missionary of the Month    
Rev. Ted and Rebecca Krey serve the Lord based in the Dominican Republic. Ted serves as the regional director for the Latin America and the Caribbean region of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). In this role, Ted oversees the missionaries and mission projects supported by the LCMS and maintains relationships with partner/sister churches in the region. As a result of what the Lord is doing through the efforts of Ted and this regional mission team, five missions, with four seminarians, are being established; one Dominican pastor and 13 deacons/deaconesses are in training; a school, from kindergarten through seventh grade, was started in 2011; a group home providing care for children with disabilities was established in 2011 (current enrollment is 6 children); and in 2013, a seminary and a group home for adults with disabilities was opened. Please continue to pray for Ted, this mission team and all of these mission projects, that the Lord would bless the preaching and teaching of His Word through each of them. 

More information about Rev. Krey's ministry. 
Passionate Believers Conference
Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015 at Divine Redeemer, Hartland 

The 8th annual Passionate Believers Conference is where church workers and members enjoy coming together to learn what's new in our District and gain a better understanding of our District's ministry. A registration mailing will soon be coming to your church address, or your own address if you have attended in the past, and will be posted on our website very soon.

The keynote speaker will be Mike Zimmer who serves the Northern Illinois District as a Mission Facilitator and will talk about Revelation 22:2, "For the healing of the nations."

Among the many breakout topics that will be offered is Everyone a Witness by Rev. Mark Wood, Director of LCMS Witness & Outreach Ministry. When Jesus said, "You will be My witnesses," He was stating a fact. Every believer is a witness of Jesus. The health and future of our congregations depend upon our response to His call. How can we be, and encourage others to be, more faithful and effective witnesses of Jesus?

Please encourage a group from your congregation to attend this beneficial--and fun--event!
Need a guest preacher? My calendar opens up in March. I'd be happy to preach for a mission festival or District Mission Sunday...or just to give your preacher a break.  
Rev. Peter Kelm, Missions Executive, Kelm@swd.lcms.org
Peg Raabe, Administrative Assistant, Raabe@swd.lcms.org
You may call us directly at 414-464-8101